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Total Drama Island Fanfiction wikia
Soaring Ducks
Gender Female
Hair color Streaks of Light and Dark Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Don't Rock the Boat, Baby"
Place 10th
Relationship Charlie (probably one-sided on her part)
Friends All Campers, Chris McLean (Mostly one-sided on her part)
Enemies None
Fear Mean People, Ping Pong Balls
Talent Being Nice, even to undeserving people

Labeled The Overly Nice Girl, Nicole is a character on Return to Total Drama Island. She did not compete on the sequel, Return to Total Drama Action. Nicole just can't seem to dislike a person. Some say it's because shes a great person, others because she's partially insane. But the real reason Nicole is so unbearably nice, is because of a brain injury suffered as a baby. Shorty after her first birthday, a Ping Pong ball hit Nicole in the head. After a daring operation, doctors were able to save her, but not her personality. Since she has suffered from near unreversable kindness. Would she win, Nicole would use her money to get the world to see the brighter side of things.

Return to Total Drama Island

Nicole was by far the most cheery camper to arrive on the dock in Welcome Back to Camp Wawanakwa!. After her arrival she personally greeted every one of the campers that had arrived before her, and the sound of her greeting newly arrived campers could also be heard. When Shannon arrived, and was disgusted with the condition of the dock, Nicole greeted her cheerfully, and pulled her to the sidelines.

In Out of the Tree and On To the Ground, Nicole is one of the people to be placed on The Soaring Ducks. During the challenge, Kevin falls out of the tree and offsets Shannon's balance. When Shannon is falling out of the tree, Nicole attempts to help her, but only causes herself to fall as well. The Soaring Ducks lose, and she was safe at the Campfire Ceremony.

Nicole was instructed to stay on the Duck's side of the field, during the challenge in Behind Enemy Lines, where she managed (politely) to eliminated Zuma from the challenge, after popping in from the side, and using her atheletic abilities to mimick Zuma's movement. She then also tried to take out Hannah, but could not, due to Hannah spinning out of the way. The Soaring Ducks managed to win the challenge, thanks to Rachael, so she was safe.

In Come Sail Away, Nicole helps construct her team's raft. When Chris declares it is time to judge the rafts, Nicole shouts out happily that the Soaring Ducks were finished first. Chris responds that the other team made a better raft, and declares a tie-breaker. The Soaring Ducks lose the tie-breaker, but she was safe at the Campfire Ceremony.


  • Nicole's character model is based on Brittany Taylor from the former MTV series, Daria. [1]
  • Nicole was considered for season two. She would have been eliminated second.