Nicole is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. She is one of the few sane people there.

Nicole joined TDM so that she could prove to the world that she has what it takes.

Yelling Wombats/ Dancing Eggplants
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Day 13: I'll Get You, My Pretty, and Your Little Banana Too!"
Place Eleventh
Friends Jakey, Elaine, Sunny, Blossom, Ali
Fear Bombs.
Origin Atlanta, Georgia

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: Nicole made it to the second round of the singing contest. Her team won.

Challenge 2: She was paired with Jakey for the challenge. Her team lost.

Challenge 3: She worked with Elaine on the statue, her team lost.

Challenge 4: She worked on set design. Her team won.

Challenge 5: She didn't do well in the freeze dance. Her team lost.

Challenge 6: She did well in the cleaning contest. Her team won. She was transferred to the Dancing Eggplants.

Challenge 7: She helped design Sunny's dress for the challenge, her team won.

Challenge 8: She conquered her fear, her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge 9: She did not participate in a dolphin race. Her team lost, but she was safe.

Challenge 10: She was eliminated by Carter in the final 3, but it was revealed in the tape, that Sharon accidentally shot Carter before he shot her. So, her team won.

Challenge 11: She didn't help much with the selection and training of dogs. Her team lost.

Challenge 12: She lost in the Jaws challenge, but her team won. Roger kept pestering her about a phone call, which she eventually answered. It turned out her mother was seriously ill, so she dropped out, and allowing everyone else to make the top 10 and the merge.

Challenge 18: She was going to be asked her opinion on the final five, as well as who she wanted to win, but Roger told her that she was wildcard jury member.


Nicole is shown at a spa, getting her nails done, "Hi, Total Drama Mania people! I'm sure that you guys think I'm boring, but you know, you oughta have at least one sane person there! I want to join to show the world I have what it takes!" Nicole stands up, and looks at her nails, "Nice work, Lucille!" Lucille smiles and nods at her, "Lucille and I agree, we think I should be on! So please, think of me when you pick the contestants!"


Nicole is highly credited at her school or being the nicest girl who always knows what to say. Her class mates encouraged her to audition, and she listened to them, and made it on the show!


  • Nicole was the last person to leave before the merge.
  • Nicole was the only contestant, so far, to leave the contest by choice.
  • Nicole is the wildcard jury member.
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