Mad Raccoons


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "And the Winner Is..."
Place 2nd
Relationship Mindy
Family Father, Mother, Older Sister
Friends Alice, Benny, Bitsy, Danny L., Helen, Faustino, Lorelai, Mindy, Mona, Sid, Woodrow, Yumi, Zachariah
Enemies Catheryn, Orlando
Fear Snakes
Talent Skateboarding, Being Quiet

Nigel, labeled as The Quiet Skater, is a character on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, as a member of the Mad Raccoons.


Nigel is the youngest of two children. While his older sister was a talkative girl, he is the opposite of her. He doesn’t like to talk very much, and is very peaceful and calm. Nigel has also a talent for art and skate. Due to that, he is labeled as “cool” by the others teenagers. He doesn’t care for all the popularity he has, though. He is always trying to avoid those people, who just care for his popularity.

Nigel joined Total Drama to show his skates skills in International TV, which could lead to a professional skater career.

Total Drama: Paradise Falls


  • Nigel is named after Nigel, from the animated movie The Wild.
  • Nigel is inspired by Bridgette's calm and laid-back personality and Trent's cool personality.
  • Nigel is British.


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