Epic Platypi


Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Take a Skit"
Place 18th
Relationship None
Family Parents, Brother
Friends Manty
Enemies Toad, Gustavo, Tasia, Trick, Kavren, Cammy, Donny, Vincent, Antoine, Chelsey, Elle
Fear Losing Popularity, Good Comebacks
Talent Insulting Others
Northworth is labeled as The Douche in Total Drama Revolution. He was on the Epic Platypi team.


Northworth was always living in his older brother's shadow. His older brother is named Brad and is 21 years old. Northworth is ridiculously jealous of Brad, for he is extremely popular, in the honor roll at his college, tall and athletic, is smooth with the ladies, and he has a normal name. Northworth has been ridiculed about his name from an early age, because many people think it sounds like a last name, and also British. Years of being teased and mocked have made Northworth a bitter, crude person, and he decided to take his anger out on others. Northworth now goes to a very large school, and met another boy who longed to be popular. The other boy became popular due to his amazingly spectacular shoes, while Northworth became popular because he was short and apparently cute. Northworth now gets frequent kisses from girls, and has had many girlfriends, but this is only because the girls like it when he acts tough. Northworth insults anyone who is not as popular as him, mostly by calling them crude names and poking fun at their names, just like kids did to him.

Northworth decided to audition for Total Drama to insult others.

Audition Tape

Northworth is standing in a school hallway. Manty walks up to him. "Hey bro, whatcha doin'?" asks Manty.

"None of your beeswax, you sugar wombat." says Northworth.

"Hey, you auditioning for Total Drama? I got voted off first of that thing." says Manty sadly.

"I know, Catherine Obvious. I'm gonna win, and pick up some hot chicks. And then, instead of calling me a turd, everyone will call me 'Northworth the Sexy Stud'."

Manty stifles a laugh, and Northworth kicks him in the crotch.


  • Northworth is based on a guy I know, who I used to hate in 8th grade because one of the girls I liked (Elle) used to date him, and so I made his character a douche.
  • Despite being a really early out, I really liked writing for Northworth because I basically got to make up the rudest things possible.
  • Northworth was in the original version of the story, where he was a more intimidating, meaner bully who had a relationship with Elle. His place and appearance were the same.
  • Nearly all of Northworth's unconventional insults were inspired by a character named Hogsqueal from the book series The Spiderwick Chronicles, who routinely hurled obscure insults at pretty much everyone.


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