Over Nine Thousand
Gender Female
Hair color Pink (naturally blonde)
Episode Eliminated "Islandwide Treasure"
Place 10th
Relationship Trey (former attraction)
Family Parents, Sister, Brother
Friends Julia, Chrissy, Meg
Enemies Arthur, Trey
Fear Tomatoes
Talent Acting, Singing, Dancing, Writing Plays
Octavia, labeled as The Eccentric Actress, is a contestant in Total Drama: Tiki Jungle who was placed on the Over Nine Thousand team.


Octavia grew up in a small town that wasn't very creative. Her school used uniforms, and everyone acted the same. One day, she got tired of wearing gray and black every day to school, so she wore a yellow belly shirt with a star on it. The teachers were outraged, but she did not stop. Eventually, they sort of got used to it, so they dropped the whole uniform police. Later, in high school, she dyed her hair pink, and began to protest about how there wasn't an acting department. The principal finally gave in. She then got the main role in every play. Peter Pan, Cinderella, you name it, and she's been in it. Octavia is now extremely popular, but also eccentric. She talks in an old-fashioned way, and leaps around throwing flower petals everywhere. She joined Total Drama: Tiki Jungle so she could spread the joy of acting to everyone.

Total Drama: Tiki Jungle


  • I had an extremely hard time writing for Octavia at the time I wrote Tiki Jungle due to not being all that well-versed in Shakespearean language or theater in general.
  • Octavia was originally planned to make the merge and get around 7th or 8th, but my difficulty in writing for her made me realize she was a lot more expendable.
  • Octavia is one of the few characters with unnaturally colored hair in my stories, the others being Sharissa, Donny, Vincent, Vivienne, and Wolfgang.
  • Octavia was originally named Blaire, but that was changed due to Sprinklemist's character Blair existing at the time.


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