Odessa, the Deaf Girl, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Odessa was born with a hearing disability that severely hampered her social skills... though she can still talk to her parents, as well as her friends at school, by reading lips and picking up on their movements. She has keen eyesight, taste, touch, and smell... it's just her hearing that's the problem.

Odessa's favorite contestant from Total Drama Alphabet is George. She was impressed that a boy with a sight disability had made it onto the show, because it inspired her to sign up for this season. Not to mention that the girl has a mad crush on him. She'd love to see him in person one day, even if he won't see her back.

You can tell Odessa is into sign language, and she has come up with signs for each of her 25 fellow competitors. Though if any of them vote her off, she may have to come up with new signs for them... ones they probably wouldn't like. She hopes that her kind nature won't force her to use any of them.

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