Oran, labeled as the Obese Guy is a contestants in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem. He was originally on the Sandy Dollars team. He will be returning for Total Drama Vegas City.

Sandy Dollars
[[Image:Oran TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Revenge of the Shrink Ray"
Place 16th
Relationship None
Family Cousin, Sister
Friends Radley, Margaret, Kaylie, Ysabelle
Enemies None
Fear Heart Attacks
Talent Eating


Oran is Pat's cousin and is a member in Owen's club for fat people. Oran loves to eat but he mostly eats junk food and fast food which worries his parents and Pat. Since he became a cook Pat tried to tell Oran to eat healthy food but it hasn't really worked. Oran does eat his share of fruits and vegetables but it hasn't seemed to have helped with his weight. One day he had learned that Owen and Pat had competed on Total Drama so he decided to give it a shot.

Oran joined Total Drama to be like Owen and also impress Pat and try to eat healthier.

Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem

After Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem


  • TDALindsayfan1 gave me the name for Oran. Reddude originally had the name but he had deleted his character long before I created Oran.
  • I made Oran Pat's cousin because he bares some similarities to him.
  • I used the name Oran for him because it sounded a little like Owen.
  • I was unsure about having Oran in Total Drama Vegas City at first. If he didn't return than Oweboy would've returned but I didn't really have anything planned for him so I decided to have Oran in because I thought he needed more character developement.


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