Paul/Ferdinand/Rafael/Joseph, labeled The New Mike, was a contestant on Total Drama 60 Club. He competed on The Bridge and Tagata.

Appears on: Total Drama 60 Club


Like Mike, PFRJ has MPD. However, none of PFRJ's personalities seem to be primary, but he is officially referred to as Paul, indicating that Paul may be the original. Despite this, Ferdinand is the main focus, falling in love with Ella. Paul, Ferdinand, Rafael, and Joseph all seem to be nice and easy-going, but Paul is shy but smart, Ferdinand loves nature, Rafael loves soccer, and Joseph loves body-building, and is the most competitive. Unlike Mike, his personalities have no triggers, and he seems to have control over who is in control; all 4 of them get along, and are able to use each other to get ahead.


 Total Drama 60 Club

 We're Billionaires!... In 2 Months... Maybe?

PFRJ is introduced as a replacement to Mike, after the latter loses his alternate personalities, as of All Stars. He then introduces all 4 of his personalities. In the captain vote, he votes for Zoey to become a captian, since he identifies with her boyfriend, Mike. He is selected by Zoey for The Bridge. In the challenge, he seems relieved over the fact that none of his personalities resemble Mal.

Extreme Mall Day

In the hotel, PFRJ shares a room with Ella, and performs a duet with her, with her offering an alliance during the song. He accepts. After the song, Cody and Sierra recruit him and Ella to vote out DJ, and they accept. Before the challenge, he is given a black eye by Sugar, for not knowing who Johnny Cash is.

Rush-ian Insanity

At the start of the episode, Rafael suspects Ferdinand of falling for Ella, and Ferdinand quickly accepts those claims. In the challenge, when Sugar throws a rock at Ella, he rushes to her aid, singing да, Ella. After the elimination, he begins dating Ella, after Ella asks PFRJ out in Ferdinand, Will You Complete My Song?

Total Drama Straining Camp 

Epic Rap Battles of Total Drama 60 Club 

A Day Off 

The Trimarathon 

Jump Jump Revolution on Team Unity 

Do Not Talk About Dodgeball

Truth or Failure

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Don't Close Your Eyes

Bermuda Delta

Square Pole Dancing

A Very Messy Episode

Billion-Dollar History Class

The Least Romantic City in the World

Billion-Dollar Triangle Scheme 

PFRJ does not ask a question. With Joseph in control, he votes for Bermuda Square to win, due to them being friendly and having a good game plan.


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