Payson, the Party Starter, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

During school vacation, a group of students were coming home from a party, claiming that it was the best party they have ever had in their lives! And who's responsible for providing this excellent shindig? Why, it's Payson, a.k.a. P to the Ayson, in the house, yo!

Payson had always been interested in rap since he was in a much smaller crib than the one he's living in now! In his lifetime, he has watched at least 200 rap videos, and learned the freshest street lingo so he can get the 411 on the latest happenings! He doesn't let rap distract him from his homework assignments... in fact, he likes listening to the songs on the Yo, Kidz Educate! CD while he studies, so he can be in the zone like an ice cream cone!

His fly moves have gotten him noticed on the dance floor, and this, combined with his sublime rhymes, make him very popular at parties! And as for that sparkling bling he wears... he didn't buy it. He made it himself! Is there no end to this boy's talents?

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