Pete is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. He is the most athletic one in the entire camp.

Pete joined to prove that athleticism is all you need to succeed, and that if you get pushed to the limits, you well prosper.

Demolishing Sharks
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Day 4: The Leaning (And Headless) Statues of Roger"
Place Twentieth
Friends Mitchell, Ken
Enemies None.
Origin El Paso, Texas

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: Pete made it to the second round of the singing contest. His team won.

Challenge 2: He was paired with Ken and Mitchell for the canoe race. His team lost.

Challenge 3: He worked with Ken and Mitchell on the head on the statue. He brought out a football and they accidentally knocked off the head of the statue. He was eliminated.

Challenge 18: He voted for Elaine to win. He voted for Ronda to lose.


Pete is shown wearing a football helmet in an athletic stance, "Watch me dish out these mad moves, Total Drama Mania people!" He passes the football, to a teammate and he says, "Throw it back, Craig!" Craig throws the ball back and it hits Pete in the gut, Pete falls over. The camera cuts to the next scene. Pete recieves a pass from a teammate, then a bunch of members from the other team tackle him and the ball rolls out. The camera cuts to the next scene. Pete is seen in a wheelchair in the hospital, he sees a nurse and by some chance, the nurse has a football. "Hey, pass me the ball!" Pete calls out to the nurse. A ball gets tossed and it lands in his lap. "Awesome! I caught it!" He exclaims. A bunch of muscular nurses tackle him and the camera shuts off.


Pete was always athletic. He and his friend, Craig, who appears in his audition video, have always helped by training one another, and they are now best friends. Pete excels in football, as well as soccer. His father has always pushed him to his limits, and he attends every single game and practice for every team the Pete is on. His father's efforts helped Pete because it helped him push himself.


  • Pete was the first male to be kicked off of Total Drama Mania.
  • Pete was meant to wear more athletic clothes, such as a gym uniform, but he was switched to recolor because of time restraints.
  • The person that Pete was based on's father actually attends every practice and game that he plays.
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