Philip, labeled The Psychopath, was a contestant in Total Drama Paradise.

He joined, against his will, because he needed to be sent to a remote location. He is a deranged lunatic and wears a straight jacket.

Fighting Ducks
Gender Male
Hair color Green and black
Episode Eliminated TDP - "Welcome to Total Drama Paradise!"
Place TDP - Twenty-Second
Family Cousin
Friends None
Enemies Belle, Dyl, Martha, "Ugly", Billy, "Dome", Josh, Lucas, Jaz, Elian

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Paradise

Chapter One - Philip got into a fight with Belle over the construction of their hut, leading to a tribal split. The guys voted with Philip, while the girls voted with Belle. Dyl joined neither, but voted for Philip because he was mean, and useless to the tribe while wearing a straight jacket.


Total Drama Paradise

Philip threatened Josh, Lucas, Billy, and "Dome" into an alliance to vote out Belle in chapter one, but failed. After his elimination, the alliance stuck together until the teams switched.


Philip was a normal, happy boy up until he was eight. When he saw his cousin, who he greatly admired, get arrested, he had a breakdown. The breakdown showed its first signs when he went to the grocery store and quite literally went coo-coo for Coa-Coa Puffs. Philip was put into a mental hospital, where the mental issues turned to anger issues. He was put in the jacket because of this. He has never shown any true signs of a possible recovery.


Total Drama Paradise


Philip's original image.

  • Philip's appearance is an edit of Duncan.
  • Philip received six votes.
  • In chapter twenty, Philip was the only loser who wanted "The Rat" to win.
  • Philip's final image was made by Manatee12.
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