Killer Wildcats


Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Episode Eliminated "Volley of the Balls"
Place 13th
Relationship None
Family Parents, twin sister
Friends Graham, Kelsey, Miles, Kingsley, Isabella
Enemies Erica
Fear The end of the universe as we know it
Talent Photography, poetry, dance
Rachel, labeled The Free Spirit, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. She was placed on the Killer Wildcats team.


Rachel is an identical twin, and lives and goes to school in the northeast. While her twin and her parents have always been more by-the-books and concerned with actual, tangible ideas, Rachel has been the exact opposite for as long as she can remember - a response to growing up in a household that was, for lack of a better word... boring. She's intensely extroverted and a social butterfly, and the level of passion she exudes just by speaking can be exhausting to some people in more than small doses. She loves abstract concepts like nature, art, poetry, and astrology, and spends lots of her free time essentially frolicking in the woods and finding new artistic muses. Sometimes, this involves the use of certain substances as well. Her breezy yet intensely passionate nature can scare off more casually-minded people, and her unpredictability doesn't help matters, since sometimes she'll disappear for weeks at a time, only to come back just the same and say she was "finding herself." Rachel is also a serial monogamist and has had many boyfriends, often waiting only a week after a breakup to dive right into a new one. She gets bored with them fairly easily, since most of them can't catch up with her physically or mentally.

Rachel joined Total Drama because she figured it'd be an adventure, and she wants to find a new muse, whether human or natural.

Total Drama Lakeside

Audition Tape

Rachel is sitting on a garden bench with rows of flowers beside her. "Hello," she greets the camera. "It's so pleasant to be putting myself out there into the world. My name is Rachel, and I'm looking to appear on Total Drama. I think I bring a unique perspective that this show rarely sees... I'm intensely connected to the natural world, and although I know Chris McLean has made some questionable environmental decisions in the past, I know I'd be able to defend my mother Earth. I also need to meet like-minded souls... I just ended a relationship last weekend, and I have to take advantage of the freedom that comes along with that. Pick me, and I promise a soul-enriching experience."


  • Rachel was the final character created for the story. She was initially inspired by a girl I met in Dublin, Ireland one night during my semester abroad.
  • Rachel's skirt was probably the most detailed thing I've drawn for any character, it was based on numerous patterns I found on Google Images and took around two hours.
  • Although Rachel was always planned to be a pre-merge boot, my goal was to make her a fully realized character and not the usual one-dimensional caricature that hippie characters usually are.
  • The circumstances of Rachel's elimination were originally different - she was planned to leave one round later after being swapped to the Cheeses instead of Christian, and her carefree nature would've annoyed the likes of Kaitlin and Whitney. I figured this was too anticlimactic a way for her to go out, especially with the Miles plot.
  • I briefly considered having her and Miles actually get together, but decided they worked best as friends.
    • I also briefly considered giving her a boyfriend at home who she would've neglected to mention, mirroring real-life interactions, but thought Erica already had that covered and wanted her to reject Miles for a different reason than that.


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