Ramona, labeled The Fairy Godmother, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. She is a member of the Popular Salmon.

Ramona -
Popular Salmon
Ramona ctd
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Single Mother, Younger Sister
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


All her life, Ramona has been looking out for others. Whether it be in school, at home, or on the soccer field, Ramona is always the first one to lend a hand to someone who needs it. Ramona does spend most of her time on the soccer field. She’s helped her team win multiple league championships and is known as one of the best players in the county, but she’d never show it. Always helpful and always humble, Ramona is an extremely valuable team player.

At school, Ramona is extremely close with her teammates. Even though Ramona has gained popularity through sports, she’s never found the time to give dating a try. When Ramona isn’t at school or playing soccer, she’s at home, taking care of her little sister. Ramona’s little sister was born with a condition that caused one of her legs to be nonfunctioning. Things got easier as her little sister got older, but Ramona still helps her eight-year-old sister to get around with her prosthetic leg. Ramona means the world to her little sister and her little sister often calls Ramona her fairy godmother. Ramona’s single mother would be quick to agree to that sentiment as well.

Ramona’s teammates were the ones who pushed her to audition for Total Drama. Ramona was hesitant at first, not wanting to leave her mom and sister alone for a whole summer, but Ramona’s mom urged her to at least try. When her acceptance letter arrived in the mail, her little sister ran as fast as she could to deliver it to Ramona. Ramona doesn’t consider herself to be the strategic type, but she knows she’s a great team player and can’t wait to form a new team to play alongside.


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