Team Beach
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Place 1st
Relationship Aquamara
Family Mother, Father
Friends Aquamara, Janina, Lana
Enemies Jena, Perci, Ariana
Fear Water
Talent Starting fires

Redd, labeled The Pyromaniac, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Redd was named as such because of his fiery red hair. Redd's fascination with fire began when he saw the fireplace at his house. He crawled into the fire and nearly got burned. Redd didn't learn anything from that and continued to play with fire throughout his life. He isn't insane, just obcessed with fire. Redd has not had much luck in the love department because most girls are turned off by his fire obcession. Redd's parents worry about their son, but let him express himself, as long as he stays safe. Redd signed up for Total Drama to conquer his fear of water at the beach.

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