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Soaring Ducks

Team Masculine

Gender Male
Hair color Sandy Blonde
Episode Eliminated "You, Ruined"
Place 1st and 14th
Relationship Nicole. (one-sided on his part)
Friends Gerald, David, Shannon, Victoria, Quinn, Hannah, Edward, Jessica., Wendy, Andrew, Tristan, Francine, Kevin, Nicole., Parker, Morgan, Laura., Steven, Zuma
Enemies Rachael, Charlie
Fear Mice
Talent Lifting Heavy Objects
Reese is a contestant labeled The Really, Really Strong Guy on Return to Total Drama Island, who also participated on the sequel, Return to Total Drama Action. Reese is strong. Very, very strong. Once his locker was stuck, so he punched a hole right through. As the pride and joy of his school's wrestling team, Reese enjoys a healthy amount of attention and special treatment from teachers. Despite his rather Hulkish appearance, Reese is quiet and mostly keeps to himself, that is, unless someone is being bullied. Reese cannot stand bullies, and goes out of his way to make sure the halls of his high school are as close to Bully-Free as he can make them. If he wins, Reese would use the prize money to help improve his school and hopefully make it 100% Bully-Free.

Return to Total Drama Island

Reese was the sixteenth person to arrive at the dock, in Welcome Back to Camp Wawanakwa!. He greeted Chris by enthusiastically shaking his hand, unknowingly injuring Chris's arm in the process.

Before the tree climbing and flag collecting challenge in Out of the Tree and On To the Ground, Reese is placed on The Soaring Ducks. At the start of the challenge, he hoists up his teammates one by one into the tree. He shows his strength once again, when Kevin, Nicole and Shannon fall out of the tree, when he single-handed carries the extra weight of his fallen comrades on his shoulders. This, however, leads to his team's downfall, when Tristan, of the opposing team, is able to latch onto the cords he was carrying, and pulls everyone else out of the tree. His team lost, and Reese was safe, receiving the first marshmellow of the ceremony, and of the season.

Reese continued to help his team in Behind Enemy Lines, when he managed to stop Francine during the capture the flag challenge, eliminating her from the challenge in the process. He then tried to stop Hannah from reaching the border with his team's flag, which he suceeded in doing. The Soaring Ducks won, in part thanks to him.

Reese injured his ankle, in Come Sail Away, while he was collecting materials for the raft building challenge, and slipped in the sand. The driftwood he was carrying crushed Kevin, and his ankle was apparently sprained. Rachael tried to force him to move, but Parker defended him, calling him the strongest member of the team while doing so. The Soaring Ducks ended up losing the challenge, and Reese received the final marshmellow.

Return to Total Drama Action


  • Reese received the first marshmallow on his team, and received the very first marshmallow of the season. Ironically, in season two, he is the first person eliminated from his team, and doesn't receive a Gilded Chris.
  • Reese participated in a non-canonical cage match against three other characters from various fanfictions in Total Fanfiction Crossover.
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