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Last summer 15 teens competed for $1,000,000 on Total Drama Action. This summer...22 new teens will return to Camp Wawanakwa to compete...for the grand prize.....of......Five....MILLION...DOLLARS!


Raging Foxes












Soaring Ducks













Chapter One: "Welcome Back to Camp Wawanakwa!"

Chris McLean stands poised on the Dock of Shame as the camera helicopters around the decrepid campgrounds. The camera finally comes to rest on Chris's face.

"Yo! Welcome back to Total...Drama...Island! Last season we saw fifteen teens compete in embarassing, painful, and probably illegal challenges all for the chance at the Big Mil,"

Chris chuckled.

"But this season we're back at the beautiful Camp Wawanakwa!"

The camera pans across the cabins, showing chipped paint, copious amounts of flies, and overgrown grass. It pans back to Chris.

"Hehuh...yeah. Anyway, lets meet our campers!"

A rather luxurious looking boat speeds up to the Dock of Shame, and the first camper steps off. She is an intelligent looking girl with prim and proper hair, round glasses and a half-smile.

"Quinn, welcome bra," Chris greets her.

"Thank you, Chris," she replies in a somewhat monotone voice.

The girl walks to the end of the dock and the boat arrives again. This time a sharply dressed boy with shiny hair and an air of self-confidence steps off.

"Hey! Hey! What's up McLean man?" the boy shouts out.

"Sup Charlie? Glad to have you here, my man," Chris throws him a friendly high-five.

Chris chuckles once again and the next camper pulls up to the dock. It is a rather pleasent looking girl with dark, chocolate colored hair pulled back into a ponytail. She calmly walks down the dock to Chris.

"Wendy, what's going on?"

The girl smiles, but says nothing.

Chris doesn't seem to care, and merely shrugs.

The next camper is also a girl, her eyes lowered to ground, she begins shuffling her way to the other campers.

"You must be Hannah. Welcome to Total drama Island!"

This girl does not smile, nor does she even look up. She hurries over to the other campers without so much as a whimper.

"Man, what is it with these chicks?" Chris mutters, somewhat annoyed.

A boy jumps off the boat, a smug gleam in his eyes.

"Hey Morgan. Good luck, bro."

The boy scoffs, "Luck? Luck is for chumps."

Slightly amused, Chris shakes his head, "It's gonna be a loooong season.."

Another boy steps off the boat, he looks across the dock at the other contestants.

"Is this my competition? Why not just gimme the check now?" the boy spat.

Chris frowns, "How's it goin' Edward?"

The boy sneers, "Pretty good, I just won five million dollars."

"Yeah, you'll last long." Chris whispers under his breath.

Next was a haughty looking girl.

"Everybody, Rachael," Chris throws his arms out.

Rachael walks to the other side of the dock and stands between Charlie and Wendy. Charlie puts out his hand.

"Hey babe, hows it shakin'?

She turns to him, eyes burning with passionate hate. Charlie lowers his head in fear.

Another contender had arrived, she looks slightly confused as she works her way to Chris.

"Hello, my name is Victoria. I'm suppose to meet Chris McLean for a television show. Have you seen him?"

Chris sighs, and rests his head in his hand, "Um, bra, I'm Chris McLean. This is the show."

The girl shrugs, and walks cheerfully over to the other side of the dock.

A small, thin boy walks up twiddling his thumbs and mumbling to himself.

"Hi, are you Gerald? Chris asks.

"Huh? Wha--how'd you know my name?" The boy begins to raise his voice and shake his hands faster.

"Dude, it's on your application," Chris backs away slightly, "Try not to get kicked off too early."

The boy stops in his tracks. "WHAT?!? Don't say that to me!! You said that to Ezekiel last season and he lost first!!!!"

Morgan and Charlie run up and hold him back as he struggles and kicks wildly.

Chris, a little disturbed, introduces the next camper, "'s Parker!"

A short boy with dark brown hair drags his feet over to Chris.

"This is Camp? Looks even crappier in real life."

Chris smiles, "Yeah, we get that a lot."

The boy sighs and walks to the others. "Man, this dock is sub-par."

"Ladies and Gents, it's Steven!"

A boy stepped off the boat, he had smooth, toffee colored hair and soft eyes. He smiled as he made his way past Chris.

"Hey Chris, great to be h--" he stopped as his eyes met Wendy's. His mouth hung slightly ajar, and she turned away blushing.

"Dude, you okay?" Chris waved his hand infront of Steven's face.

Steven blinked and closed his mouth. "Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine." He lowed his eyes and scrurried over to the other campers.

Another camper arrived, a dynamic looking girl with eyes wide open and a dismal frown.

"Everyone, this is Francine!"

"Oh my! Look at this camp! It's a disaster waiting to happen!" She threw her hand against her head and dropped to her knees, "How will I go on?"

"Look, just say hello and get on the other side of the dock." Chris murmured.

Francine scoffed, "Huh. Well I guess some PEOPLE just don't appreciate theatrics."

Chris ignored her and moved on to the tall sporty boy standing next to him.

"Sup dude, you must be Tristan,"

The boy grabbed Chris and put him in a headlock. "How's it hangin' my man?"

Chris struggled in vain against the boy's strength, until Tristan finally released him.

"Dude, watch the hair!" Chris snarled as he patted his hair back into formation.

Tristan merely laughed and jogged to the others.

Chris growled, and moved on to the next camper. "Campers, Jessica!"

The girl payed little attention to Chris, as she was caught up with rubbing her hands together.

"Dudette, you got somethin' there?"

Without looking up, the girl replied. "Wha? Oh. Yeah. I have OCD...and this...crappy hand sanitizer just ran out!!" She chucked the bottle to the ground and stormed towards the other side of the dock rubbing her hands.

"Yeah...." Chris looked disturbed.

A cheery girl came bouncing up. "Hi! My names Nicole! Hows it going?"

"Hey Nicole, why don't you go talk to the other campers?"

"Okay-Dokay!" The other campers grimaced as Nicole ran to them. "Hey everybody!"

The faint sound of Nicole greeting each and every camper could still be heard as Chris welcomed the next contestant.

"Hey Reese, welcome to the camp!"

A muscular boy with sandy blonde hair walked up and grabbed Chris's hand.

"Hey there, Chris! Great ta be here!" He said enthusiastically as he swung his great arm up and down.

"Whoa! Down boy!" Chris said with a hint of fear.

Reese released his hand and strode over the dock. ("HI! My names Nicole!!")

Rubbing his arm from Reese's handshake, Chris welcomed the next camper to the island.

"Contestant number seventeen is Zuma!"

A thin girl with many peircings and a sour frown walked down the dock.

"Pleasure." She said almost sarcastically as she looked at the other contenders.

"And here's Andrew!"

A well-dressed boy calmly strolled past Chris.

"Good aftanoon, ma good mayn." He spoke with a slight southern drawl. (Good afternoon, my good man)

"And who do we hayve heya?" He said charmingly to Francine. "Wha hello ma deya," he said, taking her hand. (And who do we have here?) (Why, hello my dear.)

"Oh my! What is a girl to do?" Francine batted her eyelashes.

Chris chuckled. "Weirdo. Speaking of which, Laura everybody!"

A grim looking girl jumped, literally, off the boat.

"Chris McLean! Whats up my brother?" She gave Chris a quick punch in the arm.

"Watch the skin, bra!" Chris said aggrivated.

"Huh. Weird bunch we got this season. Hey everyone! It's Shannon!"

A tall, slighty overweight girl pranced gracefully over the dock's surface, took one look at the camp and screamed, "Oh my GOD! Look at this grime! ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!!!!!"

Nicole scrurried other from the sidelines and took Shannon's hand. "Hi! I'm Nicole! C'mon!" Nicole pulled the distraught girl onto the sidelines of the dock with undying cheerfulness.

The next camper arrived holding a Magic 8 Ball. He shook it fiercely. "Magic 8 Ball, will I win this season?" the pyramid inside bobbed up and down.

"Ask Again Later."

"Arg!!" The boy dropped to his knees.

"Everyone, this is Kevin." Chris seemed slightly concerned.

"Hey Chris. Hey everybody." The boy replied in a somewhat uninterested voice before shuffling his way to the other campers. ("Hey there! I'm Nicole!!")

The last camper arrived, his eyes were relaxed, his shirt was somewhat crooked and his hair was wild and uncombed.

"Hey dudes. I'm...," he yawns, "David."

"Welcome to Wawanakwa bro," Chris seemed pleased that this camper didn't try to shake or yell at him.

Chris turned and beckoned to the camera.

"There you have it! The 22 new teens have all arrived for the new season! Join us next time on Total....Drama....Island!"

Chapter Two: "Out of the Tree and Onto the Ground"

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island! We just met our twenty-two campers, and now it's time to split them into teams," Chris smiles charmingly, to the camera. "Okay campers, when I call your name stand on the east side of the campfire. Reese, Nicole, Rachael, Edward, Kevin, Shannon, Jessica, Gerald, Parker, Morgan and...Victoria!"

The eleven campers made there way to the eastern side of the campfire. Stares and uneasy smiles are shared as the group checks each other out.

"You will now be known as....The Soaring Ducks!" Chris throws a tarp to the group of teens, most giving odd looks due to the name choice. The tarp manages to hit Kevin square in the head, dazing him momentarily. Upon opening the tarp, a picture of a frenzied mallard in flight draws some puzzled stares.

"What the heck kind of name is the Soaring Ducks?" Parker questions.

"Hehe, it's yours, dude," Chris payed little attention to the steady stream of comments he was now getting, "And the rest of you, over to the west side! Charlie, Laura, Francine, David, Andrew, Wendy, Steven, Hannah, Zuma, Quinn, and Tristan. You will from here on be called...The Raging Foxes!"

Chris chucked the tarp rather carelessly in the genreal direction of the team. Steven and Wendy managed to catch it simultaneously. Steven looked to Wendy's, and trembled to say something, until finally he found the courage to speak.

"Wendy?" he said shakily.

"Yes?" she almost whispered. She had just met this boy and already she was lost in his eyes, she imagined inching her hand closer to his...

"Would you like to open the tarp?"

Knocked out of her daydream, Wendy nodded and unfolded the tarp to reveal a fox that appeared to have rabies.

Parker spoke out again, "How is it that they got a murderous fox and we got a stupid duck?"

Chris smiled, "Sorry bro, thats how the dice rolls. And now for your challenge! Oh Chef!"

The camper's attention was drawn to the mess hall's doors, which were abruptly kicked open by a large angry man. Chef emerged carrying serveral ropes and harnesses. Chef, without saying a word, walked up and dropped the equipment onto the ground infront of the campers.

"Thank you Chef, now, everybody take a harness."

The campers snagged their harnesses, and proceeded to fasten them on.

"Hey, my harness is a little loose in the bottom part," Kevin remarked.

"No worries dude! I got it," Reese walked over and gave the tie a firm yank, sending the strap straight up. "There you go dude!"

As soon as Reese released his grip, Kevin promptly cupped his unmentionables and fell to the ground with a whimper.

Ignoring Kevin's...injury, Chris continued, "Your challenge for today is to climb....this...50-ft tall tree!"

Chris threw his arm out and pointed behind the campers to a dwarfingly tall tree peppered with red and green flags.

"But that's not all, your team will have to collect flags as you make your way to the top. And to prevent you from just grabbing all the flags at once, you may only stay in one spot for five seconds at a time. The team with the most flags at the end or which ever team does not fall out of the tree wins invincibility! Oh and by the way, you'll be chained to your teammates, so if one of you falls..."

Both the Ducks and Foxes nervously looked from one to another, and, hesitantly, began connecting their harnesses together.

"Okay teams, Ducks will climb the east side, Foxes on the west. Ready......GO!"

No sooner had Chris given the green light, then the campers started clawing their way up. On the Duck's side, Reese was lifting his teammates one by one into the tree, while Rachael took over the commanding position.

"Gerald! Test that branch to make sure it's stable! Morgan! Get off your butt and climb! Kevin! Get off the ground and into this tree RIGHT NOW!"

On the Fox's side, Quinn formulated a plan of attack.

"Alright everybody, take the ends of the connecting rope and loop them around the base of the tree, that should help keep us steady if someone falls."

Tristan and Charlie quickly dashed around the perimeter and knotted the ends together.

"Great strategy sweetheart," Charlie said smoothly.

Quinn merely rolled her eyes, "Okay, now lets get up there!"

Ten of the Foxes jumped adamantly into the branches above, with David sluggishly bringing up the rear. The Ducks were already nine feet and six flags ahead of the Foxes. Rachael scoffed as she stared down on her opposition.

"Great idea tying yourselves to the tree! Now you'll all be together when I knock you back down!"

Francie let out a distraught sigh, only to feel a stern hand on her shoulder. Her eyes flew was Andrew.

"Don't let huh git to yoo, we'll show huh we meyn business," he said calmly. (Don't let her get to you, we'll show her we mean business)

Francine's eyes sparkled, and she opened her mouth to say something, but Tristan cut in.

"That's real special and all guys, but we're loosing."

Andrew shot Tristan a quick glare, and regained his composure.

Back on the Duck's side, Gerald is starting to lose his cool.

"These needles keep poking me!" He begins feircely ripping out handfuls of pine needles and throwing them into the air.

Rachael screames down at him, "What the heck are you doing you idiot? Can't you see they're catching up?"

Gerald throws up his head and stares hatefully into Rachael's eyes before throwing one last handful of pine needles down.

Kevin speaks up, "Seriously man, we're got to--" he's suddenly cut off by the wad of pine needles that sideswipes him in the face. "AHH! My EYES!!"

Kevin waves his arms frantically, rubbing and clawing at his face.

Rachael looks back down, "No! Put your hands back on the tree!"

But it's too late, Kevin missteps and slips back, his arms still grasping his face as he falls. He lets out a cry of pain as the harness pushes into his stomach as the rope pulls taunt. The resulting tug offsets Shannon, who also slips. Nicole throws her hand out as quickly as she can,

"Shannon! Quick! Grab my hand!"

Shannon catches Nicole's grasp, but her weight just pulls Nicole with her.

The Foxes start inching their way past the struggling Ducks, snickering at the cursing Rachael.

Rachael turns to Reese, "Can you hold the extra weight?"

Reese gives a thumbs up, and sling's the fallen camper's ropes over his great shoulders, and pushes himself up.

"No problem.."

Wendy reaches for a flag, but slips on some sap. Seeing her begin to fall, Steven swing's himself over, taking her hand.

"You..saved me.."

Steven smiled, "Hey, we're a team.."

They stare intently into each other's eyes for several seconds, when all of a sudden Charlie lets out a scream.

"Watch out!"

The falling Charlie lands square on Steven's back, dropping all three like a rock. The momentum sends a monsterous yank on the other cords, resulting in a domino effect of Foxes plummeting out of the tree. Now only Tristan and Laura remain. Laura manages to shift herself to the side, checking the knot.

"Hey Tristan...I've got some bad news.."

"No...don't tell me!"

"Yeah, it's coming undone..." the extra weight of her fallen teammates mocked her strength, she could feel her hands slipping.

Tristan noticed right away, and knew he had to think fast. It hit him.

"Laura! Grab those flags behind you! When I say "now", I want you to let go of the tree!"

Laura stared at him dumbfounded, "What are you talking about?"

Tristan shot her a glance, "Just do it."

Laura nodded and strained to grab the flags, but finally manages to sucessfully reach them. The knot was at it's would undo any second.

Tristan searchs frantically, and finally spots the cords from the fallen Duck campers. He shimmied himself over...

"!" he shouted.

Laura let go of the tree and Tristan sprang into the air.

Rachael is inches from the top, "Looks like we win!" she chimed triumphantly.

Tristan grabs the cords right as the knot snaps undone, bringing the full weight of his team down upon the Ducks. The great weight rips Reese out of the tree like a ragdoll, Rachael lets out a look of pure fear as her harness brings her crashing down. The Ducks and Foxes smash and flail through the branches, mere feet from the ground the cords finally catch on the braches, leaving them hanging in the tree like a child's mobile.

Chris, who had been sitting in his director's chair sipping a cappuccino, looks disapprovingly at the helpless teens.

"What is the matter with you people? Those cords are expensive! Tsk, tsk...looks like we have a tie,"

Twenty-two groans rang out through Muskoka.

"Man this sucks.." Parker moaned, only to have Rachael send him a swift kick in the head.

"Don't worry, I have a way to settle this! Which ever team has the most flags wins," Chris yawned, "Boy am I tired.."

Twenty-two angry glances shot Chris in the heart.

"Now lets see here...Soaring Ducks, you have 14 flags!"

"Beat that, you Fox fools," Rachael cried out at them.

"Not so fast Rachael, it looks like the Foxes have 17! Foxes win!"

The Fox campers shouted with cheer, as Rachael sat wadding in a pool of discontent.

That Night at the Campfire---

"Campers, welcome to the first campfire ceremony of the season," Chris looked uncharacteristically solemn, "Here at camp, marshmallows represent the life of a camper, and when you do not receive a marshmallow, your life on Total Drama Island has come to an end. I only have ten marshmallows on this plate, and the camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave Total Drama Island for good,"

He narrowed his glance, "And you can never come back,"

He eyed the campers one by one, "The first marshmallow goes to Reese," Reese stood up, smiled, and picked up his marshmallow.

"Congrat, bro. Next is Edward. Jessica, Morgan, Victoria. The next name I'm going to call is...Shannon. Nicole and Parker, come get your marshmallows."

Three nervous camper sat before Chris, all of them staring at the two marshmallows left on the plate.

"You three all played a part in slowing down your team. Rachael, you were bossy and manipulative, and no one likes that,"

Rachael scowled angrily.

"Gerald, you had a psycho hissy fit over pine needles. Really, really weird, dude. And're just plain unlucky."

Chris smiles sadistically at the three campers left in front of him................."Rachael,"

Rachael smirks knowingly, and snatches her marshmallow.

"The last marshmallow of the night goes to....................................................................," Kevin and Gerald looked to each other, then to the plate, and then back to each other,"......................................"


Kevin let out a faint sigh of relief, and claimed his marshmallow. Gerald sat stunned as he watched Kevin join the rest of the team.

"Dock of Shame's that-a-way, bro,"

Gerald sluggishly lifted himself onto his feet, and walked down the dock.

Chris's cheery face popped up in front of the camera.

"Well there you have it, the first camper of the season was just sent packin'! Join us next week on Total....Drama....ISLAND!"

Chapter Three: "Behind Enemy Lines"

The camera hangs high above Camp Wawanakwa as the sun rises in the distance. The serenity is soon broken as Chris's voice comes blaring from the loudspeaker.

"Attention campers! Meet outside in fifteen minutes for your next challenge!"

Slowly but surely, the campers manage to drag themselves outside the cabins, all except David.

The Foxes stand bewildered.

Quinn frowned, "Tell me David's not asleep again."

No one said anything, but the looks painted across their faces said what their tongues couldn't. Moments later, David stumbled from the cabin rubbing his eyes and yawning deeply.

"Sun, wheya have yoo been?" Andrew walked up to him, giving him a gentle shake to wake him. (Son, where have you been?)

"Huh? Wha--what's going on?" David scratched his back and sat down on the ground, closing his eyes.

Chris finally emerged. "Hellooo campers! I trust you had a pleasant sleep?"

Tristan nodded, "Yeah, all four hours were like magic."

"Good! For today's challenge, Chef will be teaching you the basics behind the classic game of Capture the Flag!"

David yawns, "AH? Capture the who-what?"

Chef kicks the doors of the mess hall open.

"Edward turns to Morgan, "He really likes doing that."

Chef spots David sitting on the ground, and charges over. He scoops David up wih his great fist, "Capture the Flag MAGGOT! Now stand up straight an shut yer face!!"

David was, for the first time in years, fully awake. His eyes twitched nigh uncontrollably as he battled to keep them open.

Chef eyeballs the 21 campers standing in front of him, rolls his eyes, and mumbles to him self. "Okay, Maggots. Today you will be learning the tactics behind Capture the Flag. You may think this is a game," he turns to the campers, "but your WRONG!" Chef points an intimidating finger to Hannah, who cowers in fear. "Capture the Flag is as merciless as war itself. During the challenge, you will need cunning, speed, and team work....or you won't make it out alive," Chef chuckles to himself, and lets Chris retake command.

Hannah looks to Zuma shyly, "He--he's kidding, right?"

Zuma rolls her eyes and frowns, "Don't worry, he's just blowing smoke."

Chris hands out belts to each of the teams, "Look campers, these," he holds up a belt, "are your belts, when you are in enemy territory and your belt gets pulled, you are eliminated from the challenge. Your belt cannot be pulled in your own territory. Each team will have one person guarding their flag. The first team to capture the opposing team's flag and bring it over the line wins!"

The Foxes and Ducks fasten their belts on.

Rachael turns to her team, "Okay, who's guarding our flag?"

Chris wags his finger, "Not sooo fast, my dear. Chef and I have already decide the guards for each team!"

Parker shakes his head, "Aw crap."

Chris pulls a peice of paper from his shirt pocket, "Guarding for the Ducks is....Morgan! And for the Foxes....David!"

The other ten foxes turn around to David, who has once again nodded off on the ground.

"Oh, and by the way, Foxes have to sit one person out."

After a few seconds of arguing, Andrew volunteers to sit out. Francine waves to him as he heads for the sideline, "Take care, 'Drew!" She sighs, and rubs her eyes.

Tristan walks by, and shakes his head, "You do know you'll see him after the challenge, right?"

Francine turns her head to the sky, throwing up her hands, "Parting is such sweet sorrow!"

"Yeah, sure it is," Tristan keeps walking.

Chris leads the campers to the woods, "Foxes, you'll be covering the right side, Ducks on the left. Guards, walk back into the wood, and you'll find a clearing will several traffic cones surrounding your flag."

Morgan walked up to Hannah, "Hey. You do know your team only won the last challenge because he cheated," he point out Tristan.

Hannah does not look him in the eyes, and replies quietly, "Chris never said it was against the rules..."

Morgan scoffs, "Well, if your team didn't need to cheat to win, surely you'll win again, no problem?"

Morgan walks back into the woods as Hannah's eyes begin to tear. Quinn raises her arm, beckoning the Foxes to gather around.

"Okay, here's what we'll do, four of us will go into their territory, five will stay on our side. Charlie, Laura, Tristan, Wendy, and myself will stay behind."

The team nods in agreement, and raise their hands in a cheer, "Go Foxes!"

Meanwhile, The Ducks listen to Rachael's strategy. "Alright, listen up. four of us will stay behind, five will head over the line. Victoria, Edward, Reese, and Nicole, you stay behind."

Chris blows his whistle, and the challenge begins. Zuma leads her team single-file throught the brush, "Stay close, stay low, stay quiet."

Rachael surveys the horizon, seeing no sign of movement, she command her team, "Okay, lets move out! Shannon, Jessica, and Parker, take the west side, Kevin, and I will take the east."

Zuma's group stops near the edge of the clearing, seeing three Ducks moving toward them. "What's the plan?" Steven turns to Zuma.

"When those three get close enough, and I say "now", scatter," Steven and Hannah nod, but Francine is looking out to the sidelines.

"Do you think Andrew's okay?"

Hannah lays her hand sympathetically on Francine's shoulder, "I'm sure he's fine," she nearly whispers.

"Enough talking," Zuma urges them to quiet down.

Jessica holds a ribbon in hand, and wraps it around her index finger, unravels it, and repeats.

Parker sighs and rolls his eyes.

Rachael and Kevin have already entered the woods, opposite Zuma's group, on the Foxes side, Quinn spots Kevin trip and fall.

"Get ready, everyone. They're almost here."

Back on the Ducks's side, Zuma watches the approaching Ducks intently.

"Okay guys.......Now!"

Zuma leaps from the bushes, Parker's eyes widen, and he falls over in shock. Steven, Hannah and Francine follow closely.

Parker springs to his feet, "Jessica, Shannon! into the woods!"

Shannon grimaces at the dirt, "What about them?"

Parker races into the woods, shouting behind, "Thats what the others are for!!"

Seeing the Foxes storm to the clearing, Reese charges like a bull.

"Here he comes! Scatter!" Zuma leaps to the left, Steven to the right, Hannah to the left. Francine is watching the sideline, and notices Reese to quickly. Before she can react, Reese strike, ripping her flag away.

Zuma growls, "Here comes another!"

Edward zigzags around, and dives for Zuma's legs. She leaps into the air, Edward flies underneath and knocks Steven to the ground. Hannah slows to help him, but notices Edward picking himself up. Edward puts his foot on Steven's back, and rips his belt off.

Across the woods, Parker's group zooms out of the forest in atriangle formation. Quinn shouts out, and the Foxes circle around them.

"No where to go, Duckies," Charlie laughs.

"Yep, you got us," Parker snaps his fingers, and glances to the side. Kevin and Rachael sneak into the territory and race to the flag. Quinn whips her head around, spotting the intruders.

"Tristan! Go after them!"

Tristan sprints after the trespassers, in the background the capture Ducks are stripped of their belts. Kevin pants, "Ra--Rachael...I--I can't keep running.."

"Oh yes you can!!" She spat. Kevin falls to the ground, exhausted.


Without stopping, Tristan reaches down and releives Kevin of his belt, still in hot pursuit of Rachael.

Zuma and Hannah charge and blast their way towards the flag, Nicole pops in from the side.

"Hi! I'm Nicole! Sorry, but I have to take you out!" She runs alongside Zuma, mimicking ever zig and zag she makes. Finally she lashes out, pulling away Zuma's belt. Zuma slows to a stumble, and looks down in dispair. Steven and Francine walks up beside her.

"It's all up to Hannah..." Steven sighs.

Hannah closes in on the flag, Morgan starring her down.

"Where's Victoria?" He says quietly, before spotting her picking some berries. Morgan shakes his head, and redirects his attention back to Hannah.

"So you think you can win? HA! You don't have a chance!" Hannha enters the cone perimeter, Morgan whips his hand out, and misses. Hannah drops to the ground and rolls behind him, grabbing the flag in the process. Morgan regroups and throws out his hand again, Hannah twists and avoids it once again. Morgan cries out in fustration as Hannah zips her way back acrosss the field, Morgan shout sout behind her,

"You can't win!! YOU CAN"T WIN!!!"

Nicole rushes her, but Hannah spins out of the way.

"Go Hannah! GO!!" Her fallen teammates call to her.

Rachael reaches the flag, and finds David to be asleep on the ground.

"Like taking candy from an idiot," she smirks. Taking the flag, she catapults herself back into the clearing, the eliminated Kevin runs towards her,

"Watch out!"

Tristan races forward. Rachael skids to a stop, and flings her boots at Tristan, knocking him between the eyes. Rachael cackles and throws up the "L for Loser" sign as Tristan crumbles to his knees crosseyed. Rachael beelines for the line, on the opposite side Hannah does the same.

Reese charges for Hannah, Quinn, Charlie, Wendy and Laura scramble for Rachael. Each girl is inches from the line, Reese grabs at Hannah's belt, Laura claws for Rachael as both jump for the ine.

Hannah and Rachael come crashing to the ground, panting. Dazed, the girls raise themselves, and look down.......Hannah's belt is gone.

"We win." Rachael looks to Laura, who had missed her belt by mere centimeters.

Chris walks onto the field. "Soaring Ducks, congrats on your first win! Foxes, congrat on you first loss," Chris smiles.

Francine, Steven and Zuma make their way to the rest of the team. "We lost..." Francine gasps, a single tear forms in her eye.

"In no small part to you!" Zuma glares, "You and your distractions!"

Morgan strolls over to Hannah, and whispers in her ear, "Told you so..."

Steven checks the crowd, "Hey, anyone seen David?"

The Bonfire-----

Chris walks infront of the campfire, a plate of ten marshmallows in hand. "Raging Foxes.....I only have ten marshmallow with me tonight. You know what happens if you do not receive your marshmallow, you must walk the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave Total Drama Island for good,"

The campers all look nervous, none sure of who will be leaving.

Chris picks up a marshmallow, "The first marshmallow of the night goes to......Hannah,"

Hannah, eyes watering, takes her marshmallow.

"Next is....Zuma. Steven, Quinn, come get your marshmallows. Campers, there are only six marshmallows left on the plate..."

The seven Foxes stare intently at the plate.

"Only six bits of delicious safety left," he picks up a marshmallow, "And the next one goes to Charlie....Tristan. Wendy and Laura, you are also safe."

Francine and Andrew look to each other concerned. David has fallen asleep on his stump.


Andrew picks up his marshmallow, his eyes never breaking his gaze on Francine.

" really let your team down. David, you fell asleep....again. The final marshmallow of the night goes to................................."

Francine's eyes begin filling with red-hot tears, David starts to snore.


Francine leaps to her feet, "How cruel the wait can be! God as my witness, I will never be distracted again!"

"Oh yeah, that's believable." Tristan says under his breath.

Chris turns to David, "Sorry bro, looks like your out."

David doesn't move. Chris sighs, "They always want go the hard way...oh Chef!"

Chef emerges from the shadow, and slings David over his shoulder. Chef reaches the Boat of Losers, and chucks David to the floor. The Boat sails away, David still asleep, unaware he has been eliminated.

Chris turns to the ten remaining Foxes, "You are all safe......for now....," he looks to the camera, "Join us next time on Total Drama Island for the most dramatic Campfire Ceremony yet!"

Chapter Four: "Come Sail Away"

Chris walks into the middle of the campground, megaphone in hand.

"Atteeeeention, Camper! Meet at the campfire pit in ten for the next challenge! McLean, out!"

Amidst the morning dew and newly bloomed flowers, twenty campers drag forty feet through the dirt.

"AH! My shoes!" Shannon yelps, and sprays cleanser onto her mucked up shoes.

"Uh...get over it." Edward pushes past her.

Jessica walks past, tying knots with little bits of string, "Yeah, they're just shoes.."

Chris blows his whistle, "Alright campers, today's challenge is...," Chris swing's his arm around, his finger pointing towards the beach, which has become littered with driftwood and ropes, "building your own boat, and sailing it!"

Quinn walks over to the materials layed out, "We're suppose to make a boat...with this?" She holds up barnacle-peppered plank of driftwood.

"That's right. Now, you all have three hours to build your boat before the second part, sailing!"

The Soaring Ducks circle Rachael, who begins barking orders.

"Reese, I want your to collect all the planks you can carry! Parker and Jessica, collect rope! Shannon, clear a place in the sand!"

Parker sneers at Rachael and walks up to her. In a near whisper, he warns her, "You know, if you keep this up, this whole Dictatorship thing you've got going, the team just might turn on you the next time we lose."

Rachael shoves him aside, "Go get the rope."

Parker shrugs and walks over to Jessica, who has begun knotting the ropes around her wrist.

"What are you doing? Don't tie them yet!"

Jessica doesn't look up, "I--I can't stop, I've got to knot them...must knot ropes..."

Parker yanks the ropes away from her, "Go play in the sand or something."

Shannon stays where she is, "I CANNOT touch the dirt."

Rachael swings her head around, "Oh, you'll touch it, you'll touch it or else!"

"Make me."

On the Fox team, Quinn looks doubtfully at the lackluster items scattered about the shoreline. "Anyone have any ideas?"

Charlie smiles, "So, our fearless leader has finally lost her nerve?"

Quinn chucks a handful of seashells at him.

"Easy, Babe, I happen to be a raft building expert. Built 'em all the time back home."

Tristan picks up a broken plank, "Whoopy-freakin'-do, yeah I'm real impressed."

Charlie ignores him and assumes control of the team, "Alright lets see...youse guys," he points to Steven and Andrew, "collect all the boards you can find that look to be in good shape, if you even have a doubt that it's good enough, leave it. And as for you," he gestures towards Wendy and Francine, "you, my darlings, can go collect rope."

The four leave to go to there assigned duties. "What about the rest of us?" Quinn frowns.

"Hang on, I'm working on it. Okay....Jockstrap and Vampie Chick, you two go smooth out a place to set the materials down, clear away any shells and crap like that," Tristan and Zuma walk away grumbling, "Little Miss Attitude and the Mute can go see what the other team is up to."

Laura made a rather unpleasent hand gesture as she and Hannah departed.

"What about us?" Quinn asked.

Charlie beckoned with his hand, "Step inside, walk this way, you and me Babe, Hey! Hey!"

"What are you talking about?" Quinn was slightly annoyed.

"C'mon, I'll show you the building plans." Charlie began drawing in the sand.

The Ducks had collected all the rope, Reese was lumbering along with a mammoth stack of planks in his arms.

"Atta boy, bring 'em home big guy!" Morgan called out.

Reese approached a slight incline, the sand shifted under his feet, the towering figure began to crumble. Reese fell backwards with alarming speed, the planks crashing like fallen tree....right onto Kevin.

The Ducks starred with disbelief at the carnage layed out before them, Reese lay grasping at his ankle, and all they could make of Kevin was a single twitching leg poking through a forest of lumber.

Rachael exploded. "Well thats just GREAT!! SON OF A--"

Andrew and Steven looked to each other while they collected planks.

"So, yoo trin' ta geyt thayt Wendee gurl?" Andrew finally asked. (So, you trying to get that Wendy girl?)

"Huh? What do you mean?" Steven tried to avoid the question.

"Don't play stoopid, suhn," Andrew responded a little amused. (Don't play stupid, son)

"Yeah, well what about you and the spazz over there?"

"Heya! She iz nawt a spayz!" (Hey, she is not a spazz), "Ayd I'm doin' betta with ma gal thayn you ah," Andrew frowned. (And I'm doing better with my girl than you are)

"We'll see there, Tex." Steven begins speed-grabbing driftwood planks, Andrew does likewise.

Rachael paced frantically, kicking up sand and swearing like a sailor.

"Reese. I..want get up right now, and pick up every plank you dropped."

"Arg...I think my ankle's sprained.."

"I don't care if your ankle's broken! Get Up!" She kicked a mound of sand at him.

"Hey c'mon, lay off the guy.." Parker steps between them, "Wouldn't want to insult our strongest player."

"I'M our strongest player! And another thing--what is she doing?"

Rachael looks over to Jessica, who is swiftly tying all of the planks together. In moments a raft lay infront of them.

The Foxes had collected they're materials and cleared a place to begin building, Steven and Andrew were having a small arguement over who collected more driftwood, when Hannah and Laura came racing over the dunes.

"They've got their raft done!" Laura shouted.

"We've gotta work fast then, okay everyone, here's how it's gunna go down....."

The Foxes completed their raft right as Chris blew his whistle, signifying time was up.

"Okay campers, I will now judge the boats, there will be points awarded for first done and best looking!" Chris glanced at both rafts.

"We were done first, Chris!" Nicole shouts out happily.

"I see, well the Foxes definately have a better raft, but...."

"But what?" Charlie said, feeling a need to defend his work.

"I said build a boat, these are both rafts, so no points will be awarded to either team," Chris smiled, "Which means the sailing part of the challenge will be our tie-breaker! Now, each team decide who will sail your raft out onto the lake, which ever fares better will win invincibility for the night."

"Since just about everyone has already contributed to our raft, I will sail it." Rachael steps forward.

"I'll sail for the Foxes!" Steven stands up, Wendy smiles at him.

"Iye shoud geyt ta sail, ma frieynd," Andrew challenges. (I should get to sail, my friend)

"He did sit out the last challenge," Wendy suggests.

"Then it's settled," Quinn agrees.

Andrew smiles as Steven droops his head.

"Alright campers,!"

Both Rachael and Andrew pushed their rafts into the lake.

Boths rafts had an excellent starts, but Andrew's began taking a clear lead.

"I'm not loosing another challenge!" Rachael got on her knees and began paddling out, causing the raft to begin treading a small amount of water.

From the shore, Parker called out, "It's not a race! No! No you, idiot!"

It was too late, The Duck raft began sinking.

"No! NO!"

Rachael submerged.

"Foxes win! Foxes win!" Chris shouted, "Ducks, I'll see you at the Bonfire tonight!"

The Campfire Ceremony----

"Soaring Ducks....What happened out there?"

"I don't know, Chris, there are so many people to blame.." Rachael glanced at her team.

"Campers, I only have nine marshmallows on this plate, which means one of you will be going home tonight...and you can't come back....EV-ER..."

"The first marshmallow goes to....Jessica. Morgan and Nicole, you are also safe."

"There are only six marshmallows left, and this one's for Kevin." Kevin limped his way over to the plate, grabbed his marshmallow, and collasped.

"Rachael, come get your marshmallow. Victoria, this one's for you. Edward, well done."

Reese and Shannon sat nervously, eyeing the plate of marshmallows, Parker looked irritated.

"Why am I still here? I helped as much as anyone." He spoke out.

"'s funny how things turn sometimes, isn't it?" Rachael said from the sidelines.

Parker glared at her.

"Here you go dude," Chris tossed him a marshmallow.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," he spat as he made his way behind Rachael.

"Shannon....Reese, this is the Final Marshmallow of the evening.....Shannon, I hear you caused some problems."

"I didn't want to touch the sand! It's dirty!"

Chris raised his eyebrow, "Yeah....Reese, that ankle looks pretty bad...might slow your team down in the future....."

Reese lowered his gaze.

"The Final Marshmallow goes to......................................."



Reese smiled, and walked to the plate, ignoring the burning pain his weight caused his ankle to put out.

"Shannon, it's time to catch the Boat of Losers!"

Shannon, gloomily, made her way down the dock to the Boat of Losers. She took a cloth from her fanny pack and placed it n the seat before sitting down, and sailing away.

"There you have it, folks! Another camper rides off into the night on the Boat of Losers! Join us next time on Total......Drama......Island!"

Chapter Five: "Sitting Ducks....and Foxes"

The campers assemble themselves outside, as they had been called there by Chris moments ago, and stare at a large object shrouded by curtain.

"Attention Campers, the brand new Confession Cam has just arrived!" Chris lifted the curtain.

"New? Why didn't we just use" Zuma began to question, but quickly remembered what had happened to it.

"Alright, you all have time to use the Confessional before the start of the next challenge," Chris announced.

--Confessional-- "So I've been thinking about what Parker said to me the other day, and as much as I hate to admit it, he's right," Rachael grimaced, "Which is why I've decided to form an alliance. The only problem is with who? Victoria is too....useless, Kevin's not strong enough a player, Jessica is too weird, Nicole's way more happy than see needs to be, and I despise Parker too much to let him in...Reese is pretty useless right now too.....which just leaves Morgan and Edward." --Confessional--

--Confessional-- "So, me and Andrew have decided to end our little rivalry," Steven steps into the Confession Cam, "And instead, we're going to help each other out, I'll try and help him out with Francine, and he'll talk to Wendy for me." --Confessional--

The campers all take their turns, trying out the Cam, giving thoughts on teammates and who they wanted to leave next. Chris informs the teams of their next challenge.

"Okay campers, the next two challenges wil involve the mysterious....deadly...Boney Island!!" Chris wiggled his fingers dramatically and made "ghostly" moans, drawing unimpressed stares from most of the campers, minus Kevin, who whimpered in fear. Chris pointed to some beached canoes, "Since your rafts both sucked, you'll have to camp's canoes. Your challenge for today is to paddle across the lake to Boney Island, the first team to have a player reach the island first wins invincibility. So, everybody partner up!"

Rachael walks up to Edward and Morgan, who had aready paired up, "Hey guys, so I was thinking.....we should form an alliance. What do you think?"

"An alliance? Are you high?" Edward sneers, Morgan laughs.

"Look, our team isn't exactly doing so well right now, and the way I look at it, the three of us aren't exactly the most popular ones here, so we should look out for each other."

"She has a point, dude," Morgan turns to Edward, "Being in an alliance doesn't mean we have to like her, and when we get to the Final Ten, we can always dump her..." he whispers. Edward nods.


Rachael, Morgan, and Edward pick up a canoe and position it it the water.

Andrew and Steven nod to each other, Andrew walks up to Wendy, Steven to Francine.

"Wendee, would yoo lyke to pahtnuh uhp?" Andrew asks. (Wendy, would you like to partner up?)

Wendy looks over to Steven, who is approaching Francine, frowns momentarily, and smiles at Andrew.

"Sure Andrew, why not?"

--Confessional--Wendy steps in, "Andrew is a really nice guy, but sometimes I think he needs subtitles.."--Confessional--

Steven taps Francine on the shoulder, "Hey Francine, would you like to patner up?"

Francine looks longingly at Andrew, and replies, "Alas! Bitter Fate has cast a downpour upon this day.....I accept," she drops her head.

--Confessional--Steven enters, "Francine's a nice girl and all, but sometimes I wish there were subtitles for her...."--Confessional--

The campers paired off, the Foxes paired as Andrew and Wendy, Steven and Francine, Laura, Zuma, and Tristan,and finally Quinn, Charlie and Hannah. The Ducks paired off into Kevin, Reese, and Nicole, Jessica, Parker, and Victoria, Morgan, Rachael and Edward.

The campers held their canoes anxiously, waiting for Chris to blow his whistle.

"Alright campers, before you paddle out, I should warn you..." He is interrupted by Edward, who shouts out,

"Just start the frickin' challenge already!"

" warning then.." Chris blows his whistle, and the campers heave themselves onto the lake.

Chris turns to the camera, "I was trying to tell them that we stocked part of the lake with a few mild underwater explosives, but they'll find out eventually." He chuckles.

The lake's placidity is momentarily broken by strokes of canoe paddles. On the Fox side, Steven is talking to Francine,

"So you know Francine, Andrew may have had his eye on you..." he says smoothly.

Francine whips her paddle out of the water and holds it firmly at Steven's neck, "Wretched soothsayer! Do you not wish to make it to seventeen?"

"Whoa, whoa whoa!! Hey, I'm not lying...," Steven slowly pushes the paddle away.

"Then why is it that he is with that harlet and not with moi?" (me)

Steven narrows his eyes, "She isn't a harlet. Andrew's just a little nervous, that's all...he wanted me to talk to you..."

Francine smiled, and batted her eyes, looking over at Andrew.

Chris looks out through a pair of binoculars, "Okay, this is getting boring," he takes out a remote device, and smiles sadistically.

Back on the lake, Quinn is putting Charlie, who just called her bright eyes, into a headlock, when suddenly and explosion goes off right next to their canoe, knocking both of them, and Hannah into the water.

"WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?!?" Kevin shouts from the Duck side.

Rachael looks back angrily at the shoreline, "Chris..." she says through gritted teeth.

Two more explosions go off, sending walls of foam and water crashing at the campers. Another explosion manages to take out Rachael's canoe. She bursts out of the water, screaming with anger. Morgan and Edward emerge quietly.

The remaining campers frantically paddle to the shore...BOOM, another explosion goes off, eliminating Steven and Francine from the challenge. Andrew and Wendy soon follow.

The canoe holding Reese and his group gain a slight lead, with all the other canoes closly following.

"Oh! Watch this! This is my favorite part! We rigged the last stretch of the lake with a minefield!" Chris reaches for the plunger, and shoves it down, sending wave after wave of white water and smoke barrelling to the shores of both islands. The smoke clears, revealing only two canoes, one Duck and one Fox.

The Fox's last hope rested on Zuma, who was the only one of them not thrown out of her canoe during the explosion. The Ducks had Victoria to count on.

Zuma looked around dazed, and finally spotted her paddle. Grabbing it, she began propelling herself to the shoreline.

"Victoria! Get you butt moving!" Rachael shouted out.

Victoria grabs a nearby paddle, and begins the wrong direction.

"No! No, you fool! The other way!!" several members of her team call out. Reese swims over, and, grabbing the hull of the canoe, shoves it with all his might towards Boney Island's shore. But, despite his effort, Zuma touchs the beach first.

Moments later, Chris pulls up in a speedboat, "The Raging Foxes are the winners! Soaring Ducks, you'll be sending someone home tonight....again. Now, all of you in the water, swim to Boney Island, you'll get your second challenge tomorrow.

Rachael, Morgan and Edward meet together.

"We're voting out Reese tonight." Rachael sneers, and begins to walk away.

"Hang on Rachael, Reese didn't do anything...I think we should vote out Victoria, after all, she lost us the challenge." Morgan suggests.

Rachael thinks for a moment, and finally replies, "Vote for whoever you want to tonight, it doesn't matter this time," she heads off to the bonfire, "I know exactly who I'm voting for."

The rest of the Ducks, except for Victoria, who has gotten herself stuck in an outhouse, gather around Parker.

"Listen everyone, we have to vote off Rachael," he puts forward, "If we don't, she just might end up as another Heather and monopolize the whole game."

"I don't know, Victoria did cost us the challenge, and she hasn't been very helpful at all this whole game..," Jessica says, while twisting a strand of hair around her finger.

Parker walks over to Reese, "Look, Reese, Rachael's got it in for might be safe for now, but if she forms an alliance, when the team starts thinning out...."

The rest of the Ducks give unsure looks.

--Confessional--Reese limps in, "Parker's right...if she gets an alliance going...I'm as good as gone..."--Confessional--

--The Campfire Ceremony--

"Campers, you've already cast your votes and made your decisions...the camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk the the Dock---um, I forgot that that's back at camp....lets see....the Sand Path of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and get the heck out of here already! The first marshmallow goes to Parker."

Chris tosses Parker his marshmallow.

Chris looks at the Ducks infront of him, "Nicole, Edward, and Morgan, you are also safe."

"Campers, there are only four marshmallows left on this plate, and the next one is for....Kevin. Jessica, come get your marshmallow."

Reese looked at the plate of marshmallows, and then to his team, who gloomily look back.

"Reese, you're safe," Chris hands him his marshmallow.

"The final marshmallow of the evening goes to...................................................."



Rachael pushes her way through her disapproving teammates and claims her marshmallow.

"Victoria, it's time to walk the Sand Path of Shame."

"What? Where am I going?"

"You've been---," Chris stops, takes a quarter out of his pocket, and tosses it into the the Boat of Losers.

"Wow! Did you guys see that firefly!? I'll see if I can catch it!" Victoria leaps into the Boat, which pulls away from the shore.

"Well, that wraps that up, Join us next time on Total.....Drama.....Island!"

Meanwhile, as the campers are walking away from the bonfire, Parker walks up to Rachael, "You might have been safe tonight, but I'm not about to let you puppeteer your way to the finals..." and walks away just as quickly as he'd come.

Rachael smiles as Parker leaves, and calls out to Edward and Morgan, "Boys, come here, we need to discuss our next target..."

Chapter Six: "A Real Texas Rodeo, Muskoka Style"

It is early morning, Chris walks out of his trailer, and blows out through the megaphone, "Attention Camperino's, your second Boney Island challenge will begin in ten minutes, so be prepared to BRING--IT! McLean, out."

The ten remaining Foxes and eight remaining Ducks sluggishly stumble around Chris.

"Okay man, whatever the challenge is, it needs to wait about another three hours.." Charlie yawns.

Ignoring Charlie, and the bevy of accompanied grunts and groans, Chris explained the next challenge.

"Today's challenge....," Chris began as two interns dragged a large crate towards the campers, "is based on the classic Texas Rodeo. Our unpaid interns have spent the last week stalking and, eventually capturing the wild, and incredibly deadly wooly beaver! I am now obligated to hold a moment of silence for the interns that are no longer with us..."

Hannah turns to Laura, "He...he's kidding, right?"

"Okay, moment over! To win today's challenge, you will need strength, endurance, balance, and probably a few ice packs afterwards, because today you will be riding the captured wooley beaver! Isn't that exciting campers? The camper who has the longest riding time without being thrown off the beaver wins team invincibility. Raging Foxes, you'll be riding first. And, if you'll notice, while you were sleeping the interns that weren't tradgically lost managed to build this nice little riding area! So I suggest you thank them...or not...I don't really care."

Quinn steps in front of her team, "Okay people, has anyone here ever been in a rodeo?" All eyes shift to Andrew.

"Whuht's evrbody lookin' at me for?" Andrew looks slightly confused. (What's everybody looking at me for?)

"Okay, Tex. Tell me you've been in a rodeo," Laura asks.

"Well, Ihm noht sure why evrbody keeps callin' me Tex, I'm from Alabama. I've neva ridin' a steer in ma life," Andrew shrugs. (Well, I'm not sure why everybody keeps calling me Tex, I'm from Alabama. I've never ridden a steer in my life)

Tristan laughs sarcastically, "Oh, Alabama? That's just awesome. Real freaking awesome. Wait! Let me guess! Your accent's fake too!"

Quinn steps between them, "Okay that's enough Tristan."

Charlie smiles, "You know dollface, I've been the rodeo champion two years runnin' back in my town,"

Quinn sighs, relieved, "Phew...thats good. Oh, and don't call me dollface, or you'll lose your face."

"Foxes, it's time to ride!" Chris says, now wearing a cowboy hat that he seems to have pulled out of thin air.

"Get up there, Charlie." Zuma nudges him.

"Hey, how about a little shock and awe? You know, let you guys go first before i blow 'em out of the water?"

Tristan sighs, "Oh whatever...just somebody get up there.."

That someone was Steven.

Steven mounted the wooley beaver................"GO!" Chris shouted, and the beaver was released. The beaver bucked wildly, sending a wide-eyed Steven hurling across the beach. Wendy rushed over to him.

"Steven...?" he groaned to let her know he was still alive.

"Three seconds....not bad." Chris stops the timer.

The next to step up was Hannah, who quietly mounted the beaver. The beaver kicked and jumped, eventually sending Hannah into a bank of sand.

"Five seconds is now the time to beat," Chris announces.

Francine, Wendy, and Tristan followed, and each were hurled off in an embarrassingly short amoun tof time.

"Okay, this is getting ridiculous...." Quinn began pulling on her hair.

Zuma and Andrew both tried....and failed miserably.

"Okay, I'm going in now. I've seen bulls on the Discovery Channel....why should beavers be any different?' Quinn gulped as she mounted the fury-filled beast. The beaver shook crazily, but Quinn remained steady.

"Two seconds....three.." Chris counted.

"Way to go, dollface!" Charlie shouted out.

Quinn accidentally let go of the rein to shake her fist at Charlie, "Don't call me---Whoa!" Quinn was launched into the sand.

"Oooh....four point nine, nine, nine seconds..." Chris chuckles.

"Okay Charlie," Quinn spat, clearly out of patience, "Get on the animal."

Charlie looks nervous,but mounts the wooley beaver. In one mere second, he is sent screaming face-first into the ground. The other Foxes slowly gather around him. Tristan pokes him with a stick, and Charlie lets out a low, sad whimper.

"He's fine." Tristan drops the stick onto Charlie's huddled body, and walks away.

Laura, the last standing Fox, slowly and quietly mounts the creature. The beaver thrashes and kicks wildly, eyes filling with rage. It leaps across the pen, whipping around fiercely, finally, Laura is toppled. The Ducks and Foxes listen intently for the time.

"At seven seconds, Laura has the highest time! Ducks, one of you has to beat that...or it's back at the bonfire for you..."

Parker steps ahead of his team, "Okay, here's what I say we do..." Rachael shoves him aside.

"No one gives a care what you think, Parker. Watch, I'll beat seven seconds easy."

Rachael hops up onto the beaver, who immediatley flings her down.

Chris laughs, "Wow...half a second...that's real impressive, Rachael,"

"Go take a long walk off a short cliff.." Rachael mutters.

Edward and Morgan do just as well as Rachael. Kevin shakily climbs up onto the beast, and after two seconds, is flung onto a birds nest.

"Hehe...I'm...I'm okay...I'M OKAY!" Kevin declares triumphantly....just as some large, sharp-fanged geese swoop down, surround him, and attack. Kevin's muffled screams die out in the anticipation of the next rider, Nicole.

"Well hi there, Mr. Beaver! I'm Nicole! I sure hope you don't mind me riding on your back for a sec!"

True to her word, Nicole lasted only one second.

Jessica was next, and managed to make it to four second before letting go of the rein to compulsively twirl her hair strand around her finger.

Parker and Reese remained.

"Okay Reese, it's up to you and me now...." Parker hesitantly walks up to the hateful animal, and mounts it. However, Parker joins the ranks of the many campers effortlessly thrown to the ground.


Reese looks to his teammates, who all, except for Rachael, look concerned at his ankle. Reese steps up...and lifts himself painfully onto the beaver.

The beaver shakes wildly, but Reese's great arms hold him firmly in place.

"Five.....Six...." Chris counts off.

The beaver charges the side of the pen, and stops abruptly, catapulting Reese foward. Reese spins in the air, and lands on his feet. A shot of pain from his reinjured ankle brings him crumpling to the ground. His team, minus Rachael, rush to his aid.

"It's okay, Big Guy," Nicole says cheerfully, "You did your best!"

Chris shakes his head, "I can't believe I'm saying this but......Raging lose."

Quinn rushes over to Chris, and grabs at his shirt, "What? What do you mean we lost?"

Chris smiles, "Reese got eight and a half seconds, more than enough to win the challenge!"

Quinn drops to her knees.

"Soaring Ducks, the interns will take you back to Camp. Raging Foxes, you will be spending the night on Boney Island, right after you vote someone off."

The Foxes eye Charlie, "What happened to two year champ?" Zuma frowns.

"Okay, so maybe I stretched the truth a little bit...but Quinn let go and eliminated herself just because I encouraged her!" Charlie defended himself.

The Foxes, bar Charlie and Quinn, walked off.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Campers, there are only nine marshmallows on this plate...and there are ten campers in front of of you has spent your last day in the competition..."

"The first marshmallow goes to......Laura! Next I have marshmallows for Francine and Andrew."

Andrew and Francine look happily to each other, and walk up to claim their marshmallows.

"Zuma is also safe.....Tristan....Wendy.......Hannah.......Steven,"

Charlie and Quinn stare at the plate, Quinn with anger, Charlie with fear.

"Campers...this is the final marshmallow of the evening. Whichever one of you does not recieve it must walk the Sand Path of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers.....and leave. And you can never come back......ever..."

"The Final Marshmallow goes to...................................................................."



Quinn, visibly irritated, walks up and snatches her marshmallow. Charlie slowly shambles down the Sand Path of Shame....a single tear beings to form in his eye. He boards the Boat, and sails away.

"There you have it folks! There are only seventeen campers remaining in the game! Who will be next? Find out next time on, Total.......Drama....Island!"

--Confessional-- Quinn, angrily enters, "If they think I'm going down, they're got another thing coming. It was all Charlie's fault that I lost the challenge, and now that he's gone...I'll have no more foolish and see for yourselves...." --Confessional---

This chapter is dedicated in loving memory of Catzilla (2004? - July 14, 2009)

Chapter Seven: "How the Mighty Have Fallen..."

Chris is standing next to a white water rapid filled river, with two deflated rafts laying on the ground, one red, one green.

"Hello, and welcome to Total Drama Island! I'm your host, Chris McLean, but you all already know that. What you don't know is that our seventeen remaining contestants will be competing in a river rafting challenge! And here come our lucky campers now!"

The camera pans to a group of groggy and disgruntled teens slowly edging their way to the river.

"Chris, why are these challenges always so early?" Reese asks, yawning.

"That's simple, Reese my man, I don't want to miss my afternoon stories," Chris smiles. "And now, in case you haven;t figured it out, today's challenge is white water rafting! The team who manages to stay afloat the longest wins invincibility. The losers will be sending someone home. Now, inflate your rafts, and on my mark, push off into the river."

The Ducks grab the green raft, and the Foxes take the red raft. Reese begins heaving powerful lung-fulls into the raft, Andrew does likewise for the Foxes. Soon Reese has easily filled his team's raft, but Andrew collaspes.

"Cayn't breathe...." he gasps. (Can't breathe)

"Hey, I understood him that time," Tristan chuckles, and is shoved aside by Francine who rushes to his aid.

"Andrew! My poor, Alabama born dear! Please, just one more word before you pass on to the next world!" She puts her arms around him.

Andrew leans up, and kisses her cheek. "Awl is ryght now thyt your heya, my," he pauses to cough violently, "Honeyblawsum." (All is right now that your here, my *violent cough*, Honeyblossom)

Rachael looks over disapprovingly.

--Confessional-- "If theres one thing I learned from watching Heather on this show, it's to eliminate at least one part of the couple. Couple could mean potential alliance, and my alliance is the only that's going to make it to the Final Ten if I have anything to do with it....and I do..." Rachael shifts her eyes. --Confessional--

By this time, Tristan finished inflating the Fox raft, "Hey! I hate to interupt the lovefest, I really do, but we've got a challenge to start."

"Right you are, Tristan," Chris pulled out his starting gun and fired off a shot.

Both teams scrambled to fit into their rafts, and finally managed to get out on the river.

--Confessional-- Quinn enters, "I decided that if I wanted to stay safe, I would have to reassume my position as leader of the team...but that won't be enough...I've got to go into overdrive if I want to win this..." --Confessional--

With both rafts making their way down the sprawling rapids, Quinn begins commanding her team.

"Laura, Hannah, Andrew, Francine, row in unison on the left side! Steven, Wendy, Zuma and Tristan, I want you four rowing in unison in alternate intervals with the left side group!"

"Did you catch any of that?" Laura whispers to Hannah.

"Who died and made you queen of the river? Pocohantas?" Tristan sneered.

Quinn raises an eyebrow, "Bite me, jock boy. And keep rowing."

--Confessional-- Tristan looks angrily into the camera, "What is with that chick? Lately it seems like shes turning into a Rachael clone more and more..." --Confessional--

--Confessional-- "Okay, so maybe it seems like I'm pushing a little much lately, but I've really got the team's best interest in mind, and I figure if I push them harder, they'll try harder, even if it's just to show me up. Well, except Tristan. I'm being hard on him on purpose...jerk," Quinn frowns. --Confessional--

Rachael surveys her team, "You pathetic bunch of Survivor rejects!" she bellows as a wave of water washes over the Ducks, slowly filling the raft. The Ducks and Foxes are in a near deadlock, each raft vigorously pushing through the rapids, and each slowly treading water.

The Fox raft hits a rock, sending the supervising Quinn into the rapids.

"Bite that, brainiac!" Tristan laughs.

Seeing Quinn topple into the water, Reese smiles, "That gives me an idea..." he turns around to Rachael, and shoves her into the water.

"REESE!!!! YOU ARE DEAD!!!!" Rachael spews as she makes her descent.

"People, we got problems," Edward points to a tear in the bottom of the raft. Nicole and Parker try in vain to control the intake of water.

Morgan, knowing that if he doesn't act quickly his team will lose, pulls his paddle out of the water, "Reese, I need you to break the tip of this," Reese complies. 'Okay everybody, who's ready to even the score to eight on eight?" Morgan shouts as he hurls the newly created spear at the bulk of the Fox raft.

The spear connects right on it's mark, sending a huge crash of air jetting from the side of the raft. The raft flies left and right, throwing up clouds of seaspray and mist, before finally coming to a soggy, quickly sinking end. The cries of the now submerging Foxes are soon drowned out by the Duck's victory cheers...and by the rapids that have now engulfed them.

Chris, in a helicopter, hovers over the river. "Ducks win again! Foxes, you, me, the bonfire...a plate of eight marshmallows...."

--Campfire Ceremony--

The remaining nine Foxes, all dripping with water and shivering, are silent as Chris walks foward holding a plate of marshmallows.

"Well, it seems the Ducks have negated your person advantage..." Chris teases. Angry glares prompt him to move on with the ceremony.

"Campers, you know how this works, one of you will not receive a marshmallow, and whoever that person may be, you must immediately walk the Sand Pa--um, Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave Total Drama Island for good....and you can never, EVER, come back. Seriously, I can't stress that enough. You will be gone for good. Now, I can see you are all wet and miserable, more so than usual, so I'll throw them to you tonight. Steven, Francine, Laura, and are safe."

The campers catch their marshmallow.

"Wendy and Hannah, you two are safe as well."

With two marshmallows remaining on the plate, Quinn, Andrew and Tristan begin to worry.

"Andrew," Chris begins, "That was quite the show today, and while you may have scored points with your gal, you obviously ticked off your team." Andrew gulps.

"Tristan...your kind of a jerk. And Quinn, you went slightly overboard with the whole leadership thing. The next marshmallow goes to.........Andrew."

Andrew lets out a sigh of relief, and Francine reaches over and hugs him tight.

"This is the Final Marshmallow of the evening, and it goes to..........................................."




"What? You voted me out!? But why? I was a leader! I was a team player!" Quinn shouts angrily.

"Oh? Let me guess....CIT?" Tristan smiles.

"This isn't the last of me! I'll be back! I'll take you down, Tristan! I'll take you down no matter what!" Quinn calls out as she sails off into the night.

"Man, does nobody listen when I say you can never come back? Anyway, that about wraps things up for this episode of Total.....Drama.....Island!"

Chapter Eight: "Whatever You Say...or Don't"

Chris wanders outside his glamourous trailer, trusty megaphone in hand. He walks to the middle of the camp where some interns are finishing a large plexiglass room.

"Attention remaining campers! Meet outside in ten!"

The campers wander out, annoyed with the constant early wake-ups. Wide-eyed, they stare at the room.

"This'll be oodles of fun." Tristan rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, as only Tristan does. He is about to make another smart comment, but Laura's elbow shuts him up.

"Listen up campers, we are only six people away from the merge, so stay frosty." Chris smiles.

"Really? Only six?" Tristan scoffs.

"Anywho," Chris ignores Tristan, as usual, "Today's challenge will take place inside the plexiglass room our unpayed interns have been constructing."

Several interns shamble away from the room, groaning. One collaspes, only to be picked up by a large eagle. The campers look on in dismay, but Chris pretends not to notice.

"Your challenge for today--" Chris begins

"Isn't someone gunna help that guy?" Morgan interrupts.

"Is a no talking contest!" Chris smiles, ignoring the camper's horrified expressions.

After serveral seconds of quiet, blank stares, Parker speaks up.

"Lame, dude. Very lame."

"Ah, but the winners not only get immunity, they also get a prize! And it's better than anything you could ever buy with $5,000,000"

Most of the campers stare at Chris, their faces showing obvious disbelief, Kevin, however, jumps for joy.

"You hear that guys? Better than 5 Mil! You think it's a cure for bad luck? I really hope it is. I've tried eveything, lucky rabbit's feet keychains, dying my hair green, dressing up like an Irishman for Halloween..." Kevin stops after recieving several puzzled looks.

" have thirty seconds to get into the room and shut up before the challenge starts, talk and you're eliminated. Be the last one left not talking, and you win immunity....and the super special awesome reward! And remember, you may still use the confessional."

Both teams rush into the room.

--Confessional-- "Okay, so I know Tristan never shuts the heck up, but I'm feeling good about this. We've got Hannah. Girl's hardly said anything while she's been here. We've got this in the bag," Zuma smiles. --Confessional--

It has been 20 minutes since the start of the challenge, For the Foxes, Steven and Wendy are leaning against the wall next to each other, Zuma is painting tiny skulls on her nails, Laura and Tristan are armwrestling, Hannah sits by herself, and Francine is sitting in Andrew's lap, Andrew has his arms draped around her. For the Ducks, Edward and Morgan are having a hold-your-breath contest, with, quite obviously, both cheating, Parker is laying on his back, stroking his soul patch, Reese is doing push-ups, ignoring the discomfort his ankle causes, Nicole is waving at some birds outside the room, Jessica is twiddling her thumbs endlessly, and Rachael looks devilishly from Steven and Wendy, to Andrew and Francine.

--Confessional-- Rachael smiles fiendishly, "Some would call me evil, I prefer strategic. You just watch, by the Final Ten, I'll make sure no couple goes unsplit..." She continues to smile as the camera cuts out. --Confessional--

Laura and Tristan's armwrestle tips slightly in Tristan's favor, and soon, he has Laura's hand on the floor. Tristan chuckles, and Chris blasts an air horn.

"Sorry, dude, you're out."

"But I didn't say anything!" Tristan stands up.

"Ah, but you did just now!" Chris laughs and blows the air horn again as Tristan leaves the room.

Morgan and Edward stare each other tentatively in the eye, Edward punches Morgan in the stomach, who responds by tackling him.

"What the heck, jerkwad?" Morgan pulls Edward's arms behind his back.

"You were cheating, you goober!" Edward rolls over, throwing Morgan into the wall.

Chris walks in, "Boys, boys, I can settle this..." he blows the air horn in their face, "You both were cheating, and now, you're both eliminated."

Walking out of the room, Edward slugs Morgan in the arm.

"That leaves six Ducks, and seven Foxes!" Chris announces, "Congradulations for making the half-hour mark!"

--Confessional-- Parker sighs, rolls his eyes, and says with his usually lackluster tone, "I swear to God, Morgan and Edward are dumber than a sack a' hammers, or my name isn't Parker McFly." Parker points to himself with his thumb. --Confessional--

Outside, a blue jay zips it's way happily around the box, catching Nicole's attention.

"Hi Mr. Jay! I'm Nicole! Gosh, ya sure are pretty! I wish I had a camer--" Nicole is cut off by the sound of Chris air horn. She exits the room, and continues watching the bird outside.

If you are just joining us, we are now at the one hour mark, Andrew, Francine, Wendy, and Rachael have been eliminated since the half-hour mark. Andrew and Francine were eliminated when they began kissing, which I thought was rather creepy, and eliminated them for being too loud. Wendy was eliminated due to Zuma accidentally stepping on her hand as she walked by. Rachael ended up eliminatedting herself when she just couldn't stand Jessica twiddling her thumbs anymore," Chris smiles at the camera, "That leaves Steven, Zuma, Hannah, and Laura for the Foxes, and Jessica, Reese, Kevin and Parker for the mighty Ducks!"

Jessica, while twiddling her thumbs, spots a discarded rubberband laying on the floor of the room, she picks it up, and begins stretching it. Noticing this, Parker walks over to her and motions for her to give it to him. Jessica tries, but is unable to release the band. Parker slaps his forehead, and takes it from her. Jessica begins twitching momentarily before twiddling her thumbs again. Parker takes aim with the rubberband, and slingshots it across the room, directly into Laura's cheek.

"Hey! The crap was that!?" Laura marches over to Parker, who smiles triumphantly. "Oh, you ain't gunna be smilin' for...much......longer..." Laura brings her fist down slowly, realizing she has eliminated herself. With the air horn blowing, Laura leaves the room, grumbling under her breath, "Lousy Duck.."

Parker quickly recovers the rubberband, and fires it at Zuma, landing a hit to her neck. "Ah! Parker, you little..." her anger drowns in the call of the air horn.

--Confessional-- "Okay, the rubberband thing was a little underhanded, but hey, it's a Duck eat Fox world out there." Parker says in the confessional --Confessional--

"With Steven and Hannah the only remaining Foxes, the Ducks look confident," Chris whispers to the camera,

Parker snaps the rubberband off once more, hitting Steven, who lets out a small grunt of pain. The air horn lets him know that it was loud enough to disqualify him. As Parker retreives the rubberband for the final blow, he finds that it has broken. Throwing it down in fustration, he paces back and forth.

On the outside, Tristan looks into the room confidently, "See her, thats Hannah. Girl never says two friggin' words to nobody. We got this in the bag, Duckies."

After a few moments of pacing, Parker motions for Kevin to walk over to him. Kevin complies, walking briskly to Parker. Right before he stops, Kevin slips, sending a shoe hurling in the air.....directly into Hannah's face.

"Ouch! What the heck, kid! Did you just throw a freaking shoe at me!? Who throws a shoe at someone? My God...that really hurt you prick!" Hannah begins rubbing her face as Chris bellows out, "Ducks win! Ducks win!"

The Ducks, minus Rachael, pick Kevin up and carry him away, cheering and calling his name out.

"Foxes, I'll see you at the campfire ceremony...again."

--Campfire Ceremony--

Wendy, Francine, Andrew, Laura, Steven and Zuma all already have their marshmallows.

"Campers, this is the Final Marshmallow of the evening..."

Both Hannah and Tristan look annoyed, Tristan crosses his arms and refuses to look at anyone. Hannah rests her head in her hand.

"Which ever one of you does not recieve this marshmallow must immediatley walk down the Dock of Shame, to catch the Boat of Losers, and leave forever. That means exactly what it sounds like, you will not be coming back to Total Drama Island," Chris says, matter-of-factly.

"Oh come on, Chris. We all know two people are coming back right after the merge, we've all seen the show." Tristan sighs.

Chris immaturely makes a face at Tristan.

"The Final Marshmallow of the night goes to........................."



Chris tosses the marshmallow to Tristan, who doesn't even attempt to catch it, as Hannah exits on the Boat of Losers, shouting various profanities.

"There you have it folks, another one rides the Boat off to some mysterious destination," Chris looks off into the distance.

"You mean Playa Des Losers?" Tristan says offscreen.

"Oh, like you would know," Chris frowns, "Anyway, join us next time on Total......Drama.....Island!"

Meanwhile, back at the Duck cabin, Chef Hatchet is unloading their reward in the form of a large wooden box. After tossing a crowbar on the floor, Chef departs.

"What do you think it is?" Kevin looks on eagerly as Morgan and Edward pry the box open. They all peer in...

"Twelve bottles of Chris McLean hair gel? CHRIS!!!!" Rachael chucks a bottle across the room as the camera fades out.

Chapter Nine: "Thats Really Lazy of You, Chris..."

The camera pans across the Duck's cabin, showing disgruntled expressions and broken hair gel bottles.

Rachael angrily notices the cameraman."What are you looking at?" she flings a handful of goop.

The rest of the Ducks sit huddled on the floor, except for Nicole, who is applying the gel and swinging her head wildly."Oh my gosh, guys, this is totally like, quality stuff!" she smiles as her hair refuses to budge, no matter how hard she shakes her head.

"So Reese, how's your ankle doing?" Jessica asks while stacking the bottles of Ode to McLean.

"Great! Doesn't even bother me anymore!" he lies, they smile.

Soon there is a faint knock on the door, Morgan answers. There, standing in the doorway, is the Raging Foxes."What do you noobs want?" he smirks.

"Nah-uh, did McSaggy-pants just call us noobs?" Tristan steps forward.

"Let it go, Tristan," Steven pulls him back, "We were just curious as to what that 'super amazing reward' was," he says sincerly.

"It....was hair gel. Ode to McLean," Parker tosses him a bottle, "You guys want to come in?"

Rachael springs to her feet, "Um, I think NOT. They're the competition, remember?" She snarls.

"We aren't competing right at this very moment, now are we?" Parker opens the door up, pushing Morgan out of the way so the Foxes could enter.

The campers space themselves out so they are in somewhat of a semi-circle, no one says anything for a few minutes.

Ever the go-getter, Nicole speaks up, "So whatcha guys wanna tak about?" she smiles, like always.

Her question is met with shrugs and empty stares."It's kinda funny, but this reminds me of the episode where the original guys all talked about their fears," Reese looks up in that reminicsing kind of way.

Kevins jumps, "Yeah, and didn't they totally record their answers and use them against everybody the next day?" He shivers and looks back and forth.

Jessica, who is poking her leg reflex, says without looking up, "Yeah, but would they really use the same challenge twice?" After a majority of nods and agreeable grumbles, the share-fest commences.

"My biggest fear has always been being left alone in strange places," Steven says, "like a deserted cabin on a lake or something creepy like that,"

"Smiley faces....," Zuma cringes, "anormal, repugnante blanco mira..." The other stare at her, confused. "They're freaky and stare at you," she says.

"Theya iz absolutley nothyin' scaria thyn hiehts..." Andrew curls up, Francine puts and arm around him. (There is absolutley nothing scarier than heights)

"Alas, my Alabama sweetheart, I must disagree....solitary confinment is my fear...alone, with nothing but the walls to comfort you.." Francine whimpers.

"Snakes," Laura frowns, a tad embarassed. Tristan lays somewhat of a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "Scorpions," he says.

"I'd hate to go blind..." Wendy closes her eyes, "I mean, not being able to see is bearable if it's voluntary, like when you sleep or something like that, but there would be so much to miss if couldn't bring it back," she opens her eyes, and sees Steven smiling. She smiles back.

--Confessional-- Rachael steps in, "What a bunch of morons....'Hey! Lets tell each other our fears!' Idiots. And their fears are so stupid...Reese has mice. Ha! Nicole has mean, whatever. Edward has nice people. How are you afraid of nice people? Pathetic! Jessica fears not being able to move, Morgan has loosing, Kevin's afraid of thirteen...that's right, a number. Loser! Oh, but Parker's takes the cake. Mr. Whiny Soul Patch is is scared of the dark! What is he, four?" --Confessional--

"You're afraid of the dark?" Rachael bursts out laughing at Parker's recently revealed fear.

"And I suppose you aren't afraid of anything?" Parker counters.

"Um, of course I am. But I ain't telling." She smiles.

"Well, we don't have a challenge tomorrow, what do you guys want to talk about next?" Edward asks, surprisingly without any bad attitude behind his statement.

That night, the Ducks and Foxes bonded over their experiences on the island. At first, it was mostly the more outgoing ones, like Nicole and Francine, but soon even the more reserved and jerkish campers joined in. Surprisingly, even Rachael managed to share something without a hint of conflict. The campers all fell asleep right there in the Duck cabin, in that big semi-circle.

Early the next morning, Chris McLean, who had just searched the Fox cabin and found nobody, peers in through the window of the Duck cabin, and, seeing the peaceful scene, and smiles to the camera.

"We here at Total Drama love peaceful moments like this one. It shows that underneath the heat of competition, these campers really are just regular teenagers," Chris brings out the mighty air horn, "However, a recent census shows that fifty-one percent of the our audience prefers to see teenagers humiliating themselves for a prize they might not even win," he blasts the air horn.

The campers stumble out, confused and weary."Chris, is your brain as thin as your stubble? We don't have a challenge for two more days." Edward rubs his eyes.

"Hey, my stubble is full and beautiful!" Chris frowns, "Now, everyone follow me to your next challenge." Nobody moves.

"Chris, Hannah was eliminated yesterday. We get two days between the next one, remember?" Zuma tries to reason with him.

"Did I say that? I don't remember saying that..." Chris pulls out a contract, "Says here in the fine print campers must compete in challenges at the request of the Host, that's me."

"No me gusta la letra pequeña!" Zuma crosses her arms. (I do not like the fine print)

"Wow, I didn't know you spoke German." Chris says, mildly impressed. After a few seconds of blank stares, Tristan falls to the ground laughing.

"What an idiot," Chris whispers to the camera. "Anyways," Chris says he begins leading the campers away from the cabins, "We are always watching you, and your reactions.."

"This sounds familiar...." Kevin turns pale with fear.

"Welcome to......Phobia Factor! Part Deux!" Chris speads his arms wide."You're....not.....serious...crap", Parker kicks up some dirt, "This sucks majorly."

"Chris, don't you think it's a little lazy to reuse ideas from two seasons ago?" Wendy asks, raising an accusing eyebrow.

"Personally, yes. But I don't write this show. In fact, I'm not really sure who does, probably some punk teenager...." Chris looks to the camera very briefly. "Anyways, our first matchup is....Andrew for the Fox team....and Morgan for the Soaring Ducks!"

The boys step forward, nervously. "Andrew, your challenge is to climb and stand on the diving board, and look down at the ground for five minutes." Chris leads him to the diving board above the tub that once contained green jelly. "Our interns remade the tub," Chris adds. "Morgan, dude, wanna play a game before your challenge?" Chris reveals an old school arcade machine.

"Awesome! Terminal Kombat! I rock at this game, no one could beat me back at my hometown's Seven-Eleven," Morgan brags, "This'll only take a sec.." he hits the start button.

Andrew has started climbing up the ladder, eyes glued to the sky."That's right buddy, just don't look down until you have to. You'll be fine!" Steven calls to him.

"Don't worry, my dear! It doesn't matter if you can do it or not, I'll still be yours!" Francine yells out, fluttering her eyes. Zuma and Laura give her a disapproving stare, Tristan muffles his laughter.

The Ducks stand beside Morgan, "Dude, shouldn't you go see Chris about your challenge?" Edward says.

"He said play while I wait, so I'm gunna play..." Morgan voice has a hint of distraction.

"MORTALITY. YOU LOSE," an electronic voice comes from the machine."Wha--what? No, Ed, you distracted me...I'll get him this time," Morgan rehits the start button.

"DOUBLE MORTALITY. YOU LOSE," the voice comes back a few seconds later.

"Noo! Nooo! Nooo! NOOOO!" Morgan slams his fists on the control panel."LOSE. LOSE. LOSE. LOSE." the voice mocks. Morgan falls to his knees, and huddles on the ground.

"Well, it looks like the Ducks lost their first challenge," Chris walks up behind them."What are you talking about? I haven't had my challenge yet," Morgan gets to his knees.

"Playing the game was your challenge, we got our computer geek to rig it so that it was impossible to win. Your challenge was to conquer your problem with loosing, which you obviously failed at," Chris laughs.

"That's pretty clever," Edward looks slightly amused, until Morgan punches him in the face.

"Lets see how our buddy Andrew is doing," Chris leaves the Ducks and heads over to the ladder platform. Andrew has come to the top of the ladder, and is hesitating to walk out.

"Yo, Huckleberry Hound! The Duck flaked, now its cool if you can't do it," Tristan yells up. Laura jabs him with her elbow.

"Oww, the heck?" Tristan rubs his arm.

Andrew shakily shuffles his way out, "I thynk I cyn, I thynk I cyn, I thynk I cyn.." (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...) Andrew is now out all the way.

"Okay Andrew, your five minutes of staring at the ground starts now!" Chris starts a timer. Andrew leans over the edge, and nearly vomits.

"Just take it easy, only four and a half more minutes," Wendy cautions him.

"I thynk I'ma gonna be syck..." Andrew's eyes roll. (I think I'm going to be sick) His head swings back and forth, mouth slightly ajar.

"People, I think we better move..." Laura begins moving backwards, the other Fox campers do likewise.

"Three more minutes, you can do it!" Andrew's team shouts. Andrew's face slowly becimes pale, "Two more mintues!", he feels pressure on the back of his eyes, "Almost there!", he knows what's coming next..."Ten more seconds..."

Right as Chris sounds the air horn to signal the end of five minutes, Andrew vomits.

"Ack! Look out!" Laura screams, and points to Andrew who is swaying, and finally falls backwards off the platform......narrowly missing the tub by a mere foot.The Raging Foxes crowd around him, worried.

"Drew...?" Francine's eyes water.

Chris pushes past the campers, and shoves Francine aside."I've got good news, and bad news. The good news is....congrats, bro! You just scored the Raging Foxes their first point! The bad news is, your arms aren't suppose to bend that way. Ew, this is depressing. Nurse Hatchet!"

Chef Hatchet, clad in a nurse outfit, carelessly sling's Andrew's broken body over his shoulder, and departs.

"Is----Is he going to be okay?" Francine sniffles

"Heck if I know." Chris shrugs, still smiling. 

"Don't worry, I hear Southerners are fast healers.." Wendy put her hand on Francine's shoulder. 

"Hey...where was he when I sprained my ankle?" Reese complains. 

"Don't be such a baby..," Chris pulls out a clipboard, "Lets see...thats one point for the Fox team...our next two campers are Nicole...and Edward! You two will be competing together!" 

"I'm totally like, super psyched! This'll be SOOOO fun!" Nicole does a backflip, leaving her teammates and the Foxes a little stunned. 

"Yeah, whatever. How will this work?" Edward rolls his eyes. 

"Nicole's fear is mean people....your's is nice people.....makin' the connection? Edward, you'll be your meanest to Nicole, and then she'll be her nicest to you." 

"Heh, cool..." Edward grins. Nicole turns and faces him. 

"Is that shirt suppose to be yellow, or did the sun yack on you?" Edward smirks. 

"Nope, its suppose to be yellow." Nicole smiles. Edward frowns. 

"Well, are those earring, or did someone staple M&M's to your head?" 

"They're earrings, but OH MY GOD, I love M&M's! I totally wouldn't mind if they were! I actually got them at The Piercing Parlor, even though I'm like, totally not eighteen yet," Nicole laughs, Edward groans. 

--Confessional-- "What is with this chick? Either shes mean proof, or too stupid to know I'm insulting her..." Edward crosses his arms. --Confessional-- 

"Why don't you shut up and make me some pie?" Edward shouts. 

"OOOO! I LOVE pie! It's all, warm and it crumbles..." Nicole smiles. 

Edward falls to his knees, "You're fat! You're Fat! "You're FAT!" his slams his hands on the ground. 

"Well, I guess I could stand to lose a little bit, thanks for telling me, you're a super friend!" Nicole give him a thumbs-up. 

Chris steps in, "Okay, I think it's apparent to everyone that Nicole wins a point for the Ducks! Alrighty, Nicole, your turn to say a few things to Edward," 

Nicole smiles wide, "Ohmygosh, I absolutely adore your boots!" 

"I hate these boots! My mom got them from NiceWill! They itch!" Edward screams. 

"Your frowny face is like, totally original!" Nicole point sto the angry face on Edward's shirt. 

"It's an angry face! It's not original!" Edward slams his fist again. 

"Wow, you sure are strong! You left a handprint that time!" Nicole laughs. 

"No! No more! Stop the madness!" Edward covers his ears, Chris blows the air horn. 

"Looks like Eddie's chickening out, which means the score is still tied at 1-1." 

The camera changes to Tristan and Laura, "Your challenges, Chris explains, is to lay in these boxes and be covered by snakes," Chris looks to Laura, who gulps, "And scorpions," he turns to Tristan, who turns pale. "You must stay in the boxes for one minute," Chris explains. 

"Na-Nu-No way, Chris. No way, game over. You don't screw around with something that can kill thirty people with one sting..." Tristan backs away, Laura also backs out of her challenge. 

"Tristan and Laura forfeit, the score is still tied!" Chris announces. 

The camera now shows Kevin, and a giant cardboard thirteen. "Kevin, all you have to do is hug the thirteen, and your challenge is over." Chris says. 

Kevin slowly approachs the thirteen, and looks up at it. 

"You...are just a number. There's no such thing as bad luck...there's no such thing as bad luck!" Kevin yells as he charges towards the giant number, and jumps onto it, hugging it angrily. "You wanna hurt me now? Huh?! DO YA!?!?" Kevin shouts as he hugs the number tighter, denting the sides of it. 

"Kevin scores the Soaring Ducks their second point!" Chris shouts. Kevin releases the giant thirteen, and begins laughing happily.....the thirteen collaspes onto of him seconds later. 

"Should we help him?" Jessica looks concerned, despite not looking up from the leaves she his rearranging on the ground. 

Kevin faces his fear, by Sprinklemist.

"Nah, this happens to him like, twice a day.." Rachael walks away, uninterested. 

--Confessional-- Jessica steps in, still moving the leaves around in her hands, "What's up her tailpipe? Last night she was like one of the gang, and now she's back to her old grumpy self.." Jessica frowns. --Confessional-- 

Chris whispers offscreen to the camera, "If you are just now joining us, the score is Foxes: 3, Ducks: 4, with Zuma and Francine suceeding in their challenges, as well as Jessica and Reese. We are now down to the final four campers, Steven and Wendy for the Fox team, and Rachael and Parker for the Duck team." 

Chris steps in front of the camera, "Wendy, you're up first, your challenge is to close your eyes while we blindfold you. If you take the blindfold off before five minutes is up, you lose your challenge." Wendy grimaces as two interns fasten a large, heavy blindfold to her face.

"Ain't no light getting through there, huhuh!" Chris chuckles  

Wendy stumbles forward, Steven catches her, "Don't worry, I've got you," he says, "So, are you afaid of being blind for something other than what you said before?" he asks. 

"Ye-yes, when I was little, I used to have glasses, once my parents scraped enough money together to get that laser eye surgery thing, they got me to the doctor's. After the operation, the doctor told me to keep my eyes closed to gicve my cornias time to heal after the operation, or something along those lines. A little while beofre i was allowed to open them, my friend shoved me, you know, messing around, but I stumbled into the street. I heard a bunch of honks and swerving, and I was too afraid of getting hit to move.." she concluded. "Aw man, well, I promise not to shove you into any roads in the next three minutes," Steven puts a hand on her shoulder. Wendy smiles, "I know you won't I trust you." 

--Confessional-- "Total..pukefest. As soon as the Rabies Foxes lose a challenge, I'm putting my plan to split up the couples into action...and I think I'll start with these two instead of dumb and dumber.." Rachael sneers, referring to Andrew and Francine, "And also, just because I told a few stories with these people, does not mean we're friends. --Confessional-- 

Chris motions for Parker to step up, "Parker, your challenge is to get into this crate. We've sealed off any possible way for light to enter." "How do you know?" Parker asks.

Suddenly, a loud banging comes form the crate. 

"Lets me out! I haven't eaten in two days!" 

"Huh...Chef was suppose to let him out..." Chris opens the crate, and an intern crawls out. "Freedom! Freedom!" He cries as he runs off. 

Parker grudgingly climbs inside. "You have to stay inside for three minutes, meaning you'll be done right around the time Wendy will." Chris beckons for Chef Hatchet. "Hey, this isn't so bad.." Parker smiles nervously.

Chef Hatchet picks up the crate, and shakes it violently. "I hate the dark! I hate being picked up! And, most of all... I HATE THIS SHOW!!" Parker ricochets around in the crate like a BB in a soup can. 

Meanwhile, Wendy sits comfortably on the ground, "This isn't hard at all...thanks to you," She says to Steven, "So...why are you afraid of strange places?" " all goes back to the first time I saw that Tuesday the 13th movie, the kids in that movie were mostly idiot...'Hey! Lets wander off into the woods alone! Lets go swimming at 2am! C'mon guys, forget that crazy guy who warned us at the beginning of the movie, this'll be fun!'" Steven mocks the poor choices of hooro movie teens. Wendy laughs. 

"Times almost up, either of you want to conceed?" Chris questions. Wendy shakes her head. 

"NOT....A...CHANCE..." Parker screams from inside the crate. Chris blows the air horn, Chef drops the crate, causing it to smash open. Steven carefully removes the blindfold form Wendy's eyes. 

"Congradulations, you both have won your teams another point! That means the score is now Ducks:5 Foxes:4, if Rachael can win her challenge, the Ducks will win again," Chris leads Rachael away. 

"What, but I never said what I was afraid of...and I'm sure I didn't do anything to give it away.." Rachael whines. 

"You didn't have to, on the sign up sheet your parents filled out, it says Claustrophobia under medical conditions," Chris laughs, "Thats's the best part! Your Mommy and Daddy told us!" Chris continues laughing, leaving Rachael awestruck. "Oh," Chris wipes a tear away,

"That's a real knee slapper.. now, you were going to use the same crate as Parker, but it's a little...broken. So, you'll be preforming you challenge in the crawlspace of the Duck Cabin!" Rachael's eyes widen to the size of lemons, "And Steven, Chef will be flying you out to a deserted cabin on a haunted lake that some crazy dude with a lazy eye warned us about. Sound like fun?" Steven faints. 

"You each must spend one hour in your respective places to win the point, or outlast the other camper," Chris finishes as Chef leads a groggy Steven to the ramshackled plane, and Chris leads Rachael to the crawl space. 

"I--I can't do it..." Rachael says, "It's a medical doctor forbade me from things like this.." Rachael tries to reason with Chris, unsucessfully. 

"Looks like Steven wins by default!" Chris calls out as the other Ducks looks angriliy at Rachael. 

"Haha..the sweetest kind of win there is..." Steven smirks. 

"The Foxes win the challenge!" Chris announces, "Ducks, I'll see you at the bonfire tonight." 

Parker steps foward, "How did they win? We each have five points..." 

"Yes, but three members of you team failed, only two of them failed, that was the tie-breaker." Chris smiles mockingly. The Ducks encircle Rachael, Morgan, and Edward, engulfing them with anger. 

--Campfire Ceremony-- 

"Soaring Ducks, I only have seven marshmallows on this plate, and there are eight of you here tonight. If you know basic math, you can figure out that one of you will not survive this ceremony.." 

Chris picks up three marshmallows, "Reese, Nicole, Jessica, you are safe." The campers catch their marshmallows, and go back to staring down the three that failed. 

"Kevin and Parker are also safe." Chris throws them some marshmallows. 

"The next marshmallow goes to..........Rachael, for whatever reason that is." 

Morgan and Edward start sweating, and nervously look around. 

--Confessional-- "I managed to convince the others that my medical condition was serious, and that the other two were way more pathetic than me. It may cost me and alliance member, but better one of them than me," Rachael cackles. --Confessional-- 

"Morgan...Edward.....the final marshmallow goes to..........................." 



Chris throws Morgan his marshmallow as Edward stands up. He steps onto the Boat of Losers. 

"I would like to apologize to everyone here that got annoyed by me, I'm sorry it had to end this way,and I just want to say..." the Boat of Losers starts pulling away, "Hey! Stop! I'm not done with my heartfelt speech you jerk!" The boat sails off. 

"Well, there you have it, only four more campers to dump beofre we hit the big merge! Then who knows what surprises we have in store for our campers?" 

"A visit to the eliminated campers, two people're right Chris, who knows?" Rachael says sarcastically. 

"Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.....join us nex time on Total......Drama........Island!

Chapter Ten: "See How Much Fun I'm Having?"

"Wakey-Wakey!!" Chris's voice chortles through the loudspeaker.

"What does that freak want now?" Zuma buries her face in her pillow.

"You're one to talk there, Ms. Piercings," Laura rolls out of bed.

"You spend way to much time around Tristan," Zuma chucks her pillow in Laura's direction, "people might start assuming things..." Wendy and Francine laugh quietly.

Laura laughs sarcastically, and the Fox girls head outside.

"Dude, I didn't asked to be signed up for a crappy summer camp experience," Parker yawns as he and Reese stumble down the steps of the male Soaring Duck cabin, "My mom signed me up to 'build character', so something like that," he groans.

"I joined on purpose," Reese smiles.

"Why in God's name would you do that?" Parker looks to Reese.

"Looked like fun," Reese shrugs as they reach Chris, who is standing next to a ramshackled plane.

"Hellooooooooo, campers. Hmm, fourteen of you left, huh? That's perfect, it evens out!" Chris smiles.

"Evens out.........for what?" Wendy asks.

Suddenly, the plane starts up, deafening any further noise.

Chris tries to yell over the engine, but to no avail. Instead he scribbles something on a piece of paper and starts handing it to Jessica. As she reaches for it, the wind generated by the plane picks up the paper, and it flies into the air. Chris bangs on the side of the plane. Chef looks out the window, and, seeing Chris yelling angrily, cut the power. The paper falls to the ground, but hits the still moving propeller blades, shredding a portion of it.

"Well, what did it say?" Kevin looks to Jessica.

"I dunno.....I didn't get a good look at it," she shrugs and begins twirling her hair around her finger repeatedly.

Chris picks up the unshreded portion, looks at it, and turns to the campers. "Theres still enough here for you to figure out your challenge," Chris drops it and starts walking away.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Morgan shouts.

"Got a five-'o-clock meeting with the network...don't wanna be late," Chris smiles, "I've got to fix my hair."

"But Chris, it's ten in the morning, I think you have enough time to explain the challenge to us before you go.." Steven sighs.

"Have you ever tackled a job this hard?" Chris points to his hair, "This'll take some time. Don't worry, Chef knows what to do," Chris departs.

"Hair looks the same as it did yesterday," Steven grumbles.

Francine picks up the scrap of paper, and reads what is left, "One RF and one SD head into the plane at a time, you must jump," she stops, "There a piece missing here, and the next part says, ploy your parachute. Most points wins. I do wonder what the missing part said.." Francine drops to her knees and looks for the missing shard of paper.

"Come now, I'ym surh it was nothin' important," Andrew helps her back to her feet. (Come now, I'm sure it was nothing important.) Francine smiles.

"Come on guys, this'll be fun! Flying in an airplane! Oh my gosh, I am so excited, I've never flown before!" Nicole cartwheels over to the plane. "I'll go first!"

--Confessional-- "Is it just me, or is Nicole a bubbly firecracker of ANNOYING," Rachael crosses her arms, "This girl has been getting on my nerves since episode one. I can't wait to get rid of her.." --Confessional--

"I'll go for the RF's," Tristan says, "Since that's our name. The RF's," he chuckles.

"You're so immature," Zuma rolls her eyes as Tristan steps up into the plane, "How is that even funny?"

"Love you too, babe," Tristan winks as Nicole joins him in the plane, and he closes the door.

Chef points to some parachutes, "Suit up. You know what to do," he starts the plane back up.

"Actually, no. No, we don't," Tristan calls out to him, but is silenced by the roar of the engine.

Back on the ground, the other twelve campers watch the plane ascend. Morgan pulls Rachael aside.

"Okay, you've been going on about splitting the couples up. The merge is right around the corner, so i suggest you stop talking about it and start actually doing something," he glares at her.

"Oh Morgan, are such a fool. I need one important component before I can start the plan," Rachael smirks.

"And what would that be?" Morgan folds his arms.

"A cross alliance. All the couples are on the opposite team, and I don't think they'd listen to either of us prattle on about the dangers of couple alliances, so we need to rope one of them onto our side. Trust me, with Edward gone, our alliance won't be very effective during the merge, we need a third." Rachael says nonchalantly.

"Who do you have in mind?" Morgan's tone has eased.

"We have to choose someone that isn't very popular, but they can't be totally unlikeable either...." She pans her eyes over the Foxes on the ground, and then looks to the sky.

Back on the plane, Chef gives a thumbs-up.

"I guess that means go!" Tristan shouts, "You want to jump first, or should I?" He opens the doors of the plane. Nicole smiles and does a backflip out of the plane, leaving Tristan awestruck. Nicole spins and twirls in the air, finally pulling the cord on her chute. She lands soundly on her feet in front of the other campers.

"Holy Crap! That was SOOOO super special awesome!!! I would totally do that again, next chance!" Nicole declares proudly.

Tristan shakes his head, "Weird-O. Anyway, this should be a gimme, I am the diving champion back at school," he stops once he realizes no one else is there, and jumps. Tristan flails and spins uncontrollably in the air, frantically grasping for his pull-cord.

"NOT LIKE DIVING! NOT LIKE DIVING!!!!" He cries, and finally reaches his chute. Tristan pulls the cord, and hits the ground hard moments later, but manages to stay on his feet.

"Whoa dude, did that hurt?" Reese looks concerned.

"No, it tickled," Tristan falls on his back, and points to his face, "See? See how much fun I'm having? Hahaha.."

--Confessional-- "Did that hurt? Idiot," Tristan sneers. --Confessional--

"I'll go up next," Wendy volunteers.

"So will I!" Morgan steps forward, "We can't lose with me at the helm," he smiles assuredly to himself.

"You're jumping out of a plane, there is no helm," Parker shakes his head.

"Screw you. And by the way, a real man wouldn't wear a yellow shirt," Morgan pushes his way to the plane.

Parker grumbles to himself, "Nothing wrong with yellow..."

As Morgan and Wendy enter the plane, Rachael approaches Tristan, who is getting back on his feet.

"I need to talk to you. Alone," she whispers.

"I like where this is going," Tristan smiles, Rachael slaps him.

"Look, I want you to join my alliance," She pulls him away from the other campers, "I need someone to help put my plan into action, someone on the Foxes."

"What kind of plan?" Tristan backs away, "I'm not into the whole villian thing, I may be a prick, but I have limits.."

"I want you to split up the couples on your team, convince your team to vote off a member of each before the final ten," Rachael pulls him back.

Tristan shakes his head, "They aren't hurting anybody...sure Francine and Andrew are a little annoying, and Wendy and Steven need to hurry up and kiss already, but they're all pretty nice....I couldn't break them up..."

"Do you think they care about you? Can't you see that no one on your team likes you? Look, couples that make it to the final ten can be just like an alliance, they'll vote with each other. And if four out of the six are voting with each other, and none of them like you, how far do think you'll make it? And thats if you even make it to the final ten..." Rachael smiles devilishly, "I'm trying to help you, my team doesn't like me either, we have to look out for each other.."

Tristan frowns, and turns away, "Who knows if we'll lose two more times? And even if we do, if they don't like me, how can I convince them to vote Steven or Francine or whoever off?"

"Don't get cocky," Rachael grabs the collar of his shirt, "Thats why no one likes you. You'll lose, you aren't unstoppable. Just tell them what I told you....couples in the final ten are a threat..."

Tristan sighs, and puts his hand on the back of his neck, "I......okay."

Rachael smiles, and walks away, leaving Tristan alone with his thoughts.

By this time, Morgan and Wendy, Zuma and Reese, and Jessica and Francine have all jumped out of the plane, all landing sucessfully.

"Looks like this'll come down to the wire," Zuma looks to Steven and Laura, "Do your best guys, we need it."

"Kevin! Get in that plane!" Rachael commands.

At the sound of Rachael's voice, Kevin jumps, and scrambles into the rickity aircraft, and the plane departs.

In the air, Laura opens the side door, and Kevin looks down nervously, "Good luck, kiddo," she playfully slaps him on the back, accidentally catching the pull-cord with her hand, opening Kevin's chute. The wind catches the chute, and violently rips him out as if he were a ripe grape to be plucked. Laura grimaces, and jumps herself. Kevin is thrown around like an artical of clothing in a washing machine, desparatley screaming and waving his arms.

--Confessional-- "As I was falling, I seriously thought, 'No escape this time,'re going to that great big hospital in the sky'..." --Confessional

Kevin's finger snags the release cord for his chute, which opens just in time to catch him on a tree branch some twenty feet from the ground.

"You okay, Kev?" Reese calls up to him.

"My shoulders hurt..." he mumbles, and gives a thumbs-up. The Duck campers nod in agreement that he is fine. Meanwhile, Laura comes to a soft landing.

"I totally rocked that jump's face off!" She walks over to Tristan, and attempts to high-five him. Tristan gives a weak high-five in return, and smiles sheepishly. She dismisses the weak high-five return, and calls to Steven.

"Okay Steve, your turn! Bring home the gold!"

"Yeah, Steve, wouldn't want to let your team down...and get eliminated..." Rachael snickers.

"Very funny, Rachael, it's awonder you made it this far," Steven shakes his head and climbs aboard, Rachael follows. Chef Hatchet starts the plane up, and as it is ascending, his thundering voice calls out over the engire's fury.

"You punks hurry up and jump! Today was suppose to be my day off, and the longer I'm here, tha ANGRIER I get..." Both Rachael and Steven nod, fear stretched across their faces.

"I think the lady among us has the right to go first," Steven turns to Rachael.

"Which lady are you talking about?" Rachael smirks.

Steven grumbles, "Fine. Be that way. I'll jump first." Steven opens the door, and backs up to get a running go at it.

"Don't trip..." Rachael whispers cynically as she shoves her foot out, sending Steven toppling out of the plane like a rock. On the ground, the group spots him.

"Hes getting kinda close....shouldn't he pull his chute?" Francine looks worried.

Kevin calls down, "Down worry guys, If I could get my chute open, and land safely, I'm sure---" Kevin is interrupted by a sickly thud. "Nevermind.." Kevin looks stunned.

The other eleven campers rush over to Steven, Kevin wathes from the tree.

"Hey, Steven, where can you feel pain?" Laura rolls him over gently.

"In my bones...all of them..." He murmurs.

"Well, he's not paralyzed," Laura concludes.

Francine turns to Andrew, "Oh Drew! Please tell me there's something you can do!" She buries her head on his shoulder. Andrew eases her off, and runs to Steven's side.

"Okay buh, I need to know wheya you'ra from," He looks Steven in the eye. (Okay boy, I need to know where you're from)

Steven groans in pain, "L-Lansing..."

Andrew smiles, and turns to the mass of people, "Don't worra, our Steve is ayn Americyn, Americyns are fast helas, not just us Southunas," (Don't worry, our Steve is an American, Americans are fast healers, not juts us Southerners.) Francine runs into Andrew's arms, and hugs the air out of him.

" thats why it took so long for my ankle to heal, and how you're better from falling off the diving board.." Reese laughs, "That doens't make any sense, but it's good enough for me."

Wendy looks concerned, "You're from America?"

Steven manages to overcome his seering pain long enough to say, "Good ole Michigan..", and smile.

Andrew and Francine place their hands on Wendy's shoulder, "Don't worry, Drew says he'll be up and walking again in no more than a day and a half!" Francine says cheerfully.

Until this time, no one had notice Rachael's perfect landing.

Chris emerges, hair gleaming in the sun, "Well campers, it looks like we have our winners..."

Rachael smiles triumphantly, "Yes Chris, I think we do."

"I'm not sure why you're so happy, the Raging Foxes won," Chris smiles and points to the Fox team.

"What! How? All us Ducks jumped and landed! He," she points to Steven, "Failed!"

"On the contrary, he's the only one who did the challenge correctly," Chris holds up the note, and picks up the missing scrap. "Had you read the whole challange, it would have said, 'One RF and one SD head into the plane at a time, you must jump, do not deploy your parachute."

" expected us to let ourselves slam into the ground?" Parker looks curiously to Chris, who nods.

"That's right."

"I hate this show," Parker sighs, and walks towards the campfire pit.

"Soaring Ducks, follow your buddy Parker to the campfire pit, you have a ceremony tonight," Chris as Chris urges them to move, Kevin falls out of the tree.

Rachael stops next to Tristan, "Don't forget..."

Campfire Ceremony

"Soaring Ducks...only six of you will leave here tonight as campers, the seventh willl leave as a passenger on the Boat of Losers..." Chris twirls the plate of marshmallows on his finger.

"The first one goes to.....Kevin," he tosses a marshmallow to Kevin, who gleefully catches it.

--Confessional-- "The person I decided to have voted off didn't really do anything to deserve it...they just annoy me.." Rachael frowns. --Confessional--

"Parker, Rachael, Reese, you are also safe tonight," Chris throws three marshmallows out, "Next is Morgan," Chris throws the second-to last marshmallow.

Jessica is rubbing her hands together, and waiting intently, Nicole's smile is unfaultering.

"The Final Marshmallow of the night goes to.................................."


"Not yet,"

"Nicole," Chris tosses the final bit of safety over to Nicole.

"Well, it's been fun guys, but I've gotta jet," Jessica smiles as she continues rubbing her hands together.

"Awwww I will totally miss you Jessie! We all will!" Nicole and the rest of the Ducks look on sympathetically as Jessica sails away on the Boat of Losers.

--Confessional-- "I could have targeted Nicole, but shes way to likeable, I'm sure her elimination would have sprang some red flag alliance warnings for a few people, so I targeted the next most annoying person..Jessica. I can't stand the way shes always moving things around, and putting them back, and moving them around....drives me bananas..." Rachael grabs a handful of hair, and pulls on it. -Confessional--

Chris claps his hands together, "Well, that wraps things up nicely! Join us next time on Total......Drama.......Island!"

Chapter Eleven: "And Then There Were Twelve."

The campers, minus Nicole, who is off to the side doing gymnastic tricks, sit in the Mess Hall, staring miserably at the pulpy goo Chef left for them. Noticing his companion's sour mood, Kevin piped up,

"Oh c'mon guys, I bet it doesn't taste that bad at all..." Kevin happily eats a spoonful, and vomits.

Morgan shoves him off the bench, "Bro, that is straight up gross!" Parker rolls his eyes.

--Confessional-- "Why is it that everytime something happens that Morgan doesn't like, we have to hear about it? I mean, I'm all for complaining, but have some manners and do it in the confessional," Parker crosses his arms,"Reese has been paying a lot of attention to Nicole lately, and I don't like it." --Confessional--

Nicole is cartwheeling her way around an empty table while shouting various cheers, "Two! Four! Six! Eight! Who did we eliminate? Jessica!" she stops, and sits down on a bench. "Oh...I made myself sad.."

Reese watches from across the room, "Man, she looks a little down, do you think I should go talk to her?" he turns to Parker, "I think Nicole's kinda hot."

Parker stares blankly at Nicole, "Firstly, no. Don't talk to her. She's just prancing around doing tricks, what's hot about that?"

Reese looks confused, "Dude, what isn't hot about that? And, why can't I talk to her?"

"I don't want you to talk to her for your own good, I have a sneaking feeling that Rachael will want to eliminate any couples before the final ten. Making a move would put yourself at risk. And also, I guess she's hot, if you're into that sort of thing," Parker shrugs.

"Well, I am into that sort of thing," Reese raises his eyebrow.

--Confessional-- "I guess Parker has a point...eliminating couples sounds like something Rachael would do," Reese laughs nervously, "Good thing they're on the other team were she can't get them.....right?" --Confessional--

At the Fox table, Steven, newly recovered, is chatting with Andrew.

"Wow Andrew, you were right! I'm totally healed!" Steven checks himself over, as Andrew nods.

"Yeahuh, it wuks evry tyme," Andrew gives a friendly smile. (Yeah huh, it works every time.)

Francine wraps her arms around him, "Andrew, is there anything the heavens didn't bless you with?"

Andrew thinks for a minute, "I'm noht vera good at Uno," (I'm not very good at Uno.)

Tristan and Laura are sitting near the end of the Fox table by themselves, "Gag, those too are a couple of lovesick puppies, if you ask me," Laura nudges Tristan, who is resting his head on the table.

"Uh-huh," he murmurs.

"What's up with you lately, T? You haven't made a wise crack at someone in almost two days. All you do is mope...what's wrong?" Laura looks to him, first suspicious, then concerned.

"Well, let me ask you something, why do you care all of a sudden?" Tristan looks aggrivated, but calms down when he sees the hurt in Laura's eyes.

"Um, because I thought we were friends....I guess I was wrong," she stands up, and leaves. Tristan sighs, but does not go after her. Instead he looks over to Rachael, who catches his glance.

--Confessional-- "That spineless worm better not want out...." Rachael glares at the audiance. --Confessional--

As Steven and Andrew are socializing, Wendy pops up, and places her hands on Steven's shoulders, she turns to Andrew, "Can I borrow him for a sec?" Andrew nods, and whispers to Francine.

"I thynk it's finally gon' happen, My Deya," (I think it's finally going to happen, My Dear.) Francine giggles.

"Ah...young love....seems like just yesterday we met, when it was really all those years ago..: Francine stares off dreamily.

"Weeks, Fran, it wus weeks ago," Andrew corrects her.

"Didn't sound as poetic," Francine shrugs.

Wendy leads Steven away from the table and over near the Mess Hall door., "We really need to talk," Wendy looks Steven in the eye.

"Sure, what about?" Steven smiles.

"It's just....I feel like I've been leading you on, when--" Wendy begins, until the door blasts open with a gigantic amount of force, knocking both teens to the ground, with Wendy landing on top of Steven.

"Ooooo, Wendy, try to control yourself, chica," Zuma teases. Steven laughs.

"C'mon Zuma, you know the blast knocked her down,"

"Is that what the kids are calling it these days?" Zuma chuckles, and shrugs, "I don't keep up with modern slang.."

Chris walks in through the now broken Mess Hall doorway, "Morning campers, I trust breakfast was to your liking?"

"Sorry to break that trust," Rachael folds her arms, "It tasted like bits of string covered in glue. Anyway, what foolish endeavor have you planned for today, Chris?"

"I'm glad you asked, Rachael. Everyone, follow me outside," Chris waves for them to follow, which they do.

"Our unpaid interns spent the last six hours constructing this!" Chris throws up his arms to showcase a suspended wheel. The wheel's center has a bottle struck to it, and the outside edges are marked either "Truth" or "Dare".

"This...," Zuma looks unimpressed, "Took the interns six hours? It looks like the same dare wheel they used two seasons ago."

"It is," Chris winks.

"How did it take six hours to write truth and dare a few times?" Kevin looks at the wheel in awe.

"Oh, the wheel only took a few minutes, the other five hours and fifty-two minutes were spent making that," Chris uses his thumb to point over his back, in the direction of a large golden statue of himself.

"I should have known....," Zuma rolls her eyes.

"Yes. Yes you should have. Anyway, on to today's challenge. One person from each team will take turns spinning the bottle. As you can see, the bottle can either land on "Truth"....or "Dare". If you accept truth, you'll be hooked up to this lie detector, and if you answer correctly, your team will recieve two points. If you get dare and choose to accept the dare, sucessfully completing it also earns your team two points. Simple enough? Team with the most points wins," Chris finishes explaining the challenge, "Raging Foxes, you'll have to sit one person out."

Tristan raises his hand, "Yo."

"What? No way! T, you gotta do this, you're our jock!" Laura protests.

"Hey, maybe its better if he sits out," Zuma nudges Laura, "I know you two are tight and all, but Tristan hasn't been the same since the last challenge, maybe he just needs a break from the contest."

Laura, begrudgingly, nods in agreement.

"Alright, Soaring Ducks, you're up first," Chris directs them to send someone up to the wheel.

"I'll go first!" Nicole jumps up and down, "I am like, so crazy curious what I'll get!"

Reese smiles, and turns to Parker again, "Dude, you can't tell me that isn't attractive."

"That isn't attractive," Parker blankly looks Reese in the eye.

--Confessional-- "How many times to I have to tell the guy I'm not into Nicole? Man, Reese is a good friend, but he's got a one track mind. And since he isn't thinking about lifting heavy objects, he's thinking about a girl. And now he's trying to get me in on it," Parker scoffs, "I've got a few more important things to do, I don't have time to watch some blonde bounce around." --Confessional--

Nicole steps up to the wheel, grabs the bottle, and gives it a spin. The bottle goes around twice completely, before stopping on Truth.

Chris pulls out a deck of cards, seemingly from thin air, "We've written these questions to be unique to each of you, isn't that special? Nicole, if you'll just sit in this chair, Chef will hook you up to the polygraph. Good, now that you're hooked up, you question is.....Have you ever shoplifted?"

"Ohmygosh, I would totally never shoplift. I knew this girl, I forget her name, but she like, got caught shoplifting a purse from A.J. Nickel's. and now she's in some kind of like, juvenial detention sad...." Nicole concludes her story with a distracted stare.

"Machine says it's the truth," Chef says to Chris.

"And with that, the Ducks are on the board with two points! Raging Foxes, your turn to spin the bottle," Chris turns to the Foxes.

"I'll go, Chris!" Steven declares, Wendy pulls him back.

"No, Steven, I really need to talk to you..." Steven misses the gleam of sadness in her eye.

"Alright, well, after I do this you can tell me. Ha, it's not like we're going anywhere," Steven smiles.

"Okay, Steve my man, give 'er a good heave-ho!" Chris says as Steven steps up to the bottle.

The bottle flies around, completing six revolutions before finally stopping on "Dare".

"Steven, your dare is....oh, haha! Bro, this is a good one," Chris laughs, making Steven nervous.

"I don't like the sound of that, Chris..." Steven adjusts his collar.

"Your dare is....armwrestle Chef Hatchet!" Chris falls to his knees with laughter.

"Ah crap..." Steven gulps, and looks over to Chef Hatchet, who is crushing coconuts with his bare hands. Steven nervously shuffles to a waiting table, and sits down. Chef Hatchet, grinning with eager joy, sits down opposit him. The two clasp hands, and Chris signals for the match to begin.


No sooner, Chef throws all his weight down, sending Steven over the edge of the table.

"Ooohhh....close one. Well, not really. The score is still two for the Ducks, zero for the Foxes. Ducks, you're up again!"

Parker steps foward, and purposely give the bottle a weak push. It lands on "truth".

"Okay Parker, now that you're hooked up to the polygraph, your question is........What do you think of the other campers?"

Parker, taking a deep breathe, answers, "Well Chris, I'll tell you, Rachael's a manipulative cow, Reese can only focus on one thing at a time, Nicole's probably hopped up on some kind of anti-depressants, Morgan couldn't spell his name if you wrote it out in front of him, Kevin probably won't live to eighteen, Francine and Andrew are like puppies, always climbing all over each other, it's a little sickening, Laura is about as useful as a baby, Zuma has no friends, Tristan's usually a giant prick, but latley it seems like he's turning into an emo, and Steven and Wendy are about as exciting as playing ping-pong with an eggplant. You, Chris, use too much cologne, Chef's probably violating his probation in some way, and this camp should be demolished, remains burns, and paved over to make way for a strip mall."

The other camper stare, mouths gaping, and with clear signs of shock in their eyes.

"Nothing against any of you," Parker shrugs.

"Um....and with that, Parker scored the Ducks two more points....they now lead with four..," Chris is stunned, and rubs his chin blankly.

After the campers break their shock, Chris calls up the next Fox, Francine.

"Oh, I do hope I get truth....I don't think my dainty arms could handle Mr. Hatchet's brutality..." Francine shoves the bottle. The bottle spins around the wheel two and half times before landing on "Dare".

"Fudgical....." Francine pouts.

"Alright Francine, this is an easy one.....hug Sasquatchanakwa!" Chris points to a wildly rumbling wooden box.

Francine's face looses all trace of color, her knees quiver, "N-N-N-N-O. No, Chris. No.," Francine quickly runs back to Andrew.

"Theya, theya, it's fyne if you cyn't do it...I won't think anya less of yoo," Andrew holds her. (There, there, it's fine if you can't do it....I won't think any less of you.)

"But the audience will!" Chris chuckles, "Ducks, you're up."

Rachael is next.

--Confessional-- "We've totally got this round in the bag...we're already leading four points to none, as long as we keep getting turths and they keep getting dares, we're unstoppable.." Rachael smirks. --Confessional--

"I'm ready, Chris, ready to win.." Rachael smiles and whips the bottle around as hard as she could. The bottle spun around nine times, and landed.......on "Truth".

"Yes!" Rachael jumped for joy, "We are soooo winning invincibility," She smiles arrogantly.

"Rachael.......have you ever rigged the votes?" The Soaring Ducks narrow their gaze, all waiting to hear her answer.

"........No," Rachael says calmly.

Chef looks at the results......."It says here that that was......................the truth."

Chris snatches the results, "What? Man, that's boring...where's the tension? The conflict? Arg....well, the Ducks now lead six to zero. Foxes, get in the game!"

Andrew, the next Fox, finally scores points for his team when the spinner lands on "Truth". He truthfully answers that his accent is, indeed, not fake. The next Duck, Morgan fails his challenge, a dare to shave a bear. Zuma sucessfully answers a "truth", truthfully stating that she is related to actor Jose Leguizuma. Kevin spins and gets a "dare".

"Steven," Wendy tugs at his vest, "I seriously need to discuss something."

"Okay, shoot," Steven tries to smile charmingly, but just ends up looking silly. Wendy smiles, but quickly shakes it off. In the background, Chris can be heard explaing Kevin's challenge,

"Kevin, for your dare, you must climb into this barrel of leeches, and let us roll you off the one thousand foot high cliff into the small target zone that, we're still pretty sure is shark free....Do you accept?"

"Steven, I'm sorry to say this, but--" Wendy is cut off as Kevin jumps between them.

"He's a maniac I tell ya! Why God? Why always me?" Kevin unintentionally latches himself onto Laura.

"Boy, you better let go, or," she looks him in the eye, "You'll lose those arms." Kevin quickly releases her.

"I think Kevin's decided not to take the dare, which means Wendy, how about it?"

Wendy, now clearly annoyed, shouts, "Look Chris, I'm trying to talk to someone here, I don't care what I get, I forfeit."

Zuma rushes over, and spins Wendy around, "Girl, you better take that back. In case you haven't noticed, we're not doing so hot, we need this."

Wendy sighs, "You're right....Chris, I'm coming."

"Nah-ah, you said you forfeit. Them's the brakes," Chris sneers.

Wendy, now speechless, drops to her knees and slams her fist on the ground.

"Well, hehe, Reese, you're up. Not that your team needs it, the worst that could happen is a tie.." Chris smiles and shifts his eyes.

Giving it a healthy spin, the bottle spins uncontrollably, and finally disconnects form the wheel, hits the ground, and shatters.

"Well done Reese, um....well, it looks like the biggest shard of glass is sticking out of a "dare", so what do you say, big guy?"

"Bring it on, Chris! I'm ready to rock!" Reese enthusiastically shoots his fist into the air.

"Reese, your dare is.........stop a rampaging woolly beaver!" Chris wiggles his fingers dramatically, "A woolly beaver....from deadly Boney Islaaaand!"

"Are you going to do that everytime you bring up Boney Island?" Tristan finally speaks.

"Yes. Yes I will. Also, welcome back to the land of the living, bro. Chef Hatchet, release the woolly beaver!"

Chef opens a a crate, and a woolly beaver, eyes bloodshoot and foaming at the mouth, sees Reese, and charges.

"Was that crate there five minutes ago?" Morgan whispers to Parker, who shrugs.

The raging woolly beaver closes in on Reese, who simply smiles and puts his hands out. Bracing his leags, Reese lets the animal's tusks slam into his hands, allowing him to grap ahold. The animal pushes fiercely, but Reese's might his too much, the beast cannot budge. Reese slowly begins pushing foward, eventually making it back to the beaver's crate. Finally, he gives it a mighty shoves, and slams the box closed.

Chris, awestruck, awards the Duck's their points, "That......was.....AWESOME! I knew you had it in you, bro. Soaring Ducks now have eight points. Laura, you can also take a dare, but your team will lose no matter what."

"Then why would I take the dare?" Laura shakes her head.

"Fine, suit yourself...lower the rating...and my paycheck," Chris says, getting a touch snippy, "The Soaring Ducks win! Raging Foxes, meet me at the campifre pit for a fire of the bon variety..."

As the Foxes head off, Tristan pulls Zuma and Laura to the side, "We have to vote out one of them," he motions to Steven, Wendy, Andrew and Francine, "If couples make it to the Final Ten, it could be a serious threat. Couples are just like allainces," as Tristan speaks these words, he hears Rachael's voice in his head,

"I'm trying to help you..." it says.

"Is that why you've been all weird lately?" Laura touches his shoulder, "You were worried about them," she also motions to the two pairs of teens.

"Exactly, I've been doing a lot of thinking....and I think this is the best choice.." Tristan's voice grows lower with every word, "....for our team."

Zuma nods, "I think he's right, besides, Francine and Andrew get sidetracked by each other pretty easily....maybe if one of them were gone, we'd gain our lead over the Ducks again."

"Well," Laura begins, sounding uneasy, "Which one are we voting out tonight?"

Tristan looks over, and then back to the girls.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Raging did pretty crappy out there today, if I do say so myself," Chris looks dissappointed.

"Well don't say so," Tristan snarls, "Why don't you do your job and hand out some marshmallows already?"

"Touch-y......well, as much as I hate to say it, the first marshmallow goes to you, Tristan."

Tristan catches his marshmallow, and waits impatiently.

"Remember, if you don't get one of these, you must leave on the Boat of Loser,s and NEVER come back. The next ones goes to..Laura and...Zuma.

Zuma catches her marshmallow, and looks over to the two pairs of teens, knowing one of them will leave.

--Confessional-- "I know I agreed with the desicion to eliminate one of them.....but I feel like a monster for doing it...looking back, Francine may bet on my nerves, but shes not all bad. And Andrew, Andrew's accent is kinda fun to try and understand. Wendy and Steven are like, the nicest kids ever...Steven even taught me how to charge a phone using a penny, salt water, and a retainer. That was a little weird that he knew how...but cool nonetheless." Zuma sighs, a tear forns in her left eye, causing her makeup to run down her cheek like a dark purple river. --Confessional--

Laura catches her marshmallow as well, but doesn't look back.

--Confessional-- "I...I don't know what to think. T's my best friend here, and I've never told him that. Now he's starting to worry me. Sure, he was always annoyed with Francine and Andrew, but what he told me and Zuma tonight didn't sound like something he would say," Laura sighs, and a tear forms in her right eye. "If i wore makeup, it would definately be running," she wipes her eyes in the bend of her arm. --Confessional--

Chris looks at the four Foxes sitting beofre him, "Looks like this is going to be a teary one," he chuckles. The next marshmallow goes to......................Steven."

Steven catches it, but immediatley shifts his gaze to Wendy.

"Next is..................................Francine." Chris dishes out another marshmallow, "Wendy and Andrew, this is the final marshmallow of the of you is leaving tonight...."

Francine jumps to Andrew, and grips him as tight as she can. Steven tries to hold Wendy's hand, but she pulls away.

"The final marshmallow goes to...................................................."



"Andrew." Chris flicks the marshmallow to Andrew, who is unable to catch it due to Francine's titanic grip.

Francine, weeping openly, hugs him tighter, "Andrew! I thought for sure we would be separated! Never leave me!" Andre in turns holds her.

Wendy silently gets up and walks towards the Boat of Losers. Steven, clearly distraught, follows after her.

"Wait! Wendy! Wait!" he gently takes her hand, "There's something I've wanted to do for a while now, but I didn't think it was the right time. Now, I can see that I should have taken the chance.." Steven leans in to kiss her.

Wendy pushes him away, eyes beginning to water, "Steven, thats what I've been trying to tell you all day! You're from the US, I'm from Ontario. It can't be between us, we live too far away....a whole country away..."

"Y-you mean this whole were trying to tell me you didn't want to be with me?" Steven turns away from her.

"Well.....kinda...But--" She begins, but Steven stops her.

"I understand. I think we've said all we need to. Go," he begins heading towards the cabins.

"Wait! There's something else!" Wendy calls to him, but he ignores her.

"Chef! We got a straggler!" Chris beckons for Chef, who lifts Wendy up, and throws her on the Boat of Losers.

"Wait! Come back! Come back!" Wendy continues to call out, but Steven just keeps walking. The Boat is no longer visible.

Chris, unusually quiet, directs the cameraman to to pan towards him.

"Well....that wraps up this episode...." Chris regains his cheery composure, "Join us next week on Total.....Drama....Island!"

Meanwhile, over in the woods, a watchful pair of eyes surveys the scene proudly.

--Confessional-- "I really thought Tristan was going to punk out on me, but i have to give him credit, he went with the plan," Rachael cackles, "Now lets just hope he can work this magic again.." She smiles devilishly. --Confessional--

The camera blacks out.

Chapter Twelve: "Dance Magic Dodge"

All twelve remaining campers sit in the Mess Hall, once again looking at the questionable food left for them to eat.

"There's raisins in my toast!" Kevin exclaims. "Yo, I don't know what? Eat up, Kev," Morgan smiles.

Kevin takes a large bite out of the toast, chew for a few seconds, and gags. He spits his food into a napkin,

"Those......aren't raisins.." He gasps for fresh air.

--Confessional-- Rachael enters, "Heather was a total jerk to everyone, and she made it to third. So, I figure if I tone down my aggression a tad, I'll be able to surpass that. The trick is not to become too nice, they'll suspect something. I've got to bring my level down from anti-hero. Just as a backup, I'm going to have Morgan amp up his aggression, you know...shift the focus..."--Confessional--

At the Fox table, Steven is quietly sitting by himself, eating what he is fairly sure is an apple. Zuma walks down to where he is sitting.

"Is that an apple?" She looks at the thing he is eating, unsure of what it is.

"As far as I know, and I really don't want to know any further..." he shrugs, and sets the 'apple' down, "What can I do for you?"

Zuma sighs, "Look, I know you're feeling pretty crappy right know, after what happened and all. You don't have to pretend you aren't hurting inside, we're all friends here, we won't make fun of you, if that's what you're worried about," Zuma looks him in the eye, "So talk."

Steven calmly wipes his mouth with a napkin, interlocks his fingers, and turns to Zuma, "Honestly, I was upset at first, but now, after thinking about it for awhile, I've decided that it would just be best to pick up the pieces and move on. I mean, think about it, in twenty years, will I really still consider it a major event in my life? And that's even if I still remember by then."

Zuma frowns, "I think that's a pretty sick way to feel, she was important to you. And, you'll remember, I guarantee it."

Steven sighs, "I know she was important, and it's not really her I want to's the last way she made me feel. One bad memory can overshadow a dozen good ones. I'm starting to think she might be right...with the whole, Canada-US thing....It's just....we may not have been able to stay together for long...but we would always have and the summer," he wipes his eyes.

Zuma pats him on the back, "Hey, c'mon, you're a good kid, you'll find someone else.."

Steven smiles, "Yeah I know. So like, what's up with all this?" Steven motions to her piercings and makeup, "You have manic depression or something?" he jokes.

Zuma chuckles, "Naw, I'm not quite that lucky. My parent's are fad-followers, and I'm really P-Oed when they come home looking completely different from what they did two hours ago, just because they heard something new was 'in'. I try to show them that it's cool to just be yourself, you know? And that's what," Zuma motions to her piercings and makeup, "this is all about," she smiles, "And what's with the sweater vest? You rich or something?"

"It's not a sweater vest, it just a shirt with no sleeves that I cut to resemble a vest," Steven explains.

"Ha, that's totally not weird," Zuma teases, Steven gives her a friendly shove.

Laura is sitting with Tristan. "Hey T, is it just me, or is Chef's food getting worse?" She looks unimpressed at the slop on her tray.

"What was your first clue, the mold or the way it chips the paint off the tray?" Tristan rolls his eyes.

Laura punches him in the arm, "It's good to have you back to normal," she gives a faint smile.

"When did I change?" He scoffs.

Reese and Parker are sitting together, "Hey Parker, did ya ever notice how forks have four of these little spike things, but the sporks they give us on have three?" Reese holds a spork in his hand, examining it.

Parker, looking slighty confused says, " pal, no I have not..."

--Confessional-- Parker walks in, and is quiet for a moment, "...........Really?" --Confessional--

Chris enter the Mess Hall, smiling as always, "Hellloooo Campers!"

"Hi Chris!!!! Hi!!!" Nicole waves happily.

"You guys know what today's challenge will be?" Chris slyly narrows his gaze.

Parker raises an eyebrow, "Paint me bamboozled Chris, because I have absolutely no idea...."

Chris is momentarily stunned by the use of the word "bamboozled", but quickly returns to what he was saying, "Today's challenge is one I like to call....Dance...Magic....Dodge! Everyone, follow me outside!" Chris leads the teens outside, where the plexiglass room has once again been set up, with one wall removed. "For you challenge, you will have to pair up with someone else on your team, and avoid this!" Four interns carry a large metal cannon, setting it down next to Chris, "The dodgeball cannon! You must remain moving at all time, and must maintain constant contact with your partner, if you stop moving, or break contact, you and your partner are eliminated," Chris explains.

Francine flutters her eyelashes, "Chris.....what's the magic element?"

"You'll be wearing blindfolds!" Chris pulls a handful of blindfolds out of his pocket.

"That's not magic, that's using the sense--" Parker begins challenging Chris's logic, but is cut off by a shot from the dodgeball cannon. Chris laughs, amused that he has a new instrument of destruction,

"Now that we know the cannon works, everyboy partner up and get in the firing space!"

Laura and Tristan pair up,

"Well T, looks like it's you and me, unless you want to forfeit," Laura jabs him with her elbow, Tristan laughs sarcastically and replies,

"Just keep your hands were I can see them," Laura sighs, and replies,

"I'll control myself if you can," she shoves him.

Zuma nudges Steven, "Hey, Steve, I think we should separate those two," she points at Francine and Andrew, "Knowing them, if they're together, they'll get eliminated before the challenge ever begins..."

"I got you," Steven nods, "You get him and I'll get her." he whispers as they begin walking towards the two.

Andrew stands before Francine, "May I hayve this danyce?" he puts out his hand and smiles casually. (May I have this dance?) Before Francine can answer, Zuma jumps between them and takes his hand.

"You most certainly can," she drags him away from Francine before he has time to react. Francine, annoyed, is about to shout something, but Steven calmly walks up,

"Um...I was going to say something, but since we're the only two left.....yeah," he extends his hand.

--Confessional-- "If I had to dance with one of them, as weird as it sounds, I'd rather dance with Andrew....Francine' can I put it lightly?........One crazy nut.." Steven looks concerned, and crosses his arms. --Confessional--

Francine, sadly, takes his hand.

For the Ducks, everyone is staring at Kevin.

"I am NOT partnering up with him," Morgan whispers to Rachael, who nods,

"Neither am I," she grabs him by the hood, "If we partner up, then neither of us has to be his," Morgan smiles, and nods.

Reese looks at Kevin, and then turns to Parker, "Dude, I think I should patner up with him, poor guy's got no one..." Reese begins walking over to where Kevin is. Parker stops Reese,

"Look you oaf, Kevin's a ticking time bomb of pain, do you really want to try and diffuse that?"

--Confessional-- Reese enters, "I might not be the brightest knife in the shed, but I know when someone has a point." --Confessional--

Reese nods, and looks over to Nicole, who is approaching Kevin.

"Hey there Kev!!! Aw, you look so sad!! Wanna be partners?" She looks to him sympathetically.

--Confessional-- Kevin steps inside, "Geez, some people are desparate," he smirks, referring to Nicole. --Confessional--

Parker sighs, "Reese, wanna dance?"

"I guess so..." Reese shrugs, noticing there is no one left.

"Okay campers, get ready........set......Dance!" Chris yanked the trigger on the dodgeball cannon back, sending a flurry of rubber zooming at the unfortunate teens.

Tristan was immediatley smacked across the face by three dodgeballs, dropping him like a ton of bricks.

"Laura and Tristan are out!" Chris shouts from over the hum of the cannon.

Laura removes her blindfold and lifts Tristan by the collar, "Well tough guy, what do you have to say for yourself!?"

"I....I think I taste blood.." Tristan mumbles woozily. Laura drops him and storms off.

"How are we suppose to to know when to dodge when we have to wear these blindfolds?" Reese moves around wildly, shaking Parker as he does.

"Look, judging from the whirls I've been hearing, the cannon fires off three at a time, if you hear the blast in your left ear, move to the right, if you hear it in your right ear, move left," Parker tries to calm Reese, who is still flailing.

Nicole spins an twirls, pulling Kevin along, "Ohmygosh! This is SOOO easy compared to cheerleading!" Kevin whimpers helplessly as Nicole drags him in every which-way.

The next flurry of dodgeballs knocks Morgan in the forehead, bringing him to his knees in seconds.

--Confessional-- "Rachael told me she wants me to be more....anagloganic....or something like that. She says not to worry though, because the anaglogist always makes it to the final three in these things. So, I says 'Sure, but what's in it for me?' And she was all like, 'I'll give you a fifth of the money'. I'm no mathemagician, but that's still like, a million dollars. Whose thinking now?" Morgan taps his forehead, "I've so got this in the bag..." --Confessional--

Morgan rips his blindfold off, "Rachael you stupid cow! Why didn't you tell me the dodgeballs were coming!"

"With that, Morgan and Rachael are outta there!" Chris chuckles, and prepares to shoot the next volley.

"Okay Francine, listen very closely, when I say left, I want you to move left, okay?" Steven says briskly, knowing Chris will fire again soon.

"Uh-huh...yeah.." She mumbles, not really paying attention.

Chris unloads a clip of three dodgeballs.

"Now! Left! Left!" Steven shouts, Francine moves right, putting Steven directly in the path of the the whizzing projectiles.

"Gah!" Steven slumps to the ground as the rubber bullets clip him right in the small of his back.

"Francine and Steven are done for it!" Chris loads the next round into the cannon.

Steven weakly says from the ground, "Left.....I said left..."

"Sorry about that, deary, I wasn't focused.." She sighs.

--Confessional-- "I've really done it this time...I promised the team I wouldn't get distracted again...." Francine's eyes water slightly. --Confessional-

Nicole swings Kevin around, harder than usual, causing one of his shoes to fly off, smacking Andrew in the face,

"Ah!" he lets go with one of his hands and clasps his face, "Wut in the mutha of Alabamy was thyt?" (What in the mother of Alabama was that?)

Chris notices this oppurtunity, and blasts the round out at Andrew, knocking him out clean.

Zuma removes her blindfold, "Son of a namek...." She shakes her head, and helps him up.

--Confessional-- "And I thought it would hurt the team if he and Francine were together.....heck, they'd probably focused more if they were together...." --Confessional--

Parker removes his blindfold, as do Nicole, Reese and Kevin.

"We, really easily," Parker cracks a faint smile.

--Confessional-- "It wasn't a lip was twitching.." Parker frowns, and crosses his arms. --Confessional--

Chris calls out from the cannon, "Congradulations Ducks! You win today's challenge! Foxes, meet me back at the campfire for an elimination ceremony," Chris chuckles and shoots down the remaining Duck campers.

Parker stands groggily to his feet, "Somehow I knew he would do that..."

Chris smiles and gives two thumbs-up to the camera.

Zuma walks over to where Steven is huddled on the ground, "Well....that backfired.."

"Please don't say 'backfired'..." Steven slowly climbs to his feet, a single tear of pain rolls down his grimacing face.

Zuma smiles, and then calls out to Tristan, who is stilll lying on the ground himself, "You okay there, big man?"

Tristan gives her a shaky thumbs-up.

--Confessional-- Laura steps into the Confession Cam. "What the heck was that? We got totally womped out there today! Chris is such a scuzzbucket...and Tristan's still off his game. Dude, I thought he was getting back to normal..." --Confessional--

Laura walks over to Tristan's body, and Zuma turns to Steven, "Hey, I'm going to go help Laura pick up what's left of Tristan, I'll meet you at the bonfire pit."

Steven nods, and walks off to cast his vote.

Zuma lifts Tristan by his left arm, Laura grabs the right,

"So, we're voting off Francine or Andrew still, right?" Laura says, Tristan nods.

"Hey, hey, keep it down you guys, if Steven hears this, he might figure out why Wendy was would crush him..." Zuma hushes them.

"Yeah...wouldn't want to crush that kid...he's so fagile..." Tristan murmurs.

Zuma frowns in disgust, and drops him.

"What the crap?" Tristan sneers.

--Campfire Ceremony

"Hello Foxes, man....we are really getting down to the wire here, aren't we? Only six of you little guys left....we, five after tonight. We'll be at the merge before you know it...anyways, the first marshmallow goes to.....Zuma," Chris tosses the marshmallow to Zuma, who catches it with an obvious annoyance.

"Next is.....Steven. Laura, here's your marshmallow," Chris picks up two more marshmallows and flings them in the campers' general direction.


Francine gets her marshmallow, and looks at Tristan.

--Confessional-- Francine enters, "I completely, one hundred percent voted for Tristan. That boy was the first one out of the challenge, he needs to leave," Francine scoffs. --Confessional--

--Confessional-- Andrew steps in, "I votyd for Tristayn, he's beyn actin' vera strange lately, and I thynk he myght enjoy a little tyme off tha islayn.." (I voted for Tristan, he's been acting very strange lately, and I think he might enjoy a little time off the island) --Confessional--

"Andrew....Tristan....this is the final marshmallow of the evening.......only one of you will take this marshmallow and continue to be....a on Total Drama Island. And it goes to.............."




"For all that is sacred, just give someone a marshmallow!" Laura shouts.

"It's part of my job desription," Chris snaps.

"Waster of time?" Laura returns Chris's snap.

"No, anxiety inducer....anyways.......Tristan." Chris flicks the little white bit of safety to the jock.

"NOOO! DREW!!!!!!!!!!" Francine jumps from her seat at Andrew, but is held back by some nearby interns.

"After reading the votes, I decided that it would be much quicker to have some interns on standby in case something, like this happened, oh Chef!" Chris beckons for Chef, who effortlessly slings Andrew over this shoulder.

"Francine! Don't forgit about meya!" Andrew calls to her as the Boat of Losers pulls off into the night. (Francine, don't forget about me!)

"How could we ever forget such a colorful guy such as you," Tristan chews on his marshmallow, Laura and Zuma look at him dissapprovingly,

"Well folks, there you go! Only eleven campers remain on Total Drama Island! That mean's we're one person away from the merge! Who will make it? Who won't? Who will stop Francine from attacking me in my sleep? Find out next week on Total......Drama....Island!"

Chapter Thirteen: "I'm Out of Witty Titles"

"Welcome back to Total Drama Island! I'm your host, Chris McLean. If you're just joining us, we're down to our final eleven contestants, and after today's episode, we'll be at the merge!" Chris smiles at the camera.

The campers are all standing in front of Chris. Zuma taps him on the shoulder,

"Chris, who are you talking to?"

"Why, our loyal audience!" Chris points at the camera.

"From over here it looks like you're talking to yourself, like a crazy homeless person.." Morgan muffles his laughter, the other Soaring Ducks look at him disapprovingly.

"Anyway camperinos, we're going to skip right to your challenge today," Chris turns, and opens a mysterious trunk.

"How do these things keep randomly appearing like that?" Steven walks up to the trunk.

"Hush my child, your challenge is based on building trust!" Chris holds up some odd looking helmets.

"It's a little late in the season for that, don't you think?" Laura points out the number of people left in the competition.

"Laura, Laura, matter how late in the season, there are bond to be people who don't trust other people. This challenge will focus on teams connecting with the member they think is the least trustworthy. So, each team needs to pick it's least trustworthy member before I explain the rest of the challenge," Chris pulls some more stuff out of the trunk.

"I'm not sure who to pick, I pretty much trust all of you guys," Steven turns to his team.

"Yeah I know, we're all pretty much cool with each other..." Zuma looks everyone over.

"I say Tristan," Francine, blankly, says.

"What? Why me?" Tristan shifts his eyes.

"Since Andrew's elimination, I've been thinking about the past few days," Francine's voice is shifty and accusing, "And you were isolated and depressed, when ususally you're an annoying punk," Francine pokes him in the collarbone, Tristan's eyes grow angry, "You're hiding something....."

"Well....what about you? You're different now, you were all preppy and theatrical..." Tristan counters.

"My boyfriend was eliminated, forgive me for being bitter. It's different for you, your boyfriend wasn't eliminated.." Francine looks him in the eye, Steven says from behind them,

"Yeah Tristan, Laura hasn't been eliminated yet!" Steven laughs, and Zuma gives him a high five.

Laura tackles Steven and give him a wedgie. "Say it again! I DARE you! Go ahead, you'll never see your prescious sweater vest again!"

Steven adjust his underwear, "It's not a sweater vest, it's a T-Vest, there's a difference, you know.." Zuma steps between them,

"I second nominating Tristan," she says.

"Thirded," Steven protectivley clutches his T-Vest.

"Then it's settled," Francine sighs.

"Hey, wait a min--" Tristan begins.

"I said it's settled," Francine grabs him by the collar and looks him dead in the face.

Meanwhile, within the Duck team......

"Rachael. No question," Parker wastes no time pointing her out.

Nicole, Reese, and Kevin agree. Rachael, holding back her disdain for her team, merely shrugs, and then looks to Morgan, who nods.

"Uh...yeah, we should totally pick her. I mean, she's about as trustworthy as a death row inmate who just found out tomorrow's his time.." Morgan quickly tries to find some sort of insult for the situation.

"Um, come again?" Parker frowns with slight confusion.

"She ain't got nothing to lose," Morgan explains.

"Oh contrary, she's got about five million things to lose..." Parker eyes Rachael suspiciously.

Chris randomly pops up, "So, have we decided?" The campers nod, "Good! Now, would the two chosen campers please step forward?" Tristan and Rachael walk to Chris, "Now, go ahead an slap one of these babies on your head," Chris hands each of them an odd metal helmet, overflowing with lights and dials. Both look curiously at the helmets, and put them on.

"Chris, what are these for?" Tristan adjusts his helmet.

"All in good time Tristan, all in good time. Now, I need everyone else to come grab one of these jackets!" Chris holds up some equally odd looking vests, practically flooded with wires.

"Okay Chris, you seriously need to start explaining stuff...." Kevin puts on one of the jackets.

"Fine, cut the episode short...Anyway, these helmets emit a signal to the jackets, and vice versa. If the heatbeat of someone wear the helmet goes too high, it shocks those of you who are wearing the jacket. If the heatbeat of someone wearing a jacket goes too high, it shocks the person with the helmet. Understand?"

"Not really..." Reese has accidentlly put his jacket on backwards.

"Anyone, besides Reese confused?" Chris asks, they shake their heads.

"Um, how do the jackets know which team to shock? Is it like, if someome's heart goes crazy, we all get shocked?" Rachael is hesitant to put on the jacket.

"Don't worry, each helmet and set of jackets is set to a different frequency," Chris thinks for a second, "Well, I think they are.."

"Not funny man!" Morgan throws his jacket to the ground in fright.

"Jeez, take a joke," Chris laughs cynically.

"Stupid jackets..." Morgan kicks it, which sends a powerful electric shock surging through his body. Morgan collaspes, and twitches uncontrollably in the dirt.

"I thought you said ‘shock’, not ‘smite with lightning’!?!?!?" Kevin struggles to remove his jacket, which ‘shocks’ him as well.

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you," Chris steps between the twitching bodies of Morgan and Kevin, "Try to tamper with the jackets beofre the challenge is over, and they’ll shock you."

--Confessional-- Kevin sits in the confessional, randomly spasming. He opens his mouth to speak but fall over before he can say anything. --Confessional--

"Now," Chris motions for the terrified campers to look behind them, "If you’ll look at this convieniantly placed stage, you’ll see two podiums. That's where Tristan and Rachael will stand. And, if you'll look slightly to the left, you'll see two sets of stands, that's where everyone else will sit," Chris explains.

"Don't you think it's weird that they call them 'stands' when you're suppose to sit in them?" Kevin nudges Reese. No one laughs, and the jacket electrocutes Kevin once more.

Chris, and everyone else, ignores Kevin's smoking, twitching, and groaning body. Chris continues with what he was saying, "Anyways, Tristan and Rachael will stand at the podiums, and I will ask them questions, with two options they can choose from as the answer. Their teammates in the stands will agree on what they think is the answer, and the person at the podium can either agree, or pick a different answer. There will be five questions, who every gets the most correct will win invincibility."

The campers take their places

"Okay, first question, Who started in Loosefoot? Hank Thomas, Jim Candy, or Calvin Bacon?"

The Foxes discuss, and Laura stands up for the team, "Um....we say it's Jim Candy."

Nicole stands up for the Ducks, "OOH OOH!!! It's totally Calvin Bacon!"

Tristan looks nervous, suddenly, the Fox campers wail around frantically as electricity jolts from their jackets. "I'll....agree..

"So will I," Rachael smirks, "Loosefoot seems like Nicole's kind of movie.

"And that's a point for...............The Ducks!" Chris exclaims

The Foxes look angrily to Tristan, who is soon shocked by his helmet. Tristan rises, eyes compulsively opening and closing, mouth agap

--Confessional-- "Well, that sucked.." Tristan holds his head as his eyes continue to spasm

"Question two. Which group preforms the song 'The Lowlight Zone'? Platinum Earring, Two Week's Notice, or Jimmy Jake's Shake n' Bake Band?

Reese chuckles, "Let's go with Jimmy Jake's Shake n' Bake Band, it has the coolest name.

"We shouldn't base our pick on how cool the names are, we need to focus on the style of the song, and the style of music the bands are known for.." Parker dismisses Reese's suggestion

Steven whispers to his team, "I'm one hundred percent sure it's Platinum Earring, they're my dad's favorite band, and I think I've heard the song before," The others nod in agreement.

Steven stands, "We say it's Platinum Earring."

"Ducks, what is your choice?" Chris looks over to see the Ducks arguing.

"I still say it's Jimmy Jake!" Reese frowns.

"And the Ducks choose Jimmy Jake!" Chris annonces, the Ducks look stunned.

"What? No we didn't!" Parker jumps to his feet.

"Too late. Tristan, Rachael, your choices?"

"I'll disagree, I say Two Week's Notice," Tristan says confidently, the Foxes look wide-eyed as Tristan is shocked once again, "Abbbbababab..." he murmurs as he climbs to his feet again.

"I'll disagree also. I say Platinum Earring," Rachael smirks once more as she sees Tristan's jittery frame lurch back up to the podium.

"That's two points for the Ducks!" Chris chirps, "One more point and they win by default!"

"No...not default..." Steven looks concerned, in the background Tristan crumbles to the floor as he's given another jolt of power, "Oh...oops," Steven blushes.

"Three...What is the meaning of the word 'manello'? Awesome, suckish, or tacky?" Chris reads the question.

"Is that a word?" Zuma looks at her teammates, who shrug.

"There wasn't a 'none of the above' option, so I'm guessing so," Francine files her nails, "Lets go with tacky. Sounds like a word Chris would use." The Foxes agree.

"What do we say?" Morgan says briskly, "We're running out of time, man..."

"Calm down, or you'll shock..." Reese tries to calm Morgan, but he is interrupted by a spark from Kevin's jacket.

"Hey! W-w--w-why is it sh-sh-sh-shocking...m-m-m--m-me?" Kevin flops about like a wounded fish. Chris looks over,

"Oh, that. Yeah, not the best wiring...Teams, I need your answers."

"We say 'tacky'" Francine says.

"So do we," Parker agrees.

"I'll agree," Tristan says shakily, causing his team to once again be shocked.

"I'll disagree, I've never heard of an 'manello' word.." Rachael eyes Chris.

"Probably because it's not a word," Chris says.

"Hey! That was a trick question!" Laura folds her arms, annoyed.

"Yeah, and it sure tricked you! Since Rachael didn't choose any of the wrong options, she's technically right. Ducks win immunity! Foxes, it's the bonfire for you..."

"Worst.....challenge.....ever..." Tristan collapses.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Foxes, you started out as the dominant team this season, and here you are about to be cut down to four campers. It's a sad, sad day for you guys. Now, I only have enough marshmallows for four of you, if you don't get one, you must walk the Dock of Shame, catch the loser boat, and begone....The first marshmallow goes to....Zuma,"

Zuma catches her marshmallow. "Next is.....Francine and Laura," Chris throws out two more marshmallows.

"Boys, this is the final marshmallow of the of you has spent your final night on Total Drama Island......"

Steven looks nervous, Tristan holds and ice pack to his forehead and sighs.

"The final marshmallow goes to........................................................................"



"Steven," Chris hands Steven the Final Marshmallow. Tristan tosses his ice pack to the ground, and stands before his former teammates.

"Guys, now that I've been eliminated, I have nothing else to lose, so I might as well tell you why I've been acting weird lately," Tristan sighs, and takes a depp breath, "I was in a cross alliance with Rachael, and she and I are responsible for eliminated Wendy," Tristan looks at Steven, and then to Francine, "and Andrew."

Francine picks up the ice pack Tristan threw, and chucked it at Tristan, hitting him square in the chest.

Tristan, wheezing, says "Okay, I deserved that..."

"You deserve more than that!" Francine yells furiously. Steven steps between them.

"Look, Tristan's been eliminated too now, so it's even," Steven looks at Francine, and then to Tristan, "I think you better get out of here,"

Tristan, silently nods, and boards the Boat of Losers. Just before it sails away, he turns and waves to his team, but ceases when no one waves back.

Francine's eyes begin letting loose small streams of tears, and Steven sits back down on his stump, and puts his hand over his mouth. Chris pops in,

"Well, that was surprising. Join us next week on Total Drama Island, when we start the big merge!"

Chapter Fourteen: "Shady Hotshot: Glasses of Death"

Chris takes out his trusty megaphone as a large cruise ship makes it's way to the Dock of Shame. Standing on the the deck are twelve teens.

"Oh campers! Come to the Dock o' Shame to greet your returning competition!"

Reese and Parker are walking together, "P-Man, I've got the the coolio-est idea! We should totally go to California and work odd jobs for money and live off the land! Like that book...Of Mice and....something or other....I could be like the big guy, and you can be the little dude!"

Parker stops in his tracks, "Firstly, don't call me P-Man. Secondly, 'coolio-est' isn't a word. Third, did you finish reading Of Mice and Men?"

"Nuh-uh. Why?" Reese heads towards the dock.

"No reason," Parker rolls his eyes.

Nicole, Rachael, and Kevin are all walking to the dock.

"Oh! I'm SOOOO excited! I can't wait to see who came back! It's totally like Christmas, but instead of getting presents we get people!!" Nicole jumps up and down with excitement.

--Confessional-- Rachael enters, "Ugh. Nicole is my least favorite person here. And now since Tristan's gone, I'll need to try and rope one of the returning campers into my alliance." --Confessional--

Kevin's eyes get wide, " What....what if it's that crazy guy? Or the chick who can't stop cleaning things? Or that spacey girl...?"

Rachael groans with annoyance, but quickly reverts back to her previous neutral composure, "Oh well then. They'll come, play, and be eliminated again. No one ever returns and wins. That's just not fair. Like a villian winning..." Rachael looks over at Morgan, who was waiting for her signal.

Morgan runs up to the group, and, without stopping, kicks Kevin in the shin and shoves Nicole to the ground, "Outta my way, you Scoobies!" he calls as he turns and heads to the dock. Before the others can get up, Rachael clutches her shin,

"Ah! He totally kicked me in the shin..." Rachael fakes a grimace, and a small tear rolls down her cheek.

--Confessional-- "I taught myself how to cry on cue a long time ago. It really comes in handy for situations like this," Rachael smirks. --Confessional-- 

As Laura, Zuma, and Steven are heading to the dock, Francine briskly walks in front of them, and pulls them into a huddle.

"Alright, you heard what Tristan said, Rachael's got an alliance going. I say the four of us band together and vote her out tonight," she whispers.

Steven nods, "We better keep it quiet and try not to draw any attention, we'll have a better chance of sucess that way."

"But...what if she wins invincibility?" Zuma adds.

"She won't, I'll make sure of it," Laura smiles devilishly, "Alright, lets break this huddle before someone sees us." The four Foxes break apart and head to the dock separately.

Finally, the final ten campers stand waiting on the dock.

"Well it certainly took you guys long enough," Chris complains, "Too much direct sunlight next to a large or moderately sized body of water is murder for my complexion, I hope you all know that..."

"Gee Chris, I hope you know that none of us give a flying leap," Laura has a false look of sympathy on her face.

Chris scowls, and moves on to announcing the returning camper's arrival, "We were going to do a whole episode centered around the losers, but since Playa Des Losers is a private resort, it's expensive to get the rights to film there, so instead, we brought everyone back here to Camp Wawanakwa!" No sooner had Chris finished his sentence than a luxury cruise ship pulls up to the dock, and one by one, the campers file out, Gerald, David, Shannon, Victoria, Charlie, Quinn, Hannah, Edward, Jessica, Wendy, Andrew and Tristan stand opposite the remaining campers.

"Okay people, listen up, because I'm only going to say this once. The remaining ten campers will each vote for someone to return. The two campers that are chosen to return will automatically receive invincibility. At the same time, the twelve of you who have been kicked off will vote for one of the final ten to win invincibility as well.  Due to the expenses it takes to cart you guys around in this cruise ship, we weren't able to pay our writing staff to come up a challenge this week," Chris explains, "Those who have been kicked off can give a short plea to the final ten if they want."

Gerald steps up first, "Guys, I've totally got my outbursts under control! Watch this!" Gerald takes out a handful of pine needles from his pocket and begins jamming them into his palm, "See? SEE?!? I'm not weird anymore!!!!" Gerald's eyes grow wide, and his breathing quickens as he jams the pine needles faster, and faster until finally Chris slaps them out of his hands.

David steps up next, and, after yawning, begins, "Dudes...I've my laziness under control.....and stuff. I totally think I can something..." David falls over, "Wha? Oh, I fell over......again., inconclusion.......let me back in.."

Shannon takes David's place, "I would just like to apologize to my former Soaring Duck teammates for letting them down. I'm so ashamed of how I let something like sand get in the way of GOOD LORD!" Shannon pulls a bottle of Windex from her fanny pack quicker than lightning, "Chris! When's the last time this dock was cleaned?"

Chris thinks for a moment, "Probably the last time it collasped into the lake. Anyway, it looks like Shannon's done, Victoria, your turn."

Victoria steps forward, and opens her mouth, "...............I forgot what I was going to say...."

Charlie gently pushes Victoria out of his way, "That was a tear-jerky, chicky. Anyways, C'mon you guys....I need this chance, I owe some very substantial amounts of greenbacks to a shady fella by the name of Eddie "The Spoon" Giovanni, and I got no idea if youse seen what he does to guys like moi, but it ain't pretty," Charlie takes Nicole's hand, "You wouldn't let a nice guy like me get hurt, would ya, gorgeous?" Nicole giggles. Reese, however, brings his fist down on Charlie's head.

Parker jabs Reese in his side, "Down Thor!"

Quinn carefully steps over Charlie's motionless body, "I feel like I deserve a second chance, too many times these reality shows are won by fools who don't deserve it."

Hannah, looking ashamed, stepped forward, " so sorry for how I reacted to my elimination....I really don't deserve to win.....I just want my teammates to know I'm sorry, and now that we're all together again, that's possible..." Hannah calmly walks away without looking anyone in the eye.

Edward is next, "I didn't deserve to be eliminated in the first place," Edward says angrily, "It should have been that guy!" he points to Kevin, "That guy's been a problem since Day One! The only reason he's still here is because someone manages to screw up slightly worse, saving his butt from elimination!"

"Ah, stop your bellyaching," Jessica eyes Edward sternly, while simualtaneously shuffling a deck of cards.

"Where'd you get those playing cards?" Edward asks.

"Care package. Anyway, I don't really think I did anything to be eliminated," Jessica taps the edges of the deck, putting all the cards in line with each other, "I get along with most of the people here, I think it would be cool to come back," Jessica taps the edges again, and resumes shuffling. Edward's eye twitches.

"Can you stop doing that! Please, it's driving me crazy! You're always lining up the sugar packets at dinner, or refolding towels, or something weird! Doesn't it bother you?"

Jessica shrugs, "I got used to it."

The next person is Wendy, "Hi everyone, I'd just like to say that I would like another chance at the five million. I didn't mean to lose the challenge for our team, and I regret the way I made you guys feel.....especially a certain somebody," she sheepishly looks at Steven, who frowns with embarassment, "I'm sure if I was given a chance to return to the game, I could patch up our friendships." Wendy, slighty frowning, gives a quick wave to Steven and walks to the back of the group.

Charlie finally rises shakily to his feet, as Andrew walks to the front of the group. Charlie pats him on the shoulder, "Good luck there, bumpkin. It might be the concussion talking, but I'm rootin' for ya. Now, excuse me while I go die a slow, painful death from brain hemorrhaging.."

Andrew, after looking disturbed by Charlie's statement, proceeds. "Hello evrboda, Lyke Wendee, I feel lye I cayn fix thangs if I was allowed ta cohm bayck." (Hello everybody. Like Wendy, I feel like I can fix things if I was allowed to come back).

Seeing Andrew, Francine's eyes get wide. Before she can react, Laura, Zuma and Steven jump at her, covering her mouth and holding her back. Likewise, Edward, Quinn, and Hannah pulled Andrew back when it looked like he was going over to Francine.

Finally, Tristan stepped forward. His eye caught Rachael's watchful gaze, "Hey guys, how's it hangin'?" Tristan smiles uneasily, only to have his former teammates stare him down. Tristan shuffled his feet, ", I want to come back.....because I think I can bring home the gold.."

Chris walks up and sets his hand on Tristan's shoulder, "Weakest plea ever, bro. Weakest plea ever."

--Confessional-- Laura steps in, "I used to look at Tristan like a brother, he was my pal. But's like he's some kind of Benedict Arnold in a high school jersey..." --Confessional--

Chris hands out some Voting devices to all twenty-two campers, "Final ten, you may vote for anyone who has already been kicked off, just press the button of the person you want to return. Losers, you can vote for any of the remaining campers to win invincibilty for today."

The twenty-two campers vote. Tense minutes pass before the results are announced. Chris brings out a plate of ten marshmallows,

"If I call your name, it means you will not be returning. So if your name is called, come up and get your consolation marshmallow, walk down the Dock of Shame, again, and board the Luxury Boat of Luxury," Chris spins the plate on the tip of his pointer finger, and holds up the results in this other hand, "Oh my, it looks like there was a ten-way tie.......since no one got more than one vote, the two of you who didn't receive a vote will return instead."

The campers begins shouting and throwing small sticks at Chris, "Hey! HEY! That stick almost messed up my hair.....anyway, that's the way it has to's not like we can have ten of you return....the budget is stretched as it is...Now, the first consolation marshmallow goes to.............Victoria."

Victoria skips happily over to Chris, "I get to come back? Oh! Thank you so much everyone! I won't let you down, I promise!"

Chris sighs, takes a quarter out of his pocket, and chuckes it onto the Luxury Boat of Luxury.

"Ah! The firefly! I've been looking for you for days! I'll get you this time!" Victoria jets to the boat.

Chris sighs, "The next marshmallows are for.............Edward, Tristan and Shannon, none of you will return either," the three campers solemnly pick up a marshmallow, and shuffle back to the boat, "Nothing like the smell of crushed hope in the morning! The next marshmallows go out to................David......Gerald........and Andrew......Wendy..............Jessica." Five campers grab marshmallows and board the boat, three stand in front of Chris.

"Quinn, Hannah and Charlie......two of you are back in the is back on the boat.........the final consolation marshmallow goes to.............................................Hannah," Chris hands the last marshmallow to a sulking Hannah as she slowly climbs onto the Luxury Boat.

"Bang Baby! Yeah! The Sicilian Stalion is back in the saddle!" Charlie throws his hat in the air, exposing shiny, neatly combed hair.

Quinn has a sly smile on her face, "Excellent..."

--Confessional-- "Ah crapola......I can't believe sleazy Charlie is back in the game..." Zuma looks disgusted. --Confessional--

"Well, there's no disputing the eliminated camper's votes. Of the final ten, Reese wins invincibility with a healthy five out of twelve votes! Now, everyone, since we're still on a schedule, we've got to send someone home. You've got ten minutes to cast your votes and meet back at the campfire. Remember, Quinn, Charlie and Reese are all safe tonight."

The sun's light has grown dim, Francine quietly gets the attention of Laura, Steven and Zuma, directing them behind the Mess Hall.

"Alright guys, Rachael's vulnerable tonight, this is our chance to take her down a peg," 

"Five million pegs," Laura smiles.

"Then we're all in agreement?" Zuma puts her hand out, Laura, Francine and Steven all do the same. Off to the side, a heavily shadowed face watches from the other side of the Mess Hall, before finally sinking back into the night with a smile. 

Rachael and Morgan stand by the cabins, "So who are we voting for?" Morgan asks her.

"I think we should probably," Rachael begins, but stops when she notices a figure melting from the growing shadows. "What do you want?" Rachael asks cautiously. The figure smiles.

--Campfire ceremony--

"Welcome to the first merged ceremony! Unfortunatley, we only have eleven stumps, so one of you will have to stand," Chris says, the campers rush to grab a stump, leaving Kevin without one.

"Now, since they're safe, Reese, Quinn and Charlie can come up and get their marshmallows now," Chris picks up three marshmallows and holds them out in his hand as the three winners each take one.

"That leaves eight marshmallows, and nine campers. One of you will be going home tonight....and you can't come back....ever.....and this time I mean it," Chris picks up three marshmallows, "Kevin, Zuma and Laura are all safe," Chris tosses out the bits of safety to the thankful campers.

"The next ones go to........Morgan........Nicole......and Steven are all safe," Three more campers pick up marshmallows, leaving only two left on the plate.

"Parker," Chris throws Parker his marshmallow.

"Francine and Rachael.......this is the final marshmallow of the of you has reached the end of your treasure hunt.......the final marshmallow goes to..............."




Francine immediatley jumps to her feet, "I demand to see the votes! This is an outrage!" Francine grabs Chris by his collar."I refuse to go quietly! Ce tort sera redressé à la fin**! Ce tort sera redressé à la fin!" Francine calls out as Chef appears and drags her down the Dock of Shame. Steven, Laura and Zuma look dumbfounded.

"There you have it! Another one takes a humiliating walk down the Dock of Shame! Who will be next? Willl Francine and Andrew reunite on the Luxury Boat of Luxury? Why am I asking you all this? Well, nevermind the last two, but to find the answer to the first one, tune in next week for more......Total......Drama.....Island!"

As the campers walk back to the cabins, Rachael turns to the side, and whispers in someone's ear, "Thanks for the tip, I couldn't have done it without you," she smirks.

The camera pans to the side, revealing Charlie's cocky face, he tips his hat "Anything for a lady..." he chuckles as he watches Chef hurl Francine onto the Boat of Luxury.

--Confessional-- Charlie steps in, " I coulda just as easily voted for Rachael, and gotten her eliminated, but then I wouldn't have an alliance. I no perfectly well my old teammates don't trust me, or like me for that matter. They'll pay for humiliating me.....after that rodeo I'll never be able to show my face back home unless I win....and that's just what I plan on doin'." --Confessional--

Steven turns and looks up at the large ship, and sees Wendy standing at the rails, her back turned to the camp. "Someday," he says quietly, "Someday."

On the boat, Wendy sighs. Jessica, who is tapping the ends of the deck, looks to her, "What's the matter?"

Wendy frowns, "There was something I wanted to tell him...but I missed my chance..."

The ship begins pulling away from the dock, Wendy turns and looks back at the camp one last time as lake fog engulfs the scene, "Maybe someday."

(**) Translation: "This will be fixed in the end!"

Chapter Fifteen: "Prolific? I Think You Mean Proverbial..."

The camera closes in on Parker and Reese, who are walking through the camp together.

"I'm telling you for the last time, Reese, Idol did not do Piano Man, it was Joel," Parker frowns.

"It was Idol," Reese says.

As the pair are walking, they come across Charlie.

"Hey! Charlie! Who did that song Piano Man, Joel or Idol?" Parker stops him.

"That's easy, Joel," Charlie scoffs, "Billy Joel's like, my hero."

Reese's face grows sad, as Parker's becomes triumphant, "Thanks scumbag."

"Waw was dat?" Charlie narrows his eyes.

"I said, Thanks...Charlie," Parker lies...badly.

"Yeah, dat's what I thought. Oh, before youse guys go, this has been buggin' me all day. Who was dat in Twista, Bill Pullman or Bill Paxton?" Charlie shrugs, "I always get dose two mixed up."

"That's an easy one, it was Pullman," Parker nods his head.

"Naw P-Man, it was Paxton," Reese shakes his.

The two boys walk off arguing, Charlie continues into the former Duck Cabin, where Morgan and Rachael wait for for him.

"I don't get how you survived that one," Morgan shrugs, "How did you manage not to be eliminated if you had four votes against you from those Fox guys, and probably one from Parker, too?"

"Well you see Morgan," Rachael begins, "After Charlie here eavesdropped on the Foxes planning to vote me out, he of course came to us. We decided on Francine, since she seemed the most threatening at the time. That makes it five against me, three against her. After coming to us, Charlie found Nicole, and was able to convince her to vote with him, making it five against me, four against her. Once Nicole had been roped, Reese was easy to persuade. That's five for both of us. Charlie tried to get Quinn to vote with him, but she refused."

"Well, who did she vote for?" Morgan askes.

"I don't know, but it must not have been either of us. Anyway, that leaves did you get Kevin to vote with you?" Rachael looks curious.

"Ea-zy, I played on his stoopid fear a da supanatural. I gave him dis ring, and told him it was made outta Irish Blarney Stone, in exchange, he voted with me, makin' da final result five for you, six for Fran, and one mystery vote," Charlie smiles.

From outside, the loudspeaker rumbles.

"Attention Final Eleven! Outside for your challenge, NOW!"

Outside, the campers stumble out into the camp, peering wide-eyed at a large plexiglass box they've seen many times before.

"Welcome campers, to the challenge that will decide the Final Ten. Again. Now, as you can clearly see, the Dodgeball/No Talking/ Dance Room/ Whatever else we use it for Box, which has been painted completely white for today's challenge," Chris explains.

"What is today's challenge, Chris?" Laura asks, bored.

"I'm glad you asked, because I wasn' going to explain it until someone asked. Today's challenge will test your endurance, your resourcefulness....and most of all, your sanity. You will enter this box charming, attractive young people. BUT, ten of you will leave crazy, slightly less attractive people of the same age."

"So.....we sit in a box all day until ten of us give up?" Zuma raises her eyebrows.

"That sounds like you're running out of challenge ideas, and just trying to stall us until you can think of another one," Steven says.

" isn't true in any way..." Chris looks nervously at the campers, adjusting his collar.

"Really? Because now that I think about it, it's been like, twelve days since our last challenge..." Kevin counts on his fingers.

"Oh my gosh! This'll be SOOO fun y'guys! We get to spend the whole day together, talking and getting to know each other better! EEEEE!!!" Nicole is the first one to head into the box.

"She did not just say.....eeeeee...." Quinn sighs, and heads in, "This is going to be a long day..."

Quinn is soon followed by the other nine campers.

As all the campers file into the box, Reese stares in awe, "'s all white in here looks like it goes on forever, like some kind of mystical haven," a single tear rolls down his cheek, "Dude...I shed the prolific 'single tear'....awesome..." Reese carefully wipes his eye.

"Prolific? I think you mean 'proverbial'," Parker sighs, "This sucks. It's really cramped, and this blanket of nothingness is going to cause some mental distress."

"It wouldn't be so bad if the entire camera crew hadn't followed us inside.." Steven motions with his hand to the camera crew, who have occupied nearly half of the entire room.

"So....this is pretty awkward and uncomfortable..." Zuma says. Charlie puts his arm around her waist.

"Not from where I'm standin'," He smiles, Zuma elbows him in the chest.

"She'll be back...." He wheezes.

Nicole frowns sympathetically, "Aw, y'okay Charlie?" She helps him to his feet. Charlie looks around, and sees Reese frowning jealously.

--Confessional-- "Hellooooooo Nurse! Sure, the girl's got more hot air in her skull than a blimp, but she's going to play an important part in taking Goliath Jr., aka Reese, down," Charlie smiles. --Confessional--

"Why Nicole, how thoughtful of you to help me to my feet! You're so awesome, a guy could really grow to like a girl like you," Charlie smiles at Nicole, who blushes.

Reese cletches his fists, and starts walking towards Charlie, but Parker stops him. "Let it go," he says, "He'll get his just desserts. They always do, in some way."

"Well.....I suppose we should talk about...something," Quinn sits down, the other do as well, forming somewhat of a semi-circle.

"What should we talk about? I mean, back in that fear episode, we really discussed everything there was to discuss...and then it came back and bit us.." Laura frowns.

"That's true," Parker nods, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was a weak attempt by the producers to flesh out some underdeveloped personalities."

"That's absurd," Quinn rolls her eyes, "This isn't some story, we are who we are."

"Still, for some reason I feel compelled to admit that I lied about my fear in that episode," Zuma says.

"You lied? Why would you lie?" Reese looks confused.

"Um, so I could get an easy point. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they'd use our fears against us. I mean, did anyone here really think I was afraid of smiley faces?" Zuma sighs. Everyone except Quinn and Charlie raise their hands. Zuma shakes her head.

"That's pretty crafty," Kevin says.

"Whose next?" Zuma looks around the circle.

"I hate school," Quinn says.

"How could you hate school? You're like, Malcolm in the Middle smart!" Reese looks even more confused.

"I hate the atmosphere. It's stuffy, controlled...I like to figure things out on my own. That's why I'm going to use the prize money to travel to top universities, to teach students to take a more active, freestyle approach to learning," Quinn explains.

"I don't think that can be taught," Steven says, "That seems like a something you're born with, everyone learns differently."

"Oh, whatever. What about you?" Quinn looks at Steven.

"Uh...I'll go last," he says.

"Guys, to be honest, I can't benchpress more than 50 lbs without my hands seriously hurting.." Reese sighs.

"What? But, all those displays of near superhuman strength?" Kevin grows frantic.

"Hurt like heck! I had to go ice down my wrists in the infirmary almost everyday! Why are you so freaked out?" Reese looks concerned.

"All these close......people staring....I can't take it! It's driving me CRAZY!" Kevin scrambles behind the other campers, "Don't let them look at me! There's too many of them!"

All the campers look disturbed. They carefully pick Kevin up, and toss him out of the room.

"Poor guy....having a random outburst despite never displaying any signs of acute paranoia before this moment..." Quinn shakes her head with sympathy.

"That was an oddly convientiant and specific explanation for what just happened..." Laura raises her eyebrows.

"Yeah, I'm good at doing those. So Laura, what's your huge, gigantic, never before heard secret?"

"......I...I'm a fan of Harry Potter..." Laura blushes with embarassment.

"That magic GEEK? That's amazing!" Charlie rolls over with laughter. Laura, infuriated, stands up and kicks him hard between the legs.

"" a single tear rolls down Charlie's face.

"Prolific tear!" Reese points out.

"Proverbial," Parker corrects.

"Looks, I just enjoy the way the author layers her characters. They're all complex and well developed," Laura grumbles.

"Okay, this is turning into a book club, somebody say something else," Zuma sighs.

"Whatever. I'm getting hungry," Rachael complains, "Is Chris going to drops some food off in here?"

From outside, the megaphone blasts, "Nope! If you wanna eat, you have to give up invincibility!"

"That's as good a reason as any to leave this thing," Rachael gets up and walks outside.

"Um....I'm hungry, too!" Morgan shouts, and walks outside after Rachael.

"Well that was silly of them, we've only been in here for seventeen minutes and they've already given up they're chances of winning the challenge..." Steven says.

Outside, Rachael notices Morgan behind her.

"What are you doing, you idiot! How is our alliance suppose to work if you randomly give up on challenges! One of us has to win invincibility!"

Morgan looks ashamed, "Well, there's still Charlie..."

Back inside, Nicole is taking her turn.

"Well, y'see guys, I actually have bipolar depression! Isn't that unique! I have ta take these little pills that make everything all better!" Nicole smiles.

"Really?" Zuma looks concerned.

"No! Ha ha! Really I'm just a habitual liar!" Nicole laughs.

"That wasn't funny..." Parker frowns.

Charlie finally recovers from being kicked in the 'manhood', and begins, "I really don't like flirting with a whole bunch of girls," Charlie sighs, "It just comes so naturally to me. I guess I like making girls smile. Just seeing that bubbly smile after I compliment them makes my day...but I can't stop.....It's a curse.."

Nicole smiles wide, "Awwwww! That's so sweet! Do you want a hug?"

"Yes'm," Charlie smiles. Nicole hugs him, the whole time Charlie keeps his eyes on Reese, who tries in vain to ignore them.

"Okay, Parker and Steven, you guys are the only ones left, so get talking," Quinn smiles.

"Alright, alright.....Okay, to be perfectly honest..........I'm very, extremely, and totally attracted to Sandra Bullock," Steven admits, "She just brings such a natural, charming presence to the screen that I can't help but adore the lady."

"Whoa. I wasn't expecting that," Laura says.

"Parker, it's your turn," Zuma smiles, "C'mon, make up for Steven's weak confession."

"Weak! I just poured my heart out!" Steven shouts, "You try to be passionate, but someone's always gotta ruin it.."

"Um.......I'm....................I'm homosexual," Parker closes his eyes, waiting for the onslaught of taunts, cries of disgust, and nervous laughter. But instead, he hears,

"Yeah, we know."

" what?" Parker says, slightly confused.

"We know," Reese says calmly.

"" Parker asks.

"You just kinda seemed like you were," Reese shrugs.

"Really?" Parker looks to the others.

They all nod, except Steven, who turns to Zuma, 

"I had no idea, to me, this is coming out of the blue," he whispers.

"So, you're all okay with that?" Parker looks around again.

"Yeah dude. I mean, it's 2009, it's not like we're going to lynch you for liking other guys," Laura chuckles.

"And I honestly don't care," Charlie smiles.

"Uh....thanks Charlie, I think," Parker smiles.

"Just you know.....don't hit on me, I'm straight," Charlie backs away a little bit.

"You're not my type."

"Aw man....I'm getting thirsty..." Reese sighs, "Plus, it's like ninety in here..."

Reese gets up, and heads out the door.

Outside, Reese sees Kevin eating a cupcake and taking with Chris, Rachael and Morgan.

"It's so weird, that was like the first acute paranoia outburst I've had in like, four years," Kevin says.

Nicole jumps up and down, "Ohmygosh! There's like, so few of us left! People keep leaving! Anybody wanna sing a song? I do!"

Parker, Laura, Charlie, Quinn and Steven immediatley get up and leave.

"WOW! Did you see all those people leave? Guess it's just you and me now, Zuma!" Nicole laughs, "Do you know that song Walking on Sunshine? I totally think I'ma sing that now!"

Zuma gulps, and speeds out.

Chris walks over to the bevy of campers that now stand outside, "What was that?! You guys only lasted forty-five minutes! Lame guys, really lame. Anyway, that leaves Nicole as our winner, so the rest of you can go vote for someone, other than her, of course."

Rachael, Morgan and Charlie huddle behind the latrines.

"Why the latrines? It smells like crap," Morgan complains.

"Because no one's gunna be lookin' over here," Charlie rolls his eyes.

"Okay, we need to vote out Reese, he's vulnerable," Rachael says.

"No, we should vote out Kevin. He's a walking accident, and let me tell you, sympathy gets you far in games like this. Besides dat, after dat little outburst, it'll be easier to convince other to vote him than it will to vote out Reese," Charlie says.

"We might not get another chance," Morgan says.

"Looks, I'm getting pretty cozy with his girl, that'll wear him down mentally. He's getting angry, he'll make mistakes. He'll go down," Charlie smiles.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Welcome campers! Now, since Nicole won, she gets the first marshmallow!" Chris tosses a marshmallow to Nicole, who catches it with excitment.

"Now, moving on, Zuma, Laura, Parker and Morgan are safe!" Chris announces as he throws four marshmallows out.

"Steven, Charlie, and Rachael," Chris throws out three more marshmallows.

"Quinn, Kevin and Reese, there are only two marshmallows on this plate, and the next one goes to............Quinn," Chris throws a marshmallow to Quinn.

"Reese and Kevin, the final marshmallow is for..............."




Reese catches his marshmallow, as Kevin, eyes slightly watering, gets up and shuffles in front of the final ten.

"Well, it's been fun guys....despite getting more injuries on this show than anywhere else," Kevin smiles weakly.

"Why is the back of your shorts white?" Steven asks.

"Oh....that....I sat on a bench that was still wet with paint. Actually, that was the day I signed up for the show...I remember it like it wa syesterday.."

Chris cuts in, "Yeah, don't have time,"

Chef appears and tosses Kevin into the Boat of Losers.

"Ah! Splinter!" Kevin cries out as the boat pulls away.

"Well, we're down to the Final Ten campers, again. Join us next week on Total Drama Island!"

Chapter Sixteen: "Don't Rock the Boat, Baby"

Chef Hatchet pulls up next to the Dock of Shame in a aged, rotting boat.  A major portion of the craft has been consumed by moss and barnacles.

Chris steps onto th dock, "That looks like crap....It's perfect!" Chris seems enthusiastic with the unseaworthy ship. Chef Hatchet gives Chris a thumbs-up, and walks off to who knows where.

A dark sky and bevy of rainclouds loom over the camp, as Chris calls out to the campers.

"Attention contestants, report to the Dock of Shame for today's challenge!"

The final ten campers assembled themselves on the dock, staring out at the weathered ship bobbing in front of them.

"What in da name 'a Brooklyn is dat thing?" Charlie looks unimpressed, and slightly concerned.

"It's your challenge," Chris smiles mockingly.

"Well, isn't that jim-dandy?" Steven sighs.

Reese turns to Steven, and whispers, "No, that's Chris McLean."

Steven looks at Reese slightly confused, "No, jim-dandy is just an expres--" Parker cuts in.

"Don't try to explain it," he whispers to Steven.

Quinn walks up to the boat, and examines the growing moss.

"Judging by the thickness and distribution of this moss, I'd say this boat hasn't been cleaned in approximatley two years," she says.

"Ha!" Chris chuckles, "Two-and-a-half. Take that, ya little know-it-all."

Quinn frowns with anger.

Nicole backflips onto the boat, causing several creeks and groans to rise up through the wooden frame, "C'mon y'guys! I bet this'll be super fun-tastical!"

"I bet you're wrong," Parker rolls his eyes, "Chris, can't this wait? There's a storm coming."

"Ah, but the storm is essential to the challenge! You are to paddle this boat out onto the lake, and when the storm hits, it'll rock the boat all over the place. Whoever is able to remain on the boat without being tossed into the water will win invincibility!" Chris expalins.

"You're a sick man," Zuma glares at Chris.

"I know. Now, everybody on the boat, the storm's a comin'!" Chris pushes the campers towards the ship.

Charlie stops, "Hey, hold on a sec', I'se gots a couple a things ta say,"

Laura pushes past him, "Just get on the boat, sleaze."

--Confessional-- "Man, dat Laura's a witch, with a capital 'B', if you know what I'm sayin'," Charlie glares in the confession cam. --Confessional--

"Hey, watch ya'self shorty," Charlie snarls at Laura.

"Yeah? You wanna make something of it?" Laura bawls up her fists.

"Bring it, Scout," Charlie motions with his hand for Laura to 'bring it'.

Reese steps between the two, "Come on guys, can't we just chill?" Laura scowls for a moment, and backs down, and walks onto the boat.

--Confessional-- "Oh boy, Mr. Hero Reese comes in to save da day. Man, I'm sick a guys like him gettin' all da respect and chicks. I'm just as good as he is..Rachael and Morgan were confused as ta why I been tryin' so hard ta make the guy jealous with Nicole, well, I'll tell ya's. Reese is the biggest threat out there, if I can cloud his mind with jealousy, it'll weaken da guy. It make take some time ta wear him down, but I've got plenty a ammo. Just think, what would da great Reese be witout his girl and best friend around ta back him up? Eliminated, what's what..." --Confessional--

Nicole jumps off the boat, and grabs Charlie's arm, "C'mon Charlie! We gotsta get on the boat!"

Morgan steps onto the boat, and takes a deep breath, "Ah! Nothing like the smell of the open ocean before one claims certain victory!"

"We're on a lake, you idiot," Zuma says.

"Makes no difference, I'll rock this challenge like a hurricane!" Morgan smiles arrogantly.

Steven points to the sky, "You don't know the half of it...

As if on cue, a mighty rain drenches the campers, as the lake waters grow fearsome and violent.

"Oh crap...Oh Crap....OH CRAP!!" Morgan whimpers as he tries to cling to the mast of the boat.

"What is this?" Rachael struggles to stay on her feet.

"It's a cloudburst!" Quinn calls out, "They're usually pretty short, but they can cause floods and pretty bad damage!" Quinn calls out over the roar of thundering rain clouds.

The boat shakes and is tossed farther away from the dock with each new wave, several loose items are thrown around the deck.

A barrel flies across, smacking Reese in the face. "Gah! My schnoz!" Reese clutches his face, and steps backwards, tripping over a stray fishing pole, sending himself over the edge.

"Ha Ha! One down!" Rachael laughs, right before a powerful wave sweeps over the deck, dragging her and Parker overboard.

"I regret everything!" Parker cries out as he disappears over the edge.

The boat flails in the lake like a single marble inside a cement mixer. Morgan hugs onto the mast for dear life, crying in fear,

"Rock the boat! Don't rock the boat, baby! Rock the boat! Don't tip the boat over!" His sobs of fear go unnoticed in the maelstorm.

Another powerful wave sweeps over the deck, knocking Nicole and Quinn into the churning lake water.

"WooHoo! It's like a waterslide!" Nicole calls as the wave sends her into the deep.

"A waterslide of death!" Quinn frantically claws for something to hold onto, but to no avail.

Steven manages to grab some rope, he tosses some to Zuma, "Hey! Tie yourself to the mast with this!"

Zuma inches her way towards the mast, as various objects are flung across the deck like frisbees.

As Steven climbes the shifting deck to the mast, a tacklebox hits him square in the jaw.

"Steve! You okay, amigo?" Zuma looks over from the mast.

"Yeah, I'm fiiinnnee..." Steven mumbles, and a bucket collides with his cheek.

"I'm still okaaaaayy...." he mumbles, and begins to go cross-eyed, as he slowly tries to stumble to the mast. Finally, a small anchor slides into his chest, knocking the wind out of him.

"Guuuhhalluuggg...." he murmurs before sliding off the deck.

Laura clings to the railing, as a flash of lightning reveals Charlie's sillouette a few feet away. He has one hand behind his back.

"Hey there, come here often?" Charlie smiles cleverly, as he takes a step towards Laura, "You scuffed ma favorite shoes when you pushed past me, so, a' course, I'm gunna scuff youse up," he says calmly, as the rain causes his hair to peek out from underneath his hat, leaving it hanginging wildly in his eyes.

"Not likely, greaseball," Laura relaeses the railing, and grabs a nearby oar." I'm way ahead a youse," Charlie moves his hand out from behind his back, showing that he too is holding an oar.

Laura strikes out, but Charlie blocks, the moist wood making a loud 'THWACK' as it connects.

"Yer goin' for a swim," Charlie pushes foward, causing Laura to stumble backwards.

Zuma begins to loop the rope around her waist and the mast, as Morgan continues to cries out in terror,

"Rock on with your bad self! Rock the boat! Rock on with your bad self!" he whimpers. Zuma rolls her eyes.

Zuma momentarily glances to the side, another wave catching her glance.

"Oh Snap!" Zuma's eyes widen, as she frantically tries to knot the rope.

Laura also notices the wave, and leaps into the air, grabbing the mast's rigging.

Charlie moves in for a swing, laughing with triumph, but the wave soars over the deck, sweeping him away from leaf caught in a river rapid. The wave tears Zuma away from the mast, sending her spiralling over the edge into the dark waters.

Laura releases the rigging, falling back dwon onto the deck, and drops her oar with a deep sigh. She chuckles. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Charlie, over the edge, but still desparately clinging to the rotting railing of the ship. Laura walks over and looks him in the eye.

Charlie takes a deep gulp, "C'mon Laura, we were both Foxes...cut me some slack, will ya? TOgetha we can throw Whimpy McCries-A-Lot overboard and win this thing.." he tiltes his head to motion towards Morgan, who was spared by the wave, and remains huggin the mast.

Laura smiles, and kicks the railing, causing the brittle, rotten wood to crumble, sending Charlie into the lake with a mighty splash.

A few seconds later, the cloudburst ceases, leaving only Laura and Morgan on the boat. As the waters calm, Morgan slowly begins to let go of the mast.

"I...I'm alive? Yeah! What'd I tell you! WooHoo! Morgan for victory! I'm the bestest!" Morgan cheers. Laura rolls her eyes.

In the water, the losing campers paddle into a circle. Quinn speaks up, "See? What did I tell you. Quick, but fearsome."

"I hate nature," Parker mutters.

"Muuggaahhuuu.." Steven murmurs as he left eye twitches.

Chris pulls up on a jetski, "Laura and Morgan have invincibility! Everyone, back to shore to cast your votes!"

"Aren't you going to help us out?" Zuma swims over to the jetski.

"Nope," Chris laughs and zooms away.

Charlie swims over to Rachael, and whispers in her ear. She nods.

--Campfire Ceremony--

Nicole is sitting next to Charlie, holding his arm. Steven has an icepack duct-taped to his face.

Nicole smiles, "Charlie, you were so coolio in that challenge! You were like a Jedi with that oar!"

Charlie grins, "Yeah, I'm cool like dat."

Chris cut in, "Hush, this is MY moment! Now, since Morgan and Laura are safe, they can come get their marshmallows."

Laura and Morgan grab their marshamallows. Chris picks up three more, "Charlie, Zuma and Rachael are all safe," he tosses the three campers their marshmallows.

"The next camper who is safe is.....Parker. Steven, Quinn," Chris hands out three more marshmallows.

Reese frowns at Nicole, who doesn't notice. Charlie, however, looks over at him with a smile.

"The final marshmallow goes to......................................"



"Reese," Chris tosses a marshmallow to Reese, who jumps from his seat and rushes to Nicole's side.

"Nicole! Please don't go!" He hugs her.

"I gotta, silly! Don't worry, I'll be watching you from the resort!" She hugs him back, "I'll miss ya, big guy!" She stands, and turns to Charlie,

"Charlie, I'm going to miss you too! She gives him a quick kiss on the cheek, Reese looks crushed, a steady stream of tears wash down his face.

Charlie smiles.

Nicole backflips her way to the Boat of Loser, and calls out, "Bye y'guys! This was the most super special awesome  thing ever! I love all of you!" Nicole waves happily as the Boat pulls away. The campers, except Reese and Parker, walk off back to the cabins.

"Hey, you okay, pal?" Parker pats Reese on the back.

"Nuh-uh..." He sighs. Parker helps him to his feet.

"She wasn't good enough anyway, she had about as much personality as a bag of glass marbles," Parker sighs.

"Don't try to cheer me up..." Reese walks off.

The camera cuts to behind the former Duck Cabin, Rachael, Charlie and Morgan are standing in the dim light.

"Why didn't we just vote out Reese?" Rachael complains.

"Because, there's still too many people here. Three votes isn't quite enough ta get rid of someone as popular as him. We gots ta wait until it thins out justa little bit more," Charlie explains.

"We're going to miss our chance," Rachael says, a tad annoyed.

"Nah we won't, he's hurtin', and we just gotta make sure he keeps hurtin', and he'll fall like a lead balloon," Charlie smiles.

The camera cuts back to the camp, as Chris pops out, "Well, the camp just lost ninety percent of it's pep! And I'm just as glad as you are! Join us next week on, Total......Drama.....Island!"

Chapter Seventeen: "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed"

It is dusk. Quinn, Laura, Zuma, Rachael, Parker, Charlie, Morgan and Steven sit around the campfire, where a movie projector and screen have been set up.

"Anyone seen Reese?" Zuma looks around, noticing Reese is not present.

"Haven't seen 'em since yesterday," Laura shrugs, "Guess he's taking Nicole's elimination harder than we thought."

"Yeah, almost as hard as you took Tristan's, from what I hear," Charlie snickers, and pokes Laura's arm. Laura responds with an uppercut, dropping Charlie like a rock.

Behind them, the door to the former Soaring Duck cabin flies open, and Reese, sporting tired eyes and a thick handlebar moustache, emerges.

"Dude, it's only been seventeen hours since Nicole was eliminated, how did he grow a handlebar moustache that fast?" Steven looks both impressed and shocked.

Reese shuffles over to the campfire, and plops down on a vacant stump.

"Reese, are you okay?" Parker leans over. Before Reese can answer, Chris appears from behind the movie screen.

"That should just about do it, screen's all set up, thanks to the handy-work of your's truely!" Chris smiles, as three interns crawl out from under the screen, holding various tools and rolls of tape.

Noticing the interns, Chris quickly moves on, "Anyhoozle, it's time for your challenge. Tonight, Wawanakwa Theatre will present a heartwarming tale a friendship, maturity, rite of passage and how the innocence of youth can prevail through all hardships,"

Rachael leans over to Morgan, and whispers in his ear, "This better not be a Disney movie...."

Chris starts the movie, "Now, for your enjoyment, Disney's 'The Fox and the Hound'!"

Rachael facepalms herself.

Reese finally speaks up, "Fox and the Hound? I've never seen it.."

As the movie progresses, Reese becomes more and more involved.

"Look at them! They're the best of friends! A fox and a hound, who'd a thunk it?" Reese smiles.

Some times passes.

"Don't worry, Todd! Copper'll still be your friend when he comes back!" Reese crosses his fingers.

A bit more time passes.

"No Copper! Don't hunt Todd! Why you huntin' Todd, man? You're the best a friends! You don't hunt your friends!" Reese becomes hysterial with tears, he wraps his arms around the other eight campers, pulling them in close, "I love you guys, man! I love you guys!" Reese grows silent, except for a fews sobs.

It is quiet for a long time, the other campers look nervously to each other, "I'm scared...." Steven finally whispers. The oither campers nod in agreement.

The film finally ends, and Reese releases everyone, he begins sobbing again, as well as clapping enthusiastically.

"That was the greatest movie ever made! It had everything, a fox, a hound, friendship, an owl named 'Big Mama', and a mean hunter voiced by Jack Albertson! Bravo! Bravisimo! Huzzah!" Reese settles back down, and wipes his eyes.

The other campers, and Chris, stare nervously at him for a few seconds. Chris begins explaining the challenge shortly after, "Campers, your challenge for this evening is to take these," Chris picks up a box that somehow appeared out of random, and takes out some headbands and fluffy tails, "Fox costumes--" He is interrupted by Quinn.

"Chris, those are the deer costumes! The only difference is you broke the antlers off the headbands and painted the tails orange!"

Chris scowls, "Well smartypants, what is a fox, but an orange, antler-less deer?"

"Well, technically, a fox is a member of the--" Quinn begins explaining the biologically differences, but is silenced by Morgan.

"Just shut up so we can hear the challenge already!" he shouts.

"Thank you!" Chris smiles, "Now, as I was saying, you'll take these FOX costumes, and go hide in the woods while Chef here," Chris points to Chef, who also came out of no where, "Hunts you all down one-by-one with a paintball gun! To survive this challenge, you'll need to rely on the support and kindness of your fellow campers. And when you realize that they could care less about you, you'll need to call upon your basic survival instincts. The last two campers to be found win invincibility," Chris tosses 'fox' costumes out to everybody.

"Do we get stylin' glasses and wicked camo caps?" Charlie aks.

"No. But I do," Chris puts on some stylin' glasses and a wicked camo cap, "Now, you all have ten minutes to go hide in the woods before Chef Hunter comes looking for you."

"But...what if we run into bears?" Steven gulps.

"Not my problem," Chris shrugs.

"The lawsuit I file'll be your poblem," Steven smirks.

"If you think you can sue from inside a bear's digestive tract, you're welcome to try," Chris chuckles, Steven sighs.

The campers scatter into the woods, except for Laura and Zuma, who are pulled aside by Steven.

"What's the plan, girls?" He asks.

"Well, you heard Chris, only two people can you know, chicks before T-vests," Zuma pats him on the back, and begins walking off into the woods.

"What? So you two are just going to abandon me and take the prize for yourselves?" Steven frowns.

"Yep," Laura smiles as she pushes past him.

"I thought we were friends!" Steven calls out.

"We are, but you have to look out for your fellow chica," Zuma calls back, before disappearing into the woods.

Steven sighs, and walks off by his lonesome.

Charlie, Morgan abnd Rachael also meet up eventually.

"Where have you two been? Look, As the leader of this allaince, I think it's only fair if you two give up your chances at invincibility for me, if necessary," Rachael crosses her arms.

"Guess again," Charlie scoffs.

"Excuse me? Who do you think you are?" Rachael, feeling insulted by Charlie's apparent insubordination, grows angry.

"I think I'm da guy who saved yer butt from elimination. Or did ya forget? If it wasn't fa me, you'd a left episodes ago. Face it, baby, you're a terrible strategist," Charlie begins walking off on his own.

"Is that so? Well, you can consider yourself out of the alliance!" Rachael screams. She turns to Morgan, "Well looks like it's back to just you and me."

"Yeah," Morgan begins, "I'm thinking about flying solo, after all, I've won a challenge without your help once, I'm sure I can do it again."

Rachael growls.

"Hehe, it amazes me how amazing I am!" Morgan looks confident as he begins strolling away.

"It amazes me how modest you are," Rachael sneers.

"Me too!" Morgan smiles arrogantly.

Chris looks at his watch, "Well Chef, you better get out there!"

"Wait, it's only been three minutes, hasn't it?" Chef looks at Chris.

"Yeah, I know," Chris laughs. Chef shrugs, and heads into the woods.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Steven's stomach begins rumbling.

"Hmm, let's see what we have," Steven reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a pack of gum, "Ahhhh Fruit Stripe!"

The bushes rustle, Steven grows nervous, "Who--who's there?" The bushes rustle a bit more, and finally, a small deer emerges.

Steven sighs, "Hahaha....oh, you had me scared there, lil' guy," Steven laughs.

The deer nudges Steven's hand.

"Aw, want some Fruit Stripe, buddy?" Steven takes out a peice of gum, and lets the deer eat it. "You know, I think I'll name you. How about....Dolly? Yeah, that's your name, Dolly."

After consuming the gum, the deer's eyes grow wide, it begins snorting, and nudges Steven violently.

"Dolly? What's wrong?" Steven backs away slowly.

Dolly snarls, and spins around, kicking Steven in the chest. "OOooof!" Steven drops his gum, and falls to the ground.

Dolly eats the rest of the gum out of the pack, leaving the empty wrapper next to a wheezing Steven.

Steven falls to his side, next to the empty pack of Fruit Stripe, "Dolly....why have you forsaken me...?"

In the distance, he hears the sound of Quinn's voice, "There is no way it's been ten minutes! I stated counting from the moment Chris let us go, and even now it's only been seven minutes and four seconds!"

Quinn's voice is followed by Laura's, "Ah, shut up!"

In the distance, the shapes of Chef, and paint splattered Quinn, Zuma, Laura, Morgan and Charlie move closer. Suddenly, Chef's figure stops, and raises a oddly shaped object.

"Oh snap..." Steven wheezes.

Elsewhere, Reese is huddled behind a bush as Parker walks up.

"You do know, it makes little sense to hide behind something that's smaller than you, right?" Parker sighs.

"I can't hear you, I'm not here," Reese whispers.

"I can see you," Parker frowns.

"Pay no attention to the boy behind the bush," Reese whispers in a dynamic voice.

Rachael walks out of the forest to where Parker and Reese are, "Oh crap, you guys are here too?"

"Kinda," Parker rolls his eyes.

"Well," Rachael jogs over to a large tree, and begins climbing up it's branches, "I plan on winning this challenge, so stay out of my way."

"You should think about what you just said," Parker sneers, "You tell us to stay out of your way, as you start climbing a tree? How are we going to get in your way?"

"Shut up and leave me alone, I'm having a bad day," Rachael suddenly stops climbing, "Hey, there's Chef Jarhead...and it looks like he's got all the other campers with him...which means..." Rachael scrurries up the tree without saying another word.

"Reese, you heard her, get out of there, go hide behind something else," Parker tries to pull Reese away from the bush.

"What's it matter?" Reese pulls away.

"You've gotten the final marshmallow twice in a row, don't you think it might be a good idea to try and save yourself?" Parker tries to pull him again.

"Who cares, I can't win anyway..." Reese huddles himself closer together, concealing himself a little better.

"You know what? I'm trying to help you, but if you want to be a Debbie Downer about everything and get yourself eliminated, then fine! I don't care anymore!" Parker shoves Reese, and quickly situates himself behind a tree, completely out of sight.

Chef, now inbetween the tree Rachael is in, the bush Reese is behind, and the tree covering Parker, looks around, waiting for something to move. The captured campers are also silent, waiting for something to happen. Chef smiles as he see's the tips of Reese's exposed hair.

"Hehehe..." Chef chuckles as he closes in on the bush, raising his paintball gun.

Parker looks around the tree, and sees Chef about to fire into the bush. He sighs.

"I hate this show," he whispers, as he jumps out from behind the tree, "Oops, I tripped," he says unconvincingly.

"Like heck you did," Chef says, "You did that on purpose."

Parker looks up with a scowl, "Are you going to shoot me or not?"

Chef shrugs, and shoots Parker.

In the air, a helicopter flown by Chris hovers overhead. Chris pulls out a megaphone, and calls out to the campers, "Challenge over! Rachale and Reese win invincibility!"

Rachael shimmies her way down from the tree, and Reese stands up.

"Now, everybody back to camp, it's time to cast your votes!" Chris calls out as he flies away in the helicopter.

The campers groan, and begin hiking back to camp.

Reese walks up behind Parker, and pokes him, "Why did you let me win?"

Parker walks faster, "I didn't. I tripped."

As the campers move through the woods, Charlie carefully pulls Quinn, Laura, Steven and Zuma together.

"Look youse guys, we were all Foxes, and I think she shoud stick togetha, eliminate the remaining Ducks before we eliminate each other," Charlie whispers slyly.

"Hmm...not a bad idea. Who should we vote for, Parker or Morgan?" Zuma asks.

Charlie thinks for a moment, and whispers into Zuma's ear. Zuma whisper's into Laura's, who Whispers to Quinn, who finally relays the message to a limping Steven.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Campers, welcome to another bonfire ceremony. After tonight, only eight of you will remain on Total Drama Island. The first marshmallows are for our winners of invincibility, Reese and Rachael," Chris holds out the plate, as Reese and Rachael walk up, claim their marshmallows, and stand next to Chris.

"The next batch of marshmallows are for Laura, Quinn, Zuma and........Steven!" Chris points to the four campers, who get up, grab a marshmallow, and wait behind Chris.

Morgan, Parker and Charlie remain sitting on the stumps around the fire.

--Confessional-- "Okay, I'm awesome and everything, but I was seriously freaked out, dude. I mean, it makes sense if they want to get rid of a strong player, like me...." Morgan begins rocking back and forth in the confessional, "It's okay, Morgan....eye of the tiger, you're going to be fine.." Morgan looks very concerned, as the confessional cuts out. --Confessional--

"Campers, the next marshmallow is for.....................Charlie," Chris holds up the plate, and Charlie snatches a marshmallow.

"Morgan, Parker, this is the finally marshmallow of the evening. Might I remind you, if you don't recieve this marshmallow, you mush walk the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave Total Drama Island for ever. And you can never, ever, EVER come back, you dig?"

Morgan starts shaking, Parker sighs, and crosses his arms.

"The final marshmallow of the night goes to....................................."



"Morgan," Chris tosses the final marshmallow to Morgan, who literally springs from his seat, "Yeah! I knew I'd stay! Wasn't worried for a second!"

"Dude, did you pee your pants?" Steven points at Morgan's pants, which are slightly darker around his thighs.

Morgan covers himself in embarassment, and runs off to the cabins.

"Parker, looks like you have a date with Playa Des Losers!" Chris points to the Dock of Shame.

Parker stands, and walks his way over to the Dock, passing by the other seven campers, who frown and wave Parker goodbye. He stops when he comes to Reese, "Don't make me regret.....tripping," he whispers, and boards the Boat of Losers.

A tears form in Reese's eye, and fall down his cheek, collecting in his handlebar moustache.

On the Boat, Parker sighs, and calls out as he sails away, "This show was the worst experience of my life, and I'm glad I can finally go home and wash the memories off my soul."

Chris puts his arm around a tearful Reese, and smiles, "Well, with that, we're down to eight! Join us next week for more.....Total......Drama.....Island!"

Chapter Eighteen: "Meet the Parents"

Morgan and Steven are standing in the middle of the camp, while Zuma, Laura, Charlie and Rachael sit on the steps of the former Raging Fox cabin.

"Okay, Steve my man, it's down to you and me," Morgan stretches, "Whoever can spit farthest is the the greatest spitter in camp!"

Steven takes a deep breath, "May the best man win."

"Thanks, I will," Morgan smirks, "No one can spit like Morgan."

Rachael rolls her eyes, "Don't get cocky out there, Gaston, I got six bucks riding on you! Beat that chubby little sweater-vest-wearer!"

"I'm not chubby, I just have a thick neck..." Steven looks embarassed, but quickly shakes his head, rears back, and spits.

Zuma runs up with a tape measure, "Seven feet, three inches."

"Where'd you get that tape measure?" Laura asks.

"Chris' trailer," Zuma replies.

Morgan sighs, "Okay Morgan, you've got the touch, you've got the power.."

"I love that song," Charlie whispers to himself.

--Confessional-- "Who am I kiddin'? Nobody's gunna get dat song reference..." Charlie sighs, "I love Stan Bush.." --Confessional--

Morgan spits, Zuma follows it with the tape measure.

"Eleven feet! Morgan wins!" Zuma announces.

"Ten points for Gaston!" Rachael cheers, "And six bucks for me!"

Laura grumbles, and hands Rachael a handful of one's.

Quinn rolls her eyes, "It seriously irks me that we have nothing better to do than watch each other expectorating...."

Everyone stares at her.

"Do what now?" Laura asks.

Quinn sighs, "Spitting. Expectorating means 'spitting'."

"Why didn't you just say 'spitting'?" Laura questions.

"I don't feel obligated to dumb myself down for you lot," Quinn frowns.

Quinn walks off, Charlie runs after her, "Hey Honey, you can use all the bigs words you want around me!"

Laura sneers, and turns to the others, "Can you guys believe there was a tie, and those two jokers got to come back?"

"Could be worse," Steven nods his head, "I mean, there could have been a three-way tie."

"That would have sucked," Zuma agrees, "Three people returning? That's unheard of."

"Exacterino," Steven looks around, "Reese is gone again..."

At that exact moment, Reese emerges from the former Soaring Duck cabin, now sporting both his handlebar mustache, and a newly grown soul patch.

"Dude, his testosterone must be off the walls...." Laura's eye twitches at the sight.

Reese walks over, and takes a photo from his pocket.

Laura, Zuma, Rachael and Steven lean over his shoulders to see the photo. They see Reese, smiling enthusiastically. One hand is giving a thumb's up, they other is resting on Parker's shoulder. Parker looks extremely annoyed in the photo. In the corner, etched in black sharpie, are the words "To Reese, Keep on Truckin'. Your Friend, Parker J. McFly."

Steven and the girls look to each other uneasily, Reese smiles, "He was a true friend."

"Yeah...." Laura says nervously.

Moments later, Chris walks up to the campers, his arms around Charlie and Quinn.

"Hey there campers! You guys miss your parents?" he chuckles.

"That's a stupid question, of course we do," Rachael sneers, "Also, I looked at the calendar in your trailer, it said we're in to say something?"

"Yeah, stay out of my trailer. And don't worry, that's a mistake, it's only mid-July, I swear," Chris shifts his eyes back and forth.

"How do you explain the freezing weather and recent bird migrations?" Quinn looks at Chris matter-of-factly.

"Global Warming. Anyway, today's challenge will involves your parents! You see, we've brought them to the island, to judge your preformance on the show! If your parents are proud of how you've been acting, you'll receive invincibility, and an item from home to make your stay here a little easier....but, if they aren't're on the chopping block. We've let your parents review all the footage we've captured of you guys, including confessionals, so there's no hiding your true selves..." Chris snickers at the wide-eyed campers.

"First up.....Morgan's parents!" Chris calls out.

Morgan gulps, as a pair of short, portly people emerge from the shadows.

"Momma! Dad! It's great to see you guys..." Morgan says nervously.

The man smakcs Morgan in the back of the head, "Son, why are you pants all torn? Are those you good pants?"

"N-n-no sir... they're my regular pants..." Morgan tries to explain.

"Don't you lie to me boy, I can see right through you! And what are you spitting for? Haven't your mother and I raised you better'n to spit on the ground?"

"No sir, I-I mean, yes sir.." Morgan fumbles with his words.

"Baby, why are you acting this way? How would Wellington feel?" Morgan's mother looks saddened, and produced a sock-monkey from her purse, the nae 'Wellington' is stiched on it's stomach.

"Mom...I'm too old for Wellington..." Morgan looks embarassed.

--Confessional-- "Wellington! Holy crap I've missed you! I love you, Wellington! I didn't mean to leave you at home! I promise!" Morgan lovingly hugs the sock monkey to his chest. --Confessional--

"So what do you say, Mr. & Mrs. Morgendorffer? Is Morgan safe...or sorry?"

"Sorry," Mrs. Morgendorffer says sternly, "And he's going to be even more sorry when he gets home.."

Morgan whimpers.

Chris chuckles, "Next up....Laura's parents!"

A very effeminate looking man and a rather masculine woman step out next.

The man speaks up meekly, "Hun, your mother and I just want to let you know that we're always proud of you.." The woman shoves her husband out of the way.

"Stow it Greg, you're molly-coddling her! Listen up, soldier! You've been slacking off! I want you to win every challenge from here on, is that clear, girl?!"

Laura salutes her mother, "Sir, yes sir!"

"That's more like it. You're not going to be safe tonight, now, drop an' give me fifty!"

"Yes sir!" Laura answers her mother, who has produced a whistle.

"Move! Move! Move!" Laura's mother blows the whistle.

Chris looks nervously to the camera, "'s Steven's parents!"

Two rather well-dressed adults stroll up.

"Son, I don't see why you insist on wearing that thing.." his father points a disgusted finger at Steven's T-Vest.

"Wha? Dad. it's a T-Vest! It's the soul patch of upper-torso wear!"

"Yancy, you're a Weirzbowski, and Weirzbowski's don't wear rags!"

"Ugh...don't call me me Steven, dad.." Steven cringes at the sound of his real name.

Chris cuts in, "As entertaining as this is, we really need your decision..."

"Well," Steven's mother beings, "After seeing the footage, we've decided that....we're extremely proud of you, Yancy--er, I mean, Steven. You've seem to have done your best to be everything your father and I hoped for," his mother moves closer, "Don't worry, that girl wasn't good enough for you anyway....she showed too much midrift for my liking..."

--Confessional-- "I've really love my Mother and Father," Steven smiles, "But why did they insist on naming me...Yancy? What kind of name is that? Well, I guess it could have been worse...they could have named me Gary, or Spense, or Brandon.." --Confessional--

"Everybody, here come's Charlie's father!" Chris announces as a large man in a trenchcoat walks up.

"Welcome, sir!" Chris greets him.

"Huh? What? Is you talkin' ta me?" the man picks Chris up by his shirt.

"Um, well, yeah, I--"

"Don't look at my face!" the man drops Chris, and walks over to his son, Charlie.

"You got da money?" he asks Charlie.

"Not yet, my father. I can't get it if you don't say ya proud a' me," Charlie whispers.

"I'm proud of ma boy," the man shouts half-heartedly, "Give him his money!"

"Actually, sir, your son hasn't won yet..." Chris gets up off the ground, rubbing his head.

Charlie's father sighs, and walks away.

"Father? Hey, wait a' minute! Don'tcha wanna give me a' hug or somethin'? What about my gift from home?" Charlie calls out, a twinge of sadness in his voice.

"Can't, gotta take care a' some business," his father responds.

Steven puts his hand on Charlie's shoulder, "Dude, sorry that your dad isn't much for words.."

Charlie shrugs remorsefully, "Dat's the most he's talked to me all year...Now, get your hand off me, Yancy."

--Confessional-- "Arg! I hate my name!" Steven pulls on his hair in fustration. --Confessional--

Chris takes out a sheet of paper, "Alright everybody, Reese and Quinn's parent's couldn't make it, but they were able to review the footage, and they've left notes for both of you. Quinn, your parents say: "Daughter, we wish you the best of luck. We're proud of the way you use your brains in the game, don't let anyone show you up! Love, Mother, Father and Quigley."

Quinn smiles, but then frowns. She runs to the camera man, and points into the camera, "Quigley, I swear if you were in my room while I was here, I'll box your ears!"

"Box his ears? That's an old-school threat," Charlie snickers.

"Reese, your aunt and uncle want you to know that while you've been gone, they've been renting out your room to a man they hardly know. Also, they hate your mustache. Lastly, they want you to know that if you screw this up, they'll have you removed from the wrestling team," Chris laughs sadistically as he reads the unkind note, "But, it's been decided that both of you are safe."

Reese looks crushed.

"Alright, here comes Rachael's parents!" Chris announces.

--Confessional-- "Oh crap. I'm dead..." Rachael looks panicked, "My parents have never seen this side of me before.." --Confessional--

"Rachael! Where are you!" a tall, fairly attractive middle-aged woman screeches.

"Rig-right here, ma'am..." Rachael cowers on the steps of the cabin, awaiting the wrath of her parents.

"How could you act so wickedly? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" her father's anger matches her mother's.

"I'm sorry, sir..." Rachael whimpers.

"Not yet you aren't..." her mother growls, "You'll get what's coming to you, young lady..."

"With that, Charlie, Steven, Quinn and Reese are safe, Morgan, Rachael and Laura are not. Last but not least, we have Zuma's parents!" Chris tallies the results, and beckon's for Zuma's parents to show themselves.

"Debbie! We've missed you, chica! But hun, purple is SOOO 2006...This year's color is cyan!" Zuma's mother, clad in a cyan pantsuit, cyan lipstick, and oversized cyan sunglasses, reaches into her handbag and pulls out a lipstick, "Let me give you a touch-up, love," she begins applying the make-up.

"Mom! Stop! I hate cyan!" Zuma wipes the lipstick off vigorously.

"We do too, honey, but you don't wanna be left out, do you?" her father puts his hand on her shoulder.

"I honestly don't care...what's wrong with the way I am?" she grumbles.

"It's not that there's somethng wrong with you.....we just don't want to see you get picked on for being different..." her mother explains.

"You wouldn't believe how many phone calls we've gotten from the rest of the family about you, dear. We just want what's best..." her father adds.

Steven whispers in Zuma's ear, "You're a 'Debbie'? That's almost as bad as being a 'Yancy'!" Steven chuckles.

"No it isn't...not even close....nothing is as bad as being a 'Yancy'," Zuma whispers back, aggrivated.

Steven sighs, and slumps his shoulders, "I know..." he whispers, before walking away.

"Debbie, I'm sorry to say this, but I think we want you to come home, just to save you the trouble of further exposure.." her mother concludes.

"Save ME the trouble? You mean save YOU the trouble..." Zuma snarls, "Why can't you just let me be me?" Zuma turns away, and walks away, heated with anger.

Zuma's parents look to each other, concerned.

"Alright people, that's it for parent's day! Steven, Reese, Quinn and Charlie are safe! So Morgan, Rachael, Zuma and Laura can meet me at the bonfire," Chris smiles.

"Why only those four? Don't we get to vote?" Quinn objects.

"None of you get to vote, the disappointed parents will decide among themselves which of the losing four deserves to go home the most!" Chris explains.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Welcome, campers. Tonight, your parents reviewed your preformance, and they were not happy. Four of you sit before me tonight, but only three of you will receive a marshmallow. For the fourth one, it's going to be a long boat ride to Playa Des Losers....with your parents. Now, parents, you have the floor."

The parents of the four campers step forward, Morgan's father takes out a sheet of paper, "We've all talked it over, and we've decided that the person going home is............"




"WHAT!?!" Rachael jumps from her seat.

Chris tosses marshmallows to the other three campers.

"We are very displeased, Rachael," her father looks her sternly in the eye, "As far as we've concerned, you don't deserve the money."

The camera cuts to the Boat of Losers, were a weeping Rachael sits inbetween her parents.

"No phone, no computer, no anything for three months, you lady. Is that clear?" Rachael's mother wags a finger.

"Yes, ma'am...."

"And that's just the start, you will help Mr. Jenkins mow his lawn every Thursday for the next six months..." her voice trails off as they sail away.

Zuma looks at her parents, confused, "You guys didn't get me kicked off?"

"Debbie, your father and I have been thinking about what you said,'re right. We love you just the way you are, cyan or not." Her mother smiles

Zuma's mother and father wrap their arms around their daughter. "Go get 'em, sweetie."

Chris pops between the family, "Aww, isn't this special?"

" you mind? We were kind of having a moment, here..." Zuma glares at Chris.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. Join us next time for more Total......Drama.....Island!!"

Chapter Nineteen: "Soapbox Hero"

Laura is shown doing chin-ups on a low hanging branch.

"I'm not going to let my mother down. She's always taught me that the feeling of victory is sweeter than any other." --Confessional--

Charlie shuffles up to the tree where Laura is working out. Laura lets go of the branch, dropping softly to the ground.

"Here to try and love-up on me?" Laura sneers.

"Nah," Charlie sighs.

Laura looks positively confused, "Here to taunt me?"

Charlie rests his head in his palm, "Nah."

Laura raises her voice with curiousity, "Well, what thern?"

"I really don't wanna talk about it, you dig?" Charlie frowns.

--Confessional-- "It's been really hard ta get my Dad's attention...he's always ona 'business trip' or somethin'. He's kinda shady, sometimes...won't talk ta me or my brotha...All I want is ta hear my fatha say he's proud to have me as his son," Charlie's eyes tear up, slightly. --Confessional--

Laura frowns at the sight of Charlie, "Hey..I know things didn't go so well with your dad, but..."

Laura is interrupted by the blast of an airhorn.

Chris walks out into camp, "Campers, your next challenge will be....Boys vs. Girls!"

There are several lackluster cheers from the campers.

"Soo.....what do we do? Or did you forget about that as you ate fillet minon in your air conditioned trailer?" Quinn snorts.

"It's a classic! A good ol' fashioned...Soapbox Derby!" Chris announces.

Steven randomly appears behind Chris, "Soapbox? you mean like, a race?"

"Uh...that's correct.." Chris looks slightly disturbed.

"Great!" Steven smiles wide, "I've been waiting for an excuse to show off my Speed Racer underwear!" Steven pulls his pants off, revealing Speed Racer boxers.

Zuma, trying in vain to ignore Steven, says, "Chris, wait a second, the guys have us outnumbered...that isn't fair!"

Chris chuckles, "Don't worry, Zuma...Chef and I have that all planned out.."

Chef Hatchet ramdomly walks out of some nearby shadows, carrying some heavy rope. He grabs for Morgan and Charlie.

The camera changes to Morgan and Charlie, now tied back-to-back.

Morgan looks extremely uncomfortable, "Do I really have to be tied up to the kid who smells like Aqua Velva?"

"Yes," Chris replies hastily, "Now, you'll find everything you need to build your soapbox cars at the top of the hill! Each team needs a builder, driver, and supervisor."

The campers meet on top of the large cliff, after a very tiring, long hike.

Quinn, breathing heavily, approaches the other girls, "I'll be the builder, Laura, you'll be the driver. Zuma, you can supervise. Any questions?"

"Yeah..," Zuma frowns, "How is it that I'm the supervisor, but you're giving out directions like candy?"

Quinn looks offended, "Hey, I'm trying to use our team's abilities in the most efficient way possible. If you don't like it, you can be builder and I'll supervise."

Zuma rolls her eyes, "Whatever. You sure you can build something from this pile of crap?" Zuma points to a pile of flat tires and broken planks of wood.

"Ha!" Quinn scoffs, "Can I build a soapbox from this crap...Have some faith."

The boys are standing a few yards away, discussing the distribution of tasks.

Reese stands up, "I think I should be the builder, Woodshop, Gym and Advanced Physics 101 are my three best classes," he says, holding up four fingers.

Steven and Charlie look to each other, Morgan cranes his head over Charlie's shoulder.

"Good enough for me," Morgan attempts to shrug.

"Me too," Steven smiles.

"Dude, put your pants back on..." Morgan grimaces.

Reese looks his team over, "Charlie and Morgan can supervise, Steven, you drive."

The boys nod their heads in agreement.

--Confessional-- "Since when does Reese know how to organize a build team?" Steven looks impressed, "Maybe he's been faking this whole 'dumb jock' persona." --Confessional--

Charlie, Morgan and Steven are huddled together, Morgan says, "So what, Big Reese is some sort of strategist?"

Charlie narrows his eyes, "I think we should keep an eye on da big guy, I think he's been fakin' bein' dumb this whole time."

Steven nods, "Yeah, I think he's smarter than he looks..."

In the background, Reese is shown trying to lick his elbow. He trips on a stick.

Meanwhile, the girls are continuing to fight.

Zuma looks disapprovingly at Quinn's soapbox design. "Quinn, this is highly impractical...we don't have the materials at hand to build this.."

Quinn looks offended, "You don't believe I can do it, do you?"

"From a pile of scrap parts? No," Zuma lowers her eyebrows.

Laura steps between them, "C'mon, you two, we've gotta get this finish. Chris didn't give us a time limit, so who knows how long we have?"

Zuma sighs, "You're right," she throws the design back to Quinn, "Try to make it simple, and aerodynamic, kay?"

"Don't patronize me, Debbie," Quinn snorts.

Zuma groans with fustration.

--Confessional-- "Seriously, what is that girl's problem? There's no way she could build a gas-powered soapbox with four-wheel drive and FM radio...I'm beinbg realistic in rejecting her design.." Zuma drops her head into her hands and groans. --Confessional--

--Confessional-- "I so could build it!" Quinn growls at the confession cam, "Four-wheel drive would be ridiculously simple! And I've been building engines from scratch since I was six! I could have easily taken some gass from Chef's motorcycle. As for the FM radio....that actuall might be a little tricky, but that's besides the point, I'd figure it out!" --Confessional--

Confessional-- Laura sits in the confessional, quiet for a few seconds, "............My team sucks.." --Confessional--

Meanwhile, dozens of yards away.....

"Hey Morgan, Charlie, I think I'm done!" Reese stands proudly by a surprisingly sturdy and well-crafted soapbox car. "There's one last peice I forgot to put in," Reese hold sup a pin, "My hands are too big to  put it in, so I need one of you to do it."

"Where's Steven?" Morgan asks.

"He went to go put some pants on," Reese points down the hill.

"Finally," Charlie mutters, and grabs the pin.

"Now, you're going to want to make sure it's in securely.." Reese begins.

"Yeah, yeah, I got's it in..." Charlie motions with his hand for Reese to be quiet. Reese shrugs, and walks away.

Morgan looks at Charlie, "Dude, you put it in backwanrds, let me see it.." Morgan tries to swing himself around, causing both boys to fall over.

"You moron!" Charlie punches Morgan in the arm. Morgan throws a punch at Charlie, who ducks. Morgan fist hits one of the wheels, breaking one of the wooden spokes.

"Oh crapola!" Charlie surveys the damage.

"What do we do?" Morgan cries out nervously.

"Ignore it, it something happens, we can pin it on Steven, since he'll be driving..."

Morgan nods eagerly, "Yeah! Yeah! That's a good idea!"

Reese and Steven walk up to Charlie and Morgan, who are still laying on the ground.

Steven looks confused, "Uh....everything okay?"

The boys nod.

"Nothing broken?" Reese asks.

"Broken? Broken? No, no! What would be broken? We didn't touch the car!" Morgan panics. Charlie slaps him up-side the head.

Reese looks confused as well, now, "Umm...I meant, like, bone-wise...we saw you guys fall over..."

"S'fine, s'fine," Charlie says, "Help us up?"

Steven and Reese look at each other, "Sure..."

Chris rides up the hill on an ATV, calling out through his megaphone, "Time's up!"

Chris hops off his ATV, and surveys the soapbox cars, both of which look impressive.

"Well, looks like this'll be an interesting race...drivers, you may enter your vehicles!" Chris takes out a whistle, Steven and Laura jump into their respective soapbox cars.

"Everyone else, at the sound of the whistle, you can push your team's soapbox as hard as you can. The first soapbox to make it down the hill without crashing, will win invincibility for themselves, and their team...." Chris blows the whistle, momentarily stunning everyone with a high pitched wail.

The guys and girls each give their cars a mighty shove, Morgan and Charlie fall over once again.

The cars start out slow, but quickly gain speed. The wind rushes past, creating a high whirling sound. Steven pulls a few feets in front of Laura, swiftly dodging trees and squirrels. The broken spoke chips and grates against itself. Laura leans her head down, t reduce wind resistance, allowing her to catch up to Steven, she cannot pass him, however. Laura grits her teeth, and narrows her gaze, she desperatley tries to gain the lead.

--Confessional-- "I was seriously ticked," Laura, dirty and bruised, appears in the confessional, "I knew my mom was counting on me, I had to win...there was no other option.." --Confessional--

Both cars near the bottom of the hill, Steven smiles victoriously, as his car races to the end. Suddenly, the spoke completely splinters, causing the wheel to crum,ble underneath the weight of the rest of the car. Steven and his soapbox flip into the air, roll over several times, and finally smash into a tree, mere feet from the finish. Laura, still streamlining her body, rushes across the finish, and crashes into the former Soaring Duck cabin. Chris zooms down the hill, with the teens following behind him.

"Girls win!" Chris announces, "Boys, we'll see you at the campfire."

Reese drags Steven's body out of the wreckage, clearly concerned. Morgan kicks Steven in the shin.

"Dude! You like, lost us the challenge and stuff!" he growls.

Steven looks extremely angry.

"Can't you do anything right? Really, If I were driving," Morgan begins. Steven leaps to his feet, and kicks Morgan between the legs. Morgan crumbles to the ground, and Steven looms over him.

"How do you feel, mighty Morgan?" Steven's eyes are wild, Reese puts him in a half-nelson, and pulls him away.

--Confessional-- Morgan and Charlie, still tied together, sit in the confessional. Morgan wimpers with tears, Charlie begins, "We should vote off Reese, he's clearly the bigga threat," Morgan shakes his head, "....Steven...," he gasps, "....Because of him...I'll never have kids.." --Confessional--

--Campfire Ceremony--

Laura, Quinn and Zuma sit on the sidelines, Charlie, still tied to Morgan, Reese and Steven sit in front of the fire, awaiting the results.

"Campers, the votes have been cast, who ever does not receive a marshmallow must immediatley walk the Dock of Shame, catch the loser boat, and leave, never to Total Drama Island...the first marshmallow is for...Reese," Chris tosses a marshmallow to Reese, who catches in his mouth, and claps.

"The next mashmallow goes to..................."



"Steven," Chris hands the marshmallow to a flustered and battered Steven, "Charlie and Morgan, the Boat of Losers awaits."

"Wait!" Charlie screams, "Both of us!?"

"That's right. There were two votes for 'Charlie/Morgan'. Normally, this would be invalid, but since you two are tied together, the producers decided to allow the votes, meaning both of you are eliminated." "NO! I refuse ta go with outa fight!" Charlie looks Chris adamantly in the face.

Chef Hatchet walks up behind the boys, picks them up by the rope, and hurls them into the Boat of Losers. Morgan wiggles out of the rope, and onto his feet.

"You can't eliminate me forever! I'm Morgan! I'm great! I'm unstoppable! The best there is!" Morgan shouts, he continues to shout other self-flattering titles, but his voice dies out as the boat drives away.

Chris smiles, "Final five! Join us next week, when we move ever closer to declaring a winner! Same time, same place."

Reese puts his arm around Chris, "On Total.......Drama.....Island!"

Chapter Twenty: "Anything You Can Do.....You Probably Suck At"

Chris is shown talking on his cell phone, "Probst? Hey, it's Chris McLean. So, how's Survivor going? Oh. Uh-huh. Yes. Uh-huh. So you read the votes out loud? Yeah, we give out marshmallows. It keeps them in suspense, it's better. No, no, no, I don't mean....Well, that's hardly called for...Well, you know what? I checked the ratings, Total Drama has one-and-a-half times the viewers as your crappy show!" Chris ends the call in fustration.

The campers, who had been standing next to Chris this whole time, look slighty uncomfortable.

"Um, Chris?" Zuma taps him on the shoulder, "Can we have our challenge, please?"

"I'm not in charge of today's challenge, and can't you see that I'm busy?" Chris snaps.

" Chef in charge, today?" Laura asks.

"!" Chris groans, "Today's challenge is being left up to the eliminated campers! Now, everybody shut up and leave me be!"

"The eliminated campers? Well, where are they?" Quinn looks around.

"We're right behind you!" Nicole pops out from behind Quinn, "We've been here the whole time! Hi, guys! Congrats on making it this far! You five rock!"

True to her word, the other sixteen eliminated campers are shown standing behind the group.

"Seriously, people, how long does it take to notice seventeen people standing behind you?" Parker rolls his eyes.

"Uh....sorry. I usually have a feeling when someone is behind me, like that feeling that I'm being watched," Steven apologizes.

"What? Who is watching me?! Stop watching me! Stop it!!" Gerald shakes with fear.

"Dude, nobody's watching you, shut up," Edward shoves him to the ground, "Anyway, incase you turds haven't figured it out, we're going to give you challenges throughout the day. They'll be based around endurance, the last one standing wins invincibility."

"Endurance? Sweet, I so have this," Laura grins.

Morgan looks angry, "Don't be tryin' to copy my swagger, dude!"

Edward continues, "We'll give them in the order we were voted off, by the way."

The sceen changes to an open field in the middle of the woods, where many machines and contraptions have been set up.

Gerald steps up to the final five, "The unpaid interns have slaved away to make these overly complicated machines and what-not. Now, I have the honor of-WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU STARING AT??!??!" Gerald screams at the campers.

"Um, you were talking to we were looking at you," Reese whimpers.

"Oh. Carry on, then. Anyhoozle, your challenges will start off easy, and as we move up the order of elimination, they will increase in difficulty. Each challenge will have a time limit of three minutes. If no one has dropped out by the end of the time limit, you will all move on. If someone drops out before time is up, the challenge will end right there, and whoever is left wil move to the next one. Your first challenge is to hold these ten pound weights in your outstretched arms"

"That's child's play," Laura chuckles.

"You idiot," Quinn shakes her head, "Don't you know that lactic acid will build up in your muscles? It's not that easy.."

Each contestant picks up two weights, and extends their arms. Ten seconds pass.

"This sucks," Steven decides.

One minute passes.

"Oh god....this really sucks," Steven's voice begins to shake.

Two minutes pass.

"Guys, I just want to say that I'm sorry for everything. If I don't make it through this, I want you four to know that you're my best friend on this show," Steven's eyes water.

The three minutes are up.

"Okay you guys, you can put the weights down, you all pass," Gerald claps.

Steven drops his weights, and falls to his knees, "Thank you! Thank you, merciful heaven! I'm glad that's over, am I right?"

"That was lame," Laura walks by him.

"It was easy, dude," Reese laughs happily.

Steven looks concerned, he turns to Zuma, "Laura thought that it was easy? Her arms are like twigs!"

Zuma pats his back, "There, there."

The campers are approached by David, who is surprisingly wide-awake.

"David? Is that you?" Zuma looks disturbed by his wide, bloodshot eyes.

"Yeah! Hey, what's up guys? Isn't this cool? They game me like, four pounds of sugar before I came out here, so I'd be awake long enough to give you your challenge!" David smiles wide.

"'re shaking, like, a lot.." Reese points to David, who is shaking like a BB in a tin can.

"Really? I can't feel it. In fact, I can't feel anything! Haha! Anyway, your challenge," David beckons for them to follow.

The camera changes to Chris, who is still on his cell phone.

"Oh yeah? Well, learn to cook, you hack! And by the way, your anchor tatoo is ridiculous. No! I said no! What? Oh, you would make an excuse to get off the phone. Alright, yeah. Okay, uh-huh. Yeah, love you too, Mom," Chris hangs up.

An intern approaches him, "Mr. McLean! Mr. McLean! It's time to shoot your commercial!"

"Yeah, okay," Chris smiles. Another intern hands him a bottle of 'Ode to McLean'. A third intern operates a camera.

Chris smiles sincerly, "Are you ugly? Can't get a date? Is your girlfriend always saying things like, 'Why can't you be as handsome as TV's Chris McLean? I thought so. Well, now all your problems can be erased, with Ode to McLean!" Chris sprays himself with the bottle, and immediatley, as husky girl runs up and hugs him.

"I love you, Chris! Will you go out with me?"

Chris laughs, and smiles. He pats the girl's back, "No thanks, I don't date fat chicks. Buy my product, and you'll have girls swarming you! Ode to McLean, it puts the 'Musk' in 'Muskoka'!"

The camera switches back to the contestants, who, minus Quinn, have all moved on to Francine's challenge.

"Holy crap, those last nine challenges were brutal!" Steven coughs, "Do you think Quinn will be okay?"

"The doctor said they could probably save her leg if they could get the swelling down in time," Laura breathes heavily.

"That was torture...but, it probably made great TV," Zuma smiles nervously.

Reese looks at his hand, "Guys, are you sure my fingers are suppose to bend this far back? I think that steamroller messed them up, a little."

"Nah, they're fine," Laura says.

"Sure? They've never been able to bend that far, before..."

"I said they're fine! Now, put the ice pack back on your hand, and try not to move it too much.." Laura smiles nervously.

Francine steps forward, "Welcome, everyone, to my challenge..."

"Why are you talking all mysterious and sad?" Steven looks confused.

"Oh....Andrew and I have decided to.....see other people," she answers gloomily.

"Aw, what happened?" Zuma asks, sympathy clear in her voice.

"I wasn't mean to be..." Francine looks at the ground.

An intern wheels a televison monitor in front of the contestants, and Francine, "Actually," he says, "We have the break-up on video!"

The screen flashes on, showing Playa Des Losers. The eliminated campers are sitting around Andrew, who has a guitar.

"Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darlin', Clementine!" Andrew sings. Francine leaps to her feet.

"Who is Clementine? Someone I should know about?" Franicne grabs a startled Andrew by his shoulders, and shakes him.

Francine shoves the intern out of her way, and knocks the televison to the ground, where it breaks. "Hahaha..." she laughs, nervous and embarassed, " all pass the challenge..."

The contestants look to each other, and shrug.

"That was really easy!" Reese smiles.

The four contestants walk to Nicole, who is doing jumping jacks with a smile.

Upon seeing her, Reese hides behind Steven, Laura and Zuma.

"Hey you guys! I haven't seen you in hours! Anyway, it's time for my super awesome sugar-coated happy fun time challenge!" Nicole backflips with happiness.

"Where's Kevin?" Zuma asks.

"Kevin....Kevin had an accident when he was taking a trial run of his challenge...I really don't want to talk about it.." Nicole looks saddened by the mention of Kevin, "Anyway, my challenge," she perks back up.

"This should be easy," Steven whispers happily to Zuma, who nods in agreement.

"I present...the Flaming Roller Coaster of Death!" Nicole points to a giant, wooden roller coaster that is partially on fire, "To complete this challenge..."

"No, this is where I draw the line. I'm out," Steven walks away.

"Aww....what am I going to do with all this fire and death?" Nicole whines.

By the time she has finished her question, the three remaining contestants have moved on.

"Hey! P-Man! It's me, Reese! Remember?" Reese hugs his friend.

"Uh...yes, Reese. I remember you. It's only been nine days since I was eliminated. By the way, can you put me down? You're crushing my intestines, a little," Parker wheezes.

"So, how are things? Are you still 5' 3"? Did you ever write that tell-all book about your experience here? Are you still gay?" Reese smiles at his friend, eager to catch up.

"...Yes, it's being published as we speak, and yes," Parker looks annoyed, "Now, about your challenge, you'll have to drink glass after glass of raw eggs until someone forfeits."

Reese picks up a nearby pitcher of eggs, and drinks it. Laura and Zuma look horrified.

Laura takes aglass, and slowly consumes it.

"Ack! Ack! Ugh....that's disgusting.." She wobbles side to side.

Zuma takes aglass, and sniffs it. She gags, and drops the glass, "I...I can't do this."

Parker sighs, "You guys are wimps, you keep dropping out at the easy challenges."

"What to you care, McFly?" Laura sneers.

"Chris actually paid us to come up with these challenges, it would be nice to see our work being put to good use..."

"Whatever, c'mon, Reese, only two more challenges!" Laura pulls him by the collar of his shirt.

"Nice seein' you again, P-Man!" Reese calls out.

Parker frowns. When Reese and Laura are out of earshot, Parker says, "Nice seeing you too, pal."

Laura and Reese are now standing in front of Rachael.

"Welcome to my challenge," Rachael says, looking angry and regretful at the same time.

"Well, what is it?" Laura says, sounding impatient.

"You will need to juggle these bowling pins, while balancing on these logs, over this pool of mud," Rachael explains the challenge, while pointing everything out.

Reese and Laura grab three bowling pins each, and begin walk to the center of their respective logs.

"On three, start juggling. If one of you falls into the pool below, you're out, and the other person wins the challenge, and invincibility," Rachael begins counting, "One.....two....three!"

Reese and Laura slowly begins juggling, while simultaneously manuvering their bodies to try and keep their balance. One by one, the other campers and contestants gather around to watch the spectical. Kevin is shown being wheeled in on a stretcher by an intern, and Quinn is in a wheelchair, with her left leg in a cast.

"Go Reese! Woohoo! You can do it, buddy! Yeah--ack! Ack!" Kevin shouts from his stretcher, and begins coughing mid sentence.

The intern leans over, "The doctor said not to strain your windpipe, it's very fragile, now." Kevin gives the intern a thumbs up.

"Go Laura! You got this in the bag! Kick that jarhead's butt!" Tristan throws his fist in the air, and cheers.

Everyone looks at him, disapprovingly. He slumps his shoulders, and lowers his fist.

Reese swivels on his log, and winces everytime his catches a pin in the hand covered by an ice pack.

Laura is having absolutely no trouble, what-so-ever. She smiles for the crowd, stands on one leg, and begins juggling even faster.

When Reese sees Laura going faster, he too tries to juggle faster. He shakes side to side, and wobbles, one of his pins flies high into the air, and lands on Laura's head.

"Ooowwhhh.." Laura swaggers back and forth, dropping all her pins, and falls into the mud below.

"Reese wins!" Wendy cheers.

"Finally," Reese smiles, "I was actually getting pretty tired of these challenges. I almost started to sweat."

Charlie calls out, "What? It's over!? You mean, nobody is gunna take on our challenge?" Charlie and Morgan stand next to a heavily armed obstacle course, covered with pitfalls and swinging blades.

The campers all pass by Reese on thier way back to the Luxury Boat of Luxury.

"Congrats, Reese!" Shannon says.

"Thanks, Sha Ney-Ney!" Reese goes to shake her hand.

" Who knows where those bowling pins have been?"

"Reese! I can't believe you won Total Drama Island! Good for you!" Victoria hugs him.

"Uh, thanks, but I only won the challenge..."

"Whatevs!" Victoria flicks her wrist, and heads to the boat.

Jessica, rubbing her hands together endlessly, passes him next, "Way to go, Big Guy! Good luck in the finals!"

The last one, Hannah, shuffles by, "Good job," she whispers.

Steven, Zuma, Laura and Quinn (now in crutches, as opposed to her previous wheelchair), surround him.

"So what now?" Quinn snorts.

"I can answer that," Chris appears.

--Confessional-- "What is it with people appearing out of no where on this show?" Zuma yells. --Confessional--

"Everyone, head to camp, it's time to vote someone off, other than Reese," Chris jerks his thumb over his shoulder to point at the campfire.

--Campfire Ceremony--

"Welcome, final five. You know, It feels like I've known you kids for a long time, and that I've formed a special bond with each and every--" Chris begins.

"Shut up and hand out the marshmallows," Quinn sighs.

Chris, obviously angry, says, "Fine. Reese, Zuma and Steven."

Quinn and Laura sit, awaiting their fates.

"Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the night, if you do not recieve this marshmallow, you must walk the Dock of Shame, catch the Luxury Boat of Losers, and get away from me, never to return to Total Drama Island......the final mashmallow goes to......................."



"Quinn," Chris hands the final marshmallow to Quinn.

"Well, this blows monkey chunks," Laura stands up, and kicks up some dirt.

"It....what?" Steven asks, confused.

"It sucks," Laura reiterates.

"Oh, yeah, I'd imagine."

Before Laura reaches the end of the dock, Chris stops her.

"Laura, as the runner up in today's challenge, I'd like you to have this..." Chris pulls a bottle of Ode to McLean out of his pocket, and shoves Laura onto the boat.

"Now, be sure to join us next time, where the Final Three will be decided! See you next time, on Total.....Drama....Island!"

Chapter Twenty-One: "Useless Boring Trivia Extravaganza!"

 "Our final four campers, Quinn, Reese, Steven and Zuma," Chris McLean says to a random reporter, "Have endured the hardest physical challenges money can buy. Now it's time to test their knowledge of trivia and completely useless bits of popular culture!" Chris smiles as several photographers take his picture.

"Chris, Chris, Total Drama's been going strong for three seasons now, some claim that the upcoming four season, 'Total Drama, the Musical', is a delusional attempt to gain rating by the network, and that you'll be back to making guest-appearances on Hollywood Squares for a living within two years. How do you respond?"

Chris, unphased, replies, "Those accusations are completely false. McLean is in the spotlight, and he's here to stay! Next question."

The reporter raises his hand again, "Your recent remake of Back to the Future has been hounded by critics in the pre-screenings as one of the worst remakes of all time, and your rendition of "The Power of Love" was unsatisfactory. Your response?"

"Check the box office reciepts in a few weeks, that's my response. My version will out-preformed Michael J. Fox's version in every way," Chris says, seemingly tired of the reporter, "Next!"

The reporter stands up again, "What is your reaction to the recently leaked scandelous photos of you selling fireworks to underprivelidged Inuit children?"

Chris looks shocked, "Wait a minute....I haven't sold anything to Inuit children.....what did you say your name was?"

The reporter pulls his hat down, and pops the collar of his trench coat, and also adjusts his moustache "Jeff Pro--Porter. Jeff Porter."

Chris eyes the man suspiciously, "Hmm, well, Jeff Porter, I am now finished taking questions, if you'll excuse me, I have to host my better-than-Survivor reality show. Chef, show Jeff to the dock of shame."

Chef Hatchet picks up 'Jeff Porter', and hauls him to the dock, where a boat full or other reporters is waiting.

"It's nothing personal, Mr. Porter, Chris is just very sensitive about his public image," Chef says sincerly before chucking 'Jeff Porter' into the boat. Before walking away, Chef picks something up off the dock, and gasps, "Mr. Porter! You forgot your moustache!"

Chris stand before the campers, next to four large sets of bleachers, and four podiums.

"Hey kids, are you ready to have your knowledge of pop culture tested in front of Total Drama's first-ever live studio audience?" he smiles, as two or three hundred people walk out of some greyhounds that randomly park next to the bleachers, and sit on the bleachers.

"Chris, how did greyhounds reach us? Isn't this an island?" Quinn looks confused.

"Greyhounds? What greyhounds? These people arrived by anyone would, if they were arriving to an island," Chris smiles nervously.

"I could have sworn I saw six or seven greyhounds, right over there where those mysterious tire tracks are," Reese points to some tracks.

"You didn't see anything," Chris shouts.

"Okay...we didn't see anything. Now, how is this going to work, Chris?" Zuma aks.

"Each bleacher has one of your faces on it," Chris explains, "The audience is here so that you'll feel additional pressure, hopefully have a mental breakdown, and we'll be able to broadcast it on national televison. Now, you'll each stand at a podium, and members of the audience will ask you questions about popular culture. If you answer incorrectly, you are out. The last person standing wins invincibility, and the oppurtunity to leave the island for the night to attend the special sneak showing of my latest movie, a remake of the popular film, Back to the Future. We'll go in alphabetical order. Quinn, Reese, Steven, then Zuma. You will have thirty seconds to answer."

The constestants take their positions, and someone from Quinn's cheering section stand up.

"Hi Quinn! I'm a huge fan! My name is Madeline! Anyway, your question is....What is the name of the bully from A Christmas Story?"

"Scut Farkus," Quinn says without hesitation.

"Correct!" the fan cheers. "You rulezorz Quinn!"

A fan from Reese's cheering section is next, he is a portly young man with a backwards cap, goatee, a confused look in his eye, and a t-shirt that says 'I Brake for Corn Chips'.

"Sup, Reese? I'm like...your biggest fan, dude. My friends call me Chuggy. Anyways, my question is...uh...who starred in Twister?

Reese closes his eyes, for a moment. "Bill.............Paxton," he says, finally.

"Right-o!" Chuggy yells, as he tears open a bag of corn chips.

Steven looks eagerly to his fan section, and frowns when he sees only three people sitting on his bleachers.

A tall, buck-toothed man stands up, "Yancy, you've been a real inspiration to those of us with odd names. I myself have an odd name, Cletus. Your question is...who played Ducky in the cult film, Pretty in Pink?"

Steven's face lights up, "Jon Cryer!"

Cletus nods his oddly shaped head, "That'll do, sir. That'll do."

"Zuma's turn," Chris yawns, as he sits comfortably in a beach chair, drinking a colorful beverage.

Zuma's cheering section is full of alternative, goth, emo, scene and loner kids. One stands up, look as uninterested as everyone else.

"Hey....I'm Severin, I guess...anyway, your total conformist question what order are the Star Wars movies chronologically, or whatever?" Severin asks, uncaring.

Zuma frowns, "Ah crap...I was never a huge Star Wars fan....let's see....Phantom Menace...Attack of the Clones...then Revenge of the Sith...The Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope...and finally, Return of the Jedi?"

Severin's eyes open slightly, as he looks at the answer card in his hand, "Sorry, babe, that's like, wrong and whatever. Props for not conforming to the movie going public of corporate Canada, and stuff, though.."

Zuma shrugs, and sits down with her fans. A girl leans over her shoulder.

"Hey...where'd you find that fine that totally fetch shade of purple nail polish?"

Zuma glances at her nails, "Um...I think I used a purple Sharpie."

"That's the end of round one!" Chris calls out from his chair, "Round two starts.....wait for it....wait for!"

Madeline stands once more, "Quinn, in what year did the rock band 'Aerosmith' form?"

Quinn looks nervously to her fans, and gulps. "Nineteen......sixty....nine?"

Madeline jumps, clapping her hands swiftly, "EEE!!! Yes! Yes! I love you, Quinn!"

Quinn, looking grateful, and slightly uncomfortable, replies, "Yes, um...thanks."

Chuggy stands next, "Reese, brosky, what did the kids from Weird Science wear on their heads, man?"

"Huh huh huh....bras..." Reese chuckles to himself, and blushes.

"Wooo!!!! That's right!" Chuggy pumps his fist into the air, "Reese! I'm your biggest fan, bro! WoOt!" Chuggy rips his shirt off, revealing the word 'Resse' painted across his large belly.

Cletus rises, "Steven, finish these song lyrics, "So I'd like to know where, you got the notion, said I'd like to know where, you got the notion.."

Steven smiles, "To rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby, rock the boat, don't tip the boat over, rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby, rock the boat-t-t-t-t!!" Steven does a small dance, while bobbing his head to the sound of himself singing.

Cletus smiles proudly, "Steven, you're an inspiration.." he then wipes a small tear out of his eye, "He has the voice of a T-Vest wearing angel..." he whispers.

"Round three!" Chris calls out.

"Quinn.....who preformed the duet, 'Under Pressure'?"

"David Bowie and Queen," Quinn shot back, immediatley.

"David Bowie? That's an odd name," Steven chuckles.

"I'd say 'Yancy' is a pretty strange name, too," Quinn looks angry.

"Hey...c'mon..I'm not the only one out there with that name...I know another guy named Yancy," Steven says sheepishly, "What are you so defensive about, do you have a crush on David Bowie or something?"

Quinn blushes, and her eyes shift hastily, "What? Me, have a crush on...that's absurd.."

Chuggy takes his place, " idol....when was the popular movie, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure released?"

Reese looks nervous, "Hmm...I never saw that movie.....Nineteen"

Chuggy looks crushed. "That's.......wrong....He was hero is a sham!" Chuggy begins crying furiously.

Reese, looking guilty for Chuggy's mental breakdown, takes a seat in his bleachers, far from Chuggy.

" round. One of you will be asked a question is you are incorrect, it will go to the other person. If they are correct, they win. If they are incorrect, another question will be asked, and so on, until a winner is reached," Chris explains, "These questions will not be asked by your fans, but instead, by me."

"Okay," Quinn and Steven say, simultaneously.

"Alright Quinn, the question is.......what is the highest selling record in the world?" Chris says, narrowing his gaze. A hush falls over the cheering sections.....

"Back in Black, by AC/DC?" Quinn answers, her arms shaking the way wind would shake a sapling.

"Incorrect," Chris smiles. Quinn's cheering sections lets out one, giant sigh. The few people in Steven's section also let out a sigh...of relief.

"Steven, your answer?" Chris turns to Steven, who has also begun to shake.

"..........Michael Jackson's Thriller?" he almost whispers.

"..................Correct!" Chris exclaims. Steven's sheering section lets out cries of joy, and pride. Quinn's section grumbles, and looks uncomfortably to each other.

"As the winner, you'll not only enjoy a free ride to the final three, but also a sneak peak at my remake of Back to the Future, as promised!" Chris puts his arm around Steven, and pulls him towards a private screening room, that is somehow mysteriously just off camera.

"Oh boy! I loved the original Back to the Future!" Steven smiles eagerly, as he sits down, and the film starts. A narration comes from the screen.

"In a world....where cars.....can travel through time...and eccentric scientists can befriends attractive boy...dares to dream....on a higher level..."

Meanwhile, Quinn walks up to Reese, "Hey, Reese, we've got to vote Zuma out tonight, she clearly has the largest fanbase, of all of us.."

Reese nods.

Quinn smiles, and runs over to Zuma, "Zuma, girl, we've got to take out Reese, he clearly has the greatest following from the audience, out of any of us."

Zuma nods, as well.

--Confessional-- "I can't believe that it never hit either of them that the fanbase will have nothing to do with deciding the winner.....that was so easy, it almost wasn't even worth gloating over.....almost. Oh Quinn, you're so in control," Quinn smiles, and takes out a picture of David Bowie. She suddenly looks up at the camera, as if she forgot it was still rolling, "Umm.....who left this picture of David Bowie in my pocket?" --Confessional--

--Campfire Ceremony--

The four campers sit in front of the fire.

"Hey Steven, how was the movie?" Zuma taps him on the shoulder. Steven begins crying uncontrollably.

"Never again....I will never again watch.....that film.....if you're smart, you'll take my word when I say, it killed any hope that I will ever laugh again..."

Chris rolls his eyes, "Oh wasn't that bad...anyway, here's your marshmallow, Steven. Quinn, you're safe, too."

Quinn and Steven collect their marshmallows, and wait beside Chris, anxious to see which of their friends will be going home.

"Reese and Zuma.......this is the final marshmallow of the night............if you do not get this marshmallow, you must walk the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and go. And you may never come back to Drama Island. Ever, and forever. The final marshmallow goes to........................."




"Reese," Chris throws Reese the marshmallow.

Zuma frowns, "Well, this is anti-climactic," she sighs, but quickly smiles, "I'll miss you, guys." Reese, Steven and Quinn hug her warmly, as they all stand smiling for a moment, together. Zuma finally breaks the hug off, and heads down the dock.

"Well, at least I made it this far, right? I'll catch you guys at the finale!" She waves, and smiles modestly as the boat pulls away into the night.

Reese throws his great arms around Steven and Quinn, "Well guys, looks like it's down to just us!"

Chris steps in, "Right you are, Reese-my-man, right you are. There are only two episodes left, people, so be sure to watch again next week, when the final two will be decided! Join us next time on Total.......Drama......Island!"

Chapter Twenty-Two: "Old Endings Bring New Beginnings"

Chris McLean smiles at the camera crew, and looks excited. "Hello everyone out there in TV land! I know last week I said there were two episodes left, but, I lied. Welcome to to Total Drama Island finale! We've got the most exciting challenge yet lined up! It's so monstrously monumental, that I can't believe it's legal!" And intern runs up, and whispers into Chris' ear, "Oh...Nevermind, it isn't legal. Anyway, it's so amazing, the interns having finished putting everything together yet. So, I figured we could kill some time interviewing the final three. The Peanut Gallery of Failure will appear, as well, and hopefully they'll keep their mouths shut. Lets go round up our contestants, shall we?"

The scene changes to Quinn, Steven and Reese, sitting in folding chairs, with bags under their eyes, and big, unhappy frowns. An intern is shaving all of Reese's facial hair off. In the background, the eliminated campers sit in the Peanut Gallery of Failure.

"I'd like each of the final three to share their thoughts on their experiences on the island, friends, conflicts, yadda yadda..." Chris says.

Quinn stands up first, "I'd just like to say that I'm appaulded by the behavior of some of the contestants. This is not how civilized people act. I'm not sure how these people function in regular society acting the way they do here. What with the unexplained spazz attacks," she looks at Gerald, "walking around like you're better than everyone else," she looks at Morgan and Tristan, "and then theres the people that certainly don't belong in the finals," she glares at Reese and Steven, "I'd have to say, this show should be shut down. There are a few people here that come close to normal. Hannah, Wendy and Parker, I'd like to thank you three for at least attempting to conduct yourselves in a normal way," Quinn says.

"What is normal, anyway?" Steven says defensively.

"Don't even go there, Yancy. You know very well I could talk circles around you," Quinn scoffs, and Steven sits down.

"Quinn, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, I'm tired of the sound of your voice, sit down and shut up," Chris smiles, "Next."

Reese is next, "I feel like I've made some true friends here, friends that actually give a crap about what happens to me. I consider almost everyone here my friend, but there's one that rises to the top. I'm talking of course of my best friend in the camp, Parker. Parker could have easily let Rachael eliminate me numerous times, but he saved me. He could have saved him self during the hide-and-seek challenge, but he gave up his shot at five million dollar for me. That's a true friend, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I stand before you here today, proud to know Parker J. McFly, proud o have served with him on the Soaring Ducks, and proud to call him my friend. Parker, I love you like a brother, man," Reese smiles up at Parker, who is sitting by himself on the top row of Peanut Gallery. Parker smiles back faintly, and gives Reese a thumb's up. Reese nods, and continues, "I don't have a major problem with anyone, however, there is one person who took something very dear to me," Reese frowns, and looks directly to Charlie and Nicole, who are holding hands in the second row, "But, I wish them all the happiness in the world, and hope they can forgive me for my past actions against them," Reese sits down, and the Peanut Gallery stand sup, clapping and wiping tears away. Charlie looks hard at Reese, and then to Nicole. He frowns, and sits.

Chris wipes his eyes, "That was touching. I'm going to come right out and say it, Reese, I hope you win. Steven, you're next."

Steven stands, "Ah crap, there's no way to follow that one up," he whispers to himself, "This has been a cool way to spend the summer, on this island. I feel like I've managed to break from my shell of normality, and show people a looser me, less bound by the shackles of society's expectations. I'm free to be weird, here. Free to laugh, cry, hope dream, smile ad love, all beyond the limits set by the outside world. Despite the hardships I've encountered on this show, including physically pain, and heartbreak, I truely hold no grudge against any one, and feel no vice holding me back. I have made many wonderful friends, Andrew, Francine, Laura, Zuma, and of course, Reese," Steven smiles. Francine is shown on the far left of the gallery, Andrew on the far right. Both look touched by Steven's statement. Laura and Zuma hold up a banner that says, 'GO STEVEN', and Reese puts his hand on Steven's shoulder, "There is one other. Wendy, I felt hurt by what you did, but, I understand completely. You obviously did nothing wrong, and I respect that you told me, instead of just avoiding me. I hold nothing against you, and hope we can be friends," Steven smiles meekly at Wendy, who is sitting in the middle of the Gallery. She smiles back, and he nods happily.

Chris smiles, "Lets go see if the interns are done assembling the final challenge."

No sooner had Chris finished his statement, than a scruffy looking intern walks up, holding a strange part.

"Yo Chris, which end of this connects to the pipework?" he asks.

"I dunno, but be careful. That cylinder is on a very tightly wound spring, it could cause some serious trouble if it popped and hit someone in the face," Chris backs away, slowly.

"You mean it could like, kill someone?" the interns asks.

"I don't know about that, but they'd probably sue if they survived."

The intern laughs, "Well, don't worry, I've been around machines all my life, I know how to be careful," The intern smiles, and stands silently. A few seconds later, the spring randomly pops, and sends the cylinder hurtling into the Peanut Gallery of Failure, where it hits Andrew in the face.

"OW!" he screams, "What in the heck..." Andrew stops.

"Dude, where's your accent?" Reese asks.

"Maybe it fell out with that crown tooth," Steven points to a tooth laying on the ground next to Andrew.

A few interns rush out, "Don't worry kid, we have a dentist on scene, he can give you a filling or something. Probably won't save your accent though, I'm afraid that's gone for good.." one of the interns says.

"What? My accent's gone? But....What will I do without my accent?" Andrew follows the interns to a nearby medical tent.

"By the way, the final challenge is done being assembled, Chris," one of the interns shout, as they drag Andrew away.

"Excellent!" Chris shouts, "Final three, follow me!"

The scene changes to the horrified looks on their faces. The camera does not show the challenge itself.

"Well, you'll all need to step up to this line," Chris begins.

"I quit," Steven shakes his head.

"So do I," Quinn and Reese say simultaneously.

"What....but...then there's no winner..." Chris looks confused.

"It's totally not worth it this time. We've been able to slide by before, but I'm sure if we tried this, we'd die. I'm sorry Chris, but I value my life, more than the money," Steven explains. Quinn and Reese nod in agreement.

"Well.....there's only one thing we can do, then....season two," Chris shrugs.

"With three people?" Reese asks.

"No," Chris turns to the Peanut Gallery of Failure, "Your contracts state that in the event of a tie, or no winner being declared, I will select a portion of you to compete once again, for the same money," an intern walks up holding two hats, "Each hat contains eleven names, this hat on the right has the male names, the one on the left has females. I will now randomly select sixteen of you to compete in the next season."

Chris reaches a hand into each hat, "Francine and David," he reaches in again, "Edward and Zuma," and again, "Parker and Victoria."

The six contestants step forward as Chris reaches in again, "Shannon and Gerald, Andrew and Wendy, Kevin and Quinn."

Twelve contestants stand beside Chris, (including Andrew, who had returned from the medical tent), "Only four more spots left.......Reese and..........Hannah," Chris says.

Steven, Laura, Tristan, Rachael, Charlie, Nicole, Morgan and Jessica wait, as Chris reaches in for the final time.



"Jessica and....Tristan."

Tristan sighs deeply, and jogs over to the other contestants, who scowl at him. Jessica, follows, rubbing her hands together with a fresh glob of hand sanitizer.

"The rest of you get to go home, and be with your family," Chris looks to the six who will not return, "The rest of you...I'll see you next week, for the first epsiode of.....Return to Total Drama Action!"

Chris smiles as the camera blacks out.


Elimination Chart
Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Charlie IN WIN SAFE WIN WIN OUT           Returns in Chapter 14 WIN SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN OUT
Gerald IN OUT

Theme Song

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine." (Victoria falls out of a tree, landing in front of Gerald, who runs away waving his arms frantically)

"You guys are on my mind." (David is sleeping in the Mess Hall, Edward and Morgan put shaving cream in his hand and tickle his nose. David doesn't wake up, leaving Edward and Morgan frustrated)

"You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answers plain to see." (Tristan is armwrestling Laura, and defeats her. He throws his hands up in victory, and Reese grabs his hand, taking it as a challenge, and swings his hand down, knocking Tristan out of his seat. Laura points and laughs.)

"I wanna be famous." (Wendy, Steven, Francine and Andrew are playing frisbee. Wendy throws the frisbee to Andrew, who throws it to Francine, who throws it to Steven, hitting him upside his head.)

"I wanna live close to the sun." (Kevin is sunbathing, but has accidentally grabbed a bottle of cooking oil instead of sunscreen.)

"So pack your bags 'cause I've alread won." (Nicole is cheering and doing flips while Zuma sighs and rolls her eyes.)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way. I'll get there one day." (Shannon is sweaping the floor, while Jessica obcessively picks flower petals, dropping them where Shannon has just cleaned.)

"'Cause I wanna be famous." (Hannah and Parker run from Sasquatchanakwa)

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous." (Chris stands next to Chef Hatchet and the Boat of Losers, holding the check for $5,000,000.)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (Whistling starts.)" (Rachael and Quinn are about to fight,Charlie pops up and puts his hands around both of them. The girls look at each other for a moment, and mutually shove Charlie away. The shot zooms out, showing all 22 campers sitting around the fire.)


  • Nearly ever character has gone through extensive change in personality, name, and placement. The only exceptions are Gerald, Shannon, and Steven.
  • The main reason for Shannon's elimination, besides the author disliking the character, is the fact that there was another character whose name began with 's'. The author does not like having too many characters starting with the same letter, and absolutely cannot stand them placing to close together.
  • The author is terrified of being accused of plagarism, and has changed quite a few details to avoid this possibility.This include changing a character from an athletic personality, to an overly dramatic one
  • The author would like to thank Sprinklemist for drawing the characters, and for his continued support of this story.
  • Gerald and Charlie are the only characters to be on a different team than the author intended.
  • The original team names included the 'Killer' and 'Screaming' titles. The original teams were the Screaming Bears and the Killer Ducks.
  • There were originally more Foxes in the final ten than there were Ducks.
  • The original final ten was set to be Rachael, Morgan, Parker, Nicole, Wendy, Charlie, Hannah, Steven, Andrew and Quinn.
  • Rachael and Nicole's names were switched. Meaning that Rachael was to be the name of the overly-friendly girl, and Nicole was to be the antagonist's name. This was changed once the author met a girl named Nicole, who was very nice.
  • Of all the character models Sprinklemist drew for this story, only three are significantly different from what the author pictured. These three are Gerald, Morgan and Steven.
  • Chapter Six is dedicated to the author's cat, who died the day the chapter was published.
  • Nearly ever character has an aspect of the author's personality, and every character (Except Shannon, Victoria and David) has used a reaction that the author has had.
  • When writing dialogue, the author tries to either match up each character with a voice from Total Drama Island that he feels would work for the character, or tries to create a voice himself. This helps with characters who do not always use regular English or proper grammer, such as Reese, Morgan, Andrew and Charlie.
  • There have been three different winners over the course of the series. (This means that before the current winner was decided, three others were chosen).
    • Rachael was the original winner. The other two will be revealed when/if they are eliminated.
    • Charlie was the second winner.
    • Zuma was the third.
  • The original elimination order (when I first started writing, not when the idea was born), up to this point was (Note: originally, no one returned) : Gerald, David, Shannon, Victoria, Charlie, Quinn, Reese, Andrew, Jessica, Kevin, Wendy, Nicole, Tristan, Zuma, Francine, Edward, Hannah, Morgan, Laura, Parker, Steven, Rachael.
  • Gerald, David, Shannon, Victoria, Hannah and Nicole are the only contestants not shown using the confessional this season. However, it was introduced after Gerald, David, Shannon and Victoria had been eliminated, explaining why they never used it. As of season two, Gerald and Nicole are the only two not shown using it.
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