Artisanal Cheeses


Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Canoe Pornographers"
Place 14th
Relationship None
Family Parents, multiple brothers
Friends Artemis, Boris, Roald, Suvir
Enemies Frances
Fear Ebola
Talent Hunting, fishing, drinking beer
Rhett, labeled The Country Bumpkin, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. He was placed on the Artisanal Cheeses team.


Rhett lives deep in the bowels of the southern United States, on a ranch with his parents, his many brothers, and his five-legged cat, Otis. He has been homeschooled for most of his life by his father, who takes time out of his busy schedule of hunting, fishing, and playing the gutbucket to educate Rhett on the ways of life down South. However, he does have a pretty stable social life, as he and his "buddies" go out and party every so often, playing such classic Southern games as cornhole, cow-tipping, and horse-fighting (he claims it's like cock-fighting, but 'more brutal'). One of Rhett's finest achievements in life is winning a chicken nugget-eating contest after eating thirty-seven chicken nuggets in five minutes, which caused him to be viewed as somewhat of a god in his hometown.

Rhett joined Total Drama because he wants to show everyone how strong and resilient he is, and he also wants to win "big bucks."

Total Drama Lakeside


  • Rhett's image, label, and a certain line in his biography are homages to Wes Nale from Survivor: San Juan del Sur.
  • Rhett was originally a contestant in the first draft of the story, Mt. Total Drama, where his personality and design were relatively unchanged other than wearing a different shirt. His original plot was going to end in a medical evacuation after eating too many chicken nuggets.
    • While he was still fodder in the story's final form, I brought him back because I figured he was a unique comic relief character who would provide fun moments if nothing else.
  • I had originally planned for Rhett to be the second-to-last pre-merge boot, but his elimination was bumped up once I realized he was more expendable than others. I did end up really enjoying writing for him, though, and was upset at his elimination.
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