Killer Apples


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Science Is... weird, boring, the list could go on..."
Place 12th
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends None
Enemies Gary, Amanda, Meg, Sharissa
Fear Being clean
Talent Being nasty, failing
Ricky, labeled as The Slob, was a contestant in Total Drama School on the Killer Apples team.


Ricky never really did anything very well. He failed most of his school classes, he could barely run half a mile, and he didn't really have any friends. He began to do so horribly in school that he dropped out of 11th grade. Now, he just sits at home and doesn't really have a life. His parents expected him to fend for himself, and so they both moved away. Now Ricky doesn't have a life. Every day, he wakes up, gets some chips (his breakfast), plops down on his nasty rotting couch and watches wrestling for the whole day. Ricky doesn't really care about personal hygiene, yet he wonders why everyone, even his parents and siblings, tend to stay away from him. Ricky joined Total Drama School because... actually, he didn't. His parents signed him up to get him out of the house.

Total Drama School

In Chapter 1, Ricky comes out third. Right after he is introduced, Chris runs away. Ricky comes out eating chips. He makes Amanda plug her nose, and Carson even faints. People after that begin to trip over Carson. When Kurt comes out, Chris, needing an excuse to tell him to get away from Meg, tells him to go hang out with Ricky. Later, Meg sees Ricky and barfs when she learns that the dorms are co-ed. Ricky is put on the Killer Apples team with Meg, Sharissa, Alex, Gary and Helga.

In Chapter 2, Ricky wakes up Meg by snoring loudly. During the challenge, he is lying on the table and won't budge. Once his team pushes him off, he demands to make the potion. All he does is put his chips into juice. When he feeds his potion to Alex, it first makes Alex scream and roll around on the floor, and it then explodes, making everyone evacuate the room. At the elimination, he is voted off. Ricky gets mad, calls Gary "Little Nerd Jr." and insults everyone. Then Chef throws him into the bus, and he disappears.

Audition Tape

Ricky doesn't have an audition tape, instead it's his parents, because they signed him up. Ricky's mom says, "Hello, Chris McLean. I'd like to have my son Ricky join your show. He needs to learn social skills and he just sits at home the whole day. Thank you." Ricky's mom leaves, and you see Ricky's dad, who is lying on a couch groaning.


  • Ricky was the first contestant voted off of the Killer Apples, and the first contestant overall. He won no A+'s.
  • Ricky is the only character who didn't want to be on the show, his parents signed him up.
  • Ricky did not make it to the next season, Total Drama: Tiki Jungle.


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