Fizzled Fireworks

Riley for Rhonda.png

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "How I Met Your Brother"
Place 5th
Relationship Griswold,
Family eight older brothers, pet ferret
Friends Griswold, Ignacio, Easton, Seraphina, Lita, Toby, Zipporah (on Riley's side), Ness, Tessa, Chip & Flutina, Weston, Vance,
Enemies Diamonique, Kalino, Melissa,
Fear Peacocks
Talent Skateboarding, Wrestling

Riley, labeled The Bro, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. She is a member of the Fizzled Fireworks.


Riley was an unexpected addition to her family; she was her parent’s most recent child in nine years, and first daughter after eight sons. Regardless, she was welcomed with open arms. Sadly, her parents died in a car accident when she was only one. It was left to her brothers to take care of her, who tried as best they could. Being a pretty tight family, they moved into an apartment they could all afford and they’ve been living together in that same apartment ever since. 

Riley’s brothers are pretty laid back, but love to party, and live a chill, comfortable lifestyle. While some may not consider it a practical lifestyle, the brothers (and Riley) enjoy it. Riley takes very much after her brothers, being chill, party loving, and generally nice. They’ve taught her a lot; how to plays sports, wrestle, party, and methods of saving money like thrift shopping.

Riley doesn’t really mind she isn’t as feminine as most other girls. Riley has several male friends who consider her just another one of the guys. Girls tend to like her too, as she is a very good matchmaker, seeing how bad heartbreak has been for her brothers in the past.

Riley joined the show to earn money for her brothers, so she can repay them and they can stop living in apartment and and live in a mansion, with monkey butlers like they’ve all always dreamed of.



Supergrass - Alright

Riley's theme song, "Alright" by Supergrass.

  • Riley was the tenth eliminated at the merge, eighth from the Fizzled Fireworks, and eighteenth eliminated overall. She received fifteen cups of coffee.
  • Riley's theme song was chosen because I felt like it fit her mood; having a good time and feeling good. (It does use some outdated slang however).
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