River, labeled as The Hippie, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Red Carpets
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Arts and Rafts"
Place Sixteenth/Fifteenth
Relationship Terri (one sided, on his side)
Friends Luca, Monique, Terri (on his side), Sydney
Enemies Terri (on her side)
Talent Running Track


River was born on the side of a flowery hill, and that was where he was raised. He got water from the stream, and fruits from the trees. He's always been taught to love nature, and be kind to trees and animals. His parents told him to love all of the world's people, too. One day, a flyer blew out into the meadows he lived in, and he picked it up. He read it over, and decided he wanted to audition. He went into a nearby town, and had help from various locals in making his audition tape, and sending it in. His parents disapproved of this, but he went ahead and did it, anyway. He joined to make new friends, and to have new experiences.


  • River’s design greatly resembles by Sprinklemist’s Al.
  • River was named River because hippie names are often influenced by nature, so River seemed like a good fit for a hippie boy.
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