Artisanal Cheeses
Killer Wildcats


Gender Male
Hair color Dark blue
Episode Eliminated "The Whine and Cheese Club"
Place 9th/8th
Relationship Whitney
Family Parents, brother, cousin
Friends Boris, Rhett, Suvir, Kelsey, Graham, Christian, Frances
Enemies Kaitlin
Fear Seals
Talent Winter sports, having massive amounts of energy
Roald, labeled The Extreme Sports Enthusiast, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. He was originally placed on the Artisanal Cheeses team, but switched to the Killer Wildcats in the fifth chapter.


Roald has always been an energetic individual, and he's lately channeled that energy into sports. Although he's a stocky guy with a pudgy, penguin-like body, he's extremely proud of his athletic prowess and spends most of his time "honing his skills." He wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn to go to the gym, where he swims (although he's not a very good swimmer, since his buoyant body just causes him to float), makes small talk with the front desk guys, and attempts to fit in with the giant, jacked guys in the weight room. Outside of the gym, he considers himself the "strong, silent type"⁠—he often butchers simple phrases and tries to relate everything back to his workout regime, but he displays an impressive amount of motivation and dedication in his personal life and has an impressively big heart. 

Roald's cousin did well in Total Drama, and once Roald found out about the show, he just had to apply so he could showcase his impressive biceps in a new setting. 

Total Drama Lakeside

Audition Tape

Roald, clad in form-fitting workout gear, is standing in an empty garage with Puck, who looks extremely happy to be there.

"YO!" he shouts. "The name's Roald! I'm here with my best c-c-cuz, Puck, who's gonna tell YOU why I should be on Total Drama!"

"Haha, yeah!" Puck says, giving Roald a hearty pat on the back. "So, listen up, Chris. Roald is the 'chillest' guy I know! He's also got wicked-mad athletic skills, and he knows how to have an awesome time! Now, I spent a lotta my time on the show hangin' out with Wolfie and getting distracted by Casey, but Roald is one focused dude! He's not gonna let stuff like that harsh his mellow. He's gonna take this competition to the max!"

"That was an awesome pep talk, b-b-buddy!" sputters Roald, starting to tear up for some reason. "C'mon, man! Bring it in!" He embraces Puck in a gigantic bear hug, and the two hug it out until the camera turns to static.


  • Roald, similar to a certain few of my past characters, is named after and based around a character of the same name from Animal Crossing.
    • I first decided I'd write this story after drawing human versions of three characters in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town—Roald, Whitney, and Beardo (Graham)—and realizing I could create a love triangle between them.
  • Roald was created for comic relief, like Puck, but I wanted to give him better characterization than similar characters from my past, hence the plots with Boris and Whitney.
  • He and Whitney were always planned to leave back-to-back in the early merge, but I didn't decide it would be in a double elimination until I incorporated Kelsey's fake elimination.
  • For his relationship with Whitney, I purposely wrote them with over-the-top humor and a questionably short exposition, similar to Total Drama Island's actual couples, to contrast the more drawn-out, will-they-won't-they romantic arc between Graham and Kelsey.


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