Team Misfitz


Episode Eliminated "The Frosted Games"
Place 6th
Relationship Hannah
Friends Rosalie, Twilight, Vishal, Zaina
Enemies Britt

Saber, labeled as the Fantasy Geek, is a contestant on Total Drama Frozen.


Saber was never exactly part of this time zone, not if you were to ask him anyways. Every since he left the womb, he was different. His first word ever was ‘prince’, quickly followed after by ‘me’. His parents grew worried as the young Saber grew older, as the young “prince” crafter makeshift swords and shields and would go out and slay the neighbourly dragons. After a funeral for their neighbours kitten, Von-Meow, his parents began to send him to therapy in hopes to normalize their child. After a number of years, with constant therapy, Saber seemed normal… Partially anyways. While he was still obsessed with the fantasy realm, he wasn’t going out imagining soaring dragons around every corner, and no longer feared an assassin would poison his chalice. After seeing a real-live replica of Excalibur, from Merlin on Ebay, Saber signed up to Total Drama Frozen in hopes of winning the grand prize to pay his way to becoming the next young prince.


  • In the original Frozen, Saber came 5th. He would try to show Britt how evil Jade is so that they can return to being friends- however Britt eliminates him instead. 
  • Saber's artwork was made by Mana
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