Stupendous Singers
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "That was really uncalled for."
Place 5th
Relationship None
Family Sister
Friends Rydel (in a sense), Sammi (maybe)
Enemies Chris, Lemmie, Iggy, Minttu
Fear Izzy
Talent Strategy, film-making

Saku, labeled as The Cold-Heart The Defensive Strategist, is a competitior in Total Drama Culture.

Audition Tape

Saku is sitting in a small blue bedroom.

"Cast me please," he says. "I really need the money, and I'll do anything to get it. If you don't let me in, I'll be sitting all alone editing the TDFanfiction Wiki, wondering what could have been." He sighs. "C'mon, you need to pick me. I'll play whatever game you want me too, even though you just lost it." He turns off the camera.


  • Saku was supposed to always be a bad guy, but after Minttu's merge storyline was added, he was altered somewhat.
  • Saku's account on TDFF Wiki is QueenOrangeSoda Finnguy53.
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