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Salem, labeled as the Perky Goth, is a contestant on Total Drama Eclipse.


Salem first fell in love with vampires when she discovered that she was allergic to garlic similar to them. Since that day, Salem has adored anything creepy, spooky, mystical or mysterious.

She spends her time trying to learn witch spells or make potions, though they haven’t done anything...yet. Her reading consists entirely of encyclopedias of cryptids and monsters, or supernatural YA romance novels. Salem’s never dated anyone before, despite her efforts at trying to raise her own zombie boyfriend.

Despite her interests and dark clothing, Salem is positive and easily excited, if a little quiet. She actually has many friends, despite her fascinations.

Salem heard how about the strange sea creatures and hidden places the sailors visited last season. She also heard the show was being themed around Autumn this time, her favorite season, and she couldn’t sign up fast enough.

Total Drama Eclipse: 



  • Salem was created by Rhonda, as a gift for being an awesome Twin. 
  • Salem's artwork was created by Wiz Dan.
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