Sally, labeled as The Moody Girl, was a contestant in Total Drama World and Total Drama Losers.

Crushing Explorers
Losing Losers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated TDW - "Welcome to Total Drama World."
TDL - "It's all up to Audrey"
Place TDW - Twelfth
TDL - Twenty-Second
Friends Jessica, Keyana, George, Elvis
Enemies Rob, Charles

Chapter Guide

Total Drama World

Chapter One - Sally was chosen to be on the Crushing Explorers team. They lost the challenge of climbing the Eiffel Tower. Sally voted for Rob, but was voted out.

Total Drama Losers

Chapter One - Sally is put on the Losing Losers team. Sally voted for Rob.

Chapter Two - Sally was recruited to join an alliance by Elvis. When her team finds Salvatore, she offers to let him join their alliance at the merge. Sally was told both plans to vote out Jess and to vote out James, and voted for James.

Chapter Three - After her team lost, Sally cried in the confession about how she didn't know what was happening. Sally voted for Jess. Sally was voted out almost unanimously after Audrey managed to convince everyone, including Elvis' alliance, to vote Sally off.


Total Drama World

Sally had a brief alliance with Jessica.

Total Drama Losers

Sally joined Elvis' original alliance.


When she turned thirteen, Sally became incredibly moody. She hates to be called "emo," because she is terrified of goths. She likes to be dramatic. Some people find that annoying. She is often soft spoken. She also loves shopping.


Total Drama World

  • Sally is an edit of the Camp TV design of Sadie.
  • Sally received four votes.
  • Much of Sally's personality was unknown until the finale and her audition tape were posted.

Total Drama Losers

  • In both seasons, the first person Sally voted for is Rob.
  • Sally received eight votes.
  • Sally is one of five returning contestants to get a lower ranking in this season, the others being Rob, James, "The Hobo", and Elvis.
    • She, "The Hobo," and Elvis did last more chapters this time, however.
  • Sally was the only girl from Total Drama World to return.
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