Sanctuary 2017

Many years after the previously infamous "Total Drama" television series seized to exist on modern television, and where "The Ridonculous Race" took over reality television and the world in a violent, unavoidable storm, the original fans of the "Total Drama" franchise started to form an uprising against the directors, producers, and other related personnel at the show, demanding that the show would be renewed for one final season to say a final goodbye to the franchise that every fan had dreamed of. A few years continued to pass with little word, however, seemingly overnight, the "Total Drama" franchise began to gain a larger fandom, becoming more and more popular, leading the show to finally return in a bigger and better fashion that any season that had previously aired.

However, as the once-popular franchise found it's footing again on modern television, the creators behind the original show wanted to create another spin-off, entailing a new adventure in a new direction to appeal to a new audience. The concept behind the show and the elements that made Total Drama hit the drawing board, and slowly but surely, an entirely new game was devised, with an entirely new cast of characters ready to take on what is said to be the hardest game to air on network television.

Twenty of the most daring and insane contestants have signed up for a new reality competition show, where they will have to live in the middle of nowhere on a random remote island with nineteen strangers with little-to-no human resources to their name. They are all masters at the art of deceit, and will do everything and anything in their power to ensure that they are the sole survivor of the game. The once easy reality show of Total Drama has become more advanced and revolutionised, and has became an ordeal that will test even the strongest members of the human race. 

Welcome to a game of lies, deception and survival, welcome to Sanctuary.

Written by, Bleak Moonlight.

Word Count: 0,000

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Update Log

  • July 01, 2017: Work began on Sanctuary.


Note: Stereotypes could possibly change if the author feels they can be phrased better in the future

CerysSanctuary FaithSanctuary LaveniaSanctuary NiamhSanctuary
The Methodical Cheerleader The Naive Fantasist The Impulsive Bookworm The Fitness Fanatic
BrookeSanctuary EsmeSanctuary JasmineSanctuary MarkieSanctuary
The Argumentative Charmer The Ditzy Wallflower The Holy Worshipper The Gothic "Lost Cause"
PhyllisSanctuary IncaSanctuary AlfieSanctuary DariusSanctuary
The Edgy Barbie Doll The Secretive Beautician The Provocative Hipster The Deadpan Dictionary
HamishSanctuary JordanSanctuary MarleySanctuary NightwolfSanctuary
The Juvenile Prankster The Sarcastic Storm The Technological Shut-In The Socially Awkward
PorterSanctuary RileySanctuary TaronSanctuary WarrenSanctuary
The Determined Artist The Athletic Beast The Cocky Punk Rocker The Elite Gentleman

Episode Guide

  1. If We Lose Our Hope...


Episode 01: If We Lose Our Hope...

Elimination Table

Warning: Spoilers surrounding the elimination process follow. Please read at your own risk.
Rank Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
TBA Esme
TBA Jasmine
TBA Jordan
TBA Marley
TBA Phyllis
TBA Nightwolf
TBA Markie
TBA Niamh
TBA Warren
TBA Alfie
TBA Cerys
TBA Darius
TBA Inca
TBA Lavenia
TBA Riley
TBA Faith
TBA Porter
TBA Taron
TBA Brooke
TBA Hamish


     NAME: This contestant was part of Queen of Hearts.
     NAME: This contestant was part of King of Clubs.
     WIN: This contestant won the challenge for their team.
     WIN: This contestant was on the winning team.
     SAFE: This contestant was up for elimination but received no votes.
     IN: This contestant was up for elimination and received votes, but was deemed safe.
     LOW: This contestant was the final contestant to be safe.
     OUT: This contestant was voted off the show regularly.
     QUIT: This contestant quit the show.
     LEFT: This contestant left the show irregularly.
     This contestant did not participate in this episode.

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