Tenacious Titans
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "To be determined"
Place To be determined
Family Mother, father, step-mother, step-father, older step-brother, younger step-brother, older brother, younger brother, older step-sister, younger step-sister, older sister, younger sister
Friends To be determined
Enemies To be determined
Fear Individuality
Talent Twitting, being trendy, writing for Bloosh

Sebastian, labeled The Trendy Mogul, is a contestant on Total Drama: Mount Olympus, and a member of the Tenacious Titans team.


Sebastian is always looking for new ways to spice up his life. He considers himself hip and is always up to date on the newest trend. A socialite at heart, Sebastian’s thousands of Tweeter followers and FacePlace friends should be evidence enough of his mogul status. Sebastian owns his own magazine company called Bloosh, where he talks about the latest food craze, fashion, and music. With the click of a button, he can completely change what young kids are wearing and advertising. He owns several pairs of tight-fitting denim jeans, but he may make a switch to cargo pants depending on what’s “in” next month. Besides hair gel and fake tans, Sebastian has a passion for mahogany and other fetch things, and is driven by mainstream culture. Sebastian lacks individuality, and often takes the personality of whoever he is talking to or dating. His personality, or rather, a lack of one, either irritates people or will gain Bloosh a new subscriber. Sebastian may be devoid of a personality out of immaturity, or it could potentially be insecurity and a fear of being himself.


  • Sebastian's picture was drawn by BrunoSomebody and used with permission. Thanks, Bruno!
  • Sebastian was initially supposed to be a hopeless romantic. 
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