Sharon is a bit of a wacky girl. She is a contestant in Total Drama Mania.

Sharon joined to make new friends.

Demolishing Sharks/ Flying Flamingoes
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Day 11: A Laser Tag Battle to Remember... But Not Really..."
Place Thirteenth
Friends Ernesto, Sunny, Blossom, Jakey
Enemies Carter, Ronda, Ali, Elaine
Fear Being in charge of someone's life.
Origin Chicago, Illinois

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: She did not advance through to the next round of the singing contest. Her team won.

Challenge 2: She was paired with Ernesto for the challenge. Her team lost.

Challenge 3: She worked with Sunny and Blossom for the challenge. Her team lost.

Challenge 4: She auditioned for the musical along with Jakey and got the part. Her team won.

Challenge 5: She didn't do well in the freeze dance. Her team lost.

Challenge 6: She did well in the cleaning contest, got transferred to the Flying Flamingoes. Her team lost.

Challenge 7: She helped design Ronda's dress, her team won.

Challenge 8: She was able to conquer her fear, saving Jason's life in the process, and her team won.

Challenge 9: She was in a dolphin race, which she lost. Her team won.

Challenge 10: She was in the final 4 for the laser tag shoot out, but she accidentally tripped on the gun, shooting herself and Carter, who both remained for her team. Her team lost because of her, and she was eliminated.

Challenge 18: She voted for Blossom to win. She voted for Ronda to lose.


Sharon is pictured in a dance studio, she is wearing tights and a beret. She turns to the camera and waves, "Hi there!! I'm Sharon, and I want to be on Total Drama Mania! I'm a nice, wacky girl! You can't resist the dancer!" She stretches her leg up so far that it is parallel with her other leg. Then she says, "Did you see that? You need to do be able to do that to dance ballet!" She starts pirouetting madly around the studio, knocking another girl over in the process. She stops in front of the camera and says, "SORRY JANICE! As I was saying ballet is not all I do. I also do Jazz!" She plays a Jazz track and she starts flailing her arms wildly, and snapping her fingers as she flails. She starts running around the studio, and knocks over Janice again, "SORRY AGAIN JANICE!! I also can do the chicken dance!" She plays the chicken dance and starts dancing. Janice comes up from behind Sharon and tackles her. They wrestle, and the camera shuts off.


Sharon is the most well liked girl in her class. She has so many friends that she can't remember all their names. She always wants more friends, which is the main reason she joined TDM.


  • Sharon was the first female eliminated from the Flying Flamingoes.
  • Sharon was originally supposed to be based off of someone, but the character took on a life of her own.
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