Flabby Jowls


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Puckémon"
Place 18th
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends Julian, Tolkien
Enemies Yuri, Layla
Fear Electric Eels, giant snakes with Courtney heads attached to them
Talent Rapping
Shawn is labeled as The Jamaican Rapper in Total Drama Tokyo.


Shawn Havana lives in Jamaica, with his mom and dad. He has always liked to rap, and he is somewhat good at it. He goes to the beach every day and just lies there, on the sand, which has made him fat. He doesn't like to exercise or do anything physical related. He was lying on the beach one day, doing nothing but singing to his surfboard, and a music producer suddenly stumbled upon him. The producer was amazed at Shawn's "interesting" appearance, and his voice. The producer decided to sign Shawn to a record deal, and Shawn was happy about this. His first single was "Water Rushing" and it sold over 9,000 copies after five minutes. Then, he and his parents then moved to the richest part of Jamaica. Shawn, being famous and all, should be the type of person to get girls, but the only problem is that he's very fat and somewhat annoying, and girls think he's repulsive. But then girls started to realize that he had a lot of money because he was famous, and so they started to date him just because of that. Shawn has had fifteen girlfriends who all used him for his money. He then eventually realized that girls were using him, and he got really upset, so he laid in his room for a week, moaning and crying.

His mom then came in and told him that some guy named Chris McLean loved his music and wanted him to compete in a reality show, so Shawn accepted.


  • Shawn shares his name with a canon contestant from Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. This character was created and revealed years after I made Shawn, though.
  • Shawn is obviously based on Sean Kingston.
  • Shawn's "CAVI" name tag is a reference to a video on YouTube.


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