Sheldon, labeled as The Science Dork, is a contestant in Total Drama World.

Striking Tourists
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Welcome to Egypt."
Place Eleventh
Relationship Amanda
Friends Amanda
Enemies Greg, Hank, Britanny, Jillian
Counterpart Amanda

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Sheldon was chosen to be on the Striking Tourists team. He was the last person to make it up the Eiffel tower. His team won the challenge.

Chapter Two - Sheldon struggled in the challenge and stayed behind with Amanda. Sheldon was voted out because he was too weak.


Amanda - It was revealed int he finale that Sheldon and Amanda started going out after they were eliminated. They kissed repeatedly during the finale.


Sheldon was in a very short-lived alliance with Amanda.


Sheldon started liking chemistry as a small child, when he accidentally blew up his preschool. Teachers tried to hold him back, but Sheldon knew he was destined for greater things. He accidentally turned pasta to life, and was grounded for several years. He knew that being on television could help promote his research.


  • Sheldon's apperance is an edit of Camp TV Justin.
  • Sheldon received four votes.
  • Sheldon, and the author's other Justin edit, Dustin, have both been nerdy versions of Justin.
  • Sheldon was named after Sheldon Cooper, a scientist on The Big Bang Theory.
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