Sherloch, labeled as the Detective is a contestant in Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem. He was originally on the Sandy Dollars team. He will be returning for Total Drama Vegas City.

Sandy Dollars
[[Image:Sherloch TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Carnival of Madness"
Place 18th
Relationship None
Friends Unknown
Enemies Janey (from his point of view), most of his teammates
Fear Not finding the right culprit
Talent Doing detective work


Sherloch is a very smart man and is also good at solving problems. There was once a time when he was able to find a culprit to take to the police using his detective skills. The police thought that he did such a good job at finding the culprit that he was assigned to help them out. After that he managed to capture four more culprits using his dectective skills and the mayor gave him an award for being very helpful for the police and beign a very good detective. Despite all this he felt like doing something else that didn't involve the police or his detective work. That's when he saw an ad for Total Drama and he decided to join it because he thought it looked interesting.

Sherloch joined Total Drama because he wanted to do something else other than his detective work and helping the police.

Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem

Sherloch was one of the later contestants to arrive at Oweguy's Beach Resort and he said that he wanted to take a break from his detective work which is why he joined. During the first two challenges, Sherloch didn't do much and rarely interracted with anyone. During the challenge at Oweguy's Carnival on the pier, Sherloch didn't want to do the bumper cars challenge but the others forced him to. During the challenge, Janey kept ramming into his bumper car and he got upset by this and dropped out of the challenge making his team lose because of that. Due to this, Sherloch was voted off and he was upset that they voted off someone that would've helped their team but no one cared about that and he then left on the Boat of Losers.

After Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem


  • TDALindsayfan1 gave me the name for Sherloch. His name is a referance to Sherlock Holmes.
  • I planned on Sherloch going farther in the story but I couldn't figure out something for him to do.
  • Despite being an early out Sherloch is still a fan favorite of the story.


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