Shirley, labeled as The Teen Star, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Movie Premiers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "The Fame Game"
Place Tenth
Friends Kurt, Juliana, Hailey, Lydia (on Lydia's side)
Enemies Lydia (on Shirley's side)
Fear Her fame declining
Talent Acting


Shirley’s mother is a famous actress, and her father is a world-renowned businessman. This helped her make her long climb to fame. She started out small, local commercials and the like. Then she grew bigger, and she got an agent with help from her mother. She acts in movies in all genres, and is known around the world. She treats her maid and butler like her parents, as she never sees her own, but she doesn’t let that get to her or her personal life. She joined Total Drama: Los Angeles in order to gain even more fame.


  • Shirley is named after Shirley Temple, a famous child actress.
  • One of Shirley’s prototype names was Jodie, for Jodie Foster.
  • Shirley was one of the characters that was created at the beginning, and not replaced with a different character.
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