Sierra Jenkins (Sierra Anderson as of Big House), labeled the Obessive Uber Fan, was one of the three newcomers who debuted in Total Drama World Tour. She originally competed on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, but switched teams with Izzy in the second episode, placing her on Team Amazon. She was a contestant in Total Drama All-Stars, competing on the Heroic Hamsters. She then returns in Total Drama 60 Club as one of the antagonists and a finalist, winning with Bermuda Square. She competed on the Screaming Gophers V2, the Screaming Gophers Mk III, the Screaming Gophers Gen 4, and Blue Square, naming all of the teams except Blue Square. She also makes a guest appearance on Big House with her husband, Cody, where they announce their marriage and host a Removal Battle. She then returns on Total Drama Bermuda Square vs Tripartite Alliance vs Classics, competing on Team Bermuda Square

As of Topher the Price Of One, she is the fiancee of Cody, and as of Big House, she is married to Cody.


With blogs dedicated to every member of the cast and personal information extending as far as their dental records, Sierra is Total Drama's biggest fan, and Cody is her favorite contestant and crush, and her boyfriend until Topher the Price Of One, when he becomes her fiancee. She also formerly adored Chris, before finding that he was just as harsh, if not harsher, to her, in comparison to all other contestants. Being a blogger, she sometimes uses Internet slang acronyms such as "LOL" or "OMG" when she converses with the others. She quite evidently spends a lot of her time online based on her dependency on the Internet throughout seasons 3 and 5, but this is not seen in 60 Club, as her main ally is able to turn her into a very strong manipulator

Whenever deprived of the Internet and her devices, Sierra will devise questionable and unusual methods to cope with it, such as using a pizza box as a laptop during Total Drama World Tour or having a mental breakdown when her smartphone is broken in Total Drama All-Stars (though this is due to her being unintentionally drugged by Cody. Sierra admits that a great amount of her knowledge and her multiple skills have been garnered from the Internet, her family, or a relative of another contestant. She seems to be a maternal person, having adopted two animals and referred to herself as their mother. She is generally polite, enthusiastic, and easygoing. However, she can also be aggressive and violent, especially when Cody is threatened or near another girl.

In 60 Club, she is much more levelheaded, as she is turned into a strong manipulator by Mark, who also hooks her up with Cody. She becomes extremely strong in challenges, and helps Mark blackmail Noah into voting Gwen out to save Sammy. With her ability to manipulate, and being less distracted by attempting to win over Cody, she not only wins the season with the rest of her alliance, but she also wins an engagement to Cody.


Total Drama 60 Club

We're Billionaires!... In 2 Months... Maybe?

In the captain vote, Sierra votes for Cody, due to her obession with him, and is elected to be a team captain. She selects Cody, Ella, Mark, Sammy, Eva, Vladimir, B, and Liam for her team, the Screaming Gophers V2. In the challenge, she hides in a Total Drama fan convention, and sees Jasmine in the Pacific Mall.

Extreme Mall Day

At the start of the episode, Cody is sleeping on her lap, before Chris wakes him up. Mark then offers her and Cody an alliance, as part of his plan to eliminate DJ. She and Cody accept, beginning the unification of Bermuda Square. In the challenge, when the contestants pair off, she runs her hand through Cody's hair when asking to pair with him.

Rush-ian Insanity

In the challenge, Sierra is scared when Mark goes too fast in the bobsledding challenge. When she crashes, she questions if she is in "the Cody Republic of Cody."

Total Drama Straining Camp 

In the gauntlet drill, Sierra is able to win after Cody suggests that she pretend that she is carrying him. She is also able to eliminate Dave later in the drill. When Bermuda Square proposes an alliance to Dawn, Sierra sings Allied. In the boat drill, Sierra is able to eliminate Brick, by getting Mark to claim that there were Hornets in the area, knowing that Brick is allergic. She also manages to eliminate Shawn, Tobias, and Dawn (who threw the challenge to eliminate Scott). In the Oklahoma Drill, due to Cody being the running back, Sierra is not only able to take out Tyler, but also throw him into LeShawna, easily allowing Cody to win the drill. In the first round of the Sumo drill, Coach Brown sets Cody and Sierra up against each other, due to him wanting to see the matchup. Sierra quickly pancakes Cody, winning the drill and eliminating Cody, however, due to their football helmets, they are unable to make out, but Sierra does carry Cody to the sideline. In the second round, however, she is easily defeated by Eva. When Eva asks Sierra who is in danger, and she give her Jasmine, Kim, and Dawn.

Epic Rap Battles of Total Drama 60 Club 

After the Anti-Manipulator Alliance busts Mark for eliminating DJ, due to Ella blowing his cover, Sierra comes up with the idea of using a proxy to weaken the Anti-Manipulator alliance. In the challenge, LeShawna roasts Sierra for being crazy, having an obsession with Cody, being on Team Courtney in the Courtney-Duncan-Gwen love triangle, hallucinating everyone on her team to be Cody in All Stars, and getting eliminated for blowing up the plane in All Stars. Sierra retaliates by roasting LeShawna's weight, her missing 13 free throws in a basketball game, having no muscle, and not being Canadian, winning the rap battle. Her team wins, so in the second part of the challenge, Sierra roasts herself for being a stalker, trying to match purple and green in her style, not seeing Cody voting for her in World Tour, and having a Prius for a car. She then offers to have Bermuda Square help Sky and Dave get back together, if they vote for Scarlett.

A Day Off 

When Mark proposes that Bermuda Square name their alliance, Sierra proposes Bermuda Square. While Bermuda Square discusses with Kim about how to take down the Anti-Manipulator Alliance, she suggests going after LeShawna at first, to take down the Tripartite Alliance, but is vetoed by Mark, who doesn't think that the Tripartite Alliance is a problem at the time. When Mark tries to set up Harold and LeShawna, Sierra is unable to help, due to her having sex with Cody in the hotel.

Do Not Talk About Dodgeball

At the start of the episode, Sierra is letting Cody sleep on her lap and suck her thumb, but when Cody wakes up and notices that he is sucking Sierra's thumb, he is surprised, and falls. Then, she and Cody make out. In the challenge, Sierra suggests that the Rising Stars are the weakest team after Mark notes that he isn't very good at dodgeball. She is then able to use Cody's static-charged ball trick to hit Brick. At elimination, Sierra votes for Amy with Bermuda Square, Vladimir, and Sammy.

My Breathing Is Just Ferdinand

At the start of the episode, Sierra is making out with Cody. She suspects that Chris might put two quadruple elimination challenges in a row. When Chris mentions the statue challenge, she and Cody cringe with bad memories from Paris in season 3. She mentions that her last name is Jenkins, and then jokes that it will hopefully soon be Anderson. Later, she begins to bring up OCTBI syndrome, but Mark claims that the Screaming Gophers Mk III are immune. She agrees to go with Cody to build the boats, assuming Cody doesn't build Gwen's face; Cody replies that an altered version of his design of Gwen's face has very good structural resilience. She still agrees to go with Cody, offering to build the weapons. When Kitty mentions that Sierra and Cody "broke the spring" on her love detector, she and Cody respond by making out. For the weapons in the challenge, Sierra designs Molotov Cocktails. She and Cody come in second. When she and Cody are blasted out of the water by Liam and B, she lands on top of Cody, prompting her to reenact their first kiss from Niagara Brawls. She defends Cody in the tiebreaker challenge, and points out how, taken out of context, 3 Cody ships could be seen: NoCo, Gwody, and "Corrie," leading to Noah, Gwen, and Carrie to become annoyed with Sierra, before TheNewGame notes that he does not ship NoCo.

Topher the Price of One

At the start of the episode, Sierra compliments the twist of the team stage sudden death double elimination challenge. Later in the episode, she cuddles with Cody in 1st class. Dave comments about the "mandatory Coderra moment," before TheNewGame comments about the use of Coderra, and foreshadows the later engagement of the two. Later, when Cody proposes that Bermuda Square ally with another team, she calls the move bold. She then suggests Team Unity, for having strong players, and being the least likely to backstab. When Mark and Eva go on the beam in the challenge, Sierra comments that her "Maeva blogs are going to explode." She then warns Mark and Eva that their duel will launch her Maeva blog. After Eva wins her duel against Owen, she picks Sierra and Emma to duel. Sierra wins the duel. After the Screaming Gophers Mk III take first in the challenge, she takes Cody back to first class to make out. When Sammy discovers Mark's green notebook, she tries to pressure him into saying what it is; eventually, Mark admits it is his writing. Later, Cody presents Sierra with a birthday gift in the form of a laser light show, showcasing their love story from World Tour to just before the start of 60 Club. After, Cody decides to write another chapter in their story, and after giving a speech about how much she cares about him, asks her to marry him. Sierra is initially in a bit of disbelief, but quickly accepts the proposal, before calming down. She, along with Cody, then assure the audience that they are still as focused on the game as they were before they got engaged.

You Bet Your Monaco

When Mark asks for evidence against Kim, in order to form the Second Order of the Fallen Star, Sierra gives him the fact that Kim flirted with Leonard, before causing her elimination. In the challenge, she gets €34,000. When the Second Order of the Fallen Star asks Sierra to get Kim to vote out Ezekiel, she produces a fake photo of Ezekiel flirting with Josee. It works, and Kim votes for Ezekiel. Sierra gets confused when Cody gives Kim an immunity idol; however, it turns out to have been created via a 3D printer, and Kim is eliminated in a 4-1 vote.

The Mark Job

At the start of the episode, she joins the rest of Bermuda Square in singing Best Buffer Friends. When a local find out that Sierra and Cody are engaged, he passes out from shock. In the challenge, Sierra plays in the second round, and gets a £10,000 bundle, but runs out of time before she can get a second bundle, sending the Screaming Gophers Mk III to elimination.

This Game Is For Bluffers

At the start of the episode, Sierra helps Mark with his "pressure cooker" approach to setting up Liam and Kitty. During the challenge, she grows bored, and goes on a walk with Mark, where she runs into Chris, where she finds that he is trying to become famous again, while Tobias is signing up for Topher's new realty show. At the end of the episode, as part of Chris bribing Mark to make him famous again, she gets $100,000.

Don't Close Your Eyes

Sierra engages in the prank war on the Screaming Gophers Mk III. She, along with Cody, pranks Chris by making Chris think he had to stop his appearance stylists from leaving, but leaving a stink bomb in Chris' trailer. Later, Cody pranks her by replacing her purple hair dye with cyan hair dye, then Chris dumps dye remover in her hair, revealing that her natural hair color is black. After Cody falls asleep, Sierra lets him suck her thumb, keeping her awake. She passes out by 85 hours. After Mark attacks Chris for bringing up The Big Sleep, Sierra encourages the team to simply vote out Katie, as the alliance outsider. Katie is eliminated in a 6-2 vote, with only Chris and Katie voting for Mark.

Bermuda Delta

In the first challenge, Sierra gets Cody, and Cody gets Sierra. They both forfeit, keeping each other safe. She is assigned to Blue Square, due to being part of Bermuda Square. She notes that there's an upper and lower caste in the game, and notes that while usually, there's just one manipulator in the game, but in the case of 60 Club, it was a bunch of manipulators using other players to fight their battles, and comparing it to a 3-way cold war. When Mark schemes to use the cancellation idol, she agrees with Cody about the fact that they should eliminate Kitty, as the strongest link among the outsiders. For the challenge, Sierra offers to roast everyone, claiming that she will get Heather and Alejandro's votes, but she actually throws the challenge. She roasts Mark for doing the same thing that almost got Heather voted off in Not Quite Famous to set up Liam and Kitty, Heather for reading Gwen's diary in the same episode, Lindsay for mixing up push and pull in All Stars, Alejandro for having fewer fans then Noah, and Noah for kissing Cody's ear in The Big Sleep.

Square Pole Dancing

In the auction, she wins information about the formation of the Second Square alliance. She is able to throw the challenge after she is picked to be on the pole in the final part of the challenge. In the alliance meeting before the elimination, Sierra votes to eliminate Liam despite Cody's vote, but is quickly able to flip Cody, and Liam is voted out in a 4-3 vote

Idle Idol

At the start of the episode, Sierra gives Cody a foot rub. When Bermuda Square debates the truth of the theory of Trent leading the Tripartite Alliance being true, Sierra mentions that it's the only thing they have to go on, and that they've got nothing to lose by being wrong and eliminating Trent. She is annoyed when she finds out that Cody should have made the finals of World Tour. During the challenge, Beth rips off Sierra's top to distract Cody, doing so successfully. This leads to everyone stripping for the challenge. When Bermuda Square decides whether or not to vote off one of their own instead of Sammy, due to Sammy having the cancellation idol and being unlikely to act in their favor, Sierra promotes voting for Sammy, believing she would vote out the same person they would vote out. The alliance decides to vote for Sammy. However, Sammy plays her cancellation idol, and decides to cast her vote for Sierra, due to her being a physical threat, and the fact that if Sierra is voted out, Bermuda Square might collapse. As such, Sierra is voted out in a 0-1 vote, but returns in The Treasure Map To The Merge.

Billion-Dollar History Class

At the start of the episode, Sierra notes that the final battle they have to fight is to get Noah's vote against the Tripartite Alliance, before they win. However, Cody then notes that Noah will switch sides to the Tripartite Alliance, to keep Bermuda Square and the Tripartite Alliance distracted with each other. She then notes that the Tripartite Alliance is likely coming for Mark first. She and Cody hug when Rodney names them the most romantic couple in the game. In the challenge, she beats Lindsay, but loses to Mark. Bermuda Square agrees to have Cody get immunity, so Sierra can play in the tiebreaker. Sierra ties with Trent in a 4-4-1 vote, and it goes to a tiebreaker, where Sierra and Trent must try to shoot each other down in plane simulators with WWII aircraft. Sierra wins, eliminating Trent. She celebrates with Cody after Bermuda Square gets the advantage in the vote.

The Least Romantic City in the World

At the start of the episode, Sierra challenges herself and Cody to make some new good memories in Paris. When Cody falls sad after seeing the statue that sent her into tears in Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Sierra comforts him, by admitting she came onto him too strong, and telling him that he and Bermuda Square made her feel like queen of the world, before reminding him that he has to hurry to avoid being eliminated, and giving him one of his peices. When Bermuda Square discusses who to eliminate, Sierra suggests Lindsay or Tyler at first, due to them being a couple, before agreeing with the random draw. As the finals are called, Sierra joins the rest of the contestants in singing Duel.

Billion-Dollar Triangle Scheme

At the start of the episode, Sierra declares that she is going to try to plan out the best wedding ever for her and Cody. While the alliances get hyped, Sierra notes that it's Cody's birthday, and offers him $250 million and a jet as a birthday gift if he wins. She questions how the network would get 6 hours of airtime for the finale, to which Lindsay notes that only the part of the finale in Miami is live on TV, while the rest is streamed on the internet. When Mark uses his blood to get sharks to propel the boat after their boat gets bombed, Sierra is the first ot figure out what Mark wanted to do. She attaches the jar of blood to the boat, with Eva lowering her down and pulling her back up. Sierra notices Ezekiel in front of a hotel, allowing Bermuda Square to skydive out of the plane and to the first part of the race in Miami. When Bermuda Square wins, Sierra tackles Cody and begins making out with him, and carries Cody over to Heather to get the money.

Voting History

Episode Sierra voted for Voted against Sierra
We're Billionaires!... In 2 Months... Maybe? part 1 Cody Anna, Scott, Beardo, Raaheel, Kim, Harold, LeShawna1
We're Billionaires!... In 2 Months... Maybe? part 2 Ineligible Immune
Extreme Mall Day DJ Immune
Rush-ian Insanity Ineligible Immune
Drama Boiling Over Vladimir -
Total Drama Straining Camp Scott Immune
Epic Rap Battles of Total Drama 60 Club (Jo)2 Immune
A Day Off Zoey -
The Trimarathon No vote3
Off With His Girlfriend! Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
Jump Jump Revolution on Team Unity Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
Do Not Talk About Dodgeball Amy4 Immune
Truth or Failure Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
My Breathing Is Just Ferdinand Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
Topher The Price of One Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
I'm Going to Drama-sy World! Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
You Bet Your Monaco Screaming Gophers Mk. III immune
The Drama Factor No vote
The Mark Job Sadie Katie, Sadie
This Game Is For Bluffers Screaming Gophers Gen 4 immune
Jumpy! Screaming Gophers Gen 4 immune
Don't Close Your Eyes Katie -
Bermuda Delta Kitty -
Square Pole Dancing Liam -
Slammed! Blue Square immune
A Very Messy Episode Blue Square immune
Backstabbing, Treachery, and Bells Chef -
Another Riot On Set! Blue Square immune
Idle Idol Sammy Sammy
Voted Off, Episode 28
Returns, Episode 29
Billion-Dollar History Class Trent -
The Least Romantic City In The World Ineligible5 -
Billion-Dollar Triangle Scheme Finalist (To win) Rodney, Sammy, DJ, Max, Beardo, Alejandro, Zoey, Sugar, Duncan, Courtney, Carrie, Dawn, Shawn, Jasmine, Brick, PFRJ, Ella, Lightning, Junior, Harold, B, Vladimir, Bridgette, Geoff, Ezekiel, Raaheel, Cameron, Dave, Sky, Gwen, Kitty, Liam, LeShawna, Trent, Noah, Emma
Winner, episode 32

1 In We're Billionaires!... In 2 Months... Maybe?, there was a vote for captians. Sierra was elected a captian.

 In Epic Rap Battles of Total Drama 60 Club, as a reward for winning the challenge, Mark's voted counted for every member of the Screaming Gophers V2. He voted for Jo, counting as 8 votes. 

In The Trimarathon, there was no vote. As Eva won the challenge, she was allowed to pick someone on the last place team, the Storm, to join the Screaming Gophers Mk. III. She chose Sammy.

In Do Not Talk About Dodgeball, the Screaming Gophers Mk. III won the challenge, allowing them to vote off a member of the last placing team, the Rising Stars. The Rising Stars did not vote.

In The Least Romantic City In The World, Mark won the challenge, and cast the sole vote at elimination. He forced Beth, Lindsay, and Tyler to draw cards. Beth drew the red card, and Mark eliminated her.

Total Drama BvTvC

When Cynthia arrives, Sierra greets her by warning her of the risk of ticking off Eva by flirting with Mark. However, she goes along with Mark in taking in Cynthia as an ally, knowing that they would need her to fight the outsiders, Parvati, Rajah, and CoCo. In the challenge, Sierra swims with Cynthia, and does quite well, helping Team Bermuda Square take 2nd in the challenge.

In Did Somebody Order a Blindside?, Sierra fails to find the cancellation idol, and is fooled by Cynthia's fake. In the challenge, when Cynthia has Team Bermuda Square target Victor in hopes of throwing the challenge, Sierra is able is get Cynthia and CoCo to target Rosemary instead. After Team Bermuda Square loses the challenge, Sierra suggests targeting CoCo, due to his popularity among the other contestants, however, Cynthia turns on her and Mark, and Sierra ends up part of a 2-2-2 tie. She survives the revote, however, with Mark getting voted out in a 2-1-0 revote.

In Too Cute To Compete?, Sierra joins the Femsquad with all of the other girls in the season, as well as Alejandro. She, Parvati, and Cynthia agree to vote out CoCo, seeing his cuteness as a threat. In the challenge, Sierra's fear is explosions, and she is forced to use a Roman Candle to blow up a fueling platform. She succeeds, but Team Bermuda Square ties with Team Classics, sending all 3 teams to elimination.

Sierra is able to find the immunity idol, digging in plain sight of Victor and Mia. After the challenge, swayed by CoCo's charm, Cynthia and Parvati refuse to vote for CoCo, and turn on Sierra when she refuses to change her vote to Rajah. At elimination, Scott reads 3 votes against Sierra, and announces that she is eliminated, but Sierra plays the immunity idol, voiding all 4 votes against her, and making her one vote for CoCo be the only one that counts, eliminating CoCo.

In DANGER: Merging May Cause Blindsides, Parvati and Cynthia apologize to Sierra for voting against her, and they reaffirm their alliance, agreeing to vote out Rajah the first chance they get. Sierra then makes an alliance with Rosemary and Kiki after she is approached by them, to destroy the Femsquad as soon as they are forced to turn on each other, with Rosemary and Kiki hoping to use Sierra's superfan status to get her to find the cracks in the alliance. Sierra reveals in the confessional that she doesn't trust them, but wants a final 3 pact with them nonetheless.

Sierra wins a cell phone as a reward from the challenge, and uses it to call Cody. She accepts the offer to be Eva's head bridesmaid for her wedding with Mark. After Cynthia wins the first individual reward challenge right after the merge, she invites Sierra and her husband Cody on the reward, along with Kiki, Rosemary, and their loved ones. There, Cynthia gets Kiki, Rosemary, and Sierra to form The Sliders, named for the reward: a rock slide. Cynthia simply tells them to vote for Alejandro, and reveals that she has the extra vote from Boney Island. Cynthia then plays a cancellation idol on the Femsquad's target, Rajah, allowing them to vote out Alejandro.

After Victor and Mia make the mistake of eliminating Heather, Parvati, scared that Cynthia might have the extra vote, tries to convince Sierra that she is on the bottom of The Sliders, because Cynthia, who is scared of Bermuda Square, has no intention of working with Sierra, as well as Sierra having a better shot of beating Victor if she works with Level 5. However, after almost beating Victor in a wrestling challenge, Sierra decides that she can beat Victor on her own, and that she can beat The Sliders as well, and votes with The Sliders, and after Cynthia uses her extra vote on the revote after she and Mia tie 4-4, Mia is voted out on the revote 4-3.

Sierra does, indeed, nearly beat Victor in 2 of the the following 3 challenges. In a breath holding reward challenge, Sierra is able to keep Victor under the water for over 2 minutes, before drowning. She is easily revived by medics after being removed from the water, and is taken to the infirmary, where she quickly recovers. In another breath holding challenge, however, she has flashbacks to drowning in the first, causing her to be the first to drop out. She does almost beat Victor in a quiz challenge in the second half of the double elimination, but falls at question 6, allowing Victor to, once again, win immunity. Yet again in I'm Probably Going To Have A Lot Of Questions, Sierra almost beats Victor in a challenge to keep returning balls rolling down a ramp, forcing the challenge to go to all 8 balls, but after she fumbled a ball, she was unable to catch one on the other side. She and Cynthia agree to vote out Rosemary, as the least useful in beating Victor, but they are unable to convince Kiki to their side, and Rosemary, Kiki, and Victor vote out Sierra.

Episode Sierra voted for Voted against Sierra
100 Problems And A Vote Ain't One Team Bermuda Square immune
Did Somebody Order A Blindside? CoCo; Tied Parvati, Cynthia; Parvati
A Challenge Totally Not Stolen From Dude Perfect Team Bermuda Square immune
Too Cute To Compete? CoCo Parvati, Cynthia, CoCo, Rajah
DANGER: Merging May Cause Blindsides Team Bermuda Square immune
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Is Going On??? Alejandro -
Tu Es Screwdado Rajah -
Just Do What You Gotta Do Tonight Victor -
A Long-Term Decision Mia; Mia -
One False Move (part 1) Parvati -
One False Move (part 2) Jenna -
I'm Probably Gonna Have A Lot Of Questions (part 1) Rosemary Rosemary, Kiki, Victor
Voted Out, Episode 11



  • Sierra is one of 8 characters who possess more than one main design, as she has her original design with long hair, her later design with a shorter ponytail, and her third design which is identical to her first design, but with an engagement (later marriage) ring on her left hand. The other characters with multiple designs are Staci, Heather, Ezekiel, Mike, Dakota, Lightning, Scarlett, and Mark.
  • Sierra is the third tallest female contestant (second being Jasmine and the tallest being mutant Dakota), surpassing Heather, and the sixth tallest character overall (the other three being Rodney, DJ, and Geoff) of the original cast. She is seen as being taller than Alejandro, whose height was mentioned to be six foot. This means she is over six feet tall.
    • Her love interest, boyfriend, and eventually, husband, Cody, happens to be the shortest boy on the show.
  • Sierra, along with Ezekiel and Alejandro, are the only contestants to use the confessional in a season that they did not participate in.
  • Sierra is one of 9 characters to have dyed hair: the others being Duncan, Gwen, Zoey, Blaineley, Max, Lindsay, Tammy, and Anna.
    • Sierra is one of two contestants to have purple hair, with the other being Max.
    • Out of these, she is the only contestant to be on the show with her natural hair, having her dye removed in Don't Close Your Eyes, due to a prank by Chris and Cody.
  • Sierra is one of the three new contestants in Total Drama World Tour, with the others being Alejandro and Blaineley.
  • Sierra is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Chef, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Chris, Staci, Dakota, Dave, and Heather.
  • Sierra is one of the seven contestants to not have their full audition tape released.
    • Sierra herself confirmed that she auditioned twice, but either of them still have yet to be seen.
  • Sierra is one of six characters known to role-play. The others are Harold, Noah, Sam, Leonard, and Tammy.
  • Sierra is the only contestant that wears a ring, wearing her engagement ring as of her engagement with Cody in Topher The Price Of One.


  • Sierra is the third contestant to be eliminated in an episode where she won immunity. In this case, it was in Awwwwww, Drumheller.
    • The others being DJ, Ella, and Izzy, where each of their teams won immunity the episode they were eliminated.
    • She is also the first and only contestant to be eliminated despite winning individual immunity.
  • Sierra is one of 13 contestants to switch teams outside of a team removal in 60 Club (switch from 6 teams to 5 teams, 5 to 4, and 4 to 2), the others being Izzy, Katie, Brick, Jo, Scott, Dakota, Duncan, Courtney, Cameron, Max, Sky, and Sammy.
    • Furthermore Sierra is the second contestant in the Total Drama series to switch teams with Izzy, with the first being Katie.
  • Sierra is one of six contestants to be disqualified without being voted off or losing a sudden death challenge, the others being Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Max, and Ella.
  • Sierra received votes at every Barf Bag Ceremony she participated in except two. Ironically, she was disqualified in the only episode that she didn't receive votes in due to having immunity.
    • The majority of these votes were from Cody, who voted for her even when she was immune, such as in Chinese Fake-Out.
    • This lead to a rule referenced by Noah in Billion-Dollar History Class, which states that a contestant can vote for themselves, but cannot vote for the contestant that wins immunity, or they will be forced to vote again. This forces Noah to throw the challenge, so he could vote for himself, staying neutral between Bermuda Square and the Tripartite Alliance.
  • Sierra has never been eliminated nornally:
    • In Awwwwww, Drumheller, she was disqualified by Chris after she destroyed the plane.
    • In Suckers Punched, she was chosen to be eliminated by the opposing team as part of a twist devised by Chris.
    • In Idle Idol, Sammy got 4 votes, but since she played her cancellation idol, and the only vote not against Sammy was for Sierra, Sierra was eliminated. After this elimination, she would also be the first person to rejoin the game by Apehowin Island, and won the season.
    • This makes her one of 4 contestants never to be voted out normally, with the others being Amy, Max, and Mark.
  • Sierra is the second contestant to stay on the show after being eliminated without officially returning, with the first being Ezekiel.
    • If Apehowin Island competitors are counted in this category, Kitty, Liam, Owen, LeShawna, Izzy, Chef, Emma, and Sammy are also in this category.
      • This would also make Sierra the only contestant to do so twice, doing so in World Tour and 60 Club.
        • However, she could be discounted from the Apehowin Island category, as she won the final Apehowin Island duel, returning to the game.
  • If all eliminations caused by Bermuda Square, other than DJ, Vladimir, and Sammy, are credited to Sierra, Sierra has caused 22 eliminations.
    • She has directly eliminated Dawn, Scott, Jo, Zoey, Justin, Amy, Kim, Sadie, Gwen, Katie, Kitty, Liam, Chef, Trent, CoCo, Alejandro, Rajah, Mia, Parvati, and Jenna.
    • She has indirectly eliminated Chris and Beth, though Beth's status as an indirect elimination to Sierra is debatable.
  • Sierra is the only finalist on 60 Club to be eliminated and later rejoin the game
    • If the Ridonculous Race is not counted as a season of Total Drama, Sierra is the only finalist in Total Drama history to be eliminated and return.
  • Sierra is one of 7 contestants to throw more than one challenge, the others being Scott, Mark, Cody, Eva, Rosemary, and Kiki.
    • Sierra threw the challenges in Bermuda Delta and Square Pole Dancing.
    • Sierra, Cody, and Eva are debatable for being in this category, due to them throwing the challenge on Mark's orders. 


  • Sierra is the only contestant to make the camera in the confessional run out of battery, though Mark is also known to have long confessionals in 60 Club.
  • Sierra's ethnicity could possibly be partially German, as she mentioned her grandparents were from Germany in Slap Slap Revolution.
  • Sierra claims to be a certain "generation" of various things:
    • She claims to be a third generation Chris McLean scholar (Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special).
    • She is a fourth generation basket weaver (Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2).
    • She is a tenth generation slap dancer (Slap Slap Revolution).
  • Sierra appears to have a monstrous strength and is one of the strongest females (and characters in general). She is able to lift the three hundred pound Owen with ease, fight off several baboons easily, attack several sharks at once, and hold up a rope carrying her whole team using only her teeth. In 60 Club, she also proves to be a very fast runner, and her long legs likely have to do with this, and in Bermuda Square vs Tripartite Alliance vs Classics, she fends off Victor from a pile of boat supplies, and then almost beats him in a wrestling match.
  • Sierra is the only girl on Team Amazon not to have kissed Duncan, unless Izzy is counted in this category.
  • Sierra's necklace is revealed to be a locket that has a picture of Cody in it in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles.
  • In Saving Private Leechball, she reveals her favorite of Mike's multiple personalities is Svetlana.
  • Sierra is one of 8 contestants to become engaged on the show, the others being Cody (Sierra), Noah (Emma), Emma (Noah), Kitty (Liam), Liam (Kitty), Mark (Eva), and Eva (Mark)
    • Off-camera, Alejandro and Heather, and Lindsay and Tyler, have gotten engaged.
    • Sierra is the only contestant to compete while known to be married.
  • Sierra is one of 8 or 10 (depending on if Bridgette and Geoff are counted) contestants to become the host of the show, the others being Topher, Alejandro, Heather, Amy, Sammy, Vladimir, and Sierra, and potentially, Bridgette and Geoff.
    • Blaineley, Chris, and Chef are not counted, as their hosting statuses came before their contestant status.


  • Total Drama 60 Club was actually originally written as a pro-Coderra competition fic, which, according to TheNewGame, there really aren't enough of. The decision to have Cody and Sierra get engaged was made very early on.
    • When the decision was made to have the finale be Bermuda Square vs Tripartite Alliance, Cody and Sierra were originally going to get engaged in the finale, after Sierra was knocked off the boat by the Tripartite Alliance. However, TheNewGame got impatient, and just wanted to write that engagement!
  • Originally, Sierra was going to be much more diabolical, and commonly blackmail other contestants, as a "what could have been" antagonist Sierra, that could have been Sierra in season 3, all in an effort to protect Cody. Mark is a lighter version of this, but rather than blackmailing, Mark sets up couples.
    • Later, she was simply going to be played by Mark. Eventually, TheNewGame settled on the Bermuda Square seen in the fic.
    • Cynthia could be considered a version of a "what could have been" antagonist Sierra, but Cynthia actively targets her faked crush, Mark.
  • Originally, Sierra was not going to be eliminated in Idle Idol; Mark was. Mark would have returned in the following episode anyway, but there was no Apehowin Island at the time.
  • Sierra is one of two contestants to have their characters "corrected" by TheNewGame for their character derailment in All Stars, with her correction being that she was unintentionally drugged in All Stars.
    • The other contestant to have their character "corrected" was Lindsay, with her correction being that she was acting dumb in All Stars, and she voted herself off to prepare for 60 Club.
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