This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

My longest work yet! This is going to be a large story (for me that is). If you are sensitive please don't read this. A softer character bashing story than this one.


I have completely rewritten the first chapter since I didn't like it that much. Now it's third person point of view. Oh and if you don't like my hatefics don't worry. This isn't as vicious as this one...

Also note that this no longer a character bashing story. It is just sad....

1. Whispers

Alejandro felt the pain burn him. He still felt the lave that charred him. The lava that left him half-blind. He couldn't speak. He just wished he was dead.

"How much longer till we put the suit on him?" Chris said showing no remorse at all.

"Six hours...." Chef answered with a smug smile on his face.

Alejandro had no idea what they ment. What suit? The pain still burned him. He looked around. The room was black but with a red demonic glow. Chris looked like a mad scientist, with those glives and glasses and Chef his humble servant, Igor. Frankenstien was about to do something to Alejandro and he would be too weak to tell the police. Dangerous machines lined everywhere, just for that extra cosy feel.

"Don't worry Ally." Chris smiled malevolently. "You'll be safe in no time...."

No time? Six hours was time! Alejandro thought anything to take the pain away was good but he was so wrong. He mumbled a curse but it was inaudible. He winced as even blinking hurt him. He recalled what happened: The twenty-four others ran away from the erupting volcano. Across the beach. Ezekiel had fallen in minutes ago. At first Alejandro didn't notice. He had lost the million to a mean girl who was bald a year before. He didn't otice the flaming rock about to hit him like a meteor. And then BAM! That was all he could remember from the previous night. At some point Chris and Chef must have found him.

Sleep well my macho.

He heard his mother's voice, it was like a whisper in his head.

Stay strong.

He thought he was imagining it. His mother didn't even know where he was. He was about to die. He wished the trickster would just show up already.

It is your destiny!

His destiny?

My little fool.

Not even his mother could call him a fool! He was sure it was his mother! He heard her voice so clearly, he even saw her face! A woman who looked very much like Alejandro in a female way.


Alejandro's mind asked. This vision had no expression on her face, as if she was carved out of wood.

Oh my Alejandro...

The woman whispered in Alejandro's head. The pain ceased and was replaced by something else...

You are a hero!


Alejandro's mind raced but something broke his thoughts.


Chris laughed maniacly. Alejandro saw something that scared him. A robotic mask was coming down on him. He tried to scream but the burns didn't let him. They were turning him into a robot! The mask was even hotter than the lava! Chris laughed even louder, "STAGE TWO!!!!!!!!!!" A robotic body was being added to the mask. How could they?

That's it! Feel the pain!

Alejandro's one hunk of a chest felt like it was going to explode. THe vicion inside the suit was horrendous! Everyhting seemed glassy and red. Like he had infared vision. This was mad!

You have been useful!

Alejandro's mother laughed. Alejandro felt nothing but pain, fear and anger. He heard whispers all around him.


2. Shouts

Alejandro had no idea what the time was. He had no idea what had just happened. His body felt like it had melted. He didn't dare open his eyes in case of pain. Did he really deserve this?

"¿Por qué has hecho esto a mí?"

"What did he say Chef?" Chris seemed confused.


Chris unstrapped Alejandro from his chair. His legs (if he had any left) felt stiff and hard to move.

"¿Qué he llegado a ser yo? "

Some emotions boiled inside Alejandro: anger, fear, hate, disgust. But the most recurring emotion he felt was...guilt....

"¡Tendré las cabezas! " Alejandro shouted, his voice sounded metallic and scratchy.

"Speak English!" Chris flared.

Alejandro's mind boiled, he had to control his anger! But he couldn't! He smashed a nearby machine.

"Watch it!"

He smashed another, and another. Destroying things was great and easy. Revenge was sweet! Alejandro needed more destruction!

"You shall pay!" His mouth felt bubbly.

"Hold him Chef!" Chris cried.

Chef leaped off his chair and onto Alejandro's robotic hind."


Alejandro threw Chef off, Chef crashed into more machines at breakneck speed. A pool of blood encircled him.

Then it Alejandro's mind his mother reappeared, she was crying? No! Laughing!

Bien hecho mi hijo. Así como había planeado!

Alejandro still had some anger left over for his mother...

"¿Qué plan! Lo hice todo yo te vieja bruja!"


Alejandro cowered at his mothers voice. He remembered what she had done to him when he was a kid.

"Cuando yo era un niño que dejó el padre. Ustedes dos siempre han tenido discusiones con los demás y entonces mi vida se desvaneció. Traté de llorar, pero que se quebró en mí y me dijo que al hombre. Siempre salió con su novio estúpido y me dejó sola en la casa. ¿Por qué?"

Foolish boy! I brought you into existance! You cannot throw my weaknesses at me!

Alejandro was brought back to Earth. He was still destroying Chris' equipment. CHris was too busy tending Chef. Alejandro saw his chance to escape. He blasted a hole through the wall and ran off.

"Oh CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chris shouted after Alejandro, but it was no use....

3. Snickers

Ahora, muchacho, usted debe escuchar a mí! Si desea vengarse de las personas que odian a continuación, hacer exactamente lo que yo digo! ¿Tenemos un acuerdo?

Alejandro wished his mother would just leave him alone. He tried to ignore his thoughts, think about what he would do next. Pain increased in his head.

Me preguntó: ¿Tenemos un acuerdo?!

"Akh! Yes, yes, just stop this pain!"

The robotic bulk of Alejandro rolled an toppled until finally the pain stopped.

Buen hijo. Ya que finalmente aceptó que se le dará un nuevo cuerpo.


Light surrounded the robot. At first Alejandro felt pain but soon it soothed him, his head became lighter, his amrs and legs less stiff. He had skin, he had flesh, he was Alejandro once more...

"He escaped Chef!" Chris was running around the lab frantically trying to find Alejandro. "Now we'll never get him to sign up for season four!"

Chef snickered at this.

"Usted me dio mi cuerpo?"

What does it look like stupid!?

Alejandro no longer had to go into his mind to hear his mother. It was like she was there with him.

"What now?"


Noah sat on a hill, reading as usual.

"It's good to be back." He sighed.

Everyone had survived the volcano by some miracle. Well, everyone except Heather that is. No-one knew her location. It was as if she had dropped out of sight. Noah didn't bother.

"Serves her right.." He mumbled.

The clouds drifted in the pale blue sky overhead. Noah could make out some shapes.

"There's pi and alpha over there, and a Euro sign..."

The egghead's gaze returned to his book. It was very fascinating, about all the different chess combinations you could use. He was right in the middle of the climax of how to catch your opponent off guard with a knight half way up the board when it started to rain.

"Oh bother! It was fine a second ago!"

The sky still retained it's blue look.


Noah looked behind him and saw his siblings playing with a watering hose. He rolled his eyes.



Yes you bufoon!



"No!" Alejandro feared for his body, but then something hit him, like a dart.

"I thought you were dead...."

His mother snickered.

4. Cries

Heather peared over the marble white rock. Since that reality show Heather had been stranded on a beach somewhere. What a waste of time! She let her greed run things and end that little girl who was scared stiff on the steps. That little girl who held her teddy tight as her parents argued. That little girl who witnessed her mother's death by her father's hand.

"Snap out of it Heather!" She told herself.

That little girl existed no more. It was replaced by a monster. A demon who arose from Hell and consumed the innocent's body. Heather remembered the last time she was happy. When she eight years old. Her father took her and her then one year old brother to an amusement park in Florida. Ah the good old times. Heather would never see her father again, nor her brother (not that she would miss him or anything). Or so she thought.

"Usted tiene mi palabra de que voy a trabajar con usted, así que ¿ahora qué?"

¿Alguna vez se puso una pistola antes? Alejandro grinned.


On the coast of a beach somewhere in the world the water rippled and oozed. There was no visible cause of this incident at first until a zombified hand shot up through the water. It was gnarled and greened, it looked as if it had been burned. It clawed the shore, hoisting itself up. The body was naked. It was also blackish-greened and over burnt. The face was a disgusting black mess, bald.


Ezekiel cried. At that moment nobody was on the beach except for a little four year old girl. She had not spotted the monster. Ezekiel grinned, revealing brown, half-smoldered teeth. He approached the little girl with caution.


The little girl's heartbeat raced, she heard the footspteps behind her.

"Mummy is that you?"



The little girl never saw her mother again.

Noah tried to concentrate on his book. The words laughed at his dismay. He had wet his pants again. No, he didn't urinate while having his trousers on, his stupid brother, Nut, had sprayed him with the hose.


He knitted his eyebrows and checked his watch.

"Oh crap, it's nearly quarter to four!"

Noah leapt off his comfy little seat on the hill and bolted to his house. He grabbed a cheese sandwich from the counter and walked to the Police Station.

Just weeks ago Noah had been victimised by a group of thugs. They carried guns and smoked. Noah recalled this hoorfic encounter:

"Hey nerd, where are you going with that book?"

The thug lashed out at Noah who ducked just in time.

"Too read it, but you thugs wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

One thug smirked and loaded his gun.


Noah managed to outsmart the thugs who, when they saw Noah run off, decided to attack a thirteen your old girl. Noah heard her cry out in pain as he ran into the Polic Station. They told him to return later.

"Thugs was it?"

Asked the burly police officer. His muscles ripped his unform and he wore his hat over his eyes. His name was Jon Myre, a hubristic man who loved to show off his muscles.

"That's right..."

"And where exactly did you meet them?"

"Down Washer Street."

"Washer Street!?"

Jon spat out his gum in disgust, it nearly hit Noah's foot.

"Akh! Watch it!" Cried Noah.

Jon unwrapped another stick of gum and stuffed it in his mouth.

"Sorry kid, but no-one lives in Washer Street anymore! Well except thugs..."

"But they were thugs who attacked me!"

"Were they? Well this calls for investigating!"

Jon stood up but hit his head on the ceiling. Noah slapped his forehead, "Way to go Goliath..."

Jon was eight feet tall and very strog but his weakness was his stupidity (and pride).

By the time police had caught up with Ezkeiel he had killed two tourists and a buisnessman. He wore one of the tourist's t-shirt. He looked pretty daft with his top saying: "Become a Pacifist Like Me,"

"Stop beast!" A policman cried.

Ezekiel grolwed and then lunged...

5. Groans

Alejandro didn't mean for the killing to go so out of hand. It takes one gun and one man with a great and sad past to start a serial killer. Killing is like drinking. The first taste of it and you want more.

"Did I do well?"

It appears you have killed aproximetly ten people this week, well done son!

Alejandro beamed proudly, it was the first time he had ever gotten praise from his mother. The police were all after him, he had to rent a hotel, change his name and wear a new mask his mother fashioned. It was very lifelike but looked nothing like Alejandro. His new "name" was "Lester Kyak", it was very ridiculous but seemed to do the trick.

"So, why are we killing again?"

Asro! We are killing for revenge!

"Revenge? But what did these people do?"

Alejandro's mother groaned.

The world is your enemy, I learned that a long time ago.....

It wasn't that Jon was a bad policeman, it was just he was too good. Sure he lacked the brains but made up for with his sharp sense of smell and strenght. He was commonly reffered to as "Old Bloodhound Myre". He had already arrested the thugs down Washer Street.

"You see Noah, it's all about brainpower! When you got smarts like me theres no way you can fail!"


"Of course, it's also about looking the part, you never mess with a muscular policeman! Why just last month I took on a dangerous criminal-"

Noah groaned.

Heather couldn't believe she had lost the million dollars. Not that she should be thinking about it or anything.

"Stupid Homeschool..."

She scrambled up a rock to get a better view at that pretty little island of Hawaii where she lost everyhting she dreamed of.

"One day I am going to slap his so hard that his disgusting brown teeth will fall off!"

The little girl that was once Heather still lived inside. You could see it in those careless grey eyes. One speck of colour still remained.

Heather Maloe! Is that all you can think about! I can't believe I became like this!

"Shut up brat!" Heather spat.

The little girl that was once Heather groaned. Heather fell down back to what she was doing. SHe tried her best not to lose her footing and fall to the unforgivable rocks below.

You know that you don't really care about the million dollars!

"It's all I ever lived for!"

Heather, please, it doesn't have to be like this. You were so mean and nasty first season and in season two you didn't care. Sure you did some good but not an awful lot. And then you went and almost killed Alejandro. You will never redeem yourself!

"I don't know what I saw in him! Honestly, cruel, manipulative, horrible! Who would ever be like that?

The little girl who was once Heather groaned.

Ezekiel saw the only people around him. People were crowding, shouiting and taking pictures of him. He foolishly tried to run, the policemen showed him no mercy and shot him. He watched the dark blood our from his body and with one last sad groan he closed his eyes.

Alejandro had no idea how he had done it. He had jumped from a three story high balcony and landed on his feet, not an inkling of pain! It was if his new body was perfect, built to last. He couldn't believe it. He remembered how his mother forced him off the balcony:

"What did the world do?"


The pain inside Alejandro's mind increased, it wasn't like a regular migrane, it felt like his head was on fire.

"Stop please!"

The wretch couldn't take it and hurled himself off the balcony.

Then it struck him like lightning. Two police officers were circling him. One a tall black man with strong looking fingers and a chest fit for a buffalo. The other a skinny white man who looked like one of those Olympic runners.

"We gotcha now!" The muscular policeman stated.

"Now stay there until we reach back-up!" The fast man added.

Alejandro groaned.

6. Screams

"And that's the time | arrested the fraud-" Jon's radio blurred out as him and Noah reached his police bike.

"Requesting for back-up here Jon, we got a Spanish thug, you know, tall, handsome. He's a murderer and we just made him unhand his weapon. We're down Beachwave Avenue, where the hotel is. Bring your gun, your gonna need it. Officer Alan."

"Sounds like...." Noah remembered that slippery old dog Alejandro.

"Know him, Noah?"

"Do I ever! Let's go!"

Without a word of welcome Noah hopped onto Jon's bike.

"Well hold on tight kid!"

Jon revved up the machine and the two blasted off at full speed, siren wailing.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Noah screamed as they reached the highroad. Jon clenched his teeth and and held a firmer grip on the handlebars as Noah was practicly glomping him.

"Go slower!"

Jon either didn't hear him or didn't care, they were about to catch a dangerous criminal wether Noah liked it or not.

The little boy screamed as Ezekiel devoured his mother. Ezekiel finally mastered his animalistic nature and embraced it with open arms. He grabbed the tourist's head and firmly clawed off the skull. Everyone gasped and ran.

Ezekiel leapt at a middle-aged man who tried to defend himself with his cane. Not even the police could hold him down. They tried shooting at him but that only made him angrier. They had terrible aim under fear and concentration of hoding back the people. Until finally, they ran as well. Everywhere there was screaming and demolishen. Ezekiel was all alone, but deep within his mind a mental chord snapped triggering a reaction all feral thoughts were abolished entirely from the homeschooled prarie boy's mind until he couldn't take it anymore. He screamed as he collapsed on the beach, his entire mind breaking and shifting. Complete meatamorphsis. Complete screaming...

Writer's Note: The fact that Ezekiel was healed was completely absurd yet completely understandable. If it were any other "human" (defining the term so it includes Ezekiel, who is not a hobbit in this story) then there dying words would probably be: "take care of my daughter" or, "take my last tuna sandwhich" but the fact is that Ezekiel is not dead. Describing his miraculous way of healing I must say that it is even weird for me. As Ezekiel "slept" he heard his father's voice in his mind.

"No son of mine is acting like a wild wolf!"

When he awoke the bleeding ceased and the pain stopped. Everything that had been harmed was fixed and so on and so forth.

Heather rubbed her rear. She had fallen and it wasn't just any fall, it was a high fall.

"Well atleast I can ineract with others and am not just a whiny brat that is now a figment of the past!" She screamed at no-one but herself (actually at the giggling little girl inside of her). Her vioce was so loud a few fisherman passing by heard her.

"A banchee!" One of them cried, running to jump in the water.

"Don't be superstitios you idiot!" The other said, grabbing hold of the first one.

"You'll be the idiot once the banchee gets you!"


The more sensible fisherman stood up on the boat, not knowing it was cracking under his supressed weight.

"Um, Makill...." The first one said spotting the cracks and the water rising up in the boat.


"Um, Makil I think you should know this...."


Heather heard them and showed no mercy with her voice......

"WERE DROWNING! THIS IS ALL THE BANCHEE'S FAULT!" Makil screamed trying to swim.

"Told you." The other fisherman beamed.

Alejandro was surrounded, there was no way he could get himself out of this....

Use your gun!

His mother's voice taunted him. He looked at the three police and, a familiar face? Noah! The first one to figure out his cruel tactics in Total Drama World Tour and the first to pay for it. He was a smart lad, too bad he'd be joining the dead soon!

"But the gun down son!" Jon ordered.

Alejandro did not obey but just clicked it. The muscualr policeman shuffled closer, now there was no chance the bullet would miss.

"Put it down now!" The fast man added.

Alejandro wanted to obey but didn't, he just wanted to shoot someone. Maybe Noah? He showed no fear in dying, in fact he walked straight through the three police and up to Alejandro.

"I'll be taking that if you don't mind-"

Alejandro pulled the trigger and WHAM! Once last scream echoed through the air, but whose scream was it?

7. Wails

Alejandro looked back at his leg, blood oozed from it. He woud never try a stunt like that again. Now he had the whole police for out for him, how could he have been so stupid?

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