Sparky, labeled as The Short Guy who loves electronics and thinks he's cool but isn't is a character in Total Drama Tourism. He was originally on Team Electric. He returned for Total Drama Sci-Fi Action and was originally on the Techno Smashers team.

Team Electric
Techno Smashers
Sparky (TDSFA).png
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TDT: A Viking Sized Challenge
TDSFA: The Thing from Another Movie"
Place TDT: 4th
TDSFA: 14th
Relationship None
Friends Dax, Wentworth, Chloe, Yuki, Kuro, Amanda
Enemies Nianah, Raven
Fear Anything that's scary
Talent Anything that's an electronic


Sparky is a geek hence why he's always getting picked on at school. But he is super good at anything at electronics hence why he has good grades in computer class and science. He's also good at math but gets picked on when he talks about math to everyone else. Sparky wants to act cool but just can't seem to get everyone's attention. His only friends are Dax and Wentworth and they became a trio. They were all video game and science geeks and also loved Total Drama. They were dissapointed that Dax was able to get to Total Drama Oweguy but not them but they rooted for Dax and hoped that they'll get on someday.

Total Drama Oweguy

Total Drama Tourism

After Total Drama Tourism

Total Drama Sci-Fi Action


  • Patti Satti gave me the idea for him but I didn't use the idea of him being hyper on sugar. Instead I made him an electronic lover.
  • I had to redraw Sparky at one point because I wanted him to be in a cool pose and I wanted to fix his hair.
  • I reuploaded Sparky's newer pic with longer arms due to the other ones being too short. This was noted by TDIwriter.
  • Sparky is one of the two contestants who have never been voted off. The other is Marine.
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