This is a listing of formal story reviews, as opposed to the informal reviews found on stories' Talk pages.

Review Guidelines

Anyone may write a story review. If the review seems coherent, constructive, and has decent spelling/grammar, we’ll list it on this page. To write an effective review, consider the following guidelines.

  1. Put your review on a blog post, so we can link to it. Title the post in the format, Review of <story title> or something similar. One story per review post, please.
  2. You’ll need some kind of rating system. Please give one rating for the whole story, not different ratings for each chapter.
  3. Your target audience is people who haven’t read the story, not those who have. The whole point of a formal review is to help people who haven’t read the story decide whether it’s worth their time. In other words, don’t assume that the review reader already knows anything about the story.
  4. Review the entire story (for finished stories) or everything that’s currently available (for in-progress stories), not just one or two chapters.
  5. For multi-chapter stories, we accept both chapter-by-chapter reviews and “general impressions” reviews. The “general impressions” type is recommended for longer stories because there’s less temptation to get bogged down in detail.
  6. Describe the story’s premise, but don’t try to summarize the plot. A review doesn’t need that much detail.
  7. If you review an unfinished story, choose one that’s far enough along to have had a few notable plot twists. (Translation: reviewing a competition story that has only two or three chapters posted is not recommended.)
  8. Proper grammar and spelling are very important. If a story review looks like an illiterate wrote it, then people aren’t going to give its conclusions much weight. If your grammar and/or spelling are weak, get someone to help you.
  9. Be very careful with potential spoilers, especially in chapter-by-chapter reviews. Remember, you’re writing for people who haven’t read the story yet.



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