"Summer" is a fanfic about a summer where 25 teenagers meet eachother in a weird conspiracy. and make up two teams. But when 1 is left over. What is to happen?

A trio collaboration effort by Codaa5, Sunshineandravioli and DJ Spenstar!

Starring the 22 TDI characters, Stephen Nelson, 3-D, Drew Jackson, the Ravioli Guru, and Sunshine the Ravioli Pixie!

Chapter 1- “Time To Show Us What You’re Made Of!”

The time was just around 2:00 PM. The day was the last day of school. The place was a high school in an unspecified region of Canada. In this high school, twenty-five of them were celebrating their near-freedom, unaware of what would happen to them this summer.

Twenty-two of these teens were once contestants in a reality show. They were about to be drafted into something similar, but a thousand times more dangerous.

At exactly 2:05 PM, a voice that was not that of the school’s principal came over the intercom. “Would the following students please report to the auditorium.” The mysterious voice stated. “Gwen Raven, Trent Smith, Ezekiel Chapeau, Stephen Nelson, Noah Novel, Bridgette Tide, Geoff Beach, DJ Terra, Duncan Nelson, Courtney True, Harold Dispari, Cody Ballot, Katie Glee, Sadie Sweet, 3-D, Eva Forte, Justin McGorgeousnes, Lindsay Princesse, Beth Farmer, Heather Noir, LeShawna Feist, Owen Burger, Izzy Strait, Tyler Sportif, and Drew Jackson.” The voice disappeared, and the teens who had been called glanced to each other, then walked down the hall to the auditorium, and a summer they would never forget… or be allowed to.

The twenty-two walked to the auditorium. A note on the door read simply “Sit down. We will be here.” No one quite understood what it meant, but did as it said nonetheless. At exactly 2:25 PM, once all twenty-five teenagers had entered the auditorium and sat down, the doors suddenly closed on their own. A few of the teens ran to the doors and tried to pull them open, but they were locked. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and worried murmurs went through the crowd. Suddenly, an explosion of yellowish smoke appeared on the stage, and a small, cloaked figure emerged from it. The cloaked figure was only about three feet tall, had bright orange hair whisping out from underneath their hood, had their face completely hidden under the shadow of the hood except for a pair of round glasses, and had large pixie wings on their back. The figure hovered for a minute, obviously meaning the wings were real, before landing gently on the stage. The figure pulled back the hood, revealing a female face with bright orange hair pulled to the side with a ravioli hairband and big golden eyes. She glanced around the room with a face that was half-regal, half-nervous, gaining eye contact with each of the fearful teens. “Greetings.” She stated after a moment, in a gentle, childlike voice. “I am Sunshine, the ravioli pixie. My master and I welcome you.” The teenagers switch between staring at the so-called ravioli pixie and glancing at each other in fear and confusion. “Congratulate yourselves,” Sunshine continues to explain, “For you have all been chosen to decide the eternal battle between good and evil.” The teens stare in shock at the pixie now. “Now, step up one by one, and I shall perform the Test of Alignment.”

The teens look to each other, seemingly no one is brave enough to step up first. Eventually, one of the teens, a girl with long black hair, sighs, stands up, and walks up to the ravioli pixie. “Heather Noir.” The pixie identifies her immediately, much to the shock of everyone in the room. Sunshine materializes a wand that seems to have a piece of ravioli stuck to the end, and places it on Heather’s forehead. After a second, it glows slightly and turns a dark, sinister-looking purple color. “Dark.” The ravioli pixie states simply, pointing to the right side of the stage. Heather stands there, crossing her arms.

After that, a large, blond boy stands up and walks to the pixie. “Owen Burger.” The pixie places her wand to his forehead, having to hover up off the floor just to reach. The wand glows slightly again, but instead of turning the dark purple color, radiates a golden glow. “Light.” She states, pointing Owen to the opposite side of the stage. He cheers and runs off to the left side of the stage.

A few moments pass as the teens glance nervously to each other. Eventually, a scrawny, dark-skinned boy walks up to the stage unenthusiastically. “Noah Novel.” Sunshine places the ravioli wand to his forehead, and it turns dark purple. “Dark.” She states, pointing him towards Heather’s side of the stage. He walks over, showing no emotion or enthusiasm whatsoever.

A boy wearing a cowboy hat and pink shirt shrugs and approaches the ravioli pixie. “Geoff Beach.” The ravioli wand is placed on his head, and it glows golden. “Light.” She announces, directing him to the left side of the stage. He follows her directions, giving Owen a high-five as he approaches.

Mere moments after Geoff’s alignment, a blonde girl wearing a light blue hoodie walks up to the pixie. “Bridgette Tide.” She places the ravioli wand to her forehead. It glows gold as well. “Light.” Bridgette gladly joins the light side, and Geoff puts his arm around her, smiling.

A boy wearing a blue hat and green hoodie strolls up to Sunshine. “Ezekiel Chapeau.” The ravioli wand touches his forehead, seems to hesitate for a moment, then turns dark purple. “Dark.” She states, directing him to stage right. He joins them, not seeming excited nor disappointed.

An extremely attractive boy walks up next. Though all the teenaged girls in the room stare at him, Sunshine shows no particular attraction. In fact, she seems almost disgusted. “Justin McGorgeousness.” She states emotionlessly.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” He laughs. “Now can we get this thing overwith?” The pixie glares at him and flicks her wand into the air. Several large pieces of ravioli suddenly rain down onto him. Before he can complain, she slaps the ravioli wand to his forehead. It turns dark purple almost immediately.

“Dark.” She announces. Justin glares at the pixie, who replies with a satisfied smirk, and joins the others aligned with darkness.

Two girls dressed alike, one tall and dark-skinned, the other plump and pale, skip onstage next. “Katie Glee and Sadie Sweet.” The pixie, holding up her ravioli wand, stares between the two girls and her single wand. She then whips a second wand into existence, and places one wand on each girl’s forehead. Both glow golden. “Light.” She points to the others aligned with light. Squealing happily, Katie and Sadie skip to their fellow lights.

A girl dressed in gothic clothing strolls onstage after them. “Gwen Raven.” The wand glows, hesitating for a while, then fades into a dark purple. “Dark.” Gwen walks unenthusiastically to the dark side.

A boy with red and blue eyes, and hair to match, strolls up next. “3-D.” The pixie places the ravioli wand on his forehead. For a second, it turns red and blue, but then fades into dark purple. “Dark.” 3-D strolls over to the right side of the stage and stands beside his teammates, changing his eyes from red and blue, to blue and red, and back again.

A boy wearing a green shirt with a handprint on it walks up next. “Trent Smith.” Sunshine places the ravioli wand on his forehead. It doesn’t take long for it to glow golden. “Light.” Trent looks longingly towards Gwen, on the dark side, but takes his place on the light side.

Afterwards, an African-American girl struts up to the stage. “LeShawna Feist.” The pixie places the ravioli wand to her forehead, and it hesitates, but slowly fades into a dark purple. “Dark.” LeShawna walks over to the right side of the stage, standing next to Gwen.

A tough-looking girl walks up next. “Eva Forte.” The ravioli pixie places the ravioli wand to her head, and it turns dark purple. “Dark.” Eva strolls over to the other dark members.

A scrawny, nerdy kid with a missing tooth struts up next. “Cody Ballot.” The pixie places the wand to his head, and it glows golden. “Light.” Cody joins his fellow light members, glancing around at the girls there.

An attractive blonde girl strolls up next, smiling stupidly. “Lindsay Princesse.” The ravioli wand touches her forehead, and glows gold after a moment. “Light.” The girl gives a cheer and skips over to her teammates.

Afterwards, a tough-looking boy with a red Mohawk walks over to the pixie. “Stephen Nelson.” She places the ravioli wand to his head, and it turns dark purple fairly quickly. “Dark.” Stephen walks over to the dark side.

After Stephen, a short, nerdy girl walks up. “Beth Farmer.” Sunshine places the ravioli wand to her forehead, and it glows golden without hesitation. “Light.” Beth happily rushes over to the light side, and stands next to Lindsay, seeming happy to be on the same team as her.

A red-headed girl cheerfully bounds onto the stage. “Izzy Strait, also known as E-Scope.” Izzy, or E-Scope, seems pleased that her name-change has been remembered. Sunshine places the ravioli wand to her forehead, and she stretches her tongue up to it, seemingly trying to eat it. It turns dark purple after a moment. “Dark.” Izzy skips over to the right side of the stage.

A boy in red, sporty clothing walks up next. “Tyler Sportif.” Sunshine places the ravioli wand to his forehead, and it glows golden. “Light.” Tyler smiles and walks over to the left side of the stage.

A tan girl with freckles walks up next, giving a worried smile. “Courtney True.” The ravioli pixie places her wand on her forehead, and after a moment of hesitation, it turns dark purple. “Dark.”

“Um… I think there’s been a mistake.” Courtney complains.

“WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT MEH WAND???” The ravioli pixie suddenly screams in what seems to be a fit of mental instability, complete with a twitching eye and what seems to be foam at the corner of her mouth.

“…nothing. Nevermind.” Courtney stammers, backing off to the dark side.

Once the pixie regains her senses, going back to her calm, regal state, a muscular, Jamacian boy walks up. “DJ Terra.” Sunshine places the wand on his forehead, hovering a few inches above the ground due to his height. The wand almost instantly radiates a golden glow. “Light.” DJ smiles and walks over to the light side.

After DJ, a short but cool-looking kid struts up. “Drew Jackson.” The pixie places the ravioli wand to his forehead, and after a second, radiates a golden glow. “Light.” Drew joins the light side without complaint.

Next, a tall dweeb with a hamburger on his shirt walked up. "Harold Dispari." The pixie places her wand on him, and after a while it turns a dark purple. "Dark." Harold walked over to the dark side.

Finally, a tough-looking boy with several facial piercings and a green Mohawk walks up. The pixie smiles softly, somewhat breaking her regal façade. “Ah, Duncan Donnet- I mean, Duncan Nelson.” She giggles a bit, breaking the regal, powerful performance and making her seem like the child she looks like. “Sorry, but get it? Duncan Donnet, Dunkin’ Do—” Noticing the staring teenagers, she brings herself back down to a calm, regal state. “Nevermind.” She mumbles, placing the ravioli wand to Duncan’s forehead. Nothing happens. She frowns and presses it harder onto his head. Nothing. No glowing. No dark purple aura. No golden radiation. Not even the red and blue 3-D got from it. Minutes pass, and still nothing happens. Duncan begins to look annoyed, as the ravioli is messing up his Mohawk. Finally, Sunshine removes the wand and stares at it. “It’s… refusing to align you.” She admits in a voice that barely hides her surprise. She stares at it a moment more, then sighs. “Very well. You can choose sides at your convenience, change as you please.” The other teens murmur between themselves, surprised that the wand would align all them but not Duncan. Duncan, seeming embarrassed by the whole thing, attempts to re-straighten his Mohawk. The pixie hovers above the ground and faces the two teams.

“Time for your first test.”

The ravioli pixie points to the doors of the auditorium. “As you know, these doors are locked. Your challenge is to get out of this auditorium and climb to the roof of the school. There, you’ll find a ravioli flag. The first team to get this flag and return it to me here wins the challenge.” She pulls out what looks like a Nerf gun and shoots confetti into the air with it. “Begin!”

The two teams quickly dash to the doors, trying out different methods in an attempt to get out. Some look for keys, others try to pick the locks, some just try to smash the doors down. A few of the teens hang back, watching their competitors and teammates struggle. Stephen looks up to the ceiling and seems to notice something.

“Dark team, I think I just found a way out of here.” He walks over to Duncan, who is still attempting to straighten his Mohawk. “Let me borrow your pocket knife.”


“Let me borrow your knife.”

“No way.” Duncan growls. “The last time you ‘borrowed’ it, I didn’t see it for a month, and when I got it back, it was snapped in half.”

“Look, do you want my team to win or not?”

“Ugh, fine. But I get it back TODAY.”

Stephen takes Duncan’s knife and climbs up onto one of the chairs. He starts to seemingly poke at the ceiling with the knife. A few minutes pass, and Stephen smiles triumphantly, taking down the cover to the air vent. He places it on the floor, trying not to catch the attention of the other team, and motions the dark team members over. He and a few other members of the team begin to climb up into the air vents. Duncan stands underneath the air vent and stares up. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” He shouts up. Stephen chucks Duncan’s knife back to him, and he catches it and follows the dark team up the vent.

Meanwhile, Trent was trying to pick the lock of the door for his team, using his guitar pick because he didn’t have anything better. Everyone was watching intently, waiting for the door to open, so no one noticed the dark team disappear up the air vent. “This isn’t working.” He groaned. “Does anyone have a pin or something I could pick this with?”

“Well, I have this hairpin.” Lindsay stated, pulling one out of her purse. “Will it work?”

Trent stares for a second, dumbfounded. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US THIS AGES AGO???”

“I dunno. Why didn’t you ask?”

The entire team groans, and Trent picks the lock easily with Lindsay’s hairpin. “Quick, sneak out so we can lock the Dark team in here.” A few of the Light team members start running out the door, but Beth turns around and notices the air vent cover on the floor.

“Trent?” She says worriedly. “I don’t think you need to worry about locking the Dark team in.” Trent turns around and notices the cover on the ground. He swears under his breath and darts for the front doors.

A few of the Light team members had already started climbing by the time Trent got outside. Cody, DJ, and Drew were making their way slowly up the wall of the school towards the roof, where the team could see a ravioli flag blowing in the summer wind. Tyler, it seemed, had attempted to climb, but he was now laying face-down on the cement, writhing in pain. Lindsay stared stupidly up to the clouds. Geoff and Bridgette made out. Owen attempted several times to help his team by climbing, but kept falling due to his size. Katie and Sadie chatted about how hot Justin is. Trent sighed and started climbing the wall of the school.

In the meantime, the Dark team, plus Duncan, had just gotten onto the roof, thanks to their air-vent shortcut. Stephen quickly took charge and dashed for the flag, merely a few feet away. Suddenly, Cody’s head popped up over the side of the roof. He had been the first of his team to get all the way up to the roof, for some reason. Stephen stopped to stare at him for a minute. “Hi.” Cody said meekly, knowing he was doomed.

And doomed he was. Stephen smirked evilly and stomped on Cody’s hand. He yelped in pain and fell from the roof, screaming. Lindsay, still staring up at the clouds, saw Cody falling. “Hey, look, Codaa’s flying.” She laughed, causing everyone to put their attention on Cody. Elsewhere, on a Total Drama Island fansite, a user suddenly felt his name had been called by a dumb blonde.

Cody’s life flashed before his eyes, and he felt sudden regret as he remembered he’d never been on a date. Thankfully for the regretful, dateless nerd, he was saved by landing on Tyler, who began writhing in even more pain.

On the top of the roof, Stephen still stood watching from the edge of the roof, daring the other Light team members to come up. While he taunted his opponents, Heather dashed behind him and took the ravioli flag, since he certainly wasn’t going to get it. The rest of the Dark team, save Stephen, rushed after her, and Duncan grabbed his brother by the ear and dragged him back to the air vent.

Back in the auditorium, Sunshine simply sat on the end of the stage, looking bored. She looked very much like a child as she sat with her legs dangling off the stage, staring up at the ceiling for no reason, waiting for something interesting to happen. Though she had seemingly complete control over the teens, she was more like a child than any of them.

“A refusal of alignment.” She said to no one in particular, obviously talking about the incident with Duncan. “It’s never been heard of before. It’ll definitely be interesting to observe.” Her large, regal vocabulary conflicts greatly with her childlike appearance. Suddenly, the Dark team tumbles out of the air vent, Heather still holding the ravioli flag. She pulls herself out of the mound of people, walks calmly up to Sunshine, and hands her the flag. Just as she does, the Light team bursts back in through the doors.

“Sorry, Light team, but the Dark team has already completed the challenge. They are the winners today.” The dark team cheers amongst themselves. “Now, all of you, come with me. You’ll be staying here until a victor is determined, so I might as well show you to your rooms.” A few of the teens groan amongst themselves, as none of them wanted to spend their summer not only locked in school, but in a good-VS-evil contest run by a ravioli pixie. The pixie led them to the main lobby, and pointed to the hallway to her right. “Dark team, your rooms will be down there. You’ll find your names on the doors of the rooms.” The Dark team walks down their hallway, and Sunshine turns to the Light team. “Light team, you will be down the left hallway, same thing. Oh, and one more thing-” she adds before they leave. “Don’t be surprised if one of you is missing tomorrow morning.” The teens stare at one another in shock, but go down to their rooms nonetheless. The pixie turns to leave, but Duncan is left over, looking confused.

"Uh, yeah. What about me? I’m not exactly on either team.”

The pixie blinks her golden eyes and cocks her head in an expression that makes her look very childlike. “I suppose you can choose either hall. I can’t really tell you to do anything, considering you’re not officially aligned with either side.” She steps a few steps backwards. “You’ll be very interesting during this.” She then gives him a curtsey, and turns to flutter down the stairs. Duncan stares after the mysterious pixie for a moment, then turns to find a room.

Somewhere far away, in a dark room, a person wearing a ravioli hat watches all the events on a television screen that, unsurprisingly, looks like a giant piece of ravioli. Sunshine walks in, hood over her head, and bows to the figure. “Oh, great Ravioli Guru. The first challenge has ended. The contestants are asleep and unsuspecting.”

“Good.” The ‘Ravioli Guru’ states in a voice that sounds strangely similar to Chris McLean’s. “Who do we have that we can eliminate?” The pixie comes out of her bow and pulls several photographs from her sleeve. The photos are of the 12 Light team members, plus Duncan, whom she separates from the others as she spreads the pictures out in front of the Guru.

“Why’s he separate?” The ravioli guru asks.

“He is the In-Between. The one that would not be aligned.”

“Oh, right. You don’t have to get so deep about it.” The Guru looks over the thirteen photos, and picks one out, handing it to Sunshine. “Have this one removed from the competition.”

“As you wish.” Sunshine agrees, bowing and backing out of the room. Once out of the room, the pixie flicks her wand into the air, summoning two female ninjas. She hands them the photo. “Have this one taken away.” The ninjas nod silently and disappear in a puff of smoke.

In one of the old classroom, which have been mysteriously refurbished into individual bedrooms for the contestants, Lindsay sleeps soundly. Suddenly, two shadows appear above her, and she opens her eyes to look at them. “Are you Tyler…?” She asks sleepily. The two figures pounce on her.

Not long afterwards, two ninjas carry Lindsay up a rocky path. There’s tape over her mouth, so she can’t scream. There’s rope around her arms and legs, so she can’t fight. The next thing she knows, the two ninjas are holding her in the air on the edge of a cliff. Her eyes widen, and the ninjas throw her off the edge. The wind blows in her hair and eyes as she falls. Her brain tells her to struggle and close her eyes, but her body doesn’t respond. Suddenly, she lands in what looks like a human-sized tube, the cover of which closes. Sunshine suddenly appears outside of the tube.

“Congratulations, Lindsay.” The pixie says softly. “You’ve just become the first to be eliminated from our competition. Enjoy your stay here.” She gives Lindsay a curtsey, then disappears.

Chapter 2- “This Bites.”

“Good morning to our contestants.” Sunshine’s voice comes over the intercom at exactly 7:35 AM. “Please report to the cafeteria for breakfast, and for the announcement of today’s challenge.”

The teens begin to slowly leak out of their rooms for breakfast. Tyler lags behind and knocks on Lindsay’s door. “Lindsay, you coming?” He asks. “C’mon, you’ll miss breakfast.” No answer. Confused, Tyler fiddles with the doorknob, and the door opens. Tyler pokes his head in and gasps. The room is in complete order- the bed is made, the room is clean, the clothes are neatly folded on the dresser- but Lindsay is nowhere to be found. Staring at the empty room, Sunshine’s words echo in his head- “Don’t be surprised if one of you is missing tomorrow morning.” Tyler gulps and closes the door, running down to the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, the room has been unconsciously split into the Light and Dark sides. All along one wall is a buffet of breakfast foods that, surprisingly, look edible. A chef or caterer is nowhere to be found. Even so, no one dares question the existence of such good food.

“Tyler, there you are.” Trent greets Tyler as he sits down. “Have you seen Lindsay anywhere?”

Tyler swallows hard and stammers, “Sh-she’s gone. Nowhere to be found.” The team stares at him in shock, obviously remembering Sunshine’s warning the night before.

“We can’t risk anyone else going missing.” Drew comments. “We have to win today’s challenge.” The team nods and turns back to their breakfast, though it seems everyone’s appetites have fled.

Meanwhile, the Dark team is not half as worried. They simply joke and eat, not knowing one of their fellow teens has vanished without a trace. Duncan sits between Stephen and Courtney, even though he is technically not on their team. Suddenly, a poof of yellow smoke appears in the middle of the room, and Sunshine appears from it, hovering above the ground for a minute and then landing. “Good morning. I hope you’re all enjoying the food. Considering today’s challenge, you’ll need it.” She turns to leave. “Report to the main lobby by 8:25 for your next challenge.” She tells them, gliding out of the room. The teens all look to each other, wondering what they’ll have to go through next.

By 8:25, the twenty-four teenagers have gathered at the main lobby. Sunshine stands in front of them. “Since we’re in a high school,” the pixie begins to explain, “Your next challenge will be similar to a driver’s ed class… except a lot more deadly. I hope you all can drive.” She chuckles and leads the nervous teens to the empty parking lot in the back of the school. Several dozen hoops have been set up, and two cars, one golden yellow and the other dark purple, are parked off to the side. Though the girls are still nervous about the challenge, the boys are quickly distracted by the cars.

“Teams, pick five people each to compete in the challenge.” Sunshine instructs without telling them exactly what it is they’ll be doing. The teams turn to conference. A few minutes later, the competitors have been chosen- Katie, Cody, Trent, Tyler, and DJ for the Light team; Stephen, Courtney, Eva, LeShawna, and Gwen for the Dark team. Duncan, not being on either team, sits back to watch what he knows will be humorous chaos.

“Your challenge today…” Sunshine states as she walks over to the hoops. She flicks her wand, and the hoops suddenly catch on fire. “…will be to drive off a ramp and through as many of these flaming rings as possible without crashing.” The campers stare in shock at the fiery hoops, and those representing their teams begin to wonder what they got themselves into. “The team with the highest total will win. If one of you goes through all one-hundred of these hoops, your team will automatically be declared the winners.” She tosses each team the keys to their car. “Light, you get the golden car, Dark, you get the purple one. Now, who will go first?”

The competitors all stare at each other, wondering who will be brave- or stupid- enough to attempt the challenge first. A few minutes pass, and finally, Eva takes her team’s keys and gets into the car. Everyone backs away from the course, and Sunshine hovers above it. Eva revs the engine, then zooms towards the ramp. She flies off of it, careening through thirty-seven of the flaming rings before crashing into the ground. Just after she staggers out of the car, it catches on fire. Sunshine flutters down with a fire extinguisher, then hits the destroyed car with her wand. It fixes itself, and then drives itself back to the start when she hits it again.

“That’s thirty-seven hoops so far for the Dark team.” She announces. “Who’s next?” The teens glance to each other, and after a second, Cody nervously walks to his team’s car. After performing the usual safety check, he drives the car towards the ramp, then hits the gas and jumps off. He only goes through ten rings before flipping over and crashing to the ground. Sunshine pulls him out of the car, then fixes it with her wand. Cody, still trembling, walks back to his team. “That makes 37 Dark, 10 Light.” Sunshine reports. “Who’s next?”

Stephen bravely steps up to his team’s car. He glares at the hoops, seeming to challenge them, then slams down the gas and flies off the ramp. He shoots through fifty-three hoops before crashing into the ground and skidding several feet. When the car finally stops, he pulls himself out and walks back to his team. “Piece of cake.” He brags, though he’s obviously unnerved by the experience.

Sunshine goes to the car again and fixes it. “90 Dark, 10 Light. Who’s up next?” The Light team competitors look between each other, and after a minute, a trembling Katie steps up. She drives the car up towards the ramp and clutches the wheel tightly with both hands.

“Sadie, if I don’t live through this, I just want you to know you’re the best BFFFL ever!!!!!” She screams as she floors the gas pedal. The car flies off the ramp and goes through forty-three rings, twirling and flipping the entire time, before finally crashing to the ground. She gets out of the car, trembling in fear, then runs back to Sadie, who quickly begins comforting her.

“That’s 90 Dark, 53 Light.” Sunshine explains as she fixes the Light team’s car. “Who’s up next?” Courtney sighs and steps up for her team. Tightly gripping the wheel, she stares fearfully at the fiery rings. A moment passes, then she stomps on the gas pedal and careens off the ramp. She flies through twenty-six of the rings, then hits the ground, bouncing off and skidding down the parking lot until the car slams into the wall of the school. Duncan, obviously worried but trying to hide it, stands up and looks to the crashed car. After a minute, the car door opens and she staggers out.

“Impressive wipeout.” Sunshine half-laughs. “That makes the score 116 Dark, 53 Light. Who’s next?” Tyler proudly steps up, and his teammates mutter to themselves, most likely praying he doesn’t die. Tyler climbs into the car and glares challengingly at the flaming hoops. He slams down on the gas, flying off the ramp, over the hoops, and into the wall of the school. After a moment of silent, shocked staring, the car door opens and Tyler flops out onto the ground. Two of his teammates go over and drag him back to the sidelines.

“…Wow.” Sunshine comments, staring blankly at the scene. “Who’s next?” LeShawna steps up for the Dark team. After two huge crashes in a row, it seems everyone is on edge. LeShawna grips the wheel, stomps down on the gas, and flies off the ramp. She goes through thirty-four hoops before the car smashes into the ground and catches on fire. LeShawna gets out of the car unscathed, and her teammates flock around to congratulate her. “That makes 150 Dark, 53 Light. Who’s next?”

A minute passes, and Trent steps up for his team, gets into the car, and stares at the flaming hoops. After a moment of this, he slams down on the gas and catapults off the ramp. He flies through fifty hoops before the car crashes sideways onto the ground. Trent pulls himself out of the car using the door not crushed into the ground, and staggers back to his team.

“That makes 150 Dark, 103 Light, with only one person left for each team. Gwen, you’re up.” Gwen sighs and climbs into her team’s car. After a moment of staring fearfully at the flaming hoops, she slams down on the gas and careens through thirty hoops. Afterwards, the car flips upside down, skids for a while, then stops. The car door opens, and a trembling Gwen stumbles out.

“That makes the final score for the Dark team 180 hoops.” Sunshine announces. She turns to the Light team. “Light team, you only need 78 hoops this turn to beat that. DJ, you’re up.” DJ swallows hard and gets into his team’s car. Flooring the gas pedal, DJ careens off the ramp, screaming. He flies through an unspecified number of hoops (to keep suspense) and then crashes to the ground. DJ gets out of the car, trembling, and joins his team for the final results.

Sunshine scribbles some numbers down on a notepad that she hadn’t had earlier. “Light team. Your final score is…” Everyone, even the Dark team and Duncan, leans in towards the pixie in suspense. “…153 hoops. Dark team wins.” The Light team drops their heads in defeat, and the Dark team (plus Duncan) celebrates. “Back inside now, today’s challenge is over.”

Somewhere far away, the Ravioli Guru watches the 24 teenagers on the ravioli plasma-screen. Sunshine hovers into the room, hood over her head. She bows to the Guru. “Oh, great Ravioli Guru. The challenge has ended, and the Dark team has once again emerged victorious.”

“Woah, so it’s elimination time already?” The Guru laughs. “Man, what a challenge today. The flaming hoops were a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself.” He continues to compliment himself as Sunshine spreads out the pictures of the eleven Light team members, plus Duncan, in front of him. The guru looks over the photos, then picks one out. “Have this one eliminated. I’m not liking him much lately.”

“As you wish.” Sunshine takes the photo and bows as she exits the room. Outside, the two ninjas are waiting for her. “Today, you’ll be taking this one away.” The pixie instructs, handing them the photo. The ninjas nod and disappear in a puff of ninja-smoke.

Back at the school, most of the students are either eating dinner (mostly ravioli, unsurprisingly) or hanging out in their rooms. Cody sits on his bed, surfing the internet on his cell phone. Suddenly, he hears a thump behind him. He turns to see two female ninjas, the shorter of which is holding a roll of duct tape menacingly. “Hey, ninja ladies…” Cody greets them meekly. The shorter ninja pounces with the duct tape.

By nightfall, the two ninjas have carried Cody all the way to the large cliff. Cody’s mouth is covered with duct tape, and his arms and legs are tied together with it. The ninjas hold Cody above their heads, and he stares wide eyed at the dark abyss below him. The ninjas swing him a few times, then chuck him off the cliff.

Cody gives a muffled scream and attempts to flail his arms and legs as he falls through the air. Finding it no use, he clenches his eyes shut and waits to hit the bottom of the abyss. Suddenly, he lands in a human-sized glass tube. He opens his eyes and looks to the top, which shuts on him. He hears banging outside, and turns to his right to see Lindsay in a similar tube, banging on the sides to get his attention. Cody looks around wide-eyed, he can’t see anything other than his own tube and Lindsay. Suddenly, Sunshine appears in front of him.

“No need to worry, Cody.” She assures him. “This is merely where you’ll be kept until we determine a winner to our little contest.” Cody stares at the pixie in blank shock, but she steps backwards to leave, starting to become swallowed by the darkness of wherever they are. “Enjoy your stay.” She gives the shocked nerd a curtsey, then disappears into the shadows.

Chapter 3- “Now You Keeners Get Out There and Dodge!”

Trent is walking back to his room after dinner when he notices Cody’s door open a crack. He walks over to close it, and notices that the room is empty- in perfect order, but empty. He notices something on the floor in the room, and walks over. It’s Cody’s cell phone, with an unsent e-mail onscreen. Trent’s eyes widen as he reads the short message.


The next morning, the 23 remaining teenagers report to breakfast. Once again, a large buffet of edible foods is set up against a wall with no source in sight. The Light team members sit on one side of the cafeteria, the Dark team members (plus Duncan) on the other. Trent sits down to the questioning eyes of his team.

“Did someone else disappear last night?” Katie asks in a worried tone.

Trent looks over his team, wishing he had told them earlier. “Cody disappeared while we were at dinner.” He admits to his team. “And I found this in his room.” He hands the team Cody’s cell phone, the unfinished message still onscreen. The ten remaining members of the Light team stare in shock at this hint to their teammate’s disappearance.

On the other side of the cafeteria, the Dark team members are somewhat worried as well, though for different reasons. After the insanity of yesterday’s challenge, the majority of the team wonders what on earth they could be facing next. However, “majority” doesn’t mean all- a few people were as calm as could be. And by “a few people”, I mean Courtney, who sat across the table from Duncan, having a conversation with him that seemed to border the fine line between an argument and flirting.

“I saw your face when I crashed.” She states. “You were totally worried about me.”

“Sure I was.” Duncan laughs, rolling his eyes. “Did it ever cross your mind that I thought the car might be wrecked beyond repair?”

“Maybe.” Courtney retorts. “But if that was the case, wouldn’t you have looked like that every single time?”

“Probably not, considering no one had been dumb enough to smash into the wall of the school before you.” Duncan replies.

Courtney gives him a flirtatious glare. “You’re pretty hot when you’re in denial.”

“You’re pretty hot yourself.” Duncan grins at her flirtatiously, until some eggs are suddenly flung into his Mohawk. He whirls around to find Stephen, sitting at the table behind him, snickering. Glaring at him, Duncan takes a handful of eggs and flings them back at his brother. Instead of hitting the intended target, however, they hit a frying pan held up by Sunshine, who has randomly appeared. Instead of her usual black cloak, she wears a referee shirt and jeans (both several sizes too big for the three-foot ravioli pixie).

“Now, now.” She scolds the brothers. “Let’s save the flinging of random objects for today’s challenge. Which, by the way, will start in the gym in fifteen minutes.” The pixie turns the frying pan into her ravioli wand, then flutters out of the room.

“No holding back today.” Trent instructs his team. “We can’t risk any of us disappearing.” His teammates nod, and everyone high-fives each other before finishing up their breakfast and heading to the gym.

“Welcome to day three of our competition.” Sunshine greets the teens as they all arrive in the gym. “Today’s challenge, especially in comparison to yesterday’s-” A few of the competitors, most those that actually competed in the previous day’s challenge, cringe as they remember the events. “-is a simple one. The teams will have to be even for this challenge, so Duncan, please join the Light team for today’s challenge; Dark team, choose one person to sit out.” Duncan strolls over to the Light team, and the Dark team conferences. After a minute, Ezekiel sits down on the bleachers. “Now then, your challenge today will be a simple game of dodgeball, best of three rounds wins.” The pixie announces, holding up a dodgeball.

“This’ll be an easy win.” Justin brags, rolling his eyes.

“Is that so, pretty boy? In that case, I’m guessing it won’t be a problem that THERE’S ROCKS INSIDE THESE DODGEBALLS THAT WILL HURT EXTREMELY IF I HAPPEN TO THROW THIS AT YOU!!!” Sunshine shouts, chucking the ball at Justin. It hits him in the stomach, and he flops to the ground in pain. “Now, shall we begin?” She asks, regaining her innocent, childlike voice and calm stature. The competitors stare at her for a minute, then go into playing positions. Sunshine materializes a whistle and gives it a blow.

The dodgeballs start flying instantly. Throws are dodged. Faces are hit. Pain is caused. Sunshine struggles not to laugh at the entire thing. Ezekiel pulls his hat over his eyes so he doesn’t have to watch the bloodbath that is dodgeball.

Harold attempts to hit Duncan with a dodgeball. Instead, it bounces off the back wall and hits him between the legs. Harold screams in pain and flops to the ground, having to be dragged off the field by Gwen and LeShawna.

Tyler attempts to throw a ball. Sunshine barely dodges it by flopping to the ground, which accidentally activates her ravioli wand. Because of it, Justin is hit in the face with ravioli. “MY FACE!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!!” He screams, attempting to wipe the tomato sauce off his face. During this moment of distraction, he’s hit in the head by a dodgeball, which knocks him out.

Noah runs around the field screaming like a girl, which somehow results in him not being hit. Bridgette and Geoff get lost in each other’s eyes, and are both hit. 3-D distracts Katie and Sadie by changing his eye colors, then beans them with dodgeballs. After lots of dodgeball-throwing, pain, and hypnosis via 3-D’s eyes, Sunshine blows her whistle. “Everyone on the Dark team is out. One round, Light team!” The Light team cheers, and the Dark team glares at them. “Everyone, get ready for round two.”

After a short break, mainly to tend to more than a few injuries, the two teams once again get into playing positions. Sunshine blows her whistle, and dodgeballs once again start flying everywhere. Tyler almost hits Noah, but instead knocks out Ezekiel (who is still sitting out). LeShawna attempts to hit Drew, but misses and hits Trent in the stomach. Noah somehow gets a dodgeball, and chucks it away screaming, after which it hits Tyler. Izzy bounces her dodgeball off the ceiling, after which it hits Beth so hard she makes an indent in the ground. In the end, Sunshine blows her whistle and declares, “One round, Dark team! This will be the final tiebreaker round!”

After injuries are treated and the dent in the floor fixed, the players set themselves up in playing position. The last round. The tiebreaker. And, for the Light team, the last chance to finally win a challenge. Sunshine stares over the scene, and blows her whistle.

Izzy immediately takes out Tyler, who skids across the room due to the impact. Noah continues his run-around-screaming strategy, but is taken out due to a good shot by Duncan. The delinquent is taken out shortly after by none other than Courtney. Courtney gets taken out by Trent. Trent is hypnotized by 3-D’s eyes and is hit.

“3 out for Light team, 2 out for Dark team!” Sunshine announces. She cringes as Harold is hit by a dodgeball. “Make that 3 out for Dark team.”

Gwen, LeShawna and Izzy all chuck dodgeballs at the opposite team. Owen bravely leaps up in an attempt to catch the balls, but is hit in the stomach by all three. He flops to the ground, and is dragged out by Duncan and Trent. Beth glares at Izzy, obviously remembering the incident last round, and chucks a dodgeball at her head. Izzy falls to the ground, and her eyes begin spinning in several directions. “Auntie Em? Is that you?” She blabbers as Courtney drags her off the playing field.

“4 out for Light team, 4 out for Dark team!” Sunshine announces. She seems just as caught up in the game as the competitors are by now.

Eva chucks a dodgeball at DJ. He ducks it, but it bounces off the back wall and hits him in the back, knocking him down. Drew grabs the same ball and chucks it back at Eva. She gets hit in the stomach and falls to the ground. LeShawna grabs the ball again and chucks it to the light side. It takes out both Geoff and Bridgette, who were making out at the time. Katie chucks a ball at LeShawna while she’s doing this, giving her too little time to dodge. Sadie throws a dodgeball at Heather. It hits her in the head, knocking off her wig. Drew grabs the rebound and chucks it back at Gwen. Gwen gets hit upside the chin and falls to the ground. Afterwards, Katie and Sadie both grab dodgeballs and throw them at the same time. Stephen gets hit from both sides.

“7 out Light, 8 out Dark! Only 3-D and Justin remain on the Dark side!” Everyone sitting in the bleachers leans towards the field in suspense.

3-D stares at Katie and Sadie and starts changing the color of his eyes. Katie and Sadie stare, hypnotized. Drew, not looking at his eyes, chucks a dodgeball at him. 3-D gets hit on the side of his head and falls over, and Justin instinctively turns to look.

Big mistake.

3-D pulls himself up and stares Justin right in the eyes. The rock-filled-dodgeball-to-the-head has caused some sort of reaction to his red-and-blue eyes, as they’ve turned a color impossible to describe. Justin screams in pain and whips his hands over his eyes. “I’M BLIIIINNNDDD!!!!!” The tree remaining light team members stare at each other, and Drew shrugs and smacks Justin in the face with a dodgeball. Sunshine’s whistle blows, and she hovers over the field.

“That makes 2 rounds Light team, 1 round Dark team! LIGHT TEAM WINS!!!” The Light team, after a moment of stunned silence, begins to celebrate, and the Dark team watches, glaring. Sunshine lands in the middle of the field, and looks to both teams. “Today’s challenge is over. Everyone, back inside.”

Somewhere far away, the Ravioli Guru watches the teens on the ravioli plasma screen. Sunshine appears, once again wearing her cloak, and bows. “Oh, great—”

“Yeah, yeah, great Ravioli Guru, competitors are unsuspecting, elimination time. I know the drill.” The Guru snickers to himself. “Can’t believe the Light team pulled that off. I thought for sure we’d be picking off one of them again.” Sunshine spreads out the pictures of the twelve dark team members, plus Duncan, and awaits the Guru’s decision. The Guru looks over the pictures and picks one out, smiling evilly. “I’ve been waiting to eliminate this dude since we started this competition.” He laughs, handing Sunshine the photo. “Take him away tonight.”

“As you wish.” She agrees, curtseying as she backs out of the room. Outside the ninjas wait for her, looking bored. She hands the ninjas the photo. “Take this one away tonight. And don’t get caught up in his tricks. He has powers.” She warns the ninjas. They nod and disappear in their classic ninja-smoke.

That night, the ninjas sneak in through the window of their victim’s room. They approach the bed and stare, seemingly hypnotized, for a moment. After a minute, the shorter ninja snaps out of it and pulls out her duct tape.

Under the cover of night, the ninjas carry an extremely hot guy tied up with duct tape up a cliff. This extremely hot guy happens to be Justin McGorgeousness. He’s surprisingly calm, as girls often tie him up and drag him away, considering he’s as hot as he is. However, this calmness ends as the ninjas hold him up over the cliff’s edge. He mumbles something, muffled since his mouth is covered with duct tape, before the ninjas chuck him off the cliff.

He gives a muffled scream as he falls into the dark abyss. His life flashes before his eyes. He mostly sees himself in mirrors. Suddenly, his life is spared when he falls into a large glass tube. The cover of the tube closes above him. Confused, he looks around. To each side, he sees Cody and Lindsay, both staring at his hotness. He looks up, but can’t see anything. He looks in front of him, and suddenly sees Sunshine’s golden eyes.

“Not to worry, pretty boy.” She laughs. “You only have to stay here until the end of the contest. And at least you’ve still got a few fans.” She gives him a curtsey and a satisfied smirk, then disappears.

Chapter 4- "Can't Even Bend Over!"

At 8:00'o clock, a loud voice is heard outside of the many rooms. "WAKE UP YOU LAZY BUMS!" shouted Sunshine, eager to get to the challenge she has planned. Many of the contestants, annoyed by the wake up call, get up slowly. Except for the girls who had piled up out of their rooms and literally ran, almost running over Sunshine. They arrive at Justin's room where they open the door and peek in to see it empty, everything nice and neat. The girls, sweating and shivering... run in seperate directions to get to the cafeteria.

"Welcome to your 4th day of Summer! Hope your having fun!" said Sunshine, who was standing ontop of a table. "Challenge will be in a bit once your finished eating", she jumps off the table, and walks out of the cafeteria.

Over at the Dark table, they didn't really care Justin was gone, as he was a weak player and really didn't participate. "He's probably gone because all he does is strut off" said Duncan.

"Well, it's only one player, so I don't think it really matters" replied Stephen. Who was shoving a half-eaten waffle into his mouth.

"Yea, and it takes a big distraction off of our shoulders" added Gwen.

After about 15 minutes, everyone had finished eating and was in four seperate lines. The Dark Boys, the Good Boys, the Dark Girls and the Good Girls.

"Ok, listen up! Here is our next challenge!" gritted Sunshine threw the megaphone. Smiling as big as a banana. "We will be having a bit of a fight night!" she added. Everybody gasped and then chatted among eachother. "Alright! That's enough talking! To the gym!" Sunshine yelled. Everybody zipped their lip's as fast as a tiger. Sunshine then led them down the halls leading to the gym.

(Codaa5: I was hoping to get this up and running again, I would have added more but I didn't wanna use sunshine's character in a different perspective. I hope this tiny bit quenched your hunger!)

Elimination Chart

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Heather Win Win Safe
Stephen Win Win Safe
Gwen Win Win Safe
Ezekiel Win Win Safe
LeShawna Win Win Safe
3-D Win Win Safe
Harold Win Win Safe
Izzy Win Win Safe
Eva Win Win Safe
Noah Win Win Safe
Duncan Safe Safe Safe
Trent Safe Safe Win
Beth Safe Safe Win
DJ Safe Safe Win
Owen Safe Safe Win
Bridgette Safe Safe Win
Geoff Safe Safe Win
Katie Safe Safe Win
Sadie Safe Safe Win
Drew Safe Safe Win
Tyler Safe Safe Win
Courtney Win Win Safe
Justin Win Win OUT
Cody Safe OUT
Lindsay OUT


  • Gold & Black names: Light Team
  • Purple & White Names: Dark Team
  • Black & Green Name: Not Aligned
  • Yellow & Win: Their team won the challenge
  • Green & Safe: Their team lost, but they moved on
  • Red & Out: They were eliminated
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