Sunny is a contestant in Total Drama Mania. She is very optimistic and happy.

Sunny joined to prove that niceness is key.

Demolishing Sharks/ Dancing Eggplants
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Day 9: The Darkest Fears... Like Great Aunt Natalie"
Place Fifteenth
Friends Blossom, Sharon
Enemies None
Fear Snakes
Origin Orlando, Florida

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: She made to the second round of the singing contest. Her team won.

Challenge 2: She was paired with Blossom for the challenge. Her team lost.

Challenge 3: She worked on the statue with Blossom and Sharon.

Challenge 4: She worked on set design. Her team won.

Challenge 5: She didn't do well in the freeze dance. Her team lost.

Challenge 6: She did well in the cleaning challenge and she was transferred to the Dancing Flowers. Her team won.

Challenge 7: She modeled for her team, and her team won.

Challenge 8: She was not able to conquer her fear, her team lost, and she was eliminated.

Challenge 18: She voted for Blossom to win. She voted for Ronda to lose.


Sunny is sitting at a kitchen table, eating an apple. She stops eating, and begins to talk, "Oh, hi, I didn't see you there. I'm Sunny and I want to be on Total Drama Mania because I believe that niceness is the best policy and that when you're nice and sweet, you're bound to win. I also think that optimism is important as well, because you always see things in a positive way, and that's how you should see things. Like, yesterday, my cat died. I thought that it would be good opportunity to meet some new cats, and... and...." She starts bawling, "I MISS MY CAT SO MUCH!" She sobs and sobs, and starts flailing her arms in sorrow, she knocks the apple into the camera, and the camera falls over and shatters.


Sunny always tells her parents, both pessimists, to look on the bright side of life. They can't, but she never gets frustrated. She knows they'll come around, at least in her mind. Sunny has the most friends in her class, and was voted "Most Likely to Explode From Happiness." She took this as a compliment.


  • Sunny was the first contestant eliminated from the Dancing Eggplants.
  • Sunny's entire character design was based off of the color yellow.
  • Sunny, along with Stan, are both based off of dogs in the creators life, except Stan was based off of the creator's dog, and Sunny was based off of the creator's friends dog.
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