Deep in the bowels of an immense jungle off the coast of Africa, 18 strangers from different walks of life will come together, in the adventure of a lifetime. Confronting a mysterious land of unique wildlife, ancient customs unknown to the outside world and an enduring culture, they must be ready to face the elements...and ultimately each other, or be voted out! In the end, only 1 will remain to claim the million dollar prize, and the title of Sole Survivor! Survivor: Madagascar!

Contestant Profiles

Episode 1: "I Just Did Something a Little Bit Unscrupulous"

As the coarse, choppy waters of the Indian Ocean pummeled themselves onto the idyllic sandy brown beach, the authoritative voice of a man in his fifties could be heard.

"Over the last eighteen years, Survivor has travelled the globe far and wide to locations practically untouched by the average man."

As he narrated, footage of past season locations was shown, including Borneo, Australia, Palau, Samoa, the Philippines and Fiji.

"This season, that very trend only continues, as we set sail to Madagascar! Long untouched by the outside world and shrouded in mystery, this immense island is home to bizarre wildlife that exists nowhere else on earth, sacred social customs and a history that spans thousands of years!"

Ring-tailed lemurs were shown frolicking through trees, followed by Malagasy people engaging in tribal rituals.

"Beneath me, eighteen Americans are about to embark on a journey to this strange land, where not only will they be forced to endure the unforgiving elements, but also each other!"

One of the contestants, this one named Paul Anderson, gave the first confessional of the season.

(CONF): "I've been watching this show since I was twelve and to finally be here, I just keep PINCHING myself because I don't think it's really true!", said Paul, who proceeded to do just thatt. "...IT'S REAL!" he yelped as he proceeded to fake fainting.

The next contestant, Jessica Powell, then gave one of her very own.

(CONF): "Throughout my life, everyone around me has underestimated me for being an attractive female!", said Jess "Without exception, I've always proven them wrong and this time will be no different!" a svelte brunette woman proclaimed confidently.

The last contestant to speak up for a while was a mustached, tattooed man named Adam Wallman.

(CONF): "Ever since watching Boston Rob take advantage of those idiots on Redemption Island, it's been my dream to do the same and brainwash people left and right! No one's gonna touch me!" Adam cockily boasted. "I'll be mean, I'll be tough, I won't care who I hurt!"

Eventually, Probst concluded his narration.

"In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor! Thirty-nine days, eighteen people, one Survivor!"

As the camera zoomed quickly into the fishing trawler, Probst addressed the ecstatic crowd of eighteen.

"Welcome to Survivor: Madagascar!", he greeted excitedly. "For the next thirty-nine days, this island will be your home! Guy in the business suit, what's your name?"

The man, who lightly adjusted his red tie, replied.

"Barnes. Lous Barnes. And as you've probably determined from my intro, I'm a secret agent in addition to an investment banker."

Louis' response elicited polite chuckles from the seventeen other competitors, while he then gave a confessional of his own.

(CONF): "When people read my description, they'll probably assume I'm going to be some type of breakout character akin to Rudy Boesch, Keith Nale or even Joe Del Campo!", said Louis. "After all, the older players are always America's heroes! But that's a misconception! Richard and Russell will be brought to their knees, as I'm going to create a Survivor empire!"

Probst then pointed to the man seated next to Louis. He appeared to be in his mid-sixties and was wearing a white undershirt, which concealed his lean, toned build. His long, shaggy gray hair was tied back in a man bun, leaving his silver-salted beard in plain sight. "Older man in the sleeveless shirt, what's your name?"

"Well, I'm really Rob", he started "But I know how many of THOSE guys you've had. Cesternino, Mariano, what's so special about an Ackerman? If anything, please call me Chong!" Chong's choice of nickname led to another eruption of laughter across the boat, with the older contestants more receptive to his not-so subtle reference.

(CONF) "All my life, people have told me I was basically Tommy Chong's....Chong character! Frankly, they're wrong! I've been like this way before it was in vogue and just because he made pot and long hair popular again in the 80s, doesn't mean that he made me!" Chong stated to the camera.

Eventually, Probst turned to Jessica, who was wearing a casual business-dress combo. "Sharp looking young woman, what should I call you? Any monikers of your own?" Chuckling at Probst's sarcasm, she shook her head vigorously.

"Nah, I'm good with just Jessica. Though Jess is acceptable too!"

(CONF) "Half of the people on this boat that I'm surrounded by, I sincerely believe that they're actors in elaborate disguises.", said Jess "That older man...I think he called himself Chong, whatever his moniker was, he DEFINITELY was recruited!"

Probst then faced the group once more, his grin growing ever-so obvious. "Alright, you want me to tell you how this is going to go down?" Before he could finish, a blond man with a Swedish accent interrupted him.

"Are we going to be on a tribe with super-players like Brad Culpepper, Ben and Domenick?" He snarked. Most of the boat was howling loudly in chortling laughter.

"No, not this season", Probst replied back without changing his demeanor. "By the way joker, what's your name?"

The Swede smiled wryly, happy he got the host's attention. "I'm Otto Axelson and please, just call me Otto! No Donaldson, no Cochran, no Abbatte, just Otto!"

Probst nodded. "Alright Otto. Tell your friends here that this season is going to have the One World twist!" With that, the 18 castaways shared collective gasps. Otto was quick to share his thoughts in the confessional.

(CONF) After I made my pre-requisite sarcastic remark for the day, Probst admonished me and was like: "No Otto, that's not the twist! You're just going to all live together!"', said Otto "My face was completely resembling the screaming painting by Leonardo Da Vinci! Not only has that twist not been used for 13 seasons, but One World was a TERRIBLE season! Please tell me there's no Redemption Island with a cameo by Ozzy and Boston Rob!" he begged to the camera as he jokingly fainted.

"Here's how it's going to work", Probst explained. "I'm going to call your names and tell you which tribe you're a part of. Once that's done, collect as many supplies as you can in 60 seconds. After THAT'S over, you guys will race to your new home. The first tribe there will win a case of flint. Whether you give it to the other tribe or keep it for yourself, that's up to you. Louis, Paul, Otto, Ernest, Chris, Amy, Layla, Christine, Emma, you are Drakaka, which is Malagasy for crab", he said as he threw the nine of them green colored buffs. "Jessica, Karen, Hannah, Lex, Kristie, Adam, Chong, John, Glenn, you are Ahay, Malagasy for lemur", he told them as he threw them nine purple buffs. "Okay, Survivors ready? GO!"

With that, the contestants scurried in varying directions, some colliding into each other. Louis, who had a mischievous smirk on his face, "accidentally" tipped over the supplies that were intended for Ahay, sending the various fruit, vegetables and supplies into the ocean.

(CONF) "Usually, these types of preliminary challenges result in an even number of supplies for both tribes.", Louis said to the camera. "Of course, the goal is to weaken the enemy, so I just did something a little bit unscrupulous!"

He then hopped over to where his tribemates were, cutting the raft loose and jumping into the water, as he beckoned for assistance from below. "HEY, YOUNG GUY! HURL THE FRUIT DOWN PLEASE!", he said to Paul. Paul nodded, then carefully tossed the fruit into the raft, hopping into the water after him.

(CONF) "I noticed Louis toss Ahay's supplies into the ocean and if you want me to be honest, I would have called him out immediately." Paul said. "But if I have visible ethics and morals, he's going to out me as being a threat to his reign, so I'll be his little sycophant for now, the Matt to his Rob, if you will! Besides, we could have recovered some adequate service vessels from that boat!"

Over on the other side of the boat, the members of Ahay were shocked to see all of their potential supplies lost at sea. Forced to jump in the ocean with nothing but their clothes, uncertainty permeated the group. Eventually a muscular, middle aged man in a green cameo shirt scowled unhappily.

(CONF) "We were told to grab as many things as we could and then jump into the water", said John, a drill instructor. "But just as Jeff said "GO", I could see someone in the corner of my eye tossing our stuff away. I don't know exactly who it is, but I have some gut feelings and when I find out, they're going to hear from me, no doubt about it!"

Another member of Ahay, this one a young girl named Lex, was wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and denim jeans. She voiced her consternation and dissatisfaction as well.

(CONF) Being a guitarist and all, you know a ROCK guitarist, I'm used to hearing some loud noises.", said Lex. "Hell, I think half my vocabulary is onomatopoeia or whatever you call it, but I heard this loud BLAM-BROOSH noise! I got a little bit wet before I jumped in, so maybe someone dropped something in the sea? I dunno! Who would be dumb enough to do THAT?!"

As the daily current picked up steam, the members of Drakaka were beginning to pant. Wheezing and hissing could be heard from all members, except for Louis, who was perched onto the raft as if he was their Sultan. "I think we'll be about an hour or so more! We have to paddle faster or those idiots are going to catch up to us!" he barked to the rest of the tribe. Most of them seemed irritated by his domineering attitude, except for a woman in her early 40s. The woman had frilly red hair and was cloaked in a green flower dress. She didn't seem annoyed, in fact she seemed rather happy.

(CONF) "While we were swimming ourselves silly, the man in the suit kept telling us how fast to go, how we need to kick the other tribe's butt and other sorts of dictatorial stuff!" Said Amy as she told the camera. "Me, I think we shouldn't be this aggressive early on. I know that it's a contestant with money at stake, but me? I don't mind who gets there first! I'm just happy to meet all sorts of great people!"

Ahay was not faring quite as well as their opponents. Several of the contestants seemed to be running out of metaphorical steam, despite the lack of supplies preventing the raft from being weighed down. As all hope seemed lost, a toned woman in her 20s hitched onto the raft and began kicking her legs vigorously, as if she was a human motor. "Don't worry guys, this is nothing!" she reassured them as she smiled brightly. Her light brown hair shimmering in the bright sapphire sky, everyone felt at ease.

(CONF) "I'm a really athletic person, so these types of situations are a snap for me!" said Hannah, a physical trainer from Miami. "I've been swimming all of my life, running all of my life, if I was able to fly for all of my life, I would surely do that too! This? This is basically like walking for some people!"

Approximately two hours later, Drakaka finally arrived at it and Ahay's camp. As the raft washed ashore with all of their supplies intact, the nine tribe-members shared collective sighs of relief as they welcomed their new home with open arms. Several members ran around to explore the location, while a young British woman with long brown locks and a t-shirt that read "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" was left to gather the supplies.

(CONF) "Immediately once we were washed ashore, my tribe was absolutely ECSTATIC!" said Emma, an accountant. "I suppose it's nice that we've finally made it home, but I think that they should have helped a bit! Instead, the majority of them chanted "Oh my god! A bloody beach! Sand! Water! Rocks! Where can I get one of theses beaches?!" If this is a teaser for the tribe's behavior, consider this a long, LONG season ahead!"

As the members of Drakaka got used to their surroundings, Otto found a small brown box labelled "FLINT", grinning as he picked it up. He then walked over to his tribe and announced the good news.

(CONF) "So far, this day has been absolutely splendid!" Otto exclaimed. "I entertain the tribe, we arrive at the beach first and now, we've found the flint and we'll probably have fire! With a day like this, I feel like the immunity challenge has our tribe name metaphorically written over it in scribbly signature!" he chuckled.

After Otto told Drakaka the good news, Amy had everyone huddle up as if they were a football team, as she looked directly at them, her smile perpetual. "So guys, since we ended up getting the flint and we all seem to be in good spirits, I think we should get to know each other a little bit, maybe tell each other something interesting about each one another. Anyone wanna go first?" Almost as if he was another one of her students, a young man in a fishing cap raised his hand sheepishly. He had a prominent mustache and emerald green eyes. With total sincerity, he chimed in.

"May I go m'aam?" he asked Amy. She was touched by his politeness and nodded back at him, giving him the metaphorical okay. "Sure! You're definitely a very polite person, which I admire! What's your name, son?"

"Me? I'm Ernest. Ernest Willis. Ah'm from West Virginia in this little mining town. When I was 16, I had to drop out of High School to support my ma' and meemaw after my pa died. It was hard, but ah' certainly am doing well now, thank you very much!"

(CONF) "Ah ain't rich, Ah'm gonna be upfront about that!" said Ernest, who worked in a coal mine in his town. "Ya know where I'm from, we ain't used to seeing much money, so to go all the way and get the prize, that'd be nice!"

While most of the tribe responding with polite acknowledgement, Amy seemed genuinely invested in his story. "Oh, that's very nice! I'm glad you persevered!"

(CONF) "Hearing Ernest's story really touched me!" Amy said as she addressed the camera. "I teach a lot of kids from underprivileged backgrounds and it's such an injustice that they have to go through with that! His positive attitude and drive are just wonderful qualities and I'm surely happy to be on the tribe with him!"

As others in the circle began to swap tales of their own, Louis had a look of subtle disgruntlement on his face, as if he wanted to be anywhere else but there.

(CONF) "This 'getting to know each other' crap, it doesn't suit me!" Louis addressed the camera bluntly. "I don't remotely care whether someone came from no money, I don't care whether they're related to royalty, I don't even care if they're trying to support their family! To me, it's completely irrelevant to the ferocious strategy I associate with the game! I'd ditch this circle and search for the idol, but given the fact that Jeff had to re-use a twist from one of the worst seasons, I'm stuck here for a while!"

While Drakaka continued to learn a little bit about one another, Ahay's boat finally washed ashore. The members, similarly to their own, were drenched from head to toe, only they didn't have any supplies with them, nor did they win the coveted flint. Adam was eager to make their presence known and shouted into the sky: "WILMAAAAAAAAA, I'M HOOOOOOMEE!", much to Ahay's amusement.

(CONF) "That guy in the tank top, the young one, I believe his name's Adam, he's a pretty funny guy", said Glenn, a retired army pilot. "I wish I had a zinger like that one, but that's not really me! I wouldn't mind spending time with him, I suppose we could balance each other out fairly well."

As the rest of the Ahay tribe greeted the members of Drakaka, Amy was visibly warm to the group, smiling and hugging each and every member.

(CONF) "Amy's little display of camaraderie to the other tribe...I think their name was Awey or some other crap, it really, really unnerved me", said Louis. "A lot of people probably are going to brush off my concerns and say something like 'Oh, you're just being silly, she's being nice!', but I think that that level of friendliness is dangerous and I'm DEFINITELY going to have to keep my eye on her."

Just as she did for her own tribe, Amy huddled up the members of Ahay and asked them tidbits about their lives. First she turned to a young woman in a dress similar to hers, only pink. "What's your name?", she asked with utter enthusiasm. The girl, who was named Kristie, giggled at Amy's energy and replied back with equal zest. "I'm Kristie and I make clothes!" she exclaimed. "Very nice! I really like your dress, looks like mine!" Amy complimented her. "Thanks!", said Kristie.

(CONF) "Amy is a really, really great person!", said Kristie. "She only saw me for a minute and yet she's asking me what I do, telling me I have great taste in clothing, it's so great to meet someone who cares so much about everyone else!"

Amy then turned to an Asian-American woman close in age to her. She was wearing a blue blazer with a lime-green Legend of Zelda t-shirt underneath. The woman, named Karen, replied back politely to her. "Hi, my name's Karen", she told Amy. "I'm a computer programmer, so in short, I'm the person who codes the games your children and me play when we want to be lazy! So in essence, I work hard to help people be lazy! Paradoxical, isn't it?" With that, the entire tribe laughed.

(CONF) "I don't think that anyone could have guessed I was a mother based on my attire", Karen said to the camera. "I'm not in a dainty, socially appropriate dress and I think that just intimidates people, when they see me wearing clothes intended for teenage boys. But Amy, she didn't care and I definitely appreciated that!"

About a mile or so away, Paul was conversing with Otto about Dragon Ball Z. The two perched themselves on a small rock, barely large enough to fit them both.

"So, I think that the problem with the Cell and Buu sagas were that Goku was endlessly shoe-horned in even after he died in battle with Cell", Paul said. "I definitely think that his contributions where he saved the world in the end were important, but I really wish Toriyama stuck to his guns and allowed Gohan to be the hero. Would've felt more natural to me, but just like Boston Rob is for this show, no Goku, no money, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I certainly agree with that!", Otto responded. "I think that the Frieza saga encapsulated the most essential ideas for the show, namely ascendency in both the literal and metaphorical sense and the idea that symbols can be tangible, that they are not just ideals. I think that when Goku turned Super Saiyan, it really should have been the penultimate portion of the show."

(CONF) "I'm certainly thrilled to have met Otto!", Paul gleamed. "I probably would have had no issue having my poker face sewn on for the entire game, so to speak, but to just let my medium-length hair down and not just gamebot yap every minute, I'm certainly happy about it! Besides, it's not everyday you meet someone who looks like him who likes shonen anime!"

Although Amy left to tend to Drakaka again, the members of Ahay were having a blast regardless. Lex and Chong were particularly hitting it off.

"You like what band you said?" Chong jokingly asked Lex for what felt like the millionth time. "Sorry, I'd remember you, but with my nickname, what you see is what you get!" Lex jokingly punched Chong in the arm and dramatically sighed, feigning utter annoyance.

"Nirvana!" she yelped. "I know you're probably going to think 'OMG, a 20 something who likes a band people in their 40s listened to when they were twenties', but it's just REALLY good!"

"Alrighty then", Chong replied with a playful smile on his mug. "Why not show the world what they're about, ya a cover act of them, sorta like Sha Na Na!"

Lex rolled her eyes with an ever-growing smile, then obliged Chong's request, allowing the rest of the tribe to hear. With a faux-dramatic voice, she cleared her throat for the others to hear. "Ladies and gentleman...I present to you....NIRVANA!" She dramatically strummed along with 'Drain You', using her hands to resemble a guitar. "And what a show you're in for tonight! I just so happen to be the best air guitar player on the island of Madagascar!"

"To be fair, you're probably the only one.", Adam quipped. Everyone else laughed. Lex finally belted out the words, trying her best to imitate her garbled mentor.

"Onebabytoanothersayshowluckytomeetya! Onebabytoanothersaysiwilldamnmeetya! Dadada! Andwe'rerdsadjd! And we're rdsdsddsa!", soon nothing Lex was saying was coherent, but giving who she was impersonating, nobody batted an eye. Eventually, she smashed the invisible instrument to pieces as her monstrously loud crowd of 8 applauded and cheered. Chong imitated a groupie, earning another playful punch from Lex. "CALL ME!"

(CONF) "I'm definitely not afraid to make a fool of myself", Lex said. "I have an indie rock band called Splemain, we're pretty big, playing gigs on the West Coast and all and this is nothing new to me! Hell, this is totally mild in my business!", she said as she stuck out her tongue.

"That was the best performance I've seen!", exclaimed Chong.

(CONF) "Lex definitely reminds me a lot of my own daughters", Chong remarked to the camera. "I have one who's 40 now and when she was her age, you just could NOT stop her from singing! It was totally euphoric and I'm loving reliving it!"

While Louis walked along the beach thinking deeply, he bumped into Otto and Paul. Brushing off his clothes, he admonished the two. "Hey, watch where you're going! What the hell are you two even doing alone on the beach? Making out?"

Otto and Paul deeply struggled to stifle their laughter, doing the best they could to answer Louis stoically.

"Uh...discussing game stuff. Ya know, alliances, idols, backstabbing, telling the jury how much they should buck up and get over it like Russell did! Right Otto?" Paul motioned to him.

"Yeah, nothing but dirty game stuff! He answered to Louis in the most serious manner he could. "What can we do for you?"

Louis raised an eyebrow, but didn't have time to ask them anything more about what they were doing. "Look, I need you guys to work with me, okay? You know, be in an alliance, pledge eternal loyalty forever to the state, yadda yadda yadda. Do you get my drift?"

Paul sincerely wanted to tell him off, but he wasn't in the mood. Nodding back cartoonishly, he replied. "Yeah, sure, whatever you say. You tell me who to vote for and I'll do it! Right Otto?" he said as he nudged Otto even harder.

"Yeah, right! Forever loyalty, no one betrays anyone, we worship the dominion of Louis!"

"Great, we shouldn't have any problems then! I'll tell you guys who to vote for tonight and we'll be good. Capische?"

"Capische", the two replied in unison. Louis smiled and walked off satisfied, while the two chortled louder than a pack of hyenas once he was out of ear shot.

(CONF) "It's considered to be unbecoming of people when they claim to be in a comfortable position of power, but I think it's fair for me to say that I'm in one." Louis told the camera. "Otto and Paul said they'll do what I say, so I don't think I'll have to worry about them just yet. As long as I can find a few others who won't question me, this should be smooth sailing."

A booming voice could be heard through the heavens as John beckoned for both tribes. "Everyone, front and center!", he shouted in his best drill sergeant voice. "If we want to call this jungle our home, we should make it one by building a shelter! Who here is really good at building?" A scruffy male in his twenties called out to John, his voice akin to a quiet whisper. "Uh, I'm a good builder.", he said. "I couldn't hear you, what'd you say?!" John hollered. "I'm really good at building things", he replied in a more booming voice. "Thank you, what's your name?", he asked him. "I'm Chris." he said as he was given the machete by John. While Drakaka had left it there, no one was claiming it so John thought it wouldn't be a problem to use. "Pleased to meet you Chris!" He said as he watched him hack away at the trees madly. Within moments, Chris reduced them to lumber.

(CONF) "I'm really, really outdoorsy and creating things out of wood, this is nothing to me!", Chris told the camera. "I live in Alaska and built my own house off-grid, so I'm certainly within my rights to say I have experience!"

Chris hauled the bundle of wood over to John and helped him begin assembling the floor of the shelter. The two were soon deep in work, their movements synchronizing with each other.

(CONF) "That guy with the scruffy, unkempt beard, I appreciated his work ethic", said John. "When you're trying to survive in the wilderness, you need to have people who actually know how to SURVIVE, not just go off and talk about all sorts of useless things like birthdays and favorite colors! I've been out there, so I'd know! Freezing to death doesn't care about your name, heat stroke doesn't care about your name and starvation sure as hell doesn't either!"

Chong watched the progress from afar, raising his arms into the sky as he closed his eyes and began meditating softly. "Ummmmm", he chanted to himself. "Ummmmm." As he was in the middle of it, Adam noticed him, then tapped him on the shoulder. "Yo, Tommy Chong dude. What's up with those arm motions?" Chong was a little bit startled, but otherwise regained his composure and turned to Adam, happy to find someone else interested in his practices.

"Good question. I'm currently meditating and when you're doing that, you want to start out by finding your center, so to speak. You have to clear your mind, envision nothing but total, utter nothingness. Ever do it?"

"Nah, I've never done that kinda stuff.", said Adam. "Everyone around me always said it made no sense."

"Well they're definitely wrong. Here, lemme' help you out since you're new." With that, Chong helped his new apprentice into place, lifting his arms into the air as Adam closed his eyes, trying to follow.

(CONF) "Chong is someone who definitely amuses me!" Adam detailed. "Whenever I think of a hippie stoner guy, I picture someone like him! I always thought that they were kinda flaky, but after learning about this meditation stuff, I think he's funny enough for me to keep around!"

Eventually, the clear skies transitioned to a pitch black as the day came to a grinding halt. Chris and John had made substantial progress on the shelter and it was enough to house almost everyone.

"Bedtime!" John yelled. The two tribes collided into each other as they tried to find space in the shelter. Since it wasn't completely built yet, room was limited. Several tribemates, including Paul and Otto, huddled up with one another in an attempt to conserve room. Some had their feet jutting out such as Karen, while others were not going to get any space at all. Much to Louis' disappointment, he was one of those people.

"It's not so bad", John reassured him. "Sleeping under the stars is almost as good. Besides, it'll probably be up and ready tomorrow!"

Grumbling, Louis mustered up a cheshire grin. "Yes...very nice...thank you", he growled as he plopped onto the sand, disheveled. Suddenly, as he watched his competitors quickly fall asleep, he hatched an idea. "I guess this bed of sand has a silver coating after all!"

(CONF) "When John the military man told me that I'd have to sleep on the sand, I was REALLY angry!" Louis proclaimed. "But I realized that by sleeping on the sand, no one will notice if I go looking for the idol. There's no way this mission could go wrong!"

Louis slowly propped his toned frame up, then tip-toed into the distance. He intended to proceed through the bushes to avoid being spotted, but that clearly was not a plan meant to be as he slipped on a rock and face-planted in the sand. While not physically harmed, Louis' ego surely took a bruising. "Grrrr...", he hissed.

"Hey, what's that noise?" Jessica called out. Gulping, Louis tried to think of a plausible excuse. "I was...looking for some berries. Haven't eaten anything today yet you know..." Jessica eyed him suspiciously, then fell back to sleep.

(CONF) "I heard Louis prowling around outside the shelter and believe me, this was audible!" said Jess "He claimed that he was looking for food, but who looks for food at night when everyone else is sleeping? That's just not a believable story and he better not think I buy it..."

The members of Drakaka and Ahay were fast asleep when another person decided to leave the shelter. Stepping carefully over his sleeping tribemates, Chris hopped out of the fortress and galloped down the beach. Trekking through the jungle, he proceeded with caution, given the utter darkness surrounding him. He then noticed a cliff and smiled brightly, akin to a child in a candy store. Unable to contain his excitement, he ran up the cliff and gazed at the beach below, able to see everything below him.

(CONF) "I just could NOT sleep!" said Chris. "I really should be tired given how hectic this day has been, but to be able to look at the world below me with nothing but the stars above? That's PERFECT! I love going on hikes like this back at home, but it's deadly cold for most of the year, so I'm not able to!"

Full of unbridled ecstasy, Chris howled throughout the sky, as the night abruptly ended. The golden brown sun was making its ascent into the sky as the collective Drakaka/Ahay camp was once more full of life. John and Chris were hauling wood over the shelter to work on it, while others, such as Karen and Jessica, decided to walk along the beach, sharing their hobbies.

"You REALLY like video games?!", Jessica squealed happily. "That's incredible! I have some gamer friends on Steam who are your age, but I've never actually met a gamer your age in real life before! What're your favorites?"

Karen laughed like a schoolgirl at Jess' astonishment. "I know, I know, crazy that anyone over the age of 18 could enjoy mentally stimulating activities under the guise of a virtual reality! Because that's just childish!" the two laughed. "My favorites are definitely Ocarina of Time and the FireEmblem series!"

Jess was more than pleased. "Stellar choices! Though to me, Majora's Mask was my favorite Zelda game. I liked the day/night system and I thought that the storyline elicited this impending sense of doom, sorta like a well-made thriller movie." "Valid points Jess, valid points", Karen nodded.

(CONF) "It can be really hard being a girl and liking games as intensely as I do", Jess told the camera. "But when I met Karen, who was 20 years my senior and had the EXACT SAME LEVEL OF AFFINITY as me, I just wondered if this was some sort of elaborate simulation, sorta like that early episode of Rick and Morty! But hey, if this is a simulation, I'm more than happy to stay in it!"

Meanwhile in one of the grassy fields that was reachable from a path by the shelter, Christine and Layla were conversing.

"Ya know, I think that most of y'all are good people, but Louis, something about him just smells FISHY!" Layla proclaimed. "There's always that one guy on each season who's looking for trouble and I think he's trouble with a capital T! Do you feel me?" Layla asked Christine.

"Yeah, something's definitely off with him. We should keep an eye on Louis and see if he plans anything else."

(CONF) "Me and Layla were having a little girl time in the meadow and we both agreed that Louis definitely is stumbling into trouble if he's not actively looking for it." said Christine. "I don't know if we're going to win this challenge tomorrow or not, but if things go wrong and we lose, I definitely want to vote for him."

"And what's really crazy is that I'm a business person like him! You'd think that we'd bond more, have common ground and just see eye to eye!", she told Layla. "You own a business, really?" she asked, her curiosity piqued.

"Yeah, I own a chain of beauty salons. Of course, it's nothing like working on Wall Street, but it's still the BASIC concept." said Christine.

"You're right. That is kinda odd. I guess not everyone can be a match." Layla replied.

(CONF) "Christine's a pretty nice lady and it's great she agrees with me about Louis.", said Layla "People like him, we don't tolerate those kinds of folks where I'm from. We call them snakes and we tell them to leave town! I'm hoping we can do the same with him!"

A loud grumble could be heard from Ernest's stomach while he turned to Chris. "You done building the shelter? 'Cause if ya are, ah think ah'm gonna go fishin' and get me some grub. Wanna come?" Chris was delighted to hear the mention of fishing and sprinted over to earnest like a puppy on Red Bull.

"You don't even need to ask! Lemme grab the spear we got from the boat and I'll be right there!". In a moment, he emerged with the aforementioned spear, the two waddling over to the waves as they then swam in.

(CONF) "Ah'm happy to go fishing with Chris", Ernest told the camera. "We gotta be able to look out for ourselves and get food, so havin' more hands makes for lighter work, that's for sure! And it also makes for more fish too!"

The two men dove down underneath the blue water, surveying the ocean floor for fish. Chris swam a little farther ahead and noticed a rather large brown fish approaching them. Bobbing his head out of the water, he turned to Ernest.

"I found one! Let's get it!" With that, Ernest followed Chris' lead and the two plopped their bodies underneath the ocean and stabbed the fish rapidly. Eventually, it stopped moving and Ernest impaled it through the stomach, eventually resurfacing.

"We did it!", Ernest cheered. "Ah knew that bringing ya along was gonna be a good idea!"

"Don't mention it!", Chris said in return. "Let's go back to camp and show this to everyone, it's getting pretty late." The two made their way back to the shelter where the majority of Drakaka and Ahay was huddled around. Ernest held up their catch proudly, to the hoorays of everyone. Handing it to Chris, he took out a piece of flint.

"It was pretty easy", he told everyone huddled around. "We just went out, ducked our heads under real quiet and BAM, ya got dinner!"

"Can you come back with a cheeseburger next time?" Paul asked in jest.

"Believe me, ah'd like that just as much as you", Ernest replied with a hearty laugh, as he held the fish over the flames.

(CONF) "Ernest just came back with this HUGE fish and I was ECSTATIC!", said Paul. "I feel like normally on Survivor the first few days are fish-less and fire-less, but he's surely proven both of those notions wrong! I feel like I'm living in a seafood restaurant at this point and it's kinda funny, because I normally HATE seafood, but when you're stuck on an island with nothing but twigs and ants to eat, you start to become less picky!"

Louis took a small portion of the fish and scarfed it down, but he wasn't completely satisfied.

(CONF) "I'll admit I was surprised to see Ernest come back with a fish that big, let alone anything at all", said Louis. "The kid doesn't exactly seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. If anything, I thought he'd resort to eating bugs tonight. Besides, he shouldn't feel TOO proud of this. Any idiot can catch a fish at least once. It's whether he repeats this that proves he's competent or not."

After both tribes finished their feast, John put out the fire, then crawled into bed. "We better have energy for our first challenge tomorrow", he told the rest of Ahay. Without any energy to protest and conceding to his point, the rest of Ahay scooched into the shelter snuggly. Most of Drakaka followed suit, with even Louis hitting the hey.

The next morning, the sun did not fail to rise once more, as the warm bright yellow permeated camp. Otto was the first to exit the shelter, grinning when he saw parchment sticking from the nearby tree. "Treemail, treemail!" he exclaimed. Paul, Louis and Amy followed, watching as he read the note.

"Welcome both tribes, today's the day, for your very first task. If you plan out your actions well, victory in you'll bask. There's running swimming and puzzles so make sure you're ready, cause' if you do this correctly your tribe will shoout yipee!", he followed along. "Hmmm, it seems like this challenge will have multiple parts", he suggested to the others.

(CONF) "I just received the treemail for the day and it implied that the challenge has several components, including running, swimming and building a puzzle.", said Otto. "Statistically, it feels unlikely we'll all be contributing to every portion, as most challenges involving several components involve delegating tasks to certain tribe members."

Louis smirked sadistically upon reading the note, clenching his hands in fists. "Let's give those weaklings hell!"

(CONF) "I'm incredibly confident for today's immunity challenge and I think I'm pretty justified to feel that way", said Louis. "I took away Ahay's supplies, so they should be MUCH weaker than us and therefore most likely to fail in the challenge. Yeah, we're going to win this easily, no questions asked."

As the two tribes proceeded to the challenge beach, Jeff called out for them. "Come in guys!" With that, Drakaka, then Ahay entered the field respectively. "Welcome to your first immunity challenge. Want to know what you must do?" he asked. Both tribes called out "YES!" together as Jeff began to explain.

"Alright, for this challenge, you guys will be divided into three pairs of three. The first pair will run out into the jungle and collect oars that the second pair must use. The second pair must use those oars to swim out to a buoy, then diving into the water and dragging back a VERY heavy case of puzzle pieces. The third pair will need this box of puzzle pieces to assemble a stacking puzzle. First tribe to assemble their puzzle, wins immunity and is safe from tribal council." Jeff revealed the immunity idol, which resembled a lemur. It was carved out of wood and had a rather perturbed look in its face. "I'll give you guys a moment to strategize and then you're off."

Louis turned to Drakaka and explained the break-down "Alright, I think Christine, Amy and Emma should run, while me, Ernest and Chris should swim. Paul, Otto and Layla could solve the puzzle." Layla was not pleased with this arrangement, however. "Ya know, I'm not the best at puzzles, she told him." "C'mon, you're going to do this and you can do it, he ordered her. Meanwhile, John was determining tasks with Ahay. "I think that Kristie, Lex and Hannah could run, me, Chong and Adam could swim, while Glenn, Karen and Jessica could solve the puzzle, since you guys seem to be good at that. Okay?" The other Ahays nodded at these arrangements.

"Alright, for Drakaka, Christine, Amy and Emma will run, Louis, Ernest and Chris will swim and Paul, Otto and Layla will be solving the puzzle. For Ahay, Kristie, Lex and Hannah will be running, John, Chong and Adam will swim and Glenn, Karen and Jessica will solve the puzzle. For immunity, Survivors ready? GO!"

With that, the two sets of runners darted off into the jungle. Kristie, Lex and Hannah were making quick progress, while Amy was slowing down Drakaka after she tripped.

"Ahay takes off with a HUGE lead! Amy's bringing up the rear for Drakaka!", Probst yelled. "Don't worry, we can do this!", Amy told her fellow runners, but the gap between them and Ahay was only growing. As Christine, Amy and Emma were climbing up the ladder, Kristie, Lex and Hannah already had collected their oars and were heading back to the beach. Louis was growing impatient as he awaited the return of the three, while he grumbled as John, Chong and Adam received their oars and headed out to their buoy.

"Ahay is KICKING Drakaka's butt in this challenge! Can they make a recovery?" Finally, Louis received the oars from Christine, Emma and Amy, then hopped into the boat with Ernest and Chris. John, Adam and Chong reached their buoy and dived into the water to unhook the crate. Louis tried to guide the canoe in the right direction, but Ernest was doing a poor job paddling. "Come Ernest, pick up the pace!" he barked at him. As they eventually jumped into the water, Chong, John and Adam had returned to shore, pushing the crate up to their challenge platform. Jessica, Karen and Glenn were then able to begin assembling the puzzle.

"Drakaka is STILL behind! The gap grows larger!", Jeff exclaimed. Jessica, Glenn and Karen were placing pieces onto the podium as Louis, Ernest and Chris returned. "Go Drakaka, start building!", said Probst, as Paul, Otto and Layla dumped the pieces onto the podium. Otto and Paul were making progress, but Layla was completely confused, placing pieces into incorrect slots as she started panting. Jessica, Glenn and Karen were approximately halfway done at that point. "Ahay connects another piece as they continue to take the lead!". Paul and Otto began to connect the feet of the lemur together, but Layla was not much help as the two insisted they solve the puzzle alone. While they began to catch up somewhat, it was for naught, as Jessica placed the head onto the lemur, calling Jeff over to check the puzzle. "Jessica thinks she has it and she does. AHAY WINS IMMUNITY AND IS SAFE FROM THE VOTE!" Jeff cried out as the tribe ran together and group-hugged as they cheered raucously. "Ahay, immunity is yours and you're safe from the vote, no one from your tribe is going home tonight. Drakaka, I've got nothing for you except for a date with me at Tribal Council. You have the afternoon to figure it out, so grab your stuff and head back to camp." The two tribes then headed back, Ahay triumphant.

(CONF) "I'm so happy I got to dominate on that challenge!", said Karen "I'm an ace at puzzles and whenever I get to do them, I just feel this squeal of delight inside that makes me completely light up like a schoolgirl in a candy store!"

Back at camp, Drakaka was dejected due to their defeat. Amy however did not seem as glum and went over to Ahay to congratulate them on their success. "We may have lost, but good job guys!", she told the tribe as they settled in for the night. Paul sighed in frustration.

(CONF) "We decisively had our asses handed to us and that's thanks to Louis for having Layla assemble the puzzle." said Paul. "She definitely seems like a nice girl, but she couldn't assemble her way out of a paper bag! The worst part is, she even TOLD Louis she wasn't good at puzzles! How is this guy our leader?!"

"I promise it will get better!", said Amy to Paul. "I just know it!" She then headed off to wash up before tribal.

(CONF) "It was sad losing the challenge today and I will fully admit it was my fault in the running section." said Amy. "But I think that there's a bright future ahead for this tribe and good sportsmanship is never unwelcome, so that's why I told Ahay good luck! We're all friends, so I think we should treat each other as such!"

Louis turned to Paul and Otto and whispered to them. "You know the plan, right?" he asked them. "Amy?" the two asked together. Louis nodded to affirm this. "Amy", he confirmed.

(CONF) "I think we could have had a decent shot at that challenge today if it wasn't for Amy", Louis said. "She stumbled several times and Ahay was already far ahead by the time she recovered, so she's useless to us in the long run. Additionally, I saw her hanging out with the Ahay tribe before and that tells me she's not willing to vote with us, which makes her a threat."

Christine turned to Layla to discuss the vote later that night. "I really think Louis made a bad choice picking you for the puzzle, no offense. He claims to be a leader and yet he picked someone who wasn't even good at their task. Want to vote for him?" she asked.

"Yeah, for sure. He definitely made a big mistake and he's really arrogant." Layla said "We can't have someone like that poisoning the tribe."

Louis turned to Chris as he caught him walking along the beach. "Hey, I need you to do me a favor, okay? Please stop hanging out with Ernie, as he's bad news.", Louis said.

"Why is that? I mean, we caught some pretty good fish last night.", Chris said.

"It doesn't matter if he catches a million fish", Louis replied. He wants to keep around Amy and she both sucked in the challenge and was talking to members of Ahay. Do you really want to lose every challenge?"

", not really. I admit you do have a good point", Chris replied to him. "So, I'm voting out Amy tonight?"

"Yes, vote for Amy.", Louis told him. "Alright", Chris replied, a little bit apprehensive.

(CONF) "Louis was right that Amy didn't do well in the challenge and we need to have strength if we want to win", Chris said. "But at the same time, Louis is kinda a jerk, even if he's often right... And frankly, I'd ideally rather be with a weak, but nice person instead of a strong jerk. Nobody said this would be easy.."

Amy and Ernest were walking on the beach as they discussed the inevitable.

"I really feel it's not right to have Louis here", Amy told Ernest. "I know I didn't do a good job today, but he's such a nasty, vindictive person, from what I've seen of him. I really don't like that type of behavior."

"Yeah, ah'm not wild about Lou either. I definitely don't want him making this time out here hell and I'm with you, don't worry about it." he reassured to her.

(CONF) "I really, really like Ernest and I'm happy he's sticking with me", Amy said. "He reminds me a lot of my son, who is equally as loyal and equally as willing to stay with you until the end, so I feel good and I feel confident. I've been told that people play hard and mean on Survivor, but I don't think that's been the case so far with my tribe!"

Just before he prepared to head to tribal council, Paul turned to Emma. "Have any idea who you're voting for?" he asked her.

"I'm not quite sure", Emma answered honestly. "I think that there are arguments to be made for eliminating either Louis or Amy.", she replied.

(CONF) "Paul approached me asking if I was going to vote out either Louis or Amy", Emma said to the camera. "And I despise dishonesty, so I told him that I wasn't sure. Amy tripped a few times and slowed us down on the running portion, but Louis did make the decision of choosing Layla of all people for the puzzle. I suppose I'll decide once I'm at tribal council."

With that, Drakaka headed down the winding path to the place no Survivor contestant ever desired to be, unless they were an unrepentant quitter...tribal council. Eventually, the 9 arrived and turned toward Jeff, who gave them the instructions all first time tribal council attendees received.

"Behind each of you is a torch, please take one and dip it in the fire. In this game, fire represents life and once it's gone, so are you.", With that, all nine of them did exactly as he said, dipping their torches into the flames as they set them aside behind them.

"Layla, what do you think caused the tribe to flounder so badly in the challenge today compared to Ahay?", Jeff asked her.

"Well, I think that a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was chosen to do the puzzle, I feel", she replied. "Louis told me that I was to do the puzzle and despite me insisting I'm not good at puzzle...I do the puzzle anyway!" Upon hearing this, Jeff turned to Louis. "Louis, is what you're saying true, that you made Layla do something she wasn't good at, even though she warned you that she wasn't good at it?"

Louis sighed, expecting a question like this. "Yes Jeff, but the truth is, she probably would have done even worse at the swimming portion, I figured that with two intelligent guys in Otto and Paul doing the puzzle and me swimming, any ineptitude Layla had at puzzles wouldn't matter." Louis replied.

"Paul, what do you make of this, the idea that one weak person shouldn't weigh down the tribe, even if they're really bad at something?"

"I think it's a really, really silly idea, because in Survivor, you're supposed to minimize any chance of risk there is. If there's a relatively low chance your tribe will fail, that still should be avoided if a different decision can lower the chance of failure even more." Paul said.

"Amy, you didn't do too well at the challenge today, I know you bumped and slipped a few times during the running portion. Do you think that should affect the vote tonight?" Probst asked.

"I really, sincerely think that that should be overlooked", Amy said. "Yes, I clearly am not the best runner, but I'm a nice person and the tribe seems to be harmonious whenever I'm around. Louis is really, really controlling and he's done some things to rub me the wrong way."

"Like what? What have I done?" Louis asked with irritated curiosity.

"Well, when I was having everyone introduce themselves earlier today, you kept eyeing me and I felt really uncomfortable", Amy said.

"That's because you could have been conspiring with the other tribe! How am I supposed to know you're not making alliances with them?!" he snarled back.

"Not everything is an alliance!", exclaimed Amy "Why can't I simply be being a friendly, kind person? If you think that there's an ulterior motive whenever anyone's kind, then you're not the type of person I want to associate with!"

"Fine, I'm not bothered by that prospect", Louis replied. "Emma, what do you want to base your vote off of tonight?", Jeff asked.

"Well, I implied this to Paul before and I will be upfront now in that I want this to be a vote that benefits the tribe ultimately", Emma said. "Amy's a kind, wonderful woman and I appreciate her contributions immensely, but with her fumble at the challenge, I don't know if that could cause problems down the line. And while Louis wasn't wrong that she caused such problems, he's been very abrasive, so I'm not sure."

"Sure or not, it is time to vote. Chris, you're up", Jeff called to him. Chris headed over to the voting stall and pulled out the pen, jotting down a name onto it. He then revealed to the camera that he had voted for Amy. "I sincerely think you're a great person and I'd love to be in contact with you after the game. But we can't have constant failures in the challenges. I wish you luck."

Layla then headed up, jotting down Louis' name in capital letters with an exclamation point. "I can't stand the problems you're causing anymore. I think our tribe will be a lot more functional without you here." Paul, Otto, Louis, Amy, Christine and Ernest then voted successively, while Emma was the last to vote. She neatly scribed a name onto the parchment, which was not visible to the camera. Her back could be seen as she said. "This is a decision that will ultimately benefit the tribe, so I am willing to make it." After she placed her vote in the urn, she sat back down.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said as he headed to the urn. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody took Jeff up on his offer, so he proceeded. "Once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.", he said as he removed the top of the urn.

"First vote...Louis", he said as Louis watched him closely.

"Second vote...Amy, that's one vote Louis, one vote Amy."

"Third vote, Louis. That's two votes Louis, one vote Amy."

"Fourth vote, Amy. We're tired that's two votes Amy, two votes Louis."

"Fifth vote, Louis, that's three votes Louis, two votes Amy."

"Sixth vote, Amy. That's three votes Louis, three votes Amy."

"Seventh vote, Louis. That's four votes Louis, three votes Amy."

"Eighth vote, Amy. That's four votes Louis, four votes Amy, one vote left." Louis and Amy both looked visibly nervous as they anticipated the result.

"First person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar is........Amy, you need to bring me your torch." Amy was clearly disappointed, but expected this result. She complied with Jeff's order as she grabbed her torch, waving goodbye to her tribe. "Amy, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed her torch. "It's time for you to go.", he said as she walked out, but not before giving a parting message to her tribe. "Good luck guys!", she said before finally disappearing into the night.

"If this vote demonstrated anything, it's that this is a fractured group that doesn't have a united vision. If you don't want to come back here, I suggest you figure out how to fix that.", Jeff said. "Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night", he continued as the remaining Drakaka members headed out of tribal council, their torches still lit.

Amy's Final Words: "It definitely feels sad being voted out first. Not doing well in the challenge seemed to seal my fate and Louis had more support than I did. That said, I'm happy I got to experience this and I'm not going to dwell on what didn't go well. I just hope my tribe does well in the future and good luck to them."


Amy: Louis, Paul, Otto, Chris Emma

Louis: Amy, Christine, Layla, Chris

Episode 2: "She Screwed Up Even with Both Legs Working!"

Last time on Survivor...the 18 castaways were divided into two tribes; Drakaka and Ahay, but not before being told they would be living at the same beach. Immediately, Louis began scheming when he dumped all of Ahay's supplies off the boat before they could get any, causing confusion and anger in Ahay. Once ashore, Amy became everyone's friend, taking interest in their lives and hobbies. Paul and Otto become buds quickly, eventually being strong-armed into an alliance with Louis. At the immunity challenge, Louis' questionable decisions and Amy's poor performance in the challenge caused Ahay to run to victory. Louis and Amy were the targets for the night, him for his unpleasant, forceful personality and strange decisions in the challenge and Amy for tripping during the challenge. Emma was unsure of who to vote for, wanting to make the best decision for her tribe. In the end, strength took precedence as Amy became the first person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar. 17 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

As the moon stood proudly in the sky, the remnants of the Drakaka tribe returned to camp, laying their torches against the tree. Ernest seemed especially downtrodden over Amy's elimination.

(CONF) "Ah was not happy to see Amy get the boot." Ernest said. "Louis was pissing me off with his bossiness and orneriness and ah wanted to see him go. Ah ain't on top and ah also ain't gonna kiss Louis' butt, so ah better just keep fishin' if ah' don't want him to see his eyes on me next."

Emma was having mixed feelings herself, having made the deciding vote against Amy.

(CONF) "It was certainly a difficult decision to vote against Amy", said Emma. "But while Louis is an obnoxious twit, he did seem at least somewhat more physically competent than she did. And ultimately, that's what's going to matter more than niceness in the long run."

Louis walked off from the group, mentally sighing as he narrowly escaped elimination before. "One down, seventeen more to go!"

(CONF) "Tribal council had a really close vote tonight, so that explains how the other four saw me", Louis said. "That said, I shouldn't have to adjust too much and besides, I'm sure I could strong-arm at least one of them away from voting against me again."

Christine was about to return to the shelter when she saw Louis approaching her. "What is it?", she sighed.

"I know you probably voted against me last night", Louis started. "But I think you'd be better served by joining up with me. Do you really want your name written down if we lose again next round?" Christine paused for a moment, considering his words.

"I suppose you are right", Christine said. "Alright, I guess I'm in." she told him.

"Wise choice", Louis said as he walked off.

(CONF) "I might have just stumbled into an alliance with Louis", Christine said. "However, he is pretty forceful and will do anything to get his way, so I better pacify him by doing this. I'd rather kiss-up to him and win the game than stand up for what I believe in, that doesn't go well on the show usually."

Morning came quickly, as the members of Ahay were still basking in the positive energy that their victory yesterday brought. Everyone was having a good time, especially Lex and Chong. While Lex had the opportunity to teach Chong some of her favorite songs a few days ago, it was now his turn.

"So, what's the name of this song again?" Lex asked with a similar playfulness as Chong did earlier. Chong didn't hit Lex like she hit him, but he did get jokingly exasperated.

"I tooooooooold you", Chong drew-out for dramatic emphasis. "Hellloooooo-goodbyeeeee." he continued.

"Why don't you siiiiiing it for meeeeeeeee?" Lex asked, continuing the gag.

"Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay", Chong retaliated, topping her "record". Lex felt it was appropriate to playfully punch him, as he then proceeded onto "stage".

Chong cleared his throat then turned toward his audience of one. Donning his best Ed Sullivan impression, he turned to Lex with a look of mischief on his face. "Ladies and gentlemen......THE BEATLES!" he bellowed as the entertainment "arrived". He "strapped" on his air guitar and began to "strum" along to the song.

"I say yes, you say no, I say stop, you say go! Go go, oh oh! You say goodbye and I say hello! Hello, hello! I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello!". He then proceeded to "smash" the air guitar, bowing. "Thank you, thank you very much!" he told Lex as he finished up in his "gig". Lex was left in stitches from his performance. "I definitely can get used to hearing that!", she told him happily.

(CONF) "I definitely think I know more old music than average for someone my age, but Chong is teaching me songs I've never gotten the chance to ever hear!" said Lex "My dad never had taste like this! HIS idea of a good song? Something by Willie Nelson!", she exclaimed while sticking out her tongue in disgust.

"Good stuff!", said Chong. "Good stuff!"

(CONF) "It's really great teaching Lex about my favorite bands!", Chong said. "The Beatles...the Beatles were my LIFE while I was growing up! Especially George, I can't wait to show her some of his stuff. It's a little bit more esoteric, with the sitar heavy music and more spiritually driven themes, but I think that she's going to like it when I show her it!"

As Paul slipped out of the shelter, he noticed parchment sticking out of the same tree that it was sticking out of yesterday. Heading over, he pulled out the note and yelled in a manner similar to Otto's. "TREEMAIL!" he beckoned for his tribe. As they huddled over him, he began to read the note out loud. "Perched on a precipe you'll be, you're gonna have to leap. And if you destroy the china, then real well you will sleep.....hmm, that sounds, interesting." he said.

(CONF) When I read the treemail for the challenge today, I noticed it mentioned a precipe and leaping", Paul said to the camera. In Australian Outback, the second ever challenge was the one where they jumped off the cliff and had to swim down the river. They haven't done that for years, so I'm not sure that's exactly what they're doing, but I surely am going to have a fanboy moment if that IS the challenge!"

The scene then cut to the Ahays, who had just finished reading the note themselves. Adam was holding it, while Glenn looked over his shoulder. "A precipe, huh?", Adam inquired. "...What's a precipe?"

"It's a cliff", Glenn said. "I found that out in the air force."

"Oh", Adam replied.

(CONF) "I'm not too worried about the challenge today", Glenn said to the camera. "We didn't exactly have to jump off CLIFFS in the military, but we did have to swim for long periods of time, so I'm kinda desensitized to that by now. My tribe, I'm not as sure about them, but I think they should be able to handle it easily, especially Adam!"

(CONF) "Glenn's teaching me a lot of things!", said Adam. "Pretty useless things, but things still. Though why DOES anyone even need to say precipe when cliff works just fine?! Should I say 'splackerspookel' instead of 'speak'? It's the exact same principle!"

As the two tribes arrived to their challenge site, it turned out that Paul was right. Perched atop a 40-foot cliff was Jeff, who greeted the two tribes as they arrived at the challenge site.

"Ahay, getting your first look at the new Drakaka tribe. Amy, voted out at the last tribal council!" Karen seemed visibly disappointed.

(CONF) "I'm really going to miss Amy for sure", Karen said. "I had fun with her and I'm sure we would have continued to with her still here. I hope that she continues to be herself after this game, she was great!"

"Alright, ready to get to today's immunity challenge?" Jeff asked the two tribes. After receiving an enthusiastic "YES!" from both, he then went on to explain everything.

"As you can see, we're standing on a really tall cliff.", Jeff said. "One at a time, both tribes are going to jump off the cliff into the river below. Once you've jumped off, you will swim out to a crate in front of you, green for Drakaka and purple for Ahay. Once the tribe member has touched the crate, the next person will then jump and touch the crate, so on and so forth. After that, you will swim down the river and onto shore with the crate. One remaining tribe member will take out four plates inside the crate, along with a slingshot and ammo. The goal is to smash the four plates to pieces with your slingshot before the other tribe. First tribe to smash all four plates wins reward. Wanna know what your playing for?"

Everyone nodded, waiting for Jeff to announce the prize.

"The winning tribe will get a nice big bundle of fishing gear! You've got poles, you got rope, you got bait, spears, Hawaiin slings and scuba masks! So if you want it, smash those plates!", Jeff told them. "Ahay, you have one extra member, so you're sitting someone out. Who will it be?"

Kristie volunteered to sit out the challenge. "I'll do it Jeff!" she said. "Kristie's sitting out, everyone get in your spots.", said Jeff.

"Alright, so for Drakaka, Emma will be smashing the plates and for Ahay, Karen will be smashing the plates. Otherwise, everyone's jumping. Survivors ready? GO!"

With that, the two tribes began hurling themselves off the cliff. Paul and Adam were the first to jump, as they both let out yelps of excitement.

"Wohoooo!", Paul shouted as he plummeted into the river. Once he resurfaced, he quickly began swimming to the crate. Despite his rather hairy chest, he made it just a few seconds before Adam did to his. Otto then dove off and swam to the crate, as Glenn did a few seconds later once he was cleared to.

"Drakaka with a slight lead", Jeff said. Soon, Chris jumped for Drakaka, while Chong jumped for Ahay. After that, Ernest, John, Louis, Hannah, Christine, Lex, Layla and Jessica jumped off jumped off. Once Jessica touched the Ahay crate, both tribes were cleared to begin swimming.

"Drakaka and Ahay are now good to go, start swimming!" Chris tugged onto the front of the crate and Otto pushed from behind. Ahay was having a little bit more trouble moving ahead with the rapids in front of them, with Adam practically frozen in place.

"Adam having a little trouble, costing some time for Ahay!" Probst announced. By then, Drakaka was already halfway downstream, close to shore. Glenn managed to close the gap somewhat, but Ahay was still behind. At that point, Drakaka had gotten their crate to shore and opened it, setting up the plates for Emma to shoot.

"Drakaka is ready to shoot their plates, Ahay is STILL in the water, pick it up!", Jeff said. Eventually, they finally made it onto the beach, but had a lot of time to make up as they set up the plates for Karen. Emma methodically placed the ammo in her slingshot and fired at one of the plates, smashing it into pieces.

"Emma connects, Drakaka smashes their first plate!" said Probst. Karen took a shot at hers, but ended up missing. "Karen misses that plate by a LONG shot!", Probst continued. Emma then fired at the next plate and it was practically obliterated. "Emma keeps it up, Drakaka is CRUSHING Ahay!" While Karen was able to hit a plate finally, Emma had then hit her third plate in a row. "Emma is on FIRE in this challenge, on FIRE!", Probst emphasized. Karen was ready to hit her next plate when she heard a smashing sound. "Drakaka smashes their last plate and wins reward!" yelled Probst. Karen dropped her slingshot in frustration as the members of Drakaka cheered wildly, running over to Probst. "Drakaka, nice job in the challenge today. The fishing gear is yours, head back to camp. Ahay, got nothing for you, head back to camp as well."

(CONF) "I was really proud of Emma for those badass shooting skills!", said Otto. "Losing the challenge yesterday was awful and this might just be the morale boost that we've been yearning for! I'm hoping this isn't just a one-off and our tribe begins to really kick butt in the challenges!"

As Drakaka returned to camp triumphantly, they placed their fishing gear on a log while congratulating each other on the job well done. "I was REALLY impressed by that!", Paul told Emma. "I never knew you were much of a slingshot person!"

"Oh, I've been doing this since I was a kid!", Emma replied. "Quite smashing, as we say in England!"

(CONF) "I was really, really happy that I won the challenge for us today.", Emma said. "A lot of people on the tribe said they didn't see me as being particularly good with slingshots and other kinda of weapons, but I have two older brothers and when you want to get a leg up on a boy, you need to know how to play like one!"

Donning the mask won at the reward challenge, Ernest went into the ocean, intending to come back with fish.

(CONF) "Getting that fishing gear was perfect", Ernest said. "Ah said ah was gonna continue fishin' to make sure the tribe knew ah' was important and ah'm keeping mah promise! Ah'll get fish, ah'll get crabs, ah'll get whatever ah can with mah spear!"

With that, Ernest dove into the ocean, ready to go fishing. While most of the tribe walked off to hang out, work or have fun, Louis rummaged through the fishing gear, attempting to search for a note of paper. Eventually, he was able to locate it when he smirked happily. "They ALWAYS put them in the fishing gear", he said to himself.

(CONF) "After we won the challenge, I knew that there probably was a clue to the Hidden Immunity idol." said Louis "They usually show up around the second challenge or so, so I figured that when everyone went off, this would be my time to shine and get that idol! If Russell could it without an issue, then I surely am not going to have one, because as it stands, I'm even BETTER than Russell!"

As he walked off from camp, Louis whistled a tune as he headed down the mountain, ready to read the clue in a second. He heard Chris coming back from what appeared to be yet another trek, then got nervous and jumped into the bush to avoid being seen.

(CONF) "When I was coming back from a trip up the mountain, I saw Louis standing around.", said Chris. "All of a sudden, he just JUMPED into the bush and I have no idea why. I wonder if I should keep my eye on him...?"

Once Chris was out of sight, Louis jumped out of the bush, but unfortunately, his idol clue was nowhere to be found. Upon realizing this, he grumbled. "Eh, I probably don't need it anyway. Russell always found them without clues, so I should be able to no problem!" He began by searching several of the nearby trees, sticking his hands into the various holes and cracks. "Damn it, they're not there.", Louis said. "I wonder if they could be in the lagoon behind these trees." He then ran over to the lagoon, which was muddy and boggy. Jumping in, he prodded through the dirt and grime, finding nothing but worms. "Blegh! Still no idol." After washing himself off, Louis tried to look in the field, but once again, he came off empty handed. "I thought this was supposed to be EASY to find!"

(CONF) "That immunity idol search turned out to be for nothing", Louis said with irritation. "I looked in all the obvious places and yet I got nothing but dirt! At the same time, I don't think I should be too worried, since it's unlikely anyone else is going to find the idol on this tribe! Paul, Otto and Christine are working with me, while Chris seems willing to put up with me for now! I don't know who else voted for Amy last night, but I think it was Emma. Either way, I'm untouchable, idol or not!"

Meanwhile, Ahay didn't seem to mind their loss very much. Jess was hardly phased by Karen's inability to hit the plates, particularly. "We'll probably win immunity anyway", she told her friend.

(CONF) "Drakaka ended up beating us in the reward challenge", Jess told the camera. "That said, it was only reward, so I don't think we're too worse for the wear. Given that we live on the beach, we hopefully can negotiate some type of deal with Drakaka to use the fishing gear half time. Besides, me and Karen are like Mario and Luigi, like Ash and Pikachu, like Jak and Daxter, so one challenge isn't going to break this iconic duo!"

"Yeah, hopefully soon", said Karen.

(CONF) "I definitely didn't feel as bad losing since Jess was really supportive", said Karen. "It's definitely great when your team doesn't put you down for stuff like that. I always tell my sons that as long as they learn from their mistakes, condemning them and yelling at them isn't going to help, so great that Ahay isn't doing that!"

Adam and Glenn decided to take the time to explore the mountain, which they had seen Chris travel to several times.

"That weird loner, I think his name is Chris, he's always going up there so maybe we should check it out!", said Adam.

(CONF) "My tribe's pretty good so far, no one's really annoying me or making me want to target them!", said Adam. "But I really, really wanted to spend some time with Glenn, since he's the only guy who's really close in age to me. I like Chong, he's super funny and interesting, but if I'm not with someone around my age for more than a DAY, I want to scream!"

As the two trekked up the mountain, Glenn felt quite content. "Really, really like this part of the island", Glenn told Adam. "It just reminds me of the past and that's the best part."

(CONF) "I've travelled around the world quite a bit", said Glenn. "Not only did I go to Iraq during the war, but I've been to places like Greece, Chile, New Zealand and Mongolia and what I remember most are the mountains! To me, they just are the perfect structure and I like to look at them!"

Adam and Glenn soon found their way to a small pool which was below a cliff and waterfall. "Hey, this looks like the challenge today", said Adam. "We should totally jump in!"

"You sure?", Glenn asked. "We don't know how steep it is."

"I'm sure it's fine", said Adam brushing off his concern. "I've swam in shallower water!". With that, Adam leapt into the water, making a huge splash. "Come in, the water's perfect!", he said.

"Alright, I suppose I can.", Glenn replied reluctantly. He jumped in, splashing Adam. Adam then spat water at him and Glenn wiped it off as Adam laughed, rolling his eyes.

(CONF) "When we found the little rock pool, I was psyched!", said Adam. "I really, really like things like this and I wanted to have fun! Glenn was a little nervous and was worried about the danger and shit, but I showed him that you don't need to be afraid of ANYTHING!".

After the two swam around for a while, they began to make their way back to camp. Glenn followed Adam down the winding path they took to get there, as they moved past the trees. While Adam waited for Glenn to catch up, Glenn slipped and landed hard on his bottom, as he yelped out weakly.

"AUGH!", Glenn groaned. "Ow, this is pretty painful." Adam looked a little concerned and helped him up.

"Can you walk?" Adam asked him. Glenn tried to follow Adam, but he grimaced once he put his left foot onto the ground. "OW!", Glenn exclaimed. "Damn it!". Adam figured this was more serious than it seemed and helped Glenn back to camp by taking his hand and walking him back. He then found his tribe-mates and alerted them to the problem. "I think we need to get one of those medical people here. Glenn fell and he can't really walk right." With that, Jess and John went to find the medical team.

(CONF) "It seems like Glenn messed up his leg a little bit", said John. "I figure that Adam might have had something to do with it, that kid seems like he's always living on the edge. I wish he could just stay put and help out sometimes."

Eventually, the Survivor medical team arrived at camp and headed over to Glenn. "Hi Glenn, I'm going to check your leg for you, okay?" said Dr. Craig Albright. Glenn nodded in return. "Alright." Dr. Albright then began the examination.

"Can you move your leg up and down?" he asked him. Glenn complied with the request and slowly moved the leg up and down. While he winced a little bit, he was still able to do so. "How much would you say your leg hurts?" Dr. Albright asked.

"Uh, on a scale of 1 to 10, I guess 5 or 6. I can still WALK , but it does hurt." Dr. Albright nodded and paused for a moment.

"Well the good news is that your leg is neither broken, nor is this serious enough for you to be pulled from the game. That said, it seems like you sprained your ankle, so I'd take it as easy as I can." Albright put some bandages and gauze on the wound, then headed off. "Take it easy!"

(CONF) "I banged up my leg pretty bad and man, does it hurt!", Glenn said. "I'm happy I'm not going to get evacuated, but having a sprained ankle definitely is a bummer and I hope it doesn't keep me down in the challenge tomorrow."

After the crew had left camp, Kristie headed over to the shelter and grabbed one of her dresses. "I'm going to use this for extra support for your leg, okay?" Kristie said. "Alright, if you say this works." Kristie then wrapped the dressed around the wound. "My mom's a nurse, so she taught me how to do this. How does it feel?"

"Soft", he said, as the tribe chuckled.

(CONF) "I thought using my dress would be a good bandage for Glenn, so to speak.", said Kristie. "I sometimes will use extra materials that don't make it into the clothing I make for things like that. I've always been told to make something out of nothing and I think I did just that!"

Hannah noticed Glenn seemed down, so she tried to reassure him. "I'm sure you'll still kick ass in that challenge, tiger!", she told him.

(CONF) "Watching Glenn get injured definitely was sad", said Hannah. "But I think he has a pretty good attitude and besides, we won the last immunity challenge and I think we can pull this off too! I believe in him, I just know this won't be a problem!"

Otto was resting near a tree when he felt a hand tap him. Regaining his composure, he noticed Louis with Christine. "Hey Louis. What's going on here?" Louis was more than happy to answer that question and proceeded to do just that.

"Simple.", said Louis. "This is your new ally Christine. Initially I wasn't so sure about her, but I was able to convince her to join up and I think this is the beginning of a perfect business partnership!"

"Ah, okay", said Otto. "Hi Christine, nice that you're with us"

"Same to you Otto!", Christine greeted back.

"I'll make sure I tell Paul about this", Otto replied as he went off.

(CONF) "So apparently Louis pulled Christine into our little alliance", Otto said. "I wasn't expecting this, as I believe she voted against Louis last night, but having more allies does increase our chances of remaining safe, so viable choice, I suppose."

Otto then approached Paul, who was lounging on the beach. "Hey Paul, Louis gave us some news.", Otto said.

"He's going to forfeit his right to speak for the rest of the season?", Paul asked with hope. "That would be really nice."

"I wish, but nah, we just have a new ally!", Otto explained. "Christine is working with us!"

"Oh, I'm fine with that, I suppose", Paul said. "It's another vote and she doesn't seem to talk nearly as much as Louis!"

"I was thinking the same thing!", Otto replied. "This shouldn't be too hard!"

"Yeah, probably not!", Paul replied. "Nothing can be harder than hearing Louis talk all day!" With that, the two laughed heartily.

(CONF) "It seems like Christine is going to be joining our alliance", Paul said. "I know it's me, Otto, Louis and Emma, so having another number will be nice. Chris only was goaded into voting for Amy out of strength and I'm not sure he's too keen on working with Louis anymore, so yeah, pretty fine to me!"

As the sun set into the night, the two tribes huddled to the shelter for some much needed rest. Once morning came, another paper was found in the tree near the shelter. "Tree mail!", Chong exclaimed as he held out the note. "Today you're gonna have a ball, but things will get real muddy. And if you do not reach the net, you'll see your council buddy.", Chong read. "Hmm, sounds like something involving balls and mud."

(CONF) "Glenn's injury has definitely brought the camp even closer together than it was before.", said Chong "Hopefully his leg's working enough where we can take home another win!"

The two tribes arrived at the challenge site as they noticed what appeared to be a basketball court. Except this one was comprised of not tar or even water, but instead mud. "Come on in guys!", Jeff called out. With that, the two tribes walked over to their respective matts, Adam holding the Ahay immunity idol. "Adam, I'm going to need that back", Probst said as he took the idol from him and placed it back on the stool. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. You guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge?" Again, both tribes nodded as they awaited their instructions. "For today's challenge, both tribes are going to play a game of Survivor basketball. You will need to wrestle the ball from the other team and throw it into the net to score. The first tribe to three wins immunity. Ahay, because you have one extra member, someone must sit out and you can't sit someone out in back-to-back challenges, so who will it be?"

Glenn believed he was able to take on the challenge, so Ahay decided to select Karen. "I'll sit this one out", said Karen. "Alright, I'll give you guys a moment to strategize", Jeff said. "Alright, for this first round, Paul, Otto and Chris are taking on Adam, Glenn and Chong. Survivors ready? GO!" With that, Chris leapt out to get the ball, motioning for Otto and Paul to stay back. Adam tackled him to the ground, while Glenn had trouble catching up due to his leg. "Chris takes a hard fall for Drakaka!", Probst exclaimed as Chris was doused in mud. While he tried to get the ball free from Adam, it was no use as Adam darted down to the net and hurled the ball in. "Adam connects for Ahay, they lead 1-0!" Paul, Otto and Chris left the court disappointed, while Adam held his head up high while Chong patted him on the back.

"Next round is three women vs. three women. Emma, Layla and Christine are taking on Lex, Hannah and Kristie. Survivors ready? GO!" Hannah lunged at the ball, hurling mud at Layla so that would be slowed down. Though Layla now was caked in brown, slimy mud, she was not going to go down without a fight, as she grabbed Hannah's leg and pulled her into the mud, yanking the ball out of her arms slowly. "Layla is NOT letting Hannah hold onto that ball!", said Jeff. The other Drakakas cheered for Layla as Hannah clamped onto Layla's left leg. Layla yanked Hannah through the field, resulting in Hannah being covered in mud from head to toe. Almost out of energy, Layla hurled the ball into the net. "Layla scores! Drakaka ties Ahay 1-1!"

"For this next round, two men and one woman will be taking on each other. Louis, Ernest and Emma will be taking on John, Jessica and Chong! Survivors ready? GO!" Emma was determined to continue contributing to the challenges, but John had other ideas as he leapt into the air for the ball, then grabbed it as he took a hard fall into the mud. "John LEAPS through the air to get the ball like a maniac and grabs it!", exclaimed Probst in astonishment. Louis tried to chase him down, but John threw a ball of mud at Louis, giving him enough time to score a goal for Ahay. "Ahay connects again and the score is now 2-1!"

"Now two women and one man will be on the court. Christine, Paul and Layla will be taking on Hannah, Jessica and Adam! Survivors ready? GO!" Not willing to have a repeat of last time, Paul grabbed the ball quickly and distracted Adam by dunking mud all over his head. "Paul gets SAVAGE in this challenge!", Probst exclaims. Paul made quick work of the field as he threw the ball upward, scoring a point. "Drakaka scores! 2-2! Next point wins immunity!"

"For the last round, we're having our original lineup! Paul, Otto and Chris will be taking on Adam, Glenn and Chong! Survivors ready? GO!" Adam grabbed the ball and tackled Otto into the mud. Unfortunately for him, Otto was able to get up immediately and grab the ball. Glenn attempted to chase him, but his leg was giving him horrid pain. "Glenn is lagging BEHIND in this challenge!" Ahay and Drakaka both chanted on their respective tribes, but Otto soon connected and hurled the ball into the net. "Otto scores for Drakaka. Drakaka wins immunity and is safe from the vote!" The members of Drakaka all ran onto the mud field and high-fived Otto, who triumphantly held up his mud covered fist. Paul was particularly happy, crowing a sorta battle cry. "Drakaka, in addition to a free mud bath, you have all earned immunity and you are safe from the vote tonight. Ahay, I have nothing for you but a date with me at tribal council. Grab your stuff and head back to camp."

(CONF) "If Louis thinks that he can use the 'You're weak in challenges' card on me now, he's got another thing coming to him!", said Layla. "I played girl's basketball growing up and I showed Hannah what I'm made of, so thank you very much!"

Ahay was pretty bummed out over their loss as they returned to camp, heading over to the ocean to wash off the muddy residue from the challenge.

(CONF) "I really don't understand why Glenn decided to compete in the challenge today", said Jessica. "It makes no sense to allow an injured opponent into battle, no matter how good they are! It's like invading a country when your army, which is normally really strong, all has the flu!"

"So, how bad does it feel?" Adam asked Glenn. "It still hurts pretty bad, I'm not going to lie", Glenn replied to Adam.

(CONF) "Losing the immunity challenge today was hugely upsetting", said Glenn. "I decided to volunteer even with my leg injured and I feel like if I wasn't, then maybe I would have caught Otto. I'm hoping the tribe doesn't hold this against me, because all I wanted to do was help."

Karen found Jess washing off the mud as she joined her. "Who are you thinking tonight?", Karen asked her.

"Glenn of course.", Jess replied. "He probably won't be much help with that bum leg of his now."

(CONF) "Unfortunately Glenn got pretty badly injured today", said Karen. "He definitely did well in the first two ones, so him not being able to perform would be a huge problem. I also feel like I might be getting some attention drawn to myself for not doing good with the plates, so who knows?"

John turned to Glenn and sat down next to him. "I think you should stay", he said. "I know you're injured, but in the army, you're supposed to just walk it off. Besides, I think you're more capable than Karen is, that's for sure."

(CONF) "Most of the tribe is treating Glenn like he's a cripple or something and I am ashamed of them!", John bellowed. "This is considered to be nothing more than a scratch in the army and for them to act like he's on his deathbed shows how we handle difficult situations! Karen screwed up in the earlier challenge even WITH both of her legs working, so why should we keep her over him?"

As Karen and Jess walked back to camp, they noticed John speaking to Glenn. "What do you think he's doing?", Jess whispered to Karen. "I don't know, but I'd be a little bit worried."

(CONF) "When we were heading back to camp, me and Karen saw John and Glenn having some type of conversation, presumably a long one", said Jess. "I don't know this for sure, but I wonder if it's related to Karen, due to her performance with the plate smashing yesterday."

Jess and Karen then approached Adam, who was bathing himself off. "We need to talk", said Karen. "What is it?", asked Adam.

"I know that you and Glenn were hanging out before and seemed to be buddy-buddy, but he really can't stay.", said Jess.

"Do you really think his leg is that bad?" Adam asked.

"Well, to be honest, he didn't do particularly great in the challenge. I know he's your friend, but do you want to keep losing?", Karen asked Adam. Adam sighed in return.

"I guess you're right, even if I'm not happy to do this."

(CONF) "Karen and Jess told me that I have to cut Glenn loose tonight.", said Adam. "I don't WANT to do that, but I also don't want Ahay to go from the top to the bottom, because then we'll have no power. I hope this is the only hard decision I have to make in the game, because I'm not enjoying this!"

As John walked down the beach to collect firewood, he ran into Chong. "I think we should get rid of Karen tonight", John told him.

"I don't know", said Chong. "I think Glenn's a good dude and all, but his leg seemed to be in pretty bad shape. Would it really help us?"

"Trust me. I've seen this most of my life in the army and I bet Glenn will be fine in the morning!", John replied.

(CONF) "John told me that he thinks Glenn is completely okay, that Karen should go and how this is "nothing in the army", blah blah blah.", said Chong "Not only do I really like Karen, but she can probably do better in the challenges right now than Glenn. Not that he's a bad guy or anything."

Chong then told Hannah what John wanted to do. "He thinks this is nothing!", he said to her. "I really don't know about that."

"I wish it wasn't true, but he could be in bad pain. That's kinda mean of him to just ignore that", said Hannah.

(CONF) "Apparently John has been telling everyone around that Glenn is in perfect shape and shouldn't be voted out", said Hannah. "One, Glenn's clearly not okay and two, we won't do well if he can't walk! When we head to tribal council, I hope he still doesn't want this!"

Just before tribal council, Chong told Lex about the situation. "What are your thoughts?", Chong asked her.

"Sounds crazy to me. John needs to get with the program", Lex responded.

(CONF) "I haven't really spoken to John yet, but I can just tell he seems like the kinda guy with a stick up his butt.", said Lex. "I know he thinks Glenn is some type of god or something, but he clearly can't move! Is John blind, because I'm starting to think he is! Either that or he just has a stick up his butt!"

Ahay then headed off to tribal council as Jeff greeted them. "Behind each of you is a torch. Please grab one and dip it in the fire. In this game, fire represents life and once it's gone, so are you. Glenn, how did it feel losing the challenge today, especially with the leg injury you sustained?"

"It was awful, plain and simple. Losing is bad enough, but knowing my leg isn't working just makes it ten times worse.", said Glenn.

"Jess, do you think that Glenn's leg could be a problem down the road?", Probst asked.

"Absolutely", said Jess. "I know Glenn's really strong on a normal day, but something compromise his strength and he's not going to be able to perform at optimal level." John shook his head visibly as Jess gave her answer.

"John, you don't seem to agree with Jess. What's your take on this?", Probst asked again.

"I said it before and I'll say it again.", said John. "Where I work, we treat this like a scratch and you're right back to business. Glenn seems fine, I have absolute faith he'll be fine and I'm not going to be a pansy about this!"

"Glenn, John insists to you that you're totally fine, what do you make of this?", asked Probst.

"I think John means completely well and I don't think he has any bad intentions", said Glenn. "That said, I am in a bit of pain right now and I really don't know how much his claims hold up."

"Karen, what do you make of John's view that Glenn's injury is akin to a scratch?, Jeff asked.

"I genuinely don't understand it", said Karen. "Glenn clearly took a hard fall based on what the medical crew said and he was lagging behind SEVERELY in the challenge. Me and Jess were at camp before and saw John discussing something with Glenn. I know I didn't do perfect in the plate challenge yesterday, so I wonder if John wanted to write my name down".

"John, is Karen right?", Jeff asked.

"Yes sir, she's absolutely right.", said John. "I think Glenn has more potential with all damaged limbs than Karen does with all her limbs intact. It's just what I observed."

"Karen, how do you react to a comment like that, that you're useless even with all your limbs working, while Glenn is invincible in John's eyes regardless." asked Jeff.

"I will say this that while I do like Glenn, he's not Superman.", said Karen. "I'm not Superman, Jess isn't Superman, Adam isn't Superman and neither is John. So I don't agree that Glenn's performance going forward will be on par with it before."

"Adam, what do you make of that, the idea that no one is able to just walk off anything?", Jeff asked.

"I mean, it is true. You can't just be better instantly. Even if I don't want it to be true, it sometimes is." Hannah seemed anxious, as if she wanted to be called on.

"Hannah, what do you make of this? Do you think John's being fair?" Jeff asked.

"No, I really don't. Glenn's strong, but he's hurt and we can't put these expectations on him. I think John's crazy to think that." John looked visibly annoyed as Jeff turned to the tribe. "Well, it's time to vote. Hannah, you're up." Hannah headed up to the voting booth and wrote down "Glenn". "You're a great guy and I liked spending time with you, but you're injured. Recover quick", he said as he put the vote into the urn. John then stepped up and wrote down "Karen". "I believe in the kid and I know he'll do better than you ever will.", he said as he slipped the vote in. Jess then walked up and wrote down "Glenn", while Glenn walked up and wrote down "Karen". Kristie, Lex, Adam, Chong and Karen then voted and sat down.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said as he went to collect the urn. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody stood up or called out for Jeff, so he assumed no one wanted to play it. "Alright, once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote, Glenn", Probst said.

"Second vote, Karen, that's one vote Glenn, one vote Karen."

"Third vote, Glenn, that's two votes Glenn, one vote Karen."

"Fourth vote, Karen, that's two votes Glenn, two votes Karen."

"Fifth vote, Glenn, that's three votes Glenn, two votes Karen."

"Sixth vote, Glenn, that's four votes Glenn, two votes Karen, one vote left."

"Second person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar is...Glenn, you need to bring me your torch", Jeff said. Glenn nodded and grabbed his torch, placing it down. "Glenn, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed Glenn's torch. "It's time for you to go." Glenn walked off and waved goodbye to his tribe, disappearing into the night. "You guys can grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night." The rest of Ahay did just that and left tribal council, their torches a lit.

Glenn's Final Words: "The nail in my coffin was me screwing up my leg, for sure. I have no idea how far I would have gone if it wasn't for that, which does suck. I hope John does well and Adam continues to have fun even without me there."


Glenn: Karen, Jess, Lex, Kristie, Hannah, Chong, Adam

Karen: Glenn, John

Episode 3: "Like An Annoying Sister, Except With Power!

Last time on Survivor...Louis sensed that his position in the tribe wasn't completely stable, so he pulled in Christine to vote with the pact. At the immunity challenge, Emma's prowess with a slingshot gave Drakaka fishing gear and a new burst of confidence. At Ahay, Adam and Glenn went on a misadventure, only for Glenn to wind up injuring his leg. Louis told his alliance of their newest member, while at the immunity challenge, Glenn's injured leg slowed down Ahay and gave Drakaka their first immunity win. While most of Ahay thought Glenn would no longer be able to perform in the challenges, John had other ideas and wanted to vote out Karen, feeling she was weaker than Glenn. In the end, the majority got its way as Glenn was voted out. 16 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

As Ahay returned to camp, Adam laid his torch against the tree, then walked off sighing.

(CONF) "Voting out Glenn tonight was a decision I did NOT want to have to make.", said Adam. "Not only were we having a lot of fun together, but now there's no one my age to hang out with on this tribe! I wonder what I'm going to do.."

"Do you think he's going to be okay?", Kristie asked Hannah. She didn't like to see her tribemates dejected.

"I have a good feeling he will.", said Hannah. "Adam doesn't seem like the type to weep in a corner for hours."

(CONF) "Adam was not happy when we got back to camp", said Hannah. "Every moment until then, I saw him being boisterous, cocky, confident and goofy, this just isn't him. At the same time, I don't think he'll be like this for good!"

John was irritated that the his pleas against Karen fell on deaf ears and he stormed off to collect firewood, clearly flustered.

(CONF) "I kept telling them that Karen wasn't going to do well no matter what", said John. "Did anyone actually listen to me? Not even close. I swear, sometimes I wish I had a tribe of soldiers and they'd just do what I say. At least it'd make sense and be orderly."

While John was returning to camp, he bumped into Hannah by accident. Hannah helped him with the logs brushed off her shirt.

"Oops, sorry about that.", she said. "It's late at night and you can't see, ya know? Maybe next time-"

But before she could finish her sentence, John cut her off.

"What was up with wanting to get Glenn out with the pack?!", John asked, clearly angry.

"Look, he wasn't going to do well in challenges! Didn't you see him yesterday?!", Hannah retorted.

"Don't give me that nonsense!", John exclaimed. "He was more than capable to brush it off and YOU were a huge part of the problem giving him that namsy pamsy approval of leaving! I'm telling you, Karen can't do half the things he could!"

"Ugh, screw this! I'm not going to argue!", Hannah said as she stormed off.

(CONF) "I get that John is really big on work ethic and making sure everyone pitches in, but seriously, Glenn was REALLY badly hurt.", said Hannah "He was probably going to weigh us down, as much as I hate to say it. Why doesn't he get that this isn't the army?"

The sun soon rose in the sky as the members of Drakaka slowly opened their eyes to signal the start of the day. Paul and Otto who had enough energy to put an entire Starbucks store to shame, were giving a "report" on the events around them.

"Good morning on the island of Madagascar!", Paul exclaimed with the passion of a professional weatherman. "I'm your host Paul Anderson and me and my co-host Otto Axelson will be giving you the daily rundown!" Paul handed Otto the 'mic' as it was his turn to 'report'.

"Thank you for that Paul! According to my never-inaccurate-always-right-weather-report, we will be having a balmy 85 degrees today with a slight chance of scattered mudstorms!", in reference to the challenge yesterday.

Louis could hear the two chatter incessantly as he shot awake. "And in other news, I will personally stitch both of your mouths shut if you two don't shut the hell up this instant!", he shouted. Christine heard the commotion and turned to Louis.

"Hey, calm down Louis! Let them have their fun.", Christine said.

"If your idea of fun is having blood pour out of your ears into that ocean, then be my guest.", he replied.

(CONF) "Nobody said that this would be an easy journey", Louis said. "But Otto and Paul, they're like SpongeBob and Patrick but with even MORE grating voices! I know that we're supposed to be allies, but I don't think that earplugs would be too out of line right now!"

Emma remarked at Louis' anger with a little bit of a chuckle. "Come on Louis! You have to admit that it was at least a little bit funny!"

(CONF) "Louis gets rather annoyed by Paul and Otto quite easily.", said Emma. "I know the two can be a bit of a handful at times, but I think they're just having fun and there's no reason to get so riled up about it!"

Ernest also laughed at the antics, particularly since Louis was annoyed by them.

(CONF) "Otto and Paul, they're a bunch of knuckleheads", said Ernest. "Ah'm liking what they're doing, especially since ol' Louis can't stand any of it and anything that makes Louis go crazy, ah like that a lot!"

"I suppose the studio has been shut down for the day!", Otto exclaimed.

"Perhaps we should re-locate!", Paul replied.

"Good idea!", Otto replied again. The two laughed loudly as they frolicked off to the mountain, leaving Louis alone to stew.

(CONF) "It's definitely fun to annoy Louis because he knows that there is nothing he can do about it!", said Paul. "If he eliminates us, he loses his lackeys and then his head's on the chopping block next to those shrunken heads at Tribal Council!"

Eventually, Paul and Otto reached the hill that they tubbed "Chris' Crib". He seemed to stop by there fairly often, enough for it to be associated with him. Paul then "broke" their microphone as he plopped onto the ground next to Otto.

"I was getting bored of fake broadcasting anyway", Paul said. "So, have you heard of edgic by any chance?", he asked Otto.

Otto proceeded to imitate an over-excited fangirl as he squealed with excitement. "Oh my god, I LOVE edgic!", he yelled out. "What do you think Louis is going to be at this point? I'm getting TOTAL OTTN5 vibes from him!"

Paul chuckled. "To be fair, that's not an unfair guess. I don't know what he's saying in the confessionals, but based on the fact that he forced us to be his evil sidekicks and has this alliance go with me, you and Christine, he probably will be CPN3 at least."

(CONF) "I wasn't entirely sure that Paul would understand the intricacies of being a freaky Survivor fan who goes onto reddit and rants about how great terrible seasons are and how terrible great seasons are.", said Otto. "But I keep getting surprised every day! If he doesn't know what the Funny 115 is, then I might have to revoke his membership, though!"

Adam decided to leave the Ahay camp to take a walk. Heading down the winding beach, he eventually took the path to the spot a few others were calling "Chris' Crib".

(CONF) "I really needed to clear my head", said Adam. "I can't stop thinking about Glenn and I'm sure that going back to the pool will make me feel better. I just need to do crazy physical things when I'm not feeling good and that'd be one of them!"

As Adam neared the 'pool', he noticed Otto and Paul perched on the ledge in front of him. He hadn't really spoken to them since arriving, given they were on opposite tribes and all. He overheard them discussing some subject he didn't understand, he thought it was "edgic" or some other stupid, useless term. Still, they were the only people he had seen in a painfully long 9 hours who were his age, so he decided to approach them.

(CONF) "Those two guys, Otto and Paul, are their names I think, were discussing some REALLY weird crap!", emphasized Adam. "I think it's some system where you rate contestants or some shit like that and I was thinking 'WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS!? IT'S SOOOOO USELESS!' Honestly, they seem like eggheads, but they're young eggheads and I need to speak to some young people right now, so I think I'll give it a go."

Paul and Otto noticed Adam approaching them, then turned to him.

"Oh, hi. You're Adam, right?" Paul asked him.

"Yeah, I'm Adam from the formerly glorious Ahay tribe!", he exclaimed with hints of snark.

"Who did you guys vote out last night? And what do you mean 'formerly'?", Otto asked with an eyebrow raised.

"We had to vote out Glenn. He screwed up his leg pretty bad, remember?", Adam reminded them.

"Oh yeah, he did seem to be limping in the mud field", Paul replied. "Hope he gets better."

"Yeah, I do too.", Adam said back. "Also, what the hell are you guys even talking about?"

"It's called edgic", said Otto. "Basically, you determine what players are considered based on how they behave. It's determined using certain metric figures and statistics-"

"Screw that crap! We're here to be in the real world, so why not follow me and come down to the real 'pool'?", Adam responded.

"Pool?", Paul asked, confused.

"Just follow me and you'll see!", Adam said as Otto and Paul ran after him.

(CONF) "I hadn't really spoken to Adam before this moment, but he seemed really eager to hang out with us!", Paul said. "I don't know what exactly he means by a 'pool', but maybe this is worth checking out! I could use a refrain from edgic anyway. I like it, don't get me wrong, but Otto can speak about it for an entire DAY without getting bored and even that's too much for me."

The three headed over to Adam's designated swim spot, gazing at the pristine pool of water directly below a waterfall and cliff.

"See?! Pretty cool, isn't it?", Adam told them. "Well, don't just stand there you two ladies, hop in! Last one in's a rotten egg!", he said as he threw off his shirt and cannonballed into the water. Paul smirked at Otto as he made a pushing motion. "Want to go in yourself or do you need help?", Paul quipped to him.

"Statistically, I probably have a better chance of surviving myself, so I pick option AYYYYYYYYY!", Otto wailed as he hurled himself off the perch into the water, splashing Adam.

"Hey Paul, I can come back up that cliff! Want me to 'help' you in? It could be an educational experiment!", Otto teased.

Suddenly, Paul puffed his chest upwards and assumed a heroic, booming voice. "PLANKMAN CANNOT BE HELPED!", he bellowed as he lined his arms up to his body, then leapt into the air, careening into the water below. "PLANK AWAY!", he shouted as he splashed the two. He proceeded to spit a mouthful of water at the two. "That's my OTHER super power!"

Adam rolled his eyes as he retaliated with a wave of his own. "Have you been hanging out with Chong by any chance?", he snarked in reference to Paul's rather...animated demeanor.

"Who's Chong? The old guy with the long grey hair and beard?", Paul asked, curious.

"Right, him. He's a friend of mine on Ahay.", explained Adam. "He says some REALLY, REALLY out there stuff, but it's okay because he's from the sixties."

Understanding the implications, Otto and Paul sarcastically replied. "OHHHHHHH", in unison, as if they didn't get the blatant stoner hippie reference. "Hmmm, that sounds pretty cool.", Otto said. "You should invite him 'over' here sometime. As crazy as Paul is now, I can't WAIT to see how he'll act with his influence!"

(CONF) "Wow, I can't believe this is happening!", Adam exclaimed. "I was begging and I mean BEGGING to speak to someone around my age. I don't know exactly how old Paul and Otto are, but they both look young so that's good enough for me! Damn it, this day has been AWESOME!"

"This has been fun, but we probably should head back to camp soon. Louis is going to get suspicious.", Paul said to Adam.

"Now it's my turn to ask about your tribemates.", said Adam. "Louis is the bossy guy in the business suit, right?"

"Right", Paul confirmed. "Except me and Otto aren't really friends with him. We're just in an alliance right now so that he doesn't come hunting for us, which again, he'll probably do soon if we don't get back to camp."

"Alright, that makes sense", Adam replied. "Stop by camp anytime! I could do this all day!", he said as he ran back.

(CONF) "Meeting those two was a lot of fun!", Adam exclaimed once more. "Sure, we don't entirely understand each other and I'll never for the life of me understand half of the things they were saying, but none of it matters since they are FUN! Also, I learned a little bit about their tribemates and apparently they're in an alliance with the business guy named Louis, so I'll have to keep an eye out on that."

"If only HE was on our tribe instead of Louis", Otto lamented. Suddenly, Otto saw a fairly large crevice next to the ledge he, Paul and Adam jumped off of. "I wonder what that is."

(CONF) "After Adam left and me and Otto decided to head back, Otto noticed this little hole near the rock we jumped off of.", Paul explained. "I know that nobody has mentioned having the idol yet, so that does make me pretty curious as to what could be inside of there. If it IS the idol, that definitely is going to be great for us!"

As the two headed up the rock "stairs", Otto investigated the crevice and reached his hand in. Just as they suspected, inside it was the Hidden Immunity Idol! While Paul and Otto were tempted to fan-girl squeal once more, they kept their composure for fear of anyone else hearing them.

"This is HUGE! HUGE!", Otto exclaimed to Paul, grinning ear to ear.

(CONF) "I was ready for this to be an averagely fun day", Otto said. "We meet a new friend, we hang out like frat boys for a bit and our "parent" reprimands us for staying out too late. But no, apparently this day had other plans, because we have found the idol! This is the type of thing that I always would dream of while watching the show on TV, so I'm REALLY tempted to pinch myself right now!"

"I think I'll hold onto this for now and in case one of us needs it, we'll play it on each other", Otto suggested to Paul.

"That's a decent plan, but what about Louis?", Paul asked. Suddenly, it was as if a lightbulb factory had been installed in Paul's brain and it received a LOT of investment capital. Forming an evil grin that the Joker himself would be envious of, Paul whispered deviously to his friend. "This gave me a little idea", Paul cackled.

"What is it?", Otto asked, curious.

"Louis probably wants the idol, right?", Paul began. "You know, being the try-hard 'villain' and all?"

Otto then started to see his point. "I'm listening", he said.

"So, I don't want him to actually know about this idol, because then he'll probably demand it", Paul explained. "But he seems so arrogant, so delusional and desperate for power that maybe if we created a plausible FAKE idol, we can give it to him and not only prevent him from finding out about ours, but we could also put a target on him!"

"Hmmm...that sounds really, really screwed up and underhanded", Otto said in a seemingly admonishing voice. "I LOVE IT! Let's go get some of the materials we got from the boat and make it look REALLY, REALLY convincing!", Otto said as he placed the real idol in his pocket and ran off with Paul.

(CONF) "I'm glad that Otto liked my plan", said Paul. "Bob made a fake idol in Gabon and gave it to Randy, which was absolutely hilarious! If we give this to Louis, I bet he's not even going to realize that he's being bamboozled! That's the best part of it all, being able to trick someone without them even knowing that they're being tricked beforehand!"

The two headed off to a stump in the woods, laying down all the materials they could find. Otto took the piece of back and pinched small holes through it, inserting a decent amount of string.

"This'll definitely help, since most idols are attached to some type of rope." Otto said. "Paul, may I have the paste and beads, please?"

"Sure thing!", he said as he handed him those very items. Otto then carefully fastened the beady eyes onto the idol, along with an equally beady nose and face. "What do you think?", Otto asked.

"I think it looks very convincing! Perfect!", Paul exclaimed. Eventually, the two ran down to the beach, anticipating Louis' reaction.

Back at camp, Louis was growing impatient.

"Christine, where the hell ARE those two?!", Louis hollered. "We're supposed to discuss business!"

"Oh, come on Louis", Christine replied. "I'm sure Otto and Paul had a very good reason for being gone that long."

"Again, as I said a few days ago, what could they possibly be doing for this long? Making out?!", Louis wondered. "Forget it, I'm going to go look for them myself."

(CONF) "Louis really, really needs to stop being so rigid", said Christine. "Yes, we're in an alliance and have to work together, but these demands with no leeway, I don't think they're going to help anyone in the long run!"

"Louis?", Layla asked with exasperation.

"Louis", Christine confirmed.

(CONF) "I'm not shocked that Louis was complaining his head off!", exclaimed Layla. "He always seems to find a problem with everything we're doing and if we're not doing it EXACTLY how he says, then he has issues!"

"He drives me nuts!", Layla remarked to Chris. Chris nodded sympathetically. "Yeah, me too!"

(CONF) "There's a little bit of tension right now with Louis on the tribe!", Chris explained. "He wants us to do everything just as he says and he won't take any answer other than doing EXACTLY what he wants! Answer a second later and it doesn't work for him! And frankly, it doesn't work for me!"

Just as Louis was about to head up the hill to read Otto and Paul the riot act, the two darted to him, panting. "Sorry about that Lou", Otto said in his best 'tired' voice. "But we were doing something REALLY important!"

"Like what?", Louis asked. "Hosting your little weather show?"

"Even better!", Paul exclaimed. "We found you the idol! Otto, care to show him?"

Otto pulled out the "idol" and handed it to Louis. He would never be able to forget the look on his face.

"Oh my god! You two actually did something useful!", Louis exclaimed. "Do you know what this means?!"

"You'll never shut up about it?" Paul joked.

"Haha", Louis replied sarcastically. "It means we're in complete and utter power! No one could get close to us before, but now, we're practically GODS! Thanks you two!"

"Anytime", Otto replied, struggling immensely not to laugh.

(CONF) "Jesus, I really didn't expect that to be so easy", Paul remarked. "But there's no reason for me to complain about that. It's a shame that this season wasn't filmed in April, because if you ask me, this is THE greatest April Fool's Day trick in the history of history, belated or not!"

Once again, as Louis walked off satisfied, Otto and Paul cackled like hyenas once he was out of earshot. "Wait until Adam hears of this!", Otto exclaimed.

(CONF) "Haha! That was an amazing little trick!", said Otto. "With how often there are idols on the show nowadays, it's hard to know what's real and what's just a trick! But Louis, if he thinks it even REMOTELY resembles an idol, he's going to take it and craddle it like crazy! And I wouldn't be shocked if he's going to adopt it as his child! I already have two brothers, but I wouldn't mind a sister!"

Louis stroked his prize as he walked off, triumphant, smirking.

(CONF) "I think that I was born to win this game!", Louis exclaimed. "It's the only logical explanation for why my OWN ALLIES handed over the idol to me. I may have thought those two were a bunch of irritating imbeciles, but at least they're painfully LOYAL ones! Wow, nothing can go wrong now! Finals, here I come!"

Back at the Ahay camp, Hannah had the tribe involved in a game of baseball, or at least whatever the Survivor equivalent was. With Chong at bat, Hannah made the pitch as he slugged the splinter into the air, "running" oh so slowly. "And you're out!", Hannah exclaimed.

(CONF) "I think we're all getting over the loss and Glenn's elimination", said Hannah. "Me and the others have been playing all sorts of games and I never thought that it'd be this much fun on a deserted island! But hey, everyone seems to be having a good time, so that's fine with me!"

As Adam headed back to his tribemates, Chong and Lex greeted him enthusiastically.

"Hey, Adam! You're just in time", Chong explained. "Hannah has started her own MLB team! I have a pretty shoddy batting average, but you just might be the muscle we need!"

"Yeah, and I'm providing background music!", said Lex.

"Uh..okay, I guess I'll get in line", said Adam.

(CONF) "Things were pretty strange when I got back to camp", said Adam. "Of course, giving I live with a hippie, a rockstar and a really peppy athlete, it's not hard to see why! It seems like the tribe is playing some version of baseball and while I played football and not baseball in High School, I wouldn't mind killing some time with some simple, mindless fun!"

As Adam eventually made it to bat, he hit a "home run" as he ran around the literal sand diamond, decisively safe. "AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! ADAM WALLMAN IS THE SEASON MVP!", Adam yelled. Everybody laughed, especially Karen.

(CONF) "I hadn't seen Adam for what felt like hours!", Karen proclaimed. "But all of a sudden, just as we were in the middle of playing some makeshift version of baseball, he comes charging in like some sort of superman and he just SLAMS the "ball", as we call it, into the air! It's just crazy living with Adam and I mean that in the best way possible!"

While most of Ahay continued to engage in the game, Hannah eyed Adam with suspicion, scratching her chin. "Hmmm", she thought to herself.

(CONF) "Adam was really, really peppy when he got back to camp", said Hannah. "He normally is, but given how upset he was last night over Glenn, it seems strange. Besides, he was also gone for a really long time and that makes me wonder."

While most of the other Ahay tribe members headed off, Hannah stopped Adam for a moment. "Hey, is it okay if I speak with you?", Hannah asked.

"Uh, sure", Adam responded. "What's up?"

"Why were you gone for so long?", Hannah asked. "I just wonder, because I feel like it was a few hours at least."

"Nothing, just exploring I guess", Adam said in response. "Why should it matter?"

"I'm a really friendly person, but I just hope you weren't speaking to anyone on the other tribe, it makes me nervous.", said Hannah. "I get that it's a social game, but it has limits." Hannah then walked off as Adam was left to process what she just said.

(CONF) Immediately after we were done playing that game, Hannah pulled me over and kept asking me tons of questions like "What were you doing? Who were you talking to? Are you sure you're with us'", said Adam. "I find it really, really annoying that she's suggesting I could be a traitor, just because I'm talking to people from the other tribe on a season where that's the twist! She's like a sister, except with power! And it does make me nervous that she could want me out. Maybe I should stop her before she can "stop" me.

Turning to find his significantly older buddy, Adam ran into Lex.

"Oops, sorry", Adam said. "What are you even doing here?", Adam asked.

"I kinda just wanted to take in my surroundings and just feel everything", said Lex. "It reminds me of my gigs."

"That's...nice I guess", Adam replied. "Hey, does Hannah make you 'nervous' at all?", he wondered.

"Nervous? Not really, in fact she's really nice!", Lex exclaimed. "That game of baseball we were playing, that was awesome!"

"Yeah, but after you left, she told me that me being gone for so long made her nervous. She thinks I'm plotting against her or something and that makes me think she wants me next.", Adam explained. "You're a social person, right?" Adam asked her.

"Well, of course!", Lex exclaimed. "I don't think I can be a MINUTE without someone else!"

"In that case, you should be on the top of her hit list soon!", Adam said. "If she thinks I'M a danger because I made a few friends with green bandannas, then you should be wanted by the FBI, if you know what I mean!"

"Hmmm, that does make sense", Lex noted. "So, what should we do?"

"I was thinking that maybe we could throw the challenge and take her out.", Adam explained "Besides, she could be a physical threat in the merge. Chong will probably be on board if we talk to him and her and John were bickering with each other last night, so that's at least half the tribe. What do you say? Are you in to remove the social-hater?"

Lex was shocked, as she heard from friends of hers that it was a no-no to throw challenges on Survivor, that only the worst types of players had the audacity to do something like that. Still, Adam had a reasonable point. If Hannah was going to get paranoid over simple social interaction, then who was to say she wouldn't be next?

"You know what, I think I'll do it", Lex decided. "I'll go tell Chong and then we should be good!"

"Thanks!", Adam yelled back. "Yes, this is too easy!"

(CONF) "Adam told me that Hannah was being really nosy about his social life on the island", Lex explained. "I really, really like her, but that's not cool! I want to, you know, MAKE FRIENDS when I'm here and if someone's going to tell me "no", I don't want them here! I know it's considered wrong to throw a challenge, but if I need to do it, so be it!"

Chong was in a deep sleep as Lex approached him. He wanted to conserve energy for whenever the next challenge would be and sleeping cleared his mind. Suddenly, he felt someone tap him on the knee as he sprung awake. "Hey, who's there?!", Chong said as he tried to regain his composure. "Oh, hey Lex! What's going on? Is it tomorrow yet? Did I miss the challenge?"

"No silly", Lex said as she giggled at Chong's responses. "I need to talk to you."

"What's going on?", he asked with curiosity.

"I was talking to Adam earlier and he thinks that we should throw the challenge tomorrow", Lex explained. Chong was speechless, his jaw practically unhinged from his skull.

"Throw the challenge?! Why should we do that?!", he said with confusion.

"Simple", Lex explained. "Apparently Hannah said some really controlling, dictator kinda stuff to Adam when he came back to camp, something about how he can't have talk to members from the other tribe because it makes him look suspicious. I really don't want someone tell me who can be my friend, you know?"

Chong listened to her, nodding and "mmphming" when appropriate. "That DOES sound really unfair!", Chong exclaimed." I thought Hannah was super chill and friendly before this! How does talking to someone on the other tribe mean you're a traitor?! That doesn't even make any sense!"

"I thought the same thing!", Lex replied "If she's going to be that crazy about who we talk to, I don't want her here! What's next, she tells me when and where I can go to the bathroom?!"

"Yeah, I'm on board with you", Chong said. "I guess when Adam comes by we can figure this out specifically, but I'll totally help you guys now."

(CONF) "Lex told me that it was in our best interest to throw tomorrow's challenge", said Chong. "Initially, I didn't understand why she wanted to do that, but when she told me how Hannah had a fit over where Adam was, I just couldn't support that. I've been fighting against people like that my whole life and I'm not gonna stop now!"

As the sun began to set, Adam approached the two. "Alright guys, here's the deal", Adam whispered so that he would ensure no one else heard. Whatever the challenge is tomorrow, we're gonna throw it", he explained as the two nodded. "I think it's immunity since we didn't have a challenge today, so I doubt they'll have time to only do reward. Lex, I want you to hardly move in this challenge. Go slow, trip, pant, just do "poorly", okay?"

Lex nodded. "Yeah, I'm down with that." Adam then continued.

"I'm going to talk to John after the challenge", he explained. "Him and Hannah were fighting last night and if I can give him some spiel about how Hannah didn't work enough, or how I think she wants to vote out another strong person, he'll eat that all up."

"Alright, that sounds like a good plan", Chong said. "Tomorrow, we're gonna show Hannah what happens when you are authoritarian like that!"

(CONF) "I'm so pleased with myself right now", said Adam. "I convinced Lex and Chong to pull off this stunt tomorrow and then I'll get out Hannah. I guess you could say that I'm like a bull. If anyone shows me read, I'll have to run them out of the stadium. This'll work, line, hook and sinker."

The two tribes were fast asleep as the night proceeded uneventfully. The moon then lost the daily battle with the sun as it rose once more, ready to ruin the sleep of people everywhere. Hannah plopped out of bed as she ran over to the tree, serenading to her tribemates.

"TREEMAAAAAAIL!", she called out. "Today you'll get both food and you will be safe for this round. Just follow the reptile and chase the other tribe 'round".

"Sounds like it will involve running", Karen said.

"In that case we are DESTINED to win!", Hannah exclaimed with joy.

(CONF) "I've been running since I was 5!", Hannah exclaimed. "I've been doing it for fun, in school, just everywhere I run! So when I heard that today's challenge involved running, I figured that this should be a blowout, an easy victory!"

The two tribes headed to the challenge field as Jeff called them in. "Come on in guys! Drakaka, getting your first look at the new Ahay tribe, Glenn voted out at the last tribe council." A few Drakaka members seemed a bit surprised, but otherwise no one really reacted. "Drakaka, gotta take back that back", Jeff said as he told back to the immunity idol and placed it onto the perch. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs! For today's challenge, both tribes will carry a VERY heavy stuffed snake and run around a track with it. It is going to be difficult and cumbersome to carry, so if you want to drop out at any point, just let go of the snake and come sit on the bench. The first tribe to touch the other tribe and catch up with them, wins immunity! In addition, you're playng for reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?", Jeff asked.

Everyone nodded excitedly as they waited for Jeff to tell them.

"The winning tribe gets their very own Survivor garden! Spices, vegetables and fruit! Losing tribe gets nothing! I'll give you a moment to strategize!"

Eventually, the two tribes were on opposite sides of the track as they waited for Jeff to give the okay. Adam turned to Lex so she could confirm the plan, with her nodding to him.

"For immunity and reward, Survivors ready? GO!" Immediately, Drakaka sped across the track faster than lighting. Ahay tried to flee from them, but they were lagging behind, as Lex started to become winded.

"Lex is struggling! Could this spell trouble for Ahay?" Probst asked.

"Come on, pull me!", Lex yelled out. The other Ahay members tried to compensate for Lex's inability to keep up, but they were finding it difficult. Jess was visibly sweating. As this occurred, Louis had Drakaka lunge closer.

"The gap is getting smaller, Ahay has to pick up the pace!", yelled Probst. At that moment, Lex plopped to the ground, almost like the raggedy snake they were carrying.

"Lex plummets to the ground! Drakaka is gaining on Ahay!" Hannah began getting nervous and yelled at Lex. 'Come on, you can do this Lex!" Lex "complied" as she 'struggled' to get up. While she resumed running, she must have had lead weights attached to her, as she was moving an inch per hour. Louis and Paul were quick to take advantage of this, darting even closer to Ahay.

"Louis is GAINING on Ahay! They will need superpowers to avoid this!" Just then, Lex let go of the snake, as it then felt 1,000 pounds heavier to the rest of her tribe. "I'm sorry guys, I just can't carry it!", she said as she ran to the bench. "Damn it!", John yelled out. While he tried his best to compensate for the loss, it was growing increasingly hopeless. Otto began galloping like a horse, while Louis and Paul continued driving the head.

"Drakaka is less than 3 feet away from Ahay!" Probst yelled. Chong proceeded to yell a dramatic "NOOOOOOOO!", as he witnessed Louis touch the back of their snake.

"It's over! DRAKAKA WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!", Probst screeched. All of the Drakaka members excitedly ran over to collect their earnings, with Paul and Otto doing a bizarre victory dance. Ahay on the other hand, looked completely crushed. "Drakaka, once again immunity is yours. Enjoy your new spice garden with your night off. Ahay, I have nothing for you. You have tribal council with me tonight, so grab your stuff and head back to camp."

(CONF) "That challenge seemed pretty odd", said Jess. "I know Lex isn't Herculean in terms of strength, but that performance made an uncoordinated five year old look like an Olympic medalist! I definitely think something's up!"

Back at Drakaka, the tribe was elated over their second immunity victory in a row. "And I thought we'd be the next Matsing!", Paul exclaimed.

(CONF) "It was definitely amazing winning another immunity challenge", said Paul. "We got some really good spices, some fruit and some peppers, so I think we're not going to be hungry tonight. I hope that everything goes well for Adam on Ahay, even if it's unlikely he'll go."

Otto, while pleased, did not quite buy the win. "Hey guys, do you think something was a little...weird about our victory? Lex was doing some strange stuff."

Chris shook his head. "Maybe she was acting a little bit weird, but that just seems like who she is", he responded.

(CONF) "Otto was a little bit concerned about the challenge today", said Chris. "He thought that maybe Lex was intentionally losing, not doing her best, but I really don't think that's the case. Besides, we won and that's what matters most!"

Meanwhile at Ahay, the tribe's mood was soured over the second consecutive immunity loss.

(CONF) "Losing ANOTHER immunity challenge?!", Hannah shouted with disbelief. "And even more importantly, a RUNNING challenge?! It just doesn't add up. But Lex was doing some shady, suspicious things, so I wonder if this wasn't a true loss."

Hannah then approached Karen and Jess and explained her concerns

"Look, I don't want to be a sore loser", Hannah started "But I think someone on the tribe tampered with the challenge."

"You mean like throwing it?" Karen asked, concerned.

"Yeah, exactly!", said Hannah. "Didn't you notice how epically bad Lex was doing, like worse than normal bad?"

"Hmmm...", said Karen. "She actually did seem to be doing pretty poorly, even worse than she normally does. I always pictured her as being average at challenges."

"Well", said Hannah "I think we should vote her out. What if she has some alliance and she plans on doing this in the future?"

"That's a good point", said Karen. "John did try to target me last night, but I feel like he would never try to lose. I'm in"

(CONF) "Hannah told me that apparently Lex was throwing the challenge today", Karen started. "And that does make me a little bit angry. I don't want to have my game sabotaged by her if she has an alliance I don't know of, so I think we better take action against her while we can."

Adam went to find John, who was chopping wood again. "Hey John, can I talk to you for a moment?", Adam asked.

"Yes, what is it?", asked John.

"I think we should vote out Hannah tonight.", said Adam "What are your thoughts on that?"

"Well, me and her did have some words last night.", said John. "I really can't see why she didn't want to save Glenn! But I don't know, she IS pretty strong!"

"True", said Adam "But remember how much she was playing around yesterday instead of pitching in? That never makes for a good, cohesive camp, right?"

"Actually, you ARE right!", John yelled out "All she was doing was playing that stupid excuse for baseball! If she's not going to help out around camp, then she's as good as gone! I'll vote for her!"

"Perfect, thanks for helping John", Adam said as he walked off.

(CONF) "At first, I was confused as to why Adam wanted Hannah out", said John. "Sure, we agued, but I knew she was good at challenges. But when he pointed out the nerve she had to goof off like this is some type of party instead of busting her butt around camp, that's when I realized how much sense this makes!"

John then met up with Chong and Lex. "Alright, so I got John on board, but now we need to get someone else.", said Adam. "I think Jess and Karen see you as being some sort of mole, so they're out".

"Hmm, why don't we try Kristie?", suggested Lex.

"That's a good idea!" exclaimed Adam "She seems pretty social or at least friendly, so if we tell her how much of a control freak Hannah is about this, then she totally will help us! I'll go talk to her."

"Okay!", Lex exclaimed.

(CONF) "Sooo, it seems like Adam took my idea!", said Lex. "I feel really, really honored when I get recognition like this! Like when I wrote my first song as a kid, I made 'red' rhyme with 'bed' and my mom put it on the refrigerator! Yay for me!"

Adam then walked off to find Kristie, fist-pumping. "Sh-ya!", he exclaimed.

(CONF) "I wondered how we were gonna actually pull this off", said Adam. "After all, me, Chong, Lex and John are only four people. But when I remembered what Kristie was like, I figured that we actually could do this!"

Adam eventually found Kristie cleaning one of her dresses, then tapped her on the shoulder. "Kristie, can I talk to you for a sec?", Adam asked her.

"Sure", she said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well", Adam started. "I know that Lex didn't exactly do great at the challenge. But Hannah said some really weird, controlling stuff to me before about who I can talk to and who I can't talk to. It may seem like a silly reason to want someone out, but what if she wants to target us? I mean, you're pretty social, right? What if she wants you out after me?"

Kristie seemed pretty disappointed to find out that someone as nice as Hannah could do something so seemingly unfair. "Wow, that really sucks of her!", Kristie exclaimed. "I don't see how simple conversations mean I'm plotting to take over this place, ya know? Strong as she is, I don't want her breathing down my neck 24/7, so if I decide, she's outta here! Thanks for telling me about this Adam!"

"No problem!", he said as he walked off smiling.

(CONF) "I'm pretty sure the tribe wanted to get rid of Lex tonight since she was flopping on the ground for half of the challenge.", said Kristie. "But when I learned that Hannah's going to have a temper tantrum whenever we talk to someone she doesn't like, that just seemed completely crazy! I'm willing to lose a few more times with someone who doesn't want to write my name down over someone who's making notes every time I say 'Hi' to anyone but her!"

Hannah slipped on her tank top as she prepared to head off to tribal. To her, this was going to be a simple, obvious choice, one that would benefit Ahay.

(CONF) "I really don't see how anyone will vote for anyone but Lex tonight", Hannah said. "We're supposed to be doing our best in challenges and when you're not only doing bad, but CHOOSING to do bad, you can't stay here! To me, if anyone else gets a vote tonight, they must have drank sea water, but what are the chances of THAT?!", she laughed.

Ahay headed off to tribal council once more as they grabbed their torches and walked down the long and winding road. Jeff was waiting for them in his usual spot when they lit their torches and sat down in their seats.

"Welcome back", Jeff said. "Hannah, how did it feel losing a second immunity challenge in a row?"

"It felt terrible!", Hannah yelled out. "I hate losing at all, but twice?! I'm just starting to see red!"

"Jess, what do you think the vote will be based on tonight?" Probst asked her.

"Well", Jess started. "At this point in the game, you really want to vote based on strength and according to a little birdy who just spoke, Lex apparently wasn't doing her part in the challenge!"

"You mean you feel she threw it?" Jeff asked her.

"Exactly!", Jess replied.

"Lex, what do you make of that accusation, that you were TRYING to lose? Does it hold any weight?", he asked her.

Lex shook her head. "Not at all. I'm just not that good at running challenges, ya know?" Lex explained. "I think it's crazy that just because you don't do well at something, means that you apparently were TRYING to lose!", Adam watched her with absolutely delight, which he barely concealed.

"Yeah, I get that!", Hannah yelled out. "But it's obvious you were trying to lose! Don't tell me that you're that bad at running! NO ONE'S that bad at running!"

"John, any thoughts on this? I know last tribal council you had some pretty opinionated things to say about the tribe's decision to get rid of Glenn. What do you think of this little argument?", Jeff asked him.

"To me, I think Hannah's in NO position to be lecturing Lex!", John stated plainly. "Based on the things, or should I say LACK of things she was doing yesterday she should be the one who's being lectured to, not Lex!"

"Hold up, what are you implying?" Hannah asked with disbelief.

"What I'm STATING is that you weren't being very helpful around camp yesterday!", John replied. "Instead of helping tend to the fire, getting food or anything important, you were off playing your asinine baseball game!"

"I did that to help create UNITY!", yelled Hannah.

"Unity would be making sure we're up to speed with the other tribe in terms of work ethic!", John replied again.

"Kristie, from what you can see, it seems like John and Hannah aren't really exemplifying unity right now. What do you think about this?"

"Well Jeff", Kristie started "I won't mention any names, but somebody told me that somebody else who's name I won't mention was telling us who to talk to, who to have conversations with, or else get it from them. And to me, that's just not something any of us should put up with around here!"

"Adam, you've been pretty quiet. Any thoughts?", Jeff asked him.

"I just think that we need to get along with each other", he said. "We can't yell, scream, shout or tell each other where to be every minute. Otherwise, we're just going to be here every round, right Chong?"

"I agree with Adam fully", Chong replied. "It produces negative energy for all of us if someone is ruining the fun and we aren't seeing eye to eye. I don't want to see that around here."

"Hannah, you've been pretty vocal. Anything more to add?", Probst asked her.

"Well Jeff", Hannah started. "Whoever is making life hard for the tribe, we'll get them voted out of here, I can promise that!"

"I definitely like what I'm hearing tonight. It is time to vote. Hannah, you can go first.", Probst told her.

Hannah walked up to the voting stall and wrote "LEX" in big, bold letters. "Sorry Lex, but I'm not going to let any challenge throwers stay on this beach." Lex then walked up and wrote down "Hannah". "I've never let anyone control my social life and you're not going to start doing it for me, sister!", Lex remarked as she stuck out her tongue. Jess, Karen, Kristie, John, Adam and finally Chong voted respectively. Chong's vote was not visible, but he could be heard saying: "I'm just making this decision for the tribe. I really like you and hope to see you after the show." Chong then sat down as Jeff proceeded to the urn.

"I'll go tally the votes", he said as he grabbed the urn, then placed it on the podium. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." As no one did so, Jeff continued. "Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote, Lex." Hannah smiled upon seeing her name, slouching back confidently.

"Second vote, Lex, that's two votes Lex."

"Third vote, Lex. That's three votes Lex."

"Fourth vote.....Hannah, that's one vote Hannah." Upon hearing her name, Hannah was shocked. Her eyes grew wide, wondering what was going on.

"Fifth vote....Hannah, that's two Hannah, three votes Lex."

"Sixth vote.....Hannah, that's three votes Hannah, three votes Lex." Adam, Chong and Lex looked at each other happily, as Jeff continued to read the votes.

"Seventh vote....Hannah, that's four votes Hannah, three votes Lex, one vote left.", Probst said. Hannah and Lex both looked incredibly nervous, with sweat rolling down Hannah's face.

"Third person voted out of Survivor: Madagscar is.....Hannah, you need to being me your torch." Hannah was completely shocked, as she went to get her torch. Unable to believe what happened, she exclaimed "Wow!". Karen and Jess were similarly surprised, sharing nervous glances with each other. Hannah then placed her torch down. "Hannah, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed her torch. "It's time for you to go." Hannah walked out, completely speechless, except for another. "Wow!", which the others heard.

"Well, tonight's vote showed the dangers of not being on the same page with one another, as some of you clearly didn't expect that! Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night!" Ahay then took their torches and left tribal council as the night was still young.

Hannah's Final Words: "I was NOT expecting what happened tonight! The fact that I was voted out over Lex, it just doesn't make any sense to me! I really think that Lex had some secret plan that I'm never going to find out about, so I hope that whoever's left finds out about her alliance."


Hannah: Adam, John, Lex, Kristie, Chong

Lex: Hannah, Karen, Jess

Episode 4: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Strife"

Last time on Survivor...Hannah and John went at it after they disagreed over the decision to vote out Glenn. On Drakaka, Louis was growing tired of Paul and Otto's antics. Adam, who was distraught over losing his friend Glenn, joined up with Paul and Otto and found new companions. Otto found the idol with Paul, who hatched the devious idea of creating a fake idol to give to Louis, who completely bought it as real. Over at Ahay, Hannah grew concerned over Adam's prolonged absence, causing Adam to fear Hannah was targeting him. Rounding up Lex and Chong, they threw the challenge, giving Drakaka their second immunity win. Hannah was suspicious over Lex's performance in the challenge and told Karen and Jess that she wanted her gone. Adam brought John and Kristie on board, convinving them that Hannah was both irresponsible and controlling. Despite arguing that Lex was a liability to the tribe, Hannah ended up being completely blindsided. 15 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Jess placed her torch down on the tree she dubbed the "Tribal Tree", then sighed, turning to Karen. "What happened tonight? That was so weird!", she said to Karen.

"I know!", Karen replied "At the same time, Hannah might not have been lying when she said Lex was up to something. Whole thing didn't seem totally organic."

(CONF) "I have to say I don't get surprised very easily", said Karen. "I have pretty sharp intuition and I've been able to spot most events in my life far before they occurred. But this...I just need to piece together what just occurred!"

To determine her theory, Karen approached Lex. "Lex, what exactly were you doing last night? Because if you were pulling any tricks, you can't keep doing this forever!"

Lex was startled by Karen's presence, then stammered a bit.

"Look, it's hard to explain! But if you were there, you'd get it! Hannah said some stuff, ask someone else!", Lex exclaimed.

(CONF) "Karen ran over to me after we got back from tribal council and she was like 'What were you doing?! You can't pull tricks like this for long!'" said Lex "I would explain it to her, but I'm just tongue tied right now, it was such a stressful night! Besides, with the motion I made to the camera with my tongue, it's to be understood!"

Karen turned back to Jess. "Lex wouldn't tell me anything. She claimed I wouldn't understand or something like that.", said Karen.

"That's unbelievable!", yelled Jess. "Does she really think I'm going to just accept that?!"

(CONF) "Tribal Council tonight certainly surprised me!", Jess exclaimed. "After Lex completely fumbled and bumbled in the immunity challenge yesterday, it seemed obvious that the tribe would vote her out. At the same time, obvious can be a very insidious word. I know that Chong is Lex's best friend here, so maybe he knows what's up."

Chong was about to meditate near the ocean when he noticed Jess approach him. "Oh, hi Jess.", he greeted her. "What's up?"

Jess was not in the mood for friendly conversation, so she replied curtly. "Look Chong, I want to know what happened at Tribal Council! Don't tell me that you don't know, you spend almost all your time with Lex!"

(CONF) "Jess had a bullshit meter that was beeping madly, sorta like a UFO!", Chong exclaimed. "Not only will she never believe me if I tell her I had no idea what went down last night, but I just will feel really ugly keeping this secret."

"Look, I need to be honest with you.", Chong said to her. "Lex, Adam and I threw the challenge yesterday. I didn't want to, in fact, I was shocked when Lex told me about the idea, but Adam told me that Hannah said something really cryptic and weird about her being uncomfortable with him being gone for so long. He said that she thought he was talking to people on the other tribe and she saw that as him being a traitor. So basically, she was after his head and I couldn't let that happen. Understand?"

Jess listened to Chong as he explained the entire situation, nodding after he made each point. "I see", she replied. "But what about me and Karen? We're the only ones who didn't vote for Hannah, so how can I know that you're not going to vote for us next?"

Chong heard her concerns and admittedly could understand where she was coming from. Usually on Survivor, voting outside of the majority meant that whoever was on the opposite end and survived that vote would be out next. But he knew in his heart that wasn't the case and he was going to make that clear to her.

"I don't want you out next", Chong reassured her. "You only voted in the minority because you happened not to see why we voted for Hannah. If anything, I really wouldn't mind getting out John next. I think he's strong for sure and has good intentions, but he picks fights with everyone when they aren't doing things exactly as he says and that's causing problems, you know?"

Jess nodded again. "So does that mean me and Karen are on your side, you'll vote with us and we're not going to be out next if we lose the next challenge?", she inquired.

Chong moved his head up and down to affirm his promise. "Yep, you're with us.", he said. "But I must warn you! Lex is a nice girl and all, but her taste in the Beatles is questionable! She prefers Yellow Submarine over For the Benefit of Mr. Kite", he said jokingly, chuckling.

Jess responded with laughter of her own. "Sounds like a crazy character! But thanks again!", she said as she walked off.

Adam heard the commotion and walked over to Chong. "Hey, what just happened here?", he asked him.

"Oh, I had to spill the beans to Jess", he sighed. "But hear me out. Jess and Karen were onto me like the Feds. If I lied to them, they probably would have been mad at me, maybe even looked for an idol and tried to go after me or you. Once I told them the truth, they said they were willing to work with us, so we have some new partners-in-crime, so to speak."

Adam was initially shocked, but once he heard Chong's explanation, he calmed down. "I see, I see. Well, it is good that they want to vote with us. But who would we target next? I know John is annoying me a little bit. I swear, it's possible to fight with him over nothing!"

"You just read my mind, my friend.", Chong replied to Adam. "I was thinking the exact same thing. All of us are getting a little bugged by him, so if we lose next, I think he'll be a suitable target. He makes everything go negative and that's just not good for us!"

"Very good points Chong, very good points!", Adam noted.

(CONF) "Telling Jess and Karen that we threw the challenge seemed like the most INSANE decision in the world at first", said Adam. "But Chong phrased it so that it made total sense. Besides, he's right that John's kinda been a thorn in everyone's side and that'll give me the perfect excuse to get ahead in this game! Less competition in the merge too!"

The next morning, all seemed to be well on Drakaka. Otto and Paul were discussing the principles of game theory in relation to Team Fortress 2, Chris was exploring the marsh behind camp and Ernest was preparing to go for a daily fishing trip. "Time to catch some big ones.", he said to himself.

(CONF) "Life's been pretty good over on our turf", said Ernest. "Ah've been safe cause we won dem' challenges back to back. Ah still wonder about Louis, but ah I feel at this rate, there ain't as much to worry about!"

As Ernest headed into the water, he noticed Chris approaching him. "Wait up for me!", he yelled as he ran after him with a spear.

(CONF) "Being on the tribe that wins more's been great!", said Chris. "Me and Ernest have been fishing buddies and now with all the spices and peppers and stuff we got, I think we're going to be eating like royalty for a while!"

"I think if we swim a little bit further out, we should be able to get some bigger ones", Chris suggested to Ernest.

"Alright, ah could do that", Ernest replied. The two swam somewhat farther out from camp, then dove underwater. Chris could see a large green fish swimming underneath him and alerted Ernest. "Hey, we need to get that this big one!", he cried out. Ernest, once being alerted, dove underwater and stabbed at the fish in question. It felt rather heavy, as he had to tug it out slowly. "Wow, this one's mighty fine!", Ernest yelled out. "We're gonna be eatin' for days and days!"

(CONF) "That fish we got, Ah haven't seen anything like it before!", Ernest emphasized. "In West Virginia, ah fish all the time and ah ain't seen nothin' THAT big! Heck, largest Ah see are dem' catfish just floating around! Ah hope the tribe's happy with this!"

As the two walked back to camp triumphantly, Emma and Layla gasped at the size of the fish. "Wow, that's huge!", said Layla. She could hardly believe her eyes, feeling as if she had to touch the fish to determine if it was real or not.

(CONF) "While we were at camp, Ernest and Chris came back with this HUMONGOUS fish!", said Layla. "I haven't fished before in my life, so maybe I don't know, but this is just record breaking! I can't wait to try it!"

Layla and Emma began chowing down on the fish as Louis watched in the shadows. There was a clear look of disgruntlement on his face as he sneered at Ernest's gesture.

(CONF) "Ernest came back from his little fishing trip today, acting like he's the savior of the world!", said Louis. "I don't care if he fishes out the entire Pacific Ocean, I've sensed that he's disliked me from the start and I need to stop that."

As Ernest placed his fishing gear down, Louis turned to him. "You and have to talk!", he demanded. Ernest clearly was not as compliant as he hoped, however.

"Why should Ah talk to you?!" Ernest yelled out. "You voted out Amy! You know how much ah liked her?!" Louis knew this was going to be difficult, but he was prepared.

"Look, I understand how upset you were, but I want to make a peace offering, so to speak.", he said. "I'll keep you around as long as you don't vote for me." Ernest paused for a moment, unsure what to think.

"Ah suppose if ya ain't gonna stab mah back, ah could do what ya say.", Ernest told him. "But ya promise not to play any of dem' tricks?"

Louis nodded. "Promise." Ernest seemed satisfied with this answer, walking off like a child in a candy store.

(CONF) "Ah don't really see eye to eye with Louis", said Ernest. "But he said he ain't gonna write mah name down, so that must be good! Ah guess ah can trust him!"

Once he was out of sight, Louis snickered to himself.

(CONF) "I never, EVER will actually align with Ernest", said Louis. "Not only do I find him annoying, but I only told him I wouldn't vote for him so he wouldn't play any tricks. While I do have an idol, I don't want him to round up the others and force me to use it, so this is just a bullshit tactic to shut him up!"

As Ernest walked off, Paul and Otto noticed Louis had been nearby him. With that, the two collectively groaned.

"What do you think it was this time?" Paul asked Otto.

"With Louis, it could be anything, being frank.", Otto replied "I think that 3/4ths of all arguments with him involve talking to someone other than him, so it's probably that."

(CONF) "Otto and I both agree that Louis has been SERIOUSLY irritating lately!", said Paul. "Not that he never is, it's sorta like saying that Vegeta is being irritable lately, but I just wonder what he's going to pick a fight over next!"

"Hey, didn't Adam say we could stop by his camp any time?" Paul asked to Otto.

"Actually, yeah he did!", Otto replied. "Also, that's where the Chong guy lives! Maybe we could introduce ourselves!" The two headed off to Ahay's camp, happy to break free of Louis once again.

(CONF) "Adam told us a few days ago that he wanted to keep seeing us", said Otto. "And honestly, I'd much rather spend time with him than with Louis! He's a little bit flaky and cocky, but at least he knows how to have fun! Besides, his friend Chong or what's his name sounds like he's a little bit fun himself! I would complain about Louis' behavior, but I've learned from my mother that one must always look on the bright side of strife!"

Adam was lounging in his shelter while he noticed two shadowy figures approaching. Chong gazed ahead as well, until Adam soon yelped out in excitement, upon realizing who the figures were. "Alright! Paul, Otto!" Adam yelled out happily. He ran over to his new friends and the two greeted him with open arms. "Who're they?" Chong asked.

(CONF) "The day had been pretty boring so far", said Adam. "So when I saw Otto and Paul following up on my invitation to come back, I was DEFINITELY on cloud nine! When they meet Chong, that's just gonna be the icing on the cake!"

Adam guided the two to Chong, who smiled as he waved. "Hi, I'm Chong! He's a movie hippie for you young kids!", he said jokingly.

"I'm Paul!", Paul greeted Chong. "He's a name from the 15th century in England for YOU young kids!" Chong chuckled at his joke, with Otto then responding. "And I'm Otto and he is just...Otto." The four of them laughed as they walked down the beach, ready to have a blast.

(CONF) "I was really, really stoked to meet Paul and Otto!", Chong recounted. "Apparently these are the people from the other tribe Adam was talking to before the whole Hannah fiasco went down and frankly, I think that it was worth it to meet them! So much energy, so much zest, oh I know I'm gonna like these guys!"

The four laid side by side on the side, gazing at the sky as they swapped stories related to drug use. Chong, given his age and obvious youth in the sixties, went first.

"So, before the Nixon administration, it was REALLY easy to get pot!". Chong began. "You literally just had to go up to a guy and he'd tell you about this guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy! In a day, you had a truck of the stuff! Me and my friends, I think it was around 1968 or 69', I can't remember the year, we drove all the way to Oregon in his camper van and we just decided to camp out in the woods! We were smoking, huffing and totally inhaling the stuff! By nightime, we were three quarters done with it! Then when we were trying to sleep, we saw these GIANT saucers, I mean HUUUUGE ones! I was pissing my pants in fear, ya know, not used to seeing those things! Me and my buddies, we ran back into our van and stayed in it all night! I've told my friends, I've told my family, my wife and my daughters and they all think I'm crazy! But I'm telling you, it happened! The government may claim that you're nuts or that you're an enemy, but aliens exist, trust me!" Paul, Otto and Adam felt it was legally and scientifically impossible not to laugh. Otto was howling so hard with laughter that he needed Adam and Paul to slap him simultaneously to stop. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but damn, I wish I had a story like that to tell!", Otto exclaimed. "My high stories are pretty much just me in college in my dorm with some friends, nothing special."

(CONF) "It's really strange that a 34 year old statistics professor from Sweden, a 22 year old entrepreneur, a 27 year old boat mechanic from Maine and a 66 year old ex-hippie and health food store owner are friends!", said Otto. "I know the purpose of this show is that you meet people from different walks of life, but this was EPIC! Chong has a story for every occasion and I don't think I could EVER get tired of hearing them! If you ask me, I'd like to live here instead please!"

As the four continued to tell tales to one another, Lex passed by, noticing they were laying down next to one another.

"Hey Chong, what's going on here? Who are the new people?", Lex asked curiously.

Chong enthusiastically introduced her to the Drakaka drop-ins. "Oh, glad you asked!", Chong exclaimed "These are Otto and Paul! Adam apparently met them a few days ago."

"Hey", the two of them said together. "Great place you got here, way better than ours!"

"I didn't think much of our camp, really!", Lex said. "Thanks!"

Chong seemed confused. "Lex, don't you know the etiquette for guests?", he said, smirking at her.

"Oh yeah, that!", she exclaimed. "Luckily for you guys, I happen to be a world class air guitarist! Since you're guests, I'm going to play a request. What do you wanna hear?"

Paul seemed amused by Lex's antics and decided to play along with her.

"Do you have any songs about people who think they know something, but really have no self-awareness whatsoever?", he asked with a smirk.

"You bet I do!", Lex exclaimed. Clearing her throat, she began the 'show'. "Ladies in gentlemen, I present to you, 'In Bloom'!" Lex whipped out her state-of-the-art air guitar and began strumming along wildly. "Sell the kids for food! Nature changes moods! Spring is here again! Reproductive glands!". As she arrived at the chorus, her playing grew more frenetic. Otto and Paul began to jam out themselves as they listened.

"AHHHH, HE'S THE ONE WHO LIKES ALL OUR PRETTY SONGS AND HE LIKES TO SING ALONG AND HE LIKES TO SHOOT HIS GUN, BUT HE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS, DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS WHEN I SAY YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!". Obliterating the instrument into pieces, Lex bowed for her audience. "Thank you, thank you! What an active crowd!" Otto and Paul were thoroughly pleased.

(CONF) "I had no idea Adam had friends from the other tribe!" Lex yelped out with joy. "But of course I'm THRILLED about that! They seem like a really great bunch and maybe they'll be willing to work with us in the future for votes. Who knows?"

Before the two could request more sings that "honored" their "beloved" boss, the devil had spoken as Louis called out for Otto and Paul. "Otto, Paul, we need to talk! Come back here and stop fooling around!", he yelled out.

Otto sighed before he turned to Adam, Lex and Chong. "That's our 'boss'", he said using air quotes to emphasize. "We'll be back another time, though", he promised.

"So long!", the three waved goobye. Louis looked rather impatient as Otto and Paul grinned to him like morons.

"Again, I'm not going to ask what the smiles are about, becase there's no time for that", Louis started. "We need to talk business and I mean long term business."

"Business about what?" Paul asked curiously.

"Well, we need to discuss the pecking order.", Louis started. "I've been watching Ernest lately and I don't think he can stay much longer."

"Why is that?" Otto asked. "Doesn't Layla seem a little bit weaker than him?"

"Yes, but the problem is that Earnest has more awareness of what we're up to, he's catching on, if you know what I mean. That's just not okay." Louis explained.

(CONF) "Louis pulled us aside just now to tell us about what he considered important things", said Paul. "Apparently him and Ernest don't get along and he thinks that if he gets any further, he's going to be dangerous. Me personally, I think Layla would be better to take out right now, but trying to persuade Louis is like trying to drive your car with your teeth."

"Alright, so what should we do if we lose the next challenge?", Otto asked Louis.

"Simple, he's going to go. If we leave him here for a second more, he's going to ruin everything", said Louis. Just as the three prepared to head off in different directions, Ernest crept down into the bush he was spying from, completely aghast.

(CONF) "When ah was out collecting firewood, ah heard Louis chattin' to Paul and Otto and ah wondered if maybe they were in some type of alliance.", said Ernest. "And when ah kept listening, Louis said 'Let's get Ernest next!' and ah couldn't believe it! Does Louis think ah'm a fool?! If he does, ah ain't gonna just lie down taking this!"

Louis noticed Ernest charging toward him and turned around to face him. He had a feeling that he inadvertently overheard and was ready to take him head on. "Oh, hi Ernest!", Louis addressed Ernest. "How can I help?" He was hoping he was wrong and this was just another spiel of Ernest's about catching fish or something like that.

"WHAT THE F*CK DO YOU THINK THIS IS?!", screamed Ernest. "AH THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL! WHAT DO YA CALL THAT HORSESHIT WITH PAUL AND OTTO?!" Paul and Otto feared the direction this was going in, so they scooted away as quietly as possible.

Louis was forced to be put on the defensive and he tried to deny the entire situation.

"Ernest, what exactly are you talking about?", Louis said nervously. "...Paul and Otto are your new allies, I was just telling them you're in...ya know?"

(CONF) "Ernest charged at me like a bull just now and I was NOT expecting it!", said Louis. "It seems like he caught onto the fact that he's not actually in my alliance and he thinks there's going to be hell to pay! But if I'm the God of this camp, then he's an apostle and we know what happened to apostles!"


Figuring he had enough of the tribe wrapped around his finger anyway, Louis confirmed his suspicions.

"You know what? You're NOT in my alliance!", Louis confirmed to him. "I told you that just to keep you quiet, but seeing as your only friend here is Chris, it's not like you were ever going to find out!" Ernest's face turned to a look a disgust as he eyed daggers at Louis, walking off.

(CONF) "Louis told me what ah thought he was thinkin'!" exclaimed Ernest. "Ah knew he ain't ever was gonna let me in and he just confirmed it for sure! Ah don't care what the tribe thinks of me anymore, ah don't care about the money or any of that. If ah have it mah my, Ah'm gonna show em' the kinda liar and traitor he is!"

Once Ernest left the scene, Louis felt like he was forced to alter his plans.

(CONF) "I felt that I had to tell Ernest about him not being part of the pact, so that I could get him off my back.", said Louis. "If he doesn't have the numbers, what's the harm in it? All I need to do now is discuss a counter-attack with Paul, Otto, Emma and Christine, though. After what Ernest did, letting him stay here a day more would destroy my game!"

Louis found Otto and Paul chilling near the ocean. "You two, we need to speak again", Louis ordered them.

"What is it?", Otto asked.

"Tell Emma and Christine to come here. We need to discuss alliance business more.", Louis told him.

"Alright", Paul said as the two headed off to get them.

(CONF) "Louis called for us again just now and he said we had to talk more about the alliance", said Otto. "I wonder if this had anything to do with Ernest, because I could hear this loud, bellowing Southern accent just before."

Emma and Christine followed Paul and Otto back to where Louis was standing.

"What's going on?" Christine asked.

"That's what I will explain to you!", said Louis. "Unfortunately, Ernest found out that he's not really in our alliance and he flipped his lid. I'm worried that he could try to tell the others about me and maybe the other tribe too. If we don't want him to form a group against us...I think we should throw today's challenge."

Emma and Christine gave unsure looks regarding the idea.

(CONF) "Louis had called for us regarding an offer to throw the next challenge", said Emma. "I'm not sure that's really prudent, particularly if Ernest has the immunity idol."

"Wait, Louis. How do you know Ernest doesn't have the idol?" Emma asked curiously.

"Very simple answer Emma!", he exclaimed to her. "That's because I have it!" Christine and Emma looked utterly shocked, while Paul and Otto exchanged snickering glances to each other.

"Really?", Christine asked him. "Can you prove it?"

Louis nodded and headed off to his duffel bag. He then returned with a wooden trinket with a beady face attached to a string. "Yup. I got it a few days ago! Does that calm your fears about Ernest having the idol?"

"Yes!", Emma said to him.

(CONF) "Louis revealed that he apparently found the idol a few days ago to prove to us that Ernest didn't have it.", said Christine. "I'm really, really relieved that he did that, because when you're dealing with someone as angry and unhinged as Ernest seems to be now, you can't have much uncertainty around you!"

"With that established, what are your thoughts on throwing now?", Louis asked the four.

"Hmmm...I think you have everything lined up, so I'm willing to be involved", said Emma.

"Yeah, everything seems organized, peas in pod, ducks in row.", Otto agreed.

"Then consider it done! At tomorrow's challenge, that immunity idol will be Ahay's!", Louis exclaimed.

(CONF) "Louis just told me that because Ernest got told he wasn't part of our alliance, we have to throw the challenge tomorrow!", said Paul. "Ahay did something pretty weird themselves last challenge, so does this mean there will be back-to-back immunity challenges thrown?! I don't think that's ever happened before!"

"Do you think we should tell Adam?" Paul asked Otto.

"Hmmm...I guess so.", Otto replied. "He'll be pretty psyched his tribe gets a guaranteed win!"

The two then headed off to Ahay's camp once more, greeting Adam, who was resting in the shelter.

(CONF) "It's really, really crazy we're actually doing this!", exclaimed Otto. "If Lex actually did throw the challenge last round....this is SO statistically improbable! I would make some quip about how it's as unlikely as there being 5 returnee seasons in a row, but I could probably actually expect that by now!"

Adam noticed his friends returning and greeted them excitedly. "Welcome back!", he exclaimed.

"Yo Adam! We have some good news for you!", said Paul.

"What is it? Do I win the lottery? Marry someone famous? Get a cheesesteak?", he asked with snark dripping down his voice.

Paul and Otto were amused by his smart-ass answers.

"Even better!", Otto exclaimed. In the best game show host voice he could muster, he replied. "Your prize is one free challenge wiiiin!", Otto 'announced'.

"Wait, you mean you guys are gonna throw it tomorrow?!", Adam asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, we planned it out with Louis", said Paul. "There's this guy on our tribe named Ernest who doesn't vote with us and who Louis doesn't like. Threat to his power, you know the drill."

"Wow, that's sick!", Adam exclaimed excitedly. "I guess you're doing what me, Chong and Lex did!"

"I thought you were the one to do that!", Otto told him.

"Well you'd be right!", Adam replied.

(CONF) "I'm really, really happy that Otto and Paul are gonna throw that challenge tomorrow!", exclaimed Adam. "Apparently things are bad over there with Louis and whatever the other guy's name is, but I don't care about that! I just am happy I'm going to get a tribal free night, probably some kick ass reward and a good night's rest! I really owe those guys."

"I'm going to tell Chong and Lex!", he told the two. He approached them as they were in the middle of a meditation session, tapping Lex on the shoulders. "Hey you two, good news!", Adam exclaimed.

"Did I get my weed stash?", Chong joked. Lex then playfully punched him on the shoulder for that,

"Nope!", Adam said. "Paul and Otto are going to be doing a little tit for tat, a little repeat of what happened last challenge if you know what I mean!"

"So, they're gonna throw the challenge?!", Lex asked in disbelief.

"Precisely", Paul confirmed. "We need to get rid of some people against us, fights broke out, you get the idea."

"Well, thanks!", exclaimed Lex.

(CONF) "I wonder if it's some type of virus to be throwing challenges like this I did", said Lex. "First me, Chong and Adam did it, now Paul, Otto and their leader, whatever his name is, they're throwing it too! I definitely didn't expect this, but it makes me like Otto and Paul that much more!"

(CONF) "I don't have any sons, only daughters, so Paul and Otto definitely fill that role in a sense", said Chong. "They both kinda remind me of myself when I was their age, which is really cool! Happy they're doing us a favor like this, I could see them coming back to this beach a lot more often!"

The sun soon began to set in the sky, deep crimson hues annihilating the vibrant blue. Paul and Ottoo took quick notice and turned to Adam, Chong and Lex.

"Well guys, we need to get going", said Otto. "See you tomorrow!"

"Yeah, catch ya later!", said Paul. The three waved goodbye to them as they headed back to camp.

(CONF) "Since I'm technically some type of villain sidekick right now, I probably should think of intricate, complex codenames for missions and shiz", said Paul. "For tomorrow...does Operation D.O.U.B.L.E T.H.R.O.W work?"

The night sky formed once again as the two tribes nodded off to sleep. Night came and went quicker than a cheetah with super-speed, as the cloudy, hazy sky rose. Emma found the tree-mail note in the "challenge tree", then alerted the tribe. "Tree mail!", she exclaimed. The others huddled by her as she read the note.

"Today you will not have your eyes, your vision will be blinded. To get the pieces, you will need someone to get you guided.", Emma read. "Sounds like some sort of blindfolded challenge."

(CONF) "Ah'm really hoping we can win this today!", said Ernest "We've been kicking the other tribe's butts and ah want that to continue! Louis excluded me from his lil' group and ah' ain't gonna do nothing for him anymore, ah ain't gonna work with him, none of that! So let's go in and win!"

The two tribes arrived to the challenge scene. Scattered puzzle pieces could be seen across the field, both green and purple, which denoted Drakaka and Ahay respectively. Probst called for the two tribes to come in.

"Come on in guys! Drakaka, getting your first look at the new Ahay tribe! Hannah voted out at the last tribal council!" Drakaka and Ahay stood on their respective mats as they waited for Jeff to explain the challenge. "Drakaka, I'm going to need immunity back please." Christine handed Probst the idol as he placed it back on the stool. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs.", said Jeff. "Ready to get to today's challenge?" Everyone nodded. "For today's challenge, one member from each tribe will sit on a perch shouting orders to all other tribe members. They will be blindfolded. The tribe caller will need to guide their tribe members to scattered puzzle pieces all around the field. After all pieces have been recovered, you will take off your blindfolds and assemble the cubical puzzle. First tribe to finish their puzzle wins immunity. In addition, you're playing for reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?", Jeff asked. Once again, everyone nodded, so Probst explained. "The winning tribe will receive pillows, blankets and plushies! So if it rains any time soon out here, you will be protected. Drakaka, you have one extra member, so you'll need to sit someone out. Who's it gonna be?" Christine raised her hand, offering to sit out the challenge. "I'll do it Jeff.", she said. "Alright, get to the bench. Who's going to be the caller for Drakaka?" Louis raised his hand. "Alright and for Ahay?" Karen raised her hand. "Everyone else is going to be blindfolded. I'll give you a moment to strategize."

Louis and Karen climbed up to their respective perches, ready to give orders. "For immunity and rewards. Survivors ready? GO!", Jeff yelled.

Quick to put his scheme into motion, Louis began by giving blatantly incorrect information to Ernest's. "ERNIE! MOVE LEFT, KEEP GOING LEFT!", he yelled. The piece in question was really to Ernest's right, but since Ernest was blindfolded, he couldn't see. Ernest bumped into a tree, visibly wincing. "Ow, damn!", he shouted. "WAIT, MOVE BACK A LITTLE!", Louis yelled. Ernest proceeded to do just that. "NOW MOVE LEFT AGAIN, JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE, YOU'LL FEEL IT!", Louis shouted again. Ernest complied and once again hit the tree, with Louis unable to contain his laughter.

"Ernest is WAY OFF THE MARK for Drakaka!" Probst shouted.

Meanwhile, Karen was giving much more accurate instructions. "KRISTIE, KEEP WALKING STRAIGHT! BE CAREFUL, THERE'S A LOG IN FRONT OF YOU!", Karen warned.. Kristie tried to walk over the log, but tripped and fell into a mud puddle. "GET UP AND KEEP WALKING STRAIGHT!", Karen shouted. Kristie eventually found the piece. "GOOD, NOW TURN AROUND AND WALK BACK SLOWLY!", hollered Karen.

"Ahay is making quick work of this puzzle, Drakaka needs to pick up the pace!", Probst yelled. As this occured, Louis continued to give inaccurate instructions. "PAUL, WALK BACKWARDS, WAY BACK!", Louis shouted. Paul careened into Louis' tower, yelping.

"Paul takes a hard hit for Drakaka, they are a MESS in this challenge!". Karen then directed Jess to a piece near Otto. "JESS, WALK SLOWLY, OTTO'S NEAR YOU! PICK UP THE PIECE HE'S RIGHT NEXT TO!". Jess accidentally touched Otto's hand at first. "Sorry!", she apologized. She then grabbed the piece once realizing her mistake, then headed back.

"Ahay has 3/4ths of their pieces, they're almost ready to build!", shouted Jeff. Drakaka on the other hand, had only recovered a few pieces at that point. Louis didn't want the ruse to be completely obvious, so he gave Otto accurate instructions. "OTTO, CLAMP ONTO THE PIECE TO YOUR RIGHT!", Louis yelled. Otto went in that direction then found the piece in question, walking back to the matt.

"Drakaka is WAY behind Ahay, Ahay is bringing back its final pieces!", yelled Jeff.

"CHONG, BEHIND YOU! TURN AROUND CHONG!", Karen yelled. Chong listened to Karen and grabbed the piece in question, then returning to the matt.

"Ahay has all their pieces, they can take off their blindfolds and get working! Drakaka has BARELY made progress!", yelled Jeff.

Karen jumped down from her perch and the other members of Ahay took off their blindfolds. Her and Jess began directing the others to put the pieces into place, slowly making progress. Finally, Paul returned with Drakaka's final piece.

"Drakaka FINALLY gets their pieces, they can get working, take off your blindfolds!", yelled Jeff. Louis hopped down from the perch and tried to kick one of the pieces away, so that it'd be impossible to finish the puzzle. He took a piece and put it in the intentionally wrong place as Ernest gave him a glare. Karen had been making substantial progress with Ahay, with them halfway done with the puzzle.

"Ahay is KILLING it in this challenge, KILLING it!", Jeff yelled. "Drakaka will need a miracle if they want any chance of winning!". As he said those very words, Ahay placed their final piece in. "Jeff, I'm pretty sure about this, but are we right?", Karen asked him.

Jeff took one quick glance at the cube puzzle and smiled. "You're right! AHAY WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!". All of Ahay ran over to Jeff excitedly to claim their immunity and blankets. "Woohoo!", Adam shouted.

"Ahay, nice job at winning immunity. Your blankets are back at camp, enjoy the night off.", said Jeff. "Drakaka, I've got nothing for you. You have a date with me at tribal council tonight, so grab your stuff and head back to camp." The two tribes then began to head back, Ahay waving their arms triumphantly as Drakaka marched back in despair.

(CONF) "It was another puzzle today and like last time, I utterly annihilated it!", Karen proclaimed happily. "We hadn't won immunity back-to-back, so I was naturally becoming a little apprehensive and anxious, but like most AIs when you're down on you're luck, we were handed every power up known to man! She-yah!"

Back at Ahay, spirits were high after the tribe finally won immunity once more. "This is lit!", Adam shouted as he laid down the tribe's blankets and pillows.

(CONF) "Part of me was wondering if Otto and Paul were joking", said Adam. "It didn't seem to make sense that BOTH tribes would throw challenges in a row. But they came through and that only proves that I can trust them! Paul and Otto will not only be attending me, Chong and Lex's beach concerts, but they'll also be voting with us, that's for sure!"

John placed the tribe flag down and smiled at the immunity idol. "Once more, we kicked ***!".

(CONF) "For a while, I didn't know where we'd be going!", John shouted. "We lost two immunities and we just seemed to be getting softer and softer by the minute! But we showed them today! I thought I personally should have been the one giving orders, as I know what I'm doing, but Karen, I must admit, she actually was good at something!"

Jess laughed a little bit at John's enthusiasm over their victory. "Yeah, we really showed them!"

(CONF) "We finally won immunity again", said Jess. "I know that the last challenge was thrown by us, but something seemed like it wasn't going the way it should have been for Drakaka. I wonder if they threw the challenge, but the odds of that happening with tribes back to back seems unlikely. Though on this show anything happens, so I guess nothing is really tinfoil hat territory!"

At Drakaka, the tribe was scrambling among the beach, preparing for tribal council. Ernest sighed as put his hat down, panting.

(CONF) "Ah don't think Louis was really trying at that challenge today!", said Ernest. "Him and his group probably think this is some type of joke and they can just do what they want, but if I go down, I ain't doing it without a fight!"

As Louis stretched his arms, he smirked to himself in triumph. "Too easy!", he exclaimed.

(CONF) "The plan went perfectly today!", exclaimed Louis. "Not only did I completely humiliate Ernest like he was Elmer Fudd and I was Bugs Bunny, but now he doesn't have his precious immunity, so I'm sending his coal mining butt back to West Virginia! If anyone has proof I'm not a god by now, I REALLY want to see it!"

Ernest went to wash up in the ocean when he saw Chris. "We need to talk", Ernest approached him.

"What's up?", Chris asked.

"We gotta get Layla and we need to fight like hell at tribal council and tell everyone to vote out Louis!", exclaimed Ernest. "Ah don't think he was really trying at the challenge today and ah think it's cause he wants our heads on a stick!"

(CONF) "Ernest told me that apparently Louis threw the challenge today", said Chris. "I sorta can buy that, since he has an alliance with most of the Drakaka members. I know I voted with him at the first tribal council, but his behavior's been sorta upsetting me, so I'm not sure I'm so keen on voting with him this round!"

"I see, I see", said Chris. "If you want me to be honest, I did vote with Louis initially, but I just can't STAND him anymore! He acts like he's a King and we're peasants, if you get what I mean."

"Yeah, ah feel ya,", Ernest replied. "He ain't the kinda guy I deal with back at home."

(CONF) "Ah did appreciate Chris being honest with me", said Ernest. "Ah've seen him as a friend and him being upfront with me, it makes me trust him even more! We didn't always do things together, didn't always see eye to eye on the vote, but Ah know that tonight, we ain't gonna take none of Louis' lies and we ain't gonna let the world not know he's a dirty liar!"

The two then approached Layla, who was walking along the shore. "Listen", said Ernest. "I want ya to promise me you'll vouch for me with Chris tonight! Louis can't stay here!"

Layla took in what he said and replied. "I'm sick of Louis too! He's a huge jerk and thinks he's better than all of us, so I'll do that!"

"Thanks", said Earnest.

(CONF) "I know that Ernest had some type of fight with Louis yesterday, so it makes sense they're not getting along", said Layla. "And I don't really like him or want him here, so I'm fine with fighting against him."

Paul and Otto were walking down the coast as they discussed the plan for the night.

"Alright, so we're taking out Ernest", said Otto. "I don't really think much of him, so that's fine with me."

"Yeah", replied Paul. "I don't really think about him ever."

(CONF) "We threw the challenge today to get out Ernest", said Otto. "Louis thinks he's more aware than Layla so he's who should go tonight. I'm a little bit worried about that however since Ernest is pretty good in challenges and his fish is to die for!"

"I just hope that tribal's not too intense", said Otto.

"I agree", Paul said back. "But I have an inkling it's going to be more than a bit bumpy."

(CONF) "It's been over a week since we were last at tribal, so we've kinda gotten used to not having to vote anyone out", said Paul. "Ernest and Louis had a pretty huge fight, so I wonder if they're going to try pulling anything on each other. The most likely answer is probably, so I suppose it's best to just bite the bullet and continue listening to Louis for now."

Drakaka grabbed their torches as they headed off to tribal council, the sky turning dark. After they lit their torches in the flames, they placed them in the slots behind them and sat down, with Jeff in front of them.

"Welcome back", Jeff greeted them. "Paul, how does it feel to be back at tribal council after having over a week of immunity?"

"Well, it does take some time to get used to", said Paul. "You're in this state of eternal bliss and you think you're just going to coast to the end without a care in the world and then BAM, you're sitting back here, answering your questions", Paul said as the rest of the tribe laughed. Ernest gave him a clear look of disapproval, which caught Jeff's attention.

"Ernest, you don't seem to agree with what Paul's saying. What's on your mind?"

"The thing is Jeff", Ernest started. "Ah ain't mad about losing! Ah mean, ah hate to lose, but what Ah'm made about is the fact that we didn't lose fair and square!".

"I asked this question to Ahay last tribal council and I'll ask it to you now. Are you implying that the tribe threw the challenge?"

Ernest nodded. "Damn right we did! Louis can lie out of his butt all he wants, but he KNEW what he was doing! Throwing those pieces, knocking me into that tree, there's no way, he did any of that stuff not on purpose!" Louis shot a glare at him in return.

"Louis, what do you have to say to Ernest's claim?", Probst started. "Did you throw it?"

Louis nodded himself. "I actually did Jeff. See, Ernest can claim he's an innocent hero all night, but he KNOWS that he's had his eyes on me ever since Amy got voted out! So don't tell me this was for no reason!", Louis shouted to Ernest.

"Ah targeted you because you're a lying, thieving snake!", Ernest retorted. "You lied to me, you're probably lying to Otto, Paul, Christine and Emma and you'll just keep lying to this whole island!"

"So, you feel Louis is duplicitous?", Jeff asked Ernest.

"Of course!", Ernest replied. "Ah know he's full of it and I ain't gonna keep quiet about it! Chris, Layla, remember what we promised?" Jeff then turned to Chris. "What did Ernest promise to you, Chris?"

"Well, Ernest approached me before tribal council and told me all about what Louis was doing", Chris explained. "I did vote with him during the first tribal council, but I've regretted it immensely, you know?"

"What have you regretted exactly?", Jeff asked him.

"He's just so demanding, so authoritarian, always watching us, always telling us what to do!", exclaimed Chris.

"Layla, do you agree?", Jeff asked her.

"Yes, I agree", said Layla. "Louis only wants his way and I don't want to stand for that! If you guys do, fine, but me, Ernest and Chris are not going to vote with him!"

"Otto, what will you base your vote on tonight?", Jeff asked.

"I want to vote out the person who I think is causing problems for us, who's causing the conflicts!", Otto explained.

"Well, I'll find out who that is in a moment. It is time to vote, Ernest you're up." Ernest then headed over to the voting booth and quickly scribbled Louis' name. "You're a dirty cheater", Ernest told the camera. "Your time is gonna come and there's nothing you can do about that." Louis then walked up to the booth and wrote down Ernest's name. "You challenged my reign and I'm not going to let you topple it. So seyanora." Paul, Emma, Otto, Christine, Chris and Layla then voted in order.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said. He then returned with the votes in the urn, turning to Drakaka. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now is the time to do so." No one stood up, so Jeff continued. "Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote....Ernest."

"Second vote...Louis. That's one vote Ernest, one vote Louis."

"Third vote....Louis. That's two votes Louis, one vote Ernest."

"Fourth vote.....Louis. That's three votes Louis, one vote Earnest". Earnest was hoping this would signal a bindside.

"Fifth vote....Earnest. That's two votes Earnest."

"Sixth vote....Earnest. That's three votes Earnest". Earnest then began to sigh, as he figured the inevitable was coming.

"Seven vote...Earnest. That's four votes Earnest, three votes Louis, one vote left." Louis and Earnest awaited the final vote, hoping their intentions would come true.

"Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar is...Ernest, you need to bring me our torch." Earnest sighed in defeat as he patted Chris on the back. "Go get him!", he then grabbed his torch and placed it down for Jeff to snuff. "Earnest, the tribe has spoken", he said as he snuffed Earnest's torch. "It's time for you to go." Earnest then walked out, but not before telling Louis. "Remember, your time is gonna come!". Louis was satisfied to get rid of his nemesis, smiling to Otto and Paul.

"Hopefully tonight's vote addressed some problems in the tribe.", said Jeff. "Grab your torches, head back to camp, goodnight." With that, Drakaka headed out of tribal council as the moon shone brightly.

Earnest's Final Words: "Ah of course wanted to go much father, but Ah'm not gonna complain. Ah didn't give into Louis, Ah didn't do anything he told me to. Ah have a lot of faith in Chris and Layla and Ah wish them the best. Louis can only be in charge for so much longer."


Ernest: Louis, Paul, Otto, Christine, Emma

Louis: Ernest, Layla, Chris

Episode 5: "It's Like He Wants to Lose This Game!"

Last time on Survivor...Jess and Karen were left on the bottom after Hannah was blindsided. But after Adam and Chong explained the situation for them, they were integrated into the pack. At Drakaka, Ernest continued to provide, in the hope that the tribe would appreciate his efforts. Louis told Ernest that he would keep him around, but this was only a ruse. Rounding up Paul, Otto, Emma and Christine, he explained that Ernest was actually to go next and that he was fooling him, leading to a heated confrontation between Ernest and Louis. Louis decided that in order to ensure Ernest would be gone next, Drakaka would throw the challenge. Otto and Paul told Adam of the plan, earning his trust. At the immunity challenge, Drakaka was led into disaster by Louis, while Karen rallied Ahay to a decisive victory. Earnest was not willing to go down without a fight and rounded up Chris and Layla to fight against Louis at Tribal Council. Despite their best efforts, the majority sided with Louis and Earnest was voted out. 14 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Drakaka laid their torches onto the tree beside them as they walked off in different directions. Chris was especially disappointed to see his only close friend be voted out.

(CONF) "I was really, really bummed to see Ernest go.", said Chris. "He was sorta like my brother out here. We fished together, avoided the person in charge together, we FOUGHT against the person in charge together. And now with him gone and Louis still here, I'm kinda alone and an easy target."

Chris turned to Layla, who also voted against Louis. "I wish I knew what to do", he told her.

"Yeah, me too", Layla replied. "I just feel like if we lose, we're as done as dinner."

(CONF) "Tribal Council didn't go our way...again", Layla sighed. "Louis clearly is on top and Otto, Paul, Emma and Christine are his little followers. I want to fight the power and break the alliance like Ernest tried to, but how much can we really do?"

Meanwhile, Louis, Chris, Otto, Christine and Emma were satisfied over their victory.

"He wasn't that bad of a guy, but if he was working against us, that's no good for unity", Emma said.

"Of course and that's why he had to go without question", said Louis.

(CONF) "Everything went my way at tribal council", said Louis. "Ernest tried to put up some type of 'moral crusade' against me, but only Chris and Layla were dumb enough to play along with him. Layla and Chris better hope we never lose another challenge, because the minute Ahay gets the immunity idol again, they're going to be off this beach."

"I think it's pathetic if they even try to do anything against us at this point", said Louis.

"Yeah, you're right". Otto replied.

(CONF) "Louis was really, really confident that there'd be no challenges after this point!", said Otto. "I'm not entirely sure about that, usually since most seasons have some type of twist to alter tribe dynamic at some point. Four people have been voted out, so how much longer could it really be until something happens, if it does?"

The next day at Ahay, the sun rose once more as Adam hopped out of the shelter, completely ecstatic.

(CONF) "The sleep I had last night was perfect!", Adam exclaimed. "Sure, the challenge wasn't really won fairly, but at this point, I don't really care! If yesterday was a teaser of what's to come, then I say game on!"

Jess groaned at Adam's enthusiasm, given how fast asleep she was. "To Adam's credit, he never said being allied with him would be easy.", she quipped to Karen. Karen chuckled at her friend's remark. "It's like we're Tommy Vercetti and he's Ken Rosenberg...but with better hair." Jess chuckled in return. "You sure you don't want me to tell your husband you said that?", she smirked. "Don't you dare!", Karen retorted playfully.

(CONF) "Adam was really, really energetic this morning!", remarked Jess. "I'm happy that he agreed to let us vote with him, since we're not on the bottom anymore, but damn, does this guy EVER get tired?! He makes Tony look catatonic practically!"

Adam's behavior caught the attention of John, who was once again looking for firewood.

"Why don't you help instead of goofing off all the time?", John asked Adam. "You know in the army, we'd make you wash the latrines."

(CONF) "I really don't get Adam sometimes", said John. "He's definitely a strong kid and I want him for challenges, but half his time he's off talking to somebody or just acting like a fool! Sometimes I wish I could have new people on the tribe, ones who worked!"

While Ahay continued to idle around for the most part, Kristie approached Karen with a note. "Karen, it says that someone from the tribe needs to read this.", she said as she handed it to her.

"Thanks Kristie", she said as she took the note. "Hmm...I wonder what this could mean".

(CONF) "Kristie approached with me some type of sealed note just now", said Karen. "We've voted out a few people at this point, so I'm curious if it's a twist. Usually after four people have been voted out is the latest they'll do anything major like this."

Karen slowly pried the envelope open, pulling out the note. She slowly read it aloud for her tribe to hear.

"The task for you today is to, send warriors to battle..some might help you while others possibly will simply prattle.", she followed. "Hmmm..warriors?"

(CONF) "I was a little bit suspicious about the wording", said Karen. "I know that in Africa, the swap wasn't obvious and something similar happened where three members from each tribe thought they were competing in a challenge."

Karen then turned to Jess to discuss the dilemma.

"I'm really unsure about this note", Karen told Jess. "I have a gut feeling this could be a swap and I'm not sure what to do."

Jess nodded. "May I see the note please?", she asked. Karen obliged, handing it to her. Squinting, she noticed a small statement below the message. "It says to send two women and one man. If this IS a swap, should me, you and Adam go? At least then we'll have some numbers."

(CONF) "Karen showed me the note and it seemed pretty cryptic", said Jess. "On most recent seasons the swaps are obvious, but it seems like they want to throw us for a loop. That said, we're going to do what think is most sensible and have me, Adam and Karen go over to Drakaka, if it's a swap."

"Fair points", said Karen. "I think we should tell Adam." The two turned to Adam, showing him the note. Adam slowly read it, then turned to them.

"So, you think that we're switching tribes?", Adam asked the two girls. Both of them nodded. "Yeah, this seems really Africa-esque", Karen said. "I'm not sure if you saw that season, but there was a swap on it and they gave both tribes a similarly worded message."

Adam followed along slowly. "No, I didn't see Africa", he said. "But since you did, I guess I'll listen to you and come with you two", he said as they prepared to pack up their belongings.

(CONF) "I have little to no knowledge of Survivor before Redemption Island", said Adam. "That's the season that got me hooked and if you didn't mention any of those seasons Karen and Jess know about, I would think they were made up! But it seems like they both know what they're doing, so I'll tag along. Besides, we'll still have three votes then."

Adam, Karen and Jess then walked off down the beach, waving bye to their tribemates. "If we're not back, tell Lex to stop singing Nirvana!", Jess joked as John, Lex, Chong and Kristie laughed.

Meanwhile at Drakaka, Louis had just received the note and was eyeing it carefully.

"Hmm, I feel like this is a challenge of some sort.", said Louis.

(CONF) "We got this strangely enveloped note in our tree today", said Louis. "Some might think that it's a swap or some other big twist, but the last time they ever did a swap without being so explicit was in Africa! That was 34 seasons ago! Why would they re-use something from 34 seasons ago?"

"I don't know, it could be more important than that", said Paul.

(CONF) "Louis was really, really insistent that the note we got was regarding a challenge or something like that.", said Paul. "I really think that it could be a swap, especially since they did do one like this once before. If I let him have his way, my pact with him, Otto, Christine and Emma could be up the creek and I DON'T want that to happen!"

"I think that swap or not, me, you and Otto should go", said Paul. "We'd have a better chance of winning the challenge." But any intent of the three heading to the event was squandered when Otto read an additional note at the bottom.

"Guys, it says we can only send two guys and one girl, so that means the three of us can't go. Who should?", Otto asked.

"What if it's me, Paul and Christine?", Louis suggested.

"I'm willing to do that", Christine said. "You guys ready to head off?" she asked Paul and Louis.

"Yeah", the two of them said as they left camp. "If we are switching tribes, later guys!", Paul said to Otto, Emma, Chris and Layla.

(CONF) "Louis, Paul and Christine volunteered to leave camp in compliance with this note we received", said Otto. "Louis is certain it's just a challenge, but me and Paul wonder if it's a swap. I hope Adam comes here if there is a swap, because I don't want to suddenly be on the outside looking in!"

At the midway point on the beach between Ahay and Drakaka's "camps", Jeff was standing. "Come on in guys!". He then watched as Karen, Jess and Adam stood on the Ahay mat while Louis, Paul and Christine stood on the Drakaka mat. "Want to know what I called you guys here for?" Jeff asked the six. They all nodded, awaiting his response. "Three simple words. Drop your buffs, because we're switching tribes." Louis seemed somewhat surprised by the announcement and sighed a little bit, before removing his Drakaka buff and putting a purple Ahay buff on.

(CONF) "Paul and Otto did warn me that there would possibly be a swap today", said Louis. "I really thought that this would only be a challenge, since it didn't seem likely they'd re-use a mechanism from a season 17 years ago, but apparently I've lost my superfan badge and those two just got renewed membership!"

Adam seemed happy as he slid off his purple Ahay buff and slid on his new green Drakaka buff. "Adam, you seem HAPPY to switch tribes. Why is that?", Jeff asked.

"Well Jeff", Adam started. "Let's just say I have friends on the other side!". Paul smiled at him as Adam returned the expression. "In that case, you shouldn't have any issue with this! Paul, Louis and Christine, head left, Karen, Jess and Adam, head right.", said Jeff. The six proceeded to do just that as they made it to their new homes.

(CONF) "Just as I thought, there was a swap today", said Jess. "But thankfully me and Karen decided to bring along Adam and I know that he has at last one friend on Drakaka, so we should be good."

Over at Ahay, John, Kristie, Chong and Lex began to grow antsy.

"I wonder where the three are", said Chong.

"Yeah, so do I", said Lex.

(CONF) "I know that Karen and Jess were stressing like crazy over what that envelope meant.", said Lex. "A lot of us thought maybe it could have been some unique kind of challenge, but Karen, being this mega fan of the show, thinks we might have switched some members."

Suddenly, Chong could see Paul, Louis and Christine walking toward him, then began waving his hand frantically in excitement. "Alright, Paul's here!", he called out. John shook his head amusedly at Chong's excitement.

(CONF) "We were all wondering what the heck was going on!", exclaimed John. "Some people here thought we were switching members, but it didn't seem to make sense to me! But then I saw three people from the other tribe walking to here in our tribe colors, so it turns out they were right! I'm not big on surprises and stuff like this, but maybe these'll be the hard workers I've been looking for!"

Paul, Christine and Louis greeted their new tribe mates as Chong high-fived his friend. "Welcome home!", Chong greeted him.

Paul laughed at his enthusiasm. "Thanks!"

(CONF) "Once we knew it was a swap, I just wanted to figure out who would be joining us!", said Chong. "With Adam gone, I was a little bit worried, but now that Paul's here, I think thing's are going to be pretty swell!"

As the the two friends were getting used to living together, John interrupted the good cheer to address Paul, Christine and Louis. "Alright, now that we introduced ourselves, I gotta get you up to speed on how things work around here.", said John. "Now, a lot of people here haven't been doing their part, but I think that you guys can really pitch in and make this camp great! In the morning, it's the best time to collect wood, while in the afternoon I usually try to go fishing..."

(CONF) "The minute I set foot on Ahay's beach, I'm immediately getting orders barked at me from John!", exclaimed Louis. "I guess it makes sense since the guy looks like the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, but seriously, has he seen a single episode of Survivor? It's like he wants to lose this game! I also remember what he did on the first night when he made me sleep on the sand, so he better watch his back!"

After John walked off, Chong approached Paul. "Don't worry about him, he's like that to everyone."

"Oh, well at least I know he doesn't have those beady eyes fixed on me", Paul chuckled. "By the way, I need to tell you about something important."

"What is it?" Chong asked.

"Louis is a little bit...abrasive", Paul said. "He can be hard to deal with me, but me, Otto, Christine and Emma have a pact with him right now. I'd break it off, but I'll be out faster than John can bark orders at me. So even if Louis annoys you, irritates you, disparages your hippie culture, can you promise to work with him for our sake?"

Chong took everything in word by word and nodded. "Sure, I'll stick it out.", he said in response to Paul. While he didn't like controlling people very much, he also didn't want to be taken out too early from the game either.

(CONF) "Paul sat me down and told me that even if Louis is an apparently huge pain in the ass, that I need to work with him for the alliance's sake.", said Chong. "I'm really not happy to have to kiss Louis' butt, I really don't like kissing anyone's butt for that matter, but I don't want to let down the guys, so I'm in this one!"

Over at Drakaka, Adam, Karen and Jess were quick to make their presence known. As they loomed over the horizon, Chris and Layla were quick to take notice.

"Aren't they from the other tribe?", Layla remarked.

Chris nodded. "Yeah, I wonder what exactly this is!"

(CONF) "Louis, Paul and Christine had been gone for a few hours", Chris explained. "I wonder if this is a swap, I don't know exactly what it is, but I'm hoping, PRAYING that these people will want to work with us! No one from the other tribe has approached me or Layla before this, even if they were allowed to, so I don't know!"

Any silence that was mounting was immediately broken by the bellowing of Adam.

"WILMAAAAAA, I'M HOOOOOMMEEE!", Adam shouted in reference to the spectacle he made on the first day. Immediately, Otto ran over to him happily and greeted him with literal open arms.

(CONF) "Being on the same tribe as Adam is going to be perfect!", said Otto. "Not only does this give me another number, but now I can teach him all about edgic like I'm intending to! I admit it can be a hard sell at first and his first experience with it wasn't particularly great, but I've seen crazier things!"

It seemed as if Adam had VIPs to introduce to Otto, as he beckoned for Karen and Jess, noticing that they were hearding toward the ocean. "Hey, you two, I need you to talk to Otto with me!" The two girls ran over to Adam while panting. "What's up?" Jess asked.

Adam wasted no time in explaining what this was about. "Girls, Otto. Otto, girls. We met a few days ago and we've been paling around since. But more importantly, he's another person who's willing to work with us, if you catch my drift."

Karen turned to Otto. "So, what Adam's saying is you'll work with me, Jess and him?" Karen asked.

Otto nodded cartoonishly fast. "You bet I am!", Otto responded. "And just to confirm it, I can spit shake on it. No one ever breaks a spit shake!" he said as he jokingly moved his hand to his mouth.

Jess and Karen grimaced before he could go through with the deed. "Uh, we're good, thank you.", Jess said nervously. Otto laughed. "It gets them every time!" Adam laughed at his joke.

(CONF) "This is definitely another step in the right direction", said Karen. "Otto seems friendly and since it seems like him and Adam are close, he'll definitely help us out. I'm really happy with that, not only because we have another number, but because he also seems like he'll be fun to be around."

"I'll give you a more normal shake to compensate for him.", said Adam. "He can be a little crazy sometimes, talking about something called edgic, with codes and numbers, you'll EVENTUALLY get used to him!", he joked as he shook hands with Karen and Jess to "compensate" for Otto.

(CONF) "I knew that I had to get Otto in on this once me, Karen and Jess were sent over to this camp", Adam said. "With us three guys and us two girls, we could have something pretty solid going!"

"I think I should tell Emma", said Otto. Otto then called for Emma, as she waddled out to camp. "What's going on?", she asked.

"Emma, these three are Adam, Karen and Jess", said Otto. "They're going to be working with us now." Adam, Karen and Jess waved back politely, as she smiled.

"Oh, nice to meet you!", she kindly responded. "I'm sure we're going to get along just fine!"

(CONF) "When I say members from the rival tribe at our camp, anyone could have told this was a swap!", exclaimed Emma. "But Otto seemed to be making friends from the Ahay camp, as apparently Adam, Karen and Jess are willing to work with us. I'm not going to complain, as a few extra numbers could provide some necessary security."

At Ahay, John was working feverishly. He began tearing down weeds and hurling them away from camp, then went over to the beach to remove rocks that people could accidentally slip on. Louis was lounging on the sand as he walked by.

"Can't you make yourself useful?", John asked him bluntly.

"I'm just conserving my energy for next challenge!" Louis sassed at him. John walked off in a huff.

(CONF) "One of the things I wanted out of this switcheroo hoo-ha were people who would actually help out around camp!", shouted John. "Everyone's either off chit-chatting about who knows what or sitting around like they were just slain on the battlefield! If there's one thing I don't like it's someone who doesn't help out and Louis surely is doing a good job of not helping out!"

Meanwhile, Christine decided to join in on Lex, Chong and Paul's fun.

"So you're a PROFESSIONAL air guitarist?!", Christine asked in joking disbelief.

"Been playing since I was 3!", Lex boasted. "Since you're new, I'll take a request!"

"Just don't ask her for a Nirvana song", said Chong. "She goes craaazy over them!", he chuckled.

"Can you play the Dragon Ball theme?" Paul asked, his hands in a begging puppy dog position.

"Weelllll..", Lex replied. "I don't know the lyrics, but I can supply air guitar. But if you would ever so kindly like to fill in as the singer..."

"Would I?! I've wanted to sing an air guitar rendition of Makafushigi Adventure my entire life!", Paul exclaimed. "And besides, it'd be a fitting song right now, as I'm FULL of unbridled ecstasy!"

"Perfect, I'm sure we'll make a great duo then! Maybe we can go on tour once this is done!", Lex replied. With that, she began strumming along as Paul belted out the lyrics with bravado and vigor.

"FIND THE DRAGON BALLS! LOOK OUT FOR THEM ALL! YOU CAN SEARCH AROUND THE WORLD WITH ME!", he sang passionately. "GOTTA HEED THE CALL, OF MAGIC DRAGON BALLS! WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE THIS WILL BE! YOU CAN CLIMB ON BOARD CAUSE THE NIMBUS DOESN'T WAIT! A FANTASTIC JOURNEY FOR YOUR DREAMS - A THRILLING MYSTERY!" Lex proceeded to obliterate her air guitar into pieces as Paul's triumphant ballad ended. "Come again tomorrow and every day until we're voted out!", she exclaimed. Christine was unable to contain her laughter.

(CONF) "Lex has not stopped making me laugh ever since we got here!", said Christine. "I don't know anyone else who openly professes to being a professional air guitarist of all things! She also seems likable and friendly enough, so me personally? I'm willing to vote with her."

Lex bowed happily, picking up the "roses" that were thrown to her. "Thank you, thank you, you're too kind! I'll be playing on this beach for a month if I'm lucky, so come again!"

(CONF) "Having an even bigger audience than before, I'M IN HEAVEN!", Lex exclaimed. "I know, I know, it's not THAT big, considering I play for crowds of thousands when I'm back at home, but on this island, you're lucky if a crab listens to you! And I'm not exactly the type who likes to talk to wild animals, so if these are the people who keep listening, works for me!"

As the sun began to set in the sky, Ahay decided to head in for the night. "What a long day", said Chong. "Yeah, totally", Paul said in response.

(CONF) "I'm definitely enjoying the energy at this new camp!", said Paul. "John's a bit bossy and I'm not so keen on the working myself til' death idea, but the others? They seem pretty agreeable and I definitely like Lex enough to take her under my wing! I have no idea what'll come tomorrow, but I can sense it'll be good!"

After the tribe headed in to sleep, the moon slowly moved across the sky. Eventually, as if it was magic, it vanished as the firey sun took its place.

The next morning, Paul grabbed a note out of the three. "It seems like we've got treee maail!", he announced. He then took the note out and read it out loud.

"Today with your new tribes you will, go swimming, will be dashing! But the thing it'll be the most is absolutely smashing!" he finished. "I think it's going to be that tile breaking challenge where you jump off the ledge", said Paul.

(CONF) "I definitely would like to win today", said Louis. "But if not, I'm hardly concerned. Paul seemed like he was making some new friends at camp, so I could yank them in no problem! Besides, I already have an idea of who I'd want to vote out of here anyway."

The two tribes then headed to the challenge site, as Jeff was there to greet them. "Come on in guys!" The new Drakaka and Ahay tribes placed their tribe flags into the ground, as they awaited instructions. "Ahay, I'm going to be needing that back", Jeff said as he took the immunity idol from Chong. "Ready to get to today's challenge as new tribes?" Jeff asked the group. Everyone nodded, so he proceeded with the instructions.

"For today's challenge, 6 of you are going to race out across a bridge on the water, then climb up a ladder. Once you reach the top, you are going to take a mallet and jump off the ledge. While airborne, you must smash a tile above you, then swim back with a bag attached to the tile. Once all six bags have been recovered, the remaining tribe member from each tribe will use the balls to smash 5 tiles. First tribe to smash all 5 tiles, wins immunity! Who's going to be smashing for Drakaka and Ahay?" Karen and Kristie raised their arms. "Alright, works for me." said Probst. "I'll give you a moment to strategize".

Paul and Adam stood on the beach, ready to race into the ocean. "Survivors ready? GO!", exclaimed Jeff. Paul and Adam immediately darted out into the ocean, racing across the bridges quickly. They were fairly evenly matched, but Adam was slightly ahead.

"Adam charges off without breaking a sweat for Drakaka!" Probst exclaimed. The two reached the ladders, climbing up as they grabbed their mallets. Adam jumped first, destroying the tile into pieces. Paul then followed as his bag of balls plummeted into the ocean below, just before he plummeted in himself. Once Adam and Paul grabbed their bags, they began swimming back to shore.

"Paul and Adam are neck and neck!", Jeff yelled. Reaching shore, the two dropped their bags as Adam tagged Jess in, while Paul tagged Lex. Jess zipped over the rocks easily, though Lex took a bit of a fall into the water as she was running.

"Lex takes a HARD fall for Ahay!", Jeff yelled. Eventually, she regained her foot and began running down the bridge, but Jess had a fairly sizable lead. Once Lex reached the ladder, Jess was already at the time, ready to destroy her tile. Her hammer held tight, Jess leapt into the air and obliterated her tile into pieces. As she grabbed her bag and began swimming back, Lex smashed her tile, though she took a moment to swim down and get her bag, before she could swim back.

"Lex is costing Ahay some MAJOR time! They're gonna need to pick up the pace!". Jess then tagged Chris while Lex waddled behind and soon tagged Chong. "Chris and Chong now going to smash!", Jeff yelled. Chris ran across the ladder as Chong began to gain on him. While Chris was climbing up the ladder, Chong surpassed him.

"Chong, a 66 year old is ahead of Chris, an athletic guy in his twenties!", Jeff exclaimed. "Can Ahay make up time?" Chong smashed his tile as he fell into the water, then grabbed his bag as he began swimming back to shore. Chris was behind, as he grabbed his bag soon after. Next to go were Louis for Ahay and Otto for Drakaka. While Chris cost some time for Drakaka, Otto made up any difference as Louis trudged behind him.

"Drakaka is back in this! This challenge is CLOSE!", shouted Jeff. Otto did take a small fall on the ladder, but otherwise was ahead of Louis the entire time. Grabbing his hammer, he broke his tile into pieces as he grabbed his bag once hitting the water. Louis soon followed suit, as Christine and Emma were tagged in. Emma had no issue crossing the bridge, while Chris slipped and slid along the course.

"Christine falls HARD for Ahay, that has GOT to hurt!", Jeff yelled out. The fall gave Emma quite a bit of time, as she smashed her tile and grabbed her bag before swimming back. Christine tried her best to catch up, but it was no use. Emma soon tagged in Layla, while John waited impatiently for Christine. While Layla headed off across the course, Christine finally returned, allowing John to run.

"Christine FINALLY makes it back to shore. John can now run, but he has to make up time for Ahay!" John darted across the bridge without breaking a sweat, hell-bent on catching up with Layla. While she was tiring as he began gaining on her, she still managed to stay ahead, sashing her tile as she fell into the water and grabbed her bag of balls. John followed as he fell in, then grabbed his. "John and Layla are heading back, once they're back, Kristie and Karen can began smashing tiles!". Eventually, the two made it back to shore exhausted, placing the last bag down as Kristie and Karen soon got to work.

Karen was nervous as she had failed at the previous smashing challenge and was determined to make up for last time. Hurling a ball into the air, it landed on one of the tiles and smashed it into pieces. "Karen connects for Drakaka, the score is1-0!" When Kristie hurled her ball, it ended up narrowly missing, rolling back down to her. "Kristie takes a shot and misses for Ahay!", Jeff exclaimed. Karen fired again, but ended up missing this time. Adam looked on nervously. "Karen fires for Drakaka and comes up short, this could open the door for Ahay!". As Kristie shot, she smashed a tile to bits. "Ahay now ties the score 1-1! Drakaka needs to move it!". Anxiety growing, Karen fired again. This time, she was more successful, smashing a tile to pieces. "Karen scores again, Drakaka leads 2-1!". Kristie didn't want Karen to win, so she fired the best she could. Unfortunately, she missed. Karen took the opportunity to fire again and was successful, hitting another tile. "Drakaka leads 3-1!" While Kristie was able to hit the next tile, making the score 3-2, Karen hit another tile, making the score 4-2. "If Karen gets this, it'll be all over for Ahay!", Jeff exclaimed. At that moment, Karen fired the next ball, instantly destroying the tile. With that, the challenge was over.

"KAREN CONNECTS MEANING DRAKAKA WINS IMMUNITY!". Everyone on Drakaka ran over to Jeff happily. "Drakaka, immunity is yours. You're safe tonight, so enjoy the rest of the night off. Ahay, I've got nothing for you but a date with me at tribal council. Take the afternoon to figure out who you're gonna vote out." With that, the two tribes returned to their respective camps.

As Ahay returned to camp, spirits were low as the inevitable question loomed. Who was going to be voted out? John seemed especially disgruntled by the defeat, eyeing Louis in frustration.

(CONF) "We ended up getting our butts whooped today at the challenge!", John griped. "I thought this was gonna be a blowout, but those new Drakaka people, they stunk in the challenge! Louis might look strong, but he hasn't been doing anything around camp and I definitely am holding that against him at the vote tonight!"

Kristie sighed as well, feeling annoyed at the loss.

(CONF) "Today was our first challenge as swapped tribes", said Kristie. "And just our luck, we end up losing! I'm not sure who's going to go, but part of me is worried that it will be an old Ahay member, so I'm ready for anything."

Paul walked along the beach with Louis, who was grilling him for information regarding his bonds on Ahay.

"So you're friends with the hippie and the rocker, right?" Louis asked in an impatient tone.

"Yes, Chong and Lex are on board with me and I told them to join along with you.", said Paul in return.

"Perfect", Louis remarked.

(CONF) "I didn't pay much attention to that Chong head or whatever he calls himself or Lex", said Louis. "But since Paul apparently has been paling around with them at their camp, they want to vote with him. Would they be my first choice of allies? Not even close! But the more sycophants I have working with me, the better for tonight!"

As the two continued walking, they changed the subject to targets.

"I know that Chong isn't too wild about John and Lex agrees with most things he says, so it seems like they're gonna vote for him.", said Paul. "Personally, I'm fine with that, but I want to know what you're thinking."

Louis laughed a little bit. "I'm more than happy to vote for John!", Louis exclaimed to Paul. "All he does is jump down my throat if I'm not looking for wood all day like an idiot and besides, he made me sleep outside in the sand on the first night."

"Wow, that's crazy!", Paul responded.

"You bet it was. Wanna know something crazier?" Louis asked Paul.

"Uh..sure, I guess." Paul responded."

"Since he's nowhere near us, I don't need to be quiet.", Louis shouted. "Remember the first day when we had to jump off the boat and take all the supplies with us?"

Paul nodded. "Oh yeah, that. What about it?"

"Well", Louis started "Before Ahay could anything, I dumped all of their supplies in the ocean! I didn't want them to have a leg up on us! Can you believe no one has found out yet?!"

Much to Louis' misfortune, John was collecting firewood in the distance when he overheard the conversation. When John heard a mention of the boat incident on the first day, the image replayed in his head like a move. Anger overtaking him, daggers formed in his eyes as he charged toward Louis.

(CONF) "Louis told me about him throwing Ahay's supplies overboard on the first day!", Paul exclaimed. "I promised myself I wouldn't bring it up, which I was able to do. Only he had the BRILLIANT idea of telling me this story LOUDLY while John was in earshot! I hope that John's chryon says "Retired" drill sergeant, because I'm honestly a little scared now!"

As Paul headed off quickly, John pressed his face close to Louis as his rage reached terrifying levels. Barely able to restrain himself from grabbing Louis, John began screaming loud enough for the Drakaka camp to hear.

"YOU! YOU LITTLE SON OF A B*TCH!", John wailed. "I SAID I WOULD FIND OUT WHO THREW AWAY OUR STUFF ON THE FIRST DAY AND YOU JUST HELPED ME OUT!" For the first time all season, Louis gulped as John seemed to be seconds away from punching him.

(CONF) "Ever since we got here on Day 1, I promised I would find the motherf*cker who had the nerve to throw away our rations!", John exclaimed "I should have known a good-for-nothing, two-timing ***h*le like Louis would have done it! If he thinks that I'm going to buy any of his excuses, he'll be lucky if all I do is throw him through the f*cking tribal council wall!"

Louis continued panting as John's rage would no subside. "Look, I mean you can't really PROVE this happened, right?!", Louis laughed nervously.

"PROOF?! I DON'T NEED ANY F*CKING PROOF!", John screamed. "EVERYONE ON THIS ISLAND KNOWS YOU'RE NO GOOD ALREADY, I CAN JUST TELL! WHEN WE GO TO TRIBAL COUNCIL TONIGHT, THEY'RE ALL GONNA KNOW!" John vowed as he walked off furious. Louis wiped sweat from his brow as he called for Paul again.

"Paul, come back! I'm still alive!", Louis quipped as he awaited Paul's return. "Any DOUBT of whether he was going or not tonight is gone! Tell Chong, tell Lex, tell Christine, just tell tell tell everyone to vote vote vote his ** off!".

"Okay okay okay, I'll tell tell tell them", Paul retorted while smirking. Louis took another moment to catch his breath.

Paul found Chong and Lex chilling by the ocean, then tapped on Chong to get his attention. "Are you guys cool with getting out John tonight?", Paul asked them. "He went a little nuts just now."

Chong and Lex nodded. "Works for us!". Paul then walked back to Louis. "They're in", he said.

"Good", said Louis. "Just as we planned."

(CONF) "I had no idea that John was that close!", remarked Louis. "The dude had been pissing me off since we started and besides, now that he knows what I'm behind, I have to take him out before he can spread the word to others. Also not getting my neck snapped by him is a nice bonus incentive."

Ahay headed off to tribal council, their torches high in the sky. Dipping them into the flames, they placed them behind them as they sat down. Jeff greeted them. "Welcome back. John, how did it feel losing the challenge today? You lost three of your tribemates, got three new ones who you don't know if they'll work against you or not and now you're sitting here waiting to vote someone out."

"Losing the challenge was surely bad", John started. "But that is simply the CHERRY on top of the sh*t cake that I was served today!"

"What exactly do you mean by that?" Jeff asked curiously.

"What I MEAN by that is that I found out Louis over here was the one behind our tribe's stuff going missing on day 1!" Kristie, Chong and Lex seemed shocked, while Louis was ready to defend himself.

"Louis, this is a pretty huge accusation from John. What do you say to this, this idea that you sabotaged Ahay by throwing out their stuff?"

"To be entirely honest Jeff, I did throw out their stuff!", Louis explained audaciously. "I wanted Drakaka to have the advantage so that we could decisively beat them in challenges with them weakened."

"Kristie, what do you make of this, that Louis tried to make camp life harder for the Ahays?"

"I mean, I don't think that's okay at all", Kristie exclaimed. "We're supposed to be playing this fairly and even if people scheme, lie and cheat in this game, you're not supposed to go all out and weaken us like that!"

"Paul, how do you feel learning one of your tribemates from Day 1 was behind something like this?"

"I definitely didn't expect it", said Paul. "For one, you don't really have any time on the boat to grab the other tribe's stuff and second, they usually can spot you."

"John, aside from this accusation, would you say there is any other reason you are mad at Louis and perhaps want to vote him out?"

"You sure can bet!", John said. "Half the day when he got there, he was off talking to the folks from his tribe and the other half of the day, he was lounging on the beach while I was busting my butt!"

"Chong, do you see tonight's vote being based on tribal lines, or do you think the sabotaging will have any sway?", Jeff asked.

"I think that it wasn't good at Louis did that for sure", said Chong. "But what's done is done and I think we should focus on uniting the tribe, on making sure we're feeling positive and not negative."

"Well, let's see if the vote tonight affects those vibes you speak of. It is time to vote, John, you're up.", said Jeff. John walked up to the voting both and wrote down Louis. "Your actions and lack of work ethic disgust me.", he said as he then proceeded to sit down. Louis then wrote down "John". "You know way too much and took a power move too personally." he said as he sat back down. Lex, Paul, Christine, Kristie and Chong then voted in that respective order. Chong's vote was not visible as his back was turned to the camera. He could be heard saying. "I'm sorry, but we can't have fighting around camp. Good luck." He then sat back down.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said as he went to get the urn. He then returned with it. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody stood. "Alright, once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes." Jeff then took the lid off the urn as he began reading.

"First vote...John", he said as John looked angrily at the vote.

"Second vote...Louis. That's one vote John, one vote Louis."

"Third vote...John, that's two votes John."

"Fourth vote....Louis. That's two John, two Louis."

"Fifth vote....John. That's three votes John, two Louis."

"Sixth vote...John. That's four John, two Louis, one left."

"Fifth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar...John, you need to bring me your torch." John was thoroughly disappointed as he grabbed his torch, then placed it down in front of Jeff. "John, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed John's torch. "It's time for you to go". John walked off into the night as Jeff turned to address the remaining Ahays. "Well, there seemed to be some tension tonight. Maybe this will help you figure it out, maybe it won't. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night." With that, the remaining Ahays headed back off to camp as the moon was still up in the sky.

John's Final Words: "I don't regret a single opinion or decision of mine out here! I've stressed work my entire life and I won't stop stressing work! Those other Drakakas, I hope that they figure out Louis is trouble and they take him out. I know I'd never work with someone that dishonorable and a part of me is positive enough to feel they won't."


John: Louis, Paul, Christine, Lex, Chong

Louis: John, Kristie

Episode 6: "Anyone Who Finds An Idol Without Telling Me is On My Shizlist!"

Last time on Survivor....Chris and Layla felt vulnerable after Ernest was voted out, while Louis confident that nothing could stop his reign of terror. The next day at Ahay, the tribe discovered a mysterious note asking them to send away 3 of their members. At Drakaka, Otto suspected a potential swap, while Louis believed the chances were unlikely. Ultimately, Karen, Adam, Jess went for Ahay, while Louis, Christine and Paul went for Drakaka. Otto's suspicions turned out to be right, when they switched tribes. At Drakaka, Adam and Otto were reunited, while Adam pulled Karen and Jess into their alliance. At Ahay, John's work ethic grated on Louis, while Louis' laziness grated on John. Though the immunity challenge was close, the new Drakaka tribe pulled off a win, sending Ahay to tribal council. Paul solidified his bonds with Chong and Jess, pulling them into his pact withLouis, while Louis told Paul a dirty secret. John overheard Louis' confession of throwing away Ahay's supplies on Day 1 and erupted. Thoroughly spooked and determined not to let him spread the word, Louis rounded up his group, sending a furious John home. 13 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Ahay had just returned from Tribal Council, placing their torches on the tree once more. Kristie was especially upset, given that she was the only person other than John to vote for Louis.

(CONF) "I was REALLY unhappy with the results tonight!", exclaimed Kristie. "John could be a little bit annoying at times and I definitely didn't value work as much as him, but he was part of Ahay! Louis just waltzed into camp with his goons, turned a few heads and BAM, I'm on the bottom! I gotta do something about this!"

Meanwhile, Louis was resting by the shelter, still a bit shaken by last night. While Amy and Ernest had challenged him before going out, no one get as literally in his face as John did.

(CONF) "I can definitely sleep much more easily now that John is gone!", said Louis. "With how angry he was getting at me, I think preventing my bones from being broken took precedence over the fact that he had seen too much, so hopefully things should be smooth sailing from here. If not, then King Louis has no problem setting things straight!"

Just before Paul could head off to sleep for the night, Louis stopped him. "We ned to talk", Louis said.

"What's going on?", Paul asked.

"Just wanna confirm, Kristie next, right?", Louis asked.

"Yeah, that makes sense.", said Paul.

(CONF) "I really don't see the point in Louis confirming the hit-list with me.", said Paul. "At this point, he accepts it as a given that I'm his right hand man who jumps when he says jump, walks when he says walk and self-destructs when he says self-destruct. To me, it's like being part of the Grove Street Families and being asked by Sweet every second 'Hey, we're gonna kill the Ballas, right? You SURE you're gonna kill the Ballas with me?'"

The next morning at Drakaka, Adam was enjoying one of the peppers from the spice garden they won when he was on Ahay. "I could eat then of these in one sitting!", Adam said as he gulped down a whole jalapeno.

(CONF) "I'm definitely enjoying being on Drakaka now", said Adam. "I do hope there's another food reward, because if you ask me, NOTHING beats these peppers, absolutely nothing! I do wonder how things are going on Ahay right now for Paul, particularly after that last vote, though. My hope is that John or Kristie got voted out, since they weren't working with us and obviously you don't want someone against you still around!"

Otto found the newest note in the tree, then read it out loud to the tribe.

"The challenge that occurs today will surely hog your time. But if you win, you will pig out and feast on pie of lime." , Otto read. "Hmm, sounds like we're going to be getting pie for dessert!"

(CONF) "Right now, it seems like this new tribe is fairly strong", said Otto. "On one hand, that's great for me, Adam, Emma and his two lady friends Karen and Jess, but I do wonder if winning all the time is going to affect Paul, Christine and less importantly Louis. I might not like him, but he's still part of the alliance and if I want any shot at winning, I gotta put up with him!"

The two tribes headed to the challenge arena. Once arriving, Jeff greeted them both. "Come on in guys!", Jeff said as Drakaka, then Ahay arrived at the challenge scene. "Drakaka, getting your first look at the new Ahay tribe. John voted out at the last tribal council." Otto was relieved that Paul was still there, while Chris seemed to be somewhat shocked. Otherwise, nobody else had much of a reaction. "Ready to get to today's challenge?", Jeff asked. As everyone nodded, Jeff proceeded to explain. "For today's challenge, both tribes will need to race out into the field and wrangle a total of six pigs per tribe! The pigs are color coded, green for Drakaka and purple for Ahay. The pigs are going to be stubborn, so be ready to be patient. After you've wrangled them, lead them into the muddy pen that is behind you." The contestants then looked at the pen, with Kristie shuddering a little bit. "The first tribe to wrangle their 6 pigs into the pen, wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?", Jeff asked. He then proceeded to remove a cover from the table holding the reward. "The winning tribe gets key lime pie and beer delivered directly to their camp! Drakaka, because you have one extra member, you're gonna need to sit someone out. Who's it gonna be?" Emma raised her hand. "I'll sit this one out, Jeff". Emma then proceeded over to the bench. "Alright, I'm gonna give you guys a moment to strategize.", said Jeff.

Paul was ready to run for Ahay, while Adam was set for Drakaka. "For reward, Survivors ready? GO!" Immediately, Adam charged out to one of the green colored pigs, trying to grab it from behind. He thought he had a solid grip on it, but the pig began to run away, leading to Adam chasing after it, falling over a small hill

"Adam takes a hard hit, he has to catch that pig!". Paul was able to grab his a little bit more easily, then it kicked its legs as it oinked while being dragged to the pen. "Paul makes quick work of his pig!", said Jeff. Eventually, Paul was able to get the pig safely inside the mud pen. "Paul scores, Ahay leads 1-0!" Louis then ran out for Ahay, as Adam finally led his pig into the pen, but not before it kicked some mud onto him. After Adam wrangled his pig in, Otto then ran out.

"Otto now headed to the field as he trails Louis!" Louis found a pig with a purple mark, then ran after it. The pig was stubborn however and began running in circles, forcing Louis to follow him, leading to dizziness on Louis' part. Otto quickly grabbed onto a green colored pig as he held tight, bringing it back safely to the pen. "Otto makes quick work of the pig, while Louis is giving himself nothing but a headache!" Chris then ran out to the field, passing by Louis, who finally dragged his pig into the pen. Chong then ran out. "Louis is finally back, Chong now out on the field!", said Probst. Chris gently grabbed onto the back of the pig, slowly picking it up, while Chong's pig ran away in an instant. "Chong needs to get that pig!", Probst exclaimed.

Chris brought his back slowly, placing it in the pen. "Chris gets his pig in, Drakaka is at 3 while Ahay is at 2. Chong trudged back with his pig, the score now 3 to 3. Jess ran out for Drakaka, while Kristie ran out for Ahay. Kristie struggled to get her pig wrangled, as it kicked dirt at her, while Jess had slightly more luck, lifting the pig off the ground and carrying it back slowly. "Jess is dragging her pig back while Kristie is STRUGGLING!", Probst emphasize. Jess soon made it back as Kristie continued to struggle. "C'mon Kris!", Christine yelled. But it was no use. Jess tagged Karen in as she ran into the field, while Kristie was STILL struggling to catch her pig. "Kristie doing HISTORICALLY bad at the challenge!" Karen did struggle a little bit, though she was slowly able to get her pig into the pen, albeit with some mud on her shirt. "Karen wrangles her pig! Layla is the last one out for Drakaka!" Kristie finally made it back, though there was an enormous gap in progress as Christine ran out. "Ahay is struggling IMMENSELY in this challenge!", said Probst as Layla ran out to grab her pig. Christine and Layla accidentally collided, leading to the two of them to plop onto the ground like ragdolls. "Christine and Layla take HARD falls!", said Jeff. The two eventually got their bearings, while Layla grabbed her pig. She quickly ran back to the pen and placed her pig in. "Layla gets her pig in, this challenge is over! DRAKAKA WINS REWARD!", exclaimed Jeff as Drakaka cheered at their victory. Christine panted, while she patted Kristine on the shoulder. "You did your best", she reassured to her. "Drakaka, you have some nice key lime pie and beer waiting for you back at camp. Ahay, I've got nothing for you. Head back to camp." Both tribes then headed back off to camp, Ahay dejected and Drakaka elated.

(CONF) "Kristie lost the challenge for us pretty decisively, which definitely annoyed me!", exclaimed Louis. "Unless one of those pigs begins flying, I don't see any reason why she's not going to go home tonight, or any scenario where she's going to prevent herself from being voted out. It's that simple and nothing's going to change about it, that's for sure."

At Drakaka, moods were high as the tribe happily greeted their prize of pie and beer. "Ole!", Otto yelled. When Jess and Karen gave him looks, he was quick to defend himself. "I've just always found the notion of a man with a thick Swedish accent saying that hilarious!", Otto said.

(CONF) "It's definitely a joy like I thought it'd be!", exclaimed Karen. "Otto is funny, Otto's good in challenges! God, this is definitely been a wonderful day! Keep at it Otto! I especially like his Swedish accent. I once joked that I wanted to study linguistics instead of computer science when I went to college and that's one of the accents that got me into it!"

Jess laughed at his antics as well. "Wow Otto, that's a little bit excited over pie!"

(CONF) "I wasn't so sure Adam's friends would be bearable, given how crazy Adam is normally, but I'm wrong!", said Jess. "Otto has definitely been great to be around and I'm happy to be in an alliance with him! He's definitely a lot more restrained than Adam too, but that's not really hard to beat."

Otto was especially excited to eat the pie, eyeing it happily.

(CONF) "When we returned to camp, I wanted to touch the pie to see if it was some sorta holograph, since I couldn't believe it was real!", exclaimed Otto. "The whole thing reminded me of this episode of SpongeBob where Plankton was eating holograph meatloaf for dinner, so you never know!...What, my son watches the show?!...And I do too, so don't judge!"

As the tribe sat down to enjoy the pie, Chris walked off from the group. "I just need to go think about some things", he told them as he headed off.

(CONF) "I was definitely happy to win the challenge", said Chris. "But I know I'm still not in the majority right now and I needed to head off to think about this! Walks alone to me are like what addictive drugs are to someone else! I just NEED to be in the wild! I grew up in a city, so I'm not TOTALLY used to it, but I visited parks all the time and it's just a whole other world!"

As Jess, Karen, Layla and Emma walked off upon finishing their pie, Adam stayed behind to speak to Otto.

"What the hell was he doing?", asked Adam. "It seems strange that someone would just go off like that."

(CONF) "Chris suddenly bolted out of our little feast", said Adam. "I know that he apparently has a tendency to walk off like this because he's bored, but given how little he's talked to us, or how he's not in my pact with the guys and girls, I wonder if he's trying to find an idol to save his ass next."

"I'm used to that, he does it all the time.", said Otto. "Besides, there's one reason you shouldn't fear him.",

"Why not?", asked Adam.

Otto whispered to him. "Keep quiet for now, but I have the hidden immunity idol.". Adam's face was akin to a child who had just been told they won a year's supply of candy. "Shut up", he mouthed to Otto.

(CONF) "Because Adam was worried about Chris' weird behavior, I had to explain to him that I had the idol", said Otto. "Due to all the things I've done for him at this point, I think it was a reasonable choice. Us without an idol is a pretty strong dynamic, but us with an idol? We're utterly unbeatable, sorta like when Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy put their rings together!"

"So when do we tell the girls?", Adam asked.

"Well", Otto said. "If we lose today's challenge, one of us can inform them. If not, then whenever we need to vote him out. That work for you?"

"Yeah, that seems reasonable.", said Adam.

(CONF) "So it turns out that Otto has the idol!", Adam exclaimed. "Wow, that's really good for our game! I know that Chris is just kinda weird and that can just mean..he's kinda weird, but I didn't want to take this at face value, so I'm glad Otto told me that! Can't go wrong with information like this!"

At Ahay, spirits were quite low over their second loss in a row.

"I really would have liked that pie!", Louis exclaimed. Paul shook his head in disbelief over Louis' frustration over pie, then walked off.

(CONF) "Louis was really, really annoyed over losing reward today.", said Paul. "I have a feeling that any respect for Kristie that he might have potentially had is now crushed into bite sized pieces. I don't really like to make puns too often, but it's only fitting that after today's challenge I say her name is mud!!"

Louis called for Paul as Paul followed Louis to the shelter.

"Look, I am annoyed about not getting that reward, don't get me wrong.", said Louis. "But it's more the strength than anything. If she did that badly at the reward challenge, who's to say how she's going to do in immunity?"

(CONF) "Kristie just proved her incompetence and proved her challenge uselessness today while wrangling the pigs.", said Louis. "To take that long in the field while the other tribe was already over three quarters done is proof as to why she shouldn't stay here!"

While the two were off talking, Kristie was observing them from afar in the shelter. She seemed frozen in place, almost like she was a statue or hawk. Sighing, she regained her composure and continued watching.

(CONF) "Losing the challenge has really gotten me on the tribe's shit list, I assume", Kristie said. "That's why more than ever, I need to patrol the beach, checking for teeny-weeny little cracks to form, cracks so that I can strike. I've been standing here for an hour and if you ask me, I could stand here until Tribal Council if it's what it takes not to get my torch snuffed later!"

Christine was walking down the beach when she caught of a glimpse of Kristie, then turned back as she continued walking, a litttle bit faster now.

(CONF) "Kristie has been looking at everyone for at least an hour now", said Christine. "I don't know if it's because she's gone crazy, gone unhinged, whatever, but it makes me wonder how far she'll go to stay in the game. And it's also just personally scaring me a LITTLE bit!"

Chong alerted the tribe to the tree, pointing to a note placed inside of it. "I saw it just now", he said. "It looks like a tree mail note."

(CONF) "Chong apparently found a tree mail-esque note in the tree today", said Paul. "Normally there's a larger gap between challenges, so something tells me this isn't going to be a normal immunity one tonight. But I'm not that concerned, since me, Louis, Lex, Chong and Christine are working together, so we'll most likely get our way no matter what happens."

Chong then took out the note and read it out loud to the tribe.

"Today you won't fight for your tribe, you're fighting for just you. Your performance will be logged, so keep your feet on like glue." he read out.

"Hmm..that sounds like the log rolling challenge", said Paul.

(CONF) "The small gap in challenge time suggests this might be an individual challenge and we're both going to tribal tonight", explained Louis. "If that's the case, then Kristie definitely is going to be off the beach tonight, because she's definitely not going to win immunity."

The two tribes headed to the challenge scene, where Jeff stood by the podium. "Come on in guys!", he said as Drakaka and Ahay headed in. "Adam, I'm going to need that back", he said to Adam as he took back the immunity idol. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs!", he told the two tribes. "Only today, you're not playing for Tribal Immunity, but rather individual.", he said as he revealed two immunity necklaces that resembles Malagasy talismen. "Both tribes are going to be going to tribal council and voting someone out as well!". Layla gasped, seeming shocked by the twist. "Ready to get to today's challenge?", Jeff asked the group. Everyone nodded yes, so he proceeded to explain. "For today's challenge, the tribes are going to face off in a log rolling contestant!", he started. "The goal is to roll around on the log as much as you can, without falling off. If you fall off before your opponent, you're out of the challenge. Outlast them and you move on to another round. The last person standing wins individual immunity. Let's draw for spots and get ready."

Adam and Louis were the first matchup. "Adam and Louis up first for Ahay and Drakaka! Survivors ready? Go!", Jeff exclaimed. Louis rolled around slowly, trying not to slip. Adam was feeling devious however and leapt in the air, then slammed down hard on the log, causing Louis to fall in. "Louis in the water first! Adam moving on!"

"For this next round, two women are going at it! Lex for Ahay and Jess for Drakaka. Survivors ready? Go!". Jess was determined to make Lex fall in, but she was equally as determined to make Jess fall in. The two moved their legs rapidly, intending to knock the other off. The two then fell in, though Jess fell a split second first, so she was out. "Jess is in first, so Lex moves onto the next round!"

For the next round, Adam was to face off against Lex. "Adam takes on Lex!", Jeff exclaimed. Lex knew it was going to be a difficult battle to against Adam, who was practically the Hulk compared to her. Adam began by jumping like he did with Louis, but Lex was surprisingly resilient. She began to sping her feet in the opposite direction, but it was still no use, as she slipped then fell in.

"This time, two people from the same tribe will be facing off!", said Jeff. "Chong is taking on Paul! Survivors ready? GO!" Paul assumed that this would be an easy match, but Chong was determined. "I did this at summer camp!", Chong exclaimed. "So be ready!". Paul laughed at the idea of this, but was in for a surprise when he soon fell in. "Paul is in the water, Chong moves on!"

Chong seemed happy with his victory as he waited on the bench. "Next up are Christine from Ahay and Emma from Drakaka! Survivors ready? GO!" Emma did her best to keep her balance, while Christine seemed to shake a little bit. Both women held their own fairly well, but Christine eventually slipped off before Emma. "Christine's in the water first, Emma moves on!", said Jeff.

Adam and Chong were next up. "Two champions taking on each other!", exclaimed Jeff. The match was off to a wild start, as Adam's jumping tactic had little effect on Chong. "Damn!", Adam exclaimed as he kept at it. While Chong put up a good fight, Adam ultimately was able to overcome him. "Chong's in the water, so Adam moves on again!"

Layla and Kristie were the next to face off. "Layla and Kristie are up next. Survivors ready? GO!" Both girls were determined to win, but Kristie's determination clearly out-rivaled Layla's. Layla had better footwork however and Kristie soon fell into the water. "Kristie's in the water, Layla moves onto the final round!"

"For this final round, Adam, Karen and Layla will be facing off against each other. Survivors ready? GO!" Adam was doing well at the challenge, but he didn't expect to face off against two competitors. Hopping on the log, he was able to eliminate Karen, but now had to get rid of Layla. Layla wasn't willing to let him take her down though, she she spun around on the log wildly. Adam was able to get the advantage on her though and Layla fell in. "Karen and Layla are in the water, so Adam wins immunity!", Jeff exclaimed. Adam came over to Jeff to receive the immunity necklace. "Adam, immunity is yours, you're not going home tonight. Before we leave, I need you to assign immunity to someone on Ahay." Adam wasted no time in making his choice, eyeing Paul.

"I'm selecting Paul!", Adam exclaimed. Paul excitedly ran over to Jeff to claim his immunity necklace. "First individual immunity win as a contestant, shyeah!" Paul exclaimed. Jeff put the second necklace around Paul's neck. "Paul is safe and will not be going home tonight! Here's how it's going to work. Ahay, you will go to tribal council first and vote someone out. Drakaka, you will then follow Ahay and vote somebody out! Both of you, head back to camp!"

(CONF) "I didn't really need immunity tonight, but I sure am happy Adam came through for me!", said Paul. "If we were the Avengers, I think it'd be safe to say I'm Stark and he's Hulk. The way he defeated Louis in the first round? That was Hulk beating Loki!"

At Ahay, the mood was tense. Paul was happy to have received immunity, while Louis patted him on the back. "Not bad Anderson, not bad.", he remarked to him. Kristie begrudgingly offered her congratulations as well.

"Yeah, good job", she said in the most neutral voice she could muster up.

(CONF) "I had my ass kicked in the challenge today!", said Kristie. "It seemed like I legitimately had a chance, but man I was wrong! I wish I grew up in a town where log rolling was the norm! But I had the PLEASURE of growing up in a jungle of concrete, so I had no chance against the superhuman Adam is."

As Kristie walked off to the water, Christine approached her. "Hey, may I speak to you for a second?", Christine asked Kristie.

"Uh, I guess", Kristie replied. "What is it?"

(CONF) "I really don't have many people who I feel like I can speak to intimately", said Christine. "The guys aren't really willing to hear about my feelings and while I do like Lex, she's a little bit too out there to understand. I know me and Kristie have only been tribemates for a little bit, but I think she'll be willing to listen most."

"I know we haven't known each other for very long", Christine started. "But I don't feel very comfortable around Louis anymore."

Kristie didn't understand why Christine would approach her of all people, but given the precarious position she was in, she decided to suck it up and listen.

"Why is that?", Kristie asked.

"Well", started Christine. "I was a little upset that he dumped out the food on the first day and while this wasn't exactly his fault, I felt really scared at Tribal Council when John was going off on him. I know we're allies and all, but if he's going to keep doing things like this, I'm not sure how much I'm going to want to be around him.."

"Uh-huh", Kristie said as she nodded along.

(CONF) "What was Christine thinking?!", Kristie exclaimed. "If you're not feeling comfortable with your ally, you don't tell someone from the OPPOSITE tribe how you're feeling! Even more, you don't tell someone from the opposite tribe about this when there's a tribal council coming up! That said, this DOES give me a crack, I was talking about!"

Kristie walked over to Paul, who was sitting in the shelter. "Hey, I need to talk to you. This is important.", said Kristie. Paul turned to her. "What's up?", he asked.

"You're allied with Christine, right? You know, the one who talks about Louis?", Kristie asked.

"Yeah", said Paul. "Why do you ask?"

"Well", Kristie started. "Christine just came up to me just now and said she doesn't feel comfortable with Louis after the John fiasco. In fact, it sounded like she wasn't so sure about the alliance anymore."

(CONF) "Kristie told me that apparently Christine was having some second-thoughts about the alliance!", said Paul. "While I think it's a little bit early for things to fracture, I honestly wouldn't have an issue with Christine going! I get the sense that she's willing to do whatever he says, since she only joined after she voted in the minority at the first tribal council."

Paul walked over to Louis, who was lounging on the beach. "Lou, there's a problem we need to discuss.", said Paul.

"What is it?", Louis asked. "Is Lex singing one of her rock songs again on her air guitar?"

Paul barely stifled his laughter as he regained his composure. "No, not that! It's about Christine."

Louis' ears perked up. "What about her?"

"Kristie ran up to me and told me that Christine approached her before", said Paul. "She claims that Christine told her she was not sure about the alliance after you fought with John over the supplies."

Immediately, Louis grew furious. "She said what?!", he yelled out. "I swear, I feel like half the people on this island have some sort of death wish!"

(CONF) "Why do my minions have to be so stereotypically incompetent or shifty?!" Louis yelled. "This is why the Joker works better without a Harley Quinn! Every time you get help, they screw it up somehow! Kristie may be in the minority, but at least she wasn't in a pact with me, only to have 'second thoughts'! If it's the last thing I do, I'm going to make Christine pay for this!"

"So what should we do?", Paul asked him.

"What do you think?!", Louis snapped. "We can't let anyone against us stay here! Like last time, round up Chong and Lex because as God as my witness, we are getting Christine OUT tonight!"

"Alright!", Paul told him as he ran off to find Chong and Lex.

(CONF) "Part of me is a little surprised that Louis ate that story up", said Paul. "Yet another part of me believes this. I get some Joseph Stalin vibes from Louis. Even if there isn't the faintest possibility of the story being true, if Louis has even the SLIGHTEST suspicion someone is turning on him, he will get back at them! While I think it's a little bit crazy, I don't want to be sent to the Gulag by Uncle Lou, so I'm going to have to do my best Gorbachev impression and follow his whims for now!"

Paul found Chong and Lex walking by one of the cliffs, then stopped them. "Guys, there's been a slight change in plans", said Paul. "We need to vote out Christine."

"What? Why is that?", said Lex. "Seems kinda random to me."

(CONF) "I'm probably not in the best position to talk, being an admittedly impulsive, crazy kinda gal, but I was a little surprised when Paul told me the target was going to change tonight", said Lex. "Don't get me wrong, he can still jam out with me when we're here, but I just don't get it."

"Yeah, I'm okay with doing it, but I want to know why", Chong said.

"What happened was that Kristie told me that Christine spoke to her and said Louis made her feel uncomfortable over the incident with John", said Paul. "I told Louis about this and he freaked out, thinking that Christine wants out of the alliance. I personally think it might be rash, but questioning Louis clearly has some bad consequences, so we should probably just grant his wish and take out Christine.

"Oh, that does make sense", said Chong. "I'm on board."

"Good", said Paul.

(CONF) "I'm willing to go with the flow", said Chong. "And now that I heard Louis wants to get rid of Christine instead of Kristie because of something Christine said, I'll vote her out. Christine seems like a nice person and all, but if all her and Louis will do is fight, I'm gonna take her out for her own sake."

Paul then walked back to Louis. "They're in".

"Perfect", Louis said. "You think we should take Kristie into the fold for now? I know she's on the opposite tribe, but she did rat on Christine and I'm happy about that."

"Yeah, that makes sense", said Paul. "I could tell her about this."

(CONF) "I think I was a little generous when I called Louis arrogant and cocky.", said Paul. "After the stunt he just pulled, he's a complete moron! But like many morons, he has a big ego, so as long as I tell him how great he is and do everything he wants, he'll be placated", said Paul.

Noticing her walking toward the jungle, Paul approached Kristie. "Good news", he said. "Louis flipped his shit and wants Christine out and even said he's willing to take you in as an ally".

"Really?", Kristie responded. "Well that is great! But it sucks I have to work with louis to say alive now!"

"Believe me, I think the same thing!", said Paul. "But you saw what happened to Christine when she had second thoughts. Besides, all you have to do is snark about him behind his back at least once a day and you'll get used to it."

"Beats getting voted out tonight, I guess", said Kristie.

(CONF) "It just goes to show what this game's about", said Kristie. "This morning, I was fighting for my life and assuming I'd be next, but thanks to Christine spilling her guts, I'm now working with Louis and posse. Sure, Louis probably will be really irritating, but if Paul can manage, I suppose I'll be fine!"

Christine approached Louis, ready to confirm the target for the night. "So, Kristie, right?", she asked.

Louis did not answer, instead turning away as he prepared for Tribal Council.

(CONF) "Louis was a little weird with me just now", said Christine. "At the same time, it's been a long day and he just seems tired. Besides, we've been working together for a bit now, so what reason would he have to throw it all away now?"

Ahay grabbed their torches as they headed for tribal council, walking down the path as the sky turned black. Everyone dipped their torches in the flames, as they then set them up behind them. Sitting down, everyone turned to Jeff. "Welcome to tribal council guys. Paul, when you found out that tonight was going to be a double elimination, were there any thoughts racing through your mind?", Jeff asked.

Paul nodded. "Yeah, I mean everyone's going to have SOMETHING to say when something like this happens! Am I worried I'm going to be voted out? Obviously not!", he said pointing to his immunity necklace "But I still am wondering who's going to go home and all."

"Louis, what are you basing your vote off tonight? Are you thinking about a possible merge, challenge strength, loyalty?", Jeff asked.

"Tonight I'm certainly thinking about loyalty, like I do every vote", said Louis. "Even if you have strong tribemates, ones you think can win you immunity, what good will they be if they're plotting against you?"

"Christine, what do you think of what Louis said?", Probst asked. Louis and Paul gave each other looks of approval, unbeknownst to Christine. "

"I definitely agree with Louis!", Christine exclaimed. "If we're not loyal to each other, how will we even be a tribe? I've worked in business for a while now and while many people will claim that you need to look out only for yourself in the field, if you don't have strong bonds, everything falls apart! To me, Survivor is like a business in that sense."

"Chong, you seem like a pretty conflict avoidant guy. What do you make of what Christine said?", Jeff asked him.

"I really don't see why anyone would disagree, ESPECIALLY me!", Chong exclaimed. "I've based my life around keeping in positive energy and removing negative. My parents divorced when I was 10 and while it was definitely hard on me, my Mom always told me it was to keep the good thoughts alive and the bad thoughts dead. And this is not at all different."

"What about you Lex? What are you thinking hen you're choosing someone to vote out?", Jeff asked her.

"To me, I'm really a go with the flow type", Lex started. "But I guess I don't want too much drama. I mean, I AM crazy, don't get me wrong on that, but I'm not THAT type of crazy!"

"Kristie, you've been quiet all tribal. Being an Ahay, do you worry at all about what could go down tonight?"

Kristie nodded, keeping her best poker face. "Of course I worry!", Kristie explained. "When you're on the bottom and you have to go to Tribal Council, there's always this question of 'Will they do the predictable thing, or will everything just change?' Anything can happen in Survivor, so even when you're 99 percent CERTAIN that you'll be out next, sometimes you're thrown a bone."

"Christine, what do you make of Kristie's statement, that even if it seems CRYSTAL-CLEAR that you know who will be voted out, sometimes something changes?" asked Jeff.

"I mean, Kristie does have a point", said Christine. "Not every vote goes the way you planned. That said, I have the utmost faith in my allies that things will go as we intended. We've been together for this long, so why would things just change now?"

"Well, now you'll have a chance to test your alliance bonds. I'm assuming Paul's keeping immunity?", said Jeff.

"Yup, I'm not Reichenbaching this one!", Paul exclaimed.

"Wise choice, it is time to vote. Louis, you're up.", said Jeff. Louis walked up to the voting booth and wrote down Christine's name. "Christine, you should know that a court jester can NEVER challenge the King. As the monarch of this Kingdom, I say off with your head!". Christine then walked up, slowly writing Kristie on the parchment. "Kristie, I'm happy I got to know you out here. I'm sorry we couldn't get to spend more time with each other." Paul, Lex, Chong and Kristie then walked up to vote. Kristie held up her vote as she spoke to the camera. "Christine, I'd take a Survivor 101 class the next time you consider coming out here." With that, everyone sat down.

"I'll go tally the votes.", Jeff said as he went to get the urn. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody stood up, so Jeff continued. "Okay, once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes".

"First vote...Kristie". Kristie knew that Christine thought she was still the target, so she didn't become alarmed.

"Second vote...Christine. That's one vote Kristie, one vote Christine." Christine seemed confused, especially since Kristie seemed to get along with her. Still it was only one vote, so she didn't freak out.

"Third vote...Christine. That's two votes Christine, one vote Kristie.", said Jeff. Christine was visibly shocked, as she held her mouth out.

"Fourth vote...Christine. That's three votes Christine, one vote Kristie, one vote left." Jeff said. Now sweating profusely, Christine prepared for the inevitable.

"Sixth person voted out of Survivor Madagascar: Christine, you need to bring me your torch", said Jeff. Christine was completely taken by surprise as she went to get her torch. Kristie high-fived Paul, as the two watched her head out. "I did NOT see that coming!", she exclaimed as she placed her torch in front of Jeff.

"Christine, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed her torch. "It is time for you to go.". Christine then walked off into the night, too shocked to speak." Jeff then turned to face Ahay. "Well, judging by Christine's reaction tonight, this vote was a surprise. Whether this signals some major changes coming in your tribe or if this was just a fluke, that's up to you. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night."

Ahay then took off, grabbing their torches as they descended down the stairs. It was now Drakaka's turn for triball..

Christine's Final Words: "Wow, what a shocker! I thought that my alliance was with me all the way to the end, but it seems like Louis may have had some other plans! Still, this was a heck of an adventure and I still wouldn't mind meeting up with Kristie after this season!"


Christine: Louis, Paul, Chong, Lex, Kristie

Kristie: Christine


Adam was elated as he returned to the Drakaka camp. Not only did he manage to get Paul individual immunity, but he also won it himself in an impressive showing at the log roll. "Yeah buddy!", he yelled out.

(CONF) "Whew, it's hard to breath when you're having a day this great!", exclaimed Adam. "First we win pie and beer, then Paul gets immunity and now I have the necklace! What's next, a free trip to Hooters? I'd certainly be down for that, their wings kick ass!"

Emma approached Otto and Adam to discuss the impending vote. "So, who would you rather it be?", she asked. "Part of me wants to get rid of Layla because she's not that strong compared to Chris, but the other part of me thinks a merge might be soon", she told them. "I don't want to lose challenges, since that wouldn't be very sensible, but if we don't have many left, it's not like we'll have many people to potentially lose"

The two nodded. "Yeah, I get your point", Otto said. "Besides, we have me and Adam so even if a merge isn't that close, we have muscle."

"Very true", Emma agreed.

(CONF) "This vote theoretically should be fairly easy", said Emma. "Common sense would dictate that Layla should go next since she's neither in the alliance nor very good at challenges, at least compare to Chris, but at the same time, it's been about 16 or so days, so it's not like the merge could be that far off."

"I think we should talk to Karen and Jess", said Adam.

"Good idea", Otto replied as the three walked off. Left to their own devices, Chris and Layla discussed the situation for the night.

"I'm pretty sure we're next", said Layla. "Neither of us are in the alliance after all".

"Yeah, we're not. So we're gonna need to think of something.", said Chris.

"I hope we can soon", Layla said.

(CONF) "Me and Chris aren't in the best position right now", said Layla. "Adam, Otto, Emma, Karen and Jess clearly have the power and I feel like no matter what we try, there's no point. I feel like trying to work against them is trying to push an elephant up the stairs, not that you can ever get that chance."

"Here, come with me", Chris told her as he led her up the pathway to the cliff.

"Where are we going?", Layla asked him.

"You know that cliff I always hang out at? I wanted you to see it." Chris told her.

(CONF) "Ever since Day 1, there's this cliff I hang out at that me and a few other people have been calling Chris' Crib", Chris chuckled "I go there not only because I really like to look at the view of the ocean ,but also because to me, it's a place where I find calmness, clarity, just the ability to see things a bit more clearly."

Layla followed Chris up the slope, with the two eventually reaching the ledge. They could see the beach below them, along with the waves. "Wow, this is gorgeous!", said Layla. "I've never seem anything like this back at home!"

"This basically is my life!", Chis explained. "I live in Alaska, in this small coastal town, so you just see mountains and mountains for miles! It can be a little daunting at first, but you get used to it quick!"

"Well, this is awesome!", Layla exclaimed, feeling a nice gust of wind.

(CONF) "I felt like a HUGE weight dropped off my shoulders when Chris took me up to the really big cliff!", Layla explained. "Sure, we still have to go to Tribal Council, but this has definitely calmed me! I feel so serene and happy inside, it feels absolutely great!"

"So, I was thinking Karen", said Layla. "She isn't the best at the challenges."

"I can agree with that", said Chris. "I guess that's a possibility."

Back on the beach below, Adam, Otto, Emma, Karen and Jess discussed the plan.

"So, I already talked to Otto and Adam about this", Emma began. "But I'm kinda torn between Chris and Layla. I know he's stronger, but I really don't know how much time we have left before the merge comes, if you know what I mean."

Jess nodded. "That makes sense. Me personally, if we're going to go by that logic, I'm fine with taking out Chris.", Jess said. "Besides. He's always alone and I just don't know what to make of that, if he could find an idol and cause problems."

Karen then chimed in. "Yeah, you don't know how many idols are hidden on this beach and even if the merge isn't until 9 like it was in Gabon, we still have Otto and Adam for strength."

"True that", Adam replied in agreement.

(CONF) "The decision making process required a slight bit of thought", explained Karen. "But when me, Jess, Adam, Otto and Emma discussed this, we realized that there's not so much time left before a merge where it matters if Chris is gone. Besides, like Jess said, he's always alone and while I don't think Chris is really the type to care much about idols, you can never know in this game what someone's really like."

"Alright, so Chris it is?", Otto clarified. "Chris it is", the others replied back in unison.

"Say, why don't we make an alliance name or something like that, since we're together and all", said Adam.

Karen loved the idea, smirking as she proposed some names. "Since we're all a little bit different from one another and there are five of us, lets call ourselves eccentric 8-3! It's alliterative too!"

"What's alliterative mean?", Adam asked.

"It's when you repeat a sound successively.", explained Jess. "So if I said I'm a good girl, then it'd be alliteration since I repeated the "g' sound!".

"Oh, that makes sense!", said Adam. With that, the newly dubbed alliance put their hand together, then lifted them up. "Eccentric 8-3!"

(CONF) "I'm definitely comfortable with the decision, now that we discussed it thoroughly", said Jess. "If this was at least four or so rounds before the merge, I'd be willing to keep Chris over Layla for strength, but it's clear we're getting pretty close, so we don't have to worry about that as much! Besides, anyone who potentially finds an idol without telling me automatically is on my shit-list!

Chris and Layla sped up to the group as they prepared to grab their torches. Heading down the winding path, Drakaka eventually reached tribal council. Dipping their torches into the fire, they placed them behind them as they sat down in their seats. Jeff greeted Drakaka, then proceeded to business. "Adam, I asked this question to Ahay when they came by just before and I'll ask it to you now. When you found out that tonight would be a double elimination, what was going through your mind?" said Jeff.

"I definitely was a little bit surprised", Adam said. "I don't know how to explain it, but this just didn't feel like the right time for it, if you know what I mean."

"Emma, what do you think of what Adam said, that there are certain times where something like a double elimination feels right?" asked Jeff.

"I definitely don't think there's a right or wrong on Survivor for those kinds of things", said Emma. "The game never plays out the exact same way from season to season, so who determines what's "right"?"

"Karen, do you ever think about what Emma said, the idea that Survivor is ever changing and you can't expect the same thing each time?" said Jeff

"Absolutely", said Karen. "I've been seeing this show since day one and I knew that the format would be changed up after I watched Australia and it had 42 days instead of 39. It's the little things that often mean something bigger."

"Jess, does this ever play into the votes, the idea that this season may not do things typically, that when you expect the usual merge, you get another round with tribes?", Jeff asked.

"Sure it does", Jess replied. "In fact, one of the things that me and a few others were discussing tonight is that we feel like we're close to the merge soon. We were questioning whether to vote based on strength or threat quotient and Karen mentioned the fact that maybe we could have a Gabon situation where the tribes had another swap instead of merging at 10. So yeah, we think about it."

"Otto, given what Jess and Karen have mentioned, would you personally believe strength or threat status is more crucial to the vote?" asked Jeff.

"I really think that there's a point to be made about voting based on how threatening someone is", said Otto. "Like the girls said, it is pretty close to the merge, so it's not like we're choosing to take out a challenge beast in episode 1, if we were to."

"Emma, from what I've gathered, you seem to be rather cautious, conservative person. Do you think that there's any merit in speculating situations that are purely hypothetical, or do you think the tribe should stick with what it knows?" said Jeff.

"You're right that I like to play things safely", said Emma. "That said, because I had those exact concerns, you know, practicality and all, I discussed this in length with my alliance and we figured out that logistically, it'd be fairly safe to vote out someone who contributes physically, since, like the others have said, we likely don't have much time left before the merge."

"Chris, Layla, you two have been pretty quiet tonight. Any concerns of going home?", Jeff asked.

"I'm definitely worried", said Layla. "I know we're not part of the alliance and it just makes sense for one of us to go."

"Chris, if you were one of your other tribemates, what would you say is a valid reason they'd want you out?", Jeff asked.

"I admit I'm a little bit of a loner", Chris said. "I don't hate people, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and I just need to take some time off to just think and be with nature!"

"Do you think people might think you have an idol, due to how much time you spend alone?" Jeff asked.

"Not really", said Chris. "I try not to worry too much about things like that. In fact, I usually don't really decide who to vote for until I'm in that booth and have to write someone's name down!"

"Very interesting", said Jeff. "Adam, I assume you want to keep your immunity?"

"Definitely,", said Adam.

"Well Chris, given what you just told me, you'll be able to have an idea in a minute or two, as it's time to vote. Adam, you're up.", said Jeff.

Adam walked up to the voting booth and slowly wrote down Chris' name. He then held up his vote to the camera. "Sorry mountain man, but my alliterative alliance has absolutely no choice but to take you out." Adam then placed his vote in the urn, as Chris walked up, writing down Karen. "Sorry Karen, I think you're a cool girl, but if I'm here tomorrow, I want to be on a tribe that's as strong as possible." Otto, Layla, Karen, Jess and Emma then voted in order. Once Emma voted, she sat down.

"I'll go tally the votes", said Jeff as he went to collect the urn. Layla tapped her fingers while awaiting the response. Jeff then returned with the urn. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody stood up, so Jeff continued. "Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes." Jeff took the lid off the urn to read the votes.

"First vote...Chris". said Jeff. Chris watched along, waiting a bit anxiously.

"Second vote...Karen", that's one vote Chris, one vote Karen. Karen also watched along, assuming this was either Chris or layla's vote.

"Third vote...Chris, that's two for Chris.", Jeff said. Chris sighed a little bit.

"Fourth vote...Karen, that's two for Chris, two for Karen."

"Fifth vote...Chris, that's three for Chris. One left",

"Seventh person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar...Chris, you need to bring your torch.". Chris seemed disappointed, but he didn't hold it against his tribe-mates. "Good luck guys", he said as he placed his torch in front of Jeff. "Chris, the tribe has spoken", Jeff snuffed Chris's torch, then sent him off. "It's time for you to go." Chris waved goodbye one last time, then disappeared into the night. "Well, the vote seemed unified tonight. Whether that will last or not is up to you guys. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night.". With that, Drakaka did just that as they headed out of tribal council, the night sky still illuminated by the moon.

Chris's Final Words: "I'm really happy I got to do this. I like to take on challenges as they come, sometimes I come out on top, sometimes not. But I don't care, because I had a great time and I met some cool people. I don't have any hard feelings, so I wish these guys lots of luck!"


Chris: Jess, Karen, Adam, Otto, Emma

Karen: Chris, Layla

Episode 7: "We Have to Snuff the Rooster"

Last time on Survivor...Kristie was feeling isolated after John was voted out, becoming determined to exploit weaknesses in the main alliance of Louis, Paul, Christine, Lex and Chong. At the reward challenge, Kristie's inability to guide her pig back to the pen led to a victory for Drakaka. Chris isolated himself from the tribe, while Otto assauged Adam's fears of an idol by revealing his own. At the immunity challenge, both tribes were shocked to find that they would be competing for individual immunity and that each tribe would be voting someone out. Adam managed to outlast everyone at the log roll, while he gave immunity to Paul. Over at Ahay, Christine voiced discomfort to Kristie, who completely took advantage of the situation. She told Paul what Christine said, then Paul told Louis, who was not pleased. Louis ordered Christine be voted out next instead of Kristie, while Kristie was brought into Louis' alliance for ratting out Christine. In the end, Louis got his wish as Christine was blindsided by her tribe. At Drakaka, Chris and Layla reflected on their potential elimination, while Chris helped Layla calm down. Initially, the alliance of Adam, Otto, Karen, Jess and Emma was unsure whether to value strength or threat potential in the merge, but the newly dubbed Eccentric 8-3 ultimately came to a decision. Ultimately, the fear over Chris' strength in the merge and his possible finding of an idol led to him being voted out. 11 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

As Drakaka returned to camp, Adam laid down on the ground, sighing heavily in exhaustion. "I need to hit the sack.", he said.

(CONF) "It wasn't that hard voting out Chris", said Adam. "And it probably won't be very hard getting out layla either. But when everyone in our alliance started mentioning the merge, it did get me thinking about how eager I am for it to start. I feel drained still being in the tribe vs. tribe state. Besides, I'll finally get to be on the same tribe with Paul and I'll be reunited with Chong! I hope he has some more hippie storyies ready, because I wouldn't mind a few right now!"

Layla also let out a sigh, albeit this one was more out of disappointment over an inevitable outcome. "I gotta go take a walk."

(CONF) "I wasn't surprised Chris went", Layla said. "It would have taken a heck of a miracle for the alliance to keep us and last time I checked, I was no miracle worker!"

Otto turned to Jess, lamenting the decision. "I didn't really have any strong thoughts about Chris, but he had to go.", said Otto.

"Yeah, he was part of the enemy squad and you can't let them get away", said Jess.

(CONF) "The vote was pretty easy tonight", said Jess. "Initially we had some reservations about taking out Chris, but once we determined that we probably won't be in the tribal phase for much longer, it only made sense. Layla should also be an easy decision, though I feel like there might be some tension, since she's been a little odd since we got back to camp."

"I feel like Layla's acting a little weird, though", said Jess.

"In what way?", Otto asked.

"It's hard to explain", said Jess. "But I feel like Chris was more of a loner than her. Do you think maybe he rubbed off on her at all?"

"Hmm..", thought Otto. "I would say it's safe to say probably, but come on Jess, she doesn't have a beard the size of that bush yet!" Jess laughed at his remark as the two walked off.

(CONF) "Jess theorized that Layla went a little bit haywire after Chris got voted out", said Otto. "I suppose it makes a little bit of sense, but I hope she's not dancing around the tribe in her underwear like Phillip, yelling 'Aroo-ha'! Besides, her voice never could match his in terms of tonal power!"

The next day, the mood was rather unclear at Ahay. Paul was still resting in the shelter next to Kristie when Louis approached them.

"I just want to say once more, thanks for revealing Christine was a dirty traitor to me", said Louis. "If that wasn't the case, who knows what she could have done?!"

(CONF) "I'm not an easily scared person", said Paul. "I've seen really graphic car crashes like something out of an NC-17 version of Michael Bay movie, I've seen my Uncle have a stroke, hell I've seen my sister have her first make out session with this really, REALLY ugly guy she used to date. But Louis' behavior this morning was really, REALLY freaking me out! If Christine could get blindsided by him simply for being a little bit nervous over a confrontation he had with a 6'4 200 pound drill sergeant, then I'm terrified as to what type of sadistic vengeance he has planned for when I accidentally sneeze on him and get microscopic sized droplets on him! Well, maybe it won't be that, since I have a pretty strong immune system, but you get the idea!"

"My legs are restless. I think I'm going for a walk", said Paul.

"Wait, let me come!", exclaimed Kristie as she followed behind.

(CONF) "While I am happy that Louis was paranoid enough to turn on Christine last night thanks to my story, I definitely think it wouldn't be unfair to say he's been acting strange as hell.", said Kristie. "He keeps going on and on and on and on about how he made Christine suffer for trying to leave the alliance and if I'm around him for a MINUTE more, I'll need to be committed to an insane asylum."

Louis called out from the shelter, loud enough so the two could hear.


"You tell em' dad!", Lex quipped as she stuck her tongue at at Louis. Louis ignored her remark, rolling his eyes. Lex cackled obnoxiously.

(CONF) "I really, really like annoying Louis!", Lex exclaimed. "It's just so much fun watching him get upset at the slightest thing I do and when he erupts, it's hilarious! He's a lot like John in that way, even though he's probably going to deny being like John at all!"

Chong chuckled at Lex's antics and started to join in as well. "Yeah, better ground him if he doesn't make it back before curfew!". Lex then started laughing herself.

(CONF) "I like clowning around with Lex!", Chong exclaimed. "Especially when Louis' reactions make it as fun as it is. The guy seriously needs to lighten up, because he's only making it easier for us to make fun of him when he was such comical reactions!"

"It wasn't that funny...", Louis grumbled.

(CONF) "It was a shame that I had to take out Christine last night", said Louis. "I have no idea why she wouldn't want to side with the group anymore, given that I saved her butt after we voted out Amy, but Kristie seems desperate enough that she'll make a good replacement! After all, why would she want to turn on me after what I did for her last night?"

As Otto and Adam kicked around a rock out of boredom, they noticed Paul and Kristie approaching them. They both perked up, waving to their friend.

"Hey, Paul!....And Kristie?" Adam remarked confused. "What's she doing here?", he asked Otto. Otto shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe Paul made her his girlfriend", Otto quipped as he laughed.

(CONF) "It was great seeing Paul again!", said Adam. "Even though we live on the same beach and can see each other any time we want, the tribes have kinda been separating themselves. I guess the swap changed our minds, I dunno."

Otto then took his turn to greet Paul. "Hey man, what brings you here? And Kristie, I haven't talked to you much, what's going on with you two?, he asked confused.

"We need to talk to guys", said Paul. "Game-talk". Otto and Adam seemed a little bit nervous as they nodded.

"Alright, what's going on?", Adam asked. "Let's go off in the bushes so no one hears us."

Otto, Paul and Kristie followed Adam as they headed off into the bush covered area, concealed from the others.

"Well", Paul started. "Christine got voted out last night. Louis' orders." Otto and Adam could not believe what they were hearing and dropped their jaws.

"Really?", Otto asked in disbelief. "Why?"

(CONF) "When Paul told me that Louis decided Christine was going, I was confused", said Otto. "None of this was making sense to me, but I figured there was some type of explanation, so I let him continue."

"I actually brought along Kristie to explain this", said Paul. "Kristie, may you do the honors?"

"Not a problem!", Kristie said. "What happened was that before our tribal council, Christine approached me out of nowhere and started telling me all of these things. Louis got into this really big fight with John before he got voted out and it got close to getting physical. She said that that made her uncomfortable, so that made me suspect that she wanted to defect from the alliance. When Louis found out, he deemed her a traitor and as he wished, we took her out. Does that make sense?"

Adam slowly nodded, still a little bit phased from the story. "Yeah, that's I didn't think Louis would read that much into it."

(CONF) "After I heard Kristie's story, I didn't know what to think!", exclaimed Adam. "Hell, I COULDN'T think! I know Paul and Otto have told me how demanding Louis can be, how bossy and combative he is, but this just is a new level of suspicion, a new level of paranoia. In fact, that kinda weirds me out in a heebie bajeebies way!"

"So what do we do?", asked Otto.

Paul sighed, knowing he'd have to tell Otto . "Well," Paul started. "Given how much he flipped out over someone being scared of him and assumes anything other than complete and unconditional approval is a sign of plotting against him, I think that he should be...voted out as soon as one of us gets the chance."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?", asked Adam. "What if he catches on?"

"Simple", said Kristie. "He's really self-obsessed, so as long as he doesn't hear his name being thrown out, then he shouldn't see it coming."

"Hmm..that sounds devious", said Otto. "Perfect!", he said as he smirked.

"Alright, so whenever he can be eliminated next, we'll do it.", said Paul. "Got it?"

"Got it", the three responded.

"Good", replied Paul. "We gotta get back to camp or otherwise he's going to wonder why we've been gone for so long. See you two later!" Paul said as he ran back to camp with Kristie.

"Later Paul! Later Kristie!", Adam waved bye as him and Otto returned to Drakaka.

(CONF) "So, it comes to this", said Otto. "We're going to be taking out Louis before we take out him. The whole situation reminds me of the movie Scarface. Louis would be Tony, because they both are paranoid and think everyone is out to get them. I guess in his case, him voting out Christine would sorta be akin to Tony killing his wife, the Michelle Pfeiffer character. I'd say that Paul is Alejandro Soussa, but frankly, my hair is better than Paul's, so I'm Soussa! But more to the point, this will be a new start, as like they said in the movie, the world is ours!"

As Louis waited around impatiently in the shelter, he then caught Paul and Kristie walking back toward him. "Finally!", he said. "Since he was with a girl, I guess I can understand why he was gone so long!", he snarked.

Lex was not going to relent today, as she made another snarky remark at Louis' expense. "Yeah, isn't that great? Now, you just have to decide whether he gets a time out or is grounded from seeing Otto on Drakaka. After all, you are his dad!". Louis face-palmed, then sighed a slight bit.

(CONF) "Paul was with Kristie for quite a bit", Louis said. "A lot of people would probably claim that's some type of plotting on his part, but there are two reasons I know that's not true! One, I just pulled Kristie in, so no sane person would think of turning on someone who just rescued you! That's like strangling a paramedic for saving you from choking! Second, I have a teenage son. I know that doctors have confirmed that boys don't actually think of girls every seven seconds. In fact, Eric is proof that they think about them for 7 HOURS at a time! I'm sure if Paul competed as a father, he'd think the same thing!"

Louis took the opportunity to greet the two. "Welcome back!", he exclaimed. "What were you guys doing anyway?"

"Oh..uh..seashell collecting", said Paul sheepishly.

"Yeah, we got some pretty big ones, but we..lost them all", said Kristie.

"Well, that's very good.", said Louis. "Kristie, may I speak with Paul alone for a minute?"

Kristie nervously nodded. "Uh..sure, I guess", she stammered. "Go have fun.."

"Perfect! We should only be a little bit!". Louis said.

Kristie watched as the two headed off, aghast at Louis' social faux paus. "What an idiot", she muttered to herself.

(CONF) "I'm glad Paul suggested nabbing Louis when we get the chance", said Kristie. "Not only is he extremely paranoid, but MAN is he stupid! Now, I do trust Paul, given he's the reason I'm still here, but Louis needs to at least smell the coffee before we make him drink it!"

Meanwhile, Louis guided Paul away from camp, whispering to him. "So, I was thinking about what we should do when the merge comes.", said Louis. "Now, I intend to use Kristie for a little bit, since she's desperate enough todo what we say. I want to start by taking out some of the other Ahays, maybe Jess, Karen, Adam and then her. Then I see Chong and Lex going, then we finally get rid of her and you, me and Otto will be the F3. How does that sound?"

Paul was mentally laughing so hard he was shocked he didn't get an aneurysm, but to keep up appearances, he nodded compliantly at his "boss."

"Sounds like a perfect plan Louis!", Paul exclaimed. "I can't wait to carry it out."

Louis smiled. "Excellent. I think this is going to be a very fun merge, don't you?"

Paul nodded. "You bet!". Once Louis walked away, he then smirked. "Oh, you bet it will be!"

(CONF) "Are the producers SURE Louis took an IQ test before he was allowed on the island?" Paul quipped. "Seriously, first he doesn't bat an eye when I'm gone with Kristie for hours, then he assumes I haven't been talking to a SINGLE member of Ahay since we got on this beach?! But going by the old proverb that even a stopped clock is right at least twice a day, Louis IS right that this merge will be fun! Fun for ME that is! To be completely fair to him, he never said WHO it would be fun for!"

After Louis left the scene, Kristie approached Paul. "What did he say?", Kristie asked.

"He thinks that all the Ahays are going to go at the merge, but we know what the truth is", he said. "I advise you not to take anything he says seriously anymore", said. "I'd value a monkey's input more than his by now!", he laughed. Kristie chuckled as well "We're so terrible!", she laughed.

(CONF) "I think that there used to be a comedy club or something like that on this beach", said Kristie. "Because to me, the fact that Louis actually believes he's going to pull off his plans is the best joke ever!"

Meanwhile at Drakaka, Adam had not told Jess, Karen or Emma about the plan. Trying to take his mind off of it, he lounged in the shelter, until he noticed Layla walking back to camp in only her bikini. She had her arms raised in the air and appeared to be making some chanting noise.

"Arooooooooooooooo!", Layla shouted.

"What the hell is she doing?!", Adam exclaimed

(CONF) "I haven't said a word to the girls about the plan yet", said Adam. "I've been trying to relax and take it easy. But when I saw Layla marching into camp shouting like she was drunk or high or whatever, I started to wonder what was going on!"

"Layla, what are you doing?", Adam asked with confusion. Layla simply raised her arms again, shouting "Aroooooo!", once more.

"Oh, hey Adam!", Layla giggled. "I'm just trying to get in touch with nature! Chris taught me about it, so I wanted to embrace my inner animal!"

"Okaaaaay", Adam said with confusion.

(CONF) "Watching Chris get voted out was tough", said Layla. "But when he brought me up to that cliff before tribal council, I just felt like he showed me something, something I never really understood before! I know I'm probably gonna go home next time we lose, so I'm just gonna have as much fun as possible before that moment comes! Harooooooo!"

"Otto! Jess! Karen! Emma! You NEED to see what's going on here!" Adam yelled as he called for them. The four walked out to where Adam was standing, gazing at Layla who was in her bikini while reaching her arms out. Otto and Karen were chuckling while Jess and Emma were more confused than antthing.

"Oh, hey Layla.", Emma said unsure of the situation. "What exactly is this all about?", she asked.

"Hey Emma!", Layla called back. "Oh, this?", she asked in reference to her stretched arms. "I'm embracing my inner animal so I can be in tune with nature! Chris taught me that before I got voted out!"

Emma nodded, nervously laughing. "Well, that's very nice!", Emma replied. "I'm glad you're having a good time in spite of that." Turning around, Emma was thoroughly unsure what to make of it.

(CONF) "This is something I've never really seen on Survivor!", said Emma. "Most of the time when people are on the bottom, they're scrambling and struggling tirelessly to not get voted out. But Layla? She almost seemed to embrace it! I do have to admit, this whole "inner animal" nonsense is slightly funny!"

"Layla, what exactly does this inner animal stuff involve?", Karen asked, slightly curious. Jess eyed her suspiciously, then Karen turned back to her. "You should have known I was weird when I told you I'm a 39 year old woman who likes video games!". Jess sighed, then conceded her point. "Fair enough. But yeah, what exactly is this about Layla? Maybe we could join in!"

Otto seemed excited by the prospect. "Yeah! I want to learn about my inner animal! Rawr!", he said as he made clawing motions.

"No problem everyone!", Layla replied excitedly. "First, all you need to do is move your arms up like this!", she said, demonstrating as she motioned her arms upwards.

"Like this?" Emma asked, feeling as if she had to go all out if she was to even get involved in this.

"Perfect!", said Layla. "Now everyone, stretch to the side!". Adam, Otto, Emma, Jess and Karen did as she said, twisting and contorting their muscles.

"Does my insurance cover this?", Otto said as he felt a cramp in his side.

"You'll get used to it, don't worry!", Layla said as she moved to the other side. Eventually, everyone seemed to be getting the hang of it. "Wow, you guys are fast learners!", she exclaimed. "Now stand up straight, lift your arms up to the sky and shout: 'AROOOOOOOOOOO!', as loud as you can!"

They all nodded, standing up straight and yelling "AROOOO!"

"You're doing fantastic!", Layla exclaimed. A few hours later, the sun started to set and everyone on Drakaka became tired.

"Wow Layla, that was actually kinda interesting!", said Jess.

"Yeah, I never have done something like that since I was 5!", said Karen.

"Well, don't listen to people who tell you that this stuff is nonsense or childish!", exclaimed Layla. "What matters is you getting what it means!"

"Wise words Lay, wise words", Otto complimented her.

"Yeah, really wise!", Jess said as the tribe soon headed off to sleep.

(CONF) "It seems like Layla's checked out of the game!", exclaimed Jess. "Not that I'm complaining, as this makes things easier for us, but I've never seen anyone do something like this before! It's like playing Battlefront and letting the other team just mow you down repeatedly because you know you're not gonna win!"

As the sun rose in the sky, the members of Drakaka rose from their slumber. Otto found what appeared to be the latest treemail note, then announced the news to the tribe. "TREEE MAIL!", Otto exclaimed. He then proceeded to read the note.

Today your challenge will feed you, your belly will be full. But you might surely meat your match which makes victory null!". He then slid the note away as he turned to the tribe. "I think this is the one where you need to eat the meat on a stick all at once", said Otto. "Oh, I remember that one!", said Karen. "That was from Amazon! They all had their hands tied up and had to eat the meat at once!".

"Sounds appetizing", Adam said nauseously.

(CONF) "This day's going to be pretty simple hopefully.", said Adam. "If we lose, then Layla goes out without putting up a fuss while I get to discuss Paul's plans with the girls. I haven't really thought about what will happen if we win yet, but I think this is one of the few times where I'd rather lose something than win it!"

"Hey Layla", sais Jess. "To give Drakaka some good luck before the challenge, why not do your aroo thing?"

Layla beamed. "No problem!", she said as she stretched her arms up. "Arooooo!".

"Aroooo!", shouted the rest of the tribe as they headed off to the challenge.

Drakaka and Ahay both headed off to the challenge site, ready to take on whatever was thrown at them. As they arrived, Jeff greeted them. "Come on in guys! Drakaka, getting your first look at the new Ahay tribe, Christine voted out at the last Tribal Council." Karen, Jess and Emma look shocked, while Adam turned to them. "I'll explain it later"., he said. "Drakaka, I'm going to need that back!", Jeff said as he took the immunity idol back from Adam. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs! For today's challenge, both tribes are going to have their hands tied behind their backs as they must tear off meat from a very large slab of it. Once you've torn off meat, you need to drop it in the scale that corresponds to your tribe. Purple for Ahay and green for Drakaka. You have 5 minutes to tear off as much meat as you can. Whichever tribe has more pounds of meat at the end, wins immunity. In addition, you're playing for reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?" Everyone nodded. "Since we're on the island of Madagascar, I find it's only fitting that the winning tribe gets to watch a marathon of the Madagascar movies at their own private theater. There will be soda, candy, popcorn, any junk food you can name, it'll be there! Additionally, the winning tribe will be staying overnight at a hotel on the premises of the theater!". Both tribes seemed excited at the reward, especially Louis, of all people. "Drakaka, you have one extra member, so you need to sit someone out. Who will it be?"

"I'll do this!", Layla called out. "Alright, Layla will be sitting out", Jeff said as Layla headed over to the bench. "I'll give you guys a moment to strategize."

Both Ahay and Drakaka had their hands tied behind their backs as they awaited the "GO". "For immunity and reward, Survivors ready? GO!", Jeff called out. Ahay began making quick work of their meat, as Chong tore off a huge section with his teeth, than ran over to the scale to drop it off. Adam also tore off a chunk of his own, but his was slightly smaller.

"Ahay is currently at .6 pounds, Draka with .3!" Jeff exclaimed. Karen tore off a chunk of meat as she ran over to the scale, while Paul tore off one from Ahay's slab. They both dropped them onto the scale and ran back.

"This challenge is TIGHT!". Probst exclaimed. "Paul's piece has pushed Ahay up to 1.0 pounds, while Karen has pushed Drakaka in the lead with 1.3 total!" Louis was determined not to let Drakaka's victory be long-lived, as he tore off a large chunk of meat, dropping it onto the scale. "Louis' piece has pushed Ahay up to 1.7!". Jess then tore off a piece and dropped it in. "Drakaka now has 1.9, this challenge is DEAD EVEN!". Lex sunk her teeth into the meat and tore off a massive chunk, slowly dropping it into the bucket. "Ahay drops their slab in!". Emma then ran out to tear off a slab of her own, dropping it in the scale. "Drakaka is at 2.5! Will Ahay be able to catch up?!", Jeff called out. With only 20 seconds remaining, Kristie quickly tore off a slab of meat, then darted over to the scale and dropped it in. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Alright, time's up.", said Jeff. "Let's see how Ahay did compared to Drakaka." Jeff then walked over to the scale as both Kristie and Louis looked nervously. "Alright, so Drakaka has 2.5", said Jeff "But Ahay has 2.6. By a margin of .1 pounds, AHAY WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD!" Paul, Lex, Chong, Kristie and Louis ran excitedly over to the idol, cheering wildly. "Woohoo!", Lex shouted as she played air guitar. "Ahay, you are safe from tribal tonight and you're not going anywhere. Head out to a car that will pick you guys up and take you to your movie date. Drakaka, I have nothing for you. Head back to camp and figure out who you'll be voting out tonight." As Ahay headed away to their movie excitedly, Drakaka was left dejected as they headed away to camp.

(CONF) "Adam told me that he'd explain why Christine was voted out when we got back to camp", said Karen. "I wonder if there was an idol play or someone in the alliance turned on her, because I didn't expect this!"

As Ahay's car parked in front of the movie theater, Paul, Lex, Chong, Louis and Kristie ran out excitedly. "This is gonna be great!", Lex exclaimed.

(CONF) "This has been an epic day!", said Lex. "First we win that challenge by a hair and now we're going to see a movie about Madagascar in Madagascar! And CANDY! I'm gonna eat until I puke!"

The Ahays quickly plopped into the theater, than reclined as they were given popcorn and soda. The first movie in the series, Madagascar, started to play. "This is my favorite part! My FAVORITE part!", exclaimed Lous, watching as Alex called the Penguins psychotic.

(CONF) "I know I've mentioned cartoons a few times since I came out here", said Louis. "Having a son, he would expose me to all types of different shows, movies and comics! I used to think that they were just kids stuff, but a lot of it is actually really funny! So I'm happy that Drakaka is gonna go to tribal council and miss the movies and I'm not!"

As the group continued watching, the movie's iconic "I Like to Move It Move It" scene came on. Paul jumped out of his seat, gyrating wildly. "You said that scene was your favorite part, well this is MINE!", he yelled out. He then began imitating King Julien's dance from the scene, imitating his voice and mannerisms. "I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT! I LIKETO MOVE IT MOVE IT! I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT! YA LIKE TO?". Paul waited for the other four to respond and finish the line. "MOVE IT!". Lex began strumming along on her air guitar as he danced the remaining runtime of the movie away. "I give you a 10!", she said in an approving tone.

(CONF) "I was a little bit disappointed that I don't get to vote out Louis this round", said Paul. "But on the bright side, Layla's probably going home on Drakaka, Otto has the idol and will use it on us any time we need and besides, watching Louis, a stodgy, 40 something business man, laugh at cartoons like an idiot is hilarious! That said, I do need to get Chong and Lex in on this plan so that there are no surprises when it happens."

After the group finished the marathon. Louis and Kristie headed off to sleep. "Night!", the two of them said. Paul was left with Chong and Lex to discuss the plan. "Guys, we need to talk strategy", Paul explained. "There's been quite a shift in the last few days."

"What's up? Chong asked.

"Well, it's about Louis.". Paul said.

"What about him?", Lex asked.

"Well, you know how he made us vote out Christine because he suspected she wanted out of the alliance?", Paul asked.

"Yeah, I remember that", said Chong. "You said he was really mad and didn't like traitors."

"Right", said Paul. "Going by that, if he was willing to vote out one of his own alliance members over the words of an outsider, then who's to say what he'll do to us if he interprets something we say the wrong way?"

Chong thought for a moment, then nodded. "I see.", he said. "So what do you want to do? Vote him out?"< he whispered.

Paul smirked with sadism dripping off his teeth. "Precisely. I already have Otto and Adam on board along with Kristie, while I know Adam has other allies on Drakaka. As long as Louis doesn't hear a word, he should not make it past day 21, assuming the merge is coming up."

Chong nodded. "Thanks for telling me Paul! I appreciate it! I'll help you out!"

"Yeah, he sounds nuts!", said Lex. "I don't want to put up with someone like that! I got rid of Hannah for similar reasons and he's no exception!"

"Great you guys! Sounds like we have a plan!", Paul exclaimed.

"You bet we do!", said Chong. "Now let's hit the hey, I'm tired!"

(CONF) "Paul told me that apparently Louis has gone a little bit crazy", said Chong. "I always figured he was a little bit uptight, but he seemed like he had everything together. I don't want him to vote me out just for saying something the wrong way or what not, so I'm willing to take him down!"

After Paul and Chong headed off to their rooms, Lex trudged to hers. "I had WAY too much candy...but I don't regret it at all!", she laughed as she shut the door to her room.

(CONF) "After I laughed my now fat ass off from the movies, Paul told me and Chong that apparently we're going to have to take out Louis!", Lex exclaimed. "And frankly, the idea of that, it just PSYCHS me up! All he ever does is boss us around, yell and ignore my IMPECCABLE air guitar skills, so I don't need him on this beach any more! This'll be awesome! It just had to happen, because as this song once said, you gotta snuff the rooster and this rooster's gonna get snuffed!"

Back at Drakaka, the mood was a little bit more...unusual. Layla had pretty much resigned herself to her fate and was having a blast with what she presumed was her remaining time, while her tribemates seemed a little more anxious.

"Arooo! Werewolves of London!", Layla chanted.

"Uh,that's nice", said Adam. He clearly was not in the mood for games, as he walked off to Emma, Jess and Karen.

"See you later!", Layla waved to him.

(CONF) "We lost the immunity challenge today, which I was expecting!", said Layla. "I know I'm not gonna be here for much longer, so I'm having MAXIMUM fun for the next few hours!", Layla said as she patted her chest.

"It's time to talk", said Adam to Karen, Jess and Emma. "First off, we know that Layla's going home, we don't even need to discuss it, even she's okay with it. Second, I need to talk to you guys about when Jeff announced Christine was out at the challenge today", Adam explained.

"Yeah, I'll admit I was a little surprised.", said Karen. "You're really close with Paul, right? Did he say anything about this?"

"That's a good question", Adam responded. "Because if you're not deaf, you would have been after everything Paul told me today!"

(CONF) "When the question came up, I had to start telling Karen every itty bitty detail.", said Adam. "Because with this story, forgetting a single detail would change everything! But taking my time is important, so I'm doing it for this!"

"Oh, what kinda things did he say?"ASKED Karen.

"Well", started Adam. "Apparently Christine was voted out because according to Paul, Christine ended up telling Kristie of all people that she felt uncomfortable over this incident that occured at ahay with Louis and John. I don't know why exactly, but that's not important. So after she tells her exactly how she's feeling, Kristie, who is on the bottom, mind you, goes over to Paul and tells him EVERYTHING! Paul suspects that this means Christine wants out of the alliance, so he tells Louis. Louis blows his top and assumes Christine is plotting against him, so he switches the target to Christine. Because he feels grateful or some crap like that to Kristie, he puts her in the alliance and votes out Christine. Does this make sense?"

Karen nodded slowly, taking everything in. "Woah...that's weird", she said. "So it seems like Kristie's now in our alliance."

"You'd be right", said Adam. "And that's the other thing", he started.

"What other thing?", Karen asked.

"Paul told me that he was kinda unnerved by Louis' paranoia and suspected that if Louis misinterpreted something he did, then he'd see that as fair grounds to take out Paul.", explained Adam. "So what Paul suggested is is that, me, him, Otto, Kristie and you guys help us overthrow Louis. Are you in? He made some pretty good arguments, I have to admit."

Karen paused. "Well, it sounds like there are enough people to pull it out and Louis DOES sound a little unhinged, so what the hell? I'm in!"

"Perfect!", Adam exclaimed. "Make sure you tell Jess and Emma!"

"I will!", Karen told him.

(CONF) "So apparently Louis went insane because he suspected Christine was plotting against him", said Karen. "Adam told me that Paul thinks we should take him out, because he's scared that anything we say will cause Louis to think we're part of some secret plot! To me, this is a good idea two fold! One, we get rid of Louis, who is annoying and two, we get rid of a major threat to win the game. If Louis wants to think I'm lotting against him, then game on!"

Karen found Jess washing out her shirt, then tapped her on the shoulder. "Jess, I need to talk to you", Karen said. "Adam told me some important things."

"Like what?", Jess asked. "Is it about the Christine thing?"

Karen nodded. "Yeah, it's about that. Louis apparently went nuts when he thought Christine was plotting against him, all because Christine told Kristie she felt uncomfortable over an argument had. He then had his alliance turn on her. and vote her out, replacing her with Kristie, since he thinks she did him a favor by revealing the information about this. Paul's worried that Louis could turn on any of us with the attitude he showed at the vote, so he's planning a blindside of Louis with Adam and Otto. He asked me to join up and i said yes. What about you?"

Jess listened, taking everything in. "Wow! Is he insane?!" Jess remarked. "God, I'm shocked he's not talking to a volleyball at this point! If he's going to act like that, I do NOT want him here much longer!"

(CONF) "So Karen explained why Christine was voted out and I was shocked!", Jess exclaimed. "Louis got upset over someone simply saying they were uncomfortable withan argument he had and he votes them out for it?! I can see why Paul is plotting against him. I'm not going to let Louis vote me out either, all because I said I don't like something he did. The next chance we get, I will more than GLADLY put an end to Louis' game!"

Drakaka then headed off to tribal council, grabbing their torches. Layla was wearing her shirt as a head-band fully embracing her new persona. Everyone then sat down as Jeff greeted them. "Welcome back guys.", Jeff started. "Layla, I want to know what's up with the shit on your head! Can you fill me in?"

Layla chuckled. "Well Jeff, after Chris got voted out, I had an epiphany! And the epiphany told me that i have to take things easier and be in touch with my inner animal!" Layla said. Jeff seemed visibly confused. "What exactly is your inner animal?"

Layla then explained. "Well, Chris showed me this cliff before he got voted out and I figured it was about being in touch with your more wild, free side! I know I'm going to get voted out, so I'm just taking everything in and enjoying my surroundings!"

"Adam, does the tribe know Layla's been doing this?" Jeff asked.

"You bet we do!", Adam explained. "In fact, Layla showed us what being in touch with one's inner animal meant yesterday!".

"Can you show me? I'm curious.", Jeff said, visibly amused.

"Come on guys, you know what to do!". Adam said. Otto, Jess, Karen, Emma and Layla stood up with him, stretching to the side, the moving upwards as they all yelled out. "Arooooooooo!", they exclaimed, then sitting down.

"So Jess, does this mean the tribe already knows who is going home tonight?", Jef asked.

"Definitely!", said Jess. "Layla knows and she's totally embracing it!"

"So if the target is known tonight, what are some concerns the tribe has tonight?", Jeff asked.

"Well, we're thinking about the merge for sure", said Otto. "I feel like we're not going to be together for much longer as two tribes, so we're thinking about that."

"Emma, would you say the merge has been on your mind?", Jeff asked.

"For sure", said Emma. "As Otto said, we're probably not going to be on Drakaka for much longer, so it's time to start looking ahead."

"Adam, what are some voting factors you'll be considering when the merge does arrive?", Jeff asked.

"Definitely stability", said Adam. "You want to know if you're allies are with you or not and if they're not with you, you take them out."

"Karen, do you have an idea of who you think is stable and isn't?", Jeff asked.

"Absolutely", said Karen. "I've been told certain things and I also have been using my intuition. I know there are unreliable allies out here and we're gonna get rid of them."

"Well for tonight, you still have to vote as a tribe. It's time to vote, Jess, you're up.", said Jeff. Jess proceeded to walk up to the voting booth and wrote down Layla's name. "You're the first person I know to embrace getting voted off on this show! I have to give props to you for that!" Layla then walked up and wrote Karen's name with a smiley face."I really like you Karen!", Layla said. "If it was up to me, I wouldn't have to vote out anyone tonight! Don't forget your inner animal!" Adam, Otto, Emma and Karen then voted. Once Karen voted and sat down, Jeff turned to them. "I'll go tally the votes", he said as he walked over to the urn. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Nobody stood up.

"Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes." Jeff then took off the lid of the urn as he began reading.

"First vote...Layla."

"Second vote...Karen, that's one Layla one Karen."

"Third vote....Layla, that's two for Layla."

"Fourth vote...Layla, that's three Layla, one Karen, one left."

"Eighth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar....Layla, you need to bring me your torch. ", said Jeff. Layla smiled as she hugged everyone goodbye, then placed her torch down in front of Jeff. "Layla, the tribe has spoken." Jeff snuffed her torch. "It's time for you to go!" Layla then turned to her tribemates and waved goodbye. "I had a heck of a time out here!", she said. "ARROOOOOOO!", she shouted as she ran off into the distance. Adam, Otto, Emma, Jess and Karen were left laughing. "Well, that was one of the most interesting tribal councils this show has ever had!", said Jeff. "I do wonder who these untrustworthy people are, which I suppose I will find out soon. Grab your torches, head back to camp, goodnight." Drakaka then left tribal council, their torches alit as the moon shone in the sky.

Layla's Final Words: "Man, that was quite a time! Chris helped me learn not to take the game so seriously and I'm happy I learned to embrace the inner animal! I didn't make it far, but I don't care, because now I see things totally differently! I can't wait to hang out with you in person Chris! "Aroo!"


Layla: Karen, Otto, Adam, Jess, Emma

Karen: Layla

Episode 8: "An Empire Will Rise and I Will Have No Brutus!"

Last time on Survivor...Layla felt distraught after Chris was voted out and isolated herself from the tribe for a while. At Ahay, Louis' gloating over voting out Christine disturbed Paul and Kristie, who worried about the possibility of Louis turning on them. They discussed their fears to Adam and Otto, ultimately deciding to blindside Louis when they got the next chance. Louis discussed his plans for the merge, not knowing Paul's own intentions. At Ahay, Layla went wild, after accepting the fact that she would likely be voted out next. The tribe embraced her attitude, learning some new moves about "going animal". At the immunity challenge, Ahay narrowly pulled off a victory, earning them immunity and a night at the movies. Paul told Chong and Lex of the plan and they agreed. Over at Drakaka, with the question of who to vote out obvious, Adam discussed Christine's blindside, as well as the plan to blindside Louis himself with Karen and Jess. The tribe voted out an ecstatic Layla, who bared no ill will toward her former tribemates. 10 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

After tribal council, Adam was drained. Layla's unusual elimination was a sight to behold and he was still thinking about the impending plan about Louis.

"I'm drained", Adam said as he walked off to the ocean.

(CONF) "Tribal Council was....interesting to say the least", said Adam. "Layla accepted her elimination lying down without even challenging it! To be honest, I wish things coming up could be this simple. Going forward, it's gonna be a hell of a lot harder than that was, so I should appreciate it while I can."

Karen sat next to Jess as she recalled tribal council. "That was really weird", said Karen.

"Yeah, tell me about it.", said Jess.

(CONF) "No thought whatsoever went into the vote tonight", said Jess. "Layla embraced it while dancing her way out of tribal, while we're left to figure out the whole Louis situation next. I'm hoping he has some type of epiphany where he goes 'inner animal' or whatever the hell Layla said, because I could use some simplicity."

Karen stretched her arms out, sighing a little bit. "I definitely can't say I've seen anything like it before, that's for sure."

(CONF) "There wasn't anything complex about the vote tonight", said Karen. "In fact, it had the complexity of a gnat! The minute we got into there, we had this brief conversation, as if there was any actual thought that needed to go into the process and then BAM, Layla was gone! Definitely not the most fun vote out, but it was an easy one and I'm hoping for some more easy ones soon!"

Otto paused deep in thought as he leaned against the tree. "I wonder how Paul is doing.", Otto said.

(CONF) "I definitely wasn't very worried this voting round.", said Otto. "Layla didn't challenge us voting her out, while Paul and apparently Kristie were safe on Drakaka. I do hope the merge is soon, because based on what Paul told me about Louis going nuts, he doesn't seem safe to be around."

"Please be a merge tomorrow when I wake up!", Otto said as he plopped into the shelter, soon snoring. Emma noticed Otto fall asleep and sighed to herself. "Wish I could sleep that easy", she thought. "Though believe me, I also am hoping for one!", she spoke allowed to herself.

(CONF) "I didn't have any issues voting out Layla, as it was all part of the plan", Emma explained. "That said, I've been growing rather nervous over the last few days, particularly because I've wanted to reunite with Louis and Paul! I know that Christine is gone, but I'm hoping that otherwise, Louis didn't get into TOO much trouble, because all I want and expect at this point is a simple, easy merge, which'll hopefully be soon!"

Emma then headed off to bed herself, yawning.

As the sun rose the next morning, Paul, Chong, Lex, Louis and Kristie returned to camp, after their movie reward was over. Louis seemed the most disappointed over returning. "Goodbye to sleeping in an actual bed for another 20 days!", he lamented.

(CONF) "I'm not going to like sleeping on the beach again", said Louis. "That said, if the merge is indeed next, then my reign of terror will begin. Unlike last time when Christine screwed everything up, anyone who opposes me is going to be dealt with immediately, no slipping into an alliance with me! An empire will rise and I will have no brutus!"

Louis then approached Paul, who was lounging on the beach. "Assuming the merge is next, who do you want to be the target out of the Ahays? Excluding Chong, Lex and Kristie for now, that is."

Paul lifted his head up to meet Louis' gaze. "Whatever you say", he replied nonchatantly.

"That's a reasonable answer!", said Louis.

(CONF) "I have this weird, antsy feeling", said Paul. "I know what's probably going to happen, but I just feel kinda nervous about it. But since it seems almost inevitable at this point, I'll try to make it as fun as possible! Okay, maybe fun isn't the right word, since taking out Louis is pretty much going to be akin to putting down a rabid bulldog!"

Kristie found a note in a tree near them, then alerted them loudly. "Treeee maaaail", she yelled.

"I wonder what it could be", said Lex.

Kristie put on her glasses and started reading the note note loud.

"Congratulations Final 10, you did it, now you're here! From this point on, the tribes have merged, so go and have some beer!" Everyone cheered loudly at the message, as Kristie passed out five orange merge buffs to everyone including herself. "Merge for life!", Paul shouted.

(CONF) "Definitely happy that the merge is here!", said Kristie. "Part of me is nervous to pull off this hit on Louis, but the other part of me is thrilled over the prospect of being able to sleep at night without him watching my every move!"

Louis, Paul, Chong, Lex and Kristie headed down the beach, excited at the new phase in the game they entered.

Over at Drakaka, Otto received the same note, reading it to Adam, Jess, Karen and Emma.

""Congratulations Final 10, you did it, now you're here! From this point on, the tribes have merged, so go and have some beer!", he said. Adam cheered wildly, while Jess, Karen and Emma smiled at the news. "Yeah, buddy!", exclaimed Adam. Otto passed around the orange merge buffs as they all started to walk down the beach.

(CONF) "I'm definitely happy to have finally merged!". said Otto. "I'm going to be back with Paul and then we get to pull off our little plan! I don't think it's legal for anything, and I mean ANYTHING to go wrong with this plan! If anything DOES go wrong with it, I will renounce my duel Swedish citizenship!"

Emma also seemed quite happy as she slid her orange buff onto her wrist, her green one being thrown off. "This is going to be nice!", she exclaimed.

(CONF) "It was crucial that there was a merge now.", said Emma. "Not only did it seem likely as there are only ten of us left, but I'm finally going to be with Louis again and I've een missing him. Not as a person of course, but as partners in the game we're unbeatable together!"

Louis, Paul, Chong, Lex, Kristie, Adam, Otto, Emma, Jess and Karen met at the middle of the beach, gazing at their blank orange flag. There was a feast meant for two Kings at least, with copious amounts of the aforementioned beer, vodka, cigars, bread, salami, peppers, fruit and cookies. Everyone cheered happily as they proceeded to dig in.

(CONF) "Wow, what a feast!", exclaimed Lex. "When I saw that there was not only beer, but vodka too, I was SOOOO happy! By the end of this, I will be shocked if I can still stand! I'm definitely not an alchie or anything like that, but I know a good drink when I see one! My dad is an advertiser for Budweiser, so alcohol is pretty much his life and became my family's growing up!"

Lex began downing several shots of vodka with intense ferocity. "I think this would be a PERFECT time for an air guitar solo!", Paul egged on.

Lex nodded in agreement. "PERFECT IDEA!", Lex slurred as she giggled, strumming along as her hands moved along wildly. She then bowed and plopped onto the sand. "Thwank you thwank you", she slurred once more. Jess couldn't help but roll her eyes in laughter.

(CONF) "Lex was getting EXTREMELY tipsy today at the challenge!", said Jess. "I personally would have joined in, but the stupid 21 drinking limit stopped me! I've gotten hella drunk at college parties before, though, so I know where Lex has been! Believe me, the kinds of situations at Yale would make Lex look like a teetotaler!"

"Hey, what do you think we should name the merged tribe?", Otto asked.

"As long as it's not Drakahay or Ahkaka, I'm fine with it!", said Jess.

"In that about...PICOGOGETA!", Paul suggested.

"Picogogeta, what does that even mean?", asked Louis.

"Oh", Paul said, putting on his best "I'm-completely-bullshitting-you-and-yet-you're-buying-it" face. "It means 'Peace' in Malagasy and since we all seem to be at peace right now, I think it'd only make sense!"

Louis paused for a moment, thinking. "Hmmm..okay!" Everyone else raised their beer, except for Jess as they toasted. "PICOGOGETA FOR LIFE!". Paul could not stop mentally laughing, as he turned to Otto, whispering.

"You know what that name actually means?", he asked in a low, whispering voice.

"I think I have an idea!", Otto smirked. "Does it have something to do with Dragon Ball?"

Paul nodded. "It's a portmanteau of Piccolo, Goku and Vegeta. Of course, nobody else here watches the anime or has read the manga, so they bought that 'Peace' shit!"

"Brilliant!", Otto whispered to him.

(CONF) "I really don't get how these supposed superfans don't get I'm bullshitting them!", exclaimed Paul. "If they've seen Micro, Redemption Island and Caramoan, then they'd know that Erik, Boston Rob and Malcolm said something similar to what I did. To be a little bit fair to them, I can see why no one would want to watch Redemption Island, though. Maybe in ten years if this occurs on a better season, THEN I can deride them for it!"

Paul then lost his comical demeanor. "In all seriousness, we do need to talk strategy", said Paul.

Otto nodded. "Did Louis say anything else of note when you guys were on Ahay?", Otto asked.

"A lot, actually", explained Paul. "For one, he thinks that this merge is going to pretty much be me, you and him, along with Emma and Kristie enacting Order 66 on the Ahays."

"That's Star Wars, right?". Otto asked confused. "The plan Palpatine had to kill off the Jedi in the prequel?"

Paul nodded. "Well, never mind that. The point is that if Louis has his way, he's going to try to exterminate any Ahay he sees and that includes Adam. I know that Chong and Lex never would stand for it, so we're good in that respect. However, he does have that fake idol, which Emma knows about. I feel like she'll try to insist on turning on one of the Ahays she was with when you were with her on Drakaka."

Otto seemed a little bit nervous at this news.

(CONF) "Paul told me that apparently Louis has this intention to get rid of all and any Ahays.", said Otto. "That doesn't make too much sense to me, particularly since there are only four Drakakas in the merge while there are six Ahays. How are you even supposed to do that? That's like an army of 5 taking on an army of 5,000!"

Adam saw Otto and Paul talking, so he decided to run over to them. "Wait for me guys!"

(CONF) "Otto and Paul were talking in the bushes and I wanted to join in", explained Adam. "I have some fears about Louis possibly having an idol, so I wanted to talk to them to see if they knew about about this. Him having an idol would destroy EVERYTHING, so I'm crossing my fingers that this will all pass over! I hope this stops soon, because they're being crossed into pretzel knots!"

"What's up Adam?", asked Paul. "We're discussing strategy."

"Yeah, about that", said Adam. "You know how we want to get rid of Louis.....what if he has an idol?"

Otto realized that neither him nor Paul had ever told Adam about the fake they made.

"That's not an issue!", exclaimed Otto. "Me and Paul will explain why, but make sure you call an ambulance for us in case we develop hernias from laughing so hard from the story!"

"Will do", said Adam.

"Okay, so remember the day we first met at the cliff?" asked Paul.

"That was after Glenn was voted out and I was sad because I had no one to hang out with around my age. Of course I remember that!", Adam exclaimed.

"Well,", started Otto. "After you left, I found the idol, as you know.", Otto said. "I can understand your fears since it's likely there was or still is another idol hidden on this island, but if there is, it's not like Louis knows or cares. Do you know why?"

"Why?", Adam asked.

Paul couldn't stop smirking. "We created a fake! He believes that it's real and he's convinced that no one can touch him now!", Paul said.

Adam was absolutely speechless and had to take a second to process what he just heard. "So, he has a phony idol? And it doesn't work, yet he thinks it's REAL?!", he exclaimed in shock.

Otto and Paul nodded. "Right, so getting him out shouldn't be a challenge. Unless he finds an actual idol, but knowing Louis, what are the chances of THAT?!", Otto exclaimed.

Adam laughed. "He doesn't sound very smart from what I've been told!"

(CONF) "All the time, Louis has been strung along, thinking he has a real idol, when apparently he has this fake!", shouted Adam. "Unless he finds a real one, which Otto said he doubts will happen, then we should be on easy street for a while!"

Back at the feast, Louis waited for everyone else to leave but Emma. Noticing a small slip of paper hidden in the bread basket, he curiously pulled it out. "I wonder what this is", he said to Emma. Louis began reading the note out loud to her.

"This note you found hides some secrets, so please do not be idle. Because concealed in your merge camp, there is a hidden idol!." Louis was absolutely speechless and overyjoyed, showing the note to Emma. "You know what this means?!", he exclaimed happily.

"You bet!", Emma replied. "We better tell Paul and and Otto!"

(CONF) "After everyone else left the feast, I wanted to wait around because there usually is some type of idol clue.", explained Louis. "Sure enough, I was right! I just read it to Emma and now I just need to tell Paul and Otto. I already have one idol that the two gave me a while back, but with two?! I should just get the check written on my name right now!"

Louis and Emma spotted Otto and Paul, then began walking toward the bushes where they were standing.

"Adam, Louis is coming! You need to get out of here for now!", said Paul.

Adam nodded, then ran off.

"Oh, hey Louis. What's up?", said Paul.

"A better question would be what's down, because NOTHING is! You'll never believe what I found at the feast just before! Guess! Guess!", Louis exclaimed.

"What?", Paul asked.


The blood in Paul's face immediately started to drain out. "...Really huge?", Paul whimpered.

"HELL YEAH IT IS!", Louis shouted. "I'm gonna go look for it now! Killing off those Ahays will be easier than I thought!"

Like Adam before, it was now Paul's turn to be speechless.

(CONF) "......FUCK! FUCK! FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!", Paul exclaimed. "God, why does the obligatory plot twist have to come now?! I'm going to have to tell Otto, tell Adam, have them tell Karen and Jess and have THEM tell Chong and Lex. We can't leave Louis' sight. We can't joke, we can't even discuss what FUCKING edgic I'm going to have due to this swearing tirade right now! If it's the last thing I do, I'm NOT LETTING Louis Barnes get that idol!"

Paul darted madly over to Adam. "Adam, where are Jess and Karen?! We need to talk now, NO exceptions! Okay?!", he demanded impatiently.

Adam seemed taken aback by his sudden change in demeanor, but complied. "Alright, I'll be right back with them!", he replied, running off to get them.

(CONF) "I've never seen Paul like that before!", said Adam. "When Paul isn't making a reference to some obscure show from the 80s or referencing edgic or whatever that cap is, you know there's a problem! I wonder if it has anything to do with Louis, because if so, then we've just become the new residents of shit creek, population soon to be us!"

Karen and Jess followed Adam as he returned to Paul.

"What's going on?", Jess asked.

"Yeah, Adam said you sounded really, really impatient and demanding.", Karen said.

"That's because I am right now!", Paul shouted. "Louis, who thinks I'm still his best buddy in the whole world, CONVENIENTLY found an idol clue at the feast! He told me he wants to look for it! Do you know what this'll mean for us?"

"Oh, shit.", said Karen. "That is SERIOUS!".

(CONF) "Paul was really, really antsy just now!", explained Karen. "I wondered what was going on and when he told me that Louis found an idol clue, I realized just how dire this is. If Louis gets a FINGERPRINT on the idol, we're headed for some serious shit!"

"What are we going to do?" Karen asked.

"Simple", Paul explained. "It seems like Emma is still working with Louis, so she's still an enemy. But everyone else, we're going to have to be hot on Louis' tail for the next few hours and find that idol before he does!"

"That sounds like it'll be risky, but we don't have any other option really, so I'm in!", exclaimed Jess.

(CONF) "Nothing's ever simple on Survivor, especially ever since Guatemala when the idol was introduced!", explained Jess. "And it definitely wasn't simply today when Paul told me Louis found an idol clue. Apparently we're going to have to have a stakeout until someone but Louis finds an idol. I'm not wild about doing this, but I'm NOT facing what's basically a legendary Pokemon at tribal council! And if he becomes a legendary, he better defect like a pansy like Mewtwo did!"

Louis walked up the path to the cliff, whistling the song "Tequilla". Unbeknowst to him, Paul had creeped behind him, slowly moving to avoid being detected. As Louis turned his head to wonder what the noise was, Paul jumped into a nearby bush to hide from Louis. seeing nothing, Louis shrugged as he continued looking for the idol.

(CONF) "I heard this weird rustling noise while I was looking for the idol", said Louis. "Maybe one of those Ahays are trying to find it before I do, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case! Besides, who the hell would be dumb enough to watch someone while they try to find the idol? If ANY of them are dumb enough to watch me, an idol WILL be played tonight, no doubt about that!"

While Paul was forced to take refuge in the bush, Karen and Jess approached Kristie, Chong, Lex and Otto about the plan.

"Guys, we're gonna need to talk", said Karen. "There was a clue to a new idol at the merge feast and Louis apparently got it. We're going to need to spy on him until one of us finds it, or else there could be trouble.

All four of them nodded, then went off to look. Otto with Kristie and Chong with Lex.

"This is totally nuts!", said Chong.

(CONF) "It seems like Louis found a clue to a new hidden immunity idol before", said Chong. "And apparently we're going to need to follow him until he finds it. The whole thing reminds me of an FBI sting, which to me is ironic since I'm a hippie! I'm supposed to be their enemy! I better not be speaking like Nixon next and calling my friends "pinkos"!

"Wow, this is a cool adventure!", said Lex.

(CONF) "Me and Chong are going off to find Louis!", Lex exclaimed. "I think this is a lot of fun, partially because it reminds me of a music video and music videos are awesome! I'm not sure if there's ever been one that takes place on an island like this, but it could be some type of new concept music video, I guess!"

Otto was also quick to share his amusement with the situation. "Time to play that spy music!", he exclaimed.

(CONF) "We need to track down Louis, as if he's some archetypal bad guy with an eye patch and a terrible, cheesy accent sorta like mine!", exclaimed Otto. "Personally, I think it's a little bit fun! I remember when I was young, me and my friends would sometimes just spy on each other for the hell of it and we'd scare one another! I do want to jumpscare Louis!"

While Otto and Kristie walked off to the South, Chong and Lex headed North, preparing to find the idol and disarm Louis. "This is crazy!", Lex shouted. "This whole concept, it sounds like a music video!"

"Kinda! Getting that idol from him will be fun!"", said Chong in return.

(CONF) "Soo, it seems like we have to get the idol before Louis does", said Lex. "This is TOTALLY crazy and if you ask me, I also think it's TOTALLY awesome! There's no way he's going to get it with all of us watching his ass!"

As Chong and Lex headed North, Emma, who had been waiting in the shelter for Louis to return, overheard them. Gasping, she ran to Louis.

(CONF) "I saw Chong and Lex walking down the beach and then Chong said that they were going to get the idol from Louis!", Emma explained. "Given that those were the Ahay members left when we merged, I would assume they voted with Louis! Are they turning on him?! If so, I have to tell Louis IMMEDIATELY!"

Darting down the beach, Emma ran up the hill. Louis was still looking for the idol and gasped when she charged at him.

"Emma! What's going on?!",Louis exclaimed.

Emma was practically going to collapse. "Lex and Chong! They're coming up the hill and I heard they're trying to stop you from getting the idol!", Emma said while panting.

Louis' eyes grew daggers as he clenched his teeth. "WHAT?!", he screamed. "SON OF A BITCH!", he exclaimed. "Don't worry Emma, we're going to find that idol. And when we do, Chong is getting his ass voted off!"

(CONF) "I should have known that Chong would do something like this!", exclaimed Louis. "He's always hanging around Lex and she probably told him some bullshit about being 'loyal' or 'honest' or 'sticking to his guns'. It doesn't matter though, because not only will I have the idol Paul and Otto found for me, but I'm going to have TWO idols in my pocket! And people might think, 'Didn't James go home with two idols in his pocket?' He did, but not me! I am GOING to use an idol tonight if I don't win immunity! I'll show him who's boss!"

Louis took the idol out of his pocket and showed it to Emma. "The only issue is that I can't figure out this damn clue! Do you any have any idea?", Louis asked Emma.

Emma took the clue and slowly read it. "While it doesn't say specifically where the idol is, it DOES mention the idol is hidden at camp! Maybe it's under the shelter!".

Louis nodded. "Good thinking! Let's get there before that weasel Chong does!"

Emma replied. "Alright!" as the two scurried off.

(CONF) "Now that I was able to help Louis decode the clue, we should be able to get this idol easily!", exclaimed Emma. "I'm really disappointed that Chong and Lex tried to turn on us by thwarting this, but it won't matter, because with this idol, even if the votes are tied 5-5, Louis will play his idol and Chong's GOING to go home! I'm normally not the type to voice unjustified confidence, but NOTHING will stand in our way tonight!"

As the two ran to the shelter, Paul who was still in the bush, peeked out, watching the two run off. Gasping as he saw Emma following her, he overheard them mention the shelter. "Oh shit!", he yelled. Paul leapt out of the bush and ran the alternative route to the shelter, hoping he could stop them. Sweat was pouring down his face as blood coursed through his body madly. Continuing to see the orange buffs adorned on Louis and Emma, his nerves skyrocketed. Jumping as far as he could, he tried to gain a lead on them, hustling like a cheetah. But just as he was about to gain a lead, a sigh of horror blinded him. Louis slowly grabbed a package out from underneath the shelter, smiling widely. Time slowly regained its normal course of action, as Paul mentally shouted. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!", still in slow-motion. Plopping to the ground in defeat, he was too despondent to get up.

"YES!", Louis yelled in triumph. "I KNEW I, I MEAN WE COULD DO IT! We need to tell Paul!" he said as they ran off to find him.

(CONF) "Oh my god!", Louis exclaimed. "This can't be real! It isn't, it shouldn't be! I said at the beginning I was going to bring Richard and Russell to their knees and they should as least be on their hips now! This could be a day to remember! A day where I become the next Russell!"

Paul was still on the ground when Louis and Emma found him. Despite clearly hearing the two, he still refused to get up.

"Paul, stop playing in the mud! We need to talk!", Louis exclaimed.

Paul felt like he was forced to oblige as he lifted his head up to hear the inevitable for the second and still unfortunate time. "What is it?", Paul said dejectedly.

"I found another idol!", Louis said. "Getting that first one was great, but I found this one myself! Well, I technically had some help from Emma, but you get the idea anyway! Do you know what this means?" Louis asked him.

"You'll never get voted out?", Paul quipped.

"Precisely!", said Louis! "I figured things we're going to be easy before, but now it's gong to be IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever leave this beach!"

"That's really nice Louis, but I actually have to pee, so can I go off into the woods for a moment?", asked Paul.

"Alright", said Louis. Paul then darted off into the woods. When he was sure that Louis could not hear him, he screamed loudly, unable to contain his frustration.


(CONF) "This day has gone from bad to worse!", exclaimed Paul. "Not only does Louis get an idol clue, now he has the ACTUAL idol! It's like he's Emperor Pilaf, Emma is Mai and I'm Yamcha, while Otto is Oolong and Adam is Goku! And at this point, Emperor Pilaf has the Dragon Ball and we're imprisoned! Last time I checked, Adam can't turn into an Oozaru, so we're going to need a miracle to thwart Pilaf and Mai!"

Paul walked off to tell Adam the news, sighing in defeat once more. Adam was perched up in a tree, still believing Louis hadn't found the idol.

"Adam, get down from the tree! We need to talk!", Paul said.

"But won't Louis see us?" Adam asked.

"This is about Louis! Seriously, get down!", Paul demanded. Adam complied, hopping down from the tree.

"Okay, what about him do you want to talk about?" Adam asked again.

"It's about the idol", Paul said. "Him and Emma found it."

"Oh shit!", Adam exclaimed. "What a rat Emma is!"

"I know", Paul said. "At this point, I'm just hoping Louis doesn't win immunity."

"Me too", said Adam. "I'm going to give it my all!"

"That's the spirit!", Paul said. "Let's hope that movie logic is on our side!"

"Alright!..Whatever that is!", Adam as the two walked off.

(CONF) "Apparently Louis got his hands on the idol and Emma was with him!", said Adam. "I'm really scared right now, because this could ruin everything! I have to win the immunity challenge tomorrow, or I see doom coming! I feel like Superman right now, hoping that I can kick ass and take the other nine names!"

The next day, the ten remaining contestants headed to the challenge site, carrying the soon to be discontinued tribal immunity idol. Jeff greeted them as they arrived, sporting their new orange merge buffs.

"Welcome to today's challenge!", Jeff exclaimed. "Before I begin explaining everything, Paul, how does it feel being one tribe now?"

"Well, it's definitely crazy!", said Paul. "You never know what to expect and at this point, anything can happen!"

"Very true! I also want to know what you named the merged tribe", said Jeff.

"We named it Picogogeta", said Otto. "It means 'Peace' in Malagasy!"

"Interesting!", Jeff said. "As you may know, tribal immunity is no more", Jeff said as he took the tribal immunity idol and placed it on the ground. "Instead, you're looking for individual immunity!". Jeff then revealed the individual immunity necklace. "Ready to get to today's challenge?" Everyone nodded. "For today's challenge, you will be standing on a perch high up in the water! The perch is small, so it'll be difficult to balance. To make things harder, every so often I will be tempting you with different treats. Ultimately, the last person to remain on their perch, wins immunity and is guaranteed a 1 in 9 spot of winning the one million! Ready to draw for spots? Everyone nodded as they got on a perch. For individual immunity. Survivors ready? GO!"

Initially, the challenge didn't feel very hard. Everyone stoof firmly in place and as 20 minutes elapsed, everyone remained standing. Suddenly, Karen started to lose her balance and tumbled into the ocean, eliminated from the challenge. "Karen's in the water! Karen is out of the challenge!", Jeff exclaimed. The other 9 continued to keep their balance barely. At that moment, Jeff brought out the first item of temptation. "Here's the first item you can jump off for! Peanut butter and chocolate!" Lex's mouth started drooling, unable to resist. "I'll do it Jeff!". Lex jumped off the platform, swimming over to where her snack was. "Lex trades immunity for peanut-butter and chocolate!" She didn't seem to regret her decision, munching hppily on it.

As the time elapsed progressed to an hour, several people were losing their grips. Paul wobbled a little bit, while Otto lost his footing entirely, plopping into the water below.

"Otto is out of the challenge, seven remain!", said Probst. Jess then fell off shortly. "Jess falls off, six remain!" Paul's nerves were growing as time passed. Jeff then came out with the second temptation item. "This time, I'm offering whoever jumps off two slices of pizza and lemonade.", said Jeff. Figuring she likely wouldn't win the challenge, Kristie leapt off the pole, swimming over to Jeff's boat. As she swam there, Chong then fell off, swimming over. "Kristie and Chong are out of the challenge, four remain." Despite Paul's best efforts, he soon fell off his pole, swimming over to the boat in defeat. "Come on Adam!", he called out to his friend. "Paul is out, only Louis, Emma and Adam remain!" Emma was unable to remain on her pole as she fell off. "Emma is out and it's between Louis and Adam." The two would not move positions, standing still like statues. The other eight watched from inside the boat. Emma was chanting for Louis, while Paul silently cheered on Adam.

Eventually, it had been 3 hours since the challenge had started. Adam's feet were getting cramped, but he would not let go of his grip. Louis on the other hand was having more trouble staying on his perch. Though Emma continued to chant for him , it was to no avail as Louis plopped off his pole in defeat, leaving Adam victorious. "ADAM WINS THE IMMUNITY!", Jeff exclaimed. Adam jumped off his pole in triumph. "Yeah, buddy!", he exclaimed as he swam over to Jeff. Paul and Otto fist-bumped him as he waited for Jeff to put the necklace around his neck. "Adam, you are safe from elimination tonightand will not be going home! The rest of you have a chance of being the first person voted out of the merged tribe! Grab your stuff and head back to camp!"

(CONF) "While I'm a bit let down that Adam won immunity, Louis still has the idol, so I don't see any problems tonight!", said Emma. "And not only that, but he has TWO idols! And they say this is cursed! I know it's not, because we're not making the same mistake James did!"

As the ten returned to their new camp, Louis sat down in the shelter and sighed in exhaustion. "That was a hell of a challenge!"

(CONF) "I narrowly lost the immunity challenge to Adam today", said Louis. "I would be bummed about that, but I have the idol, so there's literally nothing for me to fear! Someone would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands for me not to play it!"

Louis then approached Paul. "Time for more business talk. We need to vote out Chong. Emma told me that him and Lex were snooping around while I was trying to look for the idol, so I'm convinced he's turning on us!"

Paul nodded. "I see, I see. Makes sense.", he replied.

(CONF) "Apparently when Chong and Lex were following Louis before on our failed idol heist, Emma caught them in the act and now Louis wants to turn on Chong for allegedly turning on him!", said Paul "I better warn him! Otherwise, there could be a lot of problems for us!"

Paul went looking for Chong, only to find him walking along with Lex. "Chong, we have to talk."

"What's up?", he asked.

"Well first off, Louis found the idol, so I need to clear that mess up! Second, Emma apparently saw you when you were spying on Louis and now he thinks you're turning on him, so he wants you out!" said Paul.

"Oh my god!", said Chong. "That's so terrible and a ridiculous thing for him to think!"

"Yeah, I know!", said Paul.

(CONF) "Emma must have seen me before when I was playing secret agent against Louis", said Chong "And now he thinks I'm turning on him like he thought Christine was when he took her out! I hope Paul can figure this out!"

"I'm going to go convince Louis not to use the idol!", said Paul. "Wish me luck!"

"Alright!", said Chong.

Paul ran back as Louis saw him approaching. "Oh, hello again Paul!", Louis exclaimed. "I need to talk to you about somethign else."

"What is it?" Paul asked.

"Now, I have two idols now, right? The one you and Otto found me and the one I got yesterday.", said Louis.

"Right", replied Paul. "What about them?"

"Well", said Louis. "I'm not sure which idol to bring to tribal council tonight. I'm thinking the merge one because I found it and I want it to represent my hard work. What do you think?"

"I actually think you should take the one me and Otto found for you and leave the merge one here.", Paul said with a wry grin "To me, the one we found for you represents the unity that our alliance represents, its power united. You know what I mean?", he asked, hoping Louis would eat it up.

Louis paused for a moment to think about Paul's point. Scratching his head, he finally made a decision. "You know what?", said Louis. "I agree with you! We've worked so hard together to get to this point and it'll be more powerful using this against Chong, to show him what unity does against traitors! Thanks!" Louis said as he buried the idol he found yesterday underground. "I'll put it back in my pocket after tribal council!"

"Good idea!", Paul said. "I need to wash up before tribal so that when we take out Chong, I don't smell as bad as his hippie self does!".

"I like your way of thinking!", said Louis.

Paul walked off, muttering to himself. "And I like your way of not thinking!" He said deviously.

(CONF) "I actually did it!", exclaimed Paul. "I have disarmed King Louis! Yesterday I thought all hope was lost, but with Adam's immunity win, coupled with the bullshit answer I gave about symbolism was just enough to get the idol away from Louis! Erik, James and JT, you don't need to feel ashamed anymore. Louis may have lost his throne in Madagascar, but he will now becoming King of Dumb Moves! An empire will fall and I am the Brutus!"

Paul returned to Chong, this time much happier. "What happened?", asked Chong.

"Let's just say that tonight is a good night to test out the idol tree hypothesis!", said Paul. "I managed to convince Louis not to use his idol and he hid it in the ground like an idiot!". Paul laughed. "This day can't get any better!"

"That's great!", exclaimed Chong. "I guess Louis' days are done here?"

Paul nodded. "You bet and this will be the start of a new era! One with better taste in clothing, that's for sure!", he said as he pointed to Chong's tank top.

"You said it!", he exclaimed as the two walked off to wash up before tribal.

(CONF) "It seems like we're getting what we wanted after all!", Chong exclaimed. "Not having Louis around is going to be a lot more relaxing and now we don't have to worry if he's trying to get us out for whatever crazy reasons is going through his head!"

Louis sat in the shelter, caressing his idol, which unbeknownst to him was a fake. Feeling triumphant, he walked off to get his torch, leaving his recently found idol hidden safely under the ground. After tribal, he was going to recover and the"fun" was going to begin. "Perfect", he smirked.

(CONF) "Tonight is going to be the start of a new era!", exclaimed Louis. "Once Chong goes, my days are only going to begin! He might think that he can thwart my reign, but NO ONE defeats King Louis! People have tried and those people always fail! Amy did, Ernest did, John did and Christine did and I sent them to the Survivor grave! Tonight, Chong better get his headstone ready and set next to theirs, because THIS WILL BE A TRIBAL COUNCIL TO REMEMBER!"

The ten members of the newly merged Picogogeta tribe arrived at tribal council, lighting their torches in the fire and setting them down beside them. Jeff greeted them. "Welcome to your first merge tribal council guys", Jeff said. "Emma, now that you're in the indvidual phase of the game, what do you feel is the biggest concern moving forward?"

"Well Jeff, I really think loyalty is the most important of concerns", said Emma. "I have an alliance right now and certain people have proven in the few days that they might not be as loyal as they once claimed the were." Louis nodded his head in agreement with Emma's statement

"Louis, you seem to agree with what Emma is saying. Do you also feel that certain people aren't being loyal, as Emma implied?", Jeff asked.

"As a matter of fact, yes!", Louis responded. "Someone HASN'T been loyal and that person's name is C-H-O-N-G, CHONG!" Chong turned to face Louis, ready to respond.

"What makes you feel Chong hasn't been loyal, Louis?", Jeff asked.

"Very simple", said Louis. "When I was looking for the merged tribe idol after the feast, Emma told me that he had been spying on me like a secret agent! We voted together on Ahay and he seemed to be in the pact, but everything he did recently only proves it was a lie!"

"Chong, what do you have to say about this accusation, that you weren't being loyal?", Jeff asked.

"It's true", Chong stated. Emma's jaw dropped as Louis eyed him ferociously, ready to retaliate. "When Christine got voted out, I honestly wasn't sure if Louis was so stable! I thought maybe he'd want me out next, or Lex out or anyone else out if they said one thing the wrong way! Can you really trust someone like that?"

"Karen, do you have any thoughts on the matter?", Jeff asked.

"I do", Karen responded. "I think Chong's right, because if it were me that was in that position, I would be a little freaked out too if I aw someone get voted out simply for saying something that isn't blatantly a sign of betrayal."

"Louis, it seems like a few people don't agree with you on what constitutes as betrayal. What do you have to say?", Jeff asked him.

"I think that they haven't been in the position I'm in", said Louis. "If they were dealing with people who said they knew of your intentions, knew of what you were behind, you would probably react the same way I did! If you're not blatantly with me, I'm going to assume you're blatantly against me!"

"Paul, do you think it can be dangerous being as paranoid as Louis is?", Jeff asked.

"It can be", Paul said. "Sometimes you really are right to be paranoid, while other times it could be overthinking. Whether Louis is right or not depends on the instance."

"Lex, do you think tonight will be a surprise?", Jeff asked her.

"I don't know", said Lex. "I think every tribal council has a chance of going nutso,! We're just gonna have to wait and see for this one."

"Otto, when you see the dysfunction around you, does it make you fearful at all?", Jeff asked.

"It can make you nervous for sure, but I try to just wait and see what exactly is dysfunctional before getting scared.", said Otto.

"Kristie, do you think sticking together or acting based on hunches of paranoia is the way to go?", Jeff asked her.

"Depends", said Kristie. "If your paranoia's based on valid facts, then yes. But just because someone did anything that was SLIGHTLY different, then no."

"Louis, how confident do you feel about the vote tonight?" Jeff asked.

"I'd say the most confident I've been this entire game.", Louis said. "After the votes are read, there'll be faces of shock!"

"Well, let's see if that's true. Adam, are you keeping immunity?", Jeff asked.

"Definitely", Adam said.

"Alright, Adam is immune and cannot be voted against. Everyone else is fair game. It's time to vote, Louis, you can go first.", said Jeff.

"Gladly", Louis said as he walked up to the voting booth. He slowly wrote Chong's name, then held his vote up to the camera. "All things must pass", he said as he placed his vote in the urn. Paul then went up to vote and wrote down Louis' name. He began reciting a poem to the camera related to the vote. "There once was a King named Louie, his reign went completely kaplooie! When he lost everything, he could only feel sting, as he laid dead and whispered 'Oh phooey'!" Paul then placed his vote in the urn as Adam, Otto, Lex, Chong, Emma, Kristie, Karen and Jess voted. Once Jess voted, and sat down, Jeff went to get the urn.

"I'll go tally the votes", he said as he went to get the urn. Louis watched him, smiling as he discretely held out his unkowingly fake idol.

"If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.", Jeff said. Paul looked at Adam and Otto, smiling wickedly. At that moment, Louis stood up in front of the tribe. "Jeff, I certainly would like to use my idol tonight, Louis said as he walked up to Jeff. "I told you that there will be shocked faces at tonight's tribal council. By the end of it, their jaws will need to be re-attached as they will have dropped so low to the ground, since I'm playing it on myself." Louis handed Jeff the fake idol, sitting down with a smug look on his face toward Chong.

"The rules of Survivor state that in the event that a Hidden Immunity Idol is played, the person with the next highest number of votes will be voted out instead." Louis waited for him to say his favorite part of the phrase, only for his look of utter confidence to violently shift to a look of utter horror, shock and rage.

"This is...NOT a Hidden Immunity Idol!", said Jeff. "all votes for Louis will count!". As Jeff threw the fake into the flames, Emma was utterly horrified. "Oh shit!", she exclaimed. Paul, Otto and Adam smiled brightly at each other, waiting eagerly for Jeff to read the votes.

"First vote...Chong", said Jeff.

"Second vote...Chong, that's two votes Chong". Louis looked hopeful, figuring that the target might have changed. The next votes would squash any remaining hope into bite sized pieces.

"Third vote...Louis", said Jeff.

"Fourth vote...Louis, that's two votes Louis, two votes Chong."

"Fifth vote...Louis, that's three Louis, two Chong."

"Sixth vote...Louis. That's four Louis, two Chong. Louis was utterly furious and shocked.

"Seventh vote...Louis, that's five louis, two Chong. One left", Jeff said.

"Ninth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar...Louis, you need to bring me your torch." Louis furiously eyed Paul, as all he could muster up to him was "You!". Paul exchanged a laugh with Adam and Otto as the three mockingly chanted "LONG LIVE THE KING!". With no other choice, Louis placed his torch down for Jeff to snuff, his game finally over. "Louis, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed his torch. "Time for you to go." Before Louis did as Jeff told him, he turned to the tribe, uttering woulds they would not forget.

"I'll be back on this island in a you better be ready!" Louis promised as he finally walked off into the night, out of Survivor.

"Well, this tribal council just might have changed it all. At the very least, from this point forward, the nine of you will start to comprise the jury. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night." Paul raised his torch in the air triumphantly as he joined up with the eight others, walking out of tribal council as the moon was high in the sky.

Louis' Final Words: "I'm too furious to speak right now. For the entire game, Paul and Otto lead me on with an idol that wasn't even real and I was talked out of using the one I actually found! I may be out of the game, but I will play Survivor again, I know that. And besides, I know Paul's journey's not going to be easy, even if he's in power for now. My empire fell and trust me, his is going to as well. "


Louis: Paul, Otto, Chong, Adam, Kristie, Jess, Karen, Lex

Chong: Louis, Emma

Episode 9: "I Have to Reravel the Unraveled!"

Last time on Survivor...the two tribes anxiously awaited the merge, getting their wish when they were told to meet at the middle of the beach for a merge feast. Paul put his plan into motion, telling Adam that him and Otto gave Louis a fake idol, making him vulnerable at he first tribal council. When Louis and Emma found a clue to a new hidden immunity idol however, Paul rounded up everyone else to track down the idol before them. While Chong and Lex went off to search, Emma overheard their intentions and alerted Louis, who, with Emma's help, found the idol before them, much to Paul's horror. Paul told Adam the importance of winning the first individual immunity challenge, which ended up doing, narrowly beating out Louis. Back at camp, Louis told Paul of his intentions to vote for Chong and use his idol on himself. Paul warned Chong of the intended plan, then managed to convince Louis not to bring his idol to tribal council and instead bring the one that Paul and Otto found for him,. Louis agreed, not knowing that the idol he had was a fake. At tribal council, a fight broke out between Louis and Chong over allegations of betrayal. In the end, Louis' idol play was for naught when it was revealed that he played a fake. Louis was then blindsided, with Paul now in power. 9 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

As Picogogeta returned from its first Tribal Council, Emma was utterly miserable. Louis had been betrayed by what she thought was their alliance and he was utterly humiliated with a fake idol.

"That was a nightmare", she sighed to herself.

(CONF) "That Tribal Council was one of the most shocking moments of my life!", said Emma. "Everything I knew about the alliance was a total lie and if I don't think smart, I think I'm going to be out next. In short, I have to reravel the unraveled!"

Adam, Paul and Otto put their torches down, then fist-bumped once more over their victory.

"I love when we said 'Long live the King'!", exclaimed Otto.

"Yeah, humiliating Louis was dope!". said Adam.

"I'd be lying if I claimed I wasn't still laughing mentally!", Paul exclaimed.

(CONF) "Walking back from Tribal Council and not seeing or hearing Louis in any form was something I didn't expect to happen this soon in the game.", said Paul "There was this episode of Breaking Bad sert after when Walt killed Gus and Mike told him that just because you kill Jesse James, doesn't MAKE you Jesse James! Sorry Mike, but at this point, I've TRANSCENDED Jesse James!"

Lex and Chong walked down the beach, recalling the events of the Tribal Council.

"I bet Louis is gonna regret that for life!", Lex laughed.

"Yeah, I can't believe he thought that was an idol!", said Chong. "Dude was a jerk, though, so he had it coming."

(CONF) "Louis went at me when we were at Tribal Council", said Chong. "Yes, I WAS trying to thwart his idol heist, but that's only because he came at people for no reason before in the first place!"

"You're right.", said Lex. "I know we did vote together for a little bit, but he needed to seriously relax!"

"Hey Lex", said Chong. "Can you play the fallen comrade bugle song on your air guitar? I think we need to at least honor Louis with some fitting music!"

"Not a problem!", Lex said as he strummed along. "Duh duh duuuuh!" She then laughed after smashing the air guitar. "I think that was a valid tribute."

(CONF) "With Louis out of my hair, I think this camp is going to be a little bit more fun!", said Lex. "He's not gonna be here to breathe down my neck when I'm not speaking to him every second and I can just CHILL and JAM out!"

Everyone soon went to sleep for the night. The sun then rose in the sky the next day, the sky as clear as ever. Kristie stretched her arms, walking out of the shelter to get some fresh air.

(CONF) "Nutjobs are only good to keep around for so long", said Kristie. "That's why even though Louis did save me, it's better with him not watching me every second."

Kristie walked by the shelter, noticing Karen and Jess drawing lines in the sand. "What are you two doing?", she asked curiously.

Karen seemed a little bit embarrassed as she sheepishly smiled. "It's something from Borneo", she explained.

"They drew lines in sand on the first season?", Kristie asked confused.

"Well, technically yes", Karen started. "But what happened was that this contestant named Sean wanted to have some fun, so he decided to create a 'bowling alley' so to speak. It didn't work, but I'm bored, so I wanted to recreate it!"

"That sounds interesting, I guess", said Kristie.

"It is!", exclaimed Karen. "I'll demonstrate!", she said as she grabbed a coconut and tried to roll it down the alley, only for it to fly backwards. "Oops".

(CONF) "I really wanted to do something a bit different today!", said Karen. "The sun is out, all is calm and I was bored, so I wanted to have fun! If only a more hardcore fan like Paul or Otto was here right now, then they'd get all of this!"

Emma watched as Karen hurled the coconut into the air, narrowly avoiding hitting her head. "What's all this about?", Emma asked.

"It's a Survivor bowling alley.", said Karen. "Wanna try?" Karen handed Emma a coconut.

"This wasn't really big in Britain, but I suppose", said Emma. Emma then pulled her arm back and hurled the coconut toward a pile of sticks that were meant to act as pins. She hit a stray splinter.

"Not bad!", said Karen.

(CONF) "Karen decided to teach me some rather..unusual games today", said Emma. "I like her zest and energy though and I don't think she's big enough where I should vote for her next round."

Paul and Otto noticed the 'bowling alley' and became excited. "That's like the one they made in Borneo!", Paul exclaimed."I want to get a strike!", yelled Otto. But before they could get to enjoy the makeshift game, Adam had an announcement.

"Treemail!", Adam exclaimed. He then took out the note and read it.

"Today you will be diving in some mud and grabbing flags. And if you are just fast enough, this will be in the bag!" He read. "I wonder what this'll be about."

(CONF) "Winning immunity yesterday was great!", exclaimed Adam. "I know that this challenge is only for reward and it won't make me safe if I win it, but I would LOVE to continue kicking ass in these challenges! I could see myself doing it all the way until the end, really!"

Picogogeta headed off to the challenge. Once they arrived, Jeff greeted them. "Come in guys!" Everyone stepped on the orange mat. "Ready to get to today's reward challenge?" Jeff asked them. Everyone then nodded. "For today's challenge, 3 pairs of 3 tribe members at a time are going to race across a muddy field to collect three flags. Whoever collects their flags first will progress onto the final round. The final 3 contestants remaining will then compete in a final round. The first person to get their flags back in the final round, wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?", Jeff asked. Everyone nodded. "The winner gets to spend the afternoon at a Survivor pizza parlor! There will be all the pizza you can eat, soda, snacks, you get the idea! In addition, the winner gets to bring along two others with them. Everyone draw for spots."

The first matchup was Adam, Lex and Chong. "Adam, Lex and Chong going at it first! Survivors ready? Go!", Jeff yelled out. Adam charged through the mud like a bull, quickly running over to his first flag and gabbing it. Chong was slightly behind, while Lex trailed them both. "Adam takes off with a HUGE lead, Chong and Lex both behind!", said Probst. Adam then grabbed his second flag, though the mud was beginning to slow him down somewhat. Chong grabbed his a few seconds after, while Lex was practically glued to the mud. "The gap is closing, Adam needs to pick up the pace!", said Jeff. Adam, not wanting to miss out on the reward, darted over to his third flag, then turning back. Chong and Lex, despite their best efforts, were no match for him. "Adam quickly recovers, he he LEAPING over the course!". Eventually, Adam reached the orange mat, placing his flags down, panting. "Adam is back first, Adam moves onto the final round!"

"For our next matchup, Jess is taking on Paul and Kristie. Survivors ready? GO!". Kristie immediately started to struggle, while Paul and Jess were fairly evenly matched on the course. Jess grabbed her flag quickly, while Paul followed soon after. "Jess and Paul off to a quick start, Kristie is struggling!", said Jeff. Jess was quick to grab her second flag, zooming onto the third, while Paul remained steadily in second. "This round is no contest!", said Jeff. Once Jess grabbed her third flag, she sped back. Paul did gain on her somewhat, but ultimately she came out on top, dropping her flags onto the mat. "Jess is back first, Jess moves onto the final round!", said Jeff.

"Next up are Emma, Otto and Karen. Survivors ready? GO!". Otto darted across the field rather quickly, leaving Emma and Karen in the dust. Grabbing his first flag, Otto continued to run while Emma and Karen hadn't even reached their first one yet. "Otto is making QUICK progress in this challenge!", yelled Probst. Indeed, Otto had reached his second flag during the time it took for Jeff to say this, while the girls had only gotten their first one. "Karen and Emma are BEHIND in this challenge!", exclaimed Jeff. Otto then grabbed his third flag and ran back to the mat, placing the flags down. "Otto gets back first and will take on Adam and Jess in the final round!", exclaimed Jeff.

Otto, Jess and Adam stood side by side, waiting for Jeff to give the okay. "In this final round, Otto, Jess and Adam will go. Survivors ready? GO!" Jess could not compete with Otto or Adam, quickly falling behind them, Adam grabbed his first flag rather quickly, while Otto was slightly behind. "This challenge is DEAD even between the guys!", yelled Jeff. Adam panted, not wanting to lose the reward. He practically galloped over to the second flag, creating a slight lead. Otto then panted himself. "Adam is now in the lead, he is KILLING it in this challengre!", said Jeff. Adam soon grabbed the third flag, turning back to reach the matt. While Otto tried to gain on him, it was no use as Adam had reached the matt with his final pair of flags. "Adam is back first, so Adam wins reward!", Jeff exclaimed. "Yeah, buddy!, Adam yelled out, happy over his victory. "Adam, a fun day of pizza and snacks awaits you. As I mentioned before, you'll need to select two people to accompany you on this trip, who will it be?"

Adam eyed Otto and Paul and turned to Jeff. "This one's easy Jeff! I choose Otto and Paul. Paul and Otto ran over to Adam excitedly, happy they were chosen for the reward. "Alright. Adam, Otto and Paul, head on out to your reward. The rest of you, I have nothing for you. Grab your stuff and head back to camp." While Adam, Otto and Paul headed off to their pizza party, the rest of Picogogeta did as Jeff said and headed back to camp.

(CONF) "I definitely was unhappy losing the reward challenge.", said Emma. "Now instead of getting to have real food and drinks, I'm going to be stuck on the beach avoiding flying coconuts while Karen sets up her little bowling alley. First Louis is blindsided, now this! What a day!"

Upon exiting their provided van, Adam, Otto and Paul were overjoyed to see their prize. "We're in the big leagues!", exclaimed Adam.

(CONF) "Winning another challenge in a row was amazing!", said Adam. "I know that I told myself to only focus on immunity, that I didn't really need this, but when you saw how HUUGE that crust was and how gooey the cheese was, you'd want to win too!"

As Paul gobbled up a slice hungrily, he turned to the two. "Do you guys have any idea who we're voting out after Emma?", Paul asked.

Otto and Adam shook their heads. "No, I haven't thought about it yet. It shouldn't matter, as I feel like we have this island doing our bidding!", said Otto.

"True that!", said Paul.

(CONF) "We're not really sure what the next phase is after Emma", said Paul. "Tonight's vote is an obvious choice, but after that, given how we're in a pact with basically everyone, we're going to need to see the checks and minuses of who to keep and to get rid of! Not to be cocky, but this shouldn't be a problem, because from the looks of it, we shouldn't be in any trouble for at least a week more!"

As the other six members of Picogogeta arrived at camp, disappointment was felt all around. "It was a close one", said Jess.

(CONF) "I definitely wish that I won the challenge today", said Jess. "Adam won and brought along Paul and Otto, which does make sense since they're his two best friends here, but I would have killed for some pizza and soda! I do wonder if Karen is still working on her Survivor bowling alley, so I'm going to go check on that to distract myself."

Jess walked over to her friend, who was holding blocks of wood while moving them over the "alley". "Karen, what exactly are you doing?", Jess asked confused.

"Oh, I'm playing Wii Sports Bowling, Survivor edition!", Karen explained. "It might seem a little challenging at first, but as long as you can move your left arm THAAT way and then took a BIIIG swing forward, you should be seeing strikes in your future, girlfriend!", Karen said jokingly.

"Strikes huh?", Jess asked. "Well, let me show you how an EXPERT does it!".

"Gladly", said Karen as she handed Jess the 'remote'. Jess did as Karen said and moved her arm left, then hurled it forward. "Strike!", exclaimed Jess. "I suppose you're onto something after all Professor Oakes!"

"When am I not Ms. Powell?", Karen said as she imitated a mentor speakingto their student.

(CONF) "While I would have liked some pizza for sure, I did realize there were a few fun things I could do back at camp!", said Karen. "Namely work on my 'bowling alley' anymore. One of the best parts about making the alley in 2018 as opposed to 2000 is that Wiis have existed for 12 years, so now I can create my own 'Wii remote to make it even more fun!"

Emma sighed alone once more, until she realized all was not lost. "Hey, I bet it's hidden where me and Louis found it!", she exclaimed before running off.

(CONF) "A lightbulb just went off in my head just now!", said Emma. "Considering that Louis and I found the idol underneath our shelter, I wonder if it was re-hidden exactly where we found it! Maybe if I can find it, then all hope wont be lost for me!"

Emma proceeded to head to the shelter, beginning to look underneath the floor. Unfortunately for her, Kristie was walking by, then noticed Emma in the middle of her search.

"What the hell?!", Kristie said as she noticed Emma.

(CONF) "I saw Emma just digging up beneath the shelter!", said Kristie. "I don't know if an idol is hidden there or not and I'm not going to risk anything, so Emma will need to face me if she wants the idol!"

Kristie charged over to where Emma was. Realizing she had been caught, Emma was forced to flee. She ran out of the area, sweating as fast as she could. Kristie smirked. "And stay out!"

(CONF) "Well, that was a bust!", Emma yelped. Kristie must have seen me while I was in the middle of the deed and didn't want me to grab it, so she just lunged at me! Wow, this day just keeps getting better, doesn't i?"

With Emma out of the way, Kristie scurried underneath the shelter. She didn't want anyone else to get their hands on an idol before she could. Moving her left hand around ever so slightly, Kristie felt a bundled object, then slowly pulled it out to reveal the idol. "Alright!", she exclaimed to herself. "I better put this in my bag before anyone sees it!". She said as she ran off to do so.

(CONF) "After I made sure Emma didn't get her hands on the potential idol, I decided to investigate for myself a little bit", said Kristie. "Low and behold, I found it hidden underneath the floor boards! I'm so excited! With this, I see myself going much farther!"

As the sun began to set in the sky, leading to bright pink replacing sapphire blue, Adam, Otto and Paul returned from their reward, spirits still high. "WILMAAAAA! I'M HOME!", exclaimed Adam. The others laughed in response to this, as they continued with their little "bowling alley".

"Still at it with this project?", Adam asked Karen.

"You bet!", said Karen. "I added in wii remotes and maybe soon I'll add in bumpers! Lex keeps getting a gutterball!"

"Hey, so did you!", Lex teased.

"Can I go?", Otto asked. "I want to be the bowling pin wizard!"

Karen handed Otto a coconut. "Go for it!"

Otto rolled the coconut down the "alley", causing him to hit several blocks of wood. "A champion in the making!", he exclaimed. Everyone else cheered for him.

(CONF) "I really like this game that Karen made up", said Otto. "I believe she makes computer and video games in her spare time, so I wouldn't mind seeing if she can make this for something I could buy on my Xbox One! I think my son Bjorn would like it too, only I'm going to play it all the time and he's never going to get to!"

While the majority of Picogogeta reveled in their new game, Emma was dejected. Losing her main ally and not being able to find the idol was doing a number on her sanity. Noticing everyone else engaged in the bowling game she scorned earlier, Emma sighed, conceding.

(CONF) "I'm really, really tired and don't know what else to do", said Emma. "I feel like I should just check out this game, because everyone else can't get enough of it and I'm out of ideas to get around anything that's going to happen!"

Emma walked up to the others. "Hey, I was really curious about this game you guys are playing. What exactly is it again?", she asked.

Karen was all too eager to explain. "It's Survivor bowling!", said Karen. "You saw Borneo, right?"

"Yes, I've seen every season.", said Emma. "What about it?"

"Well, if you remember Sean, the crazy doctor with the alphabet voting strategy, he tried to make his own bowling alley.", said Karen. "He divided up lines in the sand and used wood for pins. It didn't work and everything thought he was...well, crazy, but I really liked it and thought it had a lot of potential, hence why I made it. You're British, is bowling big over there?"

Emma shook her head. "Not really", she replied. "Never saw an alley where I grew up. We had games similar to it, but not the American version."

Karen nodded. "Well, now's the perfect time to begin!", she exclaimed. "Just hold the ball, pull back and throw!". Karen handed Emma a coconut, allowing her to go at it.

"Alright, here goes nothing", Emma said. Pulling back the coconut as Karen told her to, Emma hurled it forward, knocking over all but one pin. "Wow!", she exclaimed. "That was easy..and fun! I definitely am going to play it more when I get home!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it!", said Karen. "Now I think Sean's going to receive the vindication he deserves!"

(CONF) "I'm really happy all of us got to bond with Emma.", said Karen. "Even if she didn't vote in the majority, that doesn't mean we can't be friends. If I'm Gary Oak, given my last name, then she can be my Ash Ketchum, since she's a worthy opponent!"

As the nine continued to play for hours, the moon eventually rose in the sky, total darkness surrounding it.

"Woah, it's late", said Chong. "We probably should get some rest!"

"Yeah, that would make sense.", said Emma. "Gotta all be ready for the challenge tomorrow." Everyone obliged, heading off to the shelter.

(CONF) "Karen's awesome!", said Emma. "I know that she was against me last round and we're probably not going to vote together this upcoming Tribal Council, but she's incredibly fun-loving and inventive. Even being a long-term fan of the show, I forgot all about this alley that Sean made, so revisiting it and playing the game was surprisingly entertaining!"

Everyone soon fell asleep for the night. Eventually, the moon surrendered to the sun as bright cyan permeated the sky. Awaking before all others, Otto found the usual parchment jutting out of the tree, alerting the others. "Treemail!", he called for them. Otto then took out the note and read it to the tribe.

"Today you will be swimming and you'll be hauling yourself. If you get the gold medals then you will have immune wealth." Otto read. "A swimming challenge, huh? Sounds like fun, I guess." Adam seemed more excited.

"Alright, another swimming challenge!!", Adam exclaimed for emphasis. He grabbed his immunity necklace as he headed off to the challenge site with the others, embracing what was ahead.

(CONF) "When I found out that today's challenge would involve swimming, I was REALLY, REALLY excited!", said Adam. "Growing up in Maine, water has pretty much been my second home. I swam when I was in school, I fished, I boated, hell I OWNED my first boat when I was 20. So to say water is my element is an understatement!"

The nine arrived at the challenge site in a boat, walking onto the dock Jeff was standing on. "Welcome!", he greeted them. "Adam, I'm gonna need to take that back.", Jeff said as he took the immunity necklace from Adam. "I'm gonna get it back", Adam promised. "We'll see about that", said Jeff. "Ready to get to today's immunity challenge?", Jeff asked.

Everyone nodded. "For today's challenge, you are going to be standing on a wooden platform. There are two hangers on opposite ends of the platforms.", said Jeff. "You are going to start off on one end of the hanger, grab a medallion on it, run across the board and put the medallion on the other hanger. After you've transferred the medallion, you are going to jump underwater and pull yourself across the bottom of the platform using a rope. Once you've reached the opposite end, you will resurface, then do the same thing once more. We are doing this in three groups of three, so the winners of each of the first three rounds will face off against each other in the fourth and final round. The first person in the final round to transfer all of their idols before the other two, wins immunity and is safe from the vote. Let's draw for spots."

"This first round will be Paul, Otto and Kristie. Survivors ready? GO!" With that, Kristie, Paul and Otto began their race. Otto quickly grabbed his medallion, then raced to the other end of the platform, placing it on the hanger. Paul was close behind as he then placed his medallion on the hanger, while Kristie lagged behind. The three then jumped into the water to begin pulling themselves across using the rope. "Otto begins with an early lead! Paul and Kristie have to pick it up!", said Jeff. Otto hauled himself along the bottom, then emerging as he grabbed his second medallion. Paul followed, while Kristie struggled to keep up. "Otto continues his lead!", Jeff said as Otto placed the medallion on the second hanger. "Otto moves on to the final round!"

The next matchup was between Adam, Jess and Karen. "Survivors ready? GO!" Jess darted ahead with her first medallion, while Karen followed close behind. However, they were no match for Adam, who had already placed his medallion on the second hanger. "Adam is CHARGING ahead in this challenge!", said Jeff. Diving under the water, Adam quickly yanked himself across with the rope, then jumped out and grabbed the next medallion. Jess and Karen were far behind. "Jess and Karen are being DESTROYED in this challenge!", said Jeff. Adam then raced across the platform as he placed his second medallion on the hanger, jumping underwater once more to drag himself along with the rope. Eventually, he made it to the top again. "Adam completes his medallion run, Adam moves onto the final round!"

Emma, Chong and Lex were the next up. "Survivors ready? Go!", Jeff exclaimed. Chong was off to an early lead as he grabbed his medallion and raced quickly to the other hanger, placing his medallion on it. Emma was on on his tail, while Lex was lagging behind. "Chong is leading, Emma and Lex, you need to pick it up!", said Jeff. Emma did her best to keep up with Chong, but he was too fast for her, as he jumped underwater and began hauling himself to the other side. He then pulled himself out of the water, grabbing his second medallion as he raced to the other side. Lex and Emma were far behind. "Chong now has placed his second medallion on the hanger! He must swim back now!", exclaimed Jeff. Chong did just that, reaching his platform. "Chong is back! He moves onto the final round with Otto and Adam!"

Otto, Adam and Chong stood on their platforms, awaiting the signal. "Survivors ready? GO!", shouted Jeff, as the three were off. Chong lagged behind Otto and Adam, who both had collected their first medallion, then placed it onto the hanger. "Otto and Adam are neck and neck! Chong is behind!", shouted Jeff. Eventually, Adam was able to gain the lead, pulling himself out of the water a few seconds before Otto. Grabbing his medallion, he ran over to the other side, placed it on there, then dove underwater once more. Quickly hauling his body across the bottom, he then reached the top. "Adam makes it up first, ADAM WINS IMMUNITY FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW!", Jeff shouted. Adam was happier than ever over his victory. "Yeah, buddy!", he exclaimed, exuberant over his triumph. Adam swam over to Jeff, then pulled himself up onto the dock. "Adam, once again you are safe from elimination tonight, you have a 1 in 8 shot at winning the million dollars. The rest of you, grab your stuff and head back to camp. You have a date at tribal council where one of you will be voted out.

(CONF) "I KNEW that this would be my kinda challenge!", exclaimed Adam. "At this point, I'm hoping we swim for every one down the road, then in that case I can win my way to the end! With the way things are going, I doubt I'll need that, but if it happens, it'll be SICK!"

Back at camp, everyone applauded Adam for his second straight immunity victory. "Congrats to the second coming of Colby Donaldson, right down to the same merge buff color!", exclaimed Paul.

"I appreciate it!", Adam said. "But again, I don't really know anything about the show from that period!"

"Well with the way things are looking for you, I'm assuming I'll have enough time to teach you it all!", said Paul.

(CONF) "Adam won immunity for the second time today", said Paul. "I'm really, really happy about that, because now we know Emma is going to be out of here without question. The LAST thing I need is another Louis situation."

Adam then approached Paul. "Can you go get Otto? I need to talk to the two of you.", Adam said.

"Alright", said Paul. "Gimme a second", he said as he went to get Otto. Adam waited impatiently as Paul returned with Otto. "You called for me. What's going on?", Otto asked Adam.

"You know how Louis ended up almost bringing the idol to tribal council last time and we had to go through hell to stop him?", Adam asked.

"What about it?", Otto asked.

"What if Emma has the idol secretly?", asked Adam. "I mean, since she found it with Louis, shouldn't she know where it is if his idol got re-hidden?"

"Maybe we could ask some of our tribe-mates", said Otto. "They should know!"

"Good idea!", said Adam. "Let's go find some now!"

(CONF) "Paul told me that Adam was paranoid over Emma having a hidden immunity idol.", said Otto. "To be honest, Adam's not entirely wrong to be worried. Given that Emma just lost her King and she's a dethroned Queen, she's going to do anything she can to stay alive in the game!"

Otto went to look for tribe-members to speak to when he ran into Kristie. "Oh, sorry Kris.", said Otto "Do you happen to know anything about the idol? Adam's worried Emma got it!"

Kristie seemed surprised at the question, but was happy to answer. "No, in fact I have it!, Kristie explained. "Emma tried to get it, but I caught her in the act!"

"Oh, that's good to know!", exclaimed Otto. "In that case, this plan should go perfectly!"

"Sounds like it!", said Kristie, as Otto walked off.

(CONF) "Otto came over to me asking if I knew about the hidden immunity idol.", said Kristie. "Fortunately, I'm the one who happened to find it, so I was able to confirm Emma didn't! And thank god for that! After Louis was blindsided, Emma probably would have done anything to last another round, including selling her soul to the devil!"

Karen walked over to grab her torch, noticing Emma. "Hi again", Karen said to her. "Here's your torch".

"Thank you", said Emma. "Good luck tonight"

Same to you", Karen said as she began walking to tribal council.

(CONF) "Tonight's vote is a necessary evil decision", said Karen. "Do I WANT to vote out Emma? No, not at all, but when you're playing Civilization, it doesn't matter if when you're in multiplayer, you're playing against a friend or not. I defeat my friends all the time in Civilization, but do I still see them as friends? Absolutely. I hope Emma thinks the same."

The members of Picogogeta arrived at tribal council, dipping their torches in the flames, then placing them behind them. Jeff then greeted them. "Welcome back. Adam, how does it feel being immune again, knowing you're not going home?" said Jeff.

"It feels great!", exclaimed Adam. "When you have immunity, life is perfect! No worries, no issues, no surprises!"

"Speaking of surprises, Emma, I know you were shocked by Louis' elimination last night. What's going through your mind right now?", Jeff asked.

"I'm still processing it", said Emma. "Me and Louis were strong allies and to have him taken from me in such a violent turn of events is not something I can just forget."

"Otto, the vote was very clear last time", said Jeff. "Do you think that it'll be like that tonight?"

"I'm confident that the vote is going to be close again", said Otto. "We're almost all united and at this point and I don't see any reason why we'd turn on each other tonight or any time soon."

"Karen, does Otto's statement hold up to you, that most of you are on the same page?", Jeff asked.

"To an extent", said Karen. "I agree that at this point, most of us have the same intentions in mind with the vote, though given it's an individual game, ultimately you worry most about your own position."

"Paul, do you see it as arrogant to feel there will be nothing of note to occur tonight, or do you think sometimes, that's just how it is on Survivor?", Jeff asked him.

"Sometimes nothing happens", said Paul. "That's just how it is. When you have the power, it's not bragging."

"Lex, would you say that your camp is entirely strategy focused, or do you think that you guys talk about other things?", Jeff asked.

"Actually", Lex started "We've been doing some other stuff recently. Karen for instance made up this game from an earlier season that we all liked!"

"What game?", Jeff asked while raising an eyebrow.

Karen seemed a little embarrassed. "It's this bowling alley", said Karen. "Sean tried to make it on Borneo and I really liked the idea, so I built it. It was fun!"

"Chong, do you think Karen genuinely wants to have fun like this, or do you think there's an ulterior motive?", Jeff asked.

"I do think Karen genuinely ws trying to have fun", said Chong. "We don't really have any major issues or voting plansto discuss at the moment, so it's a breather period."

"Emma, do you feel like fighting to stay in is worth it, or have you tried to go with the flow?", Jeff asked.

"I have tried to fight", said Emma. "Except I wasn't able to get the idol, which makes things harder."

"Kristie, Emma said she couldn't find the idol. Does this make you wonder if it will be found soon?", Jeff asked.

"You never know", said Kristie. "Anyone could. It could be me, could be Otto, could be Lex. We'll just have to wait and see."

"Jess, your thoughts on the idol not being found?", Jeff asked.

"I do wonder when it will found be for sure", said Jess. "I think we all are wondering at this point and until it's found, I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled."

"Interesting", said Jeff. "Adam, I assume you intend to keep immunity?"

"Yep!", said Adam. "With that, it is time to vote. Karen, you're up.", said Jeff. Karen walked up to the voting stall, then wrote down Emma's name. "I wish you the best. I had a lot of fun with you." Emma then walked up and wrote down Lex's name. "I'm not sure who to vote for tonight. I'm probably going and I'd rather vote for an Ahay than one of my own.". Adam, Otto, Jess, Lex, Kristie, Paul and Chong then voted in order. Once Chong voted and sat down, Jeff went to get the urn.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said. He then got the urn, then returned with it. "If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." No one stood up.

"Once the votes are red, the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote...Emma"

"Second vote...Lex"

"Third vote...Emma, that's two votes Emma"

"Fourth vote....Emma, that's three votes Emma"

"Fifth vote...Emma, that's four votes Emma, one vote Lex, one vote left."

"Tenth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the 1st member of our jury...Emma, you need to bring me your torch." Emma did as she said, grabbing her torch. She said "goodbye" to everyone as she placed it down. "Emma, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said. He then snuffed her torch. "It's time for you to go." Emma then headed out of tribal council, into the night. "Well, this vote demonstrated a unity in the tribe. However, whether unity remains or not is yet to be seen. Grab tour torches, head back to camp, good night.", said Jeff. The members of Picogogeta did just that and left tribal council.

Emma's Final Words: "I wasn't surprised in the least by what happened tonight. I was on the bottom after Louis got blindsided and it was only a matter of time until they got me. I am happy I did meet some nice people, though and I wish to continue speaking to them for sure!"


Emma: Paul, Otto, Adam, Kristie, Jess, Karen, Chong, Lex

Lex: Emma

Episode 10: "The Dam Is Gonna Break and Someone's Gonna Drown"

Last time on Survivor...Emma was left horrified after Louis was blindsided at the previous tribal council. Bored with the mundanity of camp life, Karen created a project based off of one of her favorite past seasons. At the reward challenge, Adam came out on top, bringing along Otto and Paul to celebrate. Back at camp, Emma tried to find the hidden immunity idol, but was shooed away by Kristie, who found the idol for herself. At the immunity challenge, Adam won for the second time in a row. Back at camp, Adam feared Emma finding a hidden immunity idol. Otto asked Kristie about idol possession, revealing she had one. At tribal council, Emma was voted out, becoming the first member of the jury. 8 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Adam laid down his torch after returning from tribal council, still elated over another triumphant vote. "Yeah, buddy!", he said to Otto and Paul.

(CONF) "I've never felt so on top of the world!", said Adam. "First Louis, now Emma! I feel so happy, just so unbeatable that nothing can bring me down! I feel like I'm King of the hill, King of the castle! At this point, I just feel like me, Paul, Otto and Chong are the kings and everyone else here is just gonna bow down to us! This is great!"

Jess sighed in annoyance, frustrated by Adam's incessant bragging. "I get it! You won two immunity challenges and we ALL voted out Louis and Emma!"

"Actually, I've won three!", he bragged.

"Ugh!", Jess groaned as she walked off.

(CONF) "Adam was seriously annoying me when we got back from Tribal Council.", said Jess "He acts like just because he won some challenges and ended up voting out the person we all wanted out that he's some sort of celebrity! Frankly, if I hear him yell 'Yeah, buddy!' one more time, I'm sewing my ears shut!"

Jess then walked over to Karen. "I gotta get away from him", she said.

"I know how you feel", said Karen. "Even I think the bragging is a bit much."

(CONF) "Jess told me that she was annoyed by Adam's bragging.", said Karen. "While I don't get annoyed very easily myself, I can understand why she was irritated by it. Adam has been talking about this since we left tribal council and to me, it's excessive."

Adam turned to Paul and Otto. "I think she's overreacting! We did awesome there and besides, I DID win immunity three times!", Adam boasted once more.

"I guess not everyone sees it as justified", said Paul.

(CONF) "Adam and Jesse just had a disagreement over Adam's bragging", said Paul. "I think that he definitely is getting a little too big for his britches, but otherwise, I don't see any issue. After all, we're genuinely in this position of power and I don't see us losing it."

"I suppose not" said Adam. "But it doesn't matter, because we're practically the Kings of this island!"

"True that!', said Otto.

The Picogogeta members all soon fell asleep, snoring loudly. In a few hours, the sun rose in the sky, few clouds to disrupt the picture-esque weather. Otto removed the usual note from the tree, alerting his seven other tribe-mates. "Treemaaaaaaail!", Otto exclaimed. He then removed the note to read it to the tribe.

"Today is another reward, it's time to take a slide. Cause' when you're done, you'll have some fun, as long as you abide.", Otto read. "Hmm, sounds like the challenge with the waterslide!"

"That sounds like it'll be fun!", exclaimed Karen." Everyone began heading off to the challenge.

(CONF) "I do hope that Adam loses reward today", said Karen. "He's won the last two immunities and the last reward and frankly, I wouldn't mind getting to go on one. The only way he'll lose immunity is if it's in trivia or something, but given the challenges Jeff uses nowadays, I don't know how likely that is. I guess I'll have to wait and see."

The eight members of Picogogeta arrived at the challenge sight. "Come on in guys!", Jeff welcomed them. "Are you ready to get to today's reward challenge?" Everyone nodded. "Alright, here's how it's going to work. You will be competing in two pairs of four. One at a time, one person from each group is going to race down the slide. They will dig up a ring, then the next person goes. Once all four rings are dug up, you will throw the rings at four increasingly far away poles. First group to land their rings on all four poles, wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?", Jeff asked.

Everyone nodded. "The winning team will be taken to a hotel, where they will stay overnight and be treated to all-you can eat room service, video games, alcohol and karaoke." Otto squealed with excitement at the mention of karaoke. "Losing group gets nothing. Let's draw for spots.", said Jeff.

"Team 1 is Adam, Chong, Otto and Paul, while team 2 is Lex, Kristie, Jess and Karen. Survivors ready? GO!" Adam quickly raced down the slide, running to the first digging site. Lex was a little slower, slipping and tumbling after getting off the slide. "Adam is off to a quick start! Lex is struggling right off the bat!", Jeff exclaimed. Adam then quickly dug up the first ring, which allowed Chong to then slide down. Lex eventually found her ring, allowing Kristie to run. "Chong now sliding for the men! Women have to make up some time!" Chong ran to the second digging site and quickly unearthed his ring, running back, allowing Otto to then slide. Kristie eventually dug up her ring, trudging back, allowing for Jess to run. "Otto slides down with unrivaled speed! Jess is behind!" Otto quickly dug up the next ring, charging back. Jess also was quick to uncover her ring and ran back as well. It was now Paul and Karen's turns. Paul slid down as quickly as he could, while Karen struggled to keep up. "Karen falling behind for the women, Paul in the lead!", said Jeff. Paul ran to the final digging site as he quickly unearthed the final ring. Karen quickly dug up her ring, then trudging behind Paul. "Paul and Karen are back, you guys can start throwing!", Jeff shouted. Adam took the rings and began hurling them at the first pole. Eventually, he landed the first ring. Jess did her best to match Adam, but she clearly could not compete with him as she took much longer to get her first ring on the pole. "Adam quickly connects! The men are in the lead!", said Jeff.

Adam soon threw his second ring, which also landed on the pole. Karen was not having quite as much luck, coming up short a few times. "Karen misses by a lot! The women need to catchup!", said Jeff. Adam then was able to land his third ring during this time, while Karen finally landed her first. However, it was all for naught, as Adam immediately landed his fourth and final ring. "MEN WIN REWARD!", exclaimed Jeff. "Guys, enjoy your stay at the hotel, have fun. Women, I have nothing for you. Head back to camp." The guys, still cheering triumphantly, headed to their hotel, while the women returned to camp dejected.

(CONF) "Losing the challenge today was a NIGHTMARE for me!", exclaimed Lex. "Knowing that the guys would be having fun at a nice clean hotel eating food and SINGING while I'm stuck on a dirty beach just gets to me! Adam is a beast and at this point, I question if he's defeatable!"

Otto, Paul, Adam and Chong arrived at their hotel, checking in as they excitedly ran to take a shower before being involved with the activities.

(CONF) "4 FOR 4 BABY!", Adam exclaimed. "Winning this reward to the hotel was awesome! Not only do we get clean beds, but there are all sorts of things for us to do here, like an all you can eat buffet, video games and karaoke! I don't REALLY care about that last one, but we're having fun, so that's what matters! Besides, with the girls out of our hair, I can discuss the plan of attack I have for this round, as to who to take out!"

Otto called out to the guys. "Let's go to karaoke!", he exclaimed. "There's a song I REALLY want to sing, like REALLY , REALLY badly!" He then darted off, with Paul, Adam and Chong following after.

(CONF) "Otto was REALLY excited to do karaoke!", said Chong. "Never knew he was much of a singer, but I'm really curious as to what he'll sing when we get there."

As the four ran in, the karaoke station was empty. "Hello gentlemen, would you like to sing a song?", the moderator asked. "Yes, I certainly would!", exclaimed Otto.

Paul laughed. "What are you going to sing Otto?"

"I can't TELL you that, silly!", Otto replied. "Otherwise it would ruin the surprise!"

Otto then whispered a request into the moderator's ear, smirking and giggling like a schoolgirl. Taking the microphone, he eventually began to sing 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua, moving his hips and feet as he danced and sung simultaenously.

"I'm a barbie girl! In a barbie wooorld! Life in plastic, is FANTASTIC! You can brush my hair, and take me everywhereeee! Imagination, life is your creation! Come on barbie, let's go party! Ah-ah-ah-yeaaah!", Otto sang. He soon finished the song, resulting in cheers from Chong, Paul and Adam.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the next voice of our generation!", Paul said. The four men then laughed.

(CONF) "I loved being able to sing that song!", said Otto. "Euro-pop is really big in Sweden and I always like being able to jam out to little songs like that, something from the 1990s preferably! I hope me and the guys can meet up again, so we can sing even more songs like this!"

"Excellent performance Otto, but the four of us need to talk business.", said Adam.

"Fine with me", said Paul. "Who do you want to vote out next? At this point, we need to turn on each other since all our enemies are gone."

"I was actually thinking Karen", said Adam. "Don't get me wrong, she's a GREAT person and probably one of the nicest and funnest people I've ever met, but the woman could CREAM us all in the finals! Everyone likes her, hell even EMMA got along with her before she was kicked out last round. Besides, she's also a beast at puzzle challenges and that could cause problems if the challenges have puzzles."

"You think we can pull this off?", asked Chong.

"We should be able to", said Adam. "You're basically best friends with Lex, so that's 5 us, 3 them!"

"Good point!", said Chong. "Lex would never turn on us in a million years!"

"Alright, that plan works for me", said Otto. "Karen?"

"KAREN!", the men said as they put their hands together and lifted them up.

(CONF) "So, we determined that we're going to be blindsiding Karen", said Paul. "Adam was right in that with us four plus Lex, we'd easily be able to take her by surprise! Besides, she's only REALLY good at puzzles, so unless the next immunity challenge has a mental component, this should be effortless!"

Back at camp, Lex, Kristie, Jess and Karen walked in, frustrated at another loss.

"Damn it!", exclaimed Kristie. "Adam kicked our butts AGAIN! You sure Probst didn't rig the challenge for him?"

"I wouldn't doubt it", said Jess. "After all, he's told me at least a MILLION times that the first season he saw was Redemption Island and you know the player from THAT season all the newb fans like!"

(CONF) "I was more angry than usual to lose the reward challenge today", said Jess. "Not only did I miss out on sleeping in an actual bed and eating food that won't give me tapeworms, but Adam, a.k.a Donaldson 2.0, won his FOURTH challenge straight! I suppose that he just got lucky with what he got, but frankly, it's worrying me THIS much how well he's doing!"

"Girls, we need to talk", Jess said to Kristie, Lex and Karen.

"Good idea", said Karen. "Besides, we need to figure out who we want totake out next."

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing", Jess said to Karen. "If you ask me, I really think we should blindside Adam this round if he doesn't win immunity. Do you see that guy in challenges? Before you know it, he could be wearing that necklace up to the finals!"

"Very good points", said Karen. "He's a pretty alright guy, but me with my mom-bod against Conan the Barbarian? That's like a Magikarp taking on a legendary Pokemon!"

(CONF) "Jess told me that she wanted to take out Adam as soon as she got the chance", sad Karen. "While I definitely like him, I will get fucked over HARD if he's left here to win challenges! Besides, him, Paul and Otto have a really strong friendship going on and you'd be crazy to think they'd take anyone but themselves to the end!"

"Are you really sure?", Lex asked. "Adam and I were pretty good friends on Ahay"

"It doesn't matter!", exclaimed Jess. "I don't care if Adam is your best friend, your conjoined twin or your executioner! He's strong! He's pretty well liked! And him, Otto and Paul are inseparable! When Chong gets back here, I need you to isolate him from the other three. I'm going to pretend that Kristie is the target! Kristie, does this work for you?", Jess asked her.

Kristie nodded. "Sounds solid to me"

"Alright, so Kristie is the fake target!" said Jess. "Tell him that and keep him away from the other three guys at ALL costs! Sing your songs to him! Play your little air guitar crap! Just do anything you can to fool him! If you don't do this, I will personally change the target to you! Okay?!"

Lex gulped. "Oh, okay.", she said as she walked off.

(CONF) "Jess seemed REALLY hell-bent on getting out Adam.", Lex said. "I really, really like him as a friend and I feel it would be SOOO mean to just take him out like this. At the same time, Jess told me that I'd be the new target if I don't listen to her, so it seems like I'm gonna have to go along for the ride. Lying to Chong will be a NIGHTMARE, though!"

Karen turned to Jess after Kristie and Lex turned away. "That's some nice strong-arming there!", Karen complimented her.

"I'm a President in training!", exclaimed Jess. "I HAVE to be by default!"

(CONF) "I'm hoping that Lex comes through for the plan!", Jess exclaimed. "She's probably crying her guts out able having to tell a 'mean ol lie' to Chong, but I don't care! If I have it my way, Adam will not be here past day 27! The dam is gonna break and someone's gonna drown!"

As Jess and Karen were walking to the water to wash off before heading to sleep, Jess potted Otto's bag, noticing something jutting out of it. "Hey, what's that?", Jess said as she noticed the object.

"Maybe we should examine it", said Karen.

Jess proceeded to do just that, picking up the object. Upon realizing what it was, her eyes widened. "Son of a bitch!", she exclaimed. "I knew he'd do something like this!". Jess was holding Otto's hidden immunity idol, which she was never informed about.

"Oh shit, that is a real one!", said Karen. "What do we do?"

"Simple", said Jess. "Aside from Lex who will be telling Chong that Kristie's the target, whenever Adam, Otto and Paul are in earshot, we need to make Otto look like the target. Then we can flush out his idol and take Adam out at the same time!"

"I like your thinking Powell!", said Karen.

"Thank you Oakes!", Jess replied.

(CONF) "Me and Jess just unearthed an idol that Otto apparently found", said Karen. "I do understand why he didn't want to tell me, but if that was the case, he should have hidden his idol better, because now this is good leverage to use against Adam!"

The next morning, a boat pulled up to the shore and dropped off Adam, Paul, Otto and Chong. The four proceeded back to the shelter, happy over the fun they had.

"Great night!", exclaimed Chong. "I really wouldn't mind staying there again!"

"Agreed", said Adam. "And the way I see it, we should be back there a few more times in the next week or so, if you know what I mean! Once we pull Lex in on this, nothing is gonna stand in our way!"

(CONF) "Hell of a reward last night!", exclaimed Adam. "Not only did I enjoy some of Otto's grade A singing, but we planned our next target. Why does EVERYTHING go my way? Seriously, there is absolutely no way that things can get any better than this! I'd say the only direction is down now, but hell will have to freeze over for that to happen!"

"Let's go find Lex", said Paul. "Then we can discuss this for sure."

Otto noticed Lex, then called out for her. "Hey Lex, we need to talk to you!". Lex realized who was back, then darted off into the jungle to avoid them finding out about what was to go down.

"That's odd", Paul said. "Normally she's really excited to talk to us.

"Maybe she wants to talk to me", said Chong. "I feel like I get through to her the most easily." Chong said as he went off to find Lex.

"Be back ASAP!", said Paul.

(CONF) "Lex was acting pretty strange just now", said Paul. "Maybe that's not an appropriate word to use, since any 25 year old woman who openly professes to playing air guitar isn't exactly what the layman would call 'normal', but still this girl's organs are on the floor the minute she opens up and yet now it's like she's been sewn shut!"

"I'm sure this will get figured out!", exclaimed Otto. "Chong can convince Lex to do anything!"

(CONF) "We were all a little bit confused when we saw Lex just take off!", exclaimed Otto. "I do feel confident in her because she's worked with us already, but also because her and Chong are tight. If she betrays him, I will eat demand that a video of me singing 'I'm a Barbie Girl' be uploaded online."

Lex made her way through the clearing, only to find Chong chase after her. She was a little bit startled, but otherwise welcomed him. "Oh, hi Chong", said Lex, clearly troubled.

"Are you okay?", Chong asked with concern. "You seem a little bit antsy."

Lex sighed. "It's the vote tonight.", said Lex. "The girls want to get out Kristie and told me to talk to you."

"Really? Well, the guys wanted to get out Karen", Chong. "Since they think she's nice and all."

Lex knew she had to find a way to change Chong's mind. A growing feeling of dread was developing in her stomach as she mustered up the first lie she could think of.

"Well...", Lex started. "I THINK I heard Kristie was targeting you, but I'm not sure..."

Chong seemed a little surprised. "That's not good", he started. "If that is the case, we should take her out instead."

Lex felt sweat pouring out of her pores, ugly feelings of regret growing. Still, she remembered what Jess said and was too scared to test her. "..Yeah, I guess we should vote for her tonight..", Lex stammered. "..I need to be right back for a minute and then I'm going to come back to you...I think we should spend the rest of the time until the next tribal council just having fun, with more air guitar and know?", she said as she ran off.

Jess was relaxing in the shelter when Lex approached her.

"What is it?", Jess asked.

"I got Chong on board", said Lex. "I told him Kristie was targetting him and he ate it up."

"Perfect!", exclaimed Jess. "Make sure you spend all of your time with him and don't let him get away!"

"Alright..", Lex replied, visibly uncomfortable with this, but complying anyway, as she went off to Chong again.

(CONF) "I don't want to be arrogant, but manipulating Lex was easy!", proclaimed Jess. "She's a pretty nice girl, if VERY annoying, but man is she dumb! Tell her Chong wants to do something and she just does it! And she'll probably make a great lackey for the rest of the merge, with how easily she can be swayed!"

Otto, Paul and Adam were growing impatient. Yes, Chong and Lex often would discuss the superiority of Bob Dylan over Alice in Chains, but this was long, even for them.

"I feel like something's up", said Paul. "Should we bother checking up on the two? Part of me says yes."

"Nah", said Adam. "We've bene over this. One, they DO have conversations this long. Two, as I said, Lex is Chong's best friend here, aside from us. If he's doing something, she will. Trust me."

Otto sighed. "I suppose you're right", he said. "Lex has been on our side and hasn't backed away once, so I say there's a 5% chance of her being up to something, IF that!"

"I guess", Paul said. He was still feeling apprehensive about the situation, but clearly had no room to argue. the three then headed of, intending to rest for the night soon.

(CONF) "Part of me really worries about Adam's confidence right now", said Paul. "True, Louis had his downfall due to being paranoid, but something here doesn't add up. I'm hoping that any arrogance on his part doesn't bite us in the butt, because in Survivor, that requires metaphorical stitches and there's no doctor in the house, so I'd rather avoid that!"

Eventually, the members of Picogogeta headed off to sleep. Everyone was tired and needed to recharge for tomorrow. As the sun rose in the sky, Adam ran out to collect the tree mail. "TREEE MAAAIL!", he exclaimed. Adam then opened up the note and began reading it.

"Today you'll have to use your brain, to get the answers right. About the country you are in, don't know and it will bite!" Adam read. "That makes me wonder..", he said with a slight tinge of uncertainty. When Karen heard the note, she became a little bit hopeful she could pull off a win.

(CONF) "The challenge today mentioned something about using your head or knowing something about the country we're in!", said Adam. "I know we're in Madagascar, but that's about it! I know Karen's wicked smart, but she hasn't won a single challenge by now, so why would it just start happening?"

Everyone on Picogogeta headed off to the challenge sight, where Jeff awaited them. "Come on in guys!", Jeff said. "Adam, I'm going to need to take that back", he said as he took the immunity necklace from Adam. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Ready to get to today's challenge?" Everyone nodded.

"Alright, here's how it's going to work", said Jeff. "I am going to be asking you guys a series of trivia questions related to Madagascar. They're initially easy, but they're gonna get harder. The first person to get 5 points wins immunity. Makes sense?" Everyone nodded. "Alright, let's get down to business,", said Jeff.

Jeff then revealed the first question. "Number 1. What's the national animal of Madagascar? A. The orangutan, B. The ring tailed lemur, C. The chimpanzee or D. The baboon?" Everybody wrote B on their paper and held up their answers. "Everyone got it right. That's 1 point for everyone." Everyone then ripped off that sheet of paper, ready for the next question. "Question 2.", said Jeff. "Which ocean does Madagascar border? A. The Indian Ocean B. The Atlantic Ocean or C. The Pacific Ocean." Everyone but Adam and Lex wrote A on their paper. "Everyone but Adam and Lex is right! Everyone else has 2, Adam and lex still have one.

Get ready for question 3." Everyone tore off off the sheet of paper, awaiting the next question. "Question 3", Jeff said. "What is the capital of Madagascar? A. Mahajanga B. Toliara C. Tolanaro or D. Antananarivo?" Only Karen and Jess wrote D, while Adam wrote C, Lex wrote B and everyone else wrote A. "Karen and Jess are right, the rest of you are not", said Jeff. "Karen and Jess are at 3, everyone else but Adam and Lex still at 2."

Everyone then tore off their paper, awaiting the next question. "Question number 4. Which country is to Madagascar's west? A. Kenya B. Gabon C. Mozambique or D. Malawai.?", asked Jeff. Only Karen got the answer right. "Karen is right and now has 4 points! Everyone else still at their same scores as before!" Once again, everyone tore off their paper. "If Karen gets this right, she wins immunity", said Jeff. Adam nervously eyed her, as Karen gave him a look that said 'Game on'.

"Question 5", Jeff started. "What year did the movie Madagascar come out in? If you were on the reward to see this movie, you will have an advantage. A. 2005 B. 2000 C. 2006 D. 2003." Karen and Paul wrote A. "Reveal please", Jeff said. "Once Jeff saw Karen's answer, it was all over. Karen, you have just earned 5 points, so you win immunity!" Karen was elated as she ran over to Jeff to get the necklace, having it put on her. Jess cheered for her, as Adam looked rather disappointed. "Karen, you are safe from the vote and have a 1 in 7 shot of winning the million dollars! Everyone else, one of you has the chance of being the next person voted out of the tribe! Head back to camp to figure out who it will be."

(CONF) "When I realized the challenge would be trivia today, man was I screwed!", Adam explained. "And even worse, Karen ended up winning immunity! That said, I have a feeling me and my boys can recover from this and send out Jess! Lex has been acting weird, but I KNOW she's still with us so as it stands, there is NOO way I'm going home tonight!"

Back at camp, everyone congratulated Karen on her win. "Nice job!", Jess complimented her. "Thanks guys!", said Karen.

(CONF) "What a day this has been!", exclaimed Karen. "First we propose getting out Adam, who has won every individual challenge since now, then of all people, I win immunity! I don't know who the guys were targeting, but if it was me, they're gonna have to have a plan b!"

"Guys, we need to figure out our backup plan", said Paul. "Who should it be? Jess?"

Adam nodded. "Yeah, she's pretty much Karen's partner in crime, so she's the next best thing."

"That makes sense", said Otto.

(CONF) "Unfortunately, things didn't go so well at the immunity challenge today", said Otto. "Adam seemed like he was poised to win due to him being this challenge monster, but at the worst time possible, he gets a trivia challenge! No offense to Adam, but trivia is basically his kryptonite. Even worse is that Karen won the challenge, so now we're going to focus on Jess. I do wonder where Lex has been all this time, but really, there's no sign she'll do anything tricky."

Meanwhile, Lex guided Chong into the jungle. "Hey, since we know who's going, let's just chill", she said. "We don't have much time to do that with how the game is going nowadays!"

Chong nodded slowly. "Oh, uh alright", she said. "You sure you still want to vote Kristie?"

"Yes, I'm sure", Lex said. "Now let's jam out with my air guitar!" she said as she began strumming chords.

Chong followed along, not feeling quite right.

(CONF) "Am I the worst friend in the world?!", Lex exclaimed. "All my life I've been taught to be honest, to not do sneaky things like this! Yet before I came on here, a bunch of friends of mine said that I had to be willing to do stuff like this, or else be voted out first! I know I didn't get out first, but still...i hope after this vote is done, I can go back to being my fun-loving, non-deceiving self, because frankly, I'm not feeling well deep inside."

Jess sat in the shelter next to Kristie and Karen. "Alright you two, I'm going to need both of you to say you're voting for Otto loudly so he'll bring his idol tonight and play it on himself. Okay?"

The two nodded. "Okay", they said.

(CONF) "Initially, I was a little bit unsure of this plan", said Kristie. "Jess told me that she intended to use me as a fake target so that Chong couldn't speak to the guys and I wondered if there was a trick behind her trick, so to speak. But as I've continued to talk to her, I genuinely think that she's trustworthy. Maybe after this vote we will continue to work together and if so, I'd love that!"

Noticing Otto, Paul and Adam walking by, Karen initiated the plan.

"Well, Jess", Karen started loudly. "I really think Otto should go home tonight! If we let him stay, he could win challenges AND get lots of jury votes!"

"Good idea!", said Jess just as loudly. "Letting a guy like him go far is akin to destroying your game!"

Otto, Paul and Adam overheard the girls and became nervous.

"It sounds like they're targeting you", said Adam. "Don't you have that idol still?"

Otto nodded. "Of course", he said. "I'm thinking I should play it. What about you guys?"

"Yeah, you better bring it to be safe", said Paul.

Otto nodded. "Alright, sounds like a plan."

(CONF) "When we were getting ready for tribal council tonight, I overheard Jess talking about voting for Otto", said Paul. "I don't want us to make a decision we'll regret, so I talked Otto into using his idol. We're set on Jess, but part of me is a bit worried about what Lex up to, since even the stillest waters run deep."

Jess noticed Paul, Otto and Adam walking down the coast, presumably to Otto's bag to get his idol.

"Perfect!", she smirked while rubbing her hands together.

(CONF) "Adam, Paul and Otto might think that they have a pact to the end and that nothing can stop them, that they're in 'control of the game now'!", said Jess. "But they had no idea I would have everything set up to this degree! I'm a Yale student and a Yale student easily will outwit a blue collar New Englander and an underground rockstar any day! They might think I'm just their loyal ally, but they're wrong! LeagueGirl72 is making her move tonight and they'll know it was me! The King of this island might be gone, but that's fine, since that makes me the Queen!"

"Ready to raise hell EmblemKnight?", Jess asked. "You bet LeagueGirl72!", Karen responses. The two fist bumped then headed off to tribal council. Adam, Otto and Paul got Otto's idol, then prepared to head off themselves. "Here goes nothing guys", said Adam as they prepared to walk off.

(CONF) "It seems like things might be a little more crazy than we thought tonight", said Adam. "Jess, Karen and Kristie seem to be gunning for Otto and while I'm a tiny bit nervous he brought his idol, so things should be okay. I don't get why they'd target him first over me, giving I've been such a boss at challenges, but that's fine, cause' I can just ask them what this all about tomorrow after I win the next challenge!"

The eight members of Picogogeta headed off to tribal council, their torches lit. As they sat down, Jeff greeted them. "We will now bring in the first member of our jury..Emma, voted out at the last tribal council." Emma walked in, waving at the others as she sat down in one of the juror reserved seats. Jeff then turned back to the eight. "Adam, this is your first time since the merge where you don't have immunity. Are you afraid at all?"

Adam shook his head. "Honestly Jeff, not really" Adam said. Jess and Karen snickered at each other, unbeknownst to him. "I haven't heard my name down, but a few others have been mentioned. I guess it just goes to show you that when you think you're a threat, sometimes others don't and when you think you''re not one, others do."

"Jess, I noticed a few looks from you", said Jeff. "Any thoughts on what Adam said in regards to what makes someone a threat or not?"

"Definitely", said Jess. "I think obviously a person who's strong is going to be a threat at this point, but there are other factors too of course."

"What kind of factors?", Jeff asked.

"Well, things like social skills and intelligence for sure", Jess said. "If someone here easily makes friends and is well-liked, of course you're going to want to vote them out, just as if someone is intelligent, they could be a threat in puzzle based challenges."

"Karen, you won immunity tonight.", said Jeff. "Do you fear you could be a threat?"

Karen shrugged. "I definitely think that's a viable possibility", said Karen. "While I haven't heard my name being explicitly mentioned, I definitely am a mental threat and I'm friends with everyone still here, so I certainly would fit the social bill as well."

"Otto, Adam said that sometimes certain people may be threats even when they don't know it. Do you think that statement ring true to you?"

Otto nodded. "For sure Jeff", Otto said. "I won't be specific, but I did hear certain names being passed around by certain people, but it doesn't matter, because if anything happens tonight, I'm ready for it. It can be hard keeping up with everything in this game, but with the right mind, it's possible."

"Lex, what do you feel is the toughest aspect of the game for you right now?" Jeff asked her.

"I think it's all the lying", Lex said. "I'm a very honest person by nature, someone who tells people what she thinks and who tries to be upfront, so when I'm not allowed to be truthful or if I have to decieve others and all that to get ahead, I do feel uncomfortable."

"Paul, do you think that Lex's statement is indicative of her coming to terms with that aspect of the game and embracing it, or do you think it's her sticking true to her morals?"

Paul shrugged. "I'm not sure", Paul said. "I do think Lex is a fairly honest person, but in a game like this, where people will do anything to win the money words only mean so much. Whether she's staying true to herself or stating to lie, cheat and steal as they say, I'll find that out after you read the votes."

"Very interesting", Jeff said. "Karen, are you keeping your immunity?"

"Yep", she nodded.

"Very well. It is time to vote. Jess, you're up first.", Jeff said. Jess walked up to the voting booth and wrote down "ADAM". "Sorry Adam, but I'm not going head to head with the reincarnation of Hercules in this game." Adam then voted and wrote down "JESSICA". "At this point, it's every man for himself and you're too damn dangerous to keep around." Chong then walked up and wrote down "KRISTIE". "I don't want to do this Kris, but I heard you were voting for me and I wanna stay in this game a little bit more. Good luck in life." Lex then walked up to the voting booth, though her vote was not seen. "I really really like you and I'm sorry it had to come down to this. Come to my concerts, please, it's only a game, I'm sorry." After she put her vote in the urn, Karen, Kristie, Paul and Otto then voted. Once Otto sat down, Jeff went to go collect the urn.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said as he went to get the urn. Once he came back, he made his usual statement. "If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Otto took Jeff up on his offer, pulling out his idol. "Jeff, as I told you, I heard a certain name being passed around and it was mine." As he handed it to Jeff, Karen and Jess high-fived each other. "I'm going to play it on me", Otto said, walking back down to his seat. "The rules of Survivor state that in the event that a hidden immunity idol is played, the person with the next highest number of votes will be voted out instead. This is indeed a hidden immunity idol, so any votes cast for Otto will not count. Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote...Kristie"

"Second vote..Jess"

"Third vote...Jess, that's two for Jess, one for Kristie." Adam seemed pleased so far.

"Fourth vote...Jess, that's three for Jess, one for Kristie." Jess figured these were just the three votes against her from the guys minus Chong, so she didn't freak out.

"Fifth vote.........Adam, that's three Jess, one Kristie, one Adam." Adam, Otto and Paul were visibly confused.

"Sixth vote...Adam, that's two for Adam, three for Jess, one for Kristie." Adam dropped his jaw as he realized what was going on.

"Seventh vote...Adam, that's three votes Adam, three votes Jess, one for vote left." Jeff said. Adam and Jess nervously awaited the result.

"Eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the 2nd member of our jury...Adam, you need to bring me your torch." Adam remained shocked as he exclaimed "DAMN IT!", watching as Karen and Jess fist-bumped each other. Placing his torch down, he waved goodbye to Paul and Otto. "Adam, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said, as he snuffed his torch. "It's time for you to go!", Adam walked out, still confused, while Paul and Otto also were shocked. "Well, tonight clearly was not expected for some of you. Could this mean continued fracturing in the seven of you? Time will tell. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night." The seven remaining Picogogeta members walked out of tribal council, their torches still lit in the night sky.

Adam's Final Words: "This was NOT something I saw coming. Me and the guys thought it was gonna be Otto, we planned for that and it failed. I guess I was right in that people saw me as a threat even if I didn't because I'm talking here right now. Whoever was behind this, I'm definitely pretty annoyed and I hope you have a good explanation at the final tribal council."


Adam: Jess, Kristie, Karen, Lex

Jess: Paul, Otto, Adam

Kristie: Chong

Episode 11: "It's Time to Put a Hit on the Hitter"

Last time on Survivor...after Emma was voted out, Adam's unbridled confidence began to annoy Jess. At the reward challenge the next day, Adam won his fourth straight individual challenge, taking Paul, Otto and Chong with him to a resort hotel. The four discussed a plan to blindside Karen, who they felt was a social and intellectual threat to win. Back at the camp, the girls were frustrated over yet another challenge loss to Adam, particularly Jess, who proposed blindsiding him. Pulling in Lex, Jess instructed her to mislead Chong into voting for Kristie, while the girls would vote for Adam. When Jess found out Otto was in possession of the hidden immunity idol, she decided to decided to mislead Otto, Paul and adam into thinking Otto was the target. At the immunity challenge, Adam's winning streak came to an end when Karen, their intended target, decisively beat the others in a trivia contest. Lex began feeling guilt over having to deceive her friend, while Jess, Karen and Kristie claimed Otto was the target near him, causing him to bring his idol to tribal council. At tribal council, a fearful Otto played the idol on himself, only for Adam to be blindsided, much to his and Paul's shock. 7 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Upon returning to camp, Jess high-fived Karen over the successful blindside of Adam. "Not gonna lie, that was a job well done!", Jess said to Karen.

"You said it!", Karen replied.

(CONF) "We just took out Adam at tribal council and Paul and Otto were HORRIBLY surprised!", exclaimed Jess. "Not to sound sadistic, but I actually enjoyed seeing them squirm! When I take out either Paul or Otto next, I hope they're just as shocked!"

Otto and Paul were still completely taken over what happened, with Otto especially confused.

"What the hell happened?!", exclaimed Otto. "I thought Lex was definitely with us!"

"I had my doubts", said Paul. "Especially given how long she was in the jungle with Chong!"

(CONF) "When I saw the votes keep coming for Adam, my mind was not functioning at that point!", exclaimed Paul. "I assumed that Lex was going to vote with us, but after she disappeared for hours and Chong followed her, I suspected something was up. Adam and Otto insisted that things would go well, but look at us now! Not going to lie, this is almost as quick a loss of power as Louis' was! Part me of suspects Jess was behind manipulating Lex, so maybe I can get info from Lex about this!"

Paul found Lex hiding in the bushes, getting impatient. "Lex, please get out of the bushes. I need to talk to you", Paul said.

Lex sighed. "I get it, I screwed up!", she whined.

Paul sighed in return. "I have to be honest, I am disappointed in you", he started. "Think about your morals, your principles." Hoping this would persuade her to flip on Jess, he left to leave her to think.

(CONF) "Paul approached me just just and he wasn't happy", said Lex. "I know I screwed up voting for Adam, but Jess did tell me I'd be toast if I didn't listen. I know that Chong's probably upset too, but I really don't know about all of this..."

Chong was pretty saddened over the events, feeling as if he had been bamboozled unfairly.

(CONF) "When I saw that I cast the only vote for Kristie, I figured someone had tricked me.", said Chong. "I know that Lex told me that Kristie was trying to get me out, so I don't know whether she was set up or not. Either way, I feel really hurt and betrayed by all of this."

Otto found Paul after he had spoken to Lex. "What are we going to do?, Otto wondered to him.

Paul turned to him. "I'm actually trying to set one thing in motion", Paul said to Otto.

"What kind of plan?", Otto wondered curiously.

"Let's just say it involved a certain overly emotional girl", said Paul. "That girl might be feeling some type of guilt, but I want to give it a night to fester in her."

Piecing together what Paul meant, Otto smirked. "Hmm, now that might be just what we need!", exclaimed Otot.

(CONF) "Paul told me that he had this planned out idea in mind to help us", said Otto. "I am pretty sure it involved Lex, so that's a bit risky. Clearly she proved she can be swayed THAT easily, so I guess we'll have to hope the pendulum swings in our direction!"

The seven decided to get some rest, needing to conserve their energy for the next morning. For the first time during the game, the sun did not rise, but instead ominous creeping clouds did. Just as the contestants wished to exit their shelter for the day, a downpour of rain began soaking the camp. To pass the time, Jess had Karen tell her stories of video games she created in college.

"So, what was this game about again?", Jess asked. "I apologize for asking, but it was just so ESOTERIC!"

Karen gladly repeated, explaining. "You basically had to rescue dogs from this alien warrior", said Karen.

"Oh, that's pretty neat!", said Jess. "I wish I majored in computer programming. I'm a political science major, so all I do is lie to people for a living!"

Karen laughed. "Well, that's ONE thing you were honest about you duplicitous PIT!"

Kristie sighed in annoyance. "I get it! You like games!"

(CONF) "Jess and Karen have been annoying me a bit lately", said Kristie. "It's fine that they like video games, in fact I don't mind playing them from time to time, but can they ever talk about anything that isn't a reference to some game from like 1993?! I know they're my allies, but they really emphasize the "evil" in necessary evil! If there was a way out, I would take it!"

Mid-conversation, Karen noticed the usual slip of parchment, the hopped out of the shelter to get it.

"Treemail!", she exclaimed. Everyone huddled around Karen as she read the note.

"Today you're gonna have to do a little bit of all! You'll swim, you'll throw and when you solve the puzzle you'll feel tall!", Karen read. "Sounds like an obstacle course."

(CONF) "I'm definitely pretty excited for this challenge" said Karen. "With Adam gone, a lot of us have a better chance of winning and not only do I want the rewards, but I definitely think it'll be easier to scheme when he can't potentially join us on trips."

The seven Picogogeta members then arrived at the challenge site. "Come on in guys!" Jeff greeted them. "Ready to get to today's reward challenge?" Everyone nodded yes. "Alright, for today's challenge, you'll be divided into two groups of three.", Jeff said "The first person in the group is going to swim out into the ocean, then dive underwater and unhook a bag of balls. After they've unhooked the bag, they will swim back and give the bag to the next group member. That group member will use the balls to smash 3 tiles. Once the tiles are smashed, the final group member will race up a very steep ledge using a rope, and once they're at the top, they will solve a sliding puzzle. First group to solve their puzzle, wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?" Everyone nodded yes.

"The winning team will go on a cruise with live music, alcohol and a wonderful view of the ocean, where you can watch the dolphins swim. Because there's one extra person, someone's not going to be selected. I have 7 rocks in my hand and whoever selects the orange rock will be sitting this challenge out. However, if the winning team wants to take that person, they may. Please take a rock and don't look", said Jeff. "Everyone pulled a rock out of the bag and reveal." Everyone showed their hands and Chong ended up having the orange rock. "Chong, sit on the bench, you will go on the reward if the winning team says you can. Everyone else, I'll give you a moment to strategize."

"Group 1 is Jess on swimming, Lex on tiles and Karen on the puzzle, while Group 2 is Paul swimming, Kristie throwing and Otto on the puzzle. Survivors ready? GO!" Immediately, Paul was ahead of Jess on the swimming as he quickly hurried to the buoy. Jess was slightly behind, not able to keep up with Paul. "Paul takes an early lead, Jess must catch up!", yelled Jeff. Paul then dived below and unhooked the bag, quickly swimming back. Jess tried to keep up, but was still behind, even after she grabbed her bag of balls. Paul then made it to shore, handing the bag to Kristie. Jess soon followed after, handing her bag to Lex. "Both teams are now able to smash their tiles! GO!", Jeff yelled. Kristie hurled a ball at one of the tiles and completely missed, while Lex was able to smash hers instantly. Though Kristie tried again, she came up short once more. "Lex off to an early lead smashing the tiles, Kristie needs to catch up!", said Jeff. While Kristie eventually managed to smash her first tile, Lex had already smashed her second and then her third. "Lex done smashing, Karen can now work on the puzzle!", said Jeff.

Karen then began running up the ledge with the rope, though she fell the first few times. Kristie eventually was able to smash her remaining tiles, then tagged Otto for him to go. "Karen struggling a bit on the ledge, Kristie finally done with her tiles, Otto is going for the puzzle now!", Jeff announced. Eventually, Karen managed to climb to the top, while Otto got there on his first try. "Both teams now on the puzzle!", Jeff announced. Though Otto made some progress, Karen was smoking through it, it hardly being a challenge for her. "Karen KILLING it on this puzzle!", Jeff said. Otto eventually started to catch up to her, but it was no use as Karen finished her puzzle. "Jeff, I'm done!", Karen announced. Jeff then checked her puzzle. "Karen's right! Karen, Jess and Lex win reward!" The three women cheered, with Karen using the ladder on the side to climb down and hug the other two. "Karen, Jess, Lex, nice job! The cruise will be waiting for you! But before you go, are you taking Chong or not?", Jeff asked.

"We're gonna take Chong!", said Jess. Chong happily ran over to the group. "Alright, the four of you enjoy your afternoon!", Jeff said. "Paul, Kristie and Otto, I've got nothing for you. Head back to camp." As the three did so, Chong, Jess, Karen and Lex headed off to the cruise.

(CONF) "I definitely needed to bring Chong with us today", said Jess. "If I can convince him to forgive Lex, which shouldn't be a problem since he's super chill, then I can definitely take out Paul's ass next, which will be a lot of fun to do! Taking out a mactor is sorta like hunting rabbits, while a superfan? I'm like Captain Ahab taking out Moby Dick!"

As the four arrived on the cruise, they were greeted by the live band, who were playing Malagasy music. "Welcome and enjoy the show!", they said. As everyone listened, Lex felt a little bit uneasy.

(CONF) "I've been thinking about what Paul said", said Lex. "I know that what I did last night was because I needed to play the game, but I lied to Chong and that's just wrong. Being a Nirvana fan, I've always liked the band because Kurt seemed like the guy who was REAL, like, he didn't do anything he felt was wrong. and in order to make right with the band, I have to apologize to Chong and stay real with him."

Chong was listening to the band as he downed a tequila, when Lex approached him. "Hey, is it okay if I speak to you for a second?", Lex asked.

"Oh, okay", Chong said. "What's going on?"

"I really wanted to apologize for the last vote", Lex said. "I felt horrible for the vote, but Jess threatened me with being voted out and I was scared. I'm so sorry I lied to you and everything. Are we still friends?"

Chong seemed touched and hugged her. "Of course we still are!", Chong said. "I'm not the type to hold grudges anyway. Now what do you say we watch the band?"

Lex nodded. "Sounds like fun!", she said as the two proceeded to watch.

(CONF) "I couldn't stay mad at Lex", said Chong. "Even if she made a mistake, it is in my heart to forgive her, as she has shown remorse for what she did. And since we've gotten along together for so long, why waste it?"

Karen and Jess were at a table of their own, watching Lex and Chong. "Should we worry about them?", Jess asked. "They're supposed to be working for us and watching them makes up makes me wonder if they'll go back to Paul, being his friends and all."

"I think we can figure this out" said Karen. "Maybe if we catch Paul acting dishonorably or in a controlling way, then we can convince Chong to turn on him. If he does, Lex will since she's attached to him."

Jess nodded. "Not a bad plan Kar! I can see why you're the puzzle queen here with that brain of yours!"

"Don't mention it!", Karen said smiling.

(CONF) "When we saw Lex and Chong making up after Lex tricked him last round, I was a little nervous.", said Karen. "At the same time, I remembered how much of a personal code Chong has, so I figure that when we get back to camp, with a few lies, we should be able to get Chong and Lex away from Otto and Paul!"

Back at camp, Pau, Otto and Kristie were annoyed over their loss.

(CONF) "Even if I was forced to sit out the challenge today, I probably wouldn't have been picked.", said Paul. "When you go from Michael Corleone to Fredo, you don't exactly have much social leeway, particularly when you lose your Sonny, like I did with Adam. I know that if Louis was a movie mob boss he'd be Scarface, so what I need to do is figure out what Jess would be, to see if I can take down the mob."

"I really would have liked that cruise today", Otto said to Paul.

"Me too", said Paul to Otto.

Kristie suddenly stepped up and walked off into the jungle. "Sorry guys, but I need some alone time", said Kristie. "Gotta figure some things out."

(CONF) "While I wouldn't have minded winning the reward today, I also wasn't THAT upset either", said Kristie. "Jess and Karen can be a bit much to work with and frankly, I wasn't completely comfortable with them using my name as a decoy during the last elimination. I'm gonna ride them out for a little while longer, but otherwise, I'm not sure."

"What's her problem?", Paul asked.

"I dunno" said Otto. "Though I remember she was getting pretty annoyed with Jess and Karen earlier today before the reward.....THAT'S IT!", he suddenly exclaimed.

"What's it?", Paul asked.

"Her annoyance with the two is giving me an idea!", Otto said.

"What idea?", Paul asked.

"Well, I do know she's unsure if she wants to work with Jess and Karen much longer", said Otto. "What if there was a way to convince the two to turn on her because of that?"

"Do you have any dirt on her?", asked Paul.

"Well, she DOES have the idol", said Otto.

"That gives me a PERFECT idea then!", exclaimed Paul.

"What is it?", Otto asked.

"Well, we can probably convince Jess to turn against Kristie with only one idol in her pocket", said Paul. "But if we create a fake one and hide it in her bag? Jess wil lthink she has TWO idols and will probably think Kristie is conspiring against her!"

"That is diabolical", said Otto. "...I LOVE IT!"

(CONF) "Me and Paul were thinking hard about how Kristie seems to be falling out with Jess and Karen.", said Otto. "And when Paul proposed the idea to plant a fake in her bag, to make Jess think she has two idols?! I was amazed at his creativity! It must be rubbing off on him!"

The two headed off to the craft kit that they got on the first day. "For one, we'll need to make it look different than the fake we made for Louis", said Paul. "Any ideas?"

"I have one!", Otto exclaimed. "Why not paint it orange? We can say it's orange because it's a merge idol!"

"Good idea!", said Paul "I think we still have some orange paint from the merge feast." Paul went to look for the painting, finding the jar full of orange paint as he hoped. "Perfect!"

(CONF) "We weren't entirely sure how to make the fake idol believable", said Paul. "But then Otto reminded that we had some orange paint left over from the merge feast and that made everything seem absolutely PERFECT! I'm not sure if this is going to work out or not, but if it does, then I hope I can pull it out of the fire once Probst throws it in, because I do NOT want to get rid of this type of memory!"

As the two began painting a block of wood that they felt resembled the idol well enough, Otto voiced some concern.

"Hey, what if Jess realizes this is a fake?", said Otto.

"I actually thought about that", said Paul. "But I figured out a solution to that problem. Jess is such a big fan of the show that she'd know that in several seasons, the idols don't all look the same. So if we plant that seed of doubt in her mind, that it might plausibly be an idol, then she'l; probably believe it!"

"Again, that's diabolical and I LOVE it!", exclaimed Otto. The two then went off to hide their completed fraud idol in Kristie's bag, placing it next to her real one. "I had it jut out a little so Jess could see it!", said Paul. The two then ran off.

(CONF) "I knew that being an obsessive superfan had its uses!", said Paul. "Jess has seen every season, I believe, so it's not a stretch to say this is a real one! After all, with the shit that passed for idols on Ghost Island, it's impossible to claim that something can't be an idol anymore! I bet Probst's old shirts will count soon! All I know is that when Jess gets back to camp later, all hell is gonna break loose and I'm gonna like it!"

After a few hours passed, Jess, Karen, Lex and Chong returned. Kristie had been walking on the beach during this time and once she saw Jess, she high-tailed out. "I'm gonna be back in a bit!", Kristie said as she headed back to the jungle.

(CONF) "Even looking at Jess and Karen is getting me nervous.", said Kristie. "I'm scared I'll blurt something out about not really liking working with them, so I'm trying to avoid them like hell. I think apart is better than together because what can happen if I can't even speak to them?!"

Jess noticed Kristie go off, turning to Karen. "Where do you think she's going?"

Karen shrugged. "Beats me.", As the two were talking, Paul called out to Jess. "Jess, I need to speak to you for a moment!"

Jess sighed. "What do you want Paul? This better be good."

Paul directed Jess to Kristie's bag. "Look inside. Then you'll know why I called for you.", Paul said.

Jess did as he said, presumably just to humor him. However, as she continued looking through, she felt two objects in the bag that made her nervous. Pulling them out, her eyes bugged out wildly. "THAT BITCH!", she screamed. "I guess this wasn't for no reason after all!"

(CONF) "When I got back to camp, I initially planned on turning Lex and Chong against Paul, given that he was the next target for me.", said Jess. "But then Paul called me over. And I must admit, I didn't know why he'd do that, given we're enemies and all now. But when I looked through Kristie's bag and saw not just one, but TWO idols! God, I was FURIOUS! Given what happened this morning, it makes sense she did something like this! I said it once and I'll say it again, anyone who finds an idol without telling me is on my shit list! Kristie's done that and by doing that, she's fucked with me. And when you fuck with me in this game, you're gone!"

"So, you see what I meant now?", asked Paul.

"Damn right I do!", exclaimed Jess. "If she's going to keep secrets like this from me, I'd rather get her out this round, as soon as possible! Are you with me?"

"Wait, you voted against Adam last round! What do you mean?", Paul asked suspiciously.

"Yes, we're still against each other, but we both have the same enemy, so I need all the help I can get.", said Jess. "Tell Otto about this, I'll tell Karen, Lex and Chong later."

He nodded. "Works for me!", he said as he went off to find Otto.

(CONF) "For a girl who seems so intelligent, she definitely didn't act like it just now!", exclaimed Paul. "But to be fair to her, everyone has the same goal and it's to protect your turf. If someone's against you, you take them out and get help taking them out, even if the person who's helping you is normally your enemy. When they're thinking it's time to put a hit on the hitter, you hit them back!"

Meanwhile, as Kristie walked back to camp, she bumped into Lex. "Oops", she said. "Sorry about that. Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Lex seemed a bit surprised. "Uh, sure. What's up?"

"I'm getting sick of Jess and Karen", Kristie said. "I know we're supposed to be allies, but they just drain me and I can't do this any longer with them. Are you wiling tovote for Jess tonight with me? And maybe try to talk to Chong, Paul and Otto?"

Lex didn't want to say no, fearing Kristie's reaction. She knew in her heart what her intentions truly were, but all she could muster up was a weak, impotent response. "Yeah, sure..", she whispered, walking off slowly.

"Thanks!", said Kristie as Lex walked off.

(CONF) "Augh, I did it again!", Lex exclaimed. "I told myself to be honest and I lied again! Do I say anything to Kristie? Or do I do what the 'right thing' in this game is, which I see a the WRONG thing?! God, this is so CHALLENGING! When you're a rockstar, it's much simpler! If you want to stage dive, you stage dive, if you want to sing, you sing! If you want to break your guitar, you do it! I shouldn't have kept Splemain as an indie band, because if I did, I'd probably be on world tour right now and chilling in hotels instead of this!"

Eventually, the seven fell asleep. The sun then rose next morning, as Paul went to get the usual mail.

"TREEMAIL!", he shouted. Paul then took out the note and read it aloud.

"Today the challenge you'll be in will involve shooting darts. And if you have skills that don't blow, you will have done your part."

(CONF) "As long as Kristie doesn't win immunity today, I'm going to be happy", said Paul. "At this rate, if I'm Goku, then Kristie is Raditz and Jess is Piccolo. Whether we continue being enemies or become friends next round is up in the air, but we do have a common cause today and given the reference, even if it takes 20 episodes of us staring down Kristie, whatever gets her out is fine with me!"

The seven members arrived at the challenge site when Jeff greeted them. "Come on in guys!", he said. "Karen, I'm going to have to take it back", Jeff said as he took the immunity necklace from Karen. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Ready to get to today's challenge?" Everyone nodded.

"Alright, for today's challenge, you will be using a Malagasy blowgun to fire darts at a target. Two people are going to go for the first two rounds, while three will go for the final round. The person with the highest score for the first two rounds will move onto the final round, where they will face off against the one person who hasn't gone at all. The person who scores the highest in the final round, wins immunity. Let's get onto the first matchup!"

"Paul is taking on Jess! Paul, you go first!", Jeff said. Paul approached the target, then placed the dart inside the blowgun. He took a quick huff and blow into the blowgun, resulting in him hitting the bullseye. Jess took a shot, but was just outside of the bullseyes. "Paul is closer to the bullseye, so Paul moves on!", said Jeff. "Next up are Kristie and Chong! Survivors ready? Go!" Chong went first, firing at the target. He was just outside of the bullseye, then let Kristie go. Kristie completely missed, hitting the outer red ring. "Chong is WAY closer to the bullseye, so he moves on!", Jeff said.

"Next up are Otto and Karen. Survivors ready? GO!", Jeff exclaimed Karen took a shot and hit just outside of the bullseyes, while Otto was able to get the bullseye itself. "Otto is moving onto the final round with Paul!", Jeff said. "Lex will joining them for this one! Survivors ready? Go!" Paul quickly took a shot and landed on the last ring before the bullseye. When Lex went, she landed on the outer ring that Kristie did before, whereas when Otto went, he hit the bullseye directly. "Otto is the closest, so Otto wins immunity!", Jeff exclaimed. Jeff then put the necklace around Otto's neck. "Otto, you're safe tonight, no worries about going home! The rest of you, one of you will be the next person voted out of this game. Head back to camp."

(CONF) "Good thing that Paul didn't win immunity", said Karen. "That would be a bigger deus ex machina than the firemaking challenge from HHH and GI, so even if this a predictable vote, it'll be an easy one."

Once returning to camp, everyone congratulated Otto, while Kristi walked off to wash up before tribal.

(CONF) "I feel like this should be a hell of a blindside!", Kristie exclaimed. "If Lex worked with us last time, why would she ever decide to just jump ship back to Paul? Since I'm getting annoyed by Jess and Karen, it's great I'm not gonna see them anymore!"

Jess then approached Karen. "There's been a change of plans", Jess said. "Kristie has to go next instead of Paul."

"Why is that?", Karen asked.

"Kristie has been hiding two idols from us and given how annoyed she was yesterday, I don't want to take my chances with her.", said Jess "Besides, with the Christine blindside she pulled off, she clearly has the potential to be dangerous."

Karen nodded. "Hmm, I guess that makes sense.", she said "Besides, I don't want to go at this point."

(CONF) "Apparently Kristie has been hiding two idols", said Karen. "While I'm not as quick as Jess to blame that on some type of plot against us, it still does make me a little bit worried and getting her out would prevent any mishaps in our game."

"And you have Lex and Chong working with us?", Karen asked.

"I need to speak to them, but I'm pretty sure I can pull it off", said Jess. "Besides, lex has the willpower of a child. It shouldn't be harder than well..taking candy from a child!"

"Alright, I'll let you go talk to them.", said Karen

Jess nodded, then walked off to speak to Lex and Chong. She found them sitting by the waves, meditating.

"Guys, we need to talk", said Jess. "Kristie needs to go home tonight, as she can't be trusted."

"Really?", said Chong. "Well, how can I know I trust you?"

Jess sighed. "Look, there's nothing in it for me to gain if I lie to you", said Jess. "Besides, she has TWO Idols and I can't let someone that sneaky stay here."

"Well, alright, if you insist", said Chong.

"Good", said Jess. "And you Lex?"

Lex stammered. "Oh, uh, okay, sure I can vote for her with you.."

"Excellent!", Jess exclaimed. "This should be an easy vote!"

(CONF) "Wow, I'm on a roll with being honest today..", Lex said sarcastically. "I know I told Kristie yes, but I have to do what Jess says, or I could be out of here. Besides, I'm SUPPOSED to play the game, not have fun. No "real" Survivor player just goes for fun anymore.."

Paul turned to Otto. "Nice job on the immunity win today. By the way, I have good news.", he said.

"What is it?", Otto asked curiously.

"I showed Jess the 'idols' and she bought the story completely!", Paul exclaimed. "Because of this, she'd rather take out Kristie before us, so we're safe, even if its only for this round!"

Otto seemed satisfied. "That's great!", he exclaimed. "Why aren't you a car salesman with that best-selling bs of yours?"

"Never found the field viable", said Paul. "Besides, Brian Heidik's one and he's a fucking creep."

Otto nodded. "While I said I was most like him in my application, I wil agree with you on that", Otto said. "Now, let's go make this tribal fun!"

"Works for me!", Paul exclaimed as the two went to get their torches.

(CONF) "I'm proud of Paul!", said Otto. "At first, I assumed either one of us was a goner tonight, but with those quick-thinking skills of his, we're going to live another day! Maybe the next reward will involve singing too! I can't wait to cover another Eurodance song from the 1990s!"

Kristie went to grab her torch, but not before putting her idol in the dirt to dig up later. She didn't notice the one Paul had planted in her bag. "Time to pull this off!", she said as she grabbed her torch.

(CONF) "I'm really going to be happy after tonight", Kristie said. "Since Lex worked with us girls last round, why would she suddenly get cold feet? After all, I'm sure even she can see that in addition to being annoying, Jess IS a big threat! If things don't go my way, I'm going to wonder if the game is rigged!"

Paul grabbed his torch, then followed the others off to tribal council, snickering.

(CONF) "I'm not gonna lie, I had no idea the day would be turning out like this", said Paul. "But since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then maybe this will be a running thing. Either way, it seems like Louis' paranoia was contagious, because that's the only way Jess could have possibly bought this! The hand is feeding me a five-course meal tonight, so I'm not biting it!"

When the seven members of Picogogeta arrived, Jeff greeted them. "We'll now bring in the members of our jury...Emma and Adam, voted out at the last tribal council." Adam waved hello, but otherwise remained silent

"Otto, you won immunity tonight", said Jeff. "Do you think your name would have come up otherwise if it wasn't for that?".

Otto nodded. "I think I would have been considered", said Jeff. "Even if I turned out to not be the actual target last round, as everyone clearly knows, now that Adam's gone, it logically would be me and Paul that are on the top of the hit-list."

"Paul, Otto mentioned your name", said Jeff. "Do you agree or disagree with him that your name has come up recently for potential elimination?"

"Well Jeff", Paul started. "After last tribal council, that initially seemed to be the case. However, due to recent events, I think my name might be on the back burner for now."

"What type of events?", Jeff asked curiously.

"Events involving two people here", Paul explained. "Let's just say they have not been getting along well lately and that has made for a change in plans"

Kristie then raised her hand. "Jeff, may I say something about this?", she asked.

"Of course", Jeff said.

"Paul's right", said Kristie. "There IS animosity between two people here and it's between me and Jess!"

"Jess, were you aware of this?", Jeff asked.

"Definitely", said Jess. "Me and Karen haven't exactly been getting along with her lately and besides, Kristie's been up to something sneaky, so naturally I'm going to have problms with her!"

"Karen, do you agree with Jess?", Jeff asked.

"Well, I DID notice some animosity after the last tribal council like Jess said", said Karen. "I think we simply have different interests and that causes friction".

"Kristie, Jess said that you've been up to something sneaky", said Jeff. "Do you have any idea what she means?"

"Not at all!", said Kristie. "If she thinks I'm doing something sneaky, she better be upfront about what it is!"

"You have two fucking idols! Don't deny it!", Jess exclaimed.

"WHAT?!, Kristie retorted. "No I don't! Where'd you get an idea like that?!"

"Someone who's name I won't mention told me!", said Jess. "Besides, you can't prove you don't or do!"

"Maybe, but I have a support team.", said Kristie "Right Lex?"

Lex stammered "...Yes?" Lex then shook her head to Jess discretely to indicate she wasn't actually going to vote with her.

"Chong, you see all this dysfunction around you", said Jeff. "What are your thoughts?"

"It's definitely chaotic like you said!", said Chong. "Ultimately, I do hope it' gets resolved since I'm conflict allergic and I have this gut feeling it will be tonight!"

"Lex, do you think this will be an easy vote tonight?", Jeff asked.

"Uh, yeah, it feels easy", Lex replied. "..Let's bring it on.."

"Alright. Otto, are you keeping immunity?"

Otto nodded. "I am"

"With that, it's time to vote. Jess, you're up.", said Jeff. Jess then walked up to the voting booth and wrote down "KRISTIE". "Like I've said several times before, if you fuck with me, you're gone." Kristie then walked up and wrote down "Jess". "Sorry, but you're both annoying and a threat.. Deadly combo." Paul, Otto, Chong, Karen and Lex then voted. Lex's vote was not seen, but she could be herd saying. "I'm so sorry, but I don't have any other choice." Lex then sat down.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said as he went to get the urn. Once he returned to the booth, he asked the usual question. "If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.", said Jeff. No one took him up on his offer. "Once the votes are read, the decision is final", said Jeff. "Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.", Jeff said as he opened up the urn.

"First vote...Jess"

"Second vote...Kristie."

"Third vote...Kristie. That's two votes Kristie."

"Fourth vote...that's three votes vote vote left."

"Twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the third memeber of our jury...Kristie, you need to bring me your torch." Kristie was visibly shocked as she went to get her torc, mouthing. "Coward" to Lex. Kristie then placed her torch down in front of Jeff. "Kristie, the tribe has spoken.", Jeff snuffed her torch and didn't even need to tell her to go, as Kristie left tribal council immediately after. "Well, that clearly was a vote someone did not expect. What can this mean for the future? Time will tell, as it always does. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night." The six remaining Picogogeta members did just that, their torches high in the sky as the moon shone brightly.

Kristie's Final Words: "Damn it, that was not what I had in mind. I had no idea what Jess was talking about when she mentioned TWO idols. I had one, but never two. And Lex, seriously, that was not cool. If you think you can play Survivor like that, then you're wrong and you'll know it one day!"


Kristie: Paul, Otto, Chong, Lex, Karen, Jess

Jess: Kristie

Episode 12: "You're Gonna Do It And You'll Send Them A Message!"

Last time on Survivor...Jess was happy over her blindside of Adam, while a confused and annoyed Paul confronted Lex over her deception. The next day, Jess and Karen's incessant discussion of video games irritated Kristie, who was having reservations over her alliance. At the reward challenge, a victorious Jess, Lex and Karen brought along Chong to the cruise, where Lex and Chong made amends over the previous vote. At camp, Paul and Otto hatched a plan to turn the target to Kristie by planting a fake hidden immunity idol in her bag, next to her real one. When Jess returned, Paul showed Jess the "idol" and Jess vowed to get back at Kristie by blindsiding her. At the immunity challenge, Otto came out on top, while Kristie tried to form a counter-alliance against Jess with Lex, who lied to her that she was in. At tribal council, a confused Kristie was confronted by Jess over her alleged secret two idols, which Kristie denied having. In the end, Lex sided with the other four Picogogeta members against Kristie, who was blindsided with an idol back at camp. 6 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

After returning from tribal council, Jess fist-bumped Karen once more. "She didn't even see it coming!", Jess gloated to Karen.

(CONF) "Not a surprise that Lex didn't stick with Kristie.", said Jess. "The girl's terrified of me and it's kinda funny, since going by archetype, I'm the dainty college girl and she's the hardcore rocker! But correlation doesn't equal causation, so here I am now and there Kristie is on the jury!"

Paul was similarly happy, fist-bumping Otto. "Not too shabby!"

(CONF) "What a tribal council that was!", exclaimed Paul. "Jess bought the lie as I hoped and I'm still around! It seems like Lex voted with us, so maybe she can be used against Jess after all! I guess this isn't going to be as hard as I thought it would be!"

Chong was happy over the vote, complimenting Lex. "Good job tonight!", he told her.

"Yeah, thanks Chong.", Lex sighed as she walked off.

(CONF) "I can't claim that was easy at all", said Lex. "Kristie seemed pissed while she was walking out and I'm pissed at myself. Jus, why did I do this? Can I even redeem myself? I hope my fans aren't mad! They don't know me like this! I'm just the Splemain guitarist and lead singer! The crazy front-girl! Ugh!"

Everyone soon went to sleep and the sun rose the next morning. Paul and Otto walked along the beach , discussing the next plan of action.

"We need to handle Lex differently this time", said Paul. "Whether before or after the next challenge, we need to speak to her and not assume she's immediately our ally. Clearly she's not the forever loyal type."

"Makes sense", said Otto. "I'm hoping this will be easy, since Jess is able to sway her and she's only 19 and in college."

(CONF) "We got our way last night", said Otto. "But it's not going to be a cake-walk this point on either. With Lex not being the most reliable person, we're going to need to fight like crazy to get her vote, so that we can ensure we have a fighting chance next tribal council."

As the two were walking, Jess' voice could be heard from the shelter. "TREEMAIL!", Jess exclaimed. Jess then began to read the note out loud.

"Today you won't do a challenge, instead your goal's to buy. Get food or advantages, make sure bad deals you deny.", she read. "Maybe it's the auction?", she wondered. The others shrugged as they all headed off to the challenge.

(CONF) "If this is an auction, I need to make sure that Paul doesn't get an advantage, or Otto", said Jess. "At this point in the game, one must always be on top of their opponents and that's because if you're not, they can slip through the cracks."

The six arrived at what turned out to be the auction, then sat down in the bleachers. "Welcome to the Survivor auction!", said Jeff. "Here's how it's going to work. All of you have $500. I will reveal a series of objects. You can bid on them if you want them. Some are food, some are related to the game. If someone outbids you, you can try to outbid them. Whoever makes it to the highest amount of money they have available, if they have more than the other person, gets the item. Everyone understand?" Everyone nodded.

(CONF) "The minute Jeff mentioned items related to the game, I figured he was referring to advantages", said Paul. "I definitely like good food, but I can buy as much of that as I want if I win, so I'm not going to be buying food, only potential help. Buying food in a game like Survivor is like choosing food over weapons in war. Both will humiliate you and cause you to lose."

"Ready for me to reveal the first item?", Jeff asked. Everyone nodded. "The first item is a PB and J sandwich with milk! Any bidders?" Lex called out. "$300!". "$300 from Lex!", said Jeff. "Going once, twice, sold to Lex.", Lex then collected her PB&J sandwich and milk, then sat down, happily munching on her prize.

"The next item is a plate of brownies!", Jeff exclaimed. "Anyone?"

Chong then made a bid. "I'll pay $300 Jeff!". "Chong bids $300!", said Jeff. "Going once, twice, sold to Chong!", Chong then took his brownies and began eating them. "Perfect!", he exclaimed.

"The next item is a cheeseburger, fries and beer.", said Jeff. "Any bidders?" Otto then called out. "$400!". "Otto bets $400! Going once, twice, sold to Otto!", said Jeff. Otto then grabbed his burger, fries and beer and munched on it.

"The next item is a shower!", exclaimed Jeff. Lex then called out once more. "I'll bid $200!", said Lex. "Going once, twice, sold to Lex!", Jeff said. Lex then headed off into the shower as the auction continued.

"Next up is a personal cheese pizza!", exclaimed Jeff. Chong then stood up. "$200 Jeff!". Jeff nodded. "Anyone? Going once, twice, sold to Chong!". Chong then took the pizza and ate it happily. "Perfect-er!". he exclaimed. "Chong is inventing new words, he never fails to amaze me!", exclaimed Jeff. "Next item is a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Any bidders?", Jeff asked. Jess then immediately raised her hand. "$500!", she exclaimed. "Any bidders? Jeff asked. No one challenged her. "Going once, twice, sold to Jess!", said Jeff. Jess then took her clue and smiled sneakily.

"Next item is a basket of fried chicken and fries!", Jeff exclaimed. Karen then stood up. "Screw it, I'm hungry!", she exclaimed. "$500!", she exclaimed. "Karen bids 500 dollars for the chicken. Any challengers?", no one stood up. "Sold to Karen!", Jeff exclaimed. Karen then took her chicken and fries and began happily gorging it down. "The final item is a special advantage at the next immunity challenge!", said Jeff. Paul then immediately stood up. "I'm bidding $500!", he exclaimed. "Any challengers?", Jeff asked. "No one stood up. "Going once, twice, sold to Paul! Please don't read this until the challenge!", Jeff said. "Alright, auction is over, everyone head back to camp!" Everyone then left the auction, happy over their purchases.

(CONF) "I'd say that the auction was fairly successful for me today.", said Jess. "Yes, Paul got a challenge advantage, but I got the idol clue, so now he won't be able to try anything on me again and I can finally get him like I wanted to."

Back at camp, Otto and Chong congratulated Paul on his advantage win. "Nice job!", Otto said.

(CONF) "Paul just won an advantage at the auction", said Otto. "This is definitely good, because if we can get Lex AND have one of us immune, we might be in a better position than we thought. I'm hoping that I can shout 'Yeah, buddy!' like Adam does! That will be good!"

"I think we should talk to Lex", said Otto.

"Yeah, I agree", said Paul. "We're gonna have to make sure we can secure her vote away from Lex."

(CONF) "As I hoped, I won the challenge advantage", said Paul. "But this is far from over. Given how wishy-washy Lex is, I'm hoping I can get through to her on her friendship with Chong and how he should vote with him and by default us since it means a lot to her. But the girl is more unstable than the San Andreas fault, so I'll need to work at it."

Paul and Otto went to look for Lex, eventually finding her by the waves. "We need to talk", Paul said to her.

Lex sighed. "What is it? I voted with you last round", she said.

"We want to make sure you continue", explained Paul. "How do you think Chong would feel if you suddenly turned on him again?"

Lex paused. "...I guess I don't have a very good argument", Lex said. "So, I'm with you guys, then."

(CONF) "I feel like Paul and Otto are right", said Lex. "Given that I made up with Chong and I'm supposed to be better than this, I really should vote with the guys! And I feel like nothing will stop me this time! I'm a good, moral person who stays true to herself and nothing and I mean NOTHING will sway me the other way!"

Paul and Otto walked off, satisfied with Lex's answer. "That seemed easy", said Paul "But do you think she's actually going to stick with it?"

Otto seemed confident. "She did seem to be a little bit less hesitant this time", Otto said. "Besides, would she really want to betray Chong again?"

Paul nodded. "I suppose you're right", said Paul. But as the two walked off, Paul still felt a sense of dread inside.

Otto didn't notice Paul's growing fear and smiled. "That's the spirit!", he said as the two walked off.

(CONF) "We were able to talk some sense into Lex", said Otto. "Paul seemed a little bit apprehensive, but logically, why would someone turn on the same person again and again if they have a friendship with them, one that is stronger than the average Survivor one?"

Meanwhile, Jess opened up her idol clue, showing it to Karen. "Pretty net, huh?", she said. "I'm gonna read it now."

Karen watched along "Alright", she said.

(CONF) "Jess got a clue to the hidden immunity idol at the auction today", explained Karen."I definitely think this will be a good thing, because the guys only temporarily voted with us last round and with how Lex is, we're gonna need this in case she has another particularly wishy-washy moment."

Jess then took out the clue and began reading it. "The idol is in a new place, it's in a place with mail. If you want to have protection, then be fast, not a snail.", Jess read. "Hmm, I think this one is a little bit obvious.", Jess said as her and Karen went to go look inside the 'mail' tree, where the contestants would receive tree mail. Sticking her hand into the hole, Jess smiled brightly as she pulled out the idol. "Yes!", she exclaimed. "We actually did it!"

"Not bad!", said Karen. "Now let's try doing it without a clue next time! Don't you wanna show Russell?", she quipped.

"If anything, I'm gonna show him when I win this season and he doesn't!", Jess said.

(CONF) "I actually was able to find the hidden immunity idol", said Jess. "I'm definitely really happy about this, because this could be some useful leverage at the next tribal council with the Lex situation. She's easily scared by pretty much anything, so if I simply say the word idol, she'll probably vote with me for the rest of her life, long after this competition is over!"

The two walked off, intending to speak to Lex later.

Otto and Paul then dealt with another issue of their own, discussing the plan with Chong. They found him meditating by the ocean, then approached him. "Chong, we have to talk", said Paul. "It's about next vote."

"What about it?", Chong asked.

"We want to know if you're still willing to vote for Jess"., Paul explained. "She really can't stay here much longer, being the big threat she is. And if we play our cards right and trick her, she won't see it coming!"

Chong nodded. "Alright, that's reasonable. Is Lex going to vote with us this time?"

"She seemed like she would", said Otto. "Besides, I don't think she would turn on you again".

Chong listened along, then replied. "That does make sense", Chong said. "So Jess is the vote?"

Paul nodded. "Right, Jess is the one we're voting for."

"I'm okay with that", said Chong. "Since she's the one who caused the issue with me and Lex, that would be ideal."

(CONF) "The guys told me to vote for Jess", said Chong. "And I'm okay with that, especially since she's the one who tried to drive a wedge between me and Lex. I have a feeling things will go well, so theres no need to worry."

Meanwhile, Jess and Karen sat on the other side of the beach, contemplating.

"Do you think we definitely can get Lex?", asked Karen.

Jess nodded. "Earlier today, I think it would have been impossible, but with the secret weapon we found, I think this should be child's play!", Jess exclaimed.

"Very good points!", said Karen. "I'm thinking we should get her after the challenge, so she doesn't have enough time to go back to the guys."

(CONF) "We're probably going to wait until after immunity", said Karen. "At this point, Lex needs to have her vote controlled as much as possible and if we give her time to feel remorse about it and to regret her decision, then she will probably flip back But right before tribal? That would be perfect."

Lex walked along the beach, then finding Chong. "For the next vote, I'm going to go with Jess", Lex told him.

"Really? Well, that's good", said Chong. "The guys told me you were on board."

"Yeah, this is the right thing to do", Lex said. "I'm going to stick with the right crowd, no questions asked."

"As I said, good.", said Chong

(CONF) "I surely am going to do the right thing", said Lex. "After the cruise and talking to the guys and everything, I just have to stick by my morals and it's not so tough! Even if it's a game and you're supposed to lie, I can do better than that!"

Paul then approached Otto with concerns of his own.

"Hey Otto", Paul said. "I'm a little worried about one thing."

"What is it?", Otto asked.

"What if Jess gets the idol played on her?", Paul asked. "She DID win that idol clue at the auction, so what do you think?"

"I don't really think that's going to happen", said Otto. "To me, I feel like Karen would be a bigger threat now for her likability. If you ask me, ANYONE who makes a Survivor bowling alley is a surefire winner in my book! Even if Jess did win that idol clue, I don't think she's going to be in enough danger to feel she needs to use it."

Paul nodded, listening attentively. "You sure? I do see your arguments. If Karen was at the end with Jess, I'd definitely vote for Karen first!".

Otto replied. "Yes, I'm sure.", said Otto. "After all, I am a professor of statistics! I'd say the odds are in our favor!"

Paul chuckled. "Let's hope your predictions are right Professor!", Paul said as he shuffled off to the shelter with Otto.

(CONF) "To me, it really doesn't make sense for Jess to be seen as a threat over Karen right now, even if Jess won the idol clue", said Otto. "Yes, the challenge Karen won was a typical, 'Look at me, I'm super smart!", type of one, but still, Jess hasn't won anything and while she's not THAT bad, she's not as friendly and welcoming as Karen is! Karen's like that mom who buys you the game you want to play AND plays it with you AND knows all the cheat codes and tips on how to beat the boss before you do!"

Lex and Chong then headed back to the shelter, following Paul and Otto, so they could rest for the night, along with the other four. The sun then rose in the morning, as Paul went to collect the tree mail. "Treemail!", he exclaimed. He then read the note.

"Today's challenge involves standing in one place do not jog. In fact you'll have to hold in place a very heavy log." he read. "I think this challenge was from Samoa and Caramoan", Paul said as everyone headed off to the challenge.

(CONF) "Today's immunity challenge is pretty critical", Paul said. "I'm hoping Jess doesn't win immunity, particularly since I have an advantage that should help me win. Losing with an advantage would be awful, since it'd be bad enough to lose to Jess. If it was up to me, failure would be made absolutely, 100 percent illegal today, but I'm not the judge, jury or executioner."

The six arrived at the challenge site as Jeff greeted them. "Come in guys! Otto, I'm gonna take it back", Jeff said as he took the immunity necklace from Otto. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Ready to get to today's challenge?" Everyone nodded. "For today's challenge, you guys are going to be holding up a very heavy log with a rope.", Jeff explained. "There are three knots on the rope. After each round, you will need to move your arm down to one of the lower knots. It's going to become much harder to hold up the log as you move your arm down. If you can't hold on anymore, you're out. Last one standing wins immunity. Paul, you won an advantage at this challenge at the auction. Please read it.", Jeff said. Paul nodded, taking out the note, reading it. "You can hold onto the first knot for two rounds", Paul read. "Alright!" Jeff nodded. "Alright, let's draw for spots". Everyone then got into their places. "For immunity, Survivors ready? Go!"

Everyone got into their places, holding onto the first knot. Karen and Lex clearly began having trouble with the knot, while Lex dropped out entirely from the challenge, letting go of the rope. "Lex is out of this challenge! Take a seat on the bench!", said Jeff. Soon enough, Karen followed, letting go of her log. "Karen is out! Take a seat on the bench!", Jeff said again. Now only Chong, Otto, Paul and Jess remained. "We have 5 seconds left in this round 5..4..3..2..1..let go of your rope", Jeff said.

The next round then started. "This round, everyone but Paul put your hand on the second knot. Paul can keep his hand on the first one still. Survivors ready? go!!", said Jeff. Jess immediately began to have trouble on this section, her arms straining very quickly. She grunted as she was eventually unable to hold onto the rope, then let go. "Jess out of the challenge!", said Jef. "Only Paul, Otto and Chong remain!" Chong also began to struggle, as he eventually let go of his rope. "Chong now out of the challenge!", Jeff said. Otto and Paul started to feel pain, but they both held strong. Eventually, the time for the round ran out. "Otto and Paul move onto the final round! Paul move your arm down one knot!", Probst said.

Otto and Paul then did as Jeff said, Paul's hand on the second knot and Otto's on the third. "Survivors ready? Go!", Probst said. Otto and Paul both held strong, not willing to let go of their grip. Otto began to struggle a slight bit, while Paul was having less trouble due to having his advantage. Otto continued to struggle, his hands shaking. Eventually, Otto was unable to hold on for any longer as he let go. "Otto is out, Paul wins immunity!", Jeff said as Paul let go of his log. "Paul, immunity is yours, you're not going home tonight. The rest of you have a chance of going home. Grab your stuff and head back to camp to figure it out!" Everyone went back to camp.

(CONF) "I knew the advantage would be a huge help today!", said Paul. "Now with me immune and Lex seemingly on board, there shouldn't be a problem tonight. That said, I'm playing it safe and I'm going to make sure that there are no issues with the plan."

Once the remaining six returned to camp, Otto and Chong congratulated Paul on his win. "Nice job!", exclaimed Otto.

(CONF) "Paul just won immunity and this is great for him!", said Otto. "I also think Lex is going to stay with us for real this time, so that's also good. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings us in this game! Hopefully it's going to bring more of Lex's air guitar solos! I'm always game for those! All I know is that I'll ask her to play one tomorrow when I get back from tribal council!"

"I think I should go wash up.", said Paul

"Yeah, me too", said Otto. The two proceeded to do just that.

Chong went over to the water with Lex, the two also washing up before tribal.

"So, I guess Karen next?", asked Chong.

"Yeah, that seems about right", Lex said. "Whatever works for you."

(CONF) "I think Lex definitely is doing her part", said Chong. "She doesn't seem too invested, which definitely makes me think she doesn't care enough about the game to turn on anyone, which makes me happy, since it seems like she cares more about relationships."

"I'm gonna go get my stuff packed up before tribal", Lex said. As she was walking off, Jess noticed her.

(CONF) "Now's time to make my move", said Jess. "Lex might think she's going to stick to her guns, but I know how to get to her, that's for sure. She's like a rat. Give it cheese and it turns on everyone around it! And it seems like in this case, we have a wheel of cheese that isn't going to go moldy any time soon, so this rat is our pet now!"

"Lex, we need to talk", Jess said to her.

Lex sighed. "What is it?"

"You might want to change your little voting plans tonight", Jess said. "Because I have an idol and i intend to use it on myself!"

Lex gulped. "Really...? What does this have to do with me...?"

"Simple", said Jess. "As I always say, I can turn the vote against you. So therefore, you're going to vote with me. And not only that, you're going to play the idol on me at tribal council. You're going to do it and you'll send them a message!"

Lex stammered nervously "Oh...okay...", she said. "So..who do you want me to vote out?"

"Isn't it obvious?", asked Jess. "Otto of course. With Paul immune, he's the second biggest threat left."

"So..I'm in?", Lex asked nervously.

"You're in and don't talk to the guys", Jess said. "They can't think you're working with them."

"Oh...alright", said Lex.

"Good", Jess said as she walked away, satisfied.

(CONF) "Not feeling too good...", said Lex. "I really don't want to do this! Am I supposed to play the game or be a good friend? I wish I could figure this out. Again, I wish this was as simple as my life back home, where decisions are made instantly and easily like this! I'm not the type to take time to figure things out like this!"

Jess then approached Karen. "I'm sure we have Lex on board.", said Jess. "It was too easy, frankly."

Karen nodded. "I didn't think it'd be much of a challenge, to be honest."

"Same", said Jess. "Now I think we should wash up before tribal. I'm gonna like screwing with the guys!"

"I have to admit, it will be fun!", said Karen. The two then walked off to wash up.

(CONF) "I feel good tonight", said Karen. "With the mind tricks Jess pulled on Lex, this should go easily, so I'm happy about that. Every vote with Lex ultimately is going to be the same. She's worried about the implications of her violating her friendships, we convince her she's not violating them, she lies to someone nd votes with us!"

Meanwhile, Otto, Paul and Chong turned to each other.

"Well, this is it", said Otto. "We're going to show Jess."

"Yeah, we will", said Paul. "She won't see it coming!"

(CONF) "We discussed everything, me and Paul.", said Otto. "We think that Karen would get an idol played on her the most of anyone here, so it makes sense for us to take out Jess instead! I really think this is going to work, it's almost as sure a thing as the USA or the UK not doing well in the World Cup!"

"I'm ready to take her out.", said Chong. "She's getting too powerful!"

The guys put their hands together, then lifted them up as they walked off to tribal council.

Jess, Lex and Karen then followed them off, carrying their torches.

(CONF) "It's time to put the plan into action", said Paul. "I think Lex is going to stand by us, unless something absolutely insane happens. And if that insane thing happens, I'm going to look into it, don't get me wrong! But as I've said, I think the chances of that happening are going to be rather low tonight. Not entirely sure why, I just can sense it."

The six remaining members of Picogogeta arrived at tribal council, with Jeff greeting them. "We'll now bring in the members of our jury. Emma, Adam and Kristie, voted out at the last tribal council." Kristie sat down without acknowledging the remaining members. "Paul, how crucial do you think winning immunity was at this point in the game?"

"Very crucial", said Paul. "You don't know who will be on your side and who will slit your throat, so you need to be ready for anything."

"Jess, what do you think of what Paul said, that one must be ready for anything at this point?", Jeff asked.

"Obviously I heeded that advice", said Jess. "Otherwise I wouldn't have bought the idol at the auction"

"Otto, are you worried about this, that Jess had an idol?", Jeff asked.

"Not really", said Otto. "Because we have more numbers than Jess does and I doubt she'll play her idol." Lex then groaned nervously.

"Lex, you seemed to react to what Otto just said", said Jeff. "Any thoughts?"

"Loyalty can be so hard", said Lex. "At this point in the game, you just have to keep thinking about all of it."

"Chong, any thoughts on the idea of loyalty?", Jeff asked him.

"Yeah, I always try to be loyal of course", said Chong. "To me, it just comes naturally."

"Karen, do you think loyalty is a must in this game?", Jeff asked.

"For sure, but to a point", said Karen. "One must be loyal enough where there is trust, but not so much where you destroy your own game."

"Otto, do you think tonight's vote will be a surprise?", Jeff asked him.

"No, not really once again.", Otto said. "I think there will be disappointment, but from the people you expect."

"Paul, are you keeping immunity?", Jeff asked.

"I am", said Paul.

"Alright, with that it's time to vote, Otto, you're up.", said Jeff. Otto then walked up to the voting booth and wrote "Jess". "Sorry, but the snake's head needs to go tonight", Otto said before putting his vote in the urn. Jess then went up and wrote down Otto's name. "Ja, you nee to go tonight, ja", Jess said in a mocking Swedish accent before putting her vote in the urn. Lex then went up and her vote was not seen, but she could be heard speaking. "I'm so sorry, it's just what I have to do in the game." Paul, Chong and Karen then went up and voted. "I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said. He then got the urn and came back. "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so." Lex then stood up and walked over to Jeff, while Otto and Paul seemed shocked. "Jeff, I'd like to play this on Jess tonight, to send the guys a message.", Lex said a she sat down.

"The rules of Survivor state that in the event that a Hidden Immunity idol is played, any votes cast for that person will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be voted out instead. This is a hidden immunity idol, so any votes cast for Jess will not count. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote...Jess, does not count."

"Second vote..Jess, does not count."

"Third vote...Jess, does not count." Jess smiled, knowing what was to come.

"Fourth vote...Otto, one vote Otto"

"Fifth vote Otto, that's two votes Otto, one vote left." Otto seemed shocked

"13th person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the 4th member of our jury..Otto, you need to bring me your torch." Otto patted Paul on the back while he grabbed his torch and placed it in front of Jeff. "Otto, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed his torch. "It's time for you to go". Otto walked out, waving goodbye, while Paul eyed Lex angrily. "Tonight has proven that loyalty is definitely not certain in Survivor.", said Jeff. "Grab our torches, head back to camp, good night"

The five remaining Picogogeta embers walked out of tribal council, their torches still high in the sky.

Otto's Final Words: "I guess I was wrong to say there wouldn't be a surprise tonight. Lex seems to have tricked us again and that doesn't make me happy. I hope Paul can get through this and I'm going to be rooting for him until the very end, that's for sure."


Otto: Jess, Karen, Lex

Jess: Paul, Otto, Chong (DID NOT COUNT)

Episode 13: "Desperate Is My Middle Name Now"

Last time on Survivor...Paul and Otto were happy over being able to sway Lex, hoping they could do so next tribal council. Jess also was determined to win over Lex's support, needing it for the next vote. At the auction, Paul and Jess won a challenge advantage and an idol clue respectively. Paul and Otto seemed to win over Lex, while Jess had plans of her own. At the immunity challenge, Paul came out on top with his advantage. Jess found the hidden immunity idol, which she used to convince Lex to join her side and play the idol on her against the guys. Paul, Otto and Chong still thought that they had Lex's support, while Jess and Karen proved them wrong when Lex played the idol on Jess, negating 3 votes against her and sending Otto home. 5 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Laying her torch down, Jess fist bumped Karen once more. "That was perfect!", Jess exclaimed.

"Agreed!", said Karen as enthusiastically.

(CONF) "Tribal Council went exactly as planned tonight!", exclaimed Jess. "I knew that Lex was too weak-willed to fight against us, so that's why I'm still here and Otto isn't! As I said, I knew that she was going to be a perfect lackey during the merge and nothing at this point is going to stop that from continuing!"

Lex walked off, ashamed of herself, while Paul looked at her with anger in his eyes.

"Thanks a lot!", he exclaimed sarcastically.

(CONF) "Lex bailed out on us again and now Otto's head is mounted on the wall of jurors.", said Paul. "I want to let Lex have it, but it's time to focus on getting out of the hole I'm down again. The only issue is that this hole is pretty deep, so if I want to get out of it, I'm going to need a really, REALLY long rope to make something happen."

Chong felt saddened over the events of the tribal council, walking off toward the waves to reflect. "I can't believe it", he said with regret.

(CONF) "Lex voted against the guys again", said Chong. "I will always see her as a friend, but I don't feel happy over what she did and I wonder how much she's willing to lie to win the game. She always struck me as someone who stayed true to herself and seeing this happen? It does sadden me a little bit, actually."

Lex herself sat on the sand in despair, remorseful over turning on Chong yet again. "I really question why I joined the show now", she said sadly.

(CONF) "I can't believe I did it again!", Lex exclaimed. "I'm just not supposed to do this and yet I keep screwing up every time! What kind of PERSON am I?! God, does it ever get easier out here?! Why can't someone I know be here, like my sister?"

Karen retreated to the shelter, rather tired after another successful play against the guys. "Blindsides make a woman tired", she said as she nodded off to sleep.

(CONF) "Tonight was good for me and Jess, since we were able to get Lex to play the idol for Jess.", said Karen." I personally would have preferred not to go with the theatrics, but it worked out, so I'm happy! I wonder what my husband will say when I tell him about this!"

The five remaining Picogogeta members headed into the shelter, ready to sleep.

The sun then rose the next day, high in the sky like always. Paul ran over to the tree, pulling out the usual tree mail. "Tree mail!", Paul exclaimed. He then began to read the note.

"Today you will have a bucket, it will be filled with liquid. And your relatives'll help you, so you do not feel stupid.", Paul read. Everyone around him figured what this meant, cheering wildly. "Loved ones visit!", Lex yelled.

(CONF) "Sooo, when Paul read the note, I thought it had to be a loved ones visit!", exclaimed Lex. "I'm not happy about the lies I've told and all the people I keep making upset, but seeing my sister?! That would be AWESOME after living out in this smelly jungle! She's not really as much of a music person as me, so she appreciates that I can liven things up for her!"

With that, the five headed off to the challenge site to test Probst's theory.

(CONF) "Got the scroll today and it seems like it's the loved ones challenge", said Paul. "I probably will try not to win that, they're pretty dangerous in Survivor, sorta like a curse. That DOES make me wonder who will win and what this could mean for the game, though."

The five arrived on the orange colored mat, as Probst waited for them. "Come on in guys!", Jeff shouted. Paul, Chong, Karen, Jess and Lex stepped onto the matt. "Ready to get to today's challenge?", Jeff asked. Everyone nodded.

"Before I do, I need to ask you guys something", Jeff said. "You've been out here for 34 or so days right? Why not take the time to meet up with your loved ones?" With that, everyone cheered happily, ready to reunite with their families.

(CONF) "I was excited to see my mom again!", Jess exclaimed. "Both of us are major Survivor fans, ones who have seen every season, so we understand each other more intimately than other mother-daughters do! We weren't discussing nails or boy issues every week, we were discussing Survivor, and now it's time she's seen what I've done!"

"Jess, your mom is here! Want to see her?", Jeff asked. Patricia Powell then ran out and hugged her daughter. She was a spitting image of her child, with long black hair and a light complexion.

"I KNEW you would make it this far!", Pat exclaimed. Jess hugged her mom in return. "I have a lot to catch you up on", Jess said. "And I mean a LOT!"

"I'm not surprised!", said Pat.

"Chong, how about you and your wife Erica catch up on things?", said Jeff.

Chong beamed with happiness as he saw his wife run out to hug him. She had long grey hair like him and a slim figure, wearing a flower dress. The two then embraced as soon as they reunited.

"You called yourself Chong?!", Erica playfully scolded her husband.

"Hey, remember that year I only went by Lennon?!", Chong exclaimed. "This name is tame in comparison!"

"Paul, how about you and your dad catch up?", said Probst.

Tom ran in happily, fist-bumping his son. "Not that I'm shocked!", exclaimed Tom. He had silver hair and a beard, along with a black DOOM t-shirt.

"Yeah, I wasn't really surprised about making it this far either", said Paul. "I only discussed obscure anime and edgic 999 times instead of 1000!"

Tom laughed as the two waited in place.

"Lex, how would you like to see your sister?", Jeff asked her.

Lex squealed happily as Molly charged over to her to hug her. Molly had dyed red hair with went up to her shoulders and a few noticeable tattoos. "Did you play air guitar with them?", Molly asked.

"Only a little!", said Lex teasingly.

"And finally...Karen, your husband Ken is here!", Jeff announced. Ken ran in happily, wearing a Pikachu shirt. He had medium length black hair and a small goatee. He hugged and kissed his wife as she returned the favor. "You look great!", Ken exclaimed. "Given that I've been without a shower for this long, I'd say I agree!", Karen replied.

"Alright, want to know how this will work?", Jeff asked. Everyone nodded.

"For this challenge, your loved ones will be holding a bucket full of water. When I say go, they will hurl the water at you guys and you must try to catch as much water as you can in your own bucket of water. You must then race over to a podium and dunk the water down a hole. You must then race back to your loved one so they can throw more water at you. Eventually, enough water will have gone into the hole, so it will raise a flag with your name on it. The first loved ones pair to raise their flag, wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?", Jeff asked. Everyone nodded again.

"The winning pair will get their own private barbecue on a floating raft!", Jeff explained. "And to make this more fun, the winner will have to choose not only one, but TWO pairs to join them! The two pairs not chosen will not participate on the reward and the losers will head back to camp without their loved ones. Everyone understand?" Everyone nodded. "I'll give you a moment to strategize."

Paul then turned to his father, whispering in his ear. "Dad, we can't win this challenge. It's never a good idea to win a loved one's challenge on Survivor.", Paul said.

Tom chuckled. "Paul, I've been watching on TV since the show began! You didn't see it all until YouTube! Of course I know what to do!", Tom exclaimed.

Paul laughed. "Alright, in that case, dunk me, dunk my shirt, just don't get the water in the bucket. Capisce?"

"We're not even Italian, but okay!", Todd replied. Everyone then got into their places. "For reward, Survivors ready? GO!" Jeff shouted. The five contestants then began the challenge, their loved ones ready to splash. Tom and Paul began employing their strategy, with the elder Anderson hurling water all over his son, missing the bucket by a lot.

"Tom is hitting EVERYTHING but the bucket! Paul won't need to bathe for days!", Jeff exclaimed. Everyone then laughed as the challenge continued. Lex and Molly actually were trying to win the challenge, but Molly was similarly inept at getting the water to land in the bucket. "EVERYONE in this challenge is taking a shower, but their buckets remain empty!", Jeff continued. Lex spat out water as her sister continued to miss.

Meanwhile, Chong and Erica were having a little bit more lucky. Erica threw the water into the air as it landed clean in Chong's bucket, allowing him to start running to the podium. "Erica and Chong are making progress, the others need to pick up the pace!", Jeff exclaimed. However, Karen and Ken began to catch up, as Ken angled his arms a certain direction, allowing more water to fall into Karen's bucket. Karen then began running to her podium, just behind Chong. "Karen and Karen are now making work, this challenge could be anyone's win!", Jeff yelled.

Pat and Jess then began to make progress, as Pat hurled water at Jess, with the majority landing in the bucket. Jess wiped the water off of her face. "Two in one deal, Jeff!", she quipped as she ran off to fill up the podium. "Jess gets a bath AND enough water to fill up her bucket, she'd heading out!". Chong then returned to Erica as he began the next round, while Karen was close behind. Meanwhile, Paul and Tom continued to hurl water in every which way direction, some even landing on Jeff. "Paul and Tom don't want me to miss out on the fun, now getting ME wet!", Jeff exclaimed. Lex and Molly continued to struggle while Karen and Ken finished their second bucket, with Karen then running back out.

"Karen and Ken are making quick progress!", Jeff shouted. Karen then dunked her water into the hole in the podium, it was about three quarters full. "Karen almost done! Everyone else, pick it up!", Jeff shouted. Chong and Erica were getting closer, while Pat and Jess were in third. Paul and Tom and Lex and Molly continued to do poorly. Paul and Tom were drenched from head to toe, very little water left in their buckets. While Lex started to make progress, it was too late, as Karen finally filled her podium, the flag with her name being raised. "Karen raises her flag! Karen wins an afternoon barbecue with her husband!", Jeff exclaimed. Karen cheered wildly, kissing Ken. "Alright Karen, time for the tough part. Who is coming with you?" Karen didn't even need to hesitate for this one, pointing out to Jess. "I'm bringing my Steam buddy Jess!" Jess and Pat then ran over to Karen and Ken happily.

"And finally, who is the last pair that's coming with you?", Jeff asked. Jess then turned to Karen, whispering. "I think we should take Chong", Jess said. "We already have Lex in our pocket, so getting Chong to help us will only ensure Paul goes next." Karen then paused, contemplating this. "Okay", she said. "Chong, you're coming with us!". Chong then proceeded to run over himself, along with Erica. "Alright!", he exclaimed. Paul did not seem phased, while Lex was visibly dejected, barely able to hold back tears. "Lex, you seem very emotional, almost about to cry", Jeff said. "Disappointed you won't be spending the day with your sister?" Lex nodded, tears now pouring down her face. "We're so close me and her! We've done so much together, music, watching Survivor, just HANGING out! And now we have to wait again!", she said as she bawled. "Well, I'm sure you'll get to see your sister when you get off the island. Karen, Jess and Chong, your barbecue awaits! Paul and Lex, got nothing for you! Please head back to camp!" Paul waved goodbye to his dad, while Lex hugged her sister one last time before the two headed off. Jess, Karen and Chong then headed off to the raft with their loved ones.

(CONF) "Picking Chong was a MUST at this point in the game!", said Jess. "I know that we have the advantage right now even without his help, but given how crazy Lex is and how insanely emotional she just got, you never know what she could do! That said, I DOUBT Lex is dumb enough to try anything against us!"

Chong, Karen and Jess then headed off to their raft, marveling at the barbecue provided to them. "I must be hallucinating!", Karen exclaimed. Chong was quick to join in on the excitement. "Vegetarian shiz-ka-bob! This day is the best!". Erica, Ken and Pat all joined in as well, laughing at Chong's comment.

(CONF) "Winning the loved ones visit was a definite must for me!", exclaimed Karen. "Not only am I reunited with Ken, who I've missed IMMENSELY all this time, but now we get to discuss a strategy moving forward, which I think is really, really important at this point."

As Chong and Erica were downing their vegetarian shiz-ka-bob, Karen and Jess approached them. "Hey, can we speak to you for a minute?", asked Jess.

"Uh, okay", said Chong.

"Look, Lex voted with us last round and she told us that she's DYING to have you vote with her again.", Jess said. "I know that you're friends with Paul, but he has to go next if you want a shot at winning. Would you really want to let down Lex by not voting with her again?"

Chong paused for a moment, thinking. "Well, I guess it wouldn't be very good for us to vote apart again", Chong said. "Me and her are great friends and I don't want to disappoint her."

"So, you're in?", Karen asked him.

Chong nodded slowly. "I guess so."

(CONF) "I'm feeling a bit conflicted about what to do", said Chong. "Jess and Karen came at me and my wife and were like 'WE GOTTA TALK! STRATEGY! STRATEGY!' and they told me that I should be voting with Lex. Of course I want to! It makes me sad when we DON'T vote together! I guess wherever Lex goes, I will, even if I have to get rid of Paul.."

Jess and Karen then turned to each other. "I think that worked, do you?", asked Karen.

Jess nodded. "Definitely.", she said. "Chong is attached to Lex's hip, so wherever she goes, he will! That's why there's no way this can fail! The shiz-ka-bob's getting cold and I think my mom's getting impatient, so let's go eat some American bastardization of Greek food!"

"I'm game for that!", Karen said as she rejoined Ken, while Jess rejoined Pat.

"You girls discussing strategy?", Pat quipped.

"Just a little bit mom!", Jess replied.

(CONF) "Chong really, really doesn't seem able to do anything without Lex, as I've said!", exclaimed Jess. "That's why I don't see why he would turn against us! Bringing Lex would have been pointless, since we DEFINITELY have her already, so if we get Chong to work with us, then there's NO way Paul won't be going home tonight!"

Back at camp, the mood was mixed. Paul was barely phased, as he walked alongside the shore, while Lex remained in the shelter, completely despondent.

(CONF) "Losing the challenge today and being torn apart from Molly, IT WAS THE WORST!", Lex wailed. "We're practically best friends and I think she understands me on a deeper level than most of my actual friends! Sure me and my friends have fun and are there for me, but Molly's known me my entire life, she's my ally! Hell, she actually convinced me to sign up for this show before my friends did! So frankly, I don't get why Karen didn't choose me!"

As Paul drew on the sand in boredom, Lex called for him. "Paul, can you come over here please?", Lex asked.

"Uh..sure?", Paul replied. He didn't know quite what she wanted.

(CONF) "As I was doodling in the sand, since me and Dad were never going to win this challenge, Lex called me over!", exclaimed Paul. "And I almost was ready to call the medical crew over, because her face was red and puffy, while she was shaking like one of those chattering teeth toys you win at a carnival!"

"I just need to talk to SOMEONE!", Lex exclaimed.

"What do you want to talk about?", Paul asked.

"It's the loved one's visit", Lex said. "I'm so shocked and disappointed at what Karen did!"

Paul nodded. "Well, I feel like Karen wasn't trying to do anything personal to you", said Paul. "What if it was just -". But before Paul could finish his sentence, Lex cut him off swiftly.

"No! Don't try to make it about the game!", Lex snapped. "I'm not mad at you, just mad at anyone who tries to justify things like these as game moves! There's NO excuse!"

As Paul continued listening, he wondered if he could use this somehow in his favor.

(CONF) "I think Paul means well!", said Lex. "But the thing is, he's like all of them in that he'll say something HORRIBLE like this is for the game! Why can't people just know that certain things like this aren't okay?! They're not and I'm so mad at Karen for what she did!"

"But, thank you for listening..", Lex replied.

"Well", said Paul in a manipulative tone of voice. "I do think there's one thing you should do."

"What's that?", Lex said as she listened.

"I think you need to vote out Karen", Paul replied.

Lex seemed a little shocked. "But, we voted together last round! Even if she did what she did, is it really right?"

Paul nodded. "Yes. Would you really want to work with someone who doesn't have your best interests in mind, who will do things like this to you? What if she votes you out before the finals? Could you really say that's something in your best interest?"

Lex thought about what Paul said for a moment, then slowly nodded. " ARE right!", Lex shouted. "In fact, that's the best thing I've heard all day! Karen did something that just makes me mad and no one who does things like that should stay in this game! Thanks Paul!"

"Can you tell Chong about this?", Paul asked. "You wouldn't want to vote without your friend, would you?"

Lex nodded once more. "Of course! Again, thanks Paul! You helped me see this for how it really is!"

Paul smirked to himself, feeling triumphant in his ploy.

(CONF) "Lex was spilling me her guts about how what Karen did was unfair!", Paul remarked. "I personally don't get how that makes sense, since Karen is one of the nicest people I know and she'd never do anything to hurt Lex's feelings, but if Lex is that emotionally shifty that I can just fib to her once and she'll work with me, then I'll use it! Desperate times call for desperate measures and I'm pretty sure desperate is my middle name now!"

Paul then patted Lex on the back. "Not an issue." Eventually, as the two were seated in the shelter, Karen, Jess and Chong returned, sans their loved ones. Paul greeted the three, while Lex avoided eye contact with Karen and Jess, though gazed at Chong. "Chong, may I speak to you for a bit?", Lex asked.

"Okay", said Chong.

(CONF) "When we got back from the reward, Lex told me she wanted to speak", said Chong. "I feel like it'll be an apology for Otto being blindsided, which I'll definitely welcome. Though with what Karen and Jess told me, maybe it's the same news from before, that Paul is the one who has to go next."

"Look, I really, really think Karen should go next", whispered Lex.

Chong, being as inquisitive as he was, wondered why this was the case. "Why is that?", Chong asked her.

"Well", Lex started. "She didn't take me on the reward and that's just wrong to me. I have a strong bond with my sister and I just can't fathom why she'd ignore that."

At first, Chong wasn't sure how to respond. Jess and Karen had told him that the plan was to turn against Paul, but at the same time, he respected Lex as well as Paul, so if there was a way to avoid voting out his friends, he was on board for it.

"Hmm, I suppose we could do that. Have you spoken to Paul about this yet?", Chong asked.

Lex nodded. "Yeah, he made me realize why it makes sense to do this", she said. "I just don't want that kinda behavior around me.

Chong nodded again. "You're right. Let's get some sleep.", he said as he plopped into the shelter. Lex smiled.

(CONF) "I like Paul for sure, he's definitely a good friend.", said Lex. "But Chong, he's my BEST friend on this island and if I can't vote with him, that's going to feel even worse. I know it's a game, I know you're supposed to turn against people all the time and I know I'm SUPPOSED to do that, but if I can vote with him, I'm doing it!"

As Chong, then Lex soon feel asleep, along with Paul, Jess turned to Karen. "Lex didn't say hello to us. Does that worry you?", Jess asked.

Karen shook her head. "She's probably just tired", said Karen. "I know she was upset earlier today, but she probably is feeling better now."

"Fair point", said Jess. "Besides, as I said, if Chong's working with her, then there's no WAY things will change!"

(CONF) "I was a bit concerned when I saw Lex asleep, after she didn't greet us when we got back today", said Karen. "I know she was torn up over me not selecting her, but it wasn't personal at all. I figure we already have her vote, so making sure we get Chong's is most important. No point in recruiting someone you already recruited."

Karen and Jess then went into the shelter, slowly falling asleep. The next day was slightly overcast, but Lex didn't mind, as she lead Paul and Chong out of the shelter, down the beach. "Come on guys!", Lex yelled. Paul yawned tiredly as he dragged himself out of the shelter, followed by Chong. "This better be good", Paul remarked.

(CONF) "When we were about to wake up this morning, Lex pulled me and Chong out of the shelter, telling us to follow her", said Paul. "I'm not that heavy a sleeper, but I still wonder what she could possibly want at this point!"

"You guys remember Chris' Crib?", Lex asked Paul and Chong.

"I've been there, but I don't think Chong has", said Paul. "Chong, have you?"

Chong shook his head. "Nah, never been. It's where that loner guy with the beard hung out, right?"

Paul nodded. "Yeah, Chris had a beard. So Lex, why are you taking us here?" Eventually, the three reached the top and could see the beach below.

"I just wanted to have a little fun with my friends!", Lex exclaimed. "I'm still sore about what Karen did, but frankly, I want to forget that as much as I can and just chill here!", she said as she viewed the waves. Paul simply gazed, while Chong meditated. "Not a bad idea!", Chong said.

(CONF) "Lex took me and Paul up to the big cliff that everyone apparently calls Chris' Crib", said Chong. "It's so nice that we're taking our minds off the game for a moment, just so we can be in nature and relax. It's something I'd never regret doing."

Meanwhile at camp, Karen retrieved the treemail, while Jess watched. "Treemail!", Karen exclaimed. She then took out the parchment and began reading it, just as Paul, Lex and Chong returned from their little trip. "Today the challenge involves strength in making brand new words. Make them up from your season's name, this isn't just for nerds." Karen chuckled. "I guess that means I'm not the only one who can participate!"

(CONF) "Today is another mental challenge, it seems.", said Karen. "I really would like to win it, since I won the Madagascar trivia challenge and while things look like they'll be pretty uneventful here for the last few days, I wouldn't mind wearing that necklace more than once! I know that they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but in my case, I'm hoping that necklace will be!"

The five then headed off to the challenge. Jeff was waiting for them as he called them in. "Come on in guys!", Jeff exclaimed. The five remaining Picogogeta members stood on the orange mat, ready for their instructions. "Ready to get to today's immunity challenge?", Jeff asked. Everyone nodded. "Well first off, Paul, please give me back the necklace." Paul reluctantly handed Jeff the necklace back as everyone awaited their instructions.

"For today's challenge, you will need to make as many words as you can from 'SURVIVOR: MADAGASCAR'. You cannot repeat words, nor use names. You will have 10 minutes to make as many words as you can. Castaway that makes the most words in 10 minutes, wins immunity. Ready to draw for spots?" Everyone nodded.

"For immunity, Survivors ready? Go!", Jeff exclaimed. Everyone then picked up their pieces of chalk and began writing as many words as they could. Karen, Jess and Paul got a quick head start, while Chong was in fourth and Lex struggled the most. "This is a CLOSE challenge!", Jeff exclaimed. Jess feverishly jotted down as many words as she could, the chalk crumbling and eroding as she slammed it onto the board. "Jess is working like a dog! Karen and Paul aren't too far behind!", Jeff said. Lex's chalk then broke, making it much harder for her to write words. "Lex's chalk is in pieces, she'll need to get creative to win!", Jeff exclaimed. Paul formed several words of his own, though Jess and Karen remained neck-and-neck with each other. "Jess and Karen are SUPER close in this challenge!", said Jeff.

While Chong continued to stay behind the other three, Karen's chalk also broke, making it significantly harder for her to make words. "Now Karen has broken chalk as well!". At this point, Paul began catching up to Jess, but she still had a sizable lead. "Jess is killing it in this challenge!", Jeff exclaimed. Eventually, the time ran out. "Everyone, drop your chalk.", Jeff said. Everyone did so, waiting for the next command. "I'm going tally up how many all of you have and the one with the most is the winner." Jeff then slowly looked over at everyone's boards. "Lex, you made 23. Chong, 45. Paul, 62. Karen, 64. And Jess with 73. That means Jess wins individual immunity!", Jeff exclaimed. Jess cheered as she ran over to get her necklace. "Jess, you're safe from the vote tonight, you're not going home. The rest of you have a chance of being the next one voted out. Grab your stuff and head back to camp."

(CONF) "What a great last few days!", Jess exclaimed. "I caught up with mom, won immunity and now Paul's going to go home! After that, me and Karen are going to coast to the end, like Banjo Kazoie! I can smell victory a mile away!"

The five returned to camp, with Jess placing her necklace down. "Good job", the other four said as Jess nodded.

(CONF) "A bit disappointed I didn't win immunity", Karen said. "That said, I still got the one from before and I'm happy about that. The one thing I do want to address is Lex, since she was going off to Paul and Chong a lot, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem."

"Can I talk to you for a second?", Karen asked Lex as she approached her.

Lex was shocked that Karen wanted to speak to her. She figured it was for the inevitable, but she went along with it anyway.

"What is it?", Lex asked.

"I just want to apologize if you feel like I was being insensitive about the reward", Karen said. "Nothing personal was meant."

"Okay....", Lex replied. She internally was unsure of whether or not to listen to Karen.

"Me and Jess want you and Chong to help us vote out Paul. Can you do that?", Karen asked again.

Lex hated to say 'no' to others who she felt were nice, so she started sweating. "Okay...", she replied once more.

Karen nodded. "Well, that is good.", she replied. "I'm going to go wash up."

Lex moved her head up and down once Karen was out of sight, sighing loudly.

(CONF) "I'm still not so sure Karen feels bad about the loved ones reward", said Lex. "I still think she's a nice person, but from what we just discussed, I can't know if she cares more about the fact that it was wrong to separate me from Molly or that she just wanted my number so HER game could go her way! Either way, I don't want to tolerate this!"

Once Karen left, Paul and Chong approached Lex. "What did Karen say?", Paul asked Lex.

Lex turned to him. "She claimed she was sorry for the reward, but I'm not sure I buy it", Lex said. "And she kept telling me to vote you out, which I don't want to do after the reward!"

"So, you still want to get Karen out?", Chong asked her.

Lex nodded. "Yeah, I just don't feel okay after all of that."

Paul nodded, along with Chong. "Works for me", Paul said as he headed off to wash up. Chong patted Lex on the back as he headed off to wash up himself.

(CONF) "Lex is practically a textbook on how not to play Survivor!", Paul exclaimed. "I get that not getting to eat shiz-ka-bob is a pretty huge violation, especially in MY book, but you can do that anytime without destroying your alliances for petty reasons like that! It'd be like if the bad guys in a James Bond movie all killed each other because they made eye contact slightly improperly! But given that I'd likely be Bond in this analogy, then that's fine for me! 'Anderson, Paul Anderson will work with what he's dealt with!"

Jess approached Karen in the shelter. "How'd it go down?", Jess asked.

Karen replied. "Lex seems to be on board with things.", she said. "I think she's a little bit upset about the loved one's reward still, but probably will feel better soon. She's resilient."

Jess nodded. "Yeah, you're probably right. I bet she'll be back to playing air guitar tomorrow.", Jess said as she grabbed her torch.

Karen chuckled. "I bet.", she said as she then grabbed hers.

(CONF) "Lex still seems a little bit sore about the reward", said Jess. "At the same time, I bet even she's smart enough not to screw anything up. This game might have an emotional component, but the strategic one almost always wins out and I don't see this night be any sort of deviation."

Paul, Chong and Lex then grabbed their respective torches and the five headed off to tribal council. Eventually, the five arrived and placed their torches behind them as Jeff greeted them. "We will now bring in the members of our jury.", Jeff said. "Emma, Adam, Kristie and Otto, voted out at the last tribal council." Otto greeted the five by waving to them, but otherwise remained silent. Jeff then began to address the remaining five.

"Jess, this is your first time winning individual immunity. Do you think it was a crucial win?", Jeff asked.

Jess nodded. "Absolutely", Jess said. "At this point in the game, you become more intent on winning at the expense of others and being prudent doesn't take as much precedence as pure survival does." Lex sighed at this response.

"Lex, you don't seem to agree", Jeff noted. "Any thoughts on what Jess said, that at this point, it becomes all a game for yourself?"

Lex shook her head. "No, I don't agree.", Lex said. "I know that this is a game and you need to play it, but there are certain things that show your character, who you are that should NEVER go out the door!"

"What kind of things?", Jeff asked curiously.

"Well, letting people feel INCLUDED, for one!", Lex exclaimed. "Not feeling included just TEARS away at me!", she said as she wiped tears from her eyes. Karen eyed the room curiously.

"Karen, you also seem to have a lot on your mind", Jeff said. "Any thoughts to add to this?"

Karen nodded. "I do Jeff. I know that Lex was upset about not being chosen for the loved ones reward, but I did talk it out with her and she seemed to be okay with it, once I made it clear nothing was personal. I don't know what she feels upset about currently, but I do hope she feels better soon.", Karen said.

"Paul, what do you make of Lex's emotional struggle?", Jeff asked. "Do you understand how she feels?"

Paul nodded. "Definitely.", Paul said. "I'm not the most emotional guy in the world, but I have friends and family members who are more emotional than me and having witnessed their struggles, I can understand why Lex may feel a bit upset."

"Chong, I've noticed you and Lex seem to be pretty good friends", said Jeff. "How does it make you feel seeing her feel bad?"

"It makes me feel awful", said Chong. "So if I can make Lex feel better, as we are very good friends, then I surely will do that."

"Karen, do you see any surprises happening tonight?", Jeff asked.

"As I've said recently, I think the next few days will probably be uneventful", Karen said.

"Well, we should find out whether or not that's true in a moment", Jeff said. "Jess, you keeping immunity or giving it up?"

"I'm keeping it", Jess said.

"With that, it's time to vote. Lex, you're up.", Jeff replied. Lex headed up to the podium, then wrote down "Karen" in small letters. "I'm sorry, but I still feel really upset over the Molly situation." Karen then headed up and wrote down "Paul". "Sorry Paul, just business as usual", said Karen. "But I definitely would like to meet up with you after the game." Paul, Jess and Chong then voted respectively and once Chong cast his vote and sat down, Jeff went to get the urn.

"I'll go tally the votes", he said. Jeff then returned with the urn and turned to the five. "If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, tonight is the final night to do so." No one took up the offer. "Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote...Paul"

"Second vote...Karen. That's one Karen, one Paul."

"Third vote...Karen, that's two Karen, one Paul."

"Fourth vote...Paul, that's two Karen, two Paul, one left." Everyone awaited the result anxiously.

"Fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the fifth member of our jury....Karen, you need to bring me your torch." Karen seemed surprised, but otherwise complied with Jeff, as she placed her torch down. Jess shot Lex a dirty look as this occurred.

"Karen, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed Karen's torch. "It's time for you to go." Karen seemed disappointed, but otherwise waved goodbye to the remaining four. "Bye guys!", she said as she walked out.

Jeff then turned to the remaining four. "Well, some of you clearly did not expect that result tonight. With only three nights remaining, whose to say what could happen next? Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night." The four did as Jeff said, leaving tribal council with their flames alit as the moon shone brightly.

Karen's Final Words: "I definitely was a little bit surprised tonight. I know Lex was upset about the reward, but I didn't think she was THAT upset. Still, I like her and wish her well, along with Jess, Paul and Chong, they're all great people. I'm just so happy I got to play and I'd love to do this again!"


Karen: Paul, Chong, Lex

Paul: Karen, Jess

Episode 14: "If We're Animals, Then It's Time to Go Rabid!"

Thirty six days ago on a fishing trawler in the Indian Ocean, eighteen Americans were about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. That adventure was to take place in Madagascar, the location for Survivor's thirty-seventh season! And an adventure they were in for! Home to bizarre, exotic wildlife found nowhere else on earth, ancient, fearsome customs and a penchant for uncertainty, Madagascar was anything but forgiving. Divided into two tribes, Drakaka and Ahay, the atmosphere would be anything but calm. Immediately, chaos formed when investment banker Louis dumped the supplies of rival tribe Ahay overboard, causing confusion and tension. But Louis' antics weren't done just yet. Forming an alliance with Otto and Paul, his strange decisions in the first immunity challenge lead to a loss for Drakaka, though he effortlessly turned the vote onto the overly social Amy, who was voted out. Things weren't any easier on Ahay, with powerhouse Glenn becoming injured during an adventure with the rambunctious Adam. Despite uncertainty over his potential for strength, Glenn was voted out by the majority of his tribe, save John, the gruff military man. Hannah then was blindsided after she caught onto a budding friendship between Adam and Drakaka members Otto and Paul. When Ernest of Drakaka had beef with Louis' leadership style, he was sent packing, just in time for a swap to occur. Louis and Paul pulled in Chong, while on Drakaka, Otto and Adam rounded up Jess, Karen and Emma. After John and Christine were taken out for talking too much, Drakaka took out alliance outsiders Chris and Layla. At the merge, Louis was blindsided by his own after concerns over his paranoia ran rampant. Once Emma was taken out as a remnant of the alliance, all hell broke loose. Jess fear Adam's challenge prowess and bond with Otto, Paul and Chong, then blindsided him with the girls while confusing Lex. Next vote, Paul retaliated by planting a fake idol in Kristie's bag, who then was turned on. Next round, things were shaken up once more after Jess found the idol and forced Lex to play it on her, resulting in Otto being blindsided. At the loved ones challenge, Lex was turned over in favor of Chong, much to her despondency. After Paul convinced her to flip on Karen for emotional reasons with him and Chong, Karen was blindsided in 5th place. Now only four remain. Jess, the 19 year old college student from Yale. She's been a strategic powerhouse post merge, organizing several blindsides. Paul, the entrepreneur from Seattle. He was in a dominant alliance, turned on it leader and has rebounded against blindsides with tricks of his own. Lex, the indie rocker from California. She's struggled to play the game with her head or heart, trying to toe the line between keeping friendships and advancing herself further. And last but not last, Chong, the 67 year old health food store owner from San Francisco. He's been known as the likable dad-type of the group, with a strong friendship with Lex. Though he hasn't been in control of the votes, could his friendliness help him win out? Ultimately, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize! This is the season finale of Survivor: Madagascar!

Paul raised his fist in the air triumphantly, happy over narrowly avoiding elimination. "Another one bites the dust", he proclaimed.

(CONF) "Tribal Council went as I hoped it would", explained Paul. "By getting Lex to vote with her emotions, Karen was blindsided instead of me and now with only four left, my chances of getting to the end keep skyrocketing! Never understood why the super-villains always keep around the incompetent sidekicks if they just mess everything up. But if the evil Doctor Powell wants to keep around the lowly Assistant Donnelly, then I'm fine with that!"

Jess however, was furious, as she angrily stormed off, ignoring Lex's pleas to discuss the matter.

"Don't f*cking talk to me!", Jess shouted as Lex tried to follow her.

(CONF) "God, Tribal Council was BLOOD BOILING!", Jess shouted. "Not only does Lex turn on us for the UMPTEENTH time, but now Karen is gone! F*cking up my game is bad enough, but voting out my best friend here?! This is where things will get PERSONAL now! No pretensions of us being 'better' than animals! Because frankly, humans are biologically animals! So if we're animals, then it's time for us to get rabid!"

Lex was left sighing, laying on the ground in defeat.

(CONF) "I should have my name renamed at this point....", Lex said in defeat. "God, first Adam, then Kristie, then Otto and now Karen?! I've screwed so many people who were my friends over. And all for 'playing the game'! If I could play an air guitar song right now, it'd be 'Lake of Fire'! Where do bad folks go when they die, they don't go to heaven where the angels fly, they go to a lake of fire and fry! See em' again til' the fourth of July! Don't even care that's not July, just had to get that out! Seriously though, I don't know how I'll keep managing this."

Chong noticed Lex was in despair and tried to comfort her. "I know how it feels", he said. "But I'm here for you in case you want to talk."

(CONF) "Lex was pretty torn up about tribal council", said Chong. "And I feel her, I get what she's going thorough. It's so tough enduring all of the hard choices you're forced to make out here when you simply want to have fun. I've been a fan of the show since Day 1 and it's something SO many people who go on here experience, so I get that, she's not alone. My eldest daughter suffered self-doubt when she was a teen and it just pains me so much because this reminds me so much of it! But she pulled through, so hopefully Lex can too. Whether 5 seconds or 500 years, I'm standing by her."

"Want to get some sleep?", Chong asked her.

Lex shook her head. "I'll go into the shelter in a bit."

"Alright", Chong said as he headed off to the shelter, along with Paul and Jess.

(CONF) "Lex is going into another sanctimonious spiel about how the game is affecting her", said Jess. "I do wonder why she wanted to sign up, given what the game entails, but not that I'm going to complain, as while she does seem to turn on people for stupid, immature reasons, it's really easy to turn her back, so I'll keep her for at least the next round for that."

Eventually, Lex followed into the shelter as the other three were fast asleep. She soon fell asleep herself for the night.

The sun rose high in the sky the next day, pink giving way to blue as the palm trees near the shore become visible once more. Paul's buff was covering his eyes as he snored loudly, only for Chong to wake him up.

"Paul, I want you to come with me for a bit", said Chong.

Paul groggily pulled off his buff and turned to face Chong. "What is it?", Paul asked curiously. Lex had pulled him out of the shelter the day before and he wondered what it could be this time.

"C'mon, just follow me!", Chong said giddily. He had the enthusiasm of a child on his face. Paul sighed as he followed Chong down to the cliff.

(CONF) "Chong woke me up this morning, presumably for the same reasons Lex did", said Paul. "I suppose it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to spend some time relaxing or meditating like Chong likes to do, since even I need a break once in a while from all the cerebral plotting."

The two made their way up the hill, eventually reaching Chris' Crib once more. The beach was visible, along with other cliffs in the distance. The grassy field could be seen behind the jungle.

"Isn't it great?", Chong asked.

"Yeah", said Paul. "I've seen it before, but it definitely is a scenic view, that's for sure!"

"I know!", said Chong. He then began meditating once more, raising his arms into the air. "So much inner peace achieved!"

(CONF) "Couldn't resist going up here this morning!", Chong exclaimed. "I just like to experience the simple things in life and in this game and this is no exception! At this point, I'm not really sure who's going to go next, but I'm not that worried! I feel too euphoric to think about that right now!"

"This is pretty good!", said Paul as he held out his leg while meditating.

The conversation then turned a little serious. "So, do you think Jess should go next?", Chong asked. "She's not trustworthy and clearly isn't working with us".

Paul turned to answer Chong. "Yeah, that seems reasonable", he said. He secretly had a little more doubt, though.

(CONF) "The truth is, while Chong is a great friend and I'd hate to get rid of him, I do think that he's a bit more of a threat for likability in the finals, whether it's 3 or 2.", said Paul. "And I know it's not great to have to vote out your friends in this game, but I personally am not sure if I can keep him or not. Jess is a snake, but she's less liked than him, so that could be an incentive to me to get more jury votes. So I'm going to have to think long and hard about this and given how stressful this might be, I might glue my *** to this cliff for the next two days so that I can stay calm while thinking!"

"I do wish Lex was here right now", Chong said. "She'd enjoy this."

"I wonder where she is", said Paul.

Lex trotted through the jungle, alone and miserable. She was singing a tune in a depressed, defeated voice.

"One baby to another says....I wish I had met you....", Lex mumbled. But she was too downtrodden to even sing.

(CONF) "I'm not normally the type who likes to be alone", said Lex. "But now, I just need it, because being around these people who want to play hard, minus Chong of course, it just eats at me. I wish I could be in this jungle for the rest of the game at this point. At least the lemurs wouldn't expect anything of me.."

Jess noticed Lex wandering around in the jungle, then got annoyed. "I'm not shocked she would do this."

(CONF) "Lex is just aimlessly moving around the jungle and it's kinda creepy", said Jess. "I get that Karen not taking her tore her heart out, but seriously, she needs to move on and focus on the game. As I said, if she didn't want to backstab people, she should have signed up for Cake Boss or something asinine and stupid like that!"

"Hey, we have to talk NOW!", Jess demanded. Lex heard her and though reluctantly, she scurried over to Jess once more.

"What is it now?", Lex asked.

"We need to discuss the next vote", said Jess. "Obviously Paul needs to go. Can you agree to that?"

Lex sighed once more, knowing the only acceptable answer. "Can I get Chong in on it?", she asked.

"Duh! Of course you need to!", said Jess. "If it's only us, assuming Paul and Chong vote together, then the vote will be tied 2-2! So yeah, get Chong involved!"

Lex nodded slowly. "Okay..whatever you say", she said as she begun walking off.

(CONF) "Won't feel good having to do this", said Lex. "I feel like at this point, I should just hum or do something to distract myself before I do bad things like this. I don't WANT to get rid of Paul, but Jess said it must be done. At the very least, it can't get any worse than this, so I suppose I can take comfort in that..."

Eventually, Paul and Chong returned to the beach, just in time for treemail. "Treemail!", Jess called out as she began to read the note.

"The focus of today is to find the bags in the big field. Because a puzzle must be made, so safety you can wield", she read. "Hmm, not too sure". The four then headed off to the challenge.

(CONF) "Immunity is going to be crucial today", said Paul. "If I lose, it's going to be a tie at best and me going home at worst, so my only goal today is to win that immunity! Every cheesy action movie suddenly has the hero become nigh invincible toward the end, so I'm hoping I have a Mad Max style moment today! Hell, more fittingly, today is the moment where I need to go Super Saiyan. If there's any blond dye out here, I'd put it in my hair, but hopefully my insanely intense rage against Jess due to Adam and Otto's blindsides will be enough to make me start shouting Kamehameha!"

The four arrived at the challenge site as Jeff greeted them. "Come on in guys!", he said. "Jess, I'm going to need to take that back", Jeff said as he took back Jess' immunity necklace. "Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, there will be 16 bags of puzzle pieces scattered throughout the field. You must grab the bags that correspond to the color you will be assigned. The pieces are going to be spread out, so this will take awhile. When you get back, you will need to solve the puzzle, which is of the logo of this season. The first person to get it right, wins immunity. Let's draw for spots."

Everyone then got into their place, waiting for the okay. "For immunity, Survivors ready? GO!", Jeff shouted. Paul darted out into the field, while Jess was behind. Lex and Chong were neck and neck, lagging far behind Jess. "Paul's off to a quick start in this challenge!", said Jeff. Paul raced into a wooded area, looking for his blue colored bag. Eventually, he found it, grabbing it as he ran back. "Paul is storming through this challenge!", Jeff exclaimed. Jess then found her orange bag and ran back, hot on Paul's tail. Lex soon found hers, while Chong found his shortly after. "Everyone's dropping off their first bag!", Jeff yelled.

Paul and Jess then ran out to find their second bag as Lex and Chong trailed them. Paul ran down the coast, while Jess tried to look to her left. Eventually, Jess found her bag first, while Paul struggled to find his. "Paul is losing his lead!", Jeff exclaimed. Eventually, Paul found his bag then ran back. Chong then found his next one, while Lex found hers. Jess went out to get her next one, while Paul followed. Lex and Chong seemed to be getting tired, though Jess and Paul lost no energy. "Jess and Paul are SMOKING this challenge!", Jeff said. Paul found his bag under a tree, while Jess found hers in a bush. Chong and Lex then found theirs. Paul raced back to place his bag down, followed by Jess. "Paul and Jess have only one bag left!", Jeff exclaimed.

Chong and Lex were slow to find their next bag, while Paul and Jess raced out for their final one. Paul and Jess collided into each other and both fell on the ground, phased for a second, but otherwise unharmed. "Paul and Jess are ramming into each other to win immunity!", Probst said. Paul then grabbed his bag and headed back, with Jess not too far behind as she grabbed hers. Chong and Lex were still lagging. "Paul can start working on his puzzle!", Jeff announced. Soon, Jess returned with hers. "Jess is back with her puzzle! Lex and Chong will need a MIRACLE to win at this point!" Paul had little trouble with the puzzle, quickly placing pieces together, Jess was not far behind however, as she placed pieces slightly faster than him. Eventually, Lex and Chong returned with their final bags as Paul and Lex were three quarters done.

"Lex and Chong FINALLY return, they need to get back in this!", Jeff announced. Jess' lead was starting to disintegrate as Paul began to place more pieces in their correct place. Lex struggled, while Chong began to place his in. "Paul is currently ahead, Lex is WAY behind!", Jeff announced. Eventually, Paul placed his final piece into the slot. "Jeff, is this right?", Paul asked. Jeff came over to look at Paul's puzzle. "It's right! PAUL WINS IMMUNITY!", Jeff announced. Paul excitedly ran over to collect the necklace, his arms raised in victory. Jess slammed down on her puzzle table, while Chong and Lex clapped for Paul. "Paul, you are safe from the vote, immunity is yours. Jess, Chong and Lex, one of you have a chance of being the next person voted out of this game. Head back to camp, you have the afternoon to figure it out." Everyone then headed back.

(CONF) "Paul's victory has DESTROYED my plans!", Jess emphasized. "Of course he had to have his little heroic victory now to ruin big bad Jess' plans, so now I'm going to have to use my dark magic to conjure an insidious plan B to ultimately ruin his chances!"

The four returned to camp, with Paul placing his immunity necklace down.

"Not gonna lie, you DESTROYED that puzzle!", Chong said.

"It was NOTHING!", Paul replied.

(CONF) "I got what I wanted today!", said Paul. "Contrived heroic victory against scary villain? Check. Actually defeating scary villain standing in the way of valiant hero? Not check, yet. As I said before, I'm not so sure that eliminating Jess just yet is going to be the right move. Of course, a lot of this is dependent on how rational Lex is going to be today, so I'm going to have to wait and see."

Jess turned to Lex. "I need to speak to you pronto", Jess said.

Lex was a little bit reluctant. "What is it?", said Lex.

"I think you would benefit much more from voting out Chong than me", Jess said. "Chong is an obvious jury threat and if you don't get rid of him now, he could EASILY smoke all of us in the end. I get that he's your friend Lex, but don't you want to play Survivor?"

Lex was not going to put up with Jess' games. "I'd rather not play it if it means getting rid of friendships!"

Jess was prepared for such an answer. Scarily prepared. "I get that feeling, but two problems with your theory", Jess said. "One, Chong forgives everyone. He wouldn't be mad at you if you kept his family hostage and brainwashed them. Two, you have a good relationship with your sister, right?"

Lex nodded slowly. "Yes...why?"

"Well, would your sister want you to not play the game?", Jess asked. "She's a fan too, isn't she?"

Lex gulped. "Yes..she is a fan."

"Then what you must do is obvious", said Jess. "Vote out Chong or your sister will be disappointed in your performance on Survivor. Understand?"

Lex could barely move, totally frozen in fear. "Uh..I understand, yes."

"Good", said Jess. "Glad you were able to see the light.", she said as she walked off.

(CONF) "Oh my god, I'm so afraid right now!", Lex stammered. "I know it's wrong to vote out my best friend, but I love my sister so much! Jess told me Chong won't mind and I have to impress Molly, so do I do it? I wish I knew! I wish I could read the future with some type of crystal ball and knew what to do! I need to marry one at this point, I can't decide this!"

Paul and Chong waded in the water as the vote was on their mind. Paul's mind was elsewhere, however.

"So, you're thinking Jess I'm guessing?", Chong asked.

Paul reluctantly nodded. "Yeah, that would make the most sense. She's not really trustworthy enough to keep around."

"Makes sense", said Chong. "I don't think I can trust her after the tricks she's pulled."

(CONF) "Jess seems like the likely choice to go tonight", said Chong. "And I'm going to be happy when that happens, because while I don't think that she's THAT bad a person, she brings off bad vibes often. And once she's gone, then I won't really care who wins since me, Paul and Lex are going to be in the final 3! It'll be a killer party!"

"I agree", said Paul. "I need to go dry off", he said walking off. Jess then approached him.

"I need to talk to you.", said Jess. Paul then turned to her.

"What is it?", Paul replied.

"I need to discuss the vote tonight with you", Jess said. "I get that you're his friend, but I really think you'd be better off voting out Chong than me. Both you and me know that we have NO chance of winning a jury vote against Chong. But you against me? You easily could defeat me."

Paul thought for a moment. "To be honest, I actually was thinking the same thing", said Paul. "Yes, he's my friend, but he's super forgiving and two, I know I can't beat him. I'm open to it."

"Good", Jess replied. "And I seem to have gotten Lex to agree, so this should be an easy vote."

"Fair enough", Paul replied. "I'm gonna go get dressed for tribal."

(CONF) "Jess had the same ideas on her mind as me", said Paul. "I get it that voting out Chong would suck because we're friends and he's the only person I know who's above 25 to like 420 jokes, but still, I have MUCH more of a chance to win against Jess than I do Chong! It's something they should teach in school, before 2 + 2. 'Jess stay, Chong go'. It's elementary."

As Jess prepared to go to tribal council, she saw Lex was still torn. "Look, I promise it won't be this bad", Jess said. "Again, your sister, remember?"

Lex sighed again. "I get it! Can I just have a minute alone, please?", Lex said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Jess took her torch, beginning to head off. "Fine, I'll met you there", she said.

(CONF) "Lex is still being really touchy feely about this!", said Jess. "I really don't get why! Karen was my best friend here and while I previously wanted to go to the end with her, if I DID have to vote her out, she'd know it was nothing personal! All Lex is doing is voting out someone from a game, not tearing out Chong's heart! Seriously, how does she struggle with decisions like these? Does she give away every last bag of chips in the world to someone who was on line before her? I'd hope not, because chips are the sh*t!"

As Jess headed off, Paul then grabbed his torch, followed by Chong. "Come on Lex!", he said as he walked off. But Lex couldn't even muster up eye contact with him. "I'll be there in a second", Lex replied. Her heart felt it was being torn out of her.

(CONF) "I couldn't even look at Chong just now!", Lex exclaimed. "I don't DESERVE to! I thought being good was easy! I thought it was supposed to be something inside of you! But then with the things Jess said about making Molly happy and how Chong won't mind, it kept eating away at me like Pac-Man does to the dots! And in my head, like a record player, I keep hearing 'Chong! Molly! Chong! Molly' on repeat. When I get back from tribal tonight, I'm not sure if I'll even be able to sleep! Time to make the choice, the right one..."

The four arrived at tribal council, placing their torches behind them, then sitting down. Jeff then greeted them. "We'll now bring in the members of our jury. Emma, Adam, Kristie, Otto and Karen, voted out at the last tribal council." Karen sat down and looked at Jess, but otherwise remained silent. "Paul, second time winning immunity. How does it feel?", Jeff asked.

"Great obviously", said Paul. "There's no certainty at this point and you have to be ready for anything!"

"Jess, what types of things would you say are important to look out for at this point?", Jeff said.

"Well", Jess said. "Like that one song once said, you gotta keep your head up. You may have made friends, boyfriends, even spouses here, like in Rob and Amber's case, but you need to make logical decisions so your judgment isn't negatively affected."

"Lex, how much does that resonate with you, that you need to stay logical?", asked Jeff.

"It doesn't really resonate much with me at all", said Lex. "I'm not at all a logical person, I'm the type who's always speaking her mind, who's wearing her emotions on her sleeve. And with the expectations out here about having to play hard and cold, it gets to me a lot of the time."

"Chong, what do you make of what Lex said? That in a game like Survivor, emotions take a backseat to logic?", Jeff asked.

"I completely understand it", said Chong. "Not to say I follow it very well either. I'm also a very emotional guy and though I make my decisions with my heart, I've seen this show since day 1 and I know that the logical way is usually the preferred way."

"Paul, you said last night that you're not the most emotional guy", said Jeff. "Do you agree that the logical way is the preferred way on Survivor?"

"Absolutely", said Paul. "I'd be completely lying if I said you didn't need to have a clear head in this game. That said, I do think that you need to have some degree of emotional competence in order to make friendships and relate to others. Without social skills and intelligence, you're pretty much screwed in this game. I guess the best contestant is right with might, but can also be right without might."

"Jess, what do you make of this?", asked Jeff. "I take it you're more of a logical person yourself?"

"I am", said Jess. "I fully admit it and the truth is, I can take a while to become someone's friend. I'm not the most open person and I'm not that warm either, but once you've secured my friendship, you're my friend for life. In real life, people are a bit more forgiving about that than on Survivor. On Survivor, you need to be everyone's friend or people start to distrust you."

"Lex, would you say you've done a good job of befriending people here?", Jeff asked again.

"I try...", Lex whispered. "I'd say I've done well...and I'll probably continue..."

"Well, this vote will determine just that", said Jeff. "Paul, I take it you're keeping immunity?"

Paul nodded. "You bet."

"With that, it's time to vote. Jess, you're up.", Jeff said. Jess walked up to the podium and wrote down "Chong". "Sorry big guy, but anyone with your kinda flair for life is easily going to win this in a blowout." She then placed her vote in the urn. Chong then walked up and wrote down "Jess". "I like you, but I want to focus on fun right now, not all this craziness". Paul went up after Chong and then finally Lex. Lex's vote was not visible, but she could be heard speaking. "I'm doing this for Molly! I know she'll be proud! I hope you will be! Please, I hope you will be!", Lex said as she sat down. Once she did, Jeff turned to the group.

"I'll go tally the votes", Jeff said as he want to get the urn. Once he grabbed it, he turned back to the four. "Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

"First vote...Chong." Chong figured this was from Jess, so he stayed calm.

"Second vote...Jess, that's one Chong, one Jess." Jess assumed this was from Chong.

"Third vote....Chong, that's two votes Chong, one vote Jess., one vote left" Chong then began to raise an eyebrow, confused over what was going on.

"Fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the sixth member of our jury...Chong, you need to bring me your torch." Chong seemed to be disheartened, picking up his torch and walking over to Jeff. Lex put her head down in utter defeat, while Jess attempted to reassure her. "You did the right thing", Jess said. Lex flinched and moved away from Jess. "Chong, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed Chong's torch. It's time for you to go." Chong then left the tribal council set without a word.

"At this point, it really does seem like anything can happen. With the vote just now, I can't tell who will be the next one to go. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night", Jeff said. The remaining three; Paul, Lex and Jess, left tribal council with their torches alit, high in the sky.

Chong's Final Words: "Didn't predict that..", Chong said in disappointment. "I thought my friends would stick with me and while I do forgive them, I thought their hearts would be where they I thought they'd be and it just pains me to see this happen. I wish them good luck, but I need a minute to process what just happened."


Chong: Paul, Jess, Lex

Jess: Chong

As Paul, Lex and Chong returned to camp, Jess was in a triumphant mood. "Yes!", she exclaimed happily. "THAT'S how you play Survivor!"

(CONF) "Ha! That was too easy!", Jess exclaimed. "I actually got Lex to vote against Chong! Paul was obviously going to help, but her? I didn't expect this from her! I'm assuming that there's going to be a final 3, since I know Kaoh Rong had a challenge after the last person was voted out, so this could be my big pay day! I wonder if 'Professional Survivor Player' is a valid career choice. Lying for $1 million yearly sure beats the measly $400,000 I'd make as President, given my likely career trajectory!"

Lex was completely despondent and lay on the sand before bursting out into tears. "Jess, go away for a little bit! Seriously, shut the hell up about the game!", Lex snapped.

(CONF) "Why am I still here?!", Lex blubbered. "WHY AM I STILL HERE?! I wish I could get an answer because as much as Jess told me over and over again that Molly will appreciate this, it sure doesn't feel like it! I want to go back home where the hardest decision I made was what song I'd put on the set-list! What guitar I'd use! What stupid thing I'd do at the end of the show to signify I'm a rocker! GOD! I WANT TO GO THE F*CK HOME! Seriously, forgive me Chong! I'm so sorry! If I never have to vote out someone again, I'll be happy! Can it happen? CAN IT F*CKING HAPPEN?!"

Paul sighed as he noticed Lex in despair. "You alright?", Paul asked her.

Lex continued crying. "Not really!", she exclaimed. "I feel so bad for what I did to Chong!"

Paul comforted her. "I know how you feel", Paul said. "He was my friend too, but I know he'll forgive us both and besides, he'll understand it was for the game and nothing personal. Chong's not the type of guy to take things personally, unless they really wanted to do him wrong."

Lex turned to him. "You sure?", she asked. "I know what you're saying, but we were SO close! Could he really just forgive me doing something like that?!"

"I'm sure", Paul said. "I promise you he won't be mad. You're basically his fourth daughter after all!"

"Well, if that is true, then that'd be nice", Lex replied. "I love my own dad, but Chong and I have a connection that's just...different!"

"Do you feel better?", Paul asked with concern.

Lex nodded. "I feel a bit better. Glad you spoke to me", Lex said.

"Glad I could help", Paul replied.

(CONF) "Lex did not take the Chong vote out well", said Paul. "She was crying her guts out and to be entirely honest, I DID feel bad for her. I don't cry very much myself, but still, even I don't want to see someone that upset. While I definitely intend to do everything I can to beat Lex and Jess, I don't want to make them upset on a personal level, so I'll help them if they need help."

"I'm going to sleep", Lex said.

"I guess I will too", Paul said.

"Make that me three", Jess replied. The trio soon fell asleep. The next morning the sun magnificently rose above in the sky, light shining down on the three. Lex was the first to be awoken.

"Wow, morning already?", Lex remarked. "I know where I'm going then!", she said as she trotted down the beach. Paul and Jess looked at her and turned to each other.

"At least she didn't make me come this time!", the two said in unison.

Lex could obviously hear the two as she replied. "I heard that!", she said as she walked off.

(CONF) "Paul is like a therapist to me", said Lex. "After discussing things with him, I felt a lot better about the Chong vote out. I still feel a little bit bad, but I'm going to try to move on from it and live the rest of the game in his memory. And this morning, I decided to live the game in his memory by heading up to Chris' Crib, where he had been a few times. I just think that's how he'd want me to feel, happy and at peace, so I'll go up there and just enjoy the view!"

Lex gazed at the beach below, breathing in and out slowly. She raised her arms, then her legs as she continued to breathe in and out with her eyes closed. "Much better", she said as she headed back down the cliff to the beach.

As Lex began to return, Paul noticed a note of parchment in the nearby tree. "Treemail!", he shouted as he went to get it.

(CONF) "I saw a note in the tree this morning", said Paul. "And I honestly am not sure what it's going to say. I know they haven't done Fallen Comrades in forever, where we look at the torches of everyone who got voted out, but with this show, you never know, so I'm prepared for anything. At this point, I DESPERATELY need to win immunity or I'm almost certainly going to be toast, so I'm just hoping that it's something that favors a semi-muscular crazed reddit style superfan like me! If it's holding fire, standing on a perch in the water or holding a marble in blocks, based on my archetype, I'm screwed!"

Paul then began to read the note. "Congratulations final 3. You did what your 15 other tribe mates could not do. Follow this map to a trail of your fallen comrades, where you will honor each of them and take their torches, then burning them to symbolically represent your continued life in the game", he said as he put it away. "Wow, didn't expect that!", he said. But before he could finish reading, he noticed more writing. "But before you head off on your journey, you must decorate yourselves as Malagasy warriors to give this ritual the respect it deserves." Paul then turned his head and noticed paint cans and brushes, heading over to use them. "Sick!", he cried out.

(CONF) "So, I was right that this is a Fallen Comrades walk!", Paul explained. "But that wasn't all! I saw that it mentioned something about warriors, so when I turned my body around in a one-hundred and eighty degree angle, I could see practically every color of the rainbow represented in those cans! And since this is supposed to be one of those cheesy 'meaningful' things on Survivor, I'm just going to go all out and look absolutely insane for this!"

Paul began painting the Heath Ledger Joker's warpaint design onto his face, when Lex and Jess ran over with confusion.

"What are you doing?!", Lex asked with excitement.

"Yeah, what IS this?", Jess asked a little more impatiently.

"It's something about decorating ourselves as warriors!", Paul explained. "We need to do this before the challenge."

"Okaaay", Jess replied with some surprise. She then grabbed a paint brush, dunked it in blue and painted lines on her face. Lex was more enthusiastic and painted the Nirvana logo on her face, while smiling.

(CONF) "Paul told us about paint and brushes and I was just SOOO happy!", Lex exclaimed. "I've always been one for theatrics and to just have a chance to make myself look crazy is a great thing! I made the Nirvana logo with the smiley face and I just thought it looked amazing!"

Jess rolled her eyes at Lex and Paul's enthusiasm as she turned to Paul. "So, what exactly is this for?", she asked curiously.

"Fallen Comrades!", Paul explained. "That ritual where you honor everyone voted out, that thing!"

Jess seemed surprise, but responded flatly. "Alright". Lex simply nodded.

"Well, they aren't going to wait for us, so I guess I'll catch you guys on the last torch!", Paul said as he began walking off.

"Wait for us!", Jess and Lex replied as they followed him.

(CONF) "Wow, didn't really expect us to have to do a Rites of Passage", said Jess. "I don't think it's been on the show for a few years, so to do it now, not what I thought would happen. It'll just be a harmless annoyance, then I'll have the chance to win some type of advantage against the two, since there's no way anyone's going to get voted out after this!"

The three arrived at the start of the trail, with the first torch present, this one belonging to "Amy".

"Amy was a great person!", said Paul. "Shame she had to go first, but on Survivor, if you're that nice, you end up there."

"I barely knew her, but she seemed really nice", said Lex.

"Yeah, she did", said Jess.

"Going first on Survivor obviously wasn't on my to-do list!", Amy said on the voiceover. "Things didn't go well for me in that challenge and when I ran into trouble with Louis, I was toast! But I think I stayed true to myself and that's what matters most, so I'm happy about that!"

Collecting Amy's torch, the trio then reached Glenn's torch.

"Glenn was great!", Jess exclaimed. "Too bad his leg got banged up and he had to be voted out for it."

"Yeah, he was cool", Lex said.

"I never spoke to him, but I'm sure we would have gotten along", Paul replied.

"The final nail in the coffin was injuring my leg", said Glenn on the voiceover. "I think I probably would have gone far if I had both legs working, but apparently my tribe minus John didn't agree. Fun time though and Adam was a hell of a guy to hang out with!"

Collecting Glenn's torch, the group then reached Hannah's.

"Hannah was pretty awesome", said Lex. "Until she tried to tell us who to talk to and who not to!"

"Yeah, she was cool other than that", said Jess.

"Again, didn't really know her, but I guess she was okay.", Paul said.

"I made a huge mistake telling Adam I felt nervous", said Hannah. "It goes to show you that when you're on Survivor anything can be used against you, even the most harmless things, so it made me aware of how I might come off to others, that I need to be careful with those types of things."

After Hannah's torch was collected, the three went to Ernest's next.

"Ernest was a character!", Paul exclaimed. "Always was fishing, never minced his words, didn't go against who he was!"

"Wasn't he the Southern guy with the mustache and cameo hat?", Lex asked.

"Yeah, that was him, I think", said Jess.

"Ah'm damn proud of how I did on this show", Ernest said in the voice over. "Ah might have gotten out early and ah didn't make the merge or none of that, but ah didn't do what Louis told me to either. And that's who ah am! Ah do things my way and no one is gonna tell me who to be!"

After collecting Ernest's torch, the group reached John.

"John was EXTREMELY bossy!", Jess proclaimed. 'Always thought he was right, yet he was good around camp and pretty good in challenges."

"He was kinda uptight", said Lex.

"Yeah, he definitely seemed to be pretty stubborn from what little I knew of him when we were on Ahay together!", said Paul.

"I played the game like I play my life", said John. 'With honor, integrity and honesty. And even if I was voted out for standing up to Louis, it doesn't matter, because I'd never put up with someone like that! I play this game by working hard and being a good team player and if that gets me voted out, then so be it!"

John's torch was collected, then the three reached Christine.

"Christine was well-meaning, but probably not someone I could see winning this game", said Paul.

"Yeah, I didn't know her, but I just got vibes that she was a bit too open as a person", Jess said.

"She meant well, that's for sure", said Lex.

"I tried to play the game by making social bonds and being upfront with others", said Christine. "Apparently, being upfront caused others to think I was plotting against them or doing insane things like that, so I ended up being taken out for it. I do wish I got to last a little bit longer, but I had fun while I was there."

After Christine came Chris.

"Chris! The guy who the cliff was named after!", exclaimed Paul. "I barely saw him, but he was pretty cool, I guess"

"He would have been a beast at the merge challenges, which is why I had to vote him out!", Jess exclaimed.

"I guess getting a place named after you is pretty cool!", Lex said.

"Even though I didn't make the merge, I definitely had a blast!", Chris said. "I made new friends, I saw nature, the challenges were great, it was just a fun time! And teaching Layla to take things more lightly was great as well!"

The three then reached Layla after Chris.

"I will ALWAYS remember Layla for what she did before she was voted out!", Jess exclaimed.

"Do I want to know?", Paul quipped.

"..No", Jess laughed.

Lex laughed too, along with Paul.

"I learned so much from my time here!", Layla said. "I thought that I'd be real disappointed if I didn't do well or if I failed in any way, but after speaking to Chris, I learned to embrace things and to take them as they come, so I went out on a high note!"

The group then approached Louis' torch, which had an orange stripe on it to signify he was the first person to make the merge.

"If I shared all my thoughts on Louis, we'd be here all day!", Paul exclaimed.

"Yeah, that makes me too!", Jess said. "He definitely went out when he was supposed to!"

"He was too controlling and kinda full of himself!", said Lex.

"I was devastated the moment that I realized the idol was a total fake!", Louis said. "And I was supremely pissed off at Paul, yet I have to admit, I have begrudging respect for the person who dethroned me! I'm still mad I went out when I did, not even getting to be on the jury after controlling all the votes in the pre-merge, but again, credit where it's due, Paul did overthow me even if I don't want to admit it and if he's still in, that's impressive!"

Then came Emma. "Emma was funny in an understated, British way", said Paul. "Damn good at firing plates too."

"She didn't say much", said Jess. "She was okay I guess."

"Yeah, didn't really think much of her", said Lex.

"I intended to play the game with as little friction and danger as possible", said Emma. "That was FAR from the case! Louis turned on people out of pure paranoia and then everyone but me voted him out of this game! I didn't see it coming and I probably won't see how it made sense to this day!"

After that, Adam's torch was picked up.

"Adam was basically my brother out here!", Paul exclaimed. "He was the perfect frat boy! Care-free, strong, fun-loving!"

"He was a BEAST at challenges!", said Jess.

"Yeah, it's too bad he couldn't make it a little farther", said Lex.

"I had a hell of a time when I was on!", said Adam. "I made three great new friends, I pulled off some blindsides and I won a bunch of challenges! I'm a bit sore about whoever got me out, but for the most part, I'm damn happy about where I got! Paul and Otto are like brothers to me, while Chong's a second, crazy in a good way dad! Again, fun time!"

After Adam came Kristie.

"Kristie was a hard player", said Paul. "She took a conversation with Christine and turned it against her instantly!"

"I agree", said Jess. "That's why I had to take her out when I did!"

"I'm not THAT upset about where I went out, but damn it, I am disappointed I didn't see Jess plotting against me earlier.", said Kristie. "Still, I'm surprised I made it as far as I did and that's all because I turned one conversation against someone else! Anything can happen in this game, so I'm happy I made the merge and the jury!"

Next up was Otto.

"Again, Otto was basically like my brother out here!", Paul exclaimed. "Edgic conversation, Barbie Girl karaoke, he could do it all!"

"He knew edgic too?!", Jess exclaimed. "Alright!"

"What's edgic?", Lex asked.

"I went out with style, that's for sure!", exclaimed Otto. "At first, things were boring, but stable with the dominant alliance I was in led by Louis, but then we took him out and things just got wild from there! Blindsides, bowling alleys, I had the time of my life when I was here and I'm not going to regret having this much fun in the 30 days I was here!"

After that was Karen.

"You talk about how Adam and Otto were your brothers, well Karen was my MOM out here!", Jess exclaimed.

"Karen was the best!", said Paul. "No one else could make video game references and build Survivor bowling alleys while plotting calculating strategic moves!"

"Yeah, Karen was great!", Lex said.

"I made it, really, really far", Karen said. "But I came up the SLIGHTEST bit short. I think I once heard someone say that sometimes in life, even if you win at something, you're secretly losing at it and nothing could be truer in my case! Lex seemed really sore that I didn't take her on the loved ones challenge, but there's nothing I can do but learn from that and appreciate how great things were out here!"

Finally, the three approached the final torch, Chong.

"I will DEFINITELY remember Chong for life!", said Lex. "He was so many things to me and he was such a great guy!"

"Yeah, I loved his stoner stories!", said Paul. "Good guy"

"He was pretty cool", said Jess.

"Going into this game was going to be tough from the get go", said Chong. "At my age, probably no one expected me to go as far as I did, but I made it far just by being me! I'm a little sad that my story ended where it did, but there's no point in holding onto negativity and bitterness, so while I have most likely made up my mind as to who I'm going to vote for, my decision will be a drama free one!"

Once all the torches were collected, the three placed them onto a giant lemur statue and lit it up as it began burning. As they watched, they awaited what was to come next.

(CONF) "If the visit to the cliff reminded me of Chong, this DEFINITELY did!", said Lex. "He'd stand for moments like these, he would think of the symbolism, how important it is and all of that and I can feel him here with me right now! I'm not going to make anymore moves against anyone or break promises! From this point on out, I'm going to be who I really am, win or not!"

The three headed off to the challenge, as they awaited Jeff. He was sitting on a barge in the ocean, as the three sat on the motorboat that brought them there. "Welcome to your final immunity challenge guys!", Jeff greeted them. Jess was visibly shocked when he said 'immunity' challenge, gulping. "Are you three ready to get to it?" Paul, Lex and Jess nodded.

"For today's challenge, you will hold onto a buoy in the water", Jeff said. "At first, your legs can be spread out and touch the bottom, but as the challenge goes on, you'll have to move your legs further up the buoy. If you fall out, then you're out. The last one standing wins immunity and has a chance to plead their case to the jury as to why they should win a million dollars. Ready to get to it?". The three nodded slowly.

The three then got into their position on the buoy, ready to begin. "For the final immunity challenge, Survivors ready? Go!" Paul, Jess and Lex stood strong as the buoys remained in place. At first it seemed like the challenge would be a breeze. Perhaps it would be, but in a more literal sense. As things seemed to be exceedingly easy, a gusty wind came in that started to move the buoys to their side a bit. Paul hung on like an animal, while Jess kept her grip fairly steady. Lex had a little more trouble as her hands shook. "It's been about 45 minutes and so far no one has fallen!", said Jeff. "Lex, how's your grip?", Jeff asked her.

"Pretty good I guess", she replied.

"That's great, because now things are going to get harder.", said Jeff. "Guys, move your legs up a slight bit more." The three did as Jeff said, scrunching up a bit more. "Good!" Lex had a little bit of trouble, however and eventually slipped off, falling into the water. "Lex is out of the challenge, we are down to a face off between Jess and Paul!", Jeff said.

Jess then turned to Paul. "Hey Paul, I have a question", Jess said.

Paul eyed her curiously. "What is it?"

"Why don't we make a deal?", Jess proposed. Paul seemed suspicious, but he decided to ask, just to humor her.

"What type of deal?". Paul replied.

"Well, a deal that involves you getting off the buoy", Jess said. "If you get off the buoy, I PROMISE you I'll take you to the final 2!"

Paul laughed. "Jess, have you seen Pearl Islands?"

"I know, it sounds like what Jonny Fairplay said to Lil!", Jess said. "But I'm serious, I'll make a deal with you!"

"So will I!", said Paul. "You stop asking me to make a deal and win the challenge fair and square? How does that sound?"

"Not my kinda deal!", Jess retorted. At that point, 2 hours had passed and her patience was wearing thin. "If I win, that's a good deal! If not, it's not!"

"Isn't that kinda reductionist?", Paul asked.'

"Not in the big moves era!", said Jess. 'If you're here, you need to play the part!"

"The big moves era is a load of sh*t", Paul replied. "If this season has a final 2, we're doing this the old school way!"

"Paul, Jess, you two seem to be having fun!", Jeff laughed.

"All part of the challenge!", Paul replied.

Eventually, this section of the challenge came to a close. "Alright, time for Phase 3", said Jeff. Paul and Jess scrunched up their legs while Lex waited on the raft. "You may begin now!"

Jess was starting to shake a slight bit, while Paul held rock steady.

"Seriously Paul, don't you want to win in an exciting way?", said Jess with desperation in her voice.

"Not if it screws over my chances", said Paul. "Again, I'm staying here until someone makes me". By this point, it had been 4 hours since the beginning of the challenge. Paul's feet were beginning to show wear and tear while Jess felt pain in her arms.

"You guys are holding on really strong!", said Jeff.

"I did gymnastics when I was younger, so it probably helps", said Jess.

"I played soccer and ran track, so I guess I'm in the same boat as her", Paul said.

"Well technically, WE'RE on the boat!", Lex said.

"That's the only reason I'd ever lose this challenge, to say that!", said Paul.

"Then why don't you?", Jess asked.

"I told you my stance on hashtag big moves young Jessica!", Paul replied. "I'm staying where I am!" It had been five hours by this point and the two were growing tired. Paul's hands began to shake, while Jess also started to lose her grip.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!", Jess exclaimed.

Paul laughed. "Not so keen on that deal now?"

Jess continued to panic, trying to retain her grip. "Can't talk! Falling! Falling!" She barely could keep her grip, her legs now shaking. Paul remained as firm as a rock. "Can't talk! Falling, falling!", Jess continued. Eventually, she fell into the water, her shot at immunity done. "Jess falls into the water first, Paul wins the final immunity challenge!", Jeff exclaimed. Paul jumped off the buoy and swam over to Jeff, propping himself onto the raft to receive his prize. "Paul, you are safe from the vote and will have a chance to plead your case at the final tribal council. Jess and Lex, one of you will be the final person voted out of this game! Paul has the choice of who's going to go, so you guys have the afternoon to plead to him as to why you should stay over the other!"

(CONF) "This is absolutely perfect!", Paul remarked. "I defeat the evil villain I work for, defeat the evil new villainess' hench-people and finally disarm the villainess herself! I wonder if I'm going to go about this like a gritty nineties anti-hero and take out Jess in a gruesome end or be merciful like Batman and let the people of Gotham, or should I say Madagascar judge us both on our merits!"

Returning to camp, the mood was mixed. Lex clapped for Paul, proud of him, while Jess sighed in frustration.

"Good job Paul!", Lex complimented him. Lex and Paul then washed off their designs, as Jess grumbled behind them.

(CONF) "Seeing Paul win was something to light up my day!", said Lex. "Jess has made me do a lot of things I don't want to do and to just see someone who's a nicer, better, more noble person, it makes me have hope for others! I'm also so happy I don't need to vote anyone out or stab anyone in the back, so the fun Lex returns! I can play air guitar, I can enjoy nature, I can be the honorable, honest, loyal person I want to and if I'm still here tomorrow, then those jurors can see the true Lex!"

After Lex walked off, Jess grumbled in frustration. "Damn it!", she yelled.

(CONF) "Today was one round of humiliation after another!", said Jess "First I'm wrong about this challenge not being for immunity, my deal efforts fail, then I lose immunity by THIS much to Paul! THEN, I was wrong about the Rites of Passage! This day is not going well, but I'm not going down just yet! I have tricks and I'm prepared to use them if I have to and I DEFINITELY do now!"

Jess turned to Paul, who was laying in the shelter. "I NEED to talk to you, no wisecracks!", Jess said. "Okay?"

Paul sighed. "What is it?"

"I need you to understand why I should be taken to the Final 2!", Jess explained. "Remember why you voted out Chong?"

"Because he's more likable than you and has more of a chance of winning at a jury vote", Paul said.

"Right! I know Lex has screwed a LOT of people over and her strategic game was spotty, but seriously, the only vote I'll get is Karen! Do you see what I mean?", Jess asked.

Paul nodded slowly. "I suppose", said Paul. "Is it okay if I have a little time alone to think?"

Jess nodded. "Alright, I guess.", she said as she walked off.

(CONF) "Jess made a decent argument as to why I should bring her to the Final 2", said Paul. "At the same time, while Lex is marginally more likable than Jess, I still don't see her being that much of a threat to win. She's screwed over people, broken promises and generally played a much weaker strategic game than I have. And the thing is, Jess has played a HELL of a lot better than Lex and a lot of times, juries vote based on strategic prowess and not likability, so I need to size things up."

Paul walked off to speak to Lex. "If I can size Lex up from this conversation, this can give me the notes I need", Paul said out loud to himself. He pondered for a moment as to where Lex might be, then realized the obvious answer. "Chris' Crib, doy! She's spent so much time there recently!". Paul darted off to Chris' Crib where Lex was indeed meditating, then he tapped her on the shoulder gently. "Lex, can we talk?", Paul asked her.

"Sure", Lex said. "What is it?", she asked.

"What are you thinking about the Final 2? Why do you feel you should go?", Paul asked her.

"Welll", Lex started. "I did some bad things I know, but I feel like I became a better person by realizing my mistakes and owning up to them. And I think that's morally better than what Jess did, where she lied, cheated and stole and basically told me to do bad things. Do you want someone like that to go to the end?"

Paul was expecting such an answer, but it played into his intentions perfectly. Faking agreement, he replied. "Good points Lex!", Paul said. "I wouldn't want to award such trickery! After all, the most DESERVING should go to the end, right?"

"Right!", Lex replied.

"Well, thanks for helping!", Paul replied. "I'm going back to camp!"

"See you later!", Lex responded back.

Paul couldn't help but smirk as he headed back.

(CONF) "I can't say I didn't expect such an answer from Lex!", said Paul. "I think that type of response should be reserved for a REALLY early season, maybe Australia, where that 'deserving' bullshit was shoved down our throats 24/7! If Lex is that sanctimonious in front of a jury that she was largely responsible for betraying, I doubt that they'll take kindly to that!"

As Paul returned to the beach, he prepared to grab his torch. Jess then followed suit as Lex ran down to get hers. The three headed off to tribal council, prepared to vote someone out.

(CONF) "I have my hands clean by default tonight", said Lex. "And that's a feeling that I wouldn't trade for the world! I talked to Paul and he seemed to be receptive to what I said, so I'm hoping that this is going to go the way I want it to, where deserving people make it! It's just the way it should be!"

Jess followed behind the two, feeling nervous deep inside.

(CONF) "This is it", Jess said. "The final countdown, the final battle. I need to fight like hell if I want to stay alive in this game, so I have my horns out, guns blazing. I'm ready to go absolutely crazy, to make arguments that no one else has seen before! And nothing is going to stop me from getting to that million until my torch is snuffed, IF it is snuffed! But I'm NOT going to let that happen!"

The three entered tribal council, placing their torches behind them as they sat down. Jeff then greeted them. "We'll now bring in the members of our jury", Jeff said. "Emma, Adam, Kristie, Otto, Karen and Chong, voted out at the last tribal council. Paul, for the second time in a row, that necklace is yours. How does it feel to win the final immunity challenge of the season?"

"Amazing!", said Paul. "Obviously I can't be voted out now, which is excellent, but now I get to decide who comes with me and who's the final person voted out!"

"Jess, you came THIS close to winning the challenge!", Jeff said. "How does it feel knowing you're not the one making the decision, that you don't have the power?"

"Awful!", said Jess. "And that's why I'm doing everything I can to convince Paul to take me!"

"What type of arguments would you say you've used?", Jeff asked.

"Well", Jess started. "Lex is more likable than me, so she could win votes based on that! I think that goes without saying!"

"Lex, what do you make of the argument that you should go to the Final 2 based on your superior likability?", Jeff asked.

"I agree with it!", Lex said. "Besides, I've stressed to Paul that I think a deserving person should win and I think that while I've made some moral mistakes, I've started to own up to them and stressed honesty and integrity, so that's why I should go with Paul!". Kristie rolled her eyes at this statement, which Lex could not see.

"Paul, what do you make of Jess and Lex's arguments?", Jeff asked.

"They both make very good points", said Paul. "But of course, one of the arguments is going to turn out to be stronger because that's just how the cookie crumbles. Whatever argument that is, you'll find out in a moment."

"Any closing thoughts Jess and Lex?", Jeff asked.

"Again, I'll say it once and say it twice!", said Jess. "I'm NOT likable, so if you want to do the right thing, take me and win in a clean sweep!"

"And as I said, do the moral thing Paul! I know you can do well for yourself!", Lex said.

"Paul, I'm guessing you're obviously keeping immunity?", Jeff asked.

Paul nodded. "Not the time to give it up."

"Very well", Jeff said. "Here's how it's going to work. Because Paul is immune, only he will vote. If Lex and Jess vote, then they can only vote for each other! Paul, you're up!"

Paul slowly walked up to the podium and wrote down a name that was not visible to the camera. "I'm making this decision because you're too dangerous for me to take to the end. So seyonora." Paul then placed his vote into the urn and sat back down.

"I'll read the vote", Jeff said. Jeff then returned to Paul, Lex and Jess. "Once the vote is read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the vote."

Lex and Jess looked nervous as they awaited the result, while Paul seemed content with his decision.

"Sixteenth person voted out of Survivor: Madagascar and the seventh and final member of our jury.......Jess, you need to bring me your torch." Jess seemed a little surprised at this as she placed her torch down for Jeff to snuff. "Jess, the tribe has spoken", Jeff said as he snuffed her torch. "It's time for you to go." Jeff then turned to Paul and Lex. "Congratulations you two. Tomorrow night, you two will have the chance to plead your case to the jury as to why you deserve to win the million dollars! Grab your torches and head back to camp so you can get a good night's rest before the big day!". Lex looked happily at Paul, while Paul smiled back at her and the two walked off to camp. Otto and Adam silently saluted Paul as he headed back to camp, then Paul saluted them back.

Jess' Final Words: "Sucks to be sitting here tonight instead of going back to camp", Jess said. "While I don't totally get why Paul chose to bring Lex over me, I'm sure he had a good reason, because if he doesn't I might just consider not giving him my vote! If he puts up a fight and raises hell, then I think my choice might be a very easy one!"


Paul: Jess

As Paul and Lex reached camp and laid down their torches, Lex hugged Paul. "Thank you again!", she squealed happily.

Paul returned the hug, a bit surprised, but still willing. "Not a problem!"

(CONF) "That was great!", Lex exclaimed. "Paul did exactly what I hoped and now he has a fair chance against someone who played a more humane game! Even if this game can get cut-throaty, now someone good can win no matter what happens! I'm totally playing air guitar right now!"

Paul went off to the shelter, tired. "I need to rest before tomorrow", Paul said. "It's going to be a huge day!"

(CONF) "I've reached the final leg of this!", Paul said. "It feels like an action-adventure kinda movie where the heroes have defeated the evil conquerers and now are being rewarded for their deeds! But in this action movie, only one of the heroes gets a medal! It'd be like if in Star Wars, Leia only gave Luke, Han or Chewie a medal instead of all three, so I'm hoping that the jury, er Leia gives me the medal! Lex is my friend, but I'm still going to fight for this!"

The two then fell asleep for the night. The next morning, the sun rose for one last time as Paul and Lex were awoken by its rays. "Wow!", the two said. After that, they then saw a magnificent breakfast feast full of pastries, fruit, eggs, sausage and orange juice, along with a mirror and a scale. "I'll race you there first!", Paul said.

"You're on!", Lex replied as the two headed off to the meal.

(CONF) "When we woke up today, there was soooooo much food!", Lex exclaimed. "And I'm a pretty skinny girl normally, but after 40 or so days in a jungle, I'm a twig! So I'm going to munch down on all of it without regret!"

As Lex scarfed down the pastries mindlessly, Paul ate a bit more slowly, but still enjoying his meal. "This is so good!", he said. After finishing up and wiping off his face, he headed over to the scale and mirror, marveling at his physique after 39 days. "Oh my god, I look anorexic!", he said. "And this beard! It's longer than anything I've grown!"

(CONF) "The final feast was INSANELY delicious!", Paul said. "I think that one of the reasons they give you so much food before the finals isn't just because you deserve it, which you do, granted, but also to make you feel tired, to fatten you up before you speak to the jury so you can get tripped up! I was taking it slow one because I didn't want indigestion, but two because I want a better chance against Lex and again, I'm doing anything to get it!"

After Lex looked at herself in the mirror, she turned to Paul. "Let's take one last walk along the beach before tonight. Okay?", she asked him.

Paul nodded. "Sounds good." The two then walked down the beach, taking in their sights for the last time. They saw Chris' Crib, the field behind the jungle and the cliffs to the side. "Isn't this beautiful?", she remarked.

"Yeah, this is nice!", said Paul.

(CONF) "Me and Lex took one last look at everything!", said Paul. "And this may sound a little sentimental coming from me, but it was just surreal, seeing everything, where I lived for 39 days! And I'm not going to be here again most likely, so I'm probably always going to remember this part of my life, even though I don't have any pictures of it, just the memories inside!"

After the two finished their stroll down the beach, the sun began to set. "Let's set off to tribal", Lex said. Paul nodded as he went to grab his torch, Lex just behind him. The two left camp for the last time, saying farewell to their temporary home.

(CONF) "This is it!", said Lex. "I made it this far and it's time to show this jury what I'm made of! I did some bad things, I lied, I cheated, the whole nine yards. But I learned from all of that and I can show the jury that if I can redeem myself from my mistakes, then maybe I am deserving of a million dollars! I think that I very well could convince them why and I'm hoping they see me for what I am!"

Paul and Lex eventually reached tribal council, placing their torches behind them as Jeff greeted them. "We will now bring in the members of our jury", Jeff said. "Emma, Adam, Kristie, Otto, Karen, Chong and Jess, voted out at the last tribal council." Jess briefly made eye contact with the two, but did not speak just yet.

"Alright Paul and Lex, here's how it's going to work", Jeff said. "First off, congratulations on making it to the Final 2 once again, you two worked VERY hard to make it to this point. Second, both of you are going to make opening statements to the jury and after you do so, each jury member will have a chance to address the two of you. They can ask questions, make statements, whatever they want. Whatever they do, it's your job to convince them that you deserve the $1 million over the other competitor! You need 4 votes to win, so treat every potential jury vote wisely. Paul, would you like to make your statement first?"

Paul nodded. "Certainly", he said. "Hi guys! I have to say, I am absolutely honored to be in the Final 2. From the get go, I had my strategic chops set up by becoming part of the core alliance on Drakaka with Louis, Otto, Christine and Emma. I initially stayed with the alliance out of security, but I had ambitions, plans to depose the leader, Louis. Louis was a very abrasive, irritating guy, but I knew that I had to stay with him for a significant amount of time before I could make the necessary move against him. Luckily, that time came at the merge. Louis' behavior was becoming increasingly paranoid after we blindsided Christine, so I realized that if I were to keep him any longer, he could turn against me or anyone else in the alliance. Using bonds I had both from Drakaka and Ahay, I organized a blindside of Louis by tricking him into using a fake immunity idol that me and Otto planted when we were on Drakaka. After we voted out Emma, things were going to become a lot harder. Jess organized a blindside of Adam, so I knew that I had to think quickly and ingeniously. That I did by planting a fake hidden immunity idol in Kristie's bag so that Jess would believe a plot was brewing against her. It worked. But again, another challenge came when Jess found the idol and me and the guys misplayed the situation, thinking Karen would be the one who would need protection. Using the loved one's visit as a tool, I convinced Lex, who was not brought on the reward that Karen was not a worthwhile ally if she wouldn't value her feelings. Again, this worked and me, Chong and Lex blindsided Karen. At the final 4, I won immunity for the second time and while I did not like having to do so, I voted against Chong. If I had the choice, I'd never do this, but because I realized how wonderful of a social player he was, I made the move. At the Final 3, I won final immunity and realized that Jess had too much strategic prowess for me to bring. Hence why me and Lex are sitting here. What I will emphasize more than anything is that at NO point during this season, did I make a move purely out of malice. Anything underhanded I did, I did to survive and nothing more, nothing less. I see all of you as friends and have too much respect for this game to let my friendships interfere with a cerebral, fun game like Survivor."

Kristie seemed impressed by the speech, nodding as he spoke. "Alright Lex, it's your turn now", said Jeff.

Lex waved to the jury. "Hey!", she started. "Like Paul, I'm REALLY happy to be here! I'm this hard rocking type and all my life, I always thought I'd be doing the same things! But one day I decided to apply for Survivor because my sister and a few friends of mine suggested I do. When I came out here, it was all fun and games initially and I had a BLAST! But then other players told me that I had to start playing the game and I felt, really, really bad about it, but I started doing it! And I just felt worse every vote for doing things I felt were morally wrong, so eventually, I decided after Chong was voted out that I'd play with my heart and focus on the most DESERVING person, so here I am today!"

Jeff turned to the jury. "Jury, now it's your turn to address the two". He then turned back to Paul and Lex. "Now the power is in the jury. Each of them will have a turn to make their statements or ask their questions, so as I said, treat every potential jury vote carefully. Emma, you're first."

Emma stood up as asked of her, then turned to Paul and Lex. "Hello you two! Good job making it here!", said Emma. "First I'm going to address you Paul. Paul, you said in your jury speech that you blindsided Louis because he was becoming paranoid when you blindsided Christine. Why do you feel this was a proper justification for blindsiding him?"

Paul cleared his throat, then focused his attention on Emma. "Very good question Emma", said Paul. "I know this was a proper justification because when me and Louis were on Ahay, Christine made a pretty innocent comment regarding feeling nervous about a fight. When Louis got word of this, he believed there was a sort of uprising occurring and demanded we blindside her and use Kristie as a number. After Christine was voted out, I realized that Louis was becoming paranoid to the extent that simple, harmless sentences would set him off and make him believe all sorts of theories without justification. I feared that if he was not voted out as soon as possible, he would dismantle our alliance by using similarly flimsy evidence to justify blindsiding our alliance to extinction. You're a person of stability and this move actually ensured stability, since Louis' continued presence in the game meant our alliance could fall apart on a dime's notice. If Louis didn't go crazy and blindside Christine, then I would not have blindsided him, so the move only was to ensure stability."

Emma thought for a moment. "Hmm, fair enough. As for you Lex, I just want to say that I don't know you that well, but I will ask.", Emma said. "Can you own up to your game and explain it in a logical way the way that Paul did? You seemed to backstab a lot of people here."

Lex nodded. "Okay Emma", Lex said. "Well, I admit I made some bad decisions, that is true. But the thing is, I've morally shown that I've grown from them and that I've become a better person!"

"Okay", Emma replied. "But can you logically justify WHY you turned on so many people?"

Lex then began to sweat visibly. "Well...Jess told me that if I didn't, I'd be playing a bad game...and that I had to prove myself."

"But were your allies or you in immediate danger like it seems Paul and mine were?", Emma then asked.

"Well, not made sense...", Lex responded.

"I've asked enough", Emma said as she then sat down.

"Adam, your turn now!", said Jeff. Adam stood up and walked over to Paul and Lex.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!", Adam exclaimed. "Great job getting here! I probably won't have TOO much in the way of questions, but if anything changes, I'll say so! So first off, Paul, hell of a job getting here, so congratulations!" Paul nodded as Adam spoke. "When me, you and Otto met for the first time, I knew I had made a friendship I'd never forget! And forget I wouldn't! We want to the cove, talked about bedgic, or edgic, whatever, we did that, we won rewards, we sang karaoke, it was the best! I'm a little surprised I went out when I did, but I know that's not your fault, Paul. You blindsiding me would be like a car driving in the water! It just doesn't happen! I'm a boat guy, so I know my stuff!" The entire jury then laughed at this comment. "But anyway, Lex, I want to ask. Did you have any involvement in me getting voted out?"

Lex began to sweat again. "I did, but...-"

Adam then cut her off. "I don't want excuses! Did you or did you not do it?"

Lex gulped. "Well...yes.....I was part of it..""

"Finally!", Adam said. "Well, it sounds like you didn't have a reason for it, so that's not cool in my book!"

"The girls said it was due to your strength!", Lex replied.

"It didn't have to be so soon!", Adam said back. "I don't think I need to say anymore. I'm sitting down." he said as he returned to his seat.

"Kristie, you're up next", said Jeff. Kristie got out of her seat and turned to Paul and Lex.

"So guys, this is the end", Kristie said. "Paul, I do have a question to ask you, but first I do have to thank you. I thank you for me even being here tonight. When we were on Ahay, I told you about the comment Christine made to me and you relayed the information back to Louis, resulting in her going over me. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't be here tonight. That said, you said you planted a fake hidden immunity idol in my bag. Why is that?"

"Simple", Paul said. "After Adam was blindsided, I knew that I likely was going to be next if I didn't win immunity. Not wanting to depend on something I didn't have certainty of, I took advantage of Jess' intricate knowledge of the show by creating a fake idol and hiding it in your bag. I mentioned the fact that in Cambodia, the idols all looked different, so that that could have been the case here. Jess bought the lie and you were voted out instead of me, so my objective was accomplished. If I did not make that fake idol and plant it in your bag, I probably would be sitting in that seat today instead of you. I think it was a brilliant move and I fully and completely own it."

Kristie nodded. "That makes sense." She then turned her attention to Lex. "As for you Lex, I want to know why you told me the night before I was voted out that you were going to work with me. Explain that please."

Lex sighed again. "I didn't want to sound mean", Lex said. "I admit that sounds stupid, but I'm scared of saying no. Besides, Jess told me it had to be this way."

"I see", said Kristie. "But you backstabbed a lot of other people here, including your best friend in the game, Chong. Can you explain why you did this?"

"I wanted to make Molly happy and play the game!", Lex said. "Molly's my sister and the person who encouraged me to participate! I wanted to play nice, but I had her voice telling me repeatedly to play! And not just that, but Jess and Karen also insisted that I make these moves! But I know that's morally wrong and I'm not standing behind it anymore!"

"Alright", Kristie said. "I think that's it." She then returned to her seat. "Otto, you may go next", said Jeff.

Otto turned to the two and smiled. "Paul! Lex! As Adam said, congratulations!", Otto exclaimed. "Paul, I've listened to what you've said, your speech and I've witnessed your actions during our time together and I'm very impressed! The fake idol was a brilliant move that we were behind not only on Louis, but also Kristie! You said that you got Karen out due to the loved ones challenge?",

"Yes", said Paul. "I convinced Lex to vote out Karen with me and Chong because of her being disappointed in not being chosen. It worked better than I expected."

"That's incredible!", said Otto. "Also, great job at those immunity wins! Totally great moment! That coupled with the moves should give you CP for this episode! All in all, I'm VERY impressed! Lex, from what I've heard, I don't know if I can say the same about your game. I liked your air guitar solos, but it sounds like you weren't behind your moves, like you didn't choose them or own them. Paul analogically was driving an uncontrollable, swerving car, but he was in the driver's seat the entire time he made the choices he did. You, I feel like analogically, someone put your arms on the driver's seat for you and to me, that shows me you weren't really behind these decisions, just being used as a mechanism."

"I did have my hands on the wheel, though!", Lex exclaimed. "Doesn't that count for something?"

"Not exactly", said Otto. "See, I'm a statistics professor and if my student solves a problem on their own, it's much more impressive than if I guide them through it and basically tell them what to do, albeit not blatantly. Paul thought of all these brilliant moves on his own, whereas as I said, it sounds like you were being guided into the moves Jess and Karen made. Sorry Lex, but I'm calling it as I see it.", he said as he sat down.

"Karen, your turn", Jeff said. Karen walked up to face Paul and Lex, smiling as she waved. "Hey guys!", Karen said. "Congratulations on making to this point, I had a great time with both of you. Paul, a little bit curious about what you said. You said that Lex voted against me because you told her that I wasn't a worthwhile ally due to the loved ones fiasco. What was the reasoning for this? I'm not mad, just want to see how your brains works, break down motivations..nerd stuff!", she chuckled.

Paul chuckled a bit himself. "Karen, I did that because in the final 5, me and Chong were on the bottom from yet ANOTHER Lex backstab. I admit it was a little bit underhanded to emotionally manipulate Lex in that instance, but I had nothing else left for me at that point in the game. I do think it was a clever move, given how emotionally driven Lex is, hence why I used it. As I said with Kristie, if I didn't make it, I wouldn't be sitting here. If I caused you or Lex any stress, I sincerely apologize as no personal harm was meant. I had fun playing the game with you too and I'd love to play one of your games some time!"

Karen seemed satisfied with this answer. "Hmmm...those are very good points! And that's pretty brilliant, not gonna lie!", Karen said. "And don't worry, I accept your apology, no hard feelings! But Lex, I want to know why you used your frustration over the loved one's challenge as a justification for voting me out. I don't entirely understand how it made sense at that moment, so you can explain to me."

Lex nodded. "I was totally, totally emotional at that moment!", Lex said. "I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I was REALLY upset, this wasn't strategic! I know the logical thing was to stay together, but I'm an emotional person, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I'm often driven by them! That's who I am and I think that's a justification for the decisions I make."

Karen nodded. "Alright, thank you for answering. Good luck to both of you!", Karen said as she want to sit down.

"Chong, your turn now!", Jeff said. Chong walked up and smiled at the two. "Hi guys!", Chong said. "Good job making it here. The truth is, I still feel a little bit sad about my vote out. Paul, Lex, you two were very close friends of mine in the game and I want to know why you did what you did. I do forgive both of you, but I still feel a little bit hurt and I want to hear your explanations."

Paul nodded. "I know how you feel Chong", Paul said. "And I didn't want to vote for you. But I knew you played a phenomenal social game and frankly, I didn't think I had stood a chance against you. You're still like my second father and I hope we can continue to be friends outside of the game."

"Not a problem, we always will be friends!", Chong said. "And Lex, we were so close! What was your reason?"

"Jess convinced me to vote you out to impress my sister", Lex said. "And I felt like I had to do it. I felt SOOO bad for it and after you were voted out, I pledged to play honestly regardless of what the consequences were! So I still see you like my second father too and I sincerely am sorry if there was any conflict or tension! You're the best Chong, remember that!"

Chong nodded and smiled at Lex. "Thank you!", he said as he walked back to the seat. "Jess, your turn to close things off", Jeff said.

Jess walked up to the two. "Welcome", she said flatly. "I'm not going to bother with any pleasantries, because that's not why I'm here tonight. Paul, I said this after I left, I want to know why you voted me out after we discussed everything we did. I'm not asking this because I'm a weepy little girl who had her feewings hurt, I'm asking this because I want to know how that made sense from a game perspective. So convince me."

"Challenge accepted!", Paul replied. "I thought very long and hard about what we discussed", said Paul. "And while I agreed that you likely weren't going to win that many votes based on sociability, your strategic game was phenomenal and frankly, I think I'd have a very hard challenge going against that. I brought Lex because she made a lot of emotionally charged decisions that were not very well thought out, decisions that as Otto said, were not her own. She betrayed friends and was strung along by whoever was in power, so I was fairly certain the jury would see her game for what it was and acknowledge, not to be arrogant, my strategic superiority in this case. So that's why I voted you out."

Jess nodded, genuinely stunned. "Not going to lie, I didn't expect such an impressive answer", she said. "I don't need to ask you a single question Lex. I'm going to give a speech and you're going to listen. Got it? Okay, here I go. One, I'm extremely pissed off that you voted out Karen. Just like how Chong was like your father in this game, Karen was like a mother to me. A mother only 20 years older, but this is 2018, so get with the times! But anyway, while I'm SEVERELY pissed off at you for that, that's not why I'm not going to vote for you tonight. As Paul said and as several other jurors did, you did not make the moves that you were a part of. Me and Karen had to drag you kicking and screaming to the voting booth every round to get rid of whatever targets we had in mind. Paul owned his moves and was in complete CONTROL of them! You were not! If I had to make a comparison between you and Paul, Paul is a grizzly bear. Grizzlies are ferocious, aggressive f*cks, but more than just that, they're REALLY intelligent! They can maul you, but they can also plot a way to get you away from their cave! And they don't claim they were trying to be 'moral' while doing it. You on the other hand, you played the game akin to a leech. A leech doesn't decide which prey to kill. A leech just hooks on. If me and Karen were sharks, you were our loyal leech who we got to hook onto unsuspecting fish. And you couldn't just be a good leech, you were a BAD leech. You cried, you wailed, you didn't admit what you did. Worst of all, you didn't OWN it or EMBRACE it. As I've said MANY times before, this is Survivor and on Survivor, you need to own your moves and be proud of your game. Paul's insanely proud of his game and rightfully so, because he knows the line between real life and a COMPETITION. I can't say the same is remotely true for you and so therefore, you're not getting my vote. Goodnight." Jess then sat down.

"Alright jury, thank you for making your statements.", Jeff said. "Now it's time for you guys to vote to decide on the Sole Survivor. Adam, you can go first."

Adam smiled and nodded, walking up to the voting podium. He wrote down "Paul" as he held his vote up to the camera. "What a time, what a crazy time!", Adam exclaimed. "Buy me a boat, buy Chong some pot and buy Otto a karaoke set, okay?" Adam then placed his vote in the urn.

Chong then walked up and cast his vote. This one said "Lex". "Good game both of you. Lex, you're my fourth daughter, so good luck", Chong said as he placed his vote in the urn. Otto, Karen, Emma and Kristie then voted out sat down. Finally, Jess walked up to the podium. Her vote could not be seen, but she could be heard saying. "Incredible performance tonight! You dethroned the Queen, so that's enough of a reason to vote for you. I may have wanted you out 75 percent of the time, but you kicked ass so here's your paycheck!" After Jess sat down, Jeff turned to the nine. "I'll go tally the votes", he said as he went to get the urn. He then came back and turned to everyone once more.

"Thank you guys for an incredible season! I can't read the votes just this second, but I'll see you guys in a couple of months!", Jeff said. He then walked out of tribal council, onto a sound stage in Los Angeles. A crowd could be heard cheering for him as Paul was now clean shaven and wearing a suit, while Lex was wearing a dress. The seven jurors sat in their places in formal attire.

"Well, this was an amazing season, but as it always goes, only one person can win!", Jeff said. "You need four votes to win. I'm going to read the votes now."

"First vote....Paul". The crowd began cheering.

"Second vote....Lex, that's one vote Paul, one vote Lex."

"Third vote....Paul, that's two votes Paul, one vote Lex."

"Fourth vote....Paul, that's three votes Paul, one vote Lex." Jeff then held out for a moment, while Paul looked excitedly at what was to probably come.

"The winner of Survivor: Madagascar is.....Paul!", Jeff exclaimed. Paul screamed happily as he hugged Lex, then ran over to his father, mother, sister and brother. "Woohooo!", he shouted. The pre-jury contestants than ran out onto stage as Jeff looked at the camera.

"What a crazy season this was!", said Jeff. "Constant blindsides, crazy characters, some amazing challenges and one of the youngest and most strategically dominant winners we have ever had in the show's history! I think this season just might be one of my favorite ones of all time! Tune in with me at the 1 hour reunion special where we will talk to the cast and discuss everything!"


Paul: Emma, Adam, Kristie, Otto, Karen, Jess

Lex: Chong


"Paul, once again congratulations!", Jeff said. "You played phenomenally well and I must say, even I was impressed with your moves throughout the season. You said you're a big fan of the show, right?"

"Absolutely!", said Paul. "I started watching the show live at Micronesia and a friend of mine actually told me about the earlier seasons. I looked them up on YouTube and instantly I was hooked!" The audience then clapped as he gave this answer.

"What was your favorite season out of the ones you watched online?", Jeff asked.

"I think that my favorite probably was Pearl Islands", said Paul. "You had this perfect combination of gameplay, characters, strategy and the theme, which was FANTASTIC! Piracy on Survivor? Who would have thought! And watching Jonny Fairplay go from the top to the bottom like that was nothing short of entertaining!"

"It's funny you mention that, because a lot of online feedback we got during the season mentioned that they thought you played like Fairplay", Jeff said.

"I wouldn't totally agree with you", said Paul. "I modeled my strategy off of Rob Cesternino mostly, like he did, but as you saw in the confessionals, I kept any questionable comments I had to myself! Lex did praise my social skills after all!" The audience cheered after this.

"Lex, how does it feel to get so close, yet so far?", Jeff asked

"I don't really think about it much", said Lex. "I know it sucks not to win, but I'm happy that I ultimately stayed true to myself, regardless of what anyone says. To me, that's a win in and of itself."

"How do you think people from home are going to react to your loss?", Jeff asked.

"I think they're not going to mind", Lex said. "My friends and family like me for who I am, so I don't see any issues with what happened!"

"Jess, it's my turn to ask you a question", Jeff said. "I know that throughout the season, like Paul, you were this HUGE superfan, one of the biggest we've ever had! How does it feel knowing you missed it by this much?"

"It's a huge letdown for sure!", said Jess. "Lex said she doesn't think much about her situation, but me? I think about it EVERY night! If I had clinched onto that buoy for a LITTLE bit longer, you may have been interviewing me tonight instead as the winner!"

"Interesting!", Jeff exclaimed. "Well, I'm really enjoying this reunion show, but we're gonna take a little commercial break for now! But when we get back, we're going to speak to one of the most POLARIZING contestants of the season, one of our greatest Survivor villains of all time, along with one of our most popular pre-merge boots of all time!"

*Commercial break*

"And now we're back!", said Jeff. "As I said, we're going to speak to a contestant who just about everyone seemed to have a strong opinion on! He was the villain of the first half of the game, then was taken out in a fake idol play...Louis!" The crowd jokingly booed. "So Louis, you were playing REALLY hard when you were there! Trying to find idols, controlling votes! Where do you think it all went wrong for you?"

"That's an easy one!", said Louis. "The moment I took the fake idol from Paul and Otto, I was done for! I have to admit, they played me very well and if I was on the jury, I easily would have voted for Paul!"

"In that case, why not have a memento of your mistake?", Jeff said to Louis. He then pulled out the fake hidden immunity idol he played, charred and clearly damaged, but still intact. He handed it to Louis as the crowd started howling with laughter. "Come on put it on for the camera!", Jeff said.

Louis complied and put the fake idol around his neck, while everyone started laughing even more. "I do have to admit, the two are good at design!"

"Very cool!", Jeff said. "Now I want to talk to a contestant who didn't last long on this season, but became more popular than I ever expected! Amy!" The crowd then cheered.

Amy smiled as Jeff introduced her once more. "Thank you!", she called out.

"So Amy", Jeff started. "You were obviously there only 3 days, being the first voted out and all. Yet the cast and crew has gotten tons of emails stating that they wish you made it longer, that they felt it was unfair that you were voted out before anyone else. What do you say to that?"

"I'm definitely honored by it!", Amy said. "My kids and husband actually were watching with me and when I got voted out, they were like 'Mom, why did the tribe get rid of you over that Louis guy?' And clearly, a lot of other people have thought the same thing! People on the street even told me they thought it was unfair that it happened! So, I guess that's what it is to it!"

"Speaking of popular contestants, there was another contestant on this season who made it a lot farther and had a hoard of fans himself!", said Jeff. "When we get back, get ready for me to speak with Adam!" The crowd then cheered.

*commercial break*

"And we're back!", Jeff said. "Roll the film please!" A montage of Adam's best moments on the show were then shown to the audience, including his blindside of Hannah, him not knowing what 'alliteration' meant and his immunity challenge run. The crowd then cheered. "So Adam, like with Amy, you got quite a few fans over the course of the season!", said Jeff. "What do you make of it?"

"It's actually pretty funny", said Adam. "Yeah, I've been really popular, but apparently I have a lot of young fans who really, really liked me on the show! My brother actually showed me a lot of fan emails I got and a lot of them were like, 'Adam, you're so awesome!', 'Adam, you're super strong, you're the man!' and I guess I was a little surprised, since I never really saw myself as THAT much of a role model! I've been athletic my whole life, I've played football, I've swam, I've played lacrosse and I just thought that was me being me!" The crowd cheered after that.

"Very good!", Jeff said. "On the same note of popular, Lex, you said you're an indie rocker, right?"

Lex nodded. "Yeah!", she exclaimed. "We released our first album last year, called Splemain I. Currently working on album 2, which I think is going to be MUCH better!"

"Can you play us a song from the second album?", Jeff asked.

"I was hoping you'd ask!", Lex exclaimed. She took out a guitar and started strumming along as she began singing 'Blown Into the Dust', a song she wrote. "The dust it eats us all and blows away.....and then it comes around and lives another day! Does not relent, it crushes up your mind! The dust it eats us all and blows away! BLOWS WAY! BLOWS WAY!", at that point, Lex stopped playing her guitar and singing, resulting in immense applause from the audience.

"Paul, you may have won, but it seems like the runner up here has a budding music career!", Jeff said. "What do you make of that?"

Paul laughed as the audience did as well. "Not going to lie, that's pretty hard to contend with!", Paul said. "But I'm not that worried since I'm probably going to be a world-renowned entrepreneur soon!"

"What do you mean?", Jeff asked.

"Well, I own my own footwear company called SneakSlipz Inc.", Paul explained. "I wanted to combined the comfort of slippers with the practicality of regular sneakers, so that's where the idea came in!"

Probst seemed intrigued. "Do you have one of these shows to show us?"

Paul replied eagerly. "In fact I do!", he said as he prepared to pull one out. Paul showed the audience an unusual looking sneaker, then folded it inside out to reveal it had become a slipper. Everyone then began cheering. "Yeah, I began inventing it when I was in Dartmouth just before I left", Paul explained. "I wanted to solve the issue of having to wear uncomfortable shoes in certain social settings."

"Very impressive!", Jeff said. "May I try one on?"

Paul nodded, handing Jeff the SneakSlip. The audience then started laughing as Jeff showed off the unique shoe. "Wow! This really does work!", Jeff said. "Really cool! I do have another question to ask you Paul. I know you mentioned Rob Cesternino and Jonny Fairplay as two of your Survivor models. Do you have any modern ones?"

Paul audaciously shook his head. "I actually do not have appreciation for the latest era of #BIGMOOVEZ for the sake of them", Paul said. "I think that the best strategy is to stay as true to your alliance and lead it ideally. Am I against making big moves? As shown on the season, absolutely not! I just think they should only be made when you're not in a position of power and have to acquire it. To me, being the leader of the alliance is akin to being the King. If your staff serves you well and are not a threat to your power, why would you want to destroy that?"

"Hmm, interesting answer!", said Jeff. "Gotta admit, not a lot of players nowadays will cite the older ones primarily!"

"Yeah, I don't do it to be a hipster or anything like that!", Paul said as he got a plethora of belly laughs from the audience. "I just really admire how little they relied on idols. I know that me and Otto found one early in the season, but the thing is, I never had to use one on myself!"

"That's very true!", said Jeff. "I was amazed by how little you relied on the idol personally, to be honest. Speaking of Otto, when we get back from this next commercial, we're going to speak to Otto himself and ask about his expectations versus his actual experience on the show, plus a little moment of his he said he hoped wouldn't end up on the internet!"

*Commercial Break*

"And now we're back!", Jeff exclaimed. "As I said, we're going to ask Otto a little bit about a moment I remember and many of you do too!" The audience then laughed and cheered. "Alright, so Otto! Tell us a little bit about that moment at the Final 8 when you and the guys were on reward and you felt the need to do that little dance of yours!", Jeff said.

"There's not much to it!", Otto explained, stifling laughter. "I really, really like that song because I heard it all the time when I was a teen! I had already come to America by then, but it reminded me of the music I'd hear in Sweden when I was young!"

"Like what kind?", Jeff asked curiously.

"Well, there was this group that sang this song about going all around the world!", Otto exclaimed. "That said, I don't think they're from Sweden, I think Germany."

"Very interesting!", Jeff said. "And we even have the moment to show to the audience!" Jeff then played the clip of Otto singing "Barbie Girl" as the audience erupted in laughter. "Maybe me and Lex will release a split single of her band's stuff and that song!" Otto exclaimed.

"That sounds promising!", Jeff replied. "Before we wrap up the reunion show by previewing the next season for you, I have to ask one question to Paul's parents Tom and Melanie!" Tom and Melanie then waved to Paul as he waved back, then they were given the mic by Jeff. "So, your son obviously went all the way and won! Were you expecting this?"

Both of them nodded. "Definitely", Melanie said. "Paul has been OBSESSED with the show for years and he knows EVERYTHING about it! We watch it together as a family, but his knowledge definitely eclipses mine!" Tom then took the mic from his wife to answer the question. "I think he had a pretty good shot", Tom said. "I told him that so long as he tones down all of the incessant pop culture references, then he won't be voted out on day one, but clearly, that didn't affect anything and he did it!"

"Neat!", Jeff said. "When we get back from this next commercial break, I'm going to show you all a preview for the next season!"

*Commercial Break*

"And we're back!", Jeff said. "And just as I promised, I'm going to show you a sneak peek for our next season!" The room then went dark as Jeff's voice could be heard narrating over footage.

"Tucked away in the middle of the fearsome waves of the North Atlantic ocean lie a world unknown to most." Sparse, evergreen tree covered islands were then shown as whales were shown swimming in the ocean. "A world containing relics of a past of waring, seafaring and a culture of combat." Footage of viking boats and armor was then shown, along with weapons. A world known as the Faroe Islands. And in Survivor's 38th season, 18 Americans will embark to this strange land and uncover secrets that could change everything. Who will prevail and who will fall on Survivor: Faroe Islands - Land of the Vikings?" The crowd then cheered as Faroe Islands' logo became visible on screen.

"We're really excited for it and I think it's going to be one of our best seasons yet!", Jeff exclaimed. "Tune in this Spring for it, but otherwise, this was a wonderful reunion show and I look forward to seeing all of you next season!"

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