Artisanal Cheeses


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Super Lakeside Odyssey"
Place 7th
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends Frances, Rhett, Graham, Kelsey, Roald, Christian
Enemies Kaitlin, Artemis, Erica
Fear Too many to list, but the government is near the top
Talent Hacking into the mainframe of websites, discovering secret blueprints, catastrophizing
Suvir, labeled The Conspiracy Theorist, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. He was placed on the Artisanal Cheeses team.


Suvir did not release too many details about his life to the Total Drama staff, as he believes they are a secret organization run by lizard people, so his biography is rather sparse. However, it can easily be gathered that he's currently in college, and when not in school lives with his parents in a relatively peaceful suburb of a generic urban area. He is the president (and one of the only regularly attending members) of the "Reveal The Truth Club," which focuses on not only the national government, but the apparently corrupt student government of his university. After interviewing several of his fellow students, Total Drama can also confirm that he was once forcibly removed from his high school senior prom after installing hidden security cameras in the punch bowl. He is not seen much outside of class, since he'd much rather spend his time holed up in his room with his multiple laptops, which he regularly uses to locate and prevent potential Illuminati meetings nearby.

Suvir joined Total Drama because he figured he'd get to leave America, and he claims he'll do anything to get out of that "capitalist hellhole."

Total Drama Lakeside

Audition Tape

The inside of a janitor's closet is shown, with the lights turned off and no apparent sign of life anywhere. There's a rustling in the corner, behind a large trash can, before a voice says, "Psst!" The camera moves closer to reveal Suvir, crouched down behind the trash can and wearing camouflage clothing.

"Okay, I'm auditioning for Total Drama! The name's Suvir!" he whispers. "I'm sneaky, I got great reflexes, and I'm gonna reveal the truth about this world! There's something suspicious about Chris McLean, but I'm not sure what. But that's why I wanna be on your show. He can't be fully human! Okay, now get the hell outta here, I have to hide in here until midnight to see the janitor turn into a werewolf! Go! Shoo!"

The cameraperson quickly backs up and rushes out the door. 


  • Suvir is named after a guy I went to high school with, for no reason other than the fact that I thought it was a cool name.
  • Frances and Suvir’s plot was partially inspired by Sprinklemist’s old characters Hedda and Ivan, among other "dynamic duo" characters in fanfictions.
  • As revealed in the first chapter, Suvir is vegan. 
  • Suvir was an early potential winner planned for the story, complete with a plot about learning to take control of his fears and come out a braver person. I eventually decided that he worked a lot better as a comic relief character and a sidekick to Frances.
    • His last confessional before his boot was meant to make fun of the cliched "paranoid character conquers their fears and saves the day" trope I've seen in other stories, as well as Total Drama itself.
  • Suvir and Frances were also main characters in the scrapped first version of this story, Mt. Total Drama. They were a mystery-solving duo, investigating a scrapped character named Olga. Suvir likely would've placed around the same.
  • Due to the completely absurd things he said and his constantly agitated attitude, Suvir was one of my favorite characters to write for in the story. I loved coming up for obscure conspiracy theories for him to reference, and wanted to make sure he made at least mid-merge.
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