Sydney, labeled as The Stick in the Mud, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Red Carpets
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Fully Int-Act"
Place Fourteenth
Friends Luca, Hugh, Terri, River, Vladimir
Enemies Monique
Fear Tornados
Talent Cooking


Sydney was born, and she was instantly grumpy. In kindergarten, when the other kids finger painted, she used a paintbrush. In elementary school, when the other kids used skateboards, she used a scooter. All through her life, she's always avoided the fun, not intentionally, and has led a boring life, and has become irritable and grumpy because of it. One of her only three friends signed her up for this. She joined because her friends signed her up, hoping to get a little fun into her life.


  • Sydney was one of the characters created at the beginning, and was not replaced with a different character.
  • Sydney’s prototype names included Ellen, and Laurie.
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