Sydney (Total Drama Stardom)
Cash Collectors

Team Stardom

Total Drama Lab Rats - Sydney
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDS: Cali-four-nia Capers


Place TDS: 4th


Friends Brendon, Angie, Timothy, Mordecai
Enemies Emilie, Luke, Ivy, Brian
Fear Rumors being spread about her
Talent Spreading rumors about others
Origin Kgman04

Sydney (The Instigator) was a contestant on Total Drama Stardom and Total Drama Lab Rats. She was on the Cash Collectors and Team Stardom.


"Did you hear about..." is Sydney's most said phrase, probably throughout her life. But, Sydney's unlike most gossipers, she just totally makes up her stories, which leads to arguments and catfights, much to her sadistic entertainment. She's also a bit of a name dropper, and claims that she knows celebrities and other well-known people. No one believes her, or even bothers to listen to her, but she doesn't care.

Total Drama Stardom

Total Drama Stardom - Sydney

Sydney's appearance in Total Drama Stardom.


Total Drama Lab Rats



  • Sydney was the sixth character I had made up for Total Drama Stardom, just before Claire and Valerie.
  • Her appearance includes LeShawna's ponytail, Eva's head shape, Lindsay's breasts, Bridgette's eyes, and Heather's legs.
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