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Lyla - CK Hrey! ^_^ 20:00, June 29, 2018 (UTC)

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Hey Dekneese! I saw you posted your first chapter and I remember reading the cast list and being excited to read it. So I went ahead and read the first chapter! I thought I'd leave a comment, so I hope it's okay I went ahead and made a Chat here on the Talk Page. If you want it changed, just let me know!

Honestly, I think Chris literally says that every season xD

I do have to say I’m excited about the two recurring intern characters. Recurring interns tend to be some of my favorite characters, and these two seem like they have some kind of history together. I also can see the network only giving Chris two interns; with how many they go through it was probably to spare expenses and encourage him not to waste them. 

I like the idea of dividing the cast by their popularity. It really ties into how in the first season the characters were stereotypes. 

Hmm...I hate to judge right away, but I get the feeling that Bree maybe some kind of antagonist or not as nice as she seems. I got the feeling she was trying to weed out potential alliance members. Or something else…

I also like you acknowledged they were all on the same boat. I never actually thought about how crazy it was having all these boats deliver everyone was till I read another fic and it pointed it out. 

You can never have enough dumb blondes! Lindsay is proof of that (and a total fan fave <3). 

I can’t remember Midsummers Night’s Dream that well, though I definitely remember reading it. I’ll take Peter’s word on it, he seems to know what he’s talking about.

Jesse is too innocent. Although I don’t know what to make of Bree just yet either Lyla (also, she has a great name for a character who is the songwriter xD). 

I mean, Digit has a fair point about TD doing twins, but this is just after PI, so we haven’t had male twins! (Plus there’s just so much easy drama in having twins Digit, trust me…)

Okay, can I ship Ramona and Bree? Cause I kinda do :3 (At least friendship them). 

I admit I usually don’t find Jokester characters very funny, but I do like Dominic. Him pretending to be Wayne was clever. 

Lol, Violet is not even pretending to play nice. Hopefully that doesn’t backfire cause I like her mischief! I also like the joke about journalists at Casey’s expense (that it comes from Brittney, even if I suspect she didn’t intend it as a dig, makes it twice as hilarious). 

Woah! My computer’s dictionary didn’t even recognize the word contronym so I had to google it. That’s how big a word that was...which makes Britney very suspicious…

Having a handicapped contestant is interesting. I’ve only seen it once before in a fic along time ago, that’s no longer here. I do wonder if it’ll hurt Quinn in competing or make her a target to be eliminated. Like I said, I’m interested to see how it plays off. 

xD Lyla and Peter have a good point. I enjoy sassy casts to their hosts.

Hmm...Chris has a strange call and Chef is nowhere to be seen? Me thinks something is off…

Nice to get know the cast a little bit more as we walk over there. Garrett seems like a nice guy; I have a weak spot for shy people in TD fanfics. Quinn seems kind of vague...curious what she’s thinking or planning. 

Brittney is hilarious. I died when she didn’t reply with what her hobbies were. 

I didn’t get the vibe Will was interested at first, but he sure seems so now. I think I may have been wrong about Bree, Natalia maybe more antagonistic. She certainly has the name of a femme fatale. 

Hmm...that’s oddly specific about the cast files in there cabin...I have a feeling we’ll see that again…

Jesse, you really shouldn’t have said that xD So Lyla and Jesse are already crushing on each other. Good, I was already shipping them. (Fair warning, I ship a lot). 

The Confused Freaks? Geez, Chris is not even subtle about what he thinks of them. I guess that’s not new. Naturally, I feel for the underdog team. They seem like a funny, off-beat group. Honestly a lot of characters with similar stereotypes were early outs, so I’m glad to see a lot of them on the same team. 

Natalia wastes no time in asserting her plans and roles. I guess Queen Bee’s aren’t known for their subtly. Most of them see to not be putting up that much of a fight to her leading, but that makes sense. Their popular people; they don’t want to go against the status quo. They follow.

“Not anymore?” Veronica has a backstory…

xDDDD Brittney is killing me! Like girl, what’s up? Are you pretending to be dumb? Cause it kind seems that why...but you kind of seem a little naturally dumb too xD Ramona’s reaction was also great!

The first challenge involves lots of papers? That’s curious. I’m not sure what to predict it to be…

A two part special! Those are the best <3 Digit and Brady really seem to not know anything going on. Normally that would make sense for an intern, but they clearly have a bigger role helping out. 

A cliffhanger? Aww D: I want to know what’s going on too!

Overall, this was a great first chapter! I feel like a got a good feel for a majority of the cast. I usually struggle with that with big casts. The pace felt good; it never felt slow. And it was very funny! There were some interesting dynamics already on display, especially with Digit and Brady. Those two were hilarious xD I laughed a lot throughout this chapter.

Chris was written very in-character for canon too. We didn’t see as much of Chef, but he seemed pretty in character too. And most of all, you did a great job hooking me in. The running plot thread of the mystery Chris is hiding really drew me and the suspense of it is killing me! I have a couple theories of what, but I’m just not sure…

I can’t wait to read more! <fontcolor="limegreen">Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda!</font> 07:35, January 3, 2018 (UTC)

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I really love all of your stories (particularly Genesis) so it really means a lot to me that you’re enjoying mine!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I was really hoping the recurring interns would go over well and that they wouldn’t be seen as unnecessary. And yes, the network is incredibly tired of Chris going through interns by the dozen.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">The popularity divide was another thing I was really scared that people wouldn’t like, but Total Drama is known for its stereotypes. I remember reading somewhere (maybe on this wikia) that Total Drama is the type of show where characters that would never interact in a regular environment can become best friends (it was something along the lines of that).

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Bree is definitely a little more complex than she appears. We’ll go with “or something else…” for now.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I thought having 20 different boats seemed crazy too! Besides, with the network only giving Chris two interns, I didn’t think it would make sense for them to give him 20 boats.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I really only went with Midsummers Night’s Dream because that’s what my school’s Shakespeare club was reading at the time I was writing that scene, but I do think it served its purpose.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Jesse is so innocent and I’ve always loved the name Lyla!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Digit does tend to point out Chris’s reuse of gimmicks from previous seasons. Male twins are a first though! (Not counting RR, because I love the adversity twins)

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Of course you can ship them!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Dominic was actually made into a Jokester very last minute. He was originally labeled in my blog post as The Air Guitarist, but I just couldn’t think of a plausible way to work that into the story. Although he was going to be more of a comic relief from the very beginning.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Violet can be quite blunt and she does have a lot of tricks up her sleeve. The journalist joke was also originally going to come from another character (I think Bree), but I thought it would sound even funnier coming from someone as unassuming as Britney.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">My autocorrect didn’t even recognize contronym. I had remembered hearing it in an English class before though. And yes, Britney is pretty suspicious.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I had never even seen a handicapped contestant before, which is why I thought it would be an interesting thing to include. Quinn is complex character and I’m really looking forward to writing more about her.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Who doesn’t love a sassy cast?

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Something is definitely off with Chris and Chef…

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I tend to have a soft spot for shy character too! And Quinn is, as stated above, complex.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Britney does seem to be in a world of her own sometimes.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Will and Natalia have an interesting dynamic. And Natalia is certainly a femme fatale!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Files…? What files…? That’s not foreshadowing at all…

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I’m a sucker for love at first sight. Or at least moderate attraction at first sight. (And I ship a lot too, so that’s totally fine)

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I’m also a sucker for rag-tag groups of misfits and they certainly are the underdogs in this story.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Natalia knows what she wants and how to get it. And that’s a very compelling observation of the popular team! If you don’t mind, I might have to steal it for a later chapter XD.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Veronica does have quite the backstory, but that will come in due time.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I almost took that interaction between Britney and Ramona out of the first chapter because I didn’t want to give too much away, but I thought it was just too funny to leave out!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I was originally going to have the challenge be in the first chapter too, but I was afraid the chapter would be far too long and eventually get boring. And yes, Digit and Brad are completely clueless, but very important.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I just couldn’t resist a cliffhanger!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">I’m so happy you liked the first chapter! I’m glad you got a good feel for most of the cast, I was a little afraid that some of them wouldn’t come off strongly enough. Chris’s big mystery is a pretty big plot point!

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="margin-left:24px;">Thank you so much again for reading and commenting, I can’t wait to write more! Denise <3 (talk) 20:47, January 4, 2018 (UTC)

I’m so excited you wrote another chapter and are continuing the story! I’m sorry I haven’t commented on it before; I read it soon after it came out, but I’ve just been so swamped I haven’t had the chance to compose a comment. And my comments tend to be a little…big.

I’m planning on doing character rankings for Camp Total Drama, so I’ll try to focus more on the plot.

I don’t know why, but I love scavenger hunt challenges. They can just be really creative. I particularly love the idea you have of hunting for famous Total Drama items. Fun callbacks like that to canon are always enjoyable.

Poor Wendy! I think it goes beyond clumsy if you trap yourself in a dumpster xD

Thunder and lightning was a funny touch; feels like something canon would do. I’ve never thought about it, but Pakithew Island is probably one of the best places to host a season. If Chris has repaired it, you can have a classic, camp feeling…but change part of the landscape to fit whatever challenge you want. Need a beach? Or an African savannah? Or a giant mountain? Or a jungle? Chris just has to click a button.

I like the strategy element between both teams. While I think following the other team could be fun, splitting up does cover the most ground. Plus it leads to interactions, which is what I want!

Violet’s jacket sounds amazing; I’ll join just for it. Speaking of Violet, she’s labeled as the Thug, which I usually associate with more of a city based gang. But the leather jacket makes me think biker? Or thug could just refer more to her personality.

Like I said, these items are some nice callbacks and from many different eras of the show too! Lol, I love that Quinn just finds the item. As soon as you say “It won’t be that easy” or “we’ll never find it”, you’re tempting fate to make you look stupid xD

I’ll give Dominic this, that joke is a classic! Sadly that bear wasn’t Fozzie.

Oof. Wendy is riding the struggle bus already. And she’s kind of admitting to her team that’s she pretty weak… Hopefully she’ll toughen up some out there. Though telling your teammates to follow you is a good start.

I think Bree makes some good points. Natalia seems like she has more experience, and doesn’t seem to be as spiteful. Natalia already seems to have people that support her too, which makes her kind of dangerous in a game like this, but what can you do?

Awww! Bree and Romana are really adorable. It sounds like Bree thinks she’s not a nice person. I’m speculating maybe she did something bad in the best? Or just thinks Romana is that sweet and helpful (which she is).

Hmm…which season is the old soda bottle a reference too? I’m sure I remember someone drinking soda, but I can’t remember if it was a specific reward or had a challenge significance.

Also congrats to Veronica for finding the first item for the Popular Salmon!

Floyd seems like the kind of guy who is trying to come off as a bad boy more than is actually a bad boy :p

Yeah, I agree with Gavin; the Popular Salmon seem like a real mean crowd except for a few exceptions. Jared is definitely one of those exceptions. Gavin seems like he might be really good at this game; he picks up on things good, is already listening and getting info, and seems likable.

This is probably a good place to say that I love all the scene transitions in this chapter. They move on either the perfect beat or on a cliffhanger.

Clifford and Floyd’s friendship is also adorable. Clifford is a perfect name for him, since he’s a big, but nice, loyal seeming guy. Just like Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Hmm…more of the mystery of Britney. Maybe she’s not intentionally playing dumb, just occasionally smart because of her dads? I’m very curious what Natalia was going to say was better, I’m assuming it had to do with her own family life…

Heh, Natalia not trusting those two. I didn’t pick up on it the first time, but that’s nice foreshadowing…

I figured the two had found the chainsaw! Thank goodness Dominic wasn’t Cody’d. And are Ally and Dominic someone I should be shipping?

I like that Gavin and Garrett are related and poplar opposites. It opens itself to nice story potential.

Quinn should not be accusing the other team of trying to steal, given it was her fellow team member suggested that plan.

Gavin definitely seems like a social butterfly. I knew a lot of people like that in high school. I did have a few different friend or lunch groups I could bounce around from, but never to that extent. Aww, it’s okay to eat in the library Garrett.

“Thank goodness they’re not in charge.” Lyla there you go; just like Quinn you’re tempting fate.

Alright, I’m officially shipping Jared and Wendy if I wasn’t already. Jared definitely seems like he’s the secretly nerdy type. (I’m honestly curious what took him so long to find Wendy; he was told to check the area again before the sunset xD But I suppose that couldn’t have been too long ago…)

At first I’m with Bree again; I think it was mostly ego. But I do get the feeling that Veronica has some of her own issues with authority. (and you did say she has quite the backstory). Maybe she was a mean girl lackey to someone else and got backstabbed?

Ooh! A fourth-wall breaking joke <3 I’m a sucker for the occasional fourth-wall break.

Not going to lie, as someone as I saw the immunity idol was on the scavenger hunt list I was curious whether it would be an actual idol or just an item. Even if not, it’d make a good fake idol if your team doesn’t need it to win the challenge.

The Sword of Victory; another great find!

WOO! I was rooting for the Confused Freaks to win; I can’t help but root for the underdogs. I am curious what would’ve happened if the idol was turned it; it would’ve been a tie in that case. Would they have a tiebreaker challenge? Or would it be whoever got back to camp first?

Dang Quinn. I feel bad and it’s kind of sad she almost made it the whole day without someone commenting on it. Violet should be careful; her attitude definitely could rub people the wrong way and make her the first boot of her team. As Eva shows, it doesn’t matter how tough you are, sometimes that is all it takes.

So when Jesse says he’s the boy next door, it sounds like it’s a more literal example since he doesn’t leave his house; he’s kind of always next-door then. Hopefully his mom isn’t off her rocker and keeping him there for a crazy reason.

Brittney is hilarious xD I could see Ally being on the Populars with a friendly nature.

Everyone really is letting Natalia take charge. It’s pretty dangerous, especially if she starts acting like a dictator. It may be a good strategy for later in the game, since as the perceived leader would be the number one target by the Freaks…but it means you have to walk on pins and needles with her.

Aww, I really do Floyd is a softie, much sweeter than he’s willing to let on. Unfortunately for him, that was not the time to reveal a nicer side to Veronica. As soon as he mentioned the idol in his back pocket I knew he was a goner.

I can’t really blame Veronica for making that move; it was in her best interest. That’s the kind of game this can end up being; whatever it takes to survive. I definitely get why Veronica is called a snitch.

I’m not going to lie, I actually grew to like Floyd a little bit, especially on this reread of the chapter. He was funny in how kind of…pathetic he was :p I love the gag about wanting pudding xD

This really does leave the Populars in an interesting place. Veronica saved herself for now, but people might not be willing to forgive as quickly, especially Natalia. And I do wonder how Will is going to take this, likely feeling betrayed.

I guess it was smarter of the Populars to get rid of Floyd since he wasn’t a super strong member, but I’m still going to give the Confused Freaks an edge in smarts. (though some aren’t lacking it on the other team).

Aww, Gavin set them up <3 I agree, I ship them too Gavin!

xD I love the cop’s reasoning for not bringing guns.

Dang, Chris’ criminal activities have finally caught up with him! Did he do something new this time? Or is just all the torture he’s been doing.

I predicted Chris would end up leaving, likely why he was getting all those phone calls. But I definitely wasn’t expecting him to be hunted by the cops! I like it that. And I honestly really like Digit and Brad, who I’m expecting will take up hosting duties in the meanwhile.

(By the way, you’ve accidentally posted a copy of the chapter a second time to the end of this one. No big deal, it was just funny because it took me a moment to realize it).

Overall, I really enjoyed the chapter! I definitely got a great impression on more of the cast and I really like them! They’re proving to be shaping up to some really interesting dynamics. I can’t really guess whom I think is going to end up winning or who might survive until the merge. It had a fun challenge and I like that the first boot went for an interesting reason beyond being annoying or sucking at the first challenge. And I enjoyed the twist at the end!

I look forward to more, and I’ll be trying to post an official ranking of the characters soon!--<fontcolor="#3498DB">In the words of a very wise Bed, Bath, and Beyond employee I once knew, "Go ahead and cry all you want, but you're gonna have to pay for that toilet plunger."</font> 03:34, January 16, 2019 (UTC)

Thank you so much for commenting! And don’t worry about not doing it sooner, I am soooo swamped with exams right now too.
Aaahh!! Thank you so much!!!
I’m really glad you liked the scavenger hunt because I was worried it might’ve gotten boring after a while.
Wendy’s trying her best XD
A setting for the next challenge actually does come directly from the robotic island in the next chapter!
This challenge was chosen specifically to focus on how the teams interact with each other, especially since it’s technically a continuation of the first chapter.
Honestly, I could picture Violet as a little bit of both. She’s from the city, but she most certainly knows how to ride a motorcycle.
Quinn tends to tempt fate quite a bit xD
Who doesn’t love a good joke? (Well, robotic bears, apparently)
Like I said before, Wendy really is just trying her best. Although, she doesn’t pass out in the next challenge.
Natalia is definitely making herself dangerous, and she’s not afraid to show it either.
Bree does have a lot of her own insecurities, but Ramona is also reeeeally sweet.
The old soda bottle was supposed to be a callback to the freebie soda bottles in “I Triple Dog Dare You” from TDI (the final three challenge). In retrospect, “old soda bottle” was a pretty vague description on my part.
Veronica finding the first item for her team becomes much more ironic by the end of the challenge XD
Floyd being a “bad boy” is mostly just an elaborate gimmick of his. It was a gimmick that I wanted to play with a little more in the story, but alas, he was the perfect first out. (There was also going to be a scene in a later chapter where he pulls out his lighter to try and help his team win a challenge, but it’s revealed that he’s too scared of fire to actually use it, if he had actually made it past the first chapter)
The Populars definitely are a more mean crowd on the surface, but a few of them do have a lot more hiding underneath. Jared and Gavin are also both exceptions to the mean rule 😊
Thank you so much! I was actually a little worried some of my transitions were too abrupt.
Clifford and Floyd due become surprisingly fast friends. And Clifford does have a heart of gold underneath his varsity jacket.
If I ever do finish all of the character bios, you will definitely see more about Britney’s dads (who were actually a bit of a spur of the moment idea). And I don’t want to give too much away, but Natalia’s family is pretty… rough.
That did make Natalia a little more inclined to listen to Veronica later on
I wouldn’t want Dominic, or anyone, to get Cody’d in the first challenge XD. And… possibly?
Gavin and Garret are polar opposites, but they still somehow play very well off of each other. Garret does tend to get out of his shell a little more when his brother is around.
I guess she just assumed if her team considered it, the other team probably did too
Garret usually doesn’t mind keeping to himself. Gavin, on the other hand, thrives on interaction.
Poor Lyla was in for a rude awakening at the end of the chapter XD
There is a lot more to Jared than one might think (and I’m not even gonna lie, the timeskip kinda went over my head in this scene, let’s just pretend Jared found Wendy in a semi reasonable amount of time)
Veronica does have her own deep rooted issues with authority, but Bree still wasn’t wrong about her ego. The two tend to go hand in hand sometimes.
Every one loves a good fourth wall joke (maybe even the robotic bears xD)
The immunity idol was a crucial part of this chapter, but I can’t guarantee if it will be making another appearance in a later chapter.
A lot of people may have hated All Stars, but I felt the Sword of Victory is still a very recognizable item
In the event of a tie, it would’ve made sense for there to be a tie breaker, but given that Digit and Brad really had no idea what was happening and Chris was very distracted, they most likely would’ve given the win to whoever got there first (which I believe was still the Freaks) XD
Quinn really is just trying her best, and Violet has certainly already rubbed her the wrong way
I wouldn’t say Jesse’s mom is extremely off her rocker, but she definitely still has some quirks regarding how she raised her son.
Out of all the Freaks, I’ve always felt Ally would be the most likely to fit in with the Populars. Maybe some of the other contestants will pick up on that too…
Natalia has certainly asserted her dominance, but the Populars aren’t the most loyal bunch of people either. And she would be a prime target as soon as merge were to start (similar to how Griswold was immediately targeted by the Eagles in Genesis)
Floyd does indeed have a soft side, but he’s also not the smartest guy around. Floyd actually wasn’t planned to be the first out until this very scene. It was just too perfect of a backstabbing to pass up, and it showed a lot of Veronica’s character.
Veronica may not be the strongest competitor on her team, but she is willing to do just about anything to get to the top
Floyd was a very fun character to write and I do hope that I can bring him back either in this story or a future story. The whole pudding gag was also a spur of the moment idea just to get everyone in the same place before the big scene with the police.
There definitely is going to be some conflict between Veronica, Natalia, and Will regarding the first elimination
Both teams do have a pretty decent amount of smart people, but I do feel that certain people on the Freaks do have an edge over the others in terms of intelligence and strategy.
Gavin, being the social butterfly he is, really just wants everyone to be happy 😊
I knew I wanted there to be some sort of action between Chris and the police in this scene, but gunfire just seemed severely out of place, and a little much for the second chapter.
All of Chris’s past actions, and some newer ones, have finally caught up to him
Chris is officially on the run and that does leave Digit and Brad (those poor souls) in charge
(Thank you for pointing that out! I thought the chapter didn’t actually post the first time I tried to post it, I guess it did xD)
Thank you so much again for commenting!! And I’m really looking forward to your character ranking!! Denise <3 (talk) 05:24, January 17, 2019 (UTC)

I've been meaning to comment on chapter 3 forever, and you've been showering me in awesome comments. Plus you said it's been a bad week, so I hope this makes it a little better!

I’m so excited that Digit and Brad are taking over hosting duties. I don’t hate Chris or Chef, but they’ve become a bit much in canon. Plus, Digit and Brad have such a fun dynamic.

Hmm, something going on with Bree? And she won’t even talk about it with Ramona.

This Wendy and Jared scene is so cute! I feel like now a space challenge is going to happen. I mean space camp is a kind of camp. Given what we later discover about challenges, it really depends on what kind of resources Brad and Digit have. That said, Action challenges could be harder without the sets if they don’t have access or budget. If they do though, then I’m calling it; SPACE.

Speaking of cute ships, Lyla and Jesse are adorable. Lyla is very Trent meets Gwen, and I’m getting less cool and more adorkable vibes from Jesse. Which I honestly enjoy more. Lyla’s confessional was hilarious, but overall, I think this scene was just really cute. Brad now has cooking duties. Wonder if he’s better than Chef?

I really love the idea of a file filled with all the previous challenges. In hindsight with canon, I think the challenges were actually really good. Later seasons challenges can kind of run together, but on another look I realized how much I actually enjoyed the challenges, especially Pakithew Island. As a fanfic writer, it was nice to have and made me want to do them.

Even the worst challenges could use some tweaking. Basically, I’m excited they’ll be doing past challenges! The Action and World Tour challenges maybe more difficult, but like Wendy said, this is a robotic island. Maybe Digit can make pyramids for all I know.

I feel like those personal files have been mentioned before. Definitely not foreshadowing…

I appreciate Ally’s optimism but…well I trust one half of the hosts more than the other at the moment.

So they can summon a dodgeball court? Really makes you wonder what Chris built into this island.

“They’re high schoolers, they’re practically indestructible.” Brad said. Brad’s got a point. Cartoon physics should mean everyone’s fine. It’s been forever since I watched the movie Dodgeball, but I’m loving the references! (And as you probably saw with the rankings, I used the uniforms as the team colors).

I love that Jesse doesn’t know how to play dodgeball. Of course, he doesn’t, why would he play this when he hasn’t been to school? You aren’t missing out Jesse.

I still enjoy Violet, but gosh she is mean to Quinn this challenge. I get thinking she won’t do well (spoilers: she does), but I’d be nicer about it. Violet doesn’t do nice, but it’d still be smarter. I had a feeling Violet’s attitude may eliminate her before the merge. The Freaks don’t see like someone who’d be accepting of a bully, especially to someone who has a lot of friends on her team.

Musical theatre is a workout; Peter is probably the strongest Freak.

So, who I’m shipping with Quinn? Well, I was kind shipping her and Garrett…but after this chapter I’m shipping her and Casey a lot more. They’re both smart, observant and snarkers on their team. They compliment each other really well. I get the feeling Casey is starting crush on Quinn, but not sure how she feels about him.

Also shipping Ally and Dominic a little bit? I swear I don’t ship every guy and girl after they have an interaction. These two are often seen as a pair though.

And the Losers lose the first round. Pretends to be shocked. This is a really good challenge for how it ties into the populars vs outcasts theme; most of the losers are the ones who’d get pelted with dodgeballs. I appreciate Ally’s optimism; most of her team are more cynical, so it’s a nice balance.

XD Britney kills me. I genuinely wondering if she’s seen twins before?

And there’s another little moment that makes me ship Garrett and Quinn. They’re both little awkward, but Garrett is willing to hear her out. Everyone might just be friends, and honestly it’s nice to have guys and girls who are just friends. (Fair warning, I have a shipping problem and will only continue as the story does).

Also, I can’t remember if it’s established whether Quinn was born unable to walk or became unable. But this confirms she could. Her attitude makes a lot of sense.

Will brings up a good point. Cheesy sports movies have a way of playing out on Total Drama. Although, referencing them is not a good idea either. Don’t jinx it Will!

Jared likes Wendy! That ship is sailing and ultimate wingman Gavin is sailing it.

Heh heh, I just love Violet’s response to hitting Casey after he’s out. She’s such a little goblin like person and I love it. Re-reading this, dang there’s a lot of foreshadowing with what happens with Casey…

Britney has another confessional that demonstrates she’s way smarter than she lets on… It just makes me love her more. It’s also very good logic.

I love that Violet’s logic to see if Wendy is okay is to punch her…and even funnier Wendy is fully on-board.

Out of everyone, of course Ally is the one to hit her own teammate. The nicest freak would also be the most dangerous. Really though, poor Casey! It would suck if this caused him to be eliminated. Going second through such a circumstance, that another teammate did, would be the worst.

Forget Duncan or Harold, Quinn is the true MVP of this challenge! I love Quinn pelting Violet in the stomach. Violet is the Butt Monkey of the season (or at least one of many).

Aww Clifford. That was actually a really sweet conversation…and it definitely did not go the way you wanted. I don’t think you got through to her, if anything she might have just revealed herself to be a worse person (…and I still kind of love it?).

It makes sense Natalia and Will would be calling the shots on their team. The popular girl and the jock are the top of the social food chain as it is. Will definitely seems to be more open to working with her than the other way around though.

The twist is interesting. I can also see it being a time saving measure from the producers end. No surprise Peter and Violet are in for the Freaks. Another possible shiptease between Dom and Ally. Quinn is definitely the right choice.

As for the Populars choices, it makes sense on paper. But Cliff is kind of the dumb guy of the team, so maybe Gavin would’ve been the better option. Then again, I have hindsight so…

I wheezed at Jesse not getting Dom’s joke and Lyla’s response. I’m loving Jesse more and more as it’s revealed how innocent he is. And Quinn brings home the bacon! I’ll say it again; MVP!

The real question is, did the Populars lose because they weren’t underdogs or did Will make a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Casey doesn’t have a concussion! My Quinn/Casey ship may sail another day (but Quinn has a couple ships in the harbor regardless). I think what you said about Natalia recently, that she’s like TDI Heather and Cheryl Blossom, makes a lot of sense. I understand a bit more from it. She’s somewhat strategically minded, but she’s confident in herself that she’ll vote for who she wants for petty or personal reasons just to do it.

Because I don’t see the logic in voting Will? You two seem to have a good working relationship, plus he’s useful in challenges. If I were them, I’d target Jared. The other two boys are physically strong, which could be useful, while he was clearly off in the challenge. Regardless, I love the girl’s chaotic energy.

Poor Cliff. I do hope Floyd’s fine. I wonder if there’s a Playa Des Losers or other loser lodge for them. If it’s like Island’s, than it’s definitely a better place.

I’m not sure how the guys got the impression Will wanted to vote Natalia. Maybe I’m missing something. Still, it would make sense for her to target him if so. Maybe they both just fight for leadership too much.

I love how you do that joke where someone says something, and the next person immediately undermines or contradicts that. I always get laugh at that kind of joke xD

I’m sad to see Clifford go, but between him and Veronica, I’d rather lose him. He had to big a heart for this team. Here’s hoping he and Floyd are reunited!

Veronica may seem like a weakling, but she’s managed to cause two eliminations. She’s a pretty good antagonist and strategist, if nothing else. Her confessional makes me very curious. This Veronica backstory is going to be so juicy whenever we learn it!

I agree with Peter, these four as friends just warm my hearts. And I feel like that Romeo and Juliet allusion maybe more prophetic than Peter realizes, because either Jared or Wendy could be the cause of their own elimination. Quinn certainly seems to be considering it…

Overall, I really enjoyed the chapter! I think I got a bigger feel for the characters and the different dynamics for everyone. A lot of people grew on me a little, like Casey, Ally, Jesse and Will. The challenge was fun and I really enjoy Digit and Brad’s hosting! I feel like there’s a lot of set up for the future and a lot of foreshadowing I may not even be picking up on. I hope to get to the fourth chapter soon!

Thank you so much again for commenting!!
I’m really glad you’re liking Digit and Brad. I personally felt that Chris and Chef have already been used so much, so I wanted to try something new while still being different.
A space challenge would definitely be, forgive the pun, challenging. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of the question…
I think I already mentioned somewhere that Jesse and Lyla were kinda inspired by Gwen and Trent. And I can guarantee more adorkable scenes from Jesse in chapter 4!
I actually had the exact thought of how difficult Action and World Tour challenges would be to do as I was scrolling through old challenges, looking for one to use for chapter 5. But, given that the island is robotic, I’m not gonna say anything is off the table because technically anything could happen in the TD universe
Those personal files will come into play in due time…
Digit is definitely a lot more trustworthy than Brad. And intelligent. But Brad does provide the muscle (and the cooking XD)
I actually hadn’t decided on any official team colors, but it looks like yellow and purple are sticking!
Bullying is actually a pretty prevalent theme throughout the Freaks that is going to be explored in time
I know it isn’t mentioned anywhere because I still haven’t finished all the character bios, but one of the elements that went into Peter’s design is that he looks like the exact opposite type of person you’d expect to be a theater nerd. In short, Peter is built more like a basketball player. (And I can also confirm from experience that musical theater is a workout)
Casey and Quinn do have a lot of similarities, one of them being that neither of them are very good with “feelings”
I was considering deleting Britney’s scene with the twins for time, but it was just too funny!
Garret really does have everyone’s best interests in mind, but, again, he is a little awkward
I am looking forward to exploring how Quinn became disabled and how it affects her overall attitude later in the story
Ship Captain Gavin does sail that ship… somewhere in chapter 4
Britney is a lot more than meets the eye
The scene with Violet and Wendy was another I was thinking of removing, or at least shortening, for length, but again it was just too funny to me
I honestly can’t remember how I came to the conclusion that Casey would be the one to get hit, but it was always planned for Ally to accidentally knock someone out during the dodgeball challenge, forcing Quinn to play.
I’m assuming you meant Veronica? Because she’s definitely more of a butt monkey than Violet
Clifford is one of the few people on his team that truly tries to see the best in everyone
I would say that while Natalia and Will do have the potential to work well together, Will is definitely more of the team player of the two
The Freaks certainly did put a little more thought into their teams for the final round, the Populars assuming they could win with brute strength alone
Honestly, I’ll say the Populars’ loss was caused by a mix of the two
Natalia is very strategic, but most of her strategies tend to only really help herself
I don’t want to spoil anything, but there could potentially be a losers’ chapter eventually…
I also may or may not already be planning future stuff for Floyd and Clifford (because I love them so much)
Veronica definitely has a lot more going on than what’s on the surface
If you’re liking the Romeo and Juliet allusions, I think you’ll like chapter 4… Also, Peter’s little group of friends are quickly becoming one of my favorite groups to write (and they do have a pretty funny scene in the beginning of chapter 4)
I’m really glad all the characters are growing on you! Thank you so much for commenting and for reading!! Denise <3 (talk) 02:27, October 23, 2019 (UTC)

Finally commenting on Chapter 4! 

Brad and Digit are both right. Dodgeball is the worst sport to play, but it makes a fun challenge to watch/read.

I admire Garret for thinking they just happen to run into each other (Also bless him for saying he overthinks things all the time). It would make sense with less than a week of time to get to know each other. But also Quinn is right, bless his poor naive soul.

I love that Wendy admitted she’s clumsy with feelings too. Have some confidence in yourself! He’s so into you.

These four’s friendship quartet is adorable and hilarious. I love Quinn, Peter and Casey doing the cartoon gag of all leaning against a door. It’s going to make it tragic when one of them is inevitably voted off before the merge. You can’t have a group of friends that big on Total Drama and not lose one tragically before the merge.

Gavin and Garret also have a cute dynamic. I feel like Garret would be very embarrassed about being called cute so much but it’s true.

Peter: Can I be Daphne? Iconic.

Oof-stacle course! I can’t remember if that’s from canon but I love it, especially how Digit was so opposed to it.

The greased pig relay is one of the Pakithew Island challenges I distinctly remember. Pakithew actually had a lot of fun ideas for challenges, but I feel season gets overlooked. I figured it might be this challenge from the title and excited it is! (Also love the John Mulaney reference, that’s one of his best bits).

I admit to giggling at hambulance.

Poor Veronica. Like yeah she kind of sucks as a person, but is she really that bad that no one likes her enough to partner with her? I mean, I guess the answer is clearly yes…

Britney: “But we always lose!” xD

Quinn claiming Casey for her partner. My shipping googles noticed that.

Wendy and Dominic doing a zipline is literally the worst pair to do the zipline on the Losers.

Once again Quinn proves she’s secretly a challenge beast by putting the Freaks in the lead. I love when unlikely characters end up becoming tough competitors.

Britney and Natalia have been comedy gold this whole chapter. (But when is Britney not?)

The pig shrugs in response xD

Okay maybe that’s why no one likes Veronica. They know from the Floyd situation if you give her anything she will find a way to use it against you. Just like she might do to Jared if they lose again. Also, everyone needs to keep track of that leash.

Jesse is a sweetheart.

Honestly there are a lot of fun pairs and dynamics already. Bree and Gavin feel like they could sass anyone.

Ally on the plan “But… tell me again. So I know you remember.” xDDD

Bree’s master strategy to catch up is to flirt. I LOVE IT. Honestly is she doing it to help or team or just cause she wants to flirt. Probably both.

I was actually getting ready for Peter’s heroic second wind xD I love the cutaway to the Populars already winning. Honestly, they should’ve had Violet and Ally do the rock wall. Violet seems like the more athletic type, even if theater has made Peter strong.

Glad the Populars managed to pull of a win, especially for the drama of the losers turning on one another.

Dang Violet, what a buzzkill. She should be careful. Telling four really close people you’ll vote for one of them. They’re not an alliance but they kind of are at this point. They might’ve had a chance to turn it against Violet. Finding an easier scapegoat is probably a better plan to ensure Quinn doesn’t go.

I just love Jesse’ lack of social awareness. Dang, I didn’t expect Wendy to be so upset that Jared had a crush on her. I assumed she returned the feelings. I wonder if this will break Jared’s heart.

The real sad thing here is Violet could’ve gone home if the people rallied they’re votes. I mean yes, she is physically fit (Dominic put it pretty well and was actually funny for him). But you can’t pretend it wouldn’t have been satisfying to send her home. With Wendy’s vote and Quinn’s squad, that’s half the votes.

I’m sad to see Wendy go. Can’t say I’m too surprised, interteam relationships do put a target and it was aired for everyone to see. I thought maybe Ally might be in danger after the win, but when that didn’t happen and Quinn was the only other name I knew it had to be her.

She was a sweetheart and her clutzy nature was pretty fun. Hopefully she can take this time to figure out how she feels.

Got to give it to her, she avoided questions about Jared.

An extra scene! My shipping googles really intensified with Bree and Ramona’s talk…

The Freaks know very well they weren’t invited to the party. I mean would the Populars invite the Freaks to a party?

Yikes, how will Jared take this? I’m glad Bree and Gavin are so invested in it. And where is he?

Overall, another really great chapter! Most of the characters are rootable and or compelling in one way. The comedy also got me. I really liked the pairings and friendships this chapter. Especially with Populars in Bree and Gavin and Natalia and Brit, but Quinn’s group is also hilariously charming. <fontcolor="#DC143C">"Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs."</font> 03:52, March 25, 2020 (UTC)

The dodgeball challenge was also very fun to write!
Compared to his friends, Garret is definitely on the more naïve side, but Quinn is also one of the more observant of the group
Oh, Wendy! Clumsy with feelings and confidence and… everything else
I love those four together too! I don’t want to spoil anything, but they do have some more good scenes in the chapter I’m writing right now!!
He would blush like crazy, but he’d still appreciate it
Oh I love Peter
Oof-stacle course actually is from canon! When choosing the challenge for this chapter, I really liked this one, but I didn’t remember how it worked, so I went back and rewatched the episode. Chris called it an oof-stacle course many times and I thought it would be something funny for Digit and Brad to play with
I’m so glad you knew the reference!! I was afraid no one would get it, especially since Digit and Brad had their own little bit in the middle of the challenge going off the same Mulaney skit
Hambulance is a classic
Veronica’s main problem now is that she made a pretty poor first impression in the first two chapters… and then made it even worse this chapter
She’s not wrong! (But she still shouldn’t really say it xD )
I will say that while Quinn claiming Casey was a little shippy (*eye emoji*), it was also half done out of fear of being stuck with Violet
100% the worst pair to do anything, let alone a zipline, but also the funniest!
Quinn’s badass challenge moments are some of my favorite things to write
Again, Veronica’s main issue is that she didn’t start off on a good foot with a lot of her teammates, which means she has a lot of her own damage control to do, but that still isn’t stopping her bringing other people down with her
Jesse <33
Bree and Gavin are one of my favorite pairs!
Definitely both
It would’ve made more sense for Ally and Violet to do the rock wall, but I really wanted Ally and Violet to be the ones going against Bree and Gavin
Violet thinks less about caution and more about instilling fear. Quinn, on the other hand, does think a lot more cautiously, which is why she found a scapegoat instead of taking a chance and voting for Violet
Wendy definitely does have a lot of feelings regarding Jared, her main problem is she doesn’t know what to do with them
When writing the elimination ceremony, I knew exactly who all of the Freaks were voting for, except Wendy. When I really thought about it, obviously Wendy wouldn’t vote for herself, but I couldn’t see her voting for Quinn without a good reason either. And so, she voted for Violet, thinking everyone else was too
I can’t remember if it was this chapter or the next, but Ally does consider the fact that she might’ve also belonged on the chopping block
The pool party scene! At this point, whenever Bree and Ramona are in the same area, I feel obligated to write them a cute scene
The Freaks do know they weren’t necessarily invited, but then again, how many parties can the Freaks say they’ve been to?
Thank you so much for commenting!! I’ve seen the things you’ve been posting for Total Drama Amazon and I’m super excited for it!! Denise <3 (talk) 20:01, March 25, 2020 (UTC)

I fully admit when I saw the chapter title I had no idea which challenge it was hinting at. I couldn’t remember one with blueberry pie (was the original mutant turkey?). The bury should’ve been the clue.

I’d want Gavin to talk to someone after a break-up, he’s just got the right social smarts. Also confirmation that Bree dates girls, which I feel like was pretty clear if not outright stated before but either way! My Ramona/Bree ship can sail much more smoothly. (She said before finishing the chapter, where she would be absolutely wrong).

Casey and Quinn have great banter between them.

(I feel like I’m missing something, did Britney do anything specific for Casey to write about, or just that he writes everything. Maybe she was trying to sabotage him?)

Natalia is right, for whatever reason Veronica has caused two eliminations (maybe three if you count Clifford’s association with Floyd playing into his elimination). Her words have power behind them. Question is who will turn on who first.

“Seriously?” Bree put on a look of shock to hide her excitement. <3

Bree and Gavin are officially one of my new favorite duos.

...Oh shoot, is Ally hiding something? I just assumed she was on the Freaks because she was so nice. Not that you can’t be nice and popular, but being nice to everyone, even the less popular people, sort of isolates you from the popular crowd. Maybe she is hiding something…

Quinn has a fair point, an island might not have been the best choice. But you never know where TD is going to take place. I assume she can still swim strokes since you don’t need your legs but while you’re in the chair? She’s not getting far.

I appreciate Dominic trying to lighten the mood, but he can’t top how funny Violet’s suggestion to feed him to the sharks was.

Britney I do think you’re the comedic relief on you’re team, simply because no Popular is as funny. They’re funny, but you’re hilarious. Although you did come up with an idea that helped your team take the lead...are you really the brains? Both?

Violet should learn cheating never prospers. I mean, except for all those times it did for antagonists on other seasons, but usually it backfires.

I don’t remember if the handcuffing thing was in the original challenge, but I like it! A lot of fun and new interactions can come out of it.

Aww, poor Jared. Especially poor that he doesn’t realize Wendy is avoiding him.

Lol Veronica failing never gets old. I don’t know why she’d want to crash Ramona and Bree’s not date. Maybe Ramona just tolerates her must on the team. If it’s really like the scavenger hunt then I think the Freaks have this in the bag.

Spending a lot of time with Ally is a good thing, all the Freaks could use some optimism.

Lol, I love how Peter reveals he’s gay. He’s completely right about the theater experience too. A lot of my professors who did theatre talked about that (we did Angels in America in one class and it was heartbreaking the friends they lost during the Aids epidemic that play is inspired by).

So then either Quinn likes Casey or Garrett, I mean if she likes any. I’m leaning towards Casey because they tend to have more scenes together, but I ship her with both! Could this be hinting at a love triangle (low-key though, I don’t know if Garrett likes Quinn or if he’s straight either…)

Violet called them out on the bechdel test. I feel called out, having failed that for a conversation about girls and their boyfriends.

Peter is so brave to call Violet out on her snapping. I’m always in the mind that experiences bond people together, so the friendships in TD fanfics can be life-changing, long-term and or meaningful. So I’m with Peter.

Not going to lie, I was not expecting sad or hurt from Violet :O Not that I didn’t think she could, but I thought she might be an earlier boot, so we wouldn’t see that. I’m all here for the kind of depth and figuring out why Violet is this way. Who hurt you?

Once again, Britney proves she’s smart by realizing that robot animals don’t need to sleep. Maybe she just has common sense? (Although I totally forgot that too…)

I think the Populars need a biology lesson. Crocodiles and alligators, similar enough it gets a pass. Sharks and gators? I mean maybe in Total Drama they’re the land and water equivalent but...also they’re robots so I don’t think it’ll work…

And it didn’t as Will can attest. Ramona punted a gator. I think that makes you a challenge beast.

I wonder if the key was hidden in the gator from the start, or did he (or she? It?) find it and eat it.

I want to go on a duck tour now. Especially if it’s with Ally and Jesse.

Poor Casey. I think he’d treat Dominic for Violet about now. Dominic might need to learn sarcasm for his comedy routine.

ALLY DEFINITELY HAS A SECRET. I feel like she did something that got her kicked out of her old high-school...

Dang, Veronica has a good point. Twins always do get into fights on reality TV. I’ve done it (at chapter five too no less), even unofficial twins Katie and Sadie did it (which was around here too). Gavin and Garrett feel like they have a really good and healthy relationship. But there’s a lot of episodes…

I know Dominic is joking about them having a moment, but my shipping googles never come out. Although, him wanting everyone to smile makes me ship him with Ally more.

I’m glad Casey was right! No surprise he noticed the banging since he is the observant one. I wonder if the X was a decoy.

Lol, I love the twins we’re just playing Uno. Now that’s a game you could lose some friends over.

Gavin’s not wrong, the Populars felt like an actual team. Maybe it’s because they won a challenge or maybe it’s just because they bonded here.

Kind of surprised the Populars lost, since usually it’s a two loss each team but I should’ve seen it coming. It looked like the Freaks were losing so they were underdogs. So they had to win.

I agree with Gavin and Bree, Ramona is the best. She’s literally too pure for her team.

Yeah, I’d be worried about Jared being eliminated too Bree. I mean he was distracted and losing your love interest this early is never good for your chances.

Aww Bree. That confessional was heartbreaking. The hugging of the knees was a sad image I didn’t need. I’m confident she’ll like you though.

...Alright I got some vibes at the challenge, but I’m definitely seeing a Natalia/Will ship forming. Natalia seemed eager to get rid of him, but now the team needs him. Funny how quick things can change.

I love Lyla and Quinn’s story about how they got the key, almost more then the actual story. Britney’s voting confessional was amazing. (I wanted a contestant to do something similar at some point, but you did it better). The gerbil, the bubble letters, perfectly Britney!

I agree, feel like Gavin should’ve been immune but you know, glad he’s not leave regardless. Not surprised Will isn’t leaving. Maybe Natalia could’ve betrayed him as she hinted at once, but I doubt it. Especially after he scarred himself fighting a gator.

Sucks to be Jared, but I’m not tore up. His princess is in another castle and everyone else on the Populars is more interesting at the moment.

Everyone has their secrets. That’s been said quite a bit. I’m guessing that’s going to end up being true. It feels like quite a lot of people do so far… Gavin I’m holding you too that, you better get Ramona and Bree together.

Casey’s right. Not sure if Jared would’ve went home for liking Wendy, but eliminating her didn’t help his chances. I love Peter dramatically swooning though.

Dang, all these scenes after the elimination are of potential couples being sad and afraid of their feelings. Too bad for y’all, I’m STILL shipping you. You can’t stop me!

Even Will and Natalia admit their team, and themselves, aren’t really good people. Kind of shocked they’d have that kind of self-awareness, but good for them.

Digit: “Seriously, you throw in one star-crossed lovers trope and everyone loses their minds! It’s not that deep!” I love Digit calling them out, but my dramatic English side is also like, “Don’t question the power of literary references and metaphor!”

Overall, this was an amazing chapter Denise! A lot of drama and fun character interactions! I’m rooting for so many couples, but I do admit the fall of Wendy and Jared is a great way to add drama into these relationships. We saw more dimensions to some characters and even new sides, like Ally, Will, Natalia and Violet. I can’t wait for more! <fontcolor="#DC143C">"Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs."</font> 04:10, April 3, 2020 (UTC)

Yeah, the blueberry pie was just a fun little thing I added in for Brad. Plus, mutant turkey isn’t the most viable option for a robotic island
Gavin has taken on the role of team therapist and Bree definitely wasn’t hiding it, but I thought it was time for her to give a clear confirmation on it
It’s mostly that Casey writes everything, primarily things that seem a little out of the ordinary, and most of the things Britney does are… out of the ordinary
There is a lot more to Veronica than it appears on the surface, and Natalia is definitely taking notice
Bree and Gavin did become a fast favorite to write, I actually had to stop myself from giving them too much focus in comparison to other characters
Ally does have some things that she’d rather keep to herself, I feel like secrets were a big theme in this chapter
I know swimming can be a form of physical therapy for people with disabilities, but Quinn just does not like being in the water, under any circumstances
A lot of Dominic’s inspiration for being a jokester came from Fozzie Bear from the Muppets actually, he’s trying to be a comedian, but is usually at his funniest when he’s the butt of someone else’s joke (not that he minds)
Britney is 100% the comic relief of her team. Whenever a scene with the Populars is starting to feel a little too serious, Britney’s always the one to lighten the mood, but she does have some other skills too…
That’s one of many things Violet needs to learn
It kind of was a thing in the original, but was also a little different. In the original, the entire team was shackled together, but the entire team was just Jo and Lightening, and the Freaks are a team of 9 (8 at the time) and I really loved the different interactions that came out of it!
Ramona definitely tolerates Veronica the most, I’d even go as far as saying Ramona genuinely likes her, because Ramona tries to see the best in everyone
I was so looking forward to this scene for Peter, and a lot about what he said about theater actually came from personal experience
I don’t think Quinn really knows how she feels yet, but I do have some future scenes planned for her with Casey and Garret
Yeah, I was also calling myself out when I was writing that, plus it is a very Violet thing to say
If Gavin’s the team therapist of the Populars, then Peter’s definitely the team therapist for the Freaks (or Ally, but mostly Peter)
There is a reason to why Violet is the way she is. Will she ever let anyone see that? That’s up for debate
The Populars, as a collective, are not known for their brains…
But they are known for their brawns (courtesy of Ramona)
I would say the gator probably ate it at some point, because it was just Digit and Brad putting the challenge together, and I doubt either of them wanted to feed any gators
The duck tour actually came from a class trip my older sibling went on. Very muddy, but also, ducks!!
Everyone has secrets, Ally’s no exception…
I didn’t even realize the Genesis twin fight happened chapter five! That’s a fun coincidence, I just knew that most twin fights tend to happen earlier in the competition
Dominic’s line about wanting to make people smile was actually supposed to come up in the last chapter, but I couldn’t quite find a place for it, and it’s an important line for him, so I wanted to do it right (also you’re totally allowed to have your shipping goggles on during that scene, Bree’s not the only flirty one)
The X was a decoy, just to raise the tension at the end of the challenge a little
Honestly, a little bit of both
Bree has a lot of insecurities, a lot that are starting to come to light whether she wants them to or not
Natalia and Will are definitely starting to see eye to eye a lot more than before
Britney’s voting confessional was one of my favorite moments this chapter. I’m sure something similar would be hilarious in one of your stories!
Gavin was originally going to get immunity at the end of the challenge, but I didn’t want Jared’s elimination to be too obvious, so Gavin having immunity became more of an afterthought
Yeah, once Wendy was gone, Jared kinda fell flat. The rest of the Populars have too much going on for his love story to drag on, but I do still have plans for Wendy and Jared in the future
Again, secrets were a big theme this chapter, and a couple are being brought to light (or at least hinted at) next chapter
The couples will survive, some people are just being a little more… cautious now
Natalia is actually fairly self-aware, her problem lies more in how other people perceive her
Thank you so much! I was feeling a little iffy about some parts of this chapter, so it means a lot that you liked it! And (knock on wood) I’ve actually been making really good progress on Chapter 6, so that should hopefully be finished soon! Denise <3 (talk) 19:04, April 3, 2020 (UTC)

So I’ve (slowly because I can’t stay still) have been writing a review for chapter 6...and see you posted chapter seven. Not complaining though because I love this series and want more xD I just thought the timing was perfect.

The Musical part makes me think of TDWT’s proto name, but the Series reference I don’t get. Maybe High Musical: The Series? Haven’t seen it, but I think it’s a thing.

I love Brad is trying to make the recap sound like a fun adventure and Digit is like, “But we did almost kill two people” and Brad is like, “Yeah!” really excited. Their dynamic is real fun.

...So I feel maybe I shouldn’t ship Brad and Digit...but like here we are…

I’m glad we got to see Lyla singing. I can’t really remember if we actually saw Trent sing or not, but I like seeing Lyla do that. And her being so shy about it. I mean obviously I can’t hear here, but I feel like she’s actually great! Her and Jesse also have really nice chemistry.

Nice to know the Popular girls get along so well, lol. I’m kind of curious what did happen to this scrunchie. I don’t think Veronica is one to steal, but Britney tends to be on to things. Maybe it’s part of a plot by either of them?

...Britney noticing the faint outline of makeup powder in Bree’s drawer. That feels like it’ll be significant somehow.

It must be tough for Garrett to have such a noisy sibling :p I can only imagine the teasing field day Gavin will have if Garrett dates anyone…

The talent show! Probably should’ve guessed that from the title, but exciting. Different from the more physical ones, but no less scary. Lyla picked a good time to start playing her guitar…

I won’t lie, seeing Dom volunteer for a comedy act made me think, “It’s going to go bad and he’s going to go home.” I should have more faith in him though.

Lol, call Lyla out. Ten feet away is not far enough to be secretive. Not going to lie, Violet throwing knives sounds cool. But I love the Loser foursome doing play even more!

I’m not sure what’s being said that the freaks are the more talented team, or at least have talents that lend themselves to entertainment, but it’s interesting. Maybe how artistic people seem to be isolated?

I don’t know if Dom knew Violet would be a great audience member because she’d be such a good foil to him, to mess with her, or because he has no survival instincts. Regardless, I died at her, “I’d rather die”

I really love Dom’s bit about covering his eyes not to hear. The new Ghostbusters did a similar bit with Chris Hemsworth’s character. I don’t know why, but it always cracks me up. Also telepathetic was hilarious. Honestly, I enjoyed Dom’s routine.

Poor Ally. Sticking up for Natalia why she is plotting your downfall. Why Ally? Is it just because she’s nice.

Dang, more and more I’m starting to ship Will and Natalia. I doubt it will end well for either of them.

Rofl, I didn’t even make the comparison, but yeah digging up dirt on Ally is kind of like the diary situation. Hopefully everyone learned not to bring their diaries on this show anymore. Who needs to record it all down, when you can just rewatch the episodes.

So the files come into play. I wonder just what kind of dirt they have on everyone?

Surprised Will wanted to sing a duet with Gavin. I admire his confidence though. I wonder what song they’d pick? Don’t Go Breaking My Heart maybe?

Romeo and Juliet, I don’t know if that’s too soon or perfect Peter. Regardless, I’m surprised but happy how onboard Quinn is for this play. Especially the mock pout. It’s hilarious but also the cutest image in my head.

Also she and Casey are playing Romeo and Juliet? My shipping radar is going off (I feel like Peter’s is too…)

Jesse, saying you don’t have standards to a girl would usually be a bad thing. You’re only saved that Lyla has crippling self image and should know that she’s amazing. I mean girls with guitars> guys with guitars first off. But really, she’s sweet but tough and funny. You have cool vibes Lyla, embrace them.

I can’t tell if Brad is that dumb or if he knows what the girls are up to and is letting them do that. I got the sense that those two hosts kept mentioning those files because they wanted someone to go digging in them. I mean, what’s the point in casting someone with dirty secrets if you never spill them?

Brad and Britney? Well, starting with the same two letters makes it easy to ship them...but the age difference is a little weird.

“Noncanonlastname” xDDDDD

Everyone’s tragic backstory has to do with their parents...yeah I can’t really think of an example that doesn’t off the top of my head. Dang, whatever this secret is must be so personal that Natalia thinks it’s going to far? It must be something really serious. I might have to re-read some Ally moments, but I have a few theories...

Somehow, I feel like Veronica is not going to keep her mouth shut on this. I mean...she’s Veronica. Blabbing and throwing people under the bus is kind of her thing.

Britney lost the scrunchie...but it’s Natlia’s scrunchie...this is going to blow up in someone’s face somehow, isn’t it?

Brad wearing a tuxedo shirt. Perfect.

See, if I didn’t have Digit getting that call I would’ve guessed her or Brad as the special judge. I would not have guessed Chef Hatchet! I was leaning towards maybe a canon contestant cameo or some celebrity.

“Aren’t you a convicted felon?” “Aren’t we all?” DEEP.

I was kind of wondering how long they would get for their talents. A shame it’s only a mintue and half, but I’ll enjoy all of it. Yeah, the balcony, Mercutio’s death or everyone dying tends to be the remembered parts.

I’m so happy they did really well...until they didn’t. But you know, the show must go on! Honestly, I want to see Peter lead a production of all the Freaks! Maybe make it a musical? For extra troll-levels, make it Cats.

Honestly, glad it got a seven. They flubbed some parts, but Shakespeare isn’t easy. I choose to believe Chef is a patron of the arts.

Quinn use to do theater? I’m choosing to believe she was just a go-getter who did everything, dodgeball, plays. Oh my god, what if she was actually super popular? …

Alright, I’m one for supporting the arts but...Bree only getting a seven? Maybe Chef thought the play was a comedy?

Not going to lie, waiting for Britney’s talent I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Gavin and Will singing Sweet Caroline? I would give it a ten.

Lyla killing the talent show! Not surprised <3 Also Dom is so in love with Ally and I have no idea if she feels the same way and somehow I feel like Ally’s secret may relate and there will be fallout…

Lyla getting a nine and making Chef cry. The first is hard to do, the second...not so much…

Lyla’s confessional. I love that, when someone falls for someone they wouldn’t expect and falls hard and they hate it...but they are also in deep. I feel that girl.

So, I wouldn’t have guessed that Britney would recite pi. I mean I figured it must have been something unsual or secretly smart if she didn’t say what it was right away, but not that.

Of course Digit carries a calculator. I mean her name is Digit.

Okay, I was like “So either someone messes up really hard, Will and or Gavin actually have a secret golden singing voice or something else, because it seems too obvious the Populars lose when they’re struggling for talents. Or it just goes how everyone expects.

Still, not predicting that Britney would basically trick Chef into making her the winner of the challenge. Confirmed that Britney has been playing dumb!

UM I’M NOT OKAY WITH THIS TWIST. Honestly, I love all the freaks and think they have super interesting plots going on, so not looking forward to any of them leaving.

I’m especially not cool with Lyla or Peter leaving. I love them both and their friendships with the others. Honestly, what a raw deal to actually compete and then be punished…(although very Chris to do something so sadistic).

Britney’s two dads both being really high profile scientists...I can’t tell if that’s another lie or not. I don’t know what to trust of Britney! (My new theory is she’s Scarlett but pretending to be Lindsay).

“Good times never seemed so good” oh Sweet Caroline, how you mock the Freaks.

OH GOD. I admit that I hate we might be saying goodbye to Lyla or Peter (unless someone quits or somehow the Populars were punished), but...the drama between this decision is real.

Plot-wise, I feel like Lyla has more reason to stay and I’m really shipping her and Jesse. But also the drama of innocent Jesse losing her? I love it, so I see it as an option. Peter going home is tragic, I love the friendship and I do worry about the Freaks losing one of their stronger players. But...the drama of Quinn, Casey and Garrett dealing with this is also rich!

The moment when you realize the vote comes down to Violet. AHHHHHHHH. Not going to lie, I’m so loving the Violet focus. If anyone can actually become Violet’s friend, I feel like it’ll be Ally. I do feel that Ally wants to genuinely talk more to Violet (I want it too). Violet is not letting herself be vulnerable though. I feel like the symbol on her jacket was talked about before, but confirmed she’s part of a gang. Aww Violet.

(Ruining the moment, but I’m headcanoning everyone in Violet’s gang has a flower themed name because of the symbol).

Quinn is right, Ally was not made for this game. I mean kindness gets you farther than you think, but still. She makes a really good point about keeping Peter.. I really wasn’t sure what she’d do. I see her as someone who would prioritize physical strength, look at how she treats Quinn. But she also feels like she’d be petty enough to vote for him.

I didn’t know how much I needed a Peter/Lyla scene till they had one. Drag her Peter. We know who that love song was for Lyla. Call her out, but also give her confidence.

Lyla having like a goodbye with Jesse. Aww!

...Peter looking at that journal, sighing when casting his vote...PETER…

Shockingly, Violet did vote for Lyla. Was to keep the team strong...or was it she was actually trying to be nice to Quinn. She’s not as mean as she lets on.

...I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t sure if Peter was going to vote himself or Lyla would actually leave. I was leaning to the former, because if you tell us who Violet votes for then it’s probably a surprise...but it could also be a somber, you know what’s happening.

I’m actually really sad that Peter is leaving. Not helping with him saying goodbye to all three of his friends and forming a group hug.

Then Peter calls out Violet, knowing that she wouldn’t vote for him. OOH.

Not going to lie, I think Peter is the person I’m saddest we’ve lost so far. It’s only going to get harder too.

...What is Britney going to do with that makeup bag? Is Bree going to freak out about not having makeup?

Ally kissing Quinn on the forehead is so sweet!

JESSE AND LYLA KISSED! <333333333 Peter, your sacrifice for this ship will not be forgotten.

This was a fantastic chapter. So much happened! A new couple formed, Britney sort of revealed her true colors, Violet showed some hidden depths, there is more mystery to Ally. The elimination was amazingly dramatic and tense. I’m sad Peter left, but I think he got an amazing send-off.

I would say I can’t wait for what’s next, but you posted a new chapter so I don’t have to! "Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs." 06:55, May 13, 2020 (UTC)

That’s the same thing I thought when I saw you posted chapter 2 of Amazon and I only had one or two scenes left to write for chapter 7 xD and I don’t blame you for taking your time with chapter 6 because it usually takes me forever to write new chapters
It was a reference to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and it wasn’t until after I finished the chapter that I realized I’d probably be the only one to get that joke, maybe I’ll change if a better pun arises
Brad and Digit are very fun to write, especially the more tired they both grow of the whole situation they’re in (and the more time they spend with each other ;) )
Trent did sing in the original TDI talent show, but it was only like 2 lines lol
Maybe Veronica did steal it, maybe Britney just “forgot” it was around her wrist
Ooh I can think of a scene or two in chapter 7 you’ll like…
The talent show was actually one of the first challenges I had brainstormed for CTD! It’s a classic
The Freaks advantage in this challenge is that because they’re all so different, a lot of them have some eclectic talents to show off. A lot of the Populars are so similar that not a lot of them really have any stand-out talents
I would say all of the above for Dom xD and his whole comedy bit was heavily based off an audience interactive attraction in Disney World (the exact name of which will be in the trivia section if I ever get around to updating the trivia section)
I think it’s half Natalia finds Ally suspiciously nice, and half Ally kinda being the unofficial leader of the Freaks? Or at least the one who usually takes the lead in challenges
You never know, I mean Heather and Alejandro still got together in the end (after one of them left the other in an active volcano…)
There may not be any diaries, but there’s always Casey’s journal…
Well, Will wasn’t about to make a fool of himself alone. And now I can’t stop laughing picturing Will and Gavin singing Don’t Go Breaking My Heart xD
I couldn’t resist the perfect opportunity to throw in some more Romeo and Juliet references
Jesse doesn’t know any better, but Lyla also does need a bit of a confidence boost because she is great!
Oh the Brad and Britney thing was 100% just a joke, Digit and Brad are on the younger side, but not young enough that that wouldn’t be weird
There’s definitely some more hints about Ally in chapter 7
… and more reasons to not have a lot of faith in Veronica lol
The scrunchie makes a comeback next chapter too xD
Yeah, I really wanted to have Chef as the special judge, as a little nod to the canon talent show challenge (Plus him and Chris have been MIA for a while now)
The minute and half rule actually came from a Muppets skit (another thing that will pop in in the trivia section if I ever update it)
In the very early brainstorming stage for this challenge, Peter actually was going to attempt to lead his whole team in a musical, and the time constraint would force them to put on one equally confusing and terrible musical number. But, Lyla was already singing a song and a full scale musical number would probably run the chapter waaay too long (Plus, it’s a little harder to convey with just words on a screen, but hey, never say never)
Quinn did use to be much more of a go-getter, but I don’t want to spoil anything that may come up later
Bree was robbed, although a lot of people might’ve interpreted the play-gone-wrong as a comedy
I’d give them a 10 for singing Sweet Caroline too xD
Well, now that a certain couple on the Freaks got together, that does leave more room for Dom and Ally scenes…
I genuinely can’t even remember how or when I thought up Britney reciting pi as her talent, but it was one of the first acts I had come up with and it served its purpose
The twist hit me hard too, and I was the one writing it!
I mean, it could’ve been a lie… but it also could’ve been the truth (and unless I ever finish writing the character bios, we may never know!)
Ally genuinely wants to be friends with everyone! And the symbol on Violet’s jacket was briefly mentioned before, but not the meaning behind it
I also love that headcanon so much
I can’t remember if it was mentioned in the story or if it’s just another fact lost in the character bios that I desperately need to finish, but Ally’s never actually watched Total Drama before, so that puts her at a bit of a disadvantage too
Yeah, I really wanted Peter and Lyla to have a nice scene together, especially considering the circumstances
I’d say a little bit of both for Violet, but mostly to keep the team strong
Peter’s elimination was definitely the hardest for me to write too :(( At one point I was worried I was making the scene too long, but he deserved a great exit
The makeup bag may or may not be what kicks off chapter 7…
I always knew how I wanted Lyla and Jesse to get together, but the when is what I always got stuck on. After Peter’s talk with Lyla, it felt right <3
Thank you so much!! Your comments never fail to make me smile! And I hope you enjoy chapter 7 too!! Denise <3 (talk) 18:36, May 13, 2020 (UTC)

You commenting on TD:LA reminds me that I need to comment on the new Camp Total Drama chapter. I thought I had, but alas I had not!

I read the bios and they’re all really great! A lot of insight. Besides the comments I left, I think what stuck out was a big mention of family in them. I like that, seeing the insight into their personal lives prior. Makes me wonder if maybe a loved one’s visit might happen.

I also have to admit I totally assumed Will was meaner than he was. Maybe it’s because I thought Cheetah and cheating, or because he was a jock on a team of popular people. Apologies to Will, who is such a nice guy from everything I’ve read :p

I kind of thought maybe Brad left the quarters unlocked on purpose. ...I should’ve realized this was Brad, so of course he didn’t. 

The missing makeup bag! Yup, Bree is trying to keep a secret and it’s...the fact she has freckles. Honestly, I really like it. I wasn’t expecting it to be freckles, but I totally understand where Bree was coming from. And of course it lead to such heartwarming bonding between Ramona and Bree <3

Ramona is almost ready to commit to liking Bree...but doesn’t think it’s something because Bree flirts with everyone. I mean she’s not wrong, but she doesn’t share deep family history or bond with anyone just like that. 

Lyla completely forgot she almost left and all that dramatic ceremony because she kissed someone...that would be me. 

Quinn’s “Finally” killed me xD 

Dom and Casey’s scene was really sweet, especially remembering their partnership during that one challenge. 

“That’s your big, angsty secret? Freckles?” Gavin calling Bree out xD I love their friendship so much.

Two mines for the price of one challenge! The blowing up mines with seagulls probably couldn’t be a challenge on it’s own, overall I remember that challenge kind of being short in canon. The mines could possibly be a challenge on it’s own, but with the teams so big it could be either very simple or not. So it makes sense they’d be combined into one. That opens up a lot of new possibilities too if challenges are meshed together, although all the challenges have been pretty stellar so far.

I do admit I was hoping one team would win one part and vice versa, so Digit and Brad would be forced to do something about it. 

Thinking about it...yeah, my money would be on the Populars this challenge. At least with the Mines, Veronica, Will and Natalia would work much better as a team than Quinn and Violet together. With the beach, Gavin may have an edge, Bree is feisty and Ramona tends to be a powerhouse.

No offense to the Freaks, but sweet Ally, shy Gavin, goofy Dom and cute but clueless Jesse do not sound like turret firing war machines. Of course I’m happy to be wrong and like the Populars, I’ve learned never to underestimate the Freaks.

Rofl, Lyla and Jesse maybe should’ve talked beforehand.

Digit: “I’m wise beyond my years.” Love you Digit, but the situation you and Brad are in says otherwise :p

Garret makes a good point...Ally doesn’t have the best aim. But it was destructive, so maybe it’ll pan out.

I admit I don’t really remember the original mine challenge from the show, except Jo and Lightning’s scene, so I don’t know if the elevator was a thing...but I love the huge drop.

Dang Will, you caused a cave in just by tempting fate. 

Violet gets points for saving Quinn, but also loses points for implying Quinn needs to be taken care. Still, it’s points towards a redemption.

Naturally, after all the speculating I did, Britney is amazing at firing seagulls. She knows so many nautical terms too. Didn’t necessarily get that from her dads either. She’s a real threat, and I feel like people are going to figure it out soon. 

Oop. Hopefully Bree cashes out all her karma now.

...I worry about Ally. Like she has caused a lot of accidental destruction. Knocked one teammate unconscious, sent another one overboard. I hope this isn’t a trend or else her team may have to vote her off.

Jesse’s “No?” cracked me up. He just has these tiny lines that always make me laugh.

Honestly, Natalia should be grateful that she’s gotten off relatively easily at the moment for sneaking into the headquarters. 

...If there is one person who doesn’t need to see Casey’s journal it’s Veronica. I can only assume that like the files, this is foreshadowing. I’m not sure if Casey has serious dirt, he’s pretty observant though, either way it’s going to be terrifying when Veronica gets her hands on it.

One chapter later and Veronica is already trying to reveal Ally’s secret. I’m shocked, shocked I say. Casey totally wants to know, and I’m not sure how he’ll react. He’s a nice guy, but I’m not sure what he plans to do with all the knowledge he’s gaining.

Yeah, Quinn and Violet should not have gone into that cave together. I do love this character moment, where Quinn is finally trying to figure out what Violet’s deal is and Violet does not want to be vulnerable. Quinn calling Violet out on calling her wheels is great too.

I see Violet’s point about needing to be strong and ending weakest links in a reality show setting, but even then it doesn’t hold up. I mean as Quinn says she proved herself. Sure, a lot of challenges are physical but then you have a challenge like the talent show. Not to mention a strong social or strategic game can be helpful in the long run.

I mean yeah, there are times where there is clearly a player who isn’t as physically strong or costs multiple challenges, but the Freaks don’t have that. Certainly not Quinn, who’s stepped up on every occasion. That’s why I love reality shows. People can surprise you with how good, or bad, a player. 

It’s all fascinating stuff to think about, especially what it says about Violet (her bio sheds some light on why she’s so focused on strength, growing up in a harsh environment without a parental figure).

Naturally Violet lashes out and pushes Quinn. Dang Violet, I feel she was slowly trying to be nicer but her own issues firmly push her into being a bad person :(

Gavin is of course a great brother and saves his bro. I’m sure he wouldn’t drown, but considering this is Total Drama and there are mines everywhere, I don’t know if it’s that safe to go swimming. 

Britney and Garret are so cute. I can’t remember if I expressed ideas about shipping them during the dodgeball challenge but...well I certainly am now.

(Also Brit’s dig: “My friends are in the mine too. And Veronica.” BURN xD)

Natalia and Will’s discussion turns to their family, which the bios have helped shed some light on. Not sure what Natalia’s mom’s deal is, but I have a feeling we’re going to find out eventually…

I wonder how much of TD did Natalia actually watch? Because not knowing how to swim is dangerous on a show that spends most of its seasons on an island. That’s not a compliant though, because I love the drama it adds.

The bats only attacking Veronica. Even wild animals just don’t like her xD

Honestly I fell for Violet’s look the other way, and I wasn’t even in the cave to look the other way. I thought more bats were coming.

Will knows what’s up, take swimming lessons already Natalia. 

I mean, you could call it a trap...but by who? The giant mutant rats. I mean I guess they are mutant so maybe they’re smart enough. 

I love Quinn. She is cynical but also weirdly has a good humor about her own downfalls and tragedies. The can’t feel my legs got me.

Lyla and Jesse are officially a couple <3 About time you crazy kids! 

Yeah, I thought you would leave them unsupervised Brad. I actually doubt you were here the whole time. 

With the Lyla/Jesse ship sailing, now it’s time for the Garet and Britney ship to pick up steam. It made me laugh that Britney told Gavin his twin brother is kind of cute. I think they’re identical…

Gavin being overly protective is cute. I’m here for the drama! Though he should be because Britney is definitely hiding something and doing some sneaky things. Not sure she’s a villain per say but well...she could be. I hope I’m wrong because I love both of these characters and I ship it but Brit is a hard nut to crack.

Violet to the rescue! A little late to play hero regarding the circumstances but you know. Poor Quinn’s wheelchair.

WOW. Natalia is quick to leave Veronica or at least has a lot of faith in Casey to get her. I just love how much of a punching bag Veronica is xD She’s the Zoidberg of this show.

Time for the foursome...I mean trio to meet up again. An interesting day for everyone, it honestly says something that Garret fell overboard and he hasn’t had the worst time at this challenge.

So the plan is to go for Violet? I’m a little skeptical it’ll work. Not that I don’t think people would vote her off, I know I’ve said it, but she feels kind of plot important? I could be super wrong. But also...who else will the Freaks vote for? Ally did mess up but until her secret is revealed she’s too narratively important to lose. 

Speaking of, good guesses from Quinn and Casey about Ally. I don’t think she’s trying to take everyone out but maybe she has terrible luck and does so accidentally? Or maybe her secret is darker than that.

Also I love the gag that were about to cut to Ally and then Garret is all, “Did you guys tell anyone about Violet?” xDDD Brilliant!

I'm really shipping Ally and Dom super hard too. That scene at the dock was so cute, but it feels like things are going to get a lot worse for Ally than better.

...Jesse calling out the pandemic! I’m dead. He has no idea how accurate he is. 

Lyla admitting the Populars just kind of blend together in her head. I feel like that probably does happen with people on separate teams on a reality show.

Honestly, Ramona and Lyla’s conversation was so heartwarming. It felt very real about relationships. Lyla just knowing feels kind of accurate. Like really, you know if you like someone and Lyla is really someone to recognize it. But acting on it is so hard. Ramona totally knows she has feelings for Bree. So many ships picking up steam this chapter!

Natalia just lampshading the signature color rule. Signature colors just make everything easier Veronica.

Britney is still staying under the radar, but I think people will get wind of her sooner than later. Especially if she has to keep bailing her team out. This confessional makes me really curious about her, especially if she’s a villain or not. I’m here for it either way, but I’m dying to find out the reason she is hiding it!

Sometimes there is no hiding who goes home and this is one of those occasions. Even Violet knows it. The blank vote is a really nice gesture. She’s not a quitter and won’t vote herself off...but she’s realized no one else is at fault and it’s her time.

Her actually apologizing to Quinn! And Ally still giving her a goodbye. My heart!

I’m sad to see her go. Maybe even sadder than Peter? It’s hard to compare the two. I like Violet and in the end I think she took the steps to become a better person...but still has a lot of work to do. This may not be the last we see of her, but till then.

Yeah, Violet should’ve been voted out when it was clear she was a bully. I can’t blame them for thinking it wasn’t the best choice at the time, but you know. Still, Ally isn’t solely responsible and shouldn’t blame herself. 

Gavin and Bree’s banter is just so much fun! The “Bit-” and then how it came back killed me. And calling Garett her favorite twin. 

So Brit wants Bree to know that it was stolen and would likely guess that it’d be narrowed down to the three of them. The fact that they count Britney as possibly, as morally ambiguous and not too nice and ditzy to do it, means she might not be as innocent as she thinks she is.

Still, I feel like maybe Britney’s real plan is to frame someone? I’m not sure why she’d take it, if she wasn’t trying to sabotage Bree then she’s just made herself more suspicious. 

I’m proud of Bree for no longer hiding her freckles too. 

OH MY GOSH ALLY IS GOING TO TELL DOM HER SECRET. This is great for my ship, but probably not good for Ally. 

Of course Brad didn’t hide them, I thought it was weird they never showed up. Those statues are going to turn up again I feel like, mostly because Digit said they wouldn’t. 

A really great chapter! So much character development, relationship progress and comedy going on. So many ships are sailing or getting ready to sail. The eliminations are becoming harder. I love everyone left and I honestly am not sure who will or won’t make the merge at this point (I have few guesses at certain people, but even then I could be wrong). 

I can’t wait for more! "Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs." 05:07, May 28, 2020 (UTC)

I'm really glad you liked the character bios! I think part of the reason they took me so long to finish is because I might’ve made them a little longer than they needed to be, but I was really proud of how a lot of them came out. And I can’t promise any loved ones coming to the island, but there might be some phone calls home eventually…
I don’t blame you for your assumptions, Will isn’t infallible, but he’s also mostly just doing his best
Yeah, Brad did just leave the door open because he’s Brad. Digit on the other hand would have 100% seen the three girls and left the door open anyway just for the drama of it all
I honestly can’t even remember how or when I decided on Bree’s big secret being freckles, but it worked. Plus this Bree and Ramona scene is one I’ve really been looking forward to writing for awhile
Dom and Casey are a really fun pair to write, mostly because Dom’s a goofball and Casey’s more on the serious side, but Dom still has his moments too
Thank you for calling the other challenges stellar, that makes me really happy!
I didn’t even really think about it like that, but yeah, similar to the dodgeball challenge, this does look like the Populars would be able to win. But the Populars do have a tendency to lose challenges like that
I love your descriptions for each of the Freaks, especially Jesse xD
The elevator was a thing in the original mine challenge, and if I remember correctly Brick had to shimmy down the cord, injuring himself in the process. But that Jo and Lightening scene really was the best part of the challenge
Britney does have lots of tricks up her sleeve, but a few people are starting to get a little suspicious
Oh Ally, she really does mean the best, but I couldn’t put her in a shooting challenge without bringing up her terrible aim in the dodgeball challenge
Veronica is definitely the last person Casey would want to see his journal, even if there isn’t any serious dirt. And Casey definitely wants to know what Veronica knows, but he is still a good guy (or at least a better person than Veronica)
I thought it was important that both Quinn and Violet had at least something to back up their respective arguments, just so Violet didn’t come across as a senseless bully…
But of course, Violet was still in the wrong. I do have more plans for Violet in the future because she’s not a completely terrible person, she just didn’t grow up in the greatest environment. That doesn’t excuse her actions, but it does explain it
Garret was never in any real danger, but I liked the idea of Gavin coming to the rescue (plus I needed some excuse to get Garret and Britney in the same boat…)
Natalia’s mom is definitely coming up again soon. And her not knowing how to swim kinda ties into how she was raised? But I don’t want to spoil anything
I loved writing the bat part xD I felt like things were getting a little too serious in the mines
Garret and Gavin do actually have some slight differences in appearance (but I can’t draw to save my life). Their faces are basically identical, but Garret has a mess of curly hair while Gavin’s hair is slicked back. Plus Garret wears glasses (like Harry Potter style glasses)
I’m definitely going deeper into Britney’s story soon, there’s just a few plot lines I want to finish up first
Veronica’s is another story that’s currently on a back burner (mostly in favor of her being a punching bag)
“Time for the foursome… I mean trio” :(( I’m still so sad about Peter’s elimination and I’m the one who wrote it
One thing I will say about Ally’s secret is that it’s not a coincidence it started coming up the same time Violet and Quinn’s issues came to a head
That gag was actually partly because I was about to actually cut to Ally and then realized “wait a sec, Violet can’t get eliminated if none of the Freaks know what happened” xD
I am really loving writing scenes for Ally and Dom <3
Yeah I keep seeing people making “quarantine headcannons” for different shows and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Jesse’s life really wouldn’t change that much? So I couldn’t resist putting the joke in there
Ramona and Lyla’s scene was another scene I really loved writing. I knew Ramona had to talk to someone other than Bree about her feelings, and since Lyla was the only girl there in a relationship, it kinda worked out perfectly (Technically she could’ve gone to Gavin too, but that’s Bree's personal love guru)
Natalia is also kinda lampshading the fact that I based those three’s signature colors off of the 80’s movie Heathers...
When it came time to write the elimination ceremony, I was trying to think of who Violet would realistically vote for in this scenario and the answer was… no one
Originally, Violet wasn’t supposed to be as bad as she was. But that would’ve meant there would be little to no tension within the Freaks, and no team is perfect. The closer I got to Violet’s end, the more I wanted to throw my plans to the wind and give her a full redemption arc, but the rest of the Freaks still have their respective stories too (some that haven’t even really started yet!)
I do plan on giving Violet a redemption arc eventually, and I wouldn’t even consider that a spoiler because she did make a few attempts at being better, just not enough
Bree and the twins are one of my favorite combos (in case that wasn’t already very obvious)
It is lightly implied that Britney took the makeup bag because Bree made a joke about her secretly being a genius, but whatever she’s planning next remains a mystery…
Dom is an understanding guy. Who knows?  Maybe he’ll be able to help Ally (or maybe not…)
I was trying to think of where it would make the most sense for the statues to be hidden and then the idea crossed my mind of how funny it would be if they just… weren’t hidden
Thank you so much again for commenting! I can’t wait for more of Lost in the Amazon!! Denise <3 (talk) 18:16, May 28, 2020 (UTC)

New chapter <3

Digit don’t call out the puns. Most puns don’t work in any context. 

“Let that be a lesson, kids, don’t push around people in wheelchairs” I mean, like technically...nevermind.

The way Digit ends it sounds like the end of the recap of Glee. I feel like that was intentional. 

More Dom and Ally shipping fuel. Whoop. 

I love that Lyla doesn’t know who the other team is. Lol, I can understand why a little. But also I would not call Bree and Ramona’s interactions very subtle. Like most people are probably shipping them.

So I feel like Lyla isn’t going to look up Jesse or herself. Casey assumes that, but what if it’s someone else. What if she looks up Quinn and realizes he has a crush on her. Or if Casey actually wrote info about himself…

I doubt Lyla would do anything sneaky, but if she’s curious and has access to all of that, who knows.

...Garret is so innocent. Why would it come up in a challenge full of secrets. Because it’s a challenge designed to reveal your darkest secrets! Total Drama is just chomping at the bit to get something they can shame you with.

I really like this challenge. I’m a big fan of having to expose someone’s secrets for a challenge win, I did it for a challenge too in Genesis. I was a bit disappointed in ROTI how this challenge was basically pointless? Like what did it reveal that had long term impacts? 

I like how you have to guess about the other team and the different categories (especially the twist, but we’ll get to that). Also glad they aren’t dunked, just for Quinn’s sake.

xDD Bree being that extra to lean over to Gavin’s buzzer and hit it. I love it! Garret is such a cutie too.

Yeah, not a secret about Bree anymore...although Lyla might not have noticed :p Be careful Bree, you won’t like the insanity that’s coming up…

Aww, Jesse. He probably doesn’t realize most of the Populars are insulting. Why are the Freaks just a team of cuties?

I was trying to remember how I knew Britney’s pet Sprinkles and I remembered she drew that picture! Also more Garret and Britney ship tease! Although I wouldn’t call the person I like by his mom’s pet name for him. (Joking, I would totally tease them).

That’s right, Quinn use to do plays before! And Casey’s smile was totally flirting.

Lyla and Ramona are going to become good friends. Meanwhile their love interests are not going to get along because Bree will still be bitter that Jesse thought dancing and cheerleading were the same.

...Britney did a lucky guess about Ally and the piccolo. Was it lucky, did she read Ally’s file too? There’s never just lucky with Britney.

No surprise Natalia is student council president or Ramona is most helpful. 

I remember the lawyer from the bios I think. Dominic right?

Also, I’m glad Garret didn’t out Gavin. I was 90% sure it was well known, but not everyone is paying that much attention so maybe it isn’t.

I get why Natalia would get Jesse, but nope. Jesse has no socialization skills and is proud of it! Aww poor Casey. Did he drive everyone away from the newspaper club by being too serious? I see it a lot in anime. 

Who’s at the top of their class academically? It’s Britney. I know it. Veronica is a good guess because yeah, she does seem like the more uptight type. 

Gavin is right; it’s 2020 you can’t know someone’s sexuality anymore and you shouldn’t assume. Proud but not surprised Ramona didn’t spill the beans on Lyla; she’s too nice.

...Okay, I didn’t realize Dom was bisexual. Not that it matters, Natalia was just so sure and I’m like, “How did you know?” xD I also love how she didn’t know his name.

Bree can’t be that mad at Casey; he’s not wrong she was making it obvious. Still, I loved her confessional. She just has such a fun attitude. 

...Really pulling a gut punch with that alcoholic mother question. I knew who it was after Brad asked. I’m proud the Freaks weren’t even interested in trying.

Quinn trying and failing to make that joke. I thought it was funny Quinn...I mean not the crash but...well mostly your defeated reaction it didn’t land. I would say leave the jokes to Dom, but they’re hit or miss with him :p

Yikes, preteens. If we have a loved one’s visit I fully expect Will’s sister to be there. Also this just proves how this challenge was made for Casey. 

I’m worried Gavin’s “thank god no one notices how I look out for Garret or they’d vote me off” is foreshadowing that’ll be the reason he’s voted off. 

The prosthetic leg sister question I’m not entirely sure I know. I think it was Ramona if it was revealed in the bios?

The career path one...I think that’s either Casey or Dom? I remember Dom’s dad hates his jokes.

...I got nothing on the abusive relationship one. I really like how you revealed Casey knew, but didn’t reveal who it was. My head is spinning trying to guess. Is that why Veronica is who she is? Or why Britney hides her intelligence? Why Ramona is reluctant to begin a relationship? Or why Will...does what he does later? 

So that is Ally’s secret! I feel so bad for her, I just want to give her a hug. I couldn’t even imagine why other people would even want to bully someone so nice. Maybe because she was nice? 

Not even a little surprised that Veronica revealed it. This is what the challenge was building up too. If I thought Digit and Brad were smarter, I say they chose it for this reason.

I love the twist that after all that, the Populars lose anyway! The easy questions secretly being worth the most points was a brilliant idea.

...I love knowing Dom was flirting with Casey. And of course I ship it. Lyla is right, Dom is funniest when he’s not trying.

And honestly Dominic getting angry feels a little...scary from such a jovial guy.

I’m so glad everyone is so positive about mental health on the show, especially the Freaks. Taking medication isn’t a bad thing; it’s taking care of yourself. I should appreciate its treated as normal because it should be normalized. 

As soon as something clattered to the ground, I knew Veronica had to be eavesdropping. There is a part of me that wondered if Veronica was finally going to get the boot, but also knew she was going to save herself. It’s how she is you’re trying to figure out.

The discussions about sexuality were also really great too. Not every experience is universal, but Gavin and Bree’s answers were very them. (Plus, OMG Romana totally has feelings for Bree and is getting closer to admitting them <3)

...which makes what happens next SUCK. I mean, Veronica threatening to out someone is kind of awful. Well, not kind of, it is awful. You could argue the show would reveal it, but I don’t know. I definitely don’t support Veronica’s actions.'

But she is so scrappy. She will use whatever she can get to get ahead. I hate to agree with her, but yeah, she’s resourceful. She totally would out Ramona and until then, she can basically control Bree and Gavin (and maybe Ramona).

My first thought was this could be solved if Bree and Ramona got together, but I get what she means about why they shouldn’t. I do worry about Ramona, having to put her in that position. 

Aww, Will and Natalia! I was right about the question. Aww, she and Will are really good for each other...well. I’m really proud of Natalia for trying to do the right thing...but I also kind of realized when she did that might be a red flag.

The Freaks all coming together and admitting their secrets to one another <3 I love this team! I fully believe Jesse is too innocent and naive to have any secrets, at least one’s he’s aware of. 

I appreciate Natalia taking the innovative to apologize. When you say it outloud though, yeah you’re really not that innocent. Like you were trying to find out her deepest darkest secrets. They just turned out to be too dark even for you. Still, I’m glad she apologized but that Ally didn’t immediately forgive her.

The best strategic plans are the ones done at the last minute, because they kind of always work? xD 

The way Digit asks “Because who would ever vote for Ramona?” reminds me of these videos that are like what your ship in this fandom says about you. The guy says in everyone video one ship where it’s like, “because you want good things for this character, and really who wouldn’t?” That’s Ramona. (And I do want good things for her, that’s why I ship her and Bree <3)

Natalia is a mean girl, so why I’m actually sad at this elimination? :( Maybe it’s cause Natalia tried to be nicer in the moment, or Ramona and Britney’s reaction, or Will’s clear guilt. Or all of the above. It’s too much for me!

Veronica’s “I find that hard to believe now” is pure smug villainy and I love it. I admit I don’t know how much I enjoy villains, but when they’re all cocky because a plan actually worked and just rub it in. I should hate it, but for some reason if the villain peeks my interest I’m like, “own your moment”. 

Natalia’s last words to Ramona make me feel like a lot of conflict between her, Bree and Gavin is coming. Just when the ship looks like it’s really sailing, it hits a snag.

I really wish Natalia had learned to swim before heading into that canoe.

Veronica can’t complain about the results. She took out the leader of her team and put herself in a power position. It’s a precarious position that could easily be pulled from under her, but I have a feeling she’s going to revel in it anyway.

Bree and Gavin breaking the fourth wall to acknowledge a flashback sequence xD

Dang, Gavin is kind of right...and kind of not. Natalia wanted dirt on Ally, but Britney did put the suggestion to search the files out there. Natalia is ultimately the one who decided to do it. She’s mostly at fault, but she lied about finding stuff on Ally to protect Ally. She wasn’t trying to use Will, but it’s not heard to see how someone would reach that conclusion.

I do wonder if Will saying it was Britney’s idea will make Gavin more suspicious of her.

I admit I haven’t seen Heathers or the musical, but I did do a little research after this chapter and the trivia mentioning the scrunchies. I forget but Total Drama’s original mean girl is named Heather so I love how your allusions to it connects. (I’m also pretty sure that the Ashleys from Recess were inspired by the Heathers).

Interesting the main protagonist is actually named Veronica too.

Honestly really curious what did happen with Britney’s yellow scrunchie. 

Lol Britney jumping into Ramona’s arms. She actually has a really good plan by teaming up with Ramona. Only problem is that Bree will be super jealous. 

I hope Bree and Gavin get through this. I’m rooting for y’all! They’re not wrong either, it is kind of badass to take out Natalia. If only it wasn’t to help Veronica.

Quinn is right, it feels too easy for Veronica to go home…

So Casey totally lied about one of those questions being about him. Again, I think it was the dad question, maybe it wasn’t though. Not entirely sure which, but it must have been a serious one to keep from Quinn. Especially considering the dad question wouldn’t be too hard to admit.

It’s a loaded question, but a very fair question. A quote I really like, from Murder She Wrote of all places, went something like, “It’s hard to know your self sometimes, let alone someone else.” Trusting someone is hard, how much you trust them. Total Drama makes that twice as painful but if you do find someone you can trust in that situation it’s like finding someone you can trust for life.

I died at Digit and Brad popping up at the end to do the outro at Dom and Quinn’s conversation. 

Man, this was a really great chapter. A lot of shocking revelations and even more shocking elimination. Natalia felt like such a big character. Honestly none of the recent eliminations have felt like haven’t been somebody I really liked, but that’s probably just because the cast is so lovable and developed. 

I can’t wait for more because I NEED to know what’s going to happen and how everyone is going to react to what went down! Thanks for the amazing chapter Denise!--"Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs." 07:57, June 15, 2020 (UTC)

Literally my exact thought when I saw a new chapter of Amazon up (which I will be commenting on hopefully soon!)
Technically Violet literally pushed someone in a wheelchair… I don’t know if that’s where you were going with it, but that’s where I was xD
It’s 100% intentional. The main reason I do the recaps is, not because they do recaps in the actual TD, but because I have “And that’s what you missed on Glee!” forever stuck in my mind
Oh people (outside of Gavin) are def shipping Bree and Ramona (which may or may not be coming up in the next chapter)
I mean, those are very good guesses… Like, really good guesses
I actually went back and reread the chapter in Genesis where you did a similar challenge to get a feel for what a good number of questions would be (plus it was a great chapter), and because I forgot how underwhelming it was in ROTI (unrelated but I forgot that scene with Riley and Gris in the arcade was at the beginning of that chapter and I <33 )
Yeah, I was almost gonna have the teams get dunked just so there were some similarities to the original challenge, but with Quinn’s established fear of water, it felt too cruel
I’m really glad Bree hitting Gavin’s buzzer translated well, sometimes I worry things like that are funnier in my head than when I write it xD
Jesse <33 The Freaks really are super wholesome, even more so after Violet’s elimination
I couldn’t not include Sprinkles after she drew such an artistic picture of him… on her voting ballot that one time
Yes Quinn used to be a theater kid! For the easier questions, I tried to include stuff that’s kinda been mentioned before for each character
Jesse is loveable and adorable like Garret, I think he could win Bree over eventually
Was it a lucky guess? Was it an educated guess? Did she just know?? We may never know
Gavin being gay was a pretty well known fact to the audience, but it has never really been stated to a majority of the contestants, especially the Freaks
I always pictured Casey being alone in newspaper club because no one else really cared about it as much as him, but I could see him accidentally scaring other people away too xD
I won’t even try and conceal it, top of their class is Britney. But when will the others find out…?
Yeah, Dom being bi isn’t really a super important aspect of his character, but honestly that’s kinda why I wanted to include it. Some people just aren’t straight, and it doesn’t always need to be a super important part of their story. And Natalia was really just taking a shot in the dark, based solely on the fact that Dom has dyed blue hair
Before actually writing the chapter, I did have the exact quote from Bree’s confessional saved in my notes and it was always going to be referring to Casey, but in my notes I had it written that Natalia was gonna say it. After writing the scene between Bree and Casey though, it felt like such a Bree quote I had to change it to her
Yeah, I even winced a little when I was rereading the chapter, but that was supposed to feel like a gut punch
Keep trying, Quinn, one of your jokes will land someday
Will’s sister is slowly becoming one of my favorite running gags and honestly, Will wasn’t even planned to have any siblings until I was writing his character bio. But since he is more of a “normal guy”, I added in the details about his little sister to sorta set him apart
Foreshadowing? Perhaps…
Sister with a prosthetic leg was Ramona. That’s another one that wasn’t necessarily a secret to the audience (if you read the character bios, which isn’t mandatory, but it is fun to get more insight on characters), but still not a known fact among the contestants
Casey does have a knack for learning secrets about other people just through observation. But, unlike Veronica, he doesn’t feel the need to expose these secrets. He just always knows a little more about other people than he probably should (which was very helpful in this challenge)
Yeah, Veronica revealing Ally’s secret in this challenge was planned for a long while
Originally there wasn’t going to be a twist and the easy questions were gonna be worth the least points, but once I finished writing the challenge and tallied the scores, the Populars actually won. And the Populars kinda needed to lose this challenge because… well, everything that happens after the challenge. So I’m really happy you liked the twist!!
I wasn’t planning on teasing Dom and Casey as much as I have, but they’re just so funny together xD
Every time I see mental health come up on teen dramas, it’s more often than not just used for drama. If I was going to include it in the story, I really wanted it be shown in a positive light too :)
That scene with Gavin, Bree, and Ramona talking about sexuality is another that’s been planned for a while <3  (partially because of what comes next…)
I honestly felt icky writing Veronica’s dialogue in that scene. It definitely is a pretty awful thing to do, but that’s what makes her such a resourceful antagonist
Writing that scene with Will and Natalia hurt knowing what was gonna happen next. Rereading old scenes of theirs when I was updating the trivia after posting this chapter hurt even more
The Freaks really are a great team <33 I'm glad you love them
Originally, Natalia going to apologize was mostly gonna serve as a way for Gavin to find out what happened through Garret, but honestly it felt like a pretty important character moment for her too
I know exactly what videos you’re talking about and I LOVE that
Natalia’s elimination was actually the first one I got sad about just writing the scenes leading up to it, every other elimination didn’t really hit me until I was actually writing it
Veronica has been the butt monkey of the group for a while, she can be a smug villain for a little bit, as a treat
I didn’t even think of that when Natalia got in the canoe xD
Oh Veronica is 100% gonna revel in it… while she can
Well something funny had to happen after all that drama
One very important thing that I made sure of in the flashback scene with Gavin and Will is that technically nothing Gavin said was a lie. He did tell Will exactly what Natalia told the Freaks, and that didn’t exactly match to what she told Will
And perhaps that talk will raise further suspicions on Britney as well…
I’m an absolute nerd for the musical, so naturally I know the movie more than a normal person probably should, and TD’s og villain also being named Heather kinda tied the reference together perfectly
Oh I just wrote a scene with Ramona, Bree, and Britney for the next chapter last night and it is a hilariously awkward dynamic
Like Casey prefers to keep things he knows about other people to himself, he also likes to keep his own secrets to himself
Trust is a theme that comes up a lot towards the end of this chapter, and I really do like that quote
Ah thank you so much! And I can’t wait to write more!! Thank you for reading and commenting, it always makes me smile!! Denise <3 (talk) 23:40, June 15, 2020 (UTC)

This new chapter came out so soon, but I'm not complaining <3

Lol, I like how Brad and Digit are like, “Did the Freaks do anything?” Honestly them bonding is more than enough. Brad gets it, they’re WHOLESOME.

Brad and Digit’s dynamic is so fun...and I ship them more and more every chapter oops :3

What I’m getting is that Lyla has trouble writing rhymes and Casey knows a lot of words and is very detailed...they should collab.

Dom ruffling Casey’s head is so cute. Dom’s also sudden sternness and the comedic pratfall was amazing xD

Ally going on a revenge spree? What would that even look like. Terrifying but still cute probably.

I KNEW IT. Lyla got all the dirt on Quinn. Is it because she’s curious about Quinn or just confirming her theory that Casey liked Quinn? Either way genius, and I want to hear more of that excerpt. For someone who is usually so good at reading people, he didn’t read Lyla right.

Not even Brit has a funny one-liner. You know things are bad on that team.

Gavin asking if he should run and Bree is all like, you can’t outrun him he does track...THE FORESHADOWING D:

Veronica trying to be intimidating by making vague threats, but actually have no idea what her threats mean so it’s just confusing. Nice try at being a villain.

(Full disclosure, I plan on doing Phobia Factor challenge in Amazon at some point. It’s just such a classic!)

Of course Brad and Digit would actively ask the others to admit to it, and of course Dom would start by just blurting it out.

Is sudden loud noises really a fear? It’s just practical to avoid those.

Quinn’s fear of water finally coming to haunt her. She hasn’t fully avoided it, but she was going to have to confront it straight on eventually.

Is it just the killer from the movie or the mask that Ally is afraid of? The scream painting is just as scary if not scarier either. ...Jesse being afraid of super nice clowns is hilarious. Like is he fine with scary clowns, but just regular clowns are creepy? I don’t blame him, clowns basically now only have a reputation as terrifying because the concept is just creepy.

Gavin lovingly throws his brother under the bus by revealing he’s afraid of fortune tellers. My mind immediately went to an old Scooby Doo episode with a shady fortune teller. Also, never wander off alone at a boardwalk. That’s how Us started.

Dom asking the real questions about this fortune teller. Now the fortune teller is one an episode of the Powerpuff Girls. Dom would love it, it’s all puns. Surprised he didn’t say something about it being a small medium.

GASP. Gavin doesn’t like dogs. In this day and age that is a crime. I love him trying to defend himself and Bree’s comment to Garret.

Yeah, being dropped from something extremely high is a reasonable fear. Like no one would want to be.

Britney is trying to pull a Lindsay and by saying she’s afraid of split ends. I don’t buy it. Will didn’t react much during the elevator ride in the mine chapter, but I feel like a fear of elevators is probably a more common phobia. I mean 8/10 times a character gets in an elevator it doesn’t end well.

Veronica makes a lot of sense and I’d kind of expect Brad and Digit to be too lazy, but alas that’s not the case as she’ll find out.

Ramona’s feel is so Ramona. But also yeah, clowns are creepy. Throwback to when clowns in the forest was a concern everyone had.

Digit being uncharacteristically sweet...terrifying. I love it xD

Gavin and Will walked into an obvious trap and have no one else to blame.

If the dog is a chihuahua it’s almost never going to be friendly except for a few exceptions. Plus all the animals on this island are robots, don’t know if that would make Gavin less or more afraid.

I hope Dominic doesn’t get medically evacuated for getting salmonella. Although it’s probably a robot too.

I love the running gag of everyone hiding behind Ally. Is it a joke because she’s the least scary or it is because subconsciously she’s the most comforting and trustworthy, hmm? Probably both.

Digit would do great at replacing Chris, which I feel like may happen. She’s super sadistic and I love it. I’d say she’s exaggerating about not having tested the bungee jump, but knowing these two...they didn’t.


Britney’s reaction was me, except times ten. I’m a sucker for admitting your feelings before dying.

“If I do die, make sure Gavin doesn’t cry too much at my funeral.” xDDD

Britney dispensing some wisdom. Withholding the truth is still not a great thing, trust is important, but under the circumstances I feel like Bree did what was reasonable. I hope Ramona forgives her.

I didn’t even predict that Ramona would have to watch Bree do her challenge, but I love it. I kind of thought maybe she and Jesse would have to do something. Digit is brilliantly, scarily sadistic.

Yikes Quinn. I like the description of the duck almost in a chokehold. I also enjoy the transition via each twin screaming.

I’m with Gavin on this one. I’d admit it was his plan and he got it under motion, but like Will was a necessary vote. Gavin just told Will the truth, as he understands it, and while it was to get Will to vote for Natalia, it was still true. Why blame Gavin, unless you’re like projecting. ...actually that totally makes sense.

Garret’s challenge is actually not that hard. No offense to him, I’m sure it’s still scary but’s Brad as his teammates rightfully point out. He isn’t very effective.

How did Casey even find the time to hide under that table? I honestly respect it. Also, Digit has a crystal ball but no tarot cards. Then again, tarot cards can be expensive.

I’m so slow I didn’t get the 69 joke at first, but did as soon as Dom laughed. I also am not happy that Brad’s fortune has an actual chance of coming true! Britney and Garret are going to be a rocky ship D:

Brad’s age confirmed! Yeah, 22 is too old for these kids. Maybe not a certain fellow intern but um...anyway, I love how Dom was trying to give love advice. If he did pay attention, he’d know that Casey and Quinn are the OBVIOUS ship. Honestly don’t know if any of the Freaks have noticed Garret’s potential love interest. If anyone, probably Casey.

WE LOVE A TUXEDO MASK REFERENCE! That meme really fits Brad and Digit honestly, especially Brad. Dang, it’s never lock Lyla in a dark box for ten minutes when you want it to be. Also another great transition with the eyes shut.

Ramona bursting through the ropes to go save someone, so Ramona. “No time”. That bit just cracked me up.

Y’all all admitted your fears on your application sheet? Hadn’t you seen this show before. (Slight spoiler, but this kind of comes up in the Amazon fear chapter…)

“Gavin will be crushed” xDD He’ll get over it.

Ramona and Bree making up and Bree reaffirming how much she likes her

“Gavin will be crushed” Still hilarious. As is Bree throwing up after bungee jumping. What a mood. Glad she specified it wasn’t from the kiss, even though Ramona would know.

Britney shows her sweet side, then immediately goes into gamebot and vaguely threatens to undermine them...we love a complex woman. Also she’s caught for being afraid of black holes. I think her act is not going to last for much longer… It’s also at this point when I realized that the Freaks were winning for sure.

If the chihuahua is set to mild, I’d hate to see it set to a higher setting.

Ally and Jesse are too innocent, freely admitting they haven’t gone yet. Also how did Ally know where Casey was hiding. Is the Freaks bond that strong? Jesse not realizing what Brad is planning is hilarious. This adorable dumb boy.

Garret and Britney continue to be cute <3

Brad commits to the bit. Quinn and Dominic joining Jesse in defending him from a clown. Such a wholesome team! I appreciate how easy Jesse did. Of course the balloon was disfigured.

Ally asking Dom about love...why you so curious girl ;) Also tragic someone thought Dom was joking when he asked them out, but also that would totally happen to him.

I wasn’t expecting action Ally but I love it! The Freaks really dominated that challenge. I agree, happy Ally is the best Ally.

...Yikes, with Veronica losing the dirt she has on Bree and Gavin, what can she do? I was a little worried when she threatened Bree that she’d be gone, especially since she just made up with Ramona.

No expert on shots, but injecting liquid, even if it’s not bad, into your body is not a good idea. I also loved how Digit was totally lying. I mean it sounds believable after the talent show, but glad it was a fake-out. Maybe if she promised everyone who completed their fears immunity, because so few people did, she would’ve taken the bait.

Digit’s plan is pretty genius. I might be remembering wrong, but I feel like the Bass had an unfair disadvantage in canon too, so it’s nice they had a work around. Or it would be if Gavin and Will had used it. Also not surprised Digit is on the honor roll. I mean her name is Digit, she has to be smart.

...Lowkey a little confused what Will is really mad about it? It might be explained next chapter, but I’m not totally sure if he is mad at Gavin or if he’s deflecting his own anger at him.

But Bree is right, if Will is being a jerk it’s not Gavin’s responsibility to fix it. I’m not sure postponing eliminating Veronica is a great idea because she’s Veronica. Didn’t work out great for Natalia to spare her instead of keep Floyd.

I love the ‘dumb blonde’/lackey in the alliance is actually coming up with their own plan. Veronica is right about it being two against three, so I can’t blame Brit for doing something else.

Bree deciding to vote Will for Gavin’s sake, she does really love him even if she won’t admit it.

Ooh, I think this is our first tie vote! When Britney was changing the plan and decided to talk to Will I realized that Gavin maybe an option. As Britney explains later, if they want to get Will on board Gavin is the best option.

I was hoping with the tie that Gavin might save himself. No offense to Will, I like him and it would kind of suck for him to get eliminated right after Natalia but’s Gavin! Then Digit came up with the tiebreaker and I knew. (I do love Brad and her’s back and forth about it, hilarious xD)

Digit’s pun is actually funny but I’m too heartbroken.

All the Populars’ reactions to Gav leaving was great, but him and Bree...MY HEART AT THESE FEELS. I love that they bonded over their sexuality, but also just by getting along and seeing eye to eye. It never did feel like a gay best friend thing and I really appreciate that.

I also wasn’t sure what to make of Britney disappearing, but her getting Gavin was so sweet and leads me to believe there is some goodness in her heart. I’m glad the twins had a reunion. I’m interested to see how Garret does without his brother, especially involving Britney. Gavin seems to accept they’ll be think, but after Gar’s fortune…:(

Also Britney seems to actually like Garret! I’m so conflicted on this ship. She seems sure they’ll be back. I wasn’t, simply because I’m speculating. If the merge is at 10, which there isn’t a promise of, then two more people need to be eliminated. The Freaks are at seven members, so if you wanted the teams to be even into the merge, they’ll lose the next two challenges.

There’s no way if knowing any of that is what’s going to happen, but that’s my guess :p Except Brit isn’t usually wrong so maybe the Populars will lose again.

I really liked the Veronica/Will scene, especially the implication Will was trying to be nice and went easy on him. I’m super curious what Will is really mad about and why Veronica would point that out. Maybe I’m too cynical about her, but how does that benefit her?

The Freak guys trying to comfort Garret was really sweet. Dom’s speech was really nice and honestly once again proves he is actually wise.

EEEEEEEEE! Bree and Ramona are officially girlfriends <3 I’m so here for it! I hate Gavin can’t be here to react to it, but I imagine his elimination got them together.

Lol, I wonder why they had Digit and Brad’s fears on file. Is that part of the intern application process? Curious what Digit is afraid of. Digit is right, they do need to try and establish some authority over them. And Brad jumping into her arms was funny, but also so shippable…

A really fun chapter! I know the trivia said it was your longest, but it was easy to read and so tempting that I didn’t notice that much. A devastating elimination, but they’ve been devastating so I’ll accept it. Eventually. I just need to cry more D:

Seriously though, I loved it and can’t wait for more! --"Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs." 04:48, June 26, 2020 (UTC)

Yay!! Honestly I’ve just been trying to write as much as I can before the school year starts and I inevitably get too busy to do anything again xD
All of Digit and Brad’s recaps and closings are so fun to write!!
The whole Lyla, Casey, Dom, and Quinn exchange was really fun to write too, especially since they were in pairs that never really interacted before
Ally going on a revenge spree would definitely be terrifying, but also very cute <3
I think for Lyla it was more confirming her theory about Casey than getting info on Quinn. Also, last chapter was almost gonna close with Lyla revealing she looked at Casey’s notes on Quinn, but then I finished last chapter, posted it, and then just… completely forgot I didn’t close Lyla and Casey’s scene xD But I liked how it opened this chapter, so maybe it was for the best!
You know, there’s a line way back in the mine challenge that I kinda forgot about until I reread it for trivia, Natalia says to Will something along the lines of “You could have run a lap around the island for the talent show, it would’ve been better than whatever you and Gavin were planning” ...
Veronica doesn’t get to automatically become coolest villain after getting rid of the coolest villain, you gotta earn the cool villain title
Aah, I can’t wait!! You have such fun and unique fears on everyone’s character bios, even for the Genesis cast too! My personal favorite was someone’s fear being listed as Napoleon (and I want to say it was Gris, so maybe I’m also a little biased xD)
Quinn’s established fear of water is honestly the only reason I decided on doing a phobia factor challenge, a lot of the other phobias I didn’t really think about until starting this chapter
Originally it was just the mask, so I guess by extension also the killer from the movie? And Jesse with the nice clowns was one of my favorite phobias to come from this chapter
Now I’m sad I didn’t think of the small medium joke because that’s definitely something Dom would say xD
I’m gonna be so honest, it completely slipped my mind that Will was already on an elevator in the mine chapter, but that elevator did almost crash into the ground of the cave, so it kinda justifies Will’s claim
I wish I could forget when clowns in the forest was an actual thing that was happening
Robo-chihuahua in an elevator was another of my favorite things to come from this chapter
Definitely both for everyone hiding behind Ally
In Digit and Brad’s defense, it is just the two of them, they might not have had the time to test it (or they might’ve just not felt like it…)
Britney’s reaction was also me, and I was the one writing it
I was almost gonna have Bree say something serious there, but then that line popped into my head and I thought that was way funnier
Well, Britney does know a lot about lies and half-truths…
When I first thought of that being Ramona’s challenge, in my head I went “oh that’s terrible, I have to do it!”
Not gonna lie, the transition via the twins screaming wasn’t intentional, because smooth transitions are the bane of my existence, but I’m glad it worked!
If I wasn’t the one writing it, I would side with Gavin too (even as the writer I want to side with Gavin because I love him), but perhaps Will is projecting something else…
Garret’s challenge could’ve been hard, had they had an actual fortune teller, but they just had Brad xD
Casey’s just that good at hiding
It could potentially come true… but Brad’s not a real fortune teller either
Yeah! Digit and Brad are both 22 (too old for the kiddos) and I love how Dom is becoming the love guru
I couldn’t not use that reference, it’s too perfect! And THAT transition was intentional, so I’m extra glad that one worked!
Ramona could totally be a superhero if she wanted, her and Tim would get along great (not that Tim’s a superhero, of course)
Aah I’m already so excited for the Amazon phobia chapter!!
That whole scene with Bree and Ramona made me go <333
Britney’s act is definitely starting to unravel, but it was nice to show her more genuine and sweeter side this chapter too
I like to think that after a while, the Freaks all started hiding Casey just to mess with Brad. And Jesse being adorable <33
Jesse vs clown Brad was a lot of fun. I almost took out the little scene with Digit laughing at Brad because of how long the chapter was, but I loved it too much to cut
That scene with Ally and Dom was one I really liked writing <3
I really wanted to show some action Ally this chapter, especially after she’s been so sad the past few chapters. And yeah, the Freaks winning this challenge was probably pretty obvious, but this is also the first challenge the Populars have had to do without Natalia
Veronica threatening Bree was mostly so it wasn’t too obvious that Gavin was going home this chapter, but Veronica will find a way to bounce back (probably…)
Veronica’s challenge was meant to be almost ridiculously too dangerous, I mostly wanted Digit to try and bait Veronica the same way she had last chapter
Yeah, I went back and rewatched the original episode before writing the chapter and noticed that the teams were uneven, but it was never really addressed, so I wanted to at least address it and give the Populars a little boost (even though they didn’t take it)
That’s definitely gonna come up with Will next chapter, but more so the second one…
Ah, things would be so simple if Floyd and Clifford were still around just being bros
Knowing who had to go home this chapter, the only way it seemed possible was if Britney thought of a miracle plan (though that could make things a little awkward with Garret down the road…)
I get that and honestly, I kinda felt the same way, but I do have more plans for Will. And Digit and Brad provided some much-needed comedy to that scene xD
Bree and Gavin’s friendship will be greatly missed and I already can’t wait until they’re reunited <3
Garret’s own story definitely got a bit of a kickstart after watching his brother get eliminated :(( but he still has Casey and Quinn! (sadly still no Peter though) Hopefully we’ll be going more into that next chapter
I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say you are right about there being two more eliminations left before merge…
Originally that scene was going to be Will and Britney instead of Veronica, but I’m actually really glad I changed it because both of them have some… stuff coming up
I actually wrote the scene with the Freak guys comforting Garret before I wrote Gavin’s elimination (mostly to delay the inevitable, but also because I loved that scene a lot)
Gavin’s elimination definitely got them together! (very similarly to how Peter’s did for Lyla and Jesse, which I didn’t really notice until after the fact)
Knowing Chris, it’s definitely believable that he requires his interns to put their greatest fears on their application. Digit was also probably smart enough to leave it blank. And I loved Brad jumping into Digit’s arms, especially because I imagine Digit being much smaller than him
I had a lot of fun writing this chapter! It felt nice to have more funny hijinks after all of the drama that was the last, like, 3 chapters. And Gavin’s elimination is my new number one for elimination that made me the saddest while writing :(( (Peter is still a close second though)
Thank you so much!! I can’t wait for more of Amazon!! (Especially the phobia challenge!!!) Denise <3 (talk) 21:58, June 27, 2020 (UTC)

Way overdue, but finally commeting on the latest chapter!

You know when you’re getting called out by Brad it’s a bad idea. 

Yeah, Will really screwed up. Gavin did kind of engineer her elimination, but Will was a necessary participant. I admire Will for looking for the good that might still be in Veronica’s heart but...look, when has ever giving her a chance or trusting her worked out? Floyd and Natalia would give you advice, but they’re not here right now. Why is that again? Oh yeah, Veronica.

(Although, I’m interested in where Will trying to find the niceness in Veronica goes).

Jesse waking up all the girls was hilarious, especially that Lyla was just right there.

The title made it pretty clear, but excited that we’re doing the alien egg finding challenge! I think this is the first challenge from Action too. It’s kind of a space challenge like Wendy hoped for at one point.

Honestly, Veronica has a good point about asking. With these two you can never know.

Digit’s right, they were the ones who signed up for it.

Ally’s “Well that’s not fun” killed me. 

Dom and Ally being so cute. Poor Garret is so out of it. I’m worried about the toll this game can take on him, but I believe he can overcome it. 

Can’t argue with Brit; the Populars are seriously outmatched by the Losers and I kind of worry about the Losers just dominating at the merge. It feels unlikely they might turn against each other. 

Ooh, Ally and Dominic alone in a dark room. My shipping radar is dinging! And I agree with Brad, he and Digit need matching alien costumes. 

Ally basically admitting in the confessional she could totally date Dom. I’m here for it! 

Aww, this is why I feel like Garret will be okay in the end. Because he has great friends. I do love that he was happy to live in Gavin’s shadow and I believe it, but I won’t pretend I’m excited (but also super nervous) about what is going to happen to Garret on his own.

Quinn is so eager for revenge. If she actually has a reason to get it for herself...I fear for whoever that maybe. Honestly though, most of the Freaks are not the revenge type. 

Casey performing that heroic sacrifice! Having friends makes you stupider but happier. It's worth it though Casey.

I guess Britney also performs a heroic sacrifice, which I’m sure was not a strategy to win the challenge or endear herself to her teammates. Nope, not at all.

Britney calling Brad a dumb blonde is hilarious, but then her fake dying speech KILLED me. “Tell the others… I love them…” She let out weak cough. “Except Veronica…” xDDD

Hinting at a possible redemption at Veronica? I’m intrigued. I definitely feel she has a lot more going on with her than just a horrible person. I’m not sure what’s expecting from Will. (I’m also lowkey getting some ship vibes, but I’m not sure I ship it because Natalia/Will so, but it be because I’m a fool for a love redeems story). 

I would say that out of everyone, Will is probably the nicest enough to believe in Veronica after everything. Maybe Jesse, but he feels like he’s too naive to do that.

You know, I can see Jesse being a big movie buff and lover of alien movies. He’s got a very active imagination. Also cute how he and Lyla had a moment...until Brad ruined it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was hoping somehow Jesse would dominate. But that’s super unrealistic.

Brad actually falling for the nobody’s home! xDDD What an iconic idiot.

I didn’t realize it at first, but falling down that hole probably triggered Bree’s fear. Good think her new girlfriend is there to support her <3

I love Garret’s question, it’s a question I’m trying to ask myself with my characters because motivation is so important. I feel like Quinn has really proved herself, between the dodgeball challenge and her willingness to get into danger.

I can’t wait to find out why Casey joined.

Digit just loves ruining sentimental moments. I wouldn’t be surprised if she waited for them to finish admitting truths for good television though.

I was hoping when Gar got separated he’d run into Britney. Glad it happened <3

Their scene together was honestly very cute. Brit’s persona is definitely coming down, probably because it’s so hard to maintain when you’re on the sinking ship that is the Populars xD But Gar being able to listen to her, Brit saving Gar’s skin, and Gar respecting her for having different strengths and thinking she’s smart...MY HEART.

I’m just imagining Brit and Gar having like a nerdy astrology date.

Ally and Dominic dropped in at the perfect time. Jesse going only for the glowstick was classic him. I wonder if he’s even seen a glowstick before then. 

Bree’s joke about the elevator was savage. 

Veronica actually being the distraction. I don’t know if that’s character development, but it kind of is. I like Digit actually admiring being tricked.

Also, I guess twelve against two is unfair but Chef got like 12 out of 14. Chris did bring some heavy explosives though…

And Quinn comes in for the heroic victory! I should’ve guessed she hadn’t been painted yet given she hadn’t shown up yet, but still. I personally think she has nothing to prove, she’s proved she’s an asskicker. But only she can really say that. 

For a moment, I thought the Populars might actually win somehow. But I should’ve known better. Of course Bree goes and rescues Ramona. No idea what would happen if they each got three eggs in. 

Once that happened, I knew it had to be Bree or Ramona going home. I’d prefer Will. No offense, I enjoyed him this chapter but who wants to break up them? But it just felt like he had too much going on, same with Brit and Veronica. So it had to be the couple.

I thought maybe Ramona saying she’d never make the merge would be heartbreaking foreshadowing she wouldn’t.

I appreciate Will apologizing. He shouldn’t blamed Gavin. He really is just a nice guy, even if it meant voting for himself. 

Veronica not naming names and saying the biggest threat also made it more ambiguous. Ramona is the superstar athlete, she fought a crocodile. Plus, she’s nicer so she’d have an easier time making allies and getting support. 

...Then Bree talked to Garret and my heart broke D: Like Garret can’t say that Bree reminds him of his brother and she can’t say she trusts Britney without it being her. No idea what Britney is going to tell Garret about why she voted Gavin or Bree...even if the real reason might just be to get close to Garret. 

My heart when Ramona says she can fix this, like it’s her job and her responsibility like most things, but really she does want everything to be fixed because she hates this. She’d probably volunteer to go in her place, but Bree wouldn’t let her. 

It’s probably best for Bree to go for the drama...but I don’t know if this or Gavin was a more painful elimination. Bree was hilarious, adorable, and fantastic. Her friendships with Gavin and Garret, her sass and her and Ramona were amazing. 

The confessionals after do explain why they votes happened. Bree is the more strategic mind of the couple and she does have some friends on the Freaks. And I can’t believe Bree hasn’t mentioned what happened with Veronica! Veronica’s luck hasn’t run out yet.

All the Freaks having a moment to themselves. Casey knows about Brit and Garret, Lyla and Dom know about Casey and Quinn and everyone can see Ally and Dom. I feel like some couple is going to form next chapter…

OMG, the last team challenge is next episode! I can’t believe Camp Total Drama has moved so quickly. It's double digits!

I’m so excited for what happens next, but so nervous. I feel like the Freaks have to lose next, but that will break my heart. But I honestly have no idea what will happen if the Populars lose or if I want it to happen.(Best guess would be Will eliminates himself to save Ramona. Really no clue though).

Another amazing chapter and I'm looking forward to more <3 --"Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs." 06:11, July 13, 2020 (UTC)

“Floyd and Natalia would give you advice, but they’re not here right now. Why is that again? Oh yeah, Veronica.” killed me xD
Jesse waking up all the girls was so much fun to write
It is the first challenge from Action! Mostly because I just don’t remember Action as well as I remember the other seasons (I also haven’t even touched World Tour yet, even tho that season’s one of my faves)
I couldn’t not bring back the statues from the mine challenge xD
I think Garret’s gonna be okay (and if he’s not, an army of his friends led by Gavin will avenge him)
Well, you never know what merge might bring…
Ally and Dom <33
I feel like it’s pretty common to see shyer characters like Garret wanting to break out of the shadows, even when they’re not twins, so that was my little attempt to subvert that (and Garret does have great friends <33 )
The Freaks are a pretty passive team as a whole, but if anyone were to invoke Quinn’s wrath? Game over. (There also may or may not be little jokes about who on the Freaks is the most “cutthroat” in the next chapter)
Casey’s heroic sacrifice is lowkey one of my favorite scenes from this chapter. And that’s definitely a lesson he’s learning about friends
Of course it wasn’t for strategy, Britney sacrificed herself out of the goodness of her heart xD
Britney’s dialogue this whole chapter was so much fun (Not that it isn’t always fun to write)
Veronica does have more going on with her than meets the eye. Once merge starts, I really do want to start getting into that more so her only personality trait isn’t just Awful (you know, if she makes merge…)
Jesse would believe in just about anything without much convincing xD
Aw, I would love to have Jesse surprise everyone and absolutely dominate a challenge (And I’m sure Lyla would love it too <3 )
The hole did trigger Bree’s fears :(( But Ramona was there to help <33
That scene with Garret and Quinn is another one of my favorites from this chapter <3 (Okay, maybe I just love anything Quinn, Casey, and Garret do) But the inspiration for that scene actually came when I was rereading the first chapter and saw that their first conversation was about the same thing, except neither of them were very sure about what their motivation was yet
Digit was definitely waiting for them to finish xD
That whole scene actually popped into my head at about 1 am when I couldn’t sleep, so naturally I stayed up even later to write it all down. And comparing the Populars to a sinking ship is very accurate!
That would be so cute!! <33
Oh my god Jesse probably hasn’t seen a glowstick in person before xD His mom would probably be too scared about the chemicals inside to let him near one
I couldn’t not throw in a jab at Will when they got in the elevator
The one downside to successfully eliminating most of your team: you have to actually start pulling your weight in challenges
In Digit and Brad’s defense, they’re just college interns. Chef was in the military (I think?? Honestly, what didn’t Chef do?)
After her mishap with the duck floatie last chapter, I had to give Quinn another badass moment here. I think her confidence is definitely growing, especially after her final standoff with Violet, but she’s still not completely sure of herself yet
Honestly, Digit and Brad probably had no idea what would happen if there was a tie either
I take no offense, that’s pretty fair for Will at this point xD But I promise I’m keeping him around for a very important reason…
Ramona talking about how she never thought she’d make merge was supposed to make Bree’s elimination a bit more of a surprise :(( Pretty heartbreaking either way
After Gavin’s elimination, Will was definitely on damage control this chapter, but I really did want to show that he isn’t inherently a bad guy, he just made a few bad decisions (heavily based on his emotions)
The biggest threat line was also supposed to point more towards Ramona than Bree, but my justification for Veronica meaning Bree and Britney understanding was that Veronica did try getting rid of her the last chapter too, only failing because Britney flipped the plan on her
That scene with Bree and Garret did hurt. A lot.
That’s exactly what Ramona meant when she said she could fix it :(( And Ramona would definitely go in Bree’s place if she let her (except she never would)
I’m loving all the Bree love <33 On the bright side, at least her and Gavin are reunited now (And there may or may not be an aftermath special in the midst…)
Bree unfortunately just kept putting it off :(( First because she didn’t want to hurt Ramona, then because she was too hurt over Gavin’s elimination, and then finally because she got eliminated too
There may be a couple forming next chapter… But which one?
I can’t believe I got this far either!! Especially considering the snail’s pace I was moving at when I first started. Honestly, I’m still surprised I didn’t just post one chapter, get scared it wasn’t good, and then give up xD But I’m very happy I didn’t
The Freaks have been on such a winning streak lately, it’s honestly gonna feel so weird when one of them inevitably does go home
Thank you so much for always commenting <33 And I can’t wait for more of Amazon!! Denise <3 (talk) 00:57, July 14, 2020 (UTC)

Hey Denise, sorry I haven’t commented yet. Life has gotten hectic. I hope you’re doing well! I was super excited to read this chapter though! The last one before the merge!

Knowing what the real twist is at the end, it is kind of scary that Brad came up with this plan.

But Brad loses any smart points for using the confessional. Still, I loved it. Get those feelings off your chest Brad!

The fact Ramona still wants to believe Britany and Ramona are still good people shows just how sweet she is. But the fact even she is this openly annoyed and disgusted with them shows how much they’ve worn out their welcome. Both are going to struggle during the merge.

Don’t worry Ramona, I’m also super curious at their motivations. I guess you should worry though, because we probably won’t find out till the merge so they’re guaranteed to make it.

Britney is in a real tight pickle. I’m not sure it was such a good idea to target Bree, even if she was such a dangerous competitor. There aren’t a lot of places for her to hide her intelligence on a team of four.

Ooh, the dueling challenge from Pahkitew Island. I remember that one being fun.

I like it’s Ally who points out that they could just let each other pass during the challenge. She’d be fine with no violence.

“Unless it’s to add witty commentary!” Brad said, shooting finger guns at the contestants. xDD

It is a very simple challenge, and I like the kind of mystery that it makes where you’re trying to predict what the real goal is.

So the Freaks never play dirty and that’s what the challenge is testing them? Interesting. On one hand I don’t think playing dirty is necessarily a weakness...but I guess on a reality show it is. Naturally Veronica would make the conclusion they need to play dirty.

Britney has to give some credit, Veronica is occasionally clever...she just over-estimates herself way too much. Like no offense girl, but you’re not the mastermind you think you are.

Lol at Digit calling the Freaks out for taking so long. I always feel like team discussion scenes actually do take that long. Also of course Dom is doing over the top stretches.

Veronica not being good at encouragement. Maybe it’s because she’s never received it?

Dom isn’t wrong xD Casey isn’t cut-throat but compared to the rest of the Freaks he’s a vicious killer. I love the parallelism of Britney and Casey calling each other Garret’s friend. Which reminds me, man Garret has had it rough!

Lyla going against Ramona is a clever strategy. Quinn and Casey are the most cutthroat, but Lyla is a little more strategic than people realize, if this and the Casey journal incident are anything. Plus, it’s hard to not look more cutthroat against Jesse or Ally.

Jesse looked both ways like he was at a crosswalk before starting to walk back across the dock. This adorably innocent boy xD

So Brad had the idea to test the two team’s weakness. It makes sense as a final team challenge. But the twists are Digit’s? She says don’t worry, but knowing it’s coming from Digit I’d worry a whole lot more if I was them.

If you need to point out there’s a reward, it’s most likely to be important. Especially if the word special is used. And especially if it’s for a milestone challenge, like the last team challenge or a team challenge close to the end. And the way Brad is saying it...y’all should be very driven!

The Populars just having a meltdown at the mountain when they have the lead in the anyone surprised? Not complaining because I love the drama though!

I’m not sure how much Brit is trying to make herself seem more innocent or she genuinely means she’s upset and didn’t trust Will after voting off Natalia and was worried about trusting Ramona. I mean she was worried about Ramona being a threat with all those friends for sure (I also could see her using Natalia’s elimination to slightly justify her choices in voting off Bree and Gavin. An eye for an eye).

I think it’s a mix of both. She was more hurt then she let on, but she won’t admit that and genuinely wants to get the target off her back.

I’m proud of Will trying to right his wrongs and think voting off Veronica was the right choice.

Okay, not to side with Veronica, but while Bree and Ramona being separated was horrible, she has to try and save herself. I’m not sure if it’s the best game move, but there really wasn’t a good game move to be had in that situation.

xDD A lot of viewers will be writing Will/Gavin fanfic from that elevator scene now.

“I would’ve rather you had a torrid love affair with Gavin!” Britney said. xDDDDD

I kind of love Brit getting so angry at this tho. Like she does care about people more than a normal antagonist and it makes her so more complex. And even if Natalia was a mean girl and Brit was using her a shield, there was a genuine friendship there. It is kind of a low blow to vote someone off after kissing them, but also it’s partially Natalia’s fault. Not fully, but still.

Ramona is just too trusting. Not that I don’t want her and Brit to be friends, and I love she does feel bad that Brit has been on her own.

Yeah, the Populars should’ve realized something was up when the climbing a mountain challenge was used when the other team has someone in a wheelchair.

I mean Lyla’s right, hard to root for the populars but also the Freaks are just so rootable! You want good things to happen to these kids.

Lol at Jesse’s almost dying. Do they always almost die? I like Ally’s answer. Very Ally, but also kind of true. The Freaks’ power is the greatest power of all; the power of friendship! But I also like how Garret and Lyla immediately question that. Of course Casey and Quinn are gone. Those two tend to split up.

Casey is totally right. Quinn is the Freaks’ MVP. She’s proved herself again and again, and I can’t wait for her to inevitably be a challenge beast during the merge.

Digit’s plot convenience killed me. Love a good fourth wall break.

And the Populars actually win a challenge for the first time since...forever? It’s been so long I don’t know anymore how long it’s been. But congrats. And they all forgot about the reward? Tsk, tsk y’all.

Which means elimination is going to suck because the Freaks will have to say goodbye and given there was a special reward well...oh no…

It’s the other team voting off the losers! The Freaks really do have all the twist eliminations! In a way it’s nice because I’m not sure how they would’ve voted. Making it a tie between all six eligible people? But Ally presents a problem if it’s actually impossible to vote for her. And the tie might just be letting the Populars vote them off anyway.

(Also, if they did vote, it’d probably be the Dom, Lyla, Ally and Jesse voting together and the trio would become a duo, so I’m not upset if it helps save them).

The challenge wasn’t the most exciting, but I like how it was a test. And that it was kind of tricking them by not really being all that complicated. And the play rough explanation and how it relates to the merge makes more sense on something the Freaks had to learn. And everyone does need to learn to get outside of their own heads...but they won’t lol.

Also I love Digit does not know how they’ll get down the mountain and they just do somehow offscreen.

All the Freaks chilling together and trying to come to terms with what’s happening is so sweet. Of course Dom breaks the silence and tries to keep it light hearted. Of course Ally feels so guilty and Casey is snarky about it.

I died at the allergies excuse and Casey’s response it’s synthetic xD

...OH MY GOSH. I mean, I felt like maybe Jesse’s mom was a little strict, but he has been outside and seen alien movies so I thought maybe she okayed it after he begged. he signed the forms with a fake signature! I hope this doesn’t cause him to become expelled or kicked off.

I kind of agree with Dom on it. Like, yeah it’s bad but also go Jesse. He’s trying to live his life.

Also, Digit and Brad trying to edit the footage was so hilarious xDDD

Everyone starts talking about their parents. Dom’s sister saying it’s a good way for her to exert all his extra energy. I don’t think he’ll exert all of it.

Casey’s mom is a sore subject? He might have a really bad home life? I’m starting to worry about the guy now. Maybe I need to revisit the questions from the truth challenge to seem if any relate…

So the Populars come down to the vote. I have to agree with Ramona, Quinn is the biggest threat. She’s done well in challenges and honestly she or Casey are the bigger strategic threats of the Freaks. I’m not sure if the Populars realize she’s more cutthroat though.

I do see some logic in Veronica’s plan. Ally is basically their leader and her kindness does make her a social threat. But yeah, Dom is wimpy and I’m not sure how effective voting him off will be to getting at Ally. Veronica’s only making a bigger and bigger enemy out of Ally, and the rest of the Freaks simply by hurting their leader. Great start to the merge Veronica.

Of course, when presented with the two choices I knew it had to be Dom. I mean Quinn’s too big a star. Dom did feel a bit like someone who would go home before the merge and who I lowkey expected to be eliminated earlier. I feel like the archetype usually is. I’m happy he wasn’t though. He’s really grown on me and has been an amazing source of comic relief.

I admit I didn’t click why Brit chose Dom over Quinn, since she says herself that Quinn is stronger. I started to doubt whether Quinn would go home instead or if Will wanted to make a tiebreaker so they could have a chance. Brit’s confessional didn’t help either (Lol at Veronica’s failed metaphor and Brad’s only four comment). But her reasoning is super interesting. She does care about Garret and doesn’t want to hurt him more, or maybe is convincing herself that he’s an in with the Freaks that’ll keep her alive. (I hope she doesn’t decide to vote off Garret at some point because she think he’s a weakness).

Like I said, Dom grew on me and I’m honestly sad to see him go. I am thrilled that he and Ally become an official couple. One ship down! They have a date <3

And left out on an okay pun that Quinn made better. The perfect way for him to leave.

(...Except maybe it’s not the last we’ve seen of him :O)

As sucky as Ally losing Dom is, I lowkey was excited for the Freaks girl bonding scene. I’m wondering if the truth about why Dom went home will make Ally go into revenge for real this time. (Also curious how Quinn feels about almost leaving).

Lol, yeah Lyla’s worry about Jesse’s mom isn’t totally unwarranted. She’s a woman who decided he can’t see the real world, and I’m sure Lyla’s not okay with that, so they’re probably going to get into it. (Why do I get the feeling we may have a loved one’s visit at some point…)

Awww, Casey actually does miss Dom. I’m going to miss their bromance :(

...Oh Brit. This is not going well at all. You should have just been truthful, or at least truthful in having to leave out details. Implicating Will is a bad idea, since Will is such a nice guy that if Garret (or his friends) figure it out, it’s going to blow up. I’m sure Casey will see through that lie easily.

Side note, I hope at some point Garret invites Britney to hang with him and awkward interactions between her and Casey and Quinn happen. Some kind of scene like that, or maybe a double date ;)

(I could totally see Garret bing nervous about a date so he has Casey and Quinn come as a double date, which they insist they’re not dating, but Garret is also doing it to ship them :p)

...And YUP, Casey knows she’s clearly lying. I mean it wasn’t a good lie to start with, but probably a good lie wouldn’t work so effectively on someone like Casey. This is going to be messy.

I was waiting to find out what Will’s reward is and :OOOOO

First off, excited for calls from home and an aftermath special! Seeing and hearing from loved ones is always fun, it really fleshes out the characters more. And I love to check in with the losers. Hope no one was actually lost at sea (if they were, it was probably Wendy).

And Will gets to choose someone to return? Well, given he barely knows any of the Freaks that means it’s between Floyd, Cliff, Jared, Natalia, Gavin and Bree. I doubt it’s the first three cause Will didn’t seem that close to them. But maybe he thinks they deserve a chance?

The obvious choice is Natalia because he has feelings for her. It would certainly be dramatic. I do worry maybe because of how things ended he might not, but I feel like she’s the guess I’m leaning towards. It’s the most dramatic option. Plus, how will she feel knowing he voted her out but brought her back? Or will the returning loser know Will chose them?

I could see him wanting to make amends with Gavin or Bree and inviting them back though. Usually the more recent eliminations don’t return, but not always! I certainly wouldn’t complain if Natalia, Gavin or Bree returned because I love them.

Or maybe Will just picks a random Freak and I’m totally off.

This was a really fun chapter! I’ve enjoyed both teams for two different reasons, the lovable comradery of the Freaks and the dramatic meltdown of the Populars, but I can’t wait to see what happens at the merge <3 "Maybe you haven’t seen the world, Elliot, but I have, and trust me, it’s garbage. People lie, and they hurt each other. And they were these things on their feet called Crocs." 04:04, August 26, 2020 (UTC)

Hi!! Don’t worry about it, life happens, and I hope you’re doing well too!!
Brad can be a little smart sometimes, as a treat (but only if it’s immediately followed by him being a little dumb)
Ramona is so <333 but she’s no dummy either. And things aren’t looking too great for Veronica and Brit (of course, that could change depending on who comes back…)
The dueling challenge also worked really well with the “everything is suspiciously simple” thing because in PI, there were a lot of other things happening outside of the challenge too (Amy came back covered in seaweed to get back at Sammy, Shawn went MIA because he thought the zombie apocalypse was happening, Chef had to hunt him down)
Ally is very much a pacifist. Except for that time she attacked Brad in the phobia challenge… And all the times she’s accidentally injured her teammates… Well, she likes to think of herself as a pacifist
Brad shooting finger guns was so good xD
Thinking of the Freaks’ main weakness was honestly one of the harder parts of this chapter because they kinda dominated most of the team challenges and they’re such a solid group. But when the Populars did win challenges, and it wasn’t just due to luck, it was because they played dirty. Like when Britney tricked Chef into declaring them the winners of the talent show before it was even finished
Veronica really can be clever when she’s not trying to make a spectacle of herself. It’s like how Dominic is funnier when he’s not trying to be funny
The Populars could’ve gotten away with taking forever if the Freaks’ discussion scene hadn’t been so short in comparison xD
“Maybe it’s because she’s never received it?” WOW that hit hard
As soon as I decided it was gonna be Casey vs Brit, I knew there had to be some mention to both their connections to Garret (especially with their scene at the end of this chapter too)
Lyla is definitely one of the bigger strategists on the Freaks, but like you said, next to Jesse and Ally it’s not hard to be
Jesse’s adorable naivety has got to be one of my favorite running gags throughout the story <33
On a normal day, the prospect of rewards (especially an individual reward) would be very driving to the Populars, but they were already arguing over so many things it just made sense for them to forget all about them xD
The Populars’ meltdown at the mountain was honestly one of the only scenes I had planned in advance for this chapter, it’s truly the peak of their drama
Your take is pretty spot on. Brit was pretty hurt after Nat’s elimination and I’m sure she’d love to magically make things right with Ramona again, but right now she has a target on her back that she needs to get rid of
A common problem Veronica has is that she’s burned so many bridges, she never really has any good options. Just ones that may keep her safe for another day
Viewers have been writing Will/Gavin fanfics ever since they almost sang a duet at the talent show xD
Natalia and Brit’s friendship really was so fun to write when Natalia was still around because even though Nat was the mean girl and Brit was the minion on the surface, Nat still treated her way better than how she treated Veronica and they really did care about each other. As for Nat and Will, it definitely was both their faults, but since Will’s there and Natalia’s not, he’s unfortunately getting most of the blame
The Freaks are the best kids <33
That whole dialogue sequence I actually stole from an incorrect quotes blog for another show because as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the Freaks. It was in my notes for so long that the “Brute strength?” line was actually Violet’s xD
I don’t even think it’s a spoiler for me to say I’m so psyched for Quinn to be a challenge beast during merge too!
The last time the Populars won was way back during the mines chapter, when Violet got eliminated. Honestly it feels like a year has passed since then
I did put some thought into who they Freaks may have voted for if they could vote and yeah, it would’ve been Dom, Lyla, Ally, and Jess voting together. That is how the original quartet turned into a trio in the first place
Yeah, this challenge was definitely a weaker one, but I did still like how the lessons tied in at the end
Realistically, they all probably took the Freaks’ ramp back down, but it was funnier to leave that up to imagination xD
The Freaks all chilling together is probably my favorite part of this chapter <3
Ally and Casey just have a really funny dynamic, she’s so perky and optimistic and he’s calculating and kinda snarky. It gets even better if you think about the fact that Dom has flirted with both of them xD
I always imagined Jesse watching all his alien movies on his laptop in his house with all the free time he constantly has. I wanted to mention Jesse’s mom sooner, but every time I planned for it to come up, too much was already happening
I support Jesse's actions (mostly because he’s too adorable not to)
“I don’t think he’ll exert all of it.” I can’t tell if this is just coming from how energetic Dom is or if it’s a joke about how he got eliminated right after saying this, but either way I laughed xD
There is one of the bigger ones from the truth challenge that applies to Casey, but as for his mom… Well, I don’t want to spoil any upcoming chapters
Sadly enough, I feel like the rest of the Populars would’ve agreed with Ramona too if Quinn wasn’t disabled. Since they’ve all been so wrapped up in their own drama, most of them haven’t really processed just how much of a threat Quinn really is. Ramona doesn’t have this problem for… reasons (that I know are mentioned in her bio, but I don’t think have been confirmed in story yet? If it hasn’t, it will be next chapter though)
Veronica’s plan isn’t the worst, in theory, but when put against Ramona’s, it kinda is.
…But I was still expecting Dom’s elimination to be obvious once both choices were put out there. If anything, the lack of resolution with him and Ally’s relationship could’ve made it seem less obvious, but even with that, Quinn still had way more going on
Brit was honestly the biggest suspense builder with this elimination (which is kinda funny considering she has no strong ties to either of them). She could explain away her team’s eliminations all she wants, but there’d be no explanation to getting rid of Quinn other than strategy. Something Garret still isn’t fully aware Britney has
I told you I was a sucker for last minute love confessions <33 (Still don’t think they topped Riley and Gris at the bus stop though xD)
The girl Freaks scenes are always so fun to write!! On one hand, I don’t think Quinn feels good about being in the bottom two again, but on the other, this is the first time she’s been in the bottom for being a threat rather than a liability
Lyla is facing the ultimate conflict of trying to figure out how to tell off Jesse’s mom for never letting him leave his house without having his mom hate her forever xD
The thought of Garret and Brit on a double date with Quinn and Casey is so cute!! If Peter or Gavin ever get a boyfriend, they can even make it a triple date!! (But Quinn and Casey aren’t really dating, they’re totally just friends)
Britney may be smart, but Casey knows all. With Gavin and Bree gone, someone has to be suspicious of Britney again, for Garret’s sake
I don’t want to spoil anything, but someone actually did get lost at sea (purely for comedic purposes, they’re safe and sound now) and Wendy’s not a bad guess xD
Will getting to bring someone back is honestly something I’ve been looking forward to for so long! It is fair to count out the Freaks, especially given there aren’t that many of them to choose from. Will actually was kinda close with Jared, they fought that robo-gator together! (and then had to get saved by Ramona, because of course they did) I don’t blame you for not remembering that though, Jared was unintentionally pretty forgettable xD
Nat, Gav, and Bree are all good theories! I’m so excited, but I don’t want to give anything away just yet!!
Thanks so much for always commenting!! I can’t wait to see more of Amazon too!! Denise <3 (talk) 03:14, August 29, 2020 (UTC)

So I read this chapter Wednesday before work and I totally made my day! It was just really fun but also heartwarming? Just hearing these characters again brought a smile to my face and reading it you could tell you were having fun writing them.

I guess Dom didn’t do much, but he did a lot in my heart.

...Are the losers just unsupervised on an island? Honestly yeah, I’d expect a far lot worse than a mess.

Lol, at Cliff tilting his head and Floyd tilting it back.

I forgot just how hard Floyd tries at being bad. His failed popping collar was funny, but the voice cracking killed me.

(Although I totally don’t remember the homophobic comments)

xDDD If someone had to get lost going to the Isle of Losers, it had to be Floyd. Honestly yeah, amazing it was only one person.

I love Wendy and Cliff got there first. I’m curious if they washed up on an opposite side, or did Cliff somehow miss the big house? He totally would.

<3 Gavin and Bree campaigning hard for Ramona. Also super cute they’re Ruby and Ramona. Of course Ramona’s video chat from home was just super cute overall.

Lol, Ruby was probably talking about Bree. Honestly, so happy their relationship will be happy and cute and accepting <3

I kind of like Cliff had no regrets. He seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t and honestly we all wish we could say the same sometimes.

Bree’s “It only gets worse” made me laugh so hard. And then it hit me how sad that was and I immediately stopped.

Cliff is baby.

My English major self has to say I love the phrasing, etched with worry.

D: @ Ally’s parents wanting her to quit. I mean I get it, and it sounds like it’s coming from a really good place but also...I doubt that’s what Ally wants. Ally is nice, but she’s no quitter. And she cares too much about her friends to stop.

The way her dad referred to it as a condition...makes me think of the greater stigmatization with mental health. I’m glad at least her mother allowed her to stay. Definitely wasn’t the pick up that Ally needed after losing her new boyfriend by Veronica’s latest petty move.

I love Wendy’s mindset about her natural clumsiness. I kind of get it too. If you’re going to fall no matter where you go, you might as well go other places.

xD Yay Wendy and Jared getting together! I’m surprised Digit bet against Wendy and Jared hooking up. I kind of expected they would when they got here.

...Yeah, Peter is the best person to get advice from...maybe out of anyone from the whole cast?

Oh yeah, Wendy was friends with Jesse and Lyla. Glad that was acknowledged.

I was very worried about Jesse’s phone call home, but it went pretty well! (Much better than some people’s…). He stood up to his mom, she admitted she did kind of deprive him of experiences and she likes Lyla.

Lol, I feel a little bad about everyone calling out Jared...but all I remember about him is being Wendy’s boyfriend too so…

Idk if Megan is a reference to the Drake and Josh character, but Will said her name with that energy and it reawakened that memory from my head.

Now I want a mean of Will getting slapped by Britney.

“It was his sister-in law” xDDDD that was such a burn. And from Brad? Gavin’s reaction was almost justified.

...THE CLIFFHANGER. Based on the logic said, I feel like it will be Natalia. I mean it’s someone he wronged, but wronged more than anyone. So not the Losers, and probably not Jared. Natalia it felt like he wronged the most, plus Bree or Gavin might disrupt the Britney/Garret romance. So that’s where my money is. Honestly though, this chapter has made me excited for anyone to return.

Woah Brad, what blatant favoritism. I mean Peter is great though.

Till Peter called out Violet, I didn’t realize how quiet she had been.

...CASEY’S MOM 0-0

So Casey’s mom left him as a baby? Dang, that kind of explains a lot. I want to be optimistic about her contacting him, like that means she’s interested in a relationship...if it’s not for ulterior motives. But also, is it a good idea to have a relationship with her? The fact she’s mentioned as having a leather bound journal too…

Okay, Violet trying to be good and Peter teaching her is a hilarious dynamic xD

I immediately got that Stitch reference with Wendy and Violet. Love Lilo and Stitch!

I really do feel like we saw a huge turn around for Violet during that interview. She’s trying really hard. I mean she did call Quinn “Wheels”, but she’s actually rooting for her.

Okay, Copper sounds like the cutest thing. My dachshund lost mobility in his back legs, apparently a lot of weiner dogs do. They told us we’d have to put him down, which we didn’t (it’s been five years later so). He did eventually get mobility in them back, but he still walks funny. A long story to say that Copper touched my heart. He probably would anyway though!

“The only reason you turned in for this filler episode” Only making me think Natalia comes back even more.

Her being extremely ticked off at Will also makes me think that she’ll be the pick to return. A lot of drama there. Again, I’ll be happy with anyone who returns, but this is just my guess.

Everyone’s favorite blonde. Poor Brad, but it’s probably true. Also dead at the jokes about them not having character bios lol.

Most important piece of information confirmed; Sprinkles is real <3

Seriously though, it was good to get to know more about Britney and what’s going on with her. I think maybe she’s conflicted about who she is or wants to be.

“One that most of you have been avoiding” Lol at first I thought he meant Veronica.

Gavin’s concern about Britney with his brother is so adorable.

I have to agree with Brad, nothing wrong with some light hearted shipping. Or some more serious shipping from certain readers that’s name rhymes with Honda.

I’m on Team Casey, though I see the Quinn x Garret dynamic, I think Casey and Quinn are more into each other, have had a lot of cute moments and I also ship Britney x Garret pretty hard :p

Gavin being Garret’s love one call is cute. I was expecting their abuela, but I’m glad for the twin reunion. Also Digit would totally do that to make the work easier on her.

All the eliminated contestants saying hi to Garret is so cute. Give the sweet boy attention <3

...Everyone’s wide eyes at the mention of Casey. Same.

Gavin’s intense hatred for Britney being enough for him to spill the beans. This is really going to blow up in Brit’s face. Also so sweet that Gavin used his last words to have Garret check up on his friends.

xDD Brad kills me.

You know, I might have noticed that Bree flirts with girls a lot. Just a little.

I was worried about Veronica being the only one in the know about the blackmail secret, but whoever returns will also know. I’m honestly going to be amazed at how Veronica avoids being eliminated first at the merge.

“A little dumb, but sweet.” Lyla’s mom pulls no punches. Overall, her phone call was super cute though.

Brad’s concern about who is going to be the funny one cracks me up because it feels lowkey like your concern but also...Brad you’re pretty big comic relief yourself.

(But it would probably be Jesse)

Everyone going crazy that Dom was bi...yeah, that sounds like Twitter. Maybe also my reaction lol. I do kind of ship Casey and Dom.

“This summer, we live in a temporal world where there are no rules.” Digit said. “We can do whatever we want.”

The Pandemic makes this hit weird. Like I feel I’m still living in a temporal world. I’m honestly surprised Brad and Digit have used their position to get the campers to do work or something for them.

As soon as a teenage guy showed up in the video I got weird and worried vibes. With the name Chad, everyone’s reactions make sense.

Re-reading Veronica’s bio, an awful ex explains a lot about her and why she’s sworn off relationships. As Natalia says, it does explain a lot.

Digit has some wisdom there. I think they clearly dislike Chad, but they don’t want to admit to feeling bad or concerned for Veronica. I think sometimes groups have some scapegoat, that happens almost naturally there is someone they all hate on. In TD, that tends to be the antagonists (for not undeserved reasons). They want to be mad and blame someone, and Veronica is a good enough person.

Digit and Brad popping up in weird places for their exit intros will never not make me laugh.

Honestly, I really really really loved this chapter! Sure, it’s filler. But it’s good filler that spotlighted all the characters, competing or eliminated, and really sells how strong this cast is. It was so good to see a lot of them again.

And once again no word on who’s returning! I’m guessing there will be an Eva style reveal at the start of next chapter. I can’t wait for it! I also can’t believe CTD is at the merge! I feel like it just started, but the merge brings out a lot of things. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Aw I’m so glad this chapter made you happy!! I did really enjoy revisiting the eliminated contestants too
Dom did the most in my heart <3
Yeah, I guess they are pretty much unsupervised, but in Digit and Brad’s defense, they didn’t have a lot of other options either xD
When we first entered the main room with everyone in it, I really wanted to include little bits of interaction to remind people of certain dynamics (especially Clifford and Floyd’s bromance)
Gavin may have been exaggerating a little. Floyd tried making fun of him for wearing a pink shirt, but the joke didn’t land (although this was all the way back in either chapter 1 or 2 so I don’t blame you for forgetting)
Floyd getting lost at sea honestly only became a thing at first because I didn’t have a lot of interview questions for him and I still wanted him (and Clifford) to get their fair share of spotlight, but it became one of my favorite details from this chapter
Cliff definitely either missed the giant house or just didn’t even think to go into the house until he knew where Floyd was
I don’t even remember when I decided Ramona’s little sister was gonna be named Ruby, all I remember is finding it scrawled on a sticky note somewhere on my desk and thinking it was the cutest thing <3
Ruby was talking about Bree <33 And I’m so happy for them too
Yeah, Cliff is just a very chill, go with the flow type of guy
I feel like Bree really nails having comedic lines that are also really sad if you think about them too much. That kinda encapsulates a lot of Bree's character too
The biggest thing with Ally’s parents is that they really want to support her… they just don’t always know how. And while their phone call to Ally definitely didn’t help, Ally still isn’t a quitter (plus, her friends wouldn’t let her quit)
Despite constantly falling and passing out, Wendy actually has a pretty optimistic mindset and this chapter really solidified that Wendy is someone I want to bring back in future stories (or this one… we don’t know who Will picked yet)
I think Digit was more so betting against Brad than against the prospect of Wendy and Jared xD
Sometimes when I look back at the early Freaks, Wendy feels a little detached because of how much earlier she left, so I really wanted to acknowledge that she did make some friends in the little time she was there too
I honestly wasn’t even quite sure which direction Jesse’s phone call was gonna go until I started writing it, but I was pretty happy with how it came out. Not a perfect resolution, but a start in the right direction
I feel like I owe Jared an apology letter for how little I did with him xD Jared’s another one I want to bring back in future stories, but for the opposite reason of his girlfriend. I want a second chance to actually flesh him out and give him all the character development I meant to give him in CTD, but just never got around to until it was too late (But until then everyone can keep clowning on him for being boring lol)
Megan is a reference to Drake and Josh! (A reference I completely forgot to put in the trivia, so thank you for reminding me!)
The sister-in-law line was definitely my favorite line this whole chapter, maybe the whole story. I haven’t decided yet xD
Nat, Bree, and Gavin are definitely big contenders for who’s coming back…
Violet was definitely trying to keep a low profile after the everything she did
Casey’s backstory with his mom is actually something I meant to start hinting at sooner, but the big reveal was always going to be her calling him during the aftermath special. I don’t want to give too much away though, because it’s gonna come up again eventually (you know, if Casey actually starts expressing his feelings)
Violet and Peter weren’t even planned to interact until they happened to get handcuffed together for that one challenge, but every interaction they’ve had since I’ve loved
Lilo and Stitch is so good!!
Violet’s definitely made a lot of progress since we last saw her, although Peter did almost start her redemption before she was even eliminated
The same thing happened with me and my chocolate lab! I tried pitching the doggy wheelchair to my parents, but his vision’s a little shaky too as he’s getting older and we didn’t want to confuse him. But he’s still vibing! And I was so happy I finally got to include Copper <33
Natalia just radiates drama, especially after falling victim to the biggest blindside yet
I didn’t even realize I never wrote Digit and Brad character bios until I was writing this chapter for some reason xD They’ll get their bios someday though, they deserve it
A lot of Britney’s call home was confirming some more minor things while raising even more suspicions about the bigger things (And also her dads <3 )
Gavin just wants to protect his brother! And who wouldn’t want to protect Garret?
Hmmm I didn’t know there was a Jonda reading…
In the very beginning, I did intend for Casey, Quinn, and Garret to kinda be an actual love triangle, but I think my own biases got in way of that xD Plus, I just really love their friendship dynamic and I didn’t want to risk messing that up
A call to their abuela would have been interesting (especially considering I think she would mostly just speak Spanish?), but I couldn’t resist a little twin reunion <3
I love writing flustered Garret, he is the cutest boy
Oh Bree just happens to flirt with girls occasionally. It’s not like her official title is “The Flirt” or anything
I love how you said you’d be amazed, but also completely confident that Veronica won’t be the first merge boot xD She does have her ways
Lyla’s phone call was one of the lighter ones, someone had to have a pleasant conversation with their parent. Also I’ve always pictured Lyla’s mom being just the most kick-ass single mom in the best ways, so introducing her was fun
Digit and Brad are a pretty great comedic duo, but as far as contestants go, I genuinely think Jesse’s gonna bring the most humor. Of course I won’t know for sure until I start writing scenes of the Freaks without Dom, but Jesse’s curiosity and naivety never disappoint
Casey and Dom were honestly just supposed to be a one-time joke, but they played off each other so well that it couldn’t not become a running thing. In an alternate universe where Ally and Quinn don’t exist, I could 100% see Dom and Casey happening
I wasn’t even thinking of that line in pandemic context but… yeah, that does hit different
I’m glad Chad’s name alone raised some warning signals, I purposely tried to think of the jerkiest guy name I could xD
Whoever does come back will definitely have some interesting decisions to make regarding Veronica’s past with her ex. Whether or not to tell people, whether or not to help her (if she even wants help) Because this is really the first solid reason people have to be sympathetic towards her. And yeah, a lot of them don’t know what to do with that information
I’m really happy you liked this chapter!! It’s filler, but it’s filler that I’ve been looking forward to because I’ve missed a lot of the eliminated contestants. And I promise the return will be revealed next chapter! In the weirdest way, it simultaneously feels like I’ve been writing CTD for only a couple weeks and a couple years. Thanks again for always commenting!! Denise <3 (talk) 02:30, October 22, 2020 (UTC)

Zactastic Corner

I hope you don't mind :3 I try to keep my comments in their own corner to avoid giving myself spoilers and things. I've been saying I want to read this for awhile, and it's time I actually do that. 

01 - 

First off, because I know you've read Genesis - I am always a HUGE fan of new characters in the hosting team. So I'm super excited to see Brad's and Digit's dynamics. I really enjoy when there's a second story going on within the story. In Genesis we see Rhonda struggle to keep the show afloat, and what that looks like. I found it so interesting, so I'm hyped to see what you bring to the table. 

I love the idea of the pops vs the nots. It makes things a bit more dynamic. And it already comes across with Ally and Bree. I honestly kind of love the speed run of the introductions? It's beenawhile since I've read an intro chapter that was so to the point. It's weird because you're already setting the characters up cleanly, but my eyes are really drawn to the hosting trio. I really like the comments on Britney lmao. Lindsay was a fan-fav for a reason, hopefuly Brit gets the same treatment. (Lowkey Britney reminds me of the Glee character aha) 

Alright so lowkey I am 99% sure I've read this first chapter before, but I'm confused why I never actually commented on it so meh. Jared lowkey being a geek is interesting... I wonder what team he'll be on. Lyla is setting herself up to be a bit of a main character... 

Also Romana and that tattoo is perhaps one of the most adorable things I've seen from a design perspective in a long, long time! GARRETT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. He's actually so adorable. I'm sorry but he's actually precious. I do like Gavin too though, his more direct personality could be fun. I wonder how they'll be compared to the OG twins, and the Cardinal twins from Genesis. Wait is that my gaydar tingling for Gavin?? "Calm down. It's only the first day." I live for this duo. 

Veronica making an entrance is A+. Gotta love the bitches of the season. (also pardon my language if you prefer uh... clean comments just let me know <3) Violet also being a bit... Not so nice. Interesting - more so that there doesn't really seem to be any mean guys? But a number of nasty girls. Casey is also adorable. Journalist type characters are lowkey one of the tropes I love. They usually bring something fun and have an interesting perspective on the story. 

Britney hoping that Clifford is the dog... I'm in love. I can already see her, Gavin, and Garrett being in my faves for this season. Also Britney being smart. I definately read this chapter before. I think the idea of a smart character hiding that behind being a little... uh stupid is really fun. I'm hoping we can see this play out a little longer... And just how long she'll be able to keep it a secret. It doesn't seem like Garrett is going to rat her out, but I know a lot of the girls would probably love to use that info against her. 

When Twinnett was telling me that you were a huge Savanah fan I was really confused because well she hasn't done all that much yet. But seeing Quinn in this story helps fill in the blanks. I think Quinn is going to bring something new to the story, like Savannah it's not often that we see characters with disabilities in TD stories. I do kind of enjoy her cloudy view on the world. She seems like there's something on her mind, but she isn't close enough with anyone to open up about it yet. 

I'm lowkey waiting for Chris and Chef to just peace out. Because I swear they left when I read this before. 

First off. I love that you included more scenes to get to know the cast. I think that's smart and I'm living for them. Specifically Natalia and Will. "I'm fast." lmao 

Chris being spooooooked. spoooky

These teams <3 TBH it throws me off that the names don't... match? (but lowkey I did the same thing in Frozen.). By that I mean the Salmon have a name true to TD, but the Freaks have "Freaks" as the noun and it just seems off. It's not bad just something I noticed. 

Quinn also standing out as a big character alongside Ally and Garrett. They make an interesting trio, and I can see the three of them being the main characters on their team with Violet. 

I don't think I've ever seen a character start off so... strong? As Natalia and I'm REALLY interested in seeing where it goes. Even some of Toad's, Rhonda's or even my own "bigger/meaner/game" players, haven't come off so strong. She's like sipping straight vodka when you're expecting a glass of watereddown cocktails. 

Britney casually being the voice of reason... I'm really curious what her deal is. 

Chris is hiding something... But what is it D: 

Alrighty I'm actually in love with this story so far. I think you're doing so well with the characters, and set up. You've teased a lot in, and made a lot of hooks in the introduction chapter which shows you'll be a great writer here <3 (and I mean you have been... I've just been lazy :)))

I'm going to try and keep reading/commenting as I go. I just have the memory of a goldfish and get distracted very, very easily. I'll try and catch up and then make some rankings <3 

ZacAttack Rawr 10:31, July 4, 2020 (UTC)

Aah yay!!! I don’t mind at all, I love getting more comments!!
Brad and Digit’s dynamic has been very fun to explore as the story goes on, so I’m glad you like them!
Wow it feels really weird to think all the way back to the intro chapter. Honestly, I was starting to feel like the intros were pretty weak in comparison to the rest of the story, so I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re still good and clean! (Also, Britney was actually lowkey based off Brittany from Glee)
Ramona’s tattoo is still one of my favorite things from the intros <3 And Garret really is precious!! I don’t want to spoil anything, but Garret and Gavin do poke fun at some common twin tropes eventually. And you may be right about Gavin…
Oh don’t worry about language, it’s okay! I honestly never really thought about that before, but yeah, there is a bit of an imbalance there. Aw, Casey <3 He’s been one of my faves to write
Britney is a lot of fun too, and I do remember that scene of her hoping Clifford is the dog being another one of my faves from the intros
Yeah, when there’s a certain aspect about a character I really like, they kinda just automatically become one of my faves? And Savannah with the hearing aid was definitely one of those aspects because of Quinn. Quinn is also another one of my faves to write!
Looking back, their names are pretty weird. A few chapters in, I think I just gave up and started only calling them the Freaks and the Populars
Quinn, Ally, and Garret… I want to say you’re half right? But I’m not gonna elaborate on how, because spoilers
Wow! I really hope Natalia doesn’t disappoint! (Also I love that metaphor)
I’m so happy you love it!! Again, I was starting to feel a little iffy about the intro chapter, so this really means a lot!!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! And no rush for getting caught up either <33 I really hope you like the rest too!! Denise <3 (talk) 01:01, July 6, 2020 (UTC)
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