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Winner Guessing "Contest"

Just put your signature beside the character you think will win! Only one per character, and per user. ♔ ~ Fyre ~ ♕ Living in a Fairy Tale 18:49, January 6, 2013 (UTC) Winner shall get to choose the new host for the next season.  ZacAttack Rawr 18:47, January 20, 2013 (UTC)


Britt~ We're so alike :3 Dakota Is The Best, Way Better Than You! 18:56, January 6, 2013 (UTC)



Frosty~ STOLEN!  Trey. It's short for Treyquisha. 21:02, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

Hannah~ Sunslicer2 Words are just words. They get in my way. 19:09, February 16, 2013 (UTC)

Ivy~ "Eat yo' rice!" "Don't tell me to do nothin'." "Eat yo' rice!" 20:27, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Jade~ Break through the limits! Limit Break! 20:58, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Kaleb~  Leave it to Wikia to get your username backwards. Avery...I mean Fire. 21:14, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Lexi~ Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 18:54, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

Mitchel~ We found dove in a soapless place... 16:36, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

Rosalie~ Toadgamer80GRAH-GOOGLY! 18:55, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

Saber~ Space was here and he left something real special for ya! 22:21, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Twilight-The saddest part is we're not getting paid that much! They never even buy us lunch! (talk) 19:33, February 16, 2013 (UTC)

Vishal~ Anne Maria: I was on Canada's Next Top Model! 23:31, March 4, 2013 (UTC)

Zaina~ -- WherehaveI beenall thisti-i-i-ime? 22:21, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Way to go Toad :) I'll contact you with more info... Eventually xD ZacAttack Rawr 15:43, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Final Three Guessing Contest:

Here you can predict which three contestants you think will be in the final three! You can only have one active guess at a time, so if your old guess is proven false you can put a new one- But remember no repeated guesses. The winner will get to create/choose a character to return for the second season! ZacAttack Rawr 18:57, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Ivy, Dania, Mitchel. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 16:26, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

Mitchel, Lexi, and Rosalie We found dove in a soapless place... 16:37, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

Britt, Saber and Ivy. Dakota Is The Best, Way Better Than You! 16:53, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

Lexi, Emmett, Twilight. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 10:47, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

Mitchel, Lexi, Twilight. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 12:32, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

Twilight, Mitchel, Ivy. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 14:44, February 12, 2013 (UTC)

Mitchel, Lexi, Ivy. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 15:08, March 11, 2013 (UTC)

Ivy, Jade, Saber. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 03:23, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

Ivy, Saber, Lexi. Call Me Liam, Or Triple L, Or LLLCall me Maybe! :D 11:20, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, I still have one last chance here XD Rosalie, Ivy, Britt. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 15:51, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

Ivy, Britt, Lexi Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It! 16:26, August 9, 2013 (UTC) 

Good job Manatee, on FINALLY Guessing the correct Final 3 :) Hook me up on chat or talk page for more info ^^ ZacAttack Rawr 16:07, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

General Comments

Definitely ready to see your work. ~ Bbhinton15 ~ Give your heart a break... ♪ 00:58, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

This will be, like, the first I've read of Zac's :o Can't wait, big buddy :3  Leave it to Wikia to get your username backwards. Avery...I mean Fire. 01:10, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

D'awww! Thanks you two. I hope to not dissapoint, it's been awhile since I've written third person... So yeah D: ♔ ~ Fyre ~ ♕ Living in a Fairy Tale 01:24, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

I have wanted to see how Zac would write a TD-Comp. Looking forward to this! ^_^ Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 14:08, January 5, 2013 (UTC)

Aha. I'm looking forward to seeing how I write it too! ♔ ~ Fyre ~ ♕ Living in a Fairy Tale 20:30, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

Mwahahaha with Andre gone I'm one step closer to winning the Winner Guessing Contest, and also great job I highly enjoyed Chapter 2! Space was here and he left something real special for ya! 18:48, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

Aha, thanks.I`m starting to be able to throw in some of the plot elements, but it might take a few more chapters for things to get settled.  Though... I wouldn`t get too excited, this may not be the last time you hear from Andre.... ZacAttack Rawr 18:50, January 20, 2013 (UTC)

Comments: Chapters 1-4

... Read the line. Like just above this. ZacAttack Rawr 20:11, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, I'm reading that as I said I would. Loving the intern, I don't know exactly why but I think he works pretty well with Lindsay. I still can tell if your story is more humour-based or plot-based, but it's kinda difficult to tell that from the first chapter >_< My favorites so far are Lexi and Kaleb. Especially want to see how/if his team will deal with him. Okay, onto the criticism part: I didn't see anything wrong with the writing (Good job!), so I'll just point out that Lexi's hair change colors during the story. Once you siad it was brown, then it was blond XD Looking forward for more, and I wonder who's that "elf"... Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 21:12, January 16, 2013 (UTC) 

Meep. You want to know the worse part? I had to edit out a section where I said her hair was Red.... I'm off my game today... xD But thanks, glad you're enjoying it. There is plot to the story, just, I kind of wanted to avoid doing much sense I really do hate introductions. ZacAttack Rawr 21:16, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

Ooh, so the elf is actually... An elf? o_o I was expecting a surprising logical explanation, but I think the surprise came in him joining the competition :P I was sure it was Dania who was missing in the finish line, guess that was Andre. Due to that, his elimination wasn't a surprise, but what can I expect from the first elimination? Aww, Lexi didn't do much this chapter, but Kaleb is still Kaleb ^^ Oh and I think you typed "flushed" instead of "blushed" once... Unless the word flushed can be used in that context. It's just that I picture Hannah flushing a toilet XD Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 14:33, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

Umm. Whether or not Frosty is an actual elf is still up for discussion, while he claims to be, it's obvious that characters like Ivy and Vishal don't buy it 100%- So that logical explanation could still be on its way. Ah, yeah the challenge was odd enough, and I had to try and jump around without actually showing that Andre wasn't there. I didn't really expect it to be a surprise when Andre was eliminated. However it served its purpose of fueling the Ivy-Dania "friendship". I adore Lexi as a character, and I realized she didn't do much in the chapter aswell, but it was not intentinal. As for Kaleb, he is in fanct still Kaleb. I think, but don't hold me to it, that flushed can be used in context, but yeah I see the imagery I may have misled in there, and I will prolly change it out later. Thanks again for your comment(s) :) ZacAttack Rawr 23:39, January 21, 2013 (UTC)

Wow, chapter 3 is up already? You write faster than Sprink O_O So, Ivy and Jade so far remind me of Lindsay and Heather, not that I don't like them, but I'm hoping to see something to make them more original. I really liked Frosty and Emmet's interaction, looking forward to more of them. And Twilight is so adorable, but I think her naïveté may cost her the game. Aww, my favorite is out D: well, I'm starting to warm up to other characters, such as Frosty, Emmet and Twilight. Kaleb can be replaced :P  Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 18:35, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Aha thanks mana for reading! It means bundles to me. I try to keep it a chapter a week, but who knows how long that will last. Lindsay and Heather is a very fair comparison to Ivy and Jade. I will say I've done that on purpose, but they will split from their counterparts as some point soon. I'm not exactly sure what Emmett and Frosty did this chapteer asides from the exercises, but thanks xD. Twilight is one of my little angels. As for her being naive, we shall see where that lands her- I'm sure you'll like it. I'm glad the other characters are becoming better for you, I'm trying to make many likeable, while trying to add in some drama. Yeah I was debating on whether or not I could drag Kaleb along a little longer, but if I did that, other stories would get torn and I dontt want that! I do promise thoufh, if I ever make a second season he will be part of the cast!ZacAttack Rawr 21:10, January 28, 2013 (UTC)

Hey, it's Mana. I'm on my grandpas computer and can't log in, so I will make this short. First, you just got more awesome for referencing Ace Attorney. And as a criticism, you should use more commas. Tomorrow when I get home I will expand this comment.

Aha, yeah I make... random references based on what Andre decides to PM me about on Facebook at the time of writing. And yeah, I can see that becoming an issue. I'm not a fan of grammar, but I'll try and add in some extra comma's next chapter ^_^. ZacAttack Rawr 23:06, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, expanding the comment, the characters seemed to be more unique this chapter, and it's great to see them developing a personality of their own, I also enjoyed Ivy's long confessional thorout the chapter :P Dania being eliminated, well, I saw it comming when it narrowed down to her and Ivy, but it was still surprising. And I guess my F3 guess has to be redone, even though I was never really serious with that one, it was more of a response to you saying the F3 was obvious XD Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 09:22, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, most of the characters will start to stand on their own two feet starting from chapter four and on, which will hopefully led to better interactions and friendships. Ivy's long confessional... She sure does like to complain :P. And I suppose your F3. Does need to be remade, but I understand the last one being a joke, xD Who knows maybe you'll get it right this time!! ZacAttack Rawr 10:26, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

I just finished the first 2 chapters, and ohmigosh<3. I absolutely loved Twilight, Frosty, and Ivy. They're basically my top three, right now. I love Lindsay, and the constant mention of Beth! :o I'm pretty happy about the first boot, too.... I didn't really like him. :S Anyway, really good first two chapters, Zac! :D I'll definitely keep reading! ^_^ Sunslicer2 The tribe has spoken. 15:24, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

Aha thanks for reading!! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Twilight and Frosty are two of my favourite characters too ooh and aaah at, they're just adorkable in their own ways. Ivy, well Ivy has a few tricks up her sleeve, and you never know just what might happen! Lindsay gets more and more OOC as the story goes on, and I kind of wish I chose a different host... aha, but Beth <3!! Andre was... special. But he is a character in himself, who knows you may learn to like him later on (Eliminated Contestants are around in future chapters for X, Y, Z.) Thanks again :) It really does mean tons!! ZacAttack Rawr 22:13, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

Finally read it, and I loved it! :D My favorite is Ivy. :P I also loved Zania, and Twilight (she's hilarious), and some more people. xD I actually liked everyone in it (even Kaleb, he was kinda obnoxious but he was fun :P). So, I'll read more later, and can't wait to do it! :D :P Goomila Kunis = G.ODDESS  03:13, January 7, 2014 (UTC

Ivy is a character most people like... for some reason or another. schmr #Ivyhateclub over here. Thanks for reading though boy! It means a lot to mean to still have ~new~ readers aha. Zaina is definatley something else! Twilight was my lovely in the start... And being the writer, I also love everyone, asides from ivy... sometimes. Kaleb was an interesting character, and who knows what else he'll do in this story! Glad you're enjoying it :) ZacAttack Rawr 03:17, January 7, 2014 (UTC)

So Bruno stopped being a lazy bum and read not only one, but TWO chapters. XD First of all, I gotta say that I love Lindsay as the host. :P Now onto the chapters, I'll TRY to make a more specific and long-ish comments. :P

EPISODE 3: Jade and Ivy's relationship reminds me of Lindsay and Heather from TDI, but I'm expecting Jade to actually do something, like flip on Ivy or something, and eliminate her. :P I love the Ivy/Dania's conflict also. Can't wait to see what's going on with them. :o

Britt X Hannah? :O I felt bad for Saber. Maybe because I like him better than Britt? :P But I guess a nerdyXnerdy couple would be too typical? idk.

I really enjoyed the challenge. Very creative, and a lot of interactions. I wonder if some of these conflicts will end up being important for the story. Aww for the elimination, I really liked Kaleb. But I didn't expect that, maybe because I thought he was going far. :P

EPISODE 4: I really liked this chapter. I'd say the "screentime" was way more balanced this time (not that it wasn't in the first three chapters). But this time we got to see more of each character's personality. :P

So, Frosty is really an elf? xD That's magical :O I really like him and Twilight. Now I'll ship them. :P

I loved Ivy's 2-hour-long confessional being randomly show in parts between the scenes. <3

I loved Lexi and Zaina's lip-gloss plot. :P Lexi is so sweet. <3 xD It's also funny that Zaina won the "challenge" even though she stole Lindsay's lip-gloss. Btw, I loved the "challenge". xD

Dania is gone? :O I thought she was going far actually, as her conflict with Ivy was a important plot and seemed like it would laste an entire season. Anyway, I liked Dania, but I like Ivy more, so I'm glad the mean girl stayed over her. :P

I gotta say that both of the boots were very developed. Good job! I'll read more later. :P As for favorites, I really like Ivy, Twilight, Frosty, Saber and Lexi, but I think I like everyone in the cast. Keep up the good work! :D Goomila Kunis = G.ODDESS 18:16, February 6, 2014 (UTC)

D'awww! Thanks Bruno :D I'm glad that you are enjoying it! I like Lindsay as the host too, but I feel like I could have written her better.. IDK. Thanks for making the effort! I really appreciate it!. 

(3) Ivy and Jade are two of the many (?) I won't say the exact amount... of characters who may... or may not be based off of original characters. So their uncanny similiarites may have been intentional... If Jade turns on Ivy down the road? Who knows.. Well I know -- and so does Mana. But HEY! You'll find out soon.. maybe. The Ivy and Dania conflict! Ehehehe. I think you know how that ends... but is it REALLY over?

Brannah is amazing though! Pshh. They're the first official couple in my entire story! What's not to love about them? I DID think about Saber and Hannah being together, but meh. Britt just fit with Hannah more, personally. 

Thanks for liking the challenge! I find my challenges lacking usually, but if you like it that's great! aha! I am a bit of an interaction monster... I like making sure all my characters do something 'important' usually before and after a challenge, which is why my chapters seem to be so long... That philosophy seems to have vanished in terms of Blossoming though...  And conflicts have an interestign way of randomly popping up in Frozen...

KALEB! Mana liked him too... And like I told him, I ended up liking him loads more right when I eliminated... Sadly. I'm glad that you weren't expecting him to be eliminated! I stand by the fact that the most and hopefully only trully obvious elimination was the first! 

(4) As the story goes on I think more of the characters break out of their shell! So I hope you grow to love them more and more as it goes on! 

Frosty is an elf <3 Or so he says anyways. I ship Frosty and Twilight too! But wouldn't it SUCK if Frosty wasn't an elf and was lying to Twilight the entire time?!

I TRY to remember that I'm writing for a t.v show, so things like Ivy's confessional will happen, rarely, but will happen. I find it makes it more realistic? And besides, I think that it really set the basis for Ivy's character and her conflict with Dania! 

Lindsay is an intersting host... that's for sure aha! Lexi and Zaina always have such a curious relationship, so I like giving them stories together! And Zaina winning the challenge... if I can call it, could only happen with Captain Lindsayiot it charge! But she's still a queen! 

Yes. Dania is gone. I think Mana had a similiar reaction, actually! And that's more or less when he discovered I wasn't copying Total Drama!! Like I said, some of my characters are based off of canon characters, but I'm more interested in the what-ifs... Like, what if Heather elimated Gwen really early on? Not to say that Dania and Ivy are Gwen and Heather, but their relationship is eerily similliar. Plus I like 'shocking' surprise eliminations... aha! 

Thanks again Bruno!!! ZacAttack Rawr 18:43, February 6, 2014 (UTC)

Total Drama Frozen has been on my list of reads for over, and I’m disappointed in myself for having not started it already. Not to mention all the work you do on giving others feedback, I’d want to give you feedback. So here are the first two chapters!

Chapter One:

First off, I love the theme. I never realized how much I loved winter wonderlands and Christmas till recently, but I’m a sucker for them. The idea for them to come in by carriage is great too.

Also, Lindsay as host is a genius idea, and you write her wonderfully. She’s very dumb but sweet, and you can tell she is trying her hardest and best. You just bottled that Lindsay lovability <3

I don’t know if I have a lot to say currently about the characters, I’m not sure how I feel about the characters yet. I will say they are almost all so sweet and adorable. And everyone has such shipping potential :3

At first I found Saber’s fairy tale kinda weird to tell Lexi, but now I think it’s foreshadowing. I mean, Hannah kissing Britt so early and (seemingly) forming a relationship so early…that certainly seems like it won’t last. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

I enjoyed everybody hanging out in the snow, it showed more of the characters and their interactions, plus it was just fun. I also liked seeing the thought process and behind the scenes stuff with Lindsay; it was a good way to explain some scenes, plus developed Lindsay as a character I think.

And holy crap, they found an elf? I did notice there were sixteen characters listed but only fifteen. But I wasn’t expecting for them to find an elf. I feel like this is a result of Twilght’s wish with the snowman. I think it was also a great way to end the chapter.

Overall, I really liked it. The characters all seem lovable, though I do wish I knew a bit more about them. Your writing definitely has it’s own style, and you made that Christmasy feeling in your tone. I’m excited for more.

Chapter 2: I was right, it was a result of Twilight’s wish. I do feel bad for her, that’s a sucky result of her wish. I completely get Vishal’s feelings though, and cracked when he said meth addict.

Speaking of, the confessional is pure genius; you deserve some applause for it. I don’t know how I feel about Kaleb; he was so jerkish the first chapter I didn’t like him, but he’s proven to be quite funny this season. I’m also seeing why Jade was labeled the follower now. But I get Andre’s feelings about Lindsay; she is pretty great.

The little snowball fight of Team Elf was cute, and I love how Lindsay just joins in. I loved the twist of a sudden team swap, although when they were announced, only fourteen contestants were said what team they were on (Mitchell and Twilight were not mentioned).

And of course Lindsay doesn’t realize the difference xD Also, I was thinking the elf might want a say in this. Twilight’s affection of him is so cute though. I ship them so hard. And dang Rosalie can make anything out of snow.

I like Saber so far, I like he’s suppose to be a geeky character but with a central interest that really helps create a personality. And he had a really bright plan. I love how they all naturally forms a snowball.

I completely forgot about Andre, and I thought it was pretty hilarious how he just showed up at the end. But I like there is a lot of potential on who could go home. I also ship Emmett and Rosalie.

They leave on a penguin too? Another wonderful idea. I have to admit I won’t miss Andre, though I admit I was partially expecting Ivy. I thought with Emmett, Rosalie, and Dania all voting for her (supposedly) that Mitchell, Andre and Frosty would vote for her too (since they all seemed like friends, and wouldn’t vote Andre).

Still, I really enjoyed this chapter. It gave me a bit better feel for these characters and still had the same fun tone and Lindsay filled moments of the first chapter. Code Red. Code Red Mountain Dew. It was pretty popular back then. Some might argue that it's popularity usurped that of regular Mountain Dew. I would argue... 02:02, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

I'm glad that you're loving the general theme so far! I've always been a massive dweeb when it comes to the whiteness of Christmas... and which character do I know of that would best fit the locale? Lindsay <3 She grows as the story moves along to some extent... and her relationship with her intern will continue to be expanded upon... maybe... 

I do enjoy to foreshadow a great number of things within in Frozen especially, starting from the bio's from the characters all the way to the order they arrived in... That being said, Saber's story may or may not be foreshadowing, you'll just need to wait and find out!

A person who claims to be an elf was found... If they're a real live elf, only the future knows!

(2) Twilight <3 Asides from Dania, who was ALWAYS my number one in Frozen, Twilight was a close second. She's just so <3 <3 <3 for me, and writing scenes where she's upset was difficult. 

Thanks for liking the confessional! I really enjoyed creating the theme of the season including the little penguin at the end! 

Jade really does enjoy following people, in particullar Ivy, but it leads to some interesting scenes! As for Kaleb, I think he's been a hit or miss with past readers, so you never know!

Your thoughts on the cast are much appreciated :3 I think you'll really enjoy where the story ends up going. Mana has been a strong advoocate of me warning my readers to "expect the unexpected" due to the events that happen in a few chapters.... it just might be life changing :) ZacAttack Rawr 09:14, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

I admit to not reading the bios, as I wanna avoid any spoilers that might be there (the problem with joining late :p). But once I finish I'm going to read them all and see how they foreshadowed.

I feel the same way about Twilight; <3 <3 <3 is the feeling she creates! Ooh, this warning is but scaring and intriguing me. I'm already enjoying it tons, so I guess I'll see ;) 

I also have have my thoughts on the next two chapters (I'm trying to read a few things to catch up so I planned on waiting, but I couldn't resist reading more!) 

Chapter 3: I bet Chris would be proud of you Lindsay, I know I am :3

It’s like Jade’s become a new Lindsay, without being a blonde. And Ivy has a diary? That’s going to backfire.

I’m assuming Kaleb is still putting on an act, because he is being way too friendly. And Vishal seems a bit more like a jerk than I realized, but it does make me wonder about Britt’s intentions. And Twilight, you adorable gal <3 Protect your man.

I do like the idea of an Emmett and Frosty friendship, I thought you interacting pretty funnily. And a snowstorm is coming? I’m sure that won’t be a problem…

Hannah and Britt are pretty cute though. It was a nice try to get what she was talking about Britt. And I can’t tell if Ivy is jealous…or just Ivy.

Wait, is this the island from Total Drama or a different one? Because the fact there was a war on this island is pretty great and hilarious. I love how Lindsay is just sending them to go retrieve a pearl.

And fighting against frozen mummies? I didn’t see that coming, but I like it. And why does Ivy wanna go alone with Dania? Frosty makes a good point to Jade. And Emmett and Rosalie are still cute <3

Poor Saber, he’s become the third wheel. And woah, they found the pearl kind of easy. I feel Mitchel too, and it is awful strategy of Ivy to be a jerk. Does she not remember how Heather fared?

And poor Lexi, she didn’t deserve that kind of yelling. Hope Kabel get’s the boot for that. I was really worried about Twilight though, almost becoming a zombie :( But I’m glad she’s fine. I’m guessing the ‘mummies’ the others saw were just interns or their imagination?

Go Ivy for winning the challenge, but wait how did Dania help the other team? And so Vishal shows he is actually a schemer. I wouldn’t say I’d miss Britt, and it’d certainly be an interesting twist. Why is Zaina in on this? She’s been kinda crazy, but I like it >:)

Twilight and Frosty are still so cute <3 Oh, so that’s how Dania helped the other team and why Ivy wanted to go with Dania. You comfort Lexi Dania, poor Lexi didn’t deserve that :( She’s so scared.

Zaina why are you glaring at Lindsay? I feel like she tried to steal that flower pot. Hmm…why did Vishal get a vote? Several interesting mysteries. But alas, Kaleb goes home. I can’t say I’ll miss him that much, even if he was trying to change. Twilight and Lexi were too important to get rid of, and Britt seems like he’s too plot important to leave yet. Still, I could never really tell who was going to go home until the last minute.

And of course you have spidey senses Lindsay <3 I realize I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I ship her with Brandon. It seems like a lot of interesting plots are starting and I can’t wait to find out more.

Chapter 4: First, of course Lindsay’s room is pure pink and that she has a book ‘Hosting for Dummies’. And someone stole her blossom flavored lip gloss? I have a feeling I know who that is…

Poor Dania, Ivy is being really mean to you. And I like Jade tries to stick up for Ivy, even if Ivy doesn’t necessarily deserve it. And Ivy…you’re kind of a hypocrite here with the whole spoiled princess thing. Just saying.

And poor Lexi is still traumatized :( I enjoyed that Ace Attorney reference. And okay, I like Zaina a whole lot more now that’s completely bonkers. I also like Vishal as a strategist. I feel bad for Saber, but he should know Vishal is playing with him. And Ivy…your ranting is starting to remind me of when Courtney ranted about Duncan in the confessional. Do you like Dania?

Hooray for more Frosty and Emmett and Frosty and Twilight. Frosty and Twilight are just so cute. And of course Santa wanted to get buff.

And why do I feel like Ivy is going to get trapped in the confessional during a snowstorm. Poor Dania still, I liked learning more about her home life. Wanting to prove yourself strong. And poor Mitchel too.

While I could see Lindsay causing the snow storm, since it was foreshadowed last episode, I kind of doubt it. And dang Santa, how can you oppose true love? I do like there is some conflict between their love, even if I ship it so hard.

And an evacuation? Dang this is serious. Although it does confirm it is the original island. And of course Lindsay makes finding her lip gloss a challenge. Chris would do something like that Lindsay, be proud.

I like Lindsay asking questions at the elimination ceremony, I agree with her it spices it up. And Emmett and Rosalie, are so gonna be a couple. And woah, I didn’t see Dania going home. How did Ivy get the votes for that? I thought it was going to be Frosty, maybe wanting Emmett to send him home to Santa or something.

It’s sad to see Dania go, and I really thought she’d last longer. It was certainly a shocking elimination. I enjoyed this chapter and it’s focus on character interactions. It made me really like the characters more. Code Red. Code Red Mountain Dew. It was pretty popular back then. Some might argue that it's popularity usurped that of regular Mountain Dew. I would argue... 19:06, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

Merp so I'm going to just make a mass comment rather than micro comment on your comments/.. That sounds odd but anywho!

I'm glad you were compelled to read even more! And that your rankings have already changed... I predict they will change atleast once more, Frozen is definately a roller coaster! I'm sure you'll enjoy the bio's and I understand not wanting to get spoiled, it is a risky bussiness! I think one of the things you may notice, atleast when it comes to the plot is that it is structured differently than most stories. The first four chapters were Dania-focused, and so read as a whole led to her elimination from start to finish. 5-7 lead to xxx's elimination, etc, etc. The comments are divied up to reflect that....

I'm glad that you're loving Twilight and Frosty so far! They're definately very adorable as long as they're together! Twilight seems to forget about the rest of the world as long as he's around, but he has lots to consider when it comes to Twilight and his feelings as a whole... 

I would agree that I have a very 'Lindsay esque' (and Izzy for that matter... and Mike I suppose) character in the story, whether it's Jade or not well, you'll see. I really enjoyed writing for Jade! I feel like she was a type of character not really written for in stories! But I assure you, my characters who resemble the original cast (asides from the Mike wannabe... oops) were all intentional! As for Ivy... I feel like her and Heather share a number of qualities, but at the same time they do have differences... her diary being one of them. As for how she amasses her votes for elimination.. .all will be explained in time, maybe. Or maybe I don't even know... oops. 

Merp Kaleb... Yeah he was never meant to be a surprise elimination, I had enough of those planned in the coming chapters! I did what I could to try and bring his character to life, whether it worked or not, meh. 

Emmett and Rosalie? They could be cute I guess! I agree they do seem like long-lost lovers at times! And Emmett definately has some fun scenes with other characters... and animals. 

Britt and Hannah <3 They're one of my OTP's in this story! Second only to Twilight and Frosty of course! I feel like there's something to be said about love at first sight, and these two will definately show it off! I do agree! Saber kind of rolled the low ball on the dice in this one, but things might get better! .. Well if Vishal has anything to say about it, that is!

Zaina and Lexi! These two bumbling idiots <3 They're full of surprises I think! But now that Lexi is scared for life.... 

Mitchel definately kept his team together, but maybe now that Dania's gone the team will be able to cooperate some more! You never know, the best rememedy for peace is, well to you know, remove the problem!

Dania... </3 Her elimination sets off the rest of the story, so sadly it was a needed loss. Her elimination might always be a mystery, but the way she effected her teammates will never be forgotten </3 ZacAttack Rawr 21:51, July 20, 2014 (UTC)

This is very overdue, nonetheless better late than never I suppose! First off, I love how you have a ton of description, but nothing is over-described? if that makes any sense xD. I also love Lindsay being an intern and Brandon, I'm assuming Brandon is based off of BB right? :P. Nonetheless I really like his character!

I really like this cast too! They all fit into a certain category with each other, and yet have their own quirks and traits which make them unique! I think my favourites so far are Britt, Rosalie and Jade (even though it's pretty early). 

There is one slight critic I would make. You use a lot of commas or "comma splicing"; which makes the dialogue in my opinion sound kinda choppy and it doesn't flow as well. Otherwise, the story is perfect so far! I loved the remote cliffhanger ending for Episode 1 too, I'll try and review Episode 2 either later today or tomorrow! :D Am I Chasing Tiiiiiiime Because I've Wasted My Time On You 18:03, November 13, 2014 (UTC)

Hehe. Do not worry about it friend ;) Read at your own pace! Lindsay is merping in this story some liked her, I never really did haha. But I did like her and Brandon, who is based off of BB. 

The cast is... something else that's for sure! I'm sure you'll learn to love and hate all of them within time... As for Britt, Rosalie and Jade who knows where they end up in this story. Looks can be devieving... 

Merp. My grammar has and always will be terrible :3 But I will do what I can :) Thanks for reading friend <3 ZacAttack Rawr 23:23, November 15, 2014 (UTC)

Comments: Chapters 5-7

Looky looky! I posted chapter five!! ZacAttack Rawr 01:20, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

Yay, new chapter! Poor Brandon, but at least Zania and Lexi made the introduction good. Speaking of Zania, sometimes I forget she exists XD I'm sure I would get most references in this challenge if I watched Madagascar, but since I didn't... Yeah. Mitchel's remark about his friends being eliminated <3 I guess he should become Ivy's friend if you want her out soon XD Ooh, and about the characters based on existing characters, I have a guess. Would Rosalie be based on Bella from Twilight? Aww, you don't have to be sorry for posting the chapter late just for eliminating Emmet :3 Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 12:31, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

... XD I did not change the names of the characters who I referenced from. But yeah, the penguins made their first appearance, maybe not their last in chapter five. I tried to make it easy to follow whether or not you've seen the films, but that's never easy when you're talking about penguins. I never really planned for Brandon or Lindsay to be "good" hosts, but there are differences between the two, such as Lindsay can actually control the contestants and has (some) respect, while Brandon is teased. Zaina and Lexi :D I needed to have some newer friendships due to the Frosty-Emmett friendship dying, so I tried out a number of odd pairings this chapter (Mitchel and Ivy anyone?). Yeah... I decided to put Mitchel's comment in there if only to hint towards Emmett being eliminated, but I'm pretty sure based off of other things it was rather obvious his time was coming to an end (that tie!!). And finally (so long!), Zaina will have more to do starting in the next chapter, she's finally getting some real "story", I'm not exactly sure you can call it that though, aha. ZacAttack Rawr 13:53, February 8, 2013 (UTC)

Isn't it ironical how I'm the only one to read it, yet each episode someone I guessed is eliminated? >_< I loved the tribute to Lavigne, and I wish I had read it, why was it cancelled anyway? Ivy did seem less vilanious in this chapter, maybe because Dania is not there anymore, and also for Vishal to step up as a bigger villain. Speaking of that, I'm starting to see Britt in a better light, he seemed a bit vilannious in the first chapter, but now he is even pitiable sometimes. Aww, Lexi is out. I have to admit I thought I'd like her a lot more than I did, but I'll still miss her D: Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 14:43, February 12, 2013 (UTC)

I'm starting to think you're cursed!! Aha. Yeah, I hope people enjoyed the chapter- the only issue was it was slightly shorty and ergo a tad choppy, but I think it worked, to create a more surprising, hopefully, elimination. Lavigne was cancelled due to me finding out some information at the time in regards to an ex of mine, and I just couldn't bring myself to write. Ivy was never really intended to be a villain, but we shall see her story evolve more soon. Vishal... well I have no comment... Britt wasn't ever meant to seem like a villain O_o he was always just meant to be Hannah's boy friend, even though they really shouldn't be together in the first place- though it seems I failed to build on their relationship as much as I would have wanted... Originally, Britt was going to convince Saber to ask Hannah out... #Awks. Lexi.... I don't know how I feel towards her. At first I adored her, but then I tossed out her story- as it would have been too many couples.... Zaina x Lexi. ZacAttack Rawr 21:35, February 12, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, it took some time but I read! I loved Brandon's bit in the intro, complete with that moment that will be forever dubbed as a VonKarma moment in my head XD And Vishal is still teaching Puck ball to Britt? I wonder when he will realize it'a hockey :P Hannah and the birds remind me of this disturbing movie I saw... Oh God, why? >_< I also love the random point giveaway in the challenge, Lindsay is a great host, at least for our entertainment XD  I'm enjoying this love triangle, even though I'm not a fan of them. It's that unlike the cleché ones, the original lover is the handsome guy, and the guy who replaces him is the nerd... Wait, Hannah is out? Yeah, I guess Saber went back to being the underdog. Well, one more reason for me to enjoy this plot! XD Oh, and in the whip cream scene of this chapter, I think you wrote "Mitchell" instead of Frosty :P Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 20:28, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

Aha, atleast you read it :D I rather it later than never! As for Brandon... I have no clue where I was going with that- but I;m glad you enjoyed him xD No clue who or what VonKarma is though? Yes.... Puck (wink wink) ball. I thought it would be nice for them to continue their interesting story of sports... aha. Hannah... Oh Hannah, you see, her story was never meant to be like this, never. But once I changed it to be more of a "bad" girl, I decided she should play with the birdies :D And I like Lindsay as host aswell, though she's not exactly as fun, personally as Chris was but I am working on it! I have no clue what I was doing with this love triangle type-thing. Like I said before it was NEVER meant to go like that, Britt was always meant to just, kind of catch on to Saber liking Hannah and kind of letting him date her instead- though I like how it ended up better... But yes, Hannah is OUT. She was...Meh. And ty I will adjust that now!! ZacAttack Rawr 21:48, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

(5) Just read it. I'm too lazy to comment so I'll just leave a generic comment. Sorry for the lack of feedback. x( Well, Ivy ownage. <3 I liked Emmett tho. :( xD But I'm glad Ivy's in charge. :P And I loved the penguins. <3 I promise I'll leave a more in-depth comment next time. xD Goomila Kunis = G.ODDESS 19:15, May 2, 2014 (UTC)

It's not a problem Bruno! Ivy is definatley Ivy-like... but I think you might find a fault next chapter ;). The penguins are the true evil of the island! Maybe they'll come back.... Thanks again though! ZacAttack Rawr 19:26, May 2, 2014 (UTC)

Bruno laziness it over. Reading more chapters! :D lol

(6) I love Lindsay's relationship with Brandon. It's really fun, and I also like when the non-contestants have some screentime and interact between them (I ship ChrisXChef, ok?) I also don't think I've mentioned it, but I really like Brandon too, he's a good character, and I love his interactions with the Zania/Lexi. <3 Things are getting interesting with BrittXHannahXSaber. I feel bad for Britt, actually, even though I think SaberXHannah is pretty cute... and all the references. <3 xD Aww, Twilight is creepy but she's sweet. lol Jade combo-breaking twice. <3 xD Really good job at developing Vishal as a villain! Ivy still must kick his ass, though. :P Aw, poor Lexi. Zaina voted her off? :O Shocking elimination, I expected Saber or Britt to go, but I'm glad both are still in, because drama is bound to happen. :P Valar Morghulis - Valar Dohaeris 02:39, July 26, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks :3 I'm glad you're liking Brandon! I wasn't sure when I added the 'interns' in the first place but I think Brandon really helped bring out the... better qualities in Lindsay! Plus he's always up to something with lexi and Zaina, by choice or not, well that's apparent. #LoveAtFirstSight though? I'm a proud shipper of Hannah and Britt, but I think I might be one of the only ones? All relationships have some issues! Twilight is the sweetest! Jade being Jade-Like is something she is very good at.. 

Thanks for like Vishal! Between you and Rhonda I'm actually surprised, out of the cast of Frozen, Vishal was my least favourite to write for, but he seems well-liked! ,,, And maybe Ivy will, maybe she won't! </3 Lexi had to go, sadly, but expect lots more drama to follow! ZacAttack Rawr 05:07, July 26, 2014 (UTC)

(7) Another chapter. Lindsay/Brandon interactions. <3 The scene in the boys' cabin was nice. Loved the scene with Ivy/Jade. They are a good duo. Agent Z. <3 lol I hope Lexi forgives Zaina. Oh, Saber and Britt... poor Frosty. xD I really liked the challenge. Really creative. #ChaosJade causing the birds to attack Hannah. xD I really laughed at Lindsay giving both teams points for nothing. xD Oh, Britt and Saber... and a proposal... that's awesome. I'm shipping SaberXBritt now. jk :P Ivy vs Zaina was amazing. <3 Hannah and Britt are done? :o I love the drama though. lol

“Why are all the boys chasing after her again?,” Jade asked Rosalie, who shrugged.

I laughed at that. xD I Always liked Jade, but she's been particularly amazing this chapter. Oh, smart move Ivy... or actually a dumb move from Vishal. xD Agent Z. <3 Ivy and Jade's handshake. <3 xD Aw, poor Zaina. Can't Lexi return? :( Hannah is gone? As a character, I didn't like her that much, but the triangle plot was great. It wasn't lame like our canon TD triangles. Will Britt and Saber get along now? Or are they still going to be rivals? Valar Morghulis - Valar Dohaeris 22:30, September 16, 2014 (UTC)

Brandon AKA BB was aa fan-fav :O And I think everyone loved him and Lindsay and their fail-hosting! The boys as a whole are fairly dynamic I think, and now that Hannah is gone.... Who knows what could happen! 

Ivy and Jade <3 I don't think I've ever made a friendship that I love nearly as much as the bond that they share... maybe Lexi and Zaina? Agent Z <3 In retrospect; before I fell in love with Zaina interacting wiith Lexi, Zaina's story was supposed to be more Agent-Z based. As she ran around the island in an attempt to save her flower friends... But bits of that died when Lexi came into view... I wish Lexi returned D: She does for Blossoming... but uhhh yeah. 

Hannah.... Hannah was iffy in this season. I think Mana would agree, her personaliity was more apparent in the sequel... but you know what can I do about that now?... maybe she'll appear in After The Drama... if I get the chance to write anything D: I'm glad you really enjoyed the love triange <3 It felt a little bit rushed? But I had to dump Hannah early for reasons :P As for how the boys react... You might have to wait a lil while longer to find out hehehehe! 

PS. The Christmas Special has begun! Expect some.... interesting relevations! Plus the entire story improves by two-fold afterwards! ZacAttack Rawr 02:35, September 17, 2014 (UTC)

Well it has literally been forever since I finished chapter 4, but hey better late than never right? I was in a christmasy spirit and realized I needed to finish Frozen <3

I just love the duo of Zania and Lexi <3 They bounce off each other very well. And of course Ivy snores :p Emmett and Rosalie are so cute <3 I was so excited…and the Rosalie ran away >_> Girl, you’re the hopeless romantic, get with the romance! And Jade is smarter than she appears…I always love it when the follower is secretly smarter :p

And now Rosalie is talking to Mitchell…what? Girl you not be flirting with several men are you? I mean I know you and him are friends but…what? (also I may have found a tiny grammar error; when you say ‘expression list’ do you mean expressionless?) And oh…she had a pimple? Or is that code for something…

So Britt and Hannah are official…yet there is certainly a conflict going on with Saber. And more Frosty and Twilight <3 And oh woah, a Penguins of Madagascar reference! I suddenly feel very old :|

Thank goodness my ship was saved and sailing! <3 And woah, Emmett just asked to kiss her and they are happy together. There was no complications or anything. Who knew you could just do that?

A small issue I have is that the teams confuse me. In chapter 4 Twilight didn’t participate in the elimination ceremony. Yet she and Frosty are working together this challenge. In fact everyone is mixed together with everyone. I guess they’re just that friendly with each other, but it comes across as they’re all working together/sharing plans.

Hannah, why are looking at another man while making out? And does Saber feel no guilt for crushing/trying to steal his friend’s girlfriend? He’s also way into this fantasy roleplay, like Leonardo into it. I’m starting to think he has issues with his self-esteem…and maturity.

And of course the penguins capture them <3 And Emm and Rosalie are already having some issues… And Ivy stirs the pot; you go girl, cause that drama! And oh no, it causes Saber to become emasculated by Britt... why do I feel they’re the next focus of this story arc?

And wait, Rosalie has a secret Twilight knows about? Did I miss this? Is it the zit (I think it’d be funny if it was). Except I’m not sure if it was a zit…

I’m confused at how the Misfitz won? Was it cause they got slapped by a fish? Did he smell his friends on Team Olympic? And what even is this Hannah? Kissing Saber? For…getting slapped with a fish? I’m not sure how to feel about any of this.

And Jade is very smarter than she appears. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she was using Ivy… and I love how Ivy tries to go flirt with Mitchell xD I kind of ship though…Though it looks like she is in hot water now.

Oh nos! Rosalie does have a secret that could change her and Emm’s relationship. And I have a sinking feeling he’ll go home…Which he does D: NO!

Of course we’re left with a cliffhanger on Rosalie’s secret? Is she terminally ill? And does that mean Mitchell tied the vote? (Also great idea in how to settle tied votes…I might steal it :p).

Overall, a great chapter! I loved the focus on Rosalie and Emm, who needed some more. Really though, everyone got a good share of focus and it felt like the story moved forward a lot. Lexi and Zania weren’t too noticeable after the opening, but I loved their moment and they had tons of focus last chapter so they didn’t need it. I did miss the lack of Lindsay in the chapter, but Brandon made a fine host. And the drama this chapter…AMAZING <3 I think it provides a shake up we need.

Chapter 6: I was going to wait but I have time and there were too many questions left hanging that have invested me so…onward!

Oh Xmas is coming! I honestly am feeling so Christmasy right now! I’m curious to see what’ll be done for the Christmas special. Excited to hear Beth might make a cameo though :3

And I’m loving the conflict between Brandon, Lexi and Zaina. Hmm, so Zaina is acting out orders for Vishal, whose kind of an antagonist type, so I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Still I loved the opening, it cracked me up especially Zaina’s confessional joke!

And ooh a singing challenge! I’m already listening to Christmas music, so sign me up. I like how you used ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ to transition from scene to scene/foreshadow actions.

And dang; so Britt knows about Hannah and Saber. And he’s not taking it so well, which is understandable. And I’m loving Vishal more and more. His gloating is very fun and he’s proven very competent, seeing he’s working on both Hannah and Saber too. You should feel guilty though Hannah; two wrongs don’t make a right.

Is Jade watching them or talking directly to them? And why is she referencing the losers? Maybe to get their support? Find it weird she references Dania considering they were enemies…Jade, you are a mystery…what’s going on with you…

Eeee! Frosty kissed Twilight <3 (though why does he reference Dania, did I forget something she said to him? Or did he mean Jade?) And of course Lexi is the only one who can see Vishal is a bad guy.

Ivy and Mitchell’s flirting was getting really cute :3 I’m not sure if I want Mitchell to redeem her…or be tempted to the dark side.

So wait…Rosalie voted out Emmett? :O I feel like I have just been hit by a bus driven by plot twists, which is to say I didn’t see that coming! I wonder what her secret is? What ruins her love life? I’m super worried now D:

And what was Vishal wanting from getting Zania to get a flower…hmm. Oh dang! The drama train pulls in for the Misfits! And Rhonda has a first class ticket. Which is to say, I enjoyed how everything just went crazy and chaotic. (Also, there was a mention of not figuring it out for five years and that he’s not Lindsay…did Tyler cheat on Lindsay? Was that established and I just forgot :p)

This elimination ceremony is going to be juicy <3 Hooray for Twilight’s safety! But everyone else got a vote :o I imagine Lexi voted for Vishal…

…but I didn’t imagine that Lexi would be voted off D: I’m even sadder now, I really liked her and Zaina’s friendship. So Zaina’s plan was to get a flower for Lexi because she was going to vote her off to spare her from all the negativity. Something tells me this was all Vishal’s plan…

Though it may have seemed like I was confused a lot, I wasn’t :p Just asking myself questions out loud and I think I understand most everything now. This was a really great chapter <3 I loved the transitioning method through songs and really enjoyed the drama that was going all around! It felt like a nice new change of pace.

Overall, these two chapters have been amazing <3 Can’t wait to see what happens next as this drama continues to unfold! (And I should update the rankings soon too!) What could possibly go wrong? 00:34, November 2, 2015 (UTC)

(4) This is the best time to reread the story! I'm glad you haven't forgotten it! <3  

I think everyone seems to really enjoy the friendship between Lexi and Zaina. And I'm REALLY excited for it. The idea between those two was to try and create the bromance? That guys get to have between two girls, I'm not sure if that's the impression that they end up giving off, but either way I'm happy people like them! 

Emmett and Rosalie... I'm not sure if this was ever mentioned to you, but they're based off of two of my favourite characters EVER, from Twilight... haha. So I feel like  a lot of their cutesy lines make more sense if you've read the books haha... And Yeah Rosalie has got to get it together!

Jade and Ivy they definately have a different relationship than Lindsay and Heather had... 

Merp I haven't read this in forever so IM thinking the Mitchell/Rosalie thing is just a friendship. In fact yes, it's a frienship I promise. Errr, I do believe that's an error, my bad! As for the pimple... It is kinda a code? You'll understand eventually, I've already said too muchQ

The Britt and Hannah relationship! I feel like I foreshadow a bit for their relationship, and the whole Saber thing... So I don't know you'll see! 

Frosty and Twilight are my BIGGEST regrets in this story so far, just based on how I wrote them. I love their relationship, but that's all I care about when it comes to the pair... 

PENGUINS! All I',m going to say xD 

So Britt and Hannah are official…yet there is certainly a conflict going on with Saber. And more Frosty and Twilight <3 And oh woah, a Penguins of Madagascar reference! I suddenly feel very old :|

Yeah... I have a big issue in a batch of chapters where I do cross-teamwork for no apparent reason. I promise it gets cleaned up later on!! 

(5) Hannah... Oh boy she's something else. You'll quickly learn I have a problem where my female characters become... special. As for Saber, there is something going on with him, and it was addressed in Blossoming, but since that got scraped for now, I will say he does see a therapist post-Frozen... 

PENGUINS are cool ok? I'm glad you enjoyed them haha.... 

I feel like Emm and Rosalie have an interesting relationship and that things happen for a reason when it comes to those two... 

Ivy is EVIL. And my LEAST liked characterin Frozen, despite her being a fav to some. 

After the Dania story arc it's possible that it goes to the love triangle, I'm not going to lie, I don't really hide the story arcs themselves, they tend to get slightly more focus than the rest... But that's all I'll say on that. But yes Saber and Britt have an interesting friendship? 

I never mentioned the secret ever. So you didn't miss anything, unless you're a super sleuth! It will come up later on, and yes. it was the zit.. maybe. 

Again this is part of the whole I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO WRITE THING. (After the Lexi chapter I returned to writing after a number of months) So things are weird. The IDEA behind the winner was that, the penguin could smell his friends on the Olympians so he didn't trust them :3 

The saber kiss was more because he pulled the stick from the snow (Like Exaliber) from earlier in the chapter... Let's get real they're not exactly the biggest romantics. 

Haha yeah Jade is definatelu up to something, whatever it is... I'm sure you'll find out soon enough! Maybe you're right! As for Mitchel and Ivy... That was COMPLETELY by accident, like I saw I needed an extra scene for both of them and so they got forced together but it turned out so <333

Yeah... Rosalie has a secret.... Sadly it does send Emm home (He and Dania were my faves in Frozen.... Go figure) The person who tied the votes WILL be revealed.... 

I'm glad you liked the interactions in the chapter! I feel like my stronger writing is in the stories I tell, and less so in the challenges but it's something I try to work on... Sorta. 

(6) Hehe I'm glad you're binged into it! I tried to do that for a couple of the chapters, that were meant to be more of a part 1/2 kinda thing...

Hehe! The Christmas special... I feel like it's something you'll either LOVE or HATE. But that's all I'll say haha...BETH AND someone else... maybe.

Brandon... Lexi and Zaina... Oh lord I love having CHARACTER interns, which is what you also do, so I know you know the feeling that it's nice to have the extra characters for story, and I feel like he adds some spice to the girl-power duo!... As for Vishal, I'm honestly shocked because both you and Mana only really realized how ~evil~ he is now, when he's been playing Britt and Saber for a number of chapters prior?  

Hehe I love song chapters :3 I feel like they can really help inspire things... Most of the events that happen with Britt/Saber/Hannah were never supposed to happe this chapter or ever, but you know they did so OOPS. 

Yeah :3 I feel like it would be much more interesting, and more realitistic for Britt to be aware of things, I mean there's not very many places to hide things like that haha... Yeah Vishal really starts to pick up pace now... and Hannah is so ewwwwy. 

No comment on Jade. 

As for the kiss OMG YES I WAS SO HAPPY I COULD WRITE THAT. They are my fav so OBVIOUSLY forced couple, but I don't care haha. The comment about Dania is meant to say Dania... even though Jade is the one who says it... Because it's such a Dania thing to say, he doesn't expect anyone else to say it, and after a kiss he's in the moment and not really thinking. 

Mitchel and Ivy, i feel like they might be my fav. accident from this story, and as for which way they end up falling, or even if they fall together... You'll have to wait and see :3 

Rosalie's secret is something that she has to keep that, a secret... I feel like her voting out Emmett was out of love... Maybe. Sorta? 

The Tyler thing, I imply that he did, but I never mention it before this. I imply a number of things when it comes to the original crew, especially in the next few chapters... No story-plot reason, just for fun, and building my own personal world :3 

Lexi.... Oh lordy lord, it's really hard to see her go. I feel like she was a happy light for the story, and without her everything is about to go off the wheels. As for Vishal... it's very possible he had this all planned, but you'll know for sure eventually! 

I'm SUPER glad you're loving it, and I completely understand if you were slightly confused haha. I write in werid circles in these chapters. And I really like threading story lines together briefly and then continueing them later on... haha <3 Thank you for reading! ZacAttack Rawr 01:57, November 2, 2015 (UTC)

Seeing your new blog made me realize I haven’t finished commenting on Frozen yet and since I’m also done with Spring Break, now seemed like a perfect time to read a Christmas fic :p So let’s see where I felt of…

7: Alright first off, Saber saying its not a game. Dude is really out of reality. I may know a slight spoiler so I’m a bit worried about where this is going…

And it really seems like Jade is smarter than Ivy here; Ivy is lucky to still be in at this point (still not sure how honestly as much as I like her). And checking back “Aca-cuse me?” was said by Dania before. Granted she only said it once, but it seems like she’s copying Dania. And now Emmett. I feel like I could be wrong but I remember her doing something similar before…

Okay Hannah, what do you actually want? You’re worried about Britt breaking up with you but you want him gone. I think you and Saber are a better match…you’re both delusional. And I miss Lexi too Zania :(

But at least I have Frostlight <3 Except what will happen to Frosty on Christmas Eve? D: My ship can’t die!

Time for a dangerous challenge…decorating Christmas trees :O xD I really do love Lindsay hosting though, she just delivers so many good little moments.

And jeez Jade that was made…but it was against Hannah, who I’m not sure how I feel about at this point…I’m also not sure why she is referencing Dania since I’m ninety percent positive she voted her out.

And yay more Frostlight <3 xD at the French hen challenge idea. And the extra point giveaways. And the proposal challenge xD (I now ship Saber and Britt just as joke). Zania is kind of a bit like Izzy…no wonder I love her <3 < And so the teams are tied. And it comes down to rock-paper-scissors. I really liked that Ivy betrayed Vishal; I wasn’t expecting it and it made for some nice drama. Also, I like Ivy and Jade have a purr.

I forget Christmas is coming soon! I’m excited to see what that entails… Twilight no, you must keep kissing <3 Why is Santa so against true love D: (His marriage must be a mess…) And I’m really starting to ship Ivy and Mitchel! I’m wondering if Ivy is still trying to seduce him for votes or not…

xDDD I enjoyed Britt’s jab with the boxers at Saber. And the eliminated contestant is…Hannah. Oh well :p I’m not too broken up about it; I was a bit worried Zania since her plot could be done and or she wanting to rejoin Lexi. But out of the love triangle, it makes sense for her to go. (and is the Sir Ike and Soren a Fire Emblem reference?)

So now there are two main alliances; Vishal, Zania and Britt and Ivy, Jade and Mitch. Interesting; its especially weird since I didn’t take Mitch the kind of guy to work with these baddies.

And Jade; it sounds like bad stuff is coming from her. Also she’s now acting like Andre? …Is Jade actually Mike because I think she has some disorder or something :\ -

(P.S. I wrote more but cause of the way chat is split for the arcs its split from this comment :p) 

-What could possibly go wrong? 05:29, April 2, 2016 (UTC)

(7) Sorry about the chapter splits! I tend to split them back here based on the story arcs. The fact that our twinning senses are in sync can only mean one thing right? Ooooh yes! My new blog! I hope that you're able to read through Frozen so that you can enjoy it! It has a lot of information about the cast and things :3 

TOTAL DRAMA FROZEN was written prior to TDRI any characters who appear to resemble campers from there is by chance. Cast members who resemble the original TD Island cast is on purpose.

Ahhh Saber... He's such a sweet guy, I'm sure. And I'm assuming the spoiler you know is from the horror story? My bad! Sorry I didn't really think about that when I sent him over to it! Whether or not he has any issues with reality, is debatable, maybe, I'm sure you'll learn about that as you read. 

Honestly, I'm not really sure how Ivy made it this far either, she is (asides from Kaleb) one of my least liked characters in the story, but in their first elimination challenge the votes were more or less there against Andre because #Useless. In Dania's elimination, I think I hinted as to how she made it later on but I don't think I did in that chapter, so that would be my fault but: 

Votes for Ivy: Dania, Mitchell, 

Votes for Dania: Jade, Ivy, Frosty

Votes for Emmett: Rosalie

Votes for Frosty: Emmett

Frosty's vote is because he's slightly out of the loop at this point, and he thinks that Dania is the cause of all of the drama, thanks Twilight!!

Rosalie's vote is her trying to not get attached to Emmett so that she won't have to reveal her secret. 

Emmett's vote is him being confused as to just exactly WHO or WHAT Frosty is. 

I feel like Jade is a character all of her own when it comes to the Jade/Ivy dynamic. I will say, because I am a big fan of it, I am a STRONG believer in "hidden" scenes. Scenes that I am aware that are happening, but that the reader doesn't. For example in the Let's Talk Blog I revealed that Andre and Dania were dating throughout the show, but her father paid the show off to not air any of those scenes. That being said, who knows just HOW smart Jade is in comparison. I do believe you could be onto something with Jade! Unless it's just lazy writing on my part?

Oh Hannah. That's really I can say about you. But in my EYES, she doesn't know what she wants, she's never dated a boy before, let alone two at the same time. The fact that you think both are delussional makes me happy. I miss Lexi too. 

FrostLight <3 As much as I love that you ship these two would it be possible to find a different ship name? FrostLight reminds me of a certain male product that ends in the same syllable D:. Who knows what will happen on Christmas! All I know is that while the three-parter might SEEM like a good idea, it is likely my weakest point in the story. 

Lindsay is an adorable host, the only thing is I really don't like writing for established characters, so I have problems with her a lot. One of the reasons why I switched over to Zac for the next season! And why I have a number of interns in this season. 

Bye-Bye Hannah? I knew I wanted to eliminate one of the three in the triangle, and if I eliminated either of the boys it would lead into a very predicatable story-line so I did what I thought would be more dynamic. As for Hannah herself, I also never really liked her during Frozen, but I know Mana was really starting to like her during Blossoming, so Maybe in a future story! (yes a fire Emblem reference because it's the best game ever?)

Yes there would be two major alliances - one on each team in fact. As for MItch I wouldn't count him out just yet! Just because someone lives in America doesn't mean they support Trump. 

Thank you so much for reading this chapter! And Sticking with me through Frozen! I know it's not the GREATEST story, but I'm glad your getting through it Twinette <3 ZacAttack Rawr 12:18, April 2, 2016 (UTC)

Comments: Chapters 8-10

A mini-comment for a mini-chapter :P Losers chapter! Those can be either incredibly boring or awesome if written right, and you did it! I loved Hannah-Emmet-Kaleb interactions, and Sierra taught about Beth about getting boys? I guess that wasn't a good idea of Beth :P By the way, you mentioned the jello reminded Trent of his girlfriend, if I'm not mistaken, that was a reference to TDI. However, the jello pool was Courtney's fear, not Gwen. If it wasn't a reference, you can completely ignore this part of the comment XD Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 16:49, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

Aha, yeah I adored the outed contestants, so I knew I had to have atleast one chapter just for them! Hannah-Emmett-Kaleb, this was again, just a random interaction session, due to me not really knowing what to do with the three, but I do agree, the end result was unique. Sierra and Beth... xD Aha yeah, I always wondered what would have happened if the two were to meet and get together, I guess I... found out? Trent and his fiance ;) Not girlfriend... aha. But it is a refeference, however it is not a mistake... take that as you will :) Thanks for reading, as always!! ZacAttack Rawr 16:58, February 24, 2013 (UTC)

Loved the losers chapter and I'm happy there was one.  Usually, in a lot of stories (other than Sprink's) a loser's chapter was never included, so doing one was a great idea and a recently brought-back idea.  I love Hannah and Emmet (except, unlike Mana, I didn't like Kaleb so much... I never have but...). Anywho, the chapter was amazing (short, but still packed with information) and I can't wait for the next chapter.  Ivy all the way. ;3-- WherehaveI beenall thisti-i-i-ime? 22:24, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you for (finally <3) commenting, Jess! Yeah, like I said I love-love-love all my contestants, and knew I just had to have one or more.... ( ;) ) chapters just for them, plus a recent poll was posted, and it seemed the readers wanted somebody to return, so I had to update everyone, on everyone. Hannah and Emmett's interactions, to be honest, before I wrote the chapter, I never-ever planned for them to interact for squat all, but now that they have, I have many ideas for how things could play out! But I agree, at first Kaleb was the only character I did NOT like, and that's why he was an early out, but by the time I posted his elimination I had just started to like him. Aha, Ivy <3 We shall see how far she goes!! ZacAttack Rawr 10:49, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

I read it yesterday while hiding from TAR spoilers in chat, and I'm still not sure why you didn't like this chapter, it was great! Britt and Saber's rivalry is still amusing me, and Mitchell walking in to top it off was even better XD I'm loving Jade now, mostly because I love her plot, but I'm also glad Ivy stayed, I really like her and can't wait to see how will she react to being "voted off" by her friend. In my opinion, Twilight and Frosty's plot needs something else, I just don't get easily entertained by over-the-top love stories, but I'm pretty sure something will happen next episode ;\ Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 19:16, March 4, 2013 (UTC)

Eh, maybe I'm just starting to get picky, who knows? Britt and Saber Omnom :O I think that when Dania was eliminated, I knew I needed some type of rivalry, so I think that's why I ended up destroying the friendship, may it dream well <3. But I do agree, I enjoy their fights more than Ivy-Dania, it seems more brotherly, to me anywho- Mitchel... He just has some terrible luck! Ah, thanks for liking Jade's plot. I tried to hint at it as much as possible without actually saying it, aha, so I was very excited when I could finally start up her story arc! I'm also very glad Ivy stayed, like Jade, she finally, indirectly revealed her true character. But who knows what being "voted off" can do to a person? Twilight and Frosty... I don't know how they ended up to where they are now honestly. They were always meant to just be buddies, but I blame the books I need to read for French, they are all romance, and I suppose I may have added that into the actual story-- But I actually like them. HOWEVER, I do agree, they need something else in their plot, if only because they actually have done barely anything rather than see one another the entire season, thus far... As for next episode, who knows what might happen.... <3 Thanks for reading :D ZacAttack Rawr 19:25, March 4, 2013 (UTC)

I read it yesterday while hiding from TAR spoilers! After seeing some of their alliance talks, I just realized something, did they reach the merge? I don't think you've evenb mentioned that. I'm surprised Ivy didn't get mad at Jade for voting for her, but I'm very glad to see Dania helping her after that. Even though I was a big fan of Frosty and Twilight as individuals, their plot wasn't my favorite, so their "elimination" had its pros and cons for me. Now that they're back to the game (not that they werent, but the Christmas theme kinda drive away the competition feeling), I can't wait to see how this will turn out. Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 15:07, March 11, 2013 (UTC)

Aha, yes the teams were dissolved, as shown with “And with Lindsay’s return, all teams are dissolved!,” Lindsay announced, as Zaina and Lexi broke down crying, followed by the used-Ivy. The final line of chapter 9. Ivy not getting mad at Jade was more or less due to Jade making it seem like; Mitchel, Rosalie and Frosty had voted her out, rather than the entire team. Though I now realize I didn't make that very clear... Yes, I was very excited to reintroduce Dania to Ivy. I felt it brought their entire story full-circle, while introducing the true Ivy, and more-so how I had always invisioned Dania, minus her feud. I do agree with the entire Frosty and Twilight idea, I do enjoy both characters, however the love story got iffy... Originally, Twilight was never meant to leave with Frosty.  I had planned it, so that she stays on the island, but other stories made the idea not viable! So that's why I think I pushed the couple, I couldn't find a way for them as solo characters to add to the story I want to tell. On the final point, I do agree. I can't wait to see how people react to the upcoming chapters! I do think, they will be an improvement from the pre-merge chapters, if only because the plot is more driven and I have.... wait for it... REAL challenges! I also agree the Christmas special pulled the story away from the competition feeling, but I kind of needed/wanted the feeling to be there. Besides, Lindsay isn't the grinch! ZacAttack Rawr 20:33, March 11, 2013 (UTC)

(8) Implying people with glasses are ugly? I'm offended. :/ Beth and Trent! <3 Glad to see some losers again. I loved Lexi, but the best part was the Emmet/Hannah/Kaleb trio. I loved their interactions. lol I laughed at the losers actually not wanting to go back into the game, and then the change of plans (winner sends someone back). xD Nice to know that Ivyg.oddess sleeps with a teddy bear, btw. lol Dayum, I want to know who's returning... I guess I have to read next chapter. lol "I'll drive up and I'll kill you in your s**tty little apartment. And I'll drive over to my club and that'll be it." "That was really nice... I don't have a s**tty apartment." 04:31, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

THANKS FOR READING BRUNO :D Beth and Trent are adorable! I'm going to let you know now you are at a weird point in Frozen. It's hard to explain but for the next few chapters the entire show is just on vacation. So keep that in mind.... 

Lexi is just that character who seems to be universally liked, for being HAPPY! So i'm glad you liked her! Also I'm really excited you liked the other trio, it was really fun to write for characters who were lost and forgotten and never really interacted together! There's so much potential for the entire group!

Haha I always found it weird that EVERYONE would try so hard to get back into a competition so I decided to play off of that. And really though, would YOU want to go back to Ivy and co? I'd rather relax at the villa.... but who knows who comes back! They all have so much potential and it was a tough choice... that the viewers made for me <3 ZacAttack Rawr 04:50, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

(9) The scene cuts to Lindsay who’s busy wrapping gifts, “well! I hope you enjoyed the guest appearance made by Beth and Lindsay, but I’m back now!..." I think you meant Beth and Trent, not Beth and Lindsey, right? lol

Anyway, aw, poor Zaina. :( I hope Lexi returns. lol I really the Britt/Saber rivalry, it's great! Frosty wants to marry Twilight? Ok... lol They're kinda cute, but idk, I find their relationship kinda weird. Well, I actually find Frosty weird tbh, so... lol I loved Jade this episode, how she's slowly showing her true self! <3 I loved those confessionals spread through the chapter where she just reads Ivy's diary, btw. That was amazing! I also loved Ivy. Nice to she isn't the HBIC, after all. I was about to cry about Ivy's elimination, but yay at Christmas miracles. <3 I want to see how she'll react to the betrayal. ^-^ AND YAY, LEXI'S BACK! <3 "I'll drive up and I'll kill you in your s**tty little apartment. And I'll drive over to my club and that'll be it." "That was really nice... I don't have a s**tty apartment." 05:11, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

.... Shhhhhhh you saw nothing! But thank you for reading! You're getting to good half of Frozen! 

Zaina is just a trainwreck... She needs help and she needs it soon but she's just... well she's lost and she needs some guidance now. If Lexi were to return I definately think that their friendship could make things better tho...

BRITT AND SABER. OMG their rivalry is one I can only hope to match in Tides. It was just so silly but it meant so much to them and they were just... They were just <3 LOL 

Frosty was hit or miss with everyone IDK. I like Twilight AND Frosty,.... But I created them so???

JADE. Jade is why Frozen is so amazing! I know that's arrogant but Jade is why I think I am so happy about Frozen her character is just... Well you will learn. 

A christmas miracle for Ivy, why not? ZacAttack Rawr 05:21, July 28, 2015 (UTC)

And there was more she wrote!

8) Interesting chapter title xD I was excited for a return with Beth and Trent! Was shocked Tyler wasn’t invited …unless something happened (I may’ve forgotten…)

And a three part special? Well you know how I love those :3 Also, Beth is stalking Trent? And Trent’s engaged :o To who?

Poor Lexi :( She’s really crippled by that fear (I’m a bit foggy on the zombie challenge but didn’t they turn out to be fake?)

Poor Andre. Being the first out sucks. Now that I think about it, Andre and Trent are a lot alike huh? Also Brady was hired? That explains a lot actually…

I’m beginning to feel like Hannah can’t differentiate the real world from the video game world. I usually found that idea annoying but only when its used to demonize games as bad.

What did Rosalie tell Emmett? Can she trust him? Can he really trust her? What’s her secret? Rosalie why you so secretive :( I felt like it was that she had a disease…not so sure what to think at the moment.

I love Lexi is a Trent fangirl <3 I also kind of love Andre thinks Trent is overrated xD

And a challenge for the losers :D I love when those happen too! And its too return :o I didn’t consider anyone returning to the game, which is silly in hindsight. That’s super exciting; I’d say it feels early but then again Izzy in TDA was hardly gone so I won’t question it.

“And a blood-sucking girlfriend?” …what? Who said that? Given the losers the only person who could say that would be…Emmett? I thought he liked Rosalie. Unless someone else views someone’s girlfriend there as bloodsucking…which is a weird word to say. Rosalie isn’t a vampire is she? xD who did say that?

Think its kind of weird everyone did want to stay though. Andre you were just singing about how you were upset you didn’t get smores. And didn’t you want revenge on Britt Hannah? I guess the loser resort must just be that great.

Trent’s fiancé is Courtney? O-o Actually given the love triangle and when this may’ve been written, that makes sense…

Jade and Britt are a thing?! Didn’t see that coming… Someone’s crushing on one of the eliminated contestants? I wonder who that could be… (Britt would’ve been my answer too since he is not over Hannah).

Who will Dania choose? If not yourself, I’d might choose Kaleb for being a butt. I want Lexi but plotwise I feel Emmett or Hannah would make more sense…

Wonderful cliff hanger ending. I must read on!

(9): It’s Xmas eve! That can only mean Santa comes tonight! But what will that mean for my precious Frostlight D: Poor Zania…

“Humming to a gentle beat?” is she mimicking Andre again or now Mitchel?

Since we’ve come to Jade, I’ll go a bit out of order and summarize my feelings on this new plot twist; Jade actually being the brains behind the operation. I love it! This felt like a nice twist on the follower and the mean girl, which can often be played straight in other fanfictions. And thinking back this felt foreshadowed as well (honestly, Frozen seems like a story you could go back and read and catch multiple things. I love stories like that, try to do the same with TDG, and means I’ll need to go back and read Frozen again in the future xD).

The way this twist was revealed with the diary (also properly foreshadowed) was a brilliant way to tell it and show how Ivy is not the Heather antagonist she thinks she is. I don’t know how intentional it was, but I feel like Ivy is a good foil/parallel to Heather and the many copycat characters she inspired. She tries hard to be Heather, but she’s no substitute for the queen.

And honestly it made me really like Jade <3 I was thinking Vishal might be the main antagonist but my money is now on Jade and I’m all for it!

Oh gosh, Twilight is so amazing and strong D: wanting her beloved to be happy even if it means losing the one she loves. And interesting juxtaposition between that love and the mess that is Saber and Britt’s love life. I sort of feel like Jade could be only using Britt for the future…but given her copycatting who knows…

And Twilight just called Frosty her boyfriend <3 Their romance is so precious but also heartbreaking and I just can’t! But I cannot can’t! And Zania finally realizes that Vishal is obviously a bad dude. Go gurl!

And oh my gosh :’’’’’’’’’( The golden roses was an amazing visual and metaphor idea. But then Frosty just saying he loves her! MY HEART!

And so Mitchel is only doing Jade’s bidding. Jade is such a better Heather than Ivy…maybe more strategic than Heather. Which is upsetting because Ivychell is being shipped as well :’( Ivy being a huge fan of Heather…is that her secret? That doesn’t seem like that big a secret to be honest xD

O-o “Not like I was around for the Titanic…” The vampire theory is becoming more and more of a possibility.

“I love you too Frosty.” “…I think I will marry you.” MY HEART ZAC! MY HEART IS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Jade betraying Ivy <3 Slay Jade! (I love the parallel that Ivy was locked in the freezer just like her mentor). Really the only thing I’m a bit hesitant on with the change of dynamics is Ivy shifting so dramatically to love struck. It is a bit sudden, though it is clear Ivy is not the brains behind the operation.

And WOAH. Ivy being voted off was something I had not expected, even as Jade was clearly becoming the big antagonist (but maybe that should've been a hint?) Though I wasn’t expecting Lindsay to pull a Christmas miracle and save her <3 Ivy should really like Lindsay more for this.

And now Brandon is confusing this show’s elimination? (Ivy’s poor resturaunt…)

Alright so here were everyone’s Xmas gifts I believe;

Coverse- Mitch Plushie- Twilight Mirror- Rosalie Soccer Ball- Vishal Belt- Brit Crown- Saber Hat- Frosty

AND YAY! LEXI DID COMEBACK <3 Zania and Lexi are reunited and it feels so good! (also “…just like in the romance films.” I just saw them as a cool and strong female friendship…but am should I start shipping them?)

A merge :o I kind of assumed that wouldn’t be until half of the cast was voted off but then again in Island, the merge was at ten people so I guess I shouldn’t assume that.

(10): I’m glad Ivy stated because there is so much juicy drama! Jade has a good plan to make sure this doesn’t blow up in her face. Ivy is still super love sick. I can actually get behind this a lot more; she’s a girl who didn’t feel special so she modeled herself after Heather, so who demanded recognition, but really just wants to be liked. Which gives me feels :(

Zania and Lexi feels <3 They are such a great duo and so glad they aren’t trusting Vishal again. I don’t hate Vishal, but these two need to stick together!

And finally the moment of truth! CHRISTMAS AND SANTA! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and how to feel…so thank goodness for my heart <3

Telling this story through a variation Twas The Night Before Christmas was genius and wonderful! I’m glad Santa didn’t forget about Frosty <3 I’m a bit confused on whether Twilight snuck away into Santa’s sled or was allowed to come but I believe the latter. I’m glad Frostlight got a happy ending and I bet they’ll live happily ever after together with half human, half elf babies. (And TDTwilight is no longer canon so this has to be the ending <3)

“Rosalie laughed at the irony.” So if bit by a zombie she would become one…just like a vampire. HOLY FREAKING CRAP ROSALIE IS A VAMPIRE!. Forgive my language twinnie, BUT WHAT THE LITERAL #%&*! I’m not sure what to make of that, so I’ll wait till more info is revealed to share my thoughts on that. I was just not expecting that.

The losers return for a Christmas celebration <3 How cute (except poor Andre…). And Emmett and Rosalie’s interactions are only more and more fueling this vampire theory D: I have my doubts if they can work it out, but I hope they can! Also I think its super cute Emmett is the one to mention Frosty.

I’m glad Trent and Beth got to appear too! I know you’re a fan of Trent and you did good with him and Brandon’s conflict and the nine obsession xD Britt and Saber are ‘friends’ again…positive this won’t last…

<3 The stars shaped like Frosty and Twilight. I’m really going to miss these two; they were great comedy and great at keeping things positive. They had their drama but it was mostly a sweet, hopeful romance.

So Dania and Ivy have became friends? I honestly didn’t expect that; way to go Dania for being the bigger person in this situation. The more I find and see Ivy broken, the more I feel for her and like this turn of her character; I can just see her as a girl who feels like a loser and tries to live through and emulate Heather, to be a popular girl.

Interesting to see where this goes; I’m curious to see how this all turns out (and who the heck could be eliminated next). Amazing as always Zac <3 I hope to finish the whole series by Monday. Till then! What could possibly go wrong? 05:40, April 2, 2016 (UTC)

(8) Let the Three-Parter begin! As I mentioned, don't get too excited! It's a roller coaster of emotions! 

Errrr the title is a reference to a wiki-meme, which I guess is a LITTLE outdated now a days.. awks. Yes, whether or not I mentioned it is is "Season" canon that Lindsay and Tyler are no longer together. 

Yes! So Trent being there is mostly because I adore the character, but I also thought that Lindsay and him would be friends, IDK I always saw those two as "popular" kids. Beth being obsessed with Trent? Well i mean, it was BOUND to happen. 

YES the zombies were not real. But Lexi isn't the brightest person around. I also feel pity for the bubbley character, and I feel bad whenever I have to write her in the darkness. But I like the dynamic she ends up havign with other characters during this. 

What Hannah can see and can't see is a qustion I would love to know the answer to as well. I do think she can tell the difference, but she chooses to see the real world as a video game. It makes it more exciting for her, and let's her feel as if she gets second chances when she makes mistakes. 

YES! The interactions with Trent are varried, and it kind of goes to show who the characters are. 

I understand that it does feel "early" um, but with everything that happens in three-parter it feels RIGHT on track! I promise!

Yes, Emmett did say that line, i wouldn't say it's out of spite or anger. His interactions with Rosalie are... unique to say the least she does have a secret, whether or not it's some phoney secret or a major disease, you might find out? 

YES! I feel like all of the characters would WANT to stay, it's weird because I did portray most of them as havign a reason to want to go back. But as a whole none of them had "good" experiences back at the Wonderland, in fact most of them were teased or in the middle of drama. 

Jade and Britt. I DO want to semi explain this. I feel, atleas that Britt is a character who likes to date, and wouldn't sit idle. That's all really... 

Ahhhh! Dania won! I love Dania so much I really hope she picks herself, but I mean who knows! I feel like whatever she does it will be for the better. As a side not, the character who returns won the fan-vote so plot lines were created with that in mind. 

THANK YOU for reading <3 I love you !! ZacAttack Rawr 12:29, April 2, 2016 (UTC)


So....  I didnt see that you ALSO read chapter 9 omg you're amazing!

Oh Jade! I love the fact that you picked up on her mimicking so EARLY! It's really nice to know that I was able to do what I wanted to do with the character so early on. I would say that yes, it has been teased at, but it's never really been at the forefront, more or less because there were more pressing stories. I think the fact that I write with future plots in mind really helps this because ratehr than writing in the present I write for the future, if that makes sense? I will say that there is SOMETHING hinted at throughout the story that crowns the winner! 

Thank you for liking ivy's arc! She was always meant to TRY to be Heather, but just not make it there. This is what Mana means when you NEED to read through Frozen in order to appreciate it. Because for the first half of the story it just looks like I changed the names of the original cast and the setting, but I REALLY put work into the characters and their stories. As for who the big baddy is? I'm sure it will become clear as you read!

Twilight breaks my heart everytime I see her. I HONESTLY love the Frosty-Twilight dynamic but I'll be the first to say I let those characters down by bubbling them off from the rest of the cast. So the fact that you atleast like their bubble makes me very happy! 

Zaina is slow sometimes, just give her time and she'll catch on to things! I'm glad she also found out how much a bad guy Vishal is, whether or not he's actually good at being bad is yet to be determined. 

The Jade-Mitch-Ivy dynamics are REALLY REALLY something I never realiy thought anyone would like, as it was a last minute thought. When Mitchel first started to interact with Ivy it was because he needed someone new to talk to, and Ivy just ended up being the interesting choice and their interactions developed from there. I won't say if that's Ivy's secret perse, but i might have something to DO with that? 

I WILL agree with you that Ivy's change in personality was really off-put in the way I've written the story. I do feel I made some minor mishaps there. As a whole, the character who Ivy really is, now that her "Heather Persona" is melted away and that she doesnt have something hide behind is what i was going for, but yes I made a boo boo sorry! her being eliminated, i mean, I thought it was well-hinted at, but maybe not? Yes Lindsay saving her was a miracle, because if it was up to me she would be long-gone! But what does this mean for Jade now? 

You're right with your gifts :) 

As for Lexi! I am so excited she's back! Their friendship is actually Mana's favourite thing about the story, I think so I'm glad you also enjoy the pair!

But yes the merge could be seen as early, but I don't think so..... #Spoilers. ZacAttack Rawr 12:44, April 2, 2016 (UTC)


So the fact that you read chapter TEN TOO! Woah I'm gonna need to hug you soon! 

I'm glad you're starting to see who Ivy really is! I think this is the part of the story where Mana also liked Ivy, and to be honest this is where I also liked her. She's just... so sad not going to lie. 

Yes! The dream team must work together so that Vishal doesn't come between them EVER again! Because if he does Im pretty sure Mana will feed be to the fishes (#Tides)

I STILL haven't decided if she snuck on or was allowed on. i think when I decide I want to revist Twilight, I have two very DIFFERENT ideas on what to do with her, it'll be revealed? I'm glad you liked their exit, I feel like i kinda cheated on it, and made things a little weak for the pair, but I'm still glad you enjoyed it! And I'm glad you liked the Emmett Throw away line, I like to think that him getting over the "elf" situation is good.... for other characters.... And the stars <3 

No comment on Rosalie. 

I will always stand behind Dania. She is my favourite character from this story, and I feel like she has a strong head on her shoulders. I thought it would be a cute way to wrap up the Ivy-Dania conflict and maybe give Ivy some hope for the future because if Jade has her, the Christmas miracle from last episode won't happen again. 

I'm SO GLAD you're loving everything so far!!!! ZacAttack Rawr 12:52, April 2, 2016 (UTC)

After a thousand years, I've read more! :D

(10) That was a fun chapter. A lot of alliances going on I see. I loved the interactions between Zaina, Vishal and Lexi. Also love to see the losers returning, even if it's just for a short time. Will Ivy get over Mitchel? :o Dania helping her was really cute, btw. <3 Aw, I liked Twilight and Frosty, but that's a fitting way for them to go for sure. :P

Btw, I've also read chapter 11... Rode a white horse to a black river to swim to you 00:14, July 13, 2016 (UTC)

Alliances are the name of the game at some point ;) It just so happens to be at this point. 

Zaina, Lexi and Vishal.... </3 It's kinda bitter sweet I think there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye. 

LOSERS <3 I love loser chapters so this was always meant to be :3 

... I hope not. Ivy better love Mitchel forever. 

Dania is the best character in my story. 

I'm glad you're okai with them leaving that way... I think it was the end of their story but I'm glad I was able to do it in a cutesy way, much like those two. ZacAttack Rawr 00:25, July 13, 2016 (UTC)

Comments: Chapters 11-14

Comment away :D ZacAttack Rawr 07:33, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Awww Mitchel </3 Ivy is so lucky to still be in! I'm loving this story, although I had to re-read all of it to remember the storyline, its all worth it though! Maybe you'll make Britt win? :P (Oh and I'm rocking the Final three guessing competition btw xD)  The road to success is always under construction 14:51, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Out of all of the original story-lines, I managed to stick to Mitchel's at least partially. Every single interaction he's had with Ivy was never exactly meant to happen, but they ended up happening for one reason or another, though I did like how it all played out. I've been slowly dropping hints ever since the first chapter that we would be seeing Mitchel's dad come into the story, and I was glad that I could finally have him and his son reconcile! Thanks for reading Jordan, it means loads! And maybe Britt will win ;) Who knows! ZacAttack Rawr 14:57, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

First of all... oh my God, I have to redo my F3Guess once again, that section looks hilarious XD Okay, now, first I ship BethxSnow, best couple ever. I thought MIKA would have been just a guest appearance, ut he was actually relevant to the plot :o I guess Ivy could pull off an uderdog win, but you don't seem like the author who would make it predicatble. And I'm looking forward to seeing ways Vishal will incorporate Kaleb's name on his speech XD Now excuse me, while I guess for my 53th time >_< Oh, and I almost forgot, Indi cameo <3 I miss Indi, where has she been ;-; Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 03:20, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

... Maybe you just need to get better at guessing... *Shrugs* But yes, it does look kind of silly!! Aha. BethxSnow is an adorkable couple, I do agree on that! Too bad we won't be seeing Beth again until the finale ;(. MIKA <3 Yes he was always meant to show up at some point and take his son away. Though it was meant to be more of a Mitchel begging people for votes kind of thing, but I decided this way would be better for the "new plot". Who knows what I'm planning to do with Ivy.... asides from me of course. But I think asides from the next elimination, all of the stories should wrap up nicely... If not, well there's season two :P. Aha, Kaleb and Vishy!! Indi :D Well, I'm not really sure, she's gone radio-silent on me :( ZacAttack Rawr 03:40, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, I'm trying to catch up, just read Chappy12! I really loved this chapter for some reason, maybe it was because the eliminated contestants were gone, making it less cluttered, maybe it were the new intereactions, I'm not sure. Oh, and a real challenge! XD The challenge was great, Britt finally discovered Puck Ball is a lie :o Oh, and remember when I said I thought Rosalie was based on Bella from Twilight... well, I guess she is based on someone from that series after all... am I right? Speaking of Rosalie, I thought she would be gone this episode, Vishal's elimination was quite surprising. Good, job, now I'll try to read chapter 13! ^^ Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 01:04, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Meep sorry about racing ahead! Just trying to finish the story up is all! I actually liked the chapter too! I think it's more of a, I finally figured out how to write a comp. fic, kind of thing!! But the new interactions, <3! I was glad I finally put in a real challenge, i feel like that's the major flaw with the story >+<  But there's always season two.... Mhm, a lot of story lines that were started, but never finished are finally coming together, which means secrets shall be revealed!! And Yes Rosalie is based off of someone from Twilight... I wonder who *shrugs* !! The eliminations from this point on, should be.... interesting, with the final 7/6 not knowing who they can trust. I feel bad for eliminating Vishal since we didn't really do much, but I had no ideas on what to do with his character any more. ZacAttack Rawr 04:35, July 22, 2013 (UTC)

Just read the Fashion chapter, and I loved it! Many great interactions, and a surprising elimination. It's the second time in a row I expected Rosalie to go and she doesn't. Good, because I really like her character. Speaking of that, I like pretty much everyone left ^^ Poor Zaina, but I guess she became a little too paranoid with Rosalie, and aww, her plot with lexi was abandoned </3. I'm really enjoying the plots of this story, which is really making me consider making an overhaul in my TDRanch plots, since it is really weak as it is. Also, expect some fanart soon ;D Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 20:09, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Woo! I love it when people love my story! It makes me happy!! Aha. The interactions are definatley getting more fun, to me anyways. Rosalie is definatley a scape goat right now, not really sure how that happened, aha. I guess the secrets of the season are start to melt... Or so you could say. (I like Rosalie too <3) I like the final 6 as well. I feel bad that some of the characters never really got a major story in this season, but there's always the second season for things to change (or not). Zaina :( Her elimination was never ever meant to happen like that. But when Vishal ended up going before Zaina did, her story had to change, and I figured having her leave would make the most sense, with everything that had happened. This way, I also put her character where I wanted for her to be for this story, so I can write her character how I wanted in the second season. (or not.) I'm glad I was able to help with Ranch? In a weird way, aha. I would love fan art :O So my eyes are now peeled! Thanks for reading!! ZacAttack Rawr 20:25, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Just finished chapter 14! As of lately, Saber has been my least favorite by default, but I loved him this chapter, especially his interactions with the three girls, they worked great together. Too bad he left </3 I will now use this comment to rank the final 5:

5th: Ivy - Currently my least favorite, maybe because the "girl we are supposed to feel bad about" gets tiring after some time.

4th: Lexi - It's hard to pick a favorite out of the four remaining, but Lexi stays in 4th place, maybe due to lack of a plot. I do love her bubbly peresonality, though <3

3rd: Britt - I really liked Britt since the beginning, and he works great as a pawn to Jade and also has his peculiarities and British-ness. I have doubts if he is weary of Jade's true self, since sometimes it seems like he does, but not other times. Is this something I should know or are you keeping it a mystery? XD

2nd: Jade - It was hard chosing the 1st between Jade and Rosalie, but I decided on that order. Jade is an amazing villain for two reasons: her background as a follower, and her quirks. My favorite kind of villain is the eccentric one, and Jade pulls this out amazingly. So far she is 2nd place on my rankings for being too 100% villainous, but as soon as she sows her human side, I'll be glad to put her in spot number 1.

1st: Rosalie - I felt like Rosalie would have gone a long time ago, but she's surprising me by making it this far. She works really well as The Averagewoman, which is ironic since she may be a vampire. Speaking of that, I also love this sub-plot, and I'm curious as to how this will turn out now that Saber isn't there anymore to investigate.

That's it for my mini-rankings, will read the latest chapter when I have time! ^^ Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 20:39, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

Out of the final 6, Saber was my least favourite for the majority of the story, but when it came to more recent chapters I wasn't sure if I still wanted to eliminate him, but there wasn't much choice I think. So I tried to give him a fitting end for a prince. Ivy <3 Her plot is her plot. I'm not really sure what her plot is though, it's just kind of there. Lexi though, after Zaina's elimination her plot was kind of thrown away, but who knows what the rest of the season will have in store for her? Britt!! His story has always been there, whether or not it was the main attraction is very debateable, His relationship with Jade, on his part anyways is very cerealz, he's not very attentive of who Jade really is, asides from a few things she says... Speaking of the devil, Jade is definately one of my fav. characters out of the final five. Her story was always meant to be the one she has now, so I think out of the final five it was able to translate over to the new plot the most. Though some things were changed... As for her morality, you see more of that in chapter 15 :)  ROSALIE!! Similiar to how Lexi's plot was thrown away without Jade, (in part) Rosalie's vampire story is being tossed away without Saber there to pressure her, as the other four contestants are not aware of her possible vampireism. Rosalie was always meant to make it to the final five (as were Britt and Jade.). She's definatley meant to be more of the normal girl, rather than bubbley, or snarky, or just plain evil. But really, with this as the final five who knows for sure who will be standing when it comes to the finale? ZacAttack Rawr 20:59, August 8, 2013 (UTC)

As I said, I also read chapter 11! :D

(11) First of all, Beth referencing her iconic "Total ice age" quote. <3 I'm also a fan of the intern called Indi. :P Damn, Jade is EVIL taking advantage of Britt! Kaleb was so robbed, him blackmailing Vishal was funny. lol OKAY, JADE IS NOW MY FAVORITE. Her conversation with Hannah was hilarious. Btw, Saber is me on dates. Ivy and Dania was still very cute, I'm glad Dania helped her. OMG MIKA, I'M JEALOUS OF THE CONTESTANTS. Loved Vishal and Zaina's battle, and yay for Zaina winning immunity! Dayum, Ivy is so lucky. I'm surprised to see Mitchel going, but maybe a bit happy, because I prefer both Vishal and Ivy. I'm curious to see where things will go with Britt and Saber, Britt and Jade, Ivy and Jade, and Zaina&Lexi and Vishal. Rode a white horse to a black river to swim to you 00:15, July 13, 2016 (UTC)

Jade.... Jade is everyone's favourite lord knows why. 

I can see you as Saber haha. That's too cute. 

I'm glad you're liking everything so far! I definately think there's more to this ;) ZacAttack Rawr 00:37, July 13, 2016 (UTC)

Here we go. Man, I love everyone in that f8, what a great cast!

(12) Indi the intern is my fave! <3 Both of the cabin scenes were pretty funny, especially the mustache one. LOL That was so cute from Rosalie to take over as Lexi's caretaker... RIP Lexi and Zaina though. xD I laughed at Vishal's confessional about the over the place friendships. That challenge was amazing, really funny. And Lexi winning a challenge over Vishal! <3 Aw, I feel bad for Ivy (I STILL LOVE HER AND I'LL PROTECT HER). Can't believe Jade DID! THAT! Queen of evilness. xD I really liked Vishal, but I guess it was his time to go. And Britt is a harlot, two romances in a single season. :P And Rosalie I wasn't a huge fan of her, but she's been growing on me a lot lately.

(13) Damn, there's a lot of drama going on, and I love it. :P Jade is really an asshole. I'm interested on Saber's investigation on Rosalie, she seems suspicious. lol Zaina is being a bit of a dictator, but she means well. Aw, Rosalie is on the GOOD side. IS ROSALIE A VAMPIRE? I think Saber is kind of me in fanfiction form, but that's not confirmed. ;\ xD I support Lexi on that, let her breath, Zaina. I laughed at Indi being thirsty for Britt. Aw, Zaina was going nuts, but I felt bad for her. She couldn't even repair her relationship with Lexi. :(

(14) BRANDON IS OUT???? PLS HIRE HIM BACK #JUSTICEFORBRANDON. Britt's in for a shocker, I see. Rosalie and Ivy is still a cute friendship. And Saber's hilarious. lol Will he spread the TRUTH about Rosalie being a vampire? :O The challenge was good, I loved the pairings. Woah, I thought they were exaggerating on calling Jade a monster, but she truly is one... :O NOOOOO SABER I LOVED HIM HE WAS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL RIP MY PRINCE <////////3. Rode a white horse to a black river to swim to you 18:11, December 27, 2016 (UTC)

(12) Indi was definately a cute addition to an already uber cute cast! I think that she brings alot that brandon did not. I'm glad you liked the cabin scenes! I think when the cast starts to dwingle that it's even more important to remind people how amazing they all are! Rosalie is a very old soul, and I love her and Lexi together... Sadly Lexi and Zaina did have a falling out, but at the very least it's within reason. Vishal is definatelty a fn character! And yes! Lexi finallt proved she's kinda okay at the show! Ivy :( Yeah she has a sad story in the end, but I think that she's growing from that. Jade is DEFINATELY the head bitch around here, and Im glad you're FINALLY able to experience it. Britt is lowkey a harlot I suppose haha. I'm glad that Rosalie is growing on you, she did on me too! 

(13) Yeah! I think Frozen definately had it's fair share of drama from beginning to end. And it was a nice mix of drama I think. Jade is definatly not what she first appeared to be, but hey, atleast she's nice to Britt... some times? Saber and Rosalie... They do have a unique relationship I suppose haha. Zaina just wants what's best for Lexi :(. For Rosalie... No comment. Ahhh, are you actually Saber? I mean he's one of the most hated characters in this story!! Lexi and Zaina definately have a lot going on, and looking back on it one of the sadder plot lines in the entire story :(. Isn't everybody thirsty for Britt though? As for Zaina yeah. She wasn't able to repair her friendship with Lexi, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she isn't used to having friends, back home she only has her plants. I hope one day the pair will be able to reunite though. 

(14) Bye-bye Brandon. TBH I'm not even sure what drove me to remove him from the story, I think I just got bored and thought it would be a unique change. Ivy and Rosalie, I really enjoy how they've been able to bond over their mutual hatred for Jade. Saber is deranged but will he spread the truth? Is it the truth really though? Is she a vampire? I'm glad that you liked the pairings and the challenge! I really wanted to have them spend some alone time with each other to really showcase themselves. Nope Jade is legit a monster, the Holy Trinity exists for a reason. Saber going home is sad but i'm not sure what else he could have done :( 

Thank you so much for reading Bruno <3 I'm glad you've stuck it out so far this is just getting to the good parts now ;) ZacAttack Rawr 02:10, December 28, 2016 (UTC)

Comments: Chapters 15-17

Finally caught up! Okay, the challenge was... weid, but the chapter itself wasn't XD At first I thought it was just some crazy dream of Jade XD Speaking of her, why must she go now? D: I really enjoyed her stay, she was a geat villain, I just feel like her plot could use some closure, but I guess that's coming in upcoming chapters. Speaking of plot, I wonder what will happen now that the major plot point is gone. If Britt gets immunity, the girls will have to turn on themselves :o Looking forward to next chapter! Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 15:55, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

XD Like I said I don't really know what was going on in that last chapter! Making it Jade's dream prolly would have been a good idea, aha. It was either Jade or Britt going, I saw no way of managing to make the Holy Trinity to turn on one another... in that chapter anyways. I aso couldn't make Britt win the third challenge in a row, and having Jade win would just be awkward. So I ended up cutting Jade. Many characters still need closure, but the season isn't over yet! Plot, is a wonderous thing in Frozen :O Just when it seems the main plot point is gone, you discover that it wasn't actually the main attraction! As for who wins immunity, it's anyones game :) Thanks for reading, as always! ZacAttack Rawr 19:24, August 9, 2013 (UTC)

Just read the final four chapter! Ooh, it seems like Ivy is getting her personality back, I missed her.Poor Britt, he doesn't deserve the hate, he's just blinded by love. I wonder if he'll pull a Sebastian and stay with Jade in the end desíte her being a huge witch with a b. And yay, I finally won the F3GC in my 76532365th guess! Poor Lexi. Although I enjoyed how while everyone was teaching their penguins to do some trick, Lexi's penguin was the one teaching her XD Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 18:27, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

Ivy and her personality may be slighly complex o-o. She's a sassy girl, with quick one-liners, but her love for Heather might be coming out again, since people are actually trying to win for once. But we will get to see the 100% real Ivy in the next few chapters. Britt was pelt with hate from Hannah and Saber early on, when it really wasn't his fault, and it continued when Jade took advantage of his broken heart and the two dated. When she was (finally) eliminated, the blame was passed onto him- people never want to take responsibility for their own actions, or admit that they were wrong... Lexi's penguin teaching her was just meant to be ironic, while she struggles with her own independence, a penguin of all people was what she relied on most this chapter. ZacAttack Rawr 04:13, August 18, 2013 (UTC)

OMG I loved this chapter! <3 loved this challenge, definitely my favorite. Ivy's way of dealing with it in the beginning was also interesting, loved the snow part in special. You're making me confused with the Jade plotline, I don't know if I'm supposed to dislike her or to feel bad for her, so far I still don't have an opinion XD I also loved the little flashbacks during the challenge, you should put them in italics or something to distinguish better, and also to give a reminiscense effect to it... unless you have a reason not to :P Oh, and the ending was amazing, very... climatic, if that's even a word, I could picture it happening in my head. Can't wait for the finale episode ^^ Will it be a final 3? Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 17:59, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for reading!! And <3 This was by far one of my favourite chapters, and it is definatley a tease as to what is going to be happening in Blossoming. As in, much better challenges!! I feel bad that I was was skipping out on the challenges this entire season. I think, in my opinion anyways, that everyone is good and bad, it just depends on how you, yourself choose to see them. There will be more Jade to come in the final leg of the story, I think so anyways.... Who knows really! The flashbacks are why I had to rewrite the chapter, but I think it in the end it just added more to the story. I think I will italicize them, I think I meant to, but I tend to forget things... Oopsy! Anyways, I'm glad I was able to get them in there, as they help build relationships that may... or may not pop in the next season. I'm glad the ending came out great! I thought it may have ended up flat, but that may have just been because I knew what was coming... The finale may or may not be a final 3... We'll just need to find out :) Thanks for reading!! ZacAttack Rawr 18:21, September 3, 2013 (UTC)

Comments: Chapters 18-20

ZacAttack Rawr 20:41, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

Read the final two chapters! Ivy had a pretty interesting journey, she started as a generic villain, then grew a lot of personality and went through development, and then finally finished in third place like a good generic villain <3 Also love how her elimination is directly linked to Heather. As for the final two, Roaslie is the one I wanted to win, but I can't say I didn't feel bad for Britt not winning. Did Saber and Hannah actually try to make Britt win by hitting Rosalie but the plan backfired? I'm a little confused XD Anyway, I was even happy for Britt when he "won" the first time, even though I was rooting for Rosalie, and that shows you made the two characters likable and well developed. And I also loved the song that played in Rosalie's monatge. I also really like the ambiguity you left in Rosalie's secret, I love a mysterious ending.  All in all, amazing story, with a huge amount of character focus, which is what I most admired in Sprinklemist's stories, and I feel that lacks in most stories here (some of them make up for amazing comedy, though). So great work, and can't wait for Blossoming! ^^ Manatee12"The crackers were probably bad luck anyway." 19:33, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

On my mobile right now, so I will only reply to the whole Saber/Hannah ordeal and I'll fill in more when Im home. I was hoping by bringing back the idea that Rosalie "sparkled" in the daylight when she wasn't wearing her makeup from when she was with Emmett on the beach in her personal recap would help the whole cannon thing make more sense. Plus, with Saber being Team Rosalie, and constantly nit-picking her about her being a vampire or not. Anyways, Saber aimed for Rosalie in an attempt to make sure Rosalie won. He knew Rosalie sparkles in the daylight, and that's why she is always covered in makeup :) He knew it would be the only way for Britt to lose at that point... Hope that cleared that little bit up :) ZacAttack Rawr 19:53, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

Anywho, I'm home now! I'm super glad you were able to read both chapters! I managed to finish the 19th today so I decided I may as well post it. Ivy was definatley a possible villain, but to me, I will always see Saber/Hannah/Jade as the antogansists of the season, Vishal and Zaina to some degree aswell I suppose. Ivy developed, or melted away her rude exterior, it depends on how you choose to see it. Her elimination wouldn't have been as poetic, I think anyways, if it wasn't because she had finally met her idol! I enjoyed both Britt and Rosalie, so having to choose between who would win between the two was incredibly difficult, it was also near-impossible for me to elimimate Ivy. ~~ Explained the whole Hannah/Saber above ~~ I'm glad you were happy in the end if either Britt or Rosalie won though! It means a lot. They both had their own flaws, which of course will be showed more often in the next season... Oh god, the montages. I only included them, as I noticed I was near the end of where I wanted the chapter to end, but it would have been an icredibly short chapter, so I ended up added those, but I like to think they worked! Rosalie could be a vampire, she might also just be someone who has incredibly perfect skin!! Thanks for complimenting me and comparing me to Sprinkles- that means loads!! I enjoy coming up with little plots and hoops for the characters to jump through, and I am definately going to TRY and add more humour into Blossoming. :) Thanks for being an amazing reader!! You were splendid! There's still one more chapter to go in Frozen though... So who knows what will happen! ZacAttack Rawr 20:23, September 8, 2013 (UTC)

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