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Whoever guesses correctly gets... idk, I'll listen to an album of your recommendation (canberra) 03:21, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

Artemis - i'm always sunny Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. 03:21, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

BorisSpace was here some time ago and he wrote stuff. 01:12, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

ChristianZacAttack Rawr 14:55, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

EricaThe brains needed a body. We found our zombies, now we're in. 05:01, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

Frances - All my ladiiies It's Dyna It's Dyna 04:25, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

GrahamI got dark only to shiiiiiiiiiiine, lookin' for the golden light 03:23, August 31, 2018 (UTC)

Isabella - a toad-al drama character and a winner Rode a white horse to a black river to swim to you 03:32, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

Kaitlin - (DEE) Never let them see that they get to you. 03:34, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

Kelsey - Idk if she can actually win or not, but I like her <3 Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda! 13:58, August 11, 2018 (UTC)

Kingsley -

Miles - seems like a 3rd boot but (yee) was taken so It's Mana![[User Talk:HerrMana| "And he's forgotten how Wiki coding works" 19:58, August 11, 2018 (UTC)

Rachel - (RIVERMCIRISH) CK Hrey! ^_^ 03:22, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

RhettI'll be your shelter. I'll be your storm. I'll make you shiver. I'll keep you warm. 07:28, November 16, 2018 (UTC)

Roald - Matt has claimed this spot (tylershock)

Suvir -

WhitneyEnthony, I'm tired of hearing about so many of these obscure bends! If they were good, they'd be #1 on the cherts! 03:28, August 10, 2018 (UTC)


Chat here, if you want! (canberra) 03:21, August 9, 2018 (UTC)

I was so excited for more Toadal Drama, and this new chapter did not disappoint <3 It was amazing! The cast were all great and stood out; nobody felt invisible or filler. I think who the characters were and their personalities were was really clear for the most part. Everyone had roughly equal time to share the limelight, though the earlier arrivals obviously had a bigger prescense. 

Chris has apparently hit some really hard times xD But I actually love it, and how he is so off with everything from editing to timing. I think it actually adds a little depth and more humor to Chris. It's weird but I think him and Chef just being terrible at their jobs and desperately trying to hold on is one of the parts I'm most excited for?

The setting also seems fantastic. You opened with a lot of details about both Revolution City and the lakeside and it was all really good visuals. Using the transit was also fun. I'm curious to see how the options of various locations factor into to anything.

The team names maybe some of my favorite. I mean the Artisanal Cheeses? Best team name ever. Period. I do agree that Killer Wildcats sounds super cool. I'm surprised none of those millenials even made a High School Musical reference (that's a joke, but as someone who never watched the original it amazes me how much it's constantly referenced by other young people...). 

Of course the big thing with any intro chapter is the cast and like I said, they did not disappoint! I will defintely do rankings for it, but probably not till the second chapter just so I can get a total feel for all of them. Here are my thoughts on them so far, in no real order:

  • Christian: I feel terrible for thinking like Boris, but I was going to say on my comment of his talk page that he looks like he should be named Chad xD He's such a Chad! (Side note: I was planning on commenting on all the characters talk pages but dropped the ball a bit...I still might though :p). You know who he reminded me of? Chris Noble from GI! Aka the best character in GI. As soon as he mentioned rap it clicked xD Anyway, he was a big character and hilarious for how unaware and kind of obnoxious he is. So I'm looking forward to more of him!
  • Kaitlin: I've only seen some episodes of Always Sunny, but it's hilarious and dark. This character feels completely accurate to her inspiration; it's kind of hard for me to tell what are references to the show and what aren't with her, she's so well written. You can also really tell this is a more mature season when she smashed that beer bottle and swore. I'm sure it's another thing Chris will 'edit later'. I'm not expecting her to win because the Gang always fails, but I am expecting her to make the merge and compete in a loved ones challenge with her brother or Dad Devito xD Overall she maybe my favorite. I mean she is insane and a diva, it isn't surprising...
  • Artemis: Might as well talk about both :p Artemis was the last introduction but what an introduction! I'm not sure how I even understand how or what any of the things she does are art...but I love it. The wanting to do her intro nude killed me. I predict she and Kaitlin will become 'friends' (as much as these two can be friends) until they start fighting over some boy. 
  • Boris: So Boris is honestly my least favorite. I mean he's a neckbeard, how could he not? Not that I don't find him an accurate parody...but that's also why I kind of hate him. I might just be too biased though because I don't feel like he's a bad character...just one I could never, ever get behind. 
  • Kelsey: So Kelsey wasn't my first winner pick because I could totally see her going early (a character I planned but scrapped for Genesis had a full plate and loved the losers resort because she just had to chill, so I could see that happening with Kelsey). So being my winner pick, I probably have some bias (is that why I like Mattie?). But I really enjoyed her xD That self deprecating joke but then the 'but seriously' was hilarious. 
  • Frances: I was curious if Frances was going to be a less celebrity gossip version of Jena and Catheryn, and that's the vibe I've got right now. I'm very curious what she's writing or what she's planning to do with this info. She's one I feel I don't totally have a vibe for, not for lack of apperance but maybe lack of interacting beside note taking? but I do like her and feels like she's going to be a big character. (Also she's super hot). 
  • Erica: Confessional queen! Those confessionals are hilarious and I love the gag of her barely restrained snobbish hate of everyone and everything. People can already tell she's kind of fake, so I'm worried for her. 
  • Graham: Graham is one I feel I'm not totally sure on how much I love or not, but I'm interested in, seeing how he sticks out like a sore thumb and is pretty interested in being friends with his teammates. He does seem like an odd man out, especially on the Wildcats, which seem like a team of popular people. 
  • Survir: I was excited for him, but did not expect to find him so cute <3 Like I feel other conspiracy theorists characters could be too obnoxious, but I'm not feeling that with Survir. Him just running forward and then running away and hiding...he's a little cutie gumdrop xDD
  • Roald: He and Whitney already arguing, what a great start! He seems like a lot of fun, and definitely feels more of a Tyler than a jock like what's his face from School. Is he even a good athlete? Or is he an exaggerator like Puck?
  • Whitney: Whitney is basically female Wolfgang, expect less overtly raging xD I mean she's grouchy and extremely fashionable (let's not forget Wolfgang's TDSS is the peek of men's fashion).
  • Rhett: The Wes Nale reference to him seeing Chris give away waffles in the nude is hilarious. And that twenty bottles? Anything like downing chicken nuggests? Rhett also seems like a kind of cutie, being a fish out of water.
  • Miles: Poor sad sack. I'm curious if just Kelsey reminds him of his girlfriend or if every girl is going to do something that reminds him of his ex. 
  • Rachel: Lowkey I'm a little worried about her. I think she was a bit forgetable. Nature lovers are surprisingly a well that you haven't touched yet unlike other fics, expect I guess Gail but not in that hippie way. Hippies and nature lovers do tend to be early outs though, which is a shame because I grow up in area filled with rednecks and the New Age hippie types, so I love parodies of both. She seems like a lot of fun, so I'm hoping for more. 
  • Kingsley: If Erica isn't the diva of the season, then King might be it. His confessional felt like such a natural YT parody and he seems a little bit delusional...which is always great xD
  • Isabella: Rofl, I almost forget her which is hilarious because I think she could be a rival for who is my favorite. Even if her bio implies she doesn't want to be super 'close', she's still been really friendly with everyone, even some of the more outsider or stand-offish people. She's just so excited that it's infectious!

I really enjoy the cast (except for Boris). I'm usually not this fond of a newbie cast at the first chapter, but I honestly really like and enjoy these fifteen, and will be sad at who goes early but will still have a lot of people left I love. They seem very realizied. 

I'm dying for more to see how they contiune to interact with each other and function as a group. Can't wait for more! Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda! 19:43, August 11, 2018 (UTC)

So glad you read and enjoyed the chapter, Rhonda <33 It's so nice to hear that the cast works as a whole and nobody really disappointed! Let me get this one thing out of the way: this was maybe the first time I legit enjoyed writing for Chris. He and Chef just being old, burnt out, and lazy is just going to get better from here and is one of the plots I'm actually most excited for? You're gonna be seeing challenges on the level of Roz's. Also good to hear that the teams/setting didn't disappoint (I've also never watched the original HSM and see it referenced EVERYWHERE?!), and they'll certainly be going down into the city! Revolution City was a location I never really bothered to build up in detail during TDRev itself, and it just felt like a generic metropolitan area at that point, but now that I'm kind of turning it into a Chicago knockoff (since that's the big city I know best) I think there's a lot more potential for cool events/challenges in the city. Same with Totally-Not-Lake-Michigan too!

The cast... I really love these guys so far and am relieved to hear you feel the same! I'm still in the midst of planning all the big plotlines/who gets far/who interacts with who the most etc etc, so it's good to get a feel of how each character is perceived. I guess I can't spoil TOO much, but here goes... Christian was one of my favorites to write for, easily, and that rap line was a definite Chris Noble shout-out lmao <3 Those two are birds of a feather. He's a character type I never really explored, but he's been hilarious so far, so no matter how long he lasts he'll be a big presence for sure. SUPER glad you liked Kaitlin/Artemis, I tried to emulate Dee's dialogue style for sure but most of the actual conversations were original, so I'm so glad she seemed funny and in-character. I need to find some sort of excuse to reference Dennis, DeVito, or maybe both lol. And Artemis is just... a presence. Frances will also be a presence (and yes she IS super hot)... she's got some fun stuff coming up. 

Roald is somewhere in the Puck/Tyler school of athletes, that's for sure. More on that will be revealed shortly, of course :o I'm glad you like his power duo with Whitney too, those two are destined to be together. I'm actually shocked both you and Zac loved Isabella so much, and shocked that I loved writing for her as much as I did? She's funny, and her attitude really even gave me a big grin. Poor Isabella's soon going to realize the horrors that await her with this cast. As for Boris, well, I'm not really surprised. He's pretty grotesque, and I wasn't really sure what I'd do with him for a while, but I'm going to give him a sort of plot and hope for the best? Maybe he has the ability to grow up a little? I guess we'll find out. Anyway, thanks so much for the comment and I eagerly await those rankings <3 Chapter 2 should be out before I go back to school on the 25th! (canberra) 16:56, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

So I needed to reread Chapter 3 anyway to do some over rankings update, and I don't think we ever talked about! That's fully my fault, becasue I haven't been very active and don't think I've been on chat in forever... I read it when it first came out. So to make up for it, I thought I would do an old-fashioned comment on it! (And maybe inspire you to write more ;3) 

Chris makes a good point in the recap; no one did trash anything? I’m guessing everyone was too passed out for it, because I could see quite a few doing that (Kaitlin and Artemis).Hey now! Suvir staying awake so long was impressive, but Boris and Artemis did the same thing. Does mean those three are the strongest challenge competitors? Oop…

The fear of power couples is very real. Even more than Survivor, I’ve seen it recently in a few fics as a reason someone went home. I appreciate how Erica spun that to eliminate others. I also appreciate how Graham is trying to play strategically; I think I would’ve predicted him to be the ‘nice instead of strategic’ type, but I’m glad I was wrong. Like Chris said, people came to play.

…On the other hand, I love Kingsley admitted to doing it for being annoying xD Kingsley has no subtly with how little he thinks of his teammates, but it’s hilarious so I’m not complaining.

The Wildcats girl are an iconic trio and I love them all, even when Erica will inevitably betray them. Rachel is just sweet and in her own world, Erica passive-aggressiveness and fake happiness is great and Kelsey is just adorable with how smart, tired and occasionally self-deprecatingly socially awkward she is.

(Her confessional was great; did you choose Emma as a reference to RR’s Emma aka another workaholic?)

I think Kinglsey is up there as a confessional giver. Erica is your sidekick? He’s just so delusional.

“Ness Genesis Seraphine!” Now, this is probably based off Neon Genesis Evangelion…but could this also be a reference to Genesis xD I’m choosing to take it as such and be spoiled.

I can’t wait till Artemis actually does hook-up with someone. I could actually see her and Rhett; they’re two very opposite characters, which would make for a fun dynamic. Also, “ice drift”? I see you Roald!

Kaitlin wants an acting challenge? If that does happen I feel like it’ll end similar to how Sugar’s talent contest went in canon… The skit challenge is often used, so I could see it happening…

I’d read the hell out this bird woman article if Frances and Survir wrote it.

My first thought with the Botanical Garden is that Chris named it after himself, not realizing that Memorial implies dead, leading to a joke about his age. But I like the real explanation better.

British guy? Is he referring to Vincent?

This challenge set-up is pretty clever for Chris. He’s found an easy to use location that can look semi-exotic while doing a pretty cheap challenge depending on how much he did (or didn’t) pay for the location. After all, it’s just cheap plastic eggs. I guess maybe some could call Chris as lazy for the idea, but he’s at least creatively lazy.

Whitney and Roald continue to be great foils for each other…and I continue to ship them.

Right away the Artisanal Cheeses decide to not do the challenge and entertain their own interests. Eh, guess that’s pretty standard compared to some of their predecessors.

I do think splitting up is a smart strategy that the Wildcats should try; even four feels like too many if this garden is that big.

“Maybe the chriping is in my soul!” xD Don’t change Rachel. Also side-note, Kelsey makes a great straight man. She plays off the others in a way that still feels like her own personality.

Graham is such a sweetheart; this team needs that positivity and friendliness, especially with Isabella gone. Although you’re already describing your crush on Whitney as ‘big’? You’ve known her two to three days? I relate as a hopeless romantic (and ship since the two have the best fashion).

I’m expecting Eggsbella’s hatching to be a plot point or gag at some point! (Maybe she thinks Kaitlin is her mother for her bird-like appearance. Actually surprised these eggs didn't lead to more Kaitlin-bird jokes).

I love that Frances is more concerned with interviews than the actual challenge, and Suvir of all people has to be the voice of reason. Although I’m not sure why he has to film…she does realize that they’re being filmed at the moment, right?

Artemis and Kaitlin’s scene was gold. Also, a Smoothie Guy cameo! Heck yeah! Still trying to make that money. Artemis and Smoothie Guy hooking up confirmed? I think it’s sad they were there for an hour and only realized the egg after getting wasting.

Does Artemis think they’d make a good pair because she’s drunk or because Kaitlin’s lack of charisma compliments her? Kind of like that joke people say to their friends sometimes that they hangout with them to look better in comparison.

Kingsley thinks he and Christian seem like buds? And that he’s a threat? Christian? I mean maybe he’s strong, but you are in the team phase and I don’t think there’s been a full team swap before? I know two members did in TD:SS, but never like a total restructuring where anyone could swap.

On the other hand, it would probably be best for Erica to get rid of him. While I assume he might be physically strong, he’s a distraction for Erica and would let her keep her trusting ally.

“Societal implications of his wrong doing?” Does Boris know he’s a neckbeard and realize what that means.

I’m actually shocked he challenged Christian to a physical duel. Christian actually complimenting Boris in the confessional? Although, I don’t know how actually swole he could be since he’s been going to the gym for like…a day?

…Does Graham want a love like Jackie and her tongue? Also, I’m getting an idea about why she may have broke up with you Miles. Don’t air that on public TV or just to another person.

I kind of want to know what happened with Kelsey at formal. Sadly, I think Graham went to the wrong person about romance; I feel like Kelsey mostly doesn’t have time for it. But I’m not sure which girl Graham should go to about romance; none of the Cheeses, Erica isn’t exactly the helping type, and Rachel is sweet…but as her bio states, her romance hasn’t better.

Of the dudes…ironically I think Roald could be the most helpful, but he might also be into Whitney…

(Also, random thought but another ship? Roald and Kaitlin. Roald is based off a penguin, she’s based off of big bird; they’d be a perfect giant bird couple!)

I feel like Rachel and Miles could end up in a love triangle, since she mentions she needs a muse. Graham seems like a poetic type… dang, am I just shipping everyone? I guess that isn’t unusual from me. Still, I don’t think Rachel is going to become interested in Miles.

xDDD I don’t know why but the whole scene of the results are cracking me up. I agree with Chris; y’all really don’t care about these challenges. Then again, I think Chris set the precedent for aimless wandering in challenges.

“Damn millennials” is such a great line. Captures Chris and Chef perfectly.

I’m conflicted on how I feel about this. On one hand, the Wildcats actually tried and found two of the hidden eggs. Makes the challenge feel a little pointless. On the other hand, this is very in character for Chris. And I love Chef’s insistence on not skipping leg day xD

Awww, Kaitlin whining about the solo scene. She must spend a lot of time in the confessional…

I forget Chris calls Erica out on scheming! Pretty rude Chris, you might lose your only strategic player doing that (I guess Kingsley strategic, but he left it to someone else to do the actual vote gathering).

Reading the trivia, it’s interesting to see Kingsley lasted longer and I’m curious who was saved instead (no spoilers of course). I feel a little bad, because while I doubt it did I hope me being low on him didn’t cause you to eliminate him sooner. I know he’s almost been in quite a few of your planned stories.

On the one hand, I did enjoy quite a few moments from Kingsley, his confessionals being the highlights. He had a fun personality. On the other hand, I won’t lie that I felt he was getting a little old for me. I do think I liked him more on a second read.

His elimination also felt a little weird to me? Like he’s usually very unaware, but he just knows that Erica betrayed him immediately? I guess Chris did say she was scheming. A little odd he only tells Christian to hit him up; dude still voted for you. Who knows who the others voted for.

I guess overall I’m not too sad to see Kingsley go; he was fun, but I like a whole lot of the characters and am really interested in seeing where a majority of them go.

Overall this was a really fun chapter! I admit I didn’t love the challenge, but it did lead to more character interactions and they were a lot of fun. And I really love this cast! Even Borris continues to grow on me. Look for updated rankings soon (spoiler: Eggsabella and Chef are tied for first). I can’t wait for more! In the words of a very wise Bed, Bath, and Beyond employee I once knew, "Go ahead and cry all you want, but you're gonna have to pay for that toilet plunger." 07:15, January 14, 2019 (UTC)

My god, thanks so much for this comment, Rhonda <3 Totally fine that it's a little late, but it does feel like forever since we've talked. Get on chat again soon! Anyway, I'll say that Chapter 4 is very quickly approaching completion (only around 4-5 pages left) and this was just the motivation I needed to finish it, so it should be out really soon. Also re: the challenge - yeah, I wasn't too satisfied with Chapter 3's challenge either so that's totally fair criticism, but I felt like I needed to do something like the early episodes of Pahkitew Island, i.e. lazy challenges involving wandering around the woods for the sake of character interactions. I have all the challenges for the rest of the pre-merge planned and they're going to be a lot more interesting, I hope! Next chapter's will finally involve the lake itself, so that'll be fun at least. 

So let's get to the stuff about the chapter itself: the Wildcat girls are slowly becoming my favorites to write for. They're such a hilarious trio and play off of each other way too well. Kelsey's friend Emma was actually a variety of references but yes, RR Emma was one of them! Those two seemed similar in some degrees. Speaking of references, Boris's anime WAS a shout-out to Ness and Seraphina, I may or may not have put that in there because I wanted you to like him more :] The skit challenge will definitely be appearing in this story, by the way. I don't feel like that's a spoiler since it's been in the last three stories back-to-back? It's just a matter of WHEN it'll show up ;) I already have big plans for it... 

The British guy was referring to Dolph! I thought I had linked his page but I guess I didn't? Either way, Dolph is like Chris's Ezekiel in this canon, I'd explore that more if I had any desire to write for TDRev characters again (I don't). It was really nice to see how you felt about Kelsey because that's exactly how I'm trying to develop her character as, I'm beyond glad she's not boring. Graham... yeah, he's a hopeless romantic to the point where he makes Tolkien look tame. Just wait until he starts writing poetry. I love that you're shipping both him/Whitney and Roald/Whitney lol, a love triangle between those three would be pretty juicy. That Eggsabella idea is GOLD, there are some great things coming with her! 

The Artemis/Kaitlin scene at the bar was one of my favorite parts of the chapter, I just had to get Smoothie Guy in there since he's such a degenerate he'd fit in perfectly with the IASIP cast. Artemis thinks Kaitlin's lack of charisma complements her and makes her look even better, basically. Another part I loved was Graham and Kelsey's conversation which I'm glad you loved too, it was just so ridiculously awkward for both parties even if they're friends. Kelsey's the type to just repress the idea of romance in general, and Graham's... not, so it was a really fun conversation. 

So yeah, Kingsley was originally going to be an endgamer but then I realized once the first chapter started that I wasn't a huge fan of writing for him, he seemed a little more one-note and less unique than most of the cast. He was a character in a bunch of other planned stories I had had which is kind of a bummer, but I thought he was a fun strategic trainwreck early boot. Definitely your rankings didn't cause me to eliminate him sooner, don't worry about that! I was already kinda down on him from the first chapter, when I realized a bunch of other characters could do the same kinds of things he did, but better. As for who was originally going to be eliminated, yeah I won't reveal but it was basically the exact opposite scenario: I went in fully expecting them to be 2nd boot but then realized I loved writing for them once the first chapter was done. Kingsley's probably my least favorite member of this cast by default but I will miss his and Christian's homoerotic subtext though (his telling Christian to hit him up was definitely due to that), maybe I'll just have to have Christian hit on other dudes?

I'm so glad you liked the chapter/are continuing to love the cast and I'm really excited for those rankings! Thanks so much for the comment! Expect Chapter 4 in the next day or two (chris) (canberra) 19:33, January 14, 2019 (UTC)

Zactastic Corner

01 ~

Aight this might be a slightly shorter comment than normal, but I'm in a pinch for time, about to run off for work so I might extend this later on.

As my first official comment on a toad-al story this is very ~new~ to me. Don't get me wrong I've read bits and bobs of the stories before. But this will be the first time I'm reading a story as you're writing it.

Anywho I really like the setting so far. It feels so very OG Island already. Whether or not that's intentional. I can already see it being diverse enough to be cute, but also comedic-centric because Toad. Also the potential throw-back to TDRev would be blessed. Will we be seeing Dolph? I know you said this is more or less doing its own thing, but you can't visit Revolution City without Dolph, can you?

Also Chef and Chris are back! That's nice. I can see it being a nice changeup. They just have a natural chemistry together, and your versions of them have always been a light-hearted comedy duo. I can't wait to see what they've been up to in the past few years... asides from the waffle show, that's a hard pass.

Not a lot really happened in the chapter, as it was mostly introductions, and then some minor interactions so maybe I'll just a softcore cast ranking here. This is on mobile so nothing fancy but here we go


1- Christian. Honestly what's not to love? When I said he was my type of character, he really is. A cutie with tude, who doesn't care about most people. Interested to see where things go with him. He had some interesting interactions Boris and Artemis to be more specific - but they're both on the other team. I think one of my favorite things about Christian is just how bold? He is. I'm not sure it's tough to explain what makes Zactastic characters Zactastic. But Christian is it. He's just very loveable. Although I'm starting to think my roommates are right. They've nicknamed me Chad, because I keep dating "Chad-like" guys... I think Christian being my fav, might be the final nail in the coffin on that front.

2- Isabella. So there are two types of Zactastic characters. You have the Christian-type ones. And then the Isabella characters. She's just so HAPPY. I love her. I think her being... so friendly and slightly less exaggerated than most of the cast will make her really fun in this cast. With characters who are just so out-there, I can see Isabella working really hard to make lots of new friends, and just failing over and over again. And I'm low-key excited for it. Asides from the Artemis face-raping Christian scene, Isabella has my second fav. When she just turns to the girls and asks them to like her tweet after she interacts with Whitney. It made me fall in love with her.

3- Whitney. This is likely biased because Whitney is best wolf but whatever. I love her. She's honestly not afraid to say anything. Plus her and Wolfgang? That's a nice little twist and throwback. I actually really like her personality here. It's a great toad-ification? I think that she'll thrive with the dramatics. And she's already off to a great start. I'm excited to see her and Artemis interact!


4- Suvir. I don't know why but I think Suvir is lowkey adorable. I can see him getting really annoying real fast, but for now I actually enjoy his quirkiness. He's a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the cast. Honestly curious where he goes. He doesn't have a personality that instantly leads himself to interactions, but it's a TD story so obviously that's going to happen, unless he's a tragic first boot.

5- Miles. Actually lowkey really enjoy him? And I do not typically enjoy sad bois. But something about him is really drawing. I'm not sure if it's sad boi past? Or if it was just the fancy guitar. I think that Miles has loads of potential, because again he's different than a lot of the cast. I'm looking forward to seeing whether he opens up more or if just becomes super sad boi and annoys me to death! It's like gambling!!

Last - Boris. I do not like. i do not like. I do not like. I do not like. I do not like these types of characters. They are gross. They annoy me. I do not like. It's not a YOU thing. It's just a gross archetype that I do not like. I DO NOT LIKE TOAD. I DO NOT LIKE.

You may have noticed I only really ranked 6/16. That's because one, Im out of time and two. Asides from characters like Rhett who would likely be 6th because he's actually adroable and I love him and his accent. The rest I am having a hard time remembering/seperating from eachother. Not sure if thats a you thing or a me being sleepy an reading in bed thing

xoxoxo BYE --ZacAttack Rawr 12:38, August 11, 2018 (UTC)

So glad you're reading one of my stories as it starts <3 This comment was great! I'm glad you liked the setting, and it's definitely supposed to be a sort of "back-to-basics" type setting that'll allow for diversity in challenges and interactions. I don't know how many old characters'll show up this time around, but Dolph is a possibility lol. Keep in mind that this is 4 years after TDSS, so is Dolph even alive at this point? Or on this planet? We'll see what happens and things like that. There's a lot more in the Chris/Chef department coming your way, which I'm super excited to write about, they're going to be... fleshed-out, for better or for worse.

Loved the brief ranking! I figured Christian would be your favorite, and honestly based on this chapter alone he might be mine as well. He's hilarious and I'm glad he's weirdly likable too? Like of course he's a douche, but the fact that he seemed lovable is nice because I'm going to try and make him multi-dimensional. If only the name Chad wasn't taken... Isabella is a fan favorite too and I'm shocked! More good stuff is coming up with her as well, for sure. Whitney is my snarker of the season and it's nice to see you love her, I have her (and Roald!) in my New Leaf town and just adore her. She's going to have her hands full with the rest of the Artisanal Cheeses. Funny that both you and Rhonda said Suvir was adorable too, I think you'll like what I have planned for him (he definitely gets into a power duo with someone next chapter). Bummer that you're not a Boris fan either, but he's really not the most likable character so I get it. Just a complete caricature. Hopefully his plot will make sense and be okay?

It's totally understandable that you only ranked a few of them since I always get mixed up with characters in intro chapters as well, usually need a few more to really feel out who's who. But I really appreciated this comment, and there's some good stuff coming up (I think)! Thanks for reading <3 (canberra) 17:03, August 12, 2018 (UTC)

02 ~

I’m reading and writing this while I eat perhaps the best burrito I’ve had in ages… That really doesn’t affect anything but man this is actually like top notch mexican food.

Anywho. The wildcat girls are literally perfect. I can see them perhaps being a little hard to seperate? But I think that will 100% change as the story keeps moving forward. I think that the group of girls really showcase what Rhonda loves in a girlfriendship! And It’s great to really see it playing out so nicely. Just a bunch of peppy girls supporting each other. Them deciding to binge tv instead of a paper was <3 Isabelle’s trash selfie was golden, and I liked seeing Kingsley being included.

…. Christian unzips his giant I really hoped that was going somewhere else… But his entire interaction with Kingsley was fantastic. I love the pair already!! But Miles is also so swooooooooon. Graham is nice too I guess.

Bro….ris? I think I’m in love. Roald is perfect. Please let me marry him. Sorry Hayden. Hmmmm Speaking of Boris. He made me spit out part of my burrito. CAT GIRL ANIME? You mean hentail sir?

The 180 from the quant sweet innocent Wildcat girls to the cheese girls oh god. Artemis… Whitney… Kaitlyn, I am in love with all three their scene was actually really fun! I think Frances could really be fun with this team too! I love her confessionals already.

Kelsey…. Stepping down from leadership? I think this is actually the biggest plot twist so far? Not to say it’s not in her character but typically her archetype would sooner cause a fuss about her team being idiots… cough Courtney. So I’m excited to see how this plays out.

Suvir… Please don’t ever change. You’re an adorable human being who deserves love… the real kind, not the kind the government pays your parents to give you. ISABELLA AND CHRISTIAN? But I can’t have Kinstian then… I’ll debate this with the twin later.

Boris… blah Idk how I feel about him. I think he’s gross. Like he’s perfect for that type of character? But he’s gross. Like actually gross.

Roald… He’s always stealing the limelight by being amazing. This party scene is about to get hype. Suvir maybe you aren’t insane… you’re definitely not wrong about the origins of some of your team.

Whitney just trying to hide from Graham. That felt so real. Glad to know American parties also have the party clingers.

CHRISTIAN AND ISABELLA OH BOY. That entire scene was just so omg. Also Isabella is actually amazing, and I love how happy she is. Also watching as Kelsey’s hopes in her team fade was <3. Loved Kingsley just peacing out in style!

Frances and Suvir are such an interesting duo. I’m really excited to see where they end up!

… Christian is zing after zing. Poor Isabella though, I hope she never hears how he spoke about her feels bad man.

Can Kingsley comment on everyone’s fashion sense? Please .

ISABELLA BABE NO. Although, I don’t know who else I would want to leave!? They’re all fantastic! Also Christian asking for one last kiss and Isabella just noping out of that real quick. Girl is smarter than I thought.

Also Chef fucking up <3

Overall really enjoying the tone of the story <3 It’s really funt o read and the characters are wacky in a fun way. I’m sure there will be way more antics along the way. <3 Love the more mature total Drama !!

ZacAttack Rawr 23:36, September 19, 2018 (UTC)

I can’t remember the last time I wrote out a comment. But be the change you want to see, right? I realized me and twinny just messaging our reviews to each other might rub off on newer users. So hopefully this will help!

05 - The mini scene with Roald and Whitney at the start was actually kind of cute? It felt so animal crossing with the dialogue so that was <3 Also new AC next year !!!! Seeing Roald working to take Frances down will be a very interesting change of pace for him, but I’m very excited. Sadly that means he’s going to be dragging Boris around, but maybe he’ll rub off on Boris in a good way!

Oh god. Reading when I first wake up: “Ugh! Were you the one tapping my forehead all night?. Definitely didn’t read “Tapping” the first time. I knew you were writing more mature but not THAT mature. Bless Suvv and Artemis for blessing kaitlyn with compliments for the bird. The cuteness she was lacking, aint that the truth. I love Art’s love for the bird tbh, who knew a bird was all the girls needed to be… more fun?

Oh my. Whitney? Do you have a heart? I loved her trying? To comfort Roald. Also I love that it’s Roald because he’s just a big emotional ball of love.

The horoscope scene makes me think the team was just hungover and that was their way of coming back to life. But I loved it? It just felt so cute, and was a good way to kind of bring Kelsey out of her shell a little. Also love Erica/Mile’s reactions. I’ve missed Miles !!

Manwhore Christian here to service me and all of my fantasies <3 I love his little peptalks to himself it’s actually adorable. Also Erica?! Girl you’ve already got a boy leave some for the rest of us?

You go Kelsey! You actually have morales! Also loving how she is just resisting Christian… Also if he actually wears those for the challenge !!! I can kind of foresee all the girls hosting an intervention? Or something along the lines of them all agreeing to not hookup with Christian, and watching as Christian is sad boy.

Oh god. Boris and his Belly Ball Bash! This is the type of Boris I enjoy? I don’t really know what makes him difference here but he’s adorable in a really weird way. Also loving him and Roald as a duo… and then bam Toad humor with everyone else awkwardly waiting.

Miles <3 Your oneliners are always perfect. Also i can vividly see Suvir just flailing his arms trying to get rid of the ball.

I think. Out of all the pairs that are repeating lately. Christian and Kelsey are my favorite? Mostly because they just feel so… accurate? And kind of original. And I live for them both.

Whitney not even trying…. Is this a Noah call out. Please no.

Erica and Graham…. Oh Graham hun you’re a wreck. An adorable wreck but a major wreck. And also spilling the beans to the one person who might use it against you later. EEEP.

And Christian uses his head for the first time in the competition.

…. Oh suv. You’re a nutcase. But what if he’s right? WHAT IF THEY ARE EVIL CLONES. PROTECT YOUR BRAINS!!!!

Do beaches… have blocks?

Hmmmmm did Miles… not have a girlfriend before? Did he just niceguy his situation? I need more information now.

Whitney is willing to compete with Roald though… HMMMM I sense love drama in the match. Way to go graham that’s one way to make her notice you!

These special moves… It reminds of like an anime volleyball game? Like if there was a Mario Volleyball or something. Also kinda happy Boris and Roald pulled through in the end?

I am dying. That whole Erica/Christian/Miles/Graham scene. It was beautz! Christian just being himself and being too tired to make a plan, so he leaves it to Erica. Erica feeding off of Miles’ sadness, and then Rachel making things right with Miles and then he’s like oh fuck and Rachel’s reaction oh god!!

Ohhhhhhh. That was an interesting elimination. Kinda glad Rachel is the one leaving? Not to say she’s not interesting, but I definitely feel she had the least going for her outside of Miles. MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH… Ummm hello that swap tho. I think my 3 favs all got shuffled around. And I think it’s at the perfect time?

The love triangle with AC + Graham will be really exciting tbh and I can see one of these three leaving in the next few chapters. No way they all make the merge. And then there’s the whole Christian VS Graham drama. Unless that was just a throwaway line…. Plus Boris doesn’t have Roald anymore and now he just has…. Christian? Oh god that will be interesting? Or maybe after the challenge his team will come to his defence?

Anyways I loved the chapter it felt very classic Total Drama, and I loved it!! I’m going to try and catch up as the day moves on, and then in the latest chapter I’ll do more thoughts (i.e ideas) and hopefully update rankings

ZacAttack Rawr 14:22, July 11, 2019 (UTC) Hey! Okay, so I'm going to like... respond to your comment for chapter five in a bulleted list, I think:

  • I'm SO excited for the new Animal Crossing next year, but that also unfortunately reminded me that I haven't checked in on my New Leaf town in months (I hope Roald, Whitney, and Beardo aka Graham are all still there...)
  • The horoscope scene was probably the result of a hangover, that feels like the only way people like Kelsey would be able to stand talking about that lmao. I included it because I figured I should give Rachel some nice send-off scenes before she left.
  • I think everyone was able to come around to Boris right around this chapter, which makes me... beyond happy. I didn't just want to shit on him the whole time, so I'm glad he's managed to be likable in his own weird way?
  • Christian and Kelsey are a hilarious pair, I have to agree with you there. They've both got personalities that are just so easy to write for - there are times I have to actively try and not devote entire chapters to them and Erica...
  • Beaches don't have blocks lmao but there are houses and streets a little bit beyond the beach
  • Miles did indeed have a girlfriend before, I think he was just referring to all the subsequent romantic failures he's had to endure after Jackie. But is he a niceguy? Yes
  • That was entirely my goal with the Roald/Boris special moves, like something ridiculous out of an anime or a Nintendo game. I too am proud of those boys for winning though
  • Every time the Wildcats attempt to strategize just ends in a nightmare. It's great, because my stories used to have one "wacky" team and one more normal team, but both the teams this time around are bizarre and dysfunctional in their own little way.
  • I'm glad you didn't mind the Rachel boot and are excited for the swap! Rachel was a character I did like writing for but she felt very tied to Miles, and once I included their conversation earlier in the chapter there was no real reason to keep her in any longer, especially with literally everyone else having wild shit go down in their plots. As for the swap, yeah, I think you're going to enjoy what goes down? There's... a lot, that's all I'll say for now.

Thanks for the comment! I'm excited to see your further comments of course! (canberra) 18:45, July 11, 2019 (UTC)

general chapter one thoughts:

  • I liked the concept of the contestants traveling from the metro to the lakeside in groups of four, it felt v big brother, and definitely more innovative than if they had just rowed there or something... also nice job having the third batch of contestants be on the same train, that kept the format from getting repetitive 
  • k you can tell this was written towards the end of your undergrad degree @ kelsey typing up grad school applications
  • christian, the ultimate rich white boy, being a rapper that juuls is just... so fitting, i can think of at least ten people irl that fit that stereotype 
  • boris is such an overused archetype, I'm guilty of writing a neckbeard character myself, but I legit laughed out loud when he called isabella a "stacy" and I look forward to him calling kaitlin a bird more
  • also laughed at: "for some reason, a studio audience is heard laughing" + "um, sis, is it just me or do you look... flabby?" kingsley <3 
  • not frances being a tdiff self-insert
  • also props on your writing for chris, "how's that for a diversity quota" was genuinely so in-character 
  • rhett <3 I doubt he's gonna go far since he's literally just wes nale but he's amazing comic relief for the time being (the two and a half men reference <3) 
  • you truly saved the best for last with artemis
  • not much to say since it was just an intro chapter, but I got a good feel for every character and that's ultimately the most important thing; the only character that didn't really stand out imo is erica
  • predictions: I've got a good feeling about suvir and whitney?

The brains needed a body. We found our zombies, now we're in. 04:27, June 16, 2019 (UTC) I already sent my thots to you in chat but also thanks so much for this comment omfg :') (canberra) 18:45, July 11, 2019 (UTC)

ch2 thoughts

  • kingsley seemed like a one-note character so i was pleasantly surprised at the depth/relatability of him not wanting to be an honorary fifth girl
  • graham is already one of my fav characters just for the age difference between him and the rest of the cast, his interactions with miles were gold; this is def something that was underutilized in real TD
  • the dumpster in front of the lake was the perfect set up for rhett, who continues to be the best comic relief character (also highly enjoyed the beer chugging scene)
  • “He then fires the gun, which is definitely not fake” <3
  • suvir x frances is literally like the perfect combination of archetypes and i was waiting for them to cross paths tbh
  • at first I didn't know how I felt about re-using an actual TD challenge, but at the same time lakeside feels like a soft reboot of the toad-al drama universe so it fits? and it’s a great way to let the cast interact/breathe
  • the female members of the artisanal cheeses are def my favorites so far, like they’re all just so OTTN and their toxic energies play off of each other so well
  • artemis calling graham a hottie... we love daddy issues
  • the challenge did end a bit abruptly, but artemis winning for her team due to stimulants is also exactly the payoff i wanted
  • k isabella’s elimination was actually very well done and genuinely surprised me. all of the signs pointed towards miles going home, who i love. but making him a red herring raises another problem of isabella’s elimination coming out of nowhere. which is why i adored erica's confessional at the end, it provided an explanation while still keeping the shock value intact. very solid planning!

--The brains needed a body. We found our zombies, now we're in. 03:09, July 17, 2019 (UTC)

(chris) Never let them see that they get to you. 04:56, August 17, 2019 (UTC)

Go, Drunkinla! Never let them see that they get to you. 03:40, October 13, 2019 (UTC)

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