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Rhonda's Corner



My twin! I didn’t even realize Tides was officially started D: I’m so sorry for the late response, especially because Tides is off to a great start and needs reviews and attention >:( I shall try to remedy that at once with a comment for you ;)

As I just said, I think Tides is off to a great start! I can’t do rankings just yet because I want to see more of these characters, but I think it was a good introduction. It established the new status quo and gave us glimpses at these new characters, showing us who they are to a degree and hinting at dynamics but leaving me intrigued for more.

First off, the hosting dynamic is very intriguing. You yourself mentioned to me how you like focus on the hosts and how you see the importance of a host and I think you’ve created a really interesting dynamic between hosts. I appreciate you had a few scenes between them before we met our contestants.

Zac does have a mean streak and I wanna see more of who he is, but I feel he isn’t a carbon copy of Chris to me, Zac is way more sassy and zactastic. He has great burns and zings against everyone. The fact he was a higher up who got voted in is interesting and I feel he cares a lot more about the product and rules than Chris would.

To be fair I maybe a little bit biased since I’m in here! Which is so exciting :D I was bashfully glowing every time Rhonda came up, I admit it. Thanks for giving me an extended role! I’m totally counting this as canon in TDG (I feel you captured Rhonda here exactly as she sounds in TDG), and it will be referenced!

But trying to be objective, I do think the Zac-Rhonda creates an interesting dynamic of a student to a host and the conflict that already seems to be causing, whether between the level of cruelty or favoritism of contestants. I’m interested to see how this plays out for the hosts and the contestants involved…

Also I enjoy the Canada vs. American jokes xD

Mana is a wonderful addition as well! The poor little intern :( He seems like he might have an arc too, he certainly wants to prove himself. I feel these three have some promising interactions and I’m so pumped to see how they develop and interact. You said you view the host as another character who can develop so I’m interested to see how they develop.

Moving on to theme, you’ve got the theme together really nice! The pirate stuff stands out, mostly cause I adore pirate themes and I like the challenge is to get your captain (like a pirate captain ;D). It seems the theme is overall more pirate than beach, though still some beach vibes. I’m all for it, since we’ve had a few beach stories already and the sailing ties into the adventurous tone you’re going for. </p>

The team names are great too and all fit with the summer/sailing theme. I like you did a shout-out to the Screaming and Killer theme of the original show…but my favorite team name has to be the Zactastic Hotties!

Usually when someone does something like it, they just switch up the old ‘Team Chris Is Really, Really Hot’ and I usually find that stale. But it works great here; it fits the adjective, noun-naming scheme. And I mean it just fits Zac’s character; using Zactastic is a wonderful idea (‘Zactastic’ is like your own brand).

The location is interesting…it sounds like we won’t be necessarily staying in Brazil but I do love the choice to reference in (and you won’t believe me but I SWEAR I actually have fics planned, one in a Brazillian jungle and one with a pirate theme…if I ever get that far…).

The idea of sailing the seven seas on pirate ships is really cool and a really good idea to create that adventure tone that I feel you’re going for with this story. The descriptions are all great; I get a mental image of everyone and the locations wonderfully

“The old cast was made up of losers and wannabes...” This line felt a little meta; even if I’m critical I like the Frozen cast :p

This new cast definitely seems interesting though! So here our my thoughts;

Grayson/Kimmi; I just realized writing this he’s the first newbie introduced and she’s suppose to be the last newbie introduced. Great planning! Too bad Mana ruined it :/ I’m not sure what to say about Grayson yet, he seems very flirtatious and given his background at prep school its not a surprise he wants to meet girls…

…but he’s dating Kimmi so I do raise some eyebrows. My first instinct is that Grayson is just using Kimmi, she seems like the guillble and naïve type, and it makes Grayson seem like he’ll be a bad guy, especially given it seems like Kimmi’s lost friend is tied into her relationship. But I’m not going to jump to that conclusion just yet.

Kimmi is suspicious in my eyes as well; I feel she’s trying to be overly sweet because she’s so lonely. I’m definitely interested to see how the dynamic between the two plays out. And how Kimmi’s friend attempts go, since I’m all for female friendships I want her to get friends and be loved :( But I also feel she might need to go through some growing and maturing before she can…

Youri; Youri felt very present and focused throughout the chapter and got some good jokes in…but I’ll admit he hasn’t clicked for me yet. I don’t hate him or even dislike him, he did get laughs, but he didn’t have any memorable or big interactions so he seemed a bit more of a joke character at the moment. I am interested to see where his story goes in trying to prove his masculinity.

Trixie: I didn’t realize Trixie was a cowgirl but I like that added detail to her character. She seems like she’d be an interesting rival or foil to Sam, since they are both pretty thirsty! I do like that she dates so many guys she’s almost like trying to complete a checklist xD She even keeps a book! Seeing she might have an interest in Alfie and they’re on a team might lead to interesting things…

Fleur: Fleur <3 She’s just so sweet and adorable. And I love her struggling with English, makes for fun dialogue. I love she also thought this was a fashion show. She’s stolen my heart already!

Damien: “Wait you actually stunt-casted Damien? You do know that he -” I feel like this was foreshadowing that Damien has some kind of secret. Is it unrelated to his legacy or is it related? Also arm pit hair xD I found this both kind of gross…and attractive :]

Sam: I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Sam or what I was expecting…and it turns out I loved him! He’s just hilarious and a very ‘motivated’ character and I like his reason for joining the show isn’t just for the money.

I also just want to say I love how you did his label, crossing out pretty. I know most people don’t consider that stuff a lot but I think a lot of that background stuff is important because it introduces you to the character. I think it was clever and established a lot about who Sam is with only knowing that.

He certainly has a good selection of hunks, so it’ll be interesting to see who he gets with (I’m already shipping Slake :3).

Angel: I’ve got mixed opinions on Angel… On the one hand Rhonda likes her so I’m inclined to like her as well, along with my enjoyment of stalkers xD (Ironically I’m actually dealing with hosts having favoritism in my next TDG chapter…)

The only thing that worries me a bit is that she’s very similar to Sierra, minus being a big TD fan. I like Sierra in concept but in execution…she mostly revolved around Cody and her jokes were ninety percent stalking Cody jokes. The fact Angel stalks a Cody (although one I think is an actual celebrity...who I think is from Canada) makes it really noticeable.

I’m sure you have plans for Angel though since she brought her back. I think it’ll help when I see what her story is and how she interacts with other character and forms relationships with others (what Sierra ultimately didn’t do a great job of).

Viola: Hysterical! XD I really like her negative attitude; she literally finds something wrong with everything. She stands out from the usual cynic by being...not goth xD So I’m looking forward to more of her.

Malia: I wasn’t really sure who her character was as “The Parent’s Favorite”. I thought she maybe antagonistic because I think she was described as doing anything for her parents. Boy was I off the mark…

Malia seems like such a sweet heart! She seems like a foil to Viola, having lots of optimism to Viola's cycnism, which you constrated this chapter. I also love that she wears a hijab. I think I'll like her <3

Cherry: I love jokes based on the average white girl (one girl at my school was so surprised when I said I’d never had Starbucks coffee) so I figured I liked her. But I enjoyed her way more than I thought I would!

She’s just so obnoxious which could be annoying but you make hilarious. Her spelling her name just cracks me up each time I see it xD Interesting to see where her conflict with Grayson/Kimmi goes, especially since they’re on the same team…

Blake: I was expecting an interaction between him and Trixie…but didn’t foresee his and Sam! I ship them xD Honestly, I feel like Blake could see himself as straight but he can’t stand to be around girls so maybe his sexuality is different than even he realizes. Interesting to see if he can conquer his phobia.

Collin: Whelp Rhonda’s already biased for Collin so I have to too! xD I love the Canadian-American culture war going on here, so this is a great conflict. And I had Canadian lessons? Do I say eh a lot?

Alfie: Usually Candy Lover types are rather one-note and or obsessive, so I’m glad Alfie wasn’t; he had a lot of child like energy which is always fun! Giving poor old Mana a piggy back ride.

Leo: Being the last to arrive its hard to tell what my feelings are on Leo just yet, but he seems nice and unlike the usual type from this character is not a diva.

“…but Mana insisted you stay on the cast.” I feel that might be a bit meta too. I wonder if Mana might start playing favorites too…

I can’t do rankings necessarily yet but I think my favorites might have been…Trixie, Sam and Cherry. :| I just realized I picked the three thirstiest characters. What does that say about me xD

For first out…I could see the case for Cherry given she’d annoy everyone and Grayson might target her. But I hope’s not.

Overall character-wise, this cast seems really great! I like everyone in it and it feels like everyone does have some greater purpose and was able to give a good laugh or show they had a personality. We've seen a bit of interaction between them and I'm interested for more, but they do play well off each other (and there are some nice female friendships too <3)

Very funny twist with the challenge being to fight pirates and a good cliffhanger!

“…and Rhonda jumped onto a giant gong…” xDDDD I also just enjoy the image of this in my head.

So to sum it up; THIS WAS AMAZING AND I LOVED IT! The hosts, themes and characters all worked and seemed really well thought out. And we haven’t even got to the returning contestants yet and other twists! I’m just so pumped to see what all happens!

I promise I’m going to get on the other comments I need to make for Let’s Talk about Frozen and Frozen (EDIT: And the future chapters, you speedwriting monster xD).

But this was a great chapter; it matched my high expectations and makes me have even higher expectations! (I am a little peeved no one else has commented yet but this deserves comments!) I'm just pumped for more <3 What could possibly go wrong? 18:18, June 13, 2016 (UTC)

You're never late <3 You're always ontime in my heart, twinette <3. Yeah, Tides started a lil while back. No worries! Not too much to catch up oN! There was a delay between the first and second chapter though in order to allow Mana to read so that I had some feedback for the next few chapters. So MANA has read the story :3 He's just ;azy and comments via PM now :3 But he's still <3333

I'm glaf you're liking the hosts! I think "OC" hosts, while userbased as they may be are still OCish, tend to get a lot of flack, but I'm trying really hard to keep a crew together that I find interesting. It's also one way for me to give back to you both for being amazing followers of my stories! I have always thought that the host needs to grow with the show and that having an over arching arc with them can help readers follow along. I... DO THINK that I MIGHT be going a little far with Tides... That being said Tides is a VERY experimental based story. I am going to be trying LOTS of things, some that work (hopefully), and many that likely just will not work. One of the big things will be the hosts and their interactions and their story. 

I feel like you haven't read the NEW final chapter of Frozen, that replaced the original version. So a lot of things in this story may make a little less sense? As this story takes place a few days after the events of that chapter. In a quick summary though, it's shown that Zac really did not like the original cast and he was VERY BRUTAL with them in the final chapter - Like to the point that Mana wants me to edit the chapter brutal. That being Zac, I do know Zac shares many traits with Chris right now, while not on purpose, it's just kinda who Zac is. He is however more Zactastic... and his facade might break when he sees a certain character in the next chapter... 

I'm really glad you're taking this Rhonda as Canon! It was something I secretly HOPED for, but never really thought would happen haha! I just saw an oppurtunity to have your story "fit" this one in one way or another and thought it would make for a much more interesting relationship between Zac and Rhonda.... And Don't worry I haven't forgotten about Zac's Boyfriend! ;) I DEFINATELY think our dynamic is something to keep an eye on it REALLY has an impact on the way the show plays out (and thats only for chapter 3!!!)

Canada vs American! I just had too!

Mana <3 He's just as adorable here as he is in reallife! I think Mana definately wants to make Zac proud, but why? Well Im sure we will find out! As a QUICK side note on some META things that might change some things. 1. Zaina is Mana's ALL TIME fav in my stories like he's in love with her. 2. Leo was created by Mana. 

MOVING ON to the Theme! I will say this the story is piratey/adventure themed. But the big ideas behind the story will be CONFLICT just like the way the waves crash against each other opinions and loyalities will clash.

I'm glad that you like the teams! I feel like the three are really nice and I like to think they have a throwback feel, while still have my own... Zactastic touch haha. And yeah, I  guess it is part of my brand!

GRAYSON - I won't say you're wrong. In the original Tides Grayson was a mean guy, I don't plan on taking that away from his character (he wasn't dating Kimmi or anyone though.). He is froma  prep school and has a thing for girls. I really like where Im going with this character and I hope you like it too!

KIMMI - She's definately feeling some regret over her friend, and that might be why she's so happy. If you can mask the sadness in one way or another, you may as well and now Kimmi wants everyone to be her friends. She definately might need to grow up a little! In Blossoming she actually ended up RANDOMLY getting engaged to Alfie. Like 100% random, if that helps you understand the two characters. 

Youri - Mana actually felt the same way. Youri does have a story it's just that it is character related and that character is not in the story just yet... Awks. 

Trixie - I didn't realize she was a cow girl until I started to write this chapter, so... yeah AWKS. I'm glad you like her checklist! And she definately might have some inteactions with Alfie coming up! 

Fleur- She's a fan fav needless to say why. She's very cutesy and I think she has a lot to prove at the same time. 

Damien - Foreshadowing? NOPE. I never do that kind of thing! Much too much effort. 

Sam - He was THE FAN FAV of the Original Tides. I feel like I haven't done him justice in this version of the story though.. So I am glad to hear he is still likable. He ( and Sarah) are based off of two users who I <3. I think Slake iS definately something that could happen it would be SUPER adorable to see Blake get flustered around Sam! 

Angel - I feel like her and Malia are getting downplayed in this version of the story. One of th BIG reasons being it's a much larger cast than I typically write for so I'm still getting adjusted to it - I also decided to just do 1 chapter per episode, so It's taking a little bit get used to the editing/story process with that. That being said Angel IS very Sierra like, not on purpose actually. I do think she is slightly, if at all diffrent, and her interactions will really showcase that I hope. 

Viola - I'm glad you like her! Mana also seems to enjoy this character (He also created her though... so awks.) I'm usually a very optimisitc person so writing for a debbie downer is strange, but I like the way I've taken Viola. 

Malia - I'm glad I was able to "shock" you? While not intentional. Malia has a relationship with her parents, just perhaps not the one you expected. She's using the show as an "Out" from them and wants to make them proud while she's here. 

C-H-E-R-R-Y. Another fan fav from Tides! I have tweaked her a little bit since chapter 1, so I'm hoping  you still like her. I actually might need to go back and edit her dialogue for chapter 2 /3 if she makes it that far to reflect her chapter 1 personality more. I feel like she is definately a fun character with a lot of p ower behind her. 

Blake - I think MAna also predicted a Trixie-Blake interaction! So I'm glad that was misdirected! I love Blake! He is actually one of, if not my favourite character in this story! For so many reasons and I can not WAIT for you to find out why! His relationship with Colin is lolsy, that's all I have to say about that. #Slake.

Colin - <33333 And yes. Yes you do, 

Alfie - Alfie is a very unique character. 

Leo - Yes, one of the big things with Leo I had to do was keep him from becoming Kaleb. I think I have done that so far! But we shall see! 

I'm glad you're loving everything so far! and I am glad that you are back! It's been way less Zactastic without you <33 IF YOU GET A CHANCE go and read the new final chapter of Frozen because it explains A LOT! xoxoxoxox ZacAttack Rawr 20:50, June 13, 2016 (UTC)

(I actually ahve read the new final chapter of Frozen xD I will comment on that too! I don't really have any questions about it except I remember Zania being taken by the pirates...but having now read ahead I understand... I relooked at Cherry and didn't notice anything different so I think I still like her <3 I wrote this right after the first chapter came out but it needed some editing and such I couldn't do at the time cause of graduation... And lol, at Kimmi x Alfie <3) What could possibly go wrong? 02:50, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

Oooooh awks! Was Zaina taken by pirates O_o? I don't think that I mentioned that in Frozen but it is possible. I'm glad that you like Cherry still haha! Don't worry so much about getting a comment out for the chapters tbh. Knowing people read it is all that's really important to me! Kimmi x Alfie is the OTP, ZacAttack Rawr 10:01, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

Since I’ve read this chapter a while, read the third and discussed it with you, I feel like my thoughts on this chapter might be all over the place. But I do have a lot of thoughts.

So I like this one just continues where we left off <3 And go Fleur! Once again proving why she’s so lovable. I love the ‘friendship’ she sort of has with Viola.

xDD Sam getting so excited at all this stripping (me too Sam). Blake should be a little more appreciative of Collin, cannonballs hurt. And is he trying to say that we Americans leave people behind. Bitch please. (xD I seriously do love the Canada/American conflict).

I feel like Starbucks lip gloss has to be real. Cherry is just a basic white girl :p Also big help there Kimmi.

“You have a hat, people who wear hats usually have the plan!” This is pretty accurate. Alfie this chapter is very funny in a silly way, I love it. Also Trixie is great! I love how she takes charge and comes up with a plan for tricking the pirates (and the poor boy pirate). I was thinking she might get eliminated and go sail with these guys but glad it didn’t happen. I could see her and Emmett having some conflict over leadership (and oh wow, another hunky athlete on her team…)

Sam’s thirstiness is so great xD Also Viola’s pessimism is just on point; “I can feel the wind in my hair… I don’t like it.” xDDDD I think the Zactastic Hotties all have a really great dynamic going on.

And I’m actually really excited for Hannah to be here; she just fits really well with this dynamic (I’ll talk more about the returnees in my chapter 3 comment when I make it, since that’s when we see most of them).

“The scene cut to the third and final? Ship” very nice foreshadowing ;p As obviously jealous as Cherry is, I have to agree with her that something ain’t adding up about Kimmi.

And I was so excited when I read about this purple ship! I honestly was surprised when Wing wasn’t in the final cast, remembering Mana said it wouldn’t be Tides without Wing (who I didn’t realize was a girl in the blog). Rereading the comments it did seem everyone voted for her. And I remember in the Frozen aftermath Zania getting kidnapped by pirates, so I was disappointed when she didn’t show in the elimination table after the first chapter. But I figured you decided they weren’t best for the story and trusted your judgment.

I was not expecting this twist but I LOVE IT! It was a great twist; it adds a lot of drama with this sudden fourth team showing up and catching everyone off guard. It maybe my favorite twist so far in Twist, and gives me high expectations for what’s coming.

There’s a lot of mystery with this new team, you get the feeling something is going, with especially how Zac reacts to Sarah. I may of course be a little biased since Rhonda caused it (she did such a great job picking a cast :p). Do love it causes more drama between the co-hosts.

I will say, as we discussed before, their introduction did leave them a bit unknown, but that’s understandable; they didn’t have a whole chapter to do a meet and greet. I will say Wing’s character came across very naturally and on another read through I do get an innocent vibe from Sarah. I’m definitely looking forward to more from them!

(By the by, you describe switching back to the Hotties at one point but its actually Youri’s team xD It confused me on the first read through).

This scene is very cute, Alfie especially just wanting to bond with the team. And I love Trixie loving it up on the Pirate ship; it did make me think that she could’ve gone home and her ending would be leaving with these pirates as a sort of ‘nice’ ending. Glad that isn’t what happens :p

“Kimmi perked up, ‘As long as we don’t arrive last we’re fine!’

Grayson though that over…”

I might just be overreacting, but it kind of feels like Kimmi led Grayson to making that decision. It is a very clever strategy though.

xDDD When Tameron first mentioned Floria I was like “It sounds so much like Florida…” I do like the idea of a butler being from another country; butlers do feel kind of foreign to me for some reason. Though it being a place filled with civil war and crime? Didn’t expect that…

Do I have secrets? It feels like Elyar is implying Rhonda has secrets. Then again, I feel like Rhonda has secrets too. And its obvious something is going on between Elyar and Sarah...but is really romance? I do like you make Rhonda seem unlike Chris (since that’s what I tried to do with her :p).

And yay Emmett finally gets some lines :p And it seems like he is still on the rocks with Rosalie…are they still together? Also, a giant clam shell is a great confessional <3

Me and Mana are in huge agreement that Zania should be back <3 I love that Sarah has some connection to Sarah…I know she’s a friend in real life but what is their connection here because it certainly doesn’t seem good…</p>

And YESSSSSSSSSSSS Andre, YESSSSSSSSS! Saving the day in the nick of time. I’m glad he got this moment; it makes me feel good things are going to come. I mean, not getting first out is always good :p

I love the style of the elimination ceremony; the fireworks are great idea to tie into summer and do something a little different than tossed items.

Hmm…Zac says you’ll never return but honestly everyone says that xD they could return this season even!

Eliminating Blake was a good idea for first out; he didn’t feel like an obvious pick (I’d thought it’d be Collin before him). He got focus to feel like a character and that know him but again wasn’t obvious. His reason for being eliminated felt unique too; it’s almost usually always being a weak link in challenges, which is understandable if not surprising. Also, its just funny they compare him to Alejandro and Heather (and fits Blake’s character exactly).

And most importantly, I feel it advances the plot. It certainly puts the Hotties in a tough position, voting out their strongest, and effects Sam and Collin’s stories. I’d say Blake might be the best first out I’ve seen done!

Overall, a really great chapter! It always felt like it was moving and giving us something important; character development or just having an adventurous tone! Action challenges are hard to write, but this felt like it had the tension I want in action scenes! I really don’t think I have any critiques or complaints. (And you’ve seen my character rankings so you know how I feel about them).

So for fun, here’s some character interactions (aka mostly ships) I like/thought would be interesting;

  • Fleur/Collin: I mean it makes a lot of sense; being the token foreigners this season. And certainly would cause some drama on the team.
  • Wing/Tameron: I love the rivalry you can see develop here…and I admit to liking to ship opposites attract couples; the idea of a dirty pirate with a posh butler sounds so ridiculous its cute!
  • Sam/Grayson: Before Kimmi and Grayson became a thing, I always felt these two would interact somehow. Grayson is certainly hot enough…
  • Kimmi/Fleur: Not as a ship, but a friendship! Kimmi is trying to be a sweetheart, so how about befriending the sweetest one? Or maybe Kimmi tries to befriend Viola, to her annoyance.
  • Leo/Angel: If Leo is a famous actor, than Angel should take interest or maybe recognize he could be famous and become his first fan…
  • Cherry/Tameron: I just love the idea of Cherry annoying him with her basicness xD
  • Grayson/Blake: I would say they could have an interesting friendship or more likely rivalry but uh…maybe with Collin. Or Damien; he does seem different than Grayson.
  • Damien/Viola: If Viola was worried about the next Heather, here’s a good place to start… (for a ship…)
  • Zania/Fleur: Fleur is rather like Lexi, could Zania like her for that, or resent her? (Sarah seems Lexi like as well…)

I’m sure I could come up with more but that seems like enough :p I’ll be having a third comment out soon! So excited for more of this story! What could possibly go wrong? 02:03, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

I had actually completely forgotten what this chapter was to be honest! So reading your comment really reminded me about why it was my FAV chapter I have ever written. 

Fleur and Viola.... Yeah this pair is really interesting! And another one of the "unplanned" interactions that I'm just running with! They just ended up being the only two characters on the team without a clear story for the early part of the story, so I just kinda stuck them together! But from I can tell they are a fan fav!

Hehe... The Americano and Canadian rivalry between Blake and Colin was <3 And I can't say I'm not going to miss it! But may it forever live on with Zac and Rhonda! I like to think that Blake just utterly hates Colin for no reason, and he can't ever seem to figure it out. And that maybe one day they could be really close friends, just not here. Or that Zac bribed them to hate each other for the ratings. (( Hot men <3333333333333 )) 

Cherry.... too cute! I don't know there's something about her character that I love. Ever since the original Tides. I still feel like I've left her down in this version. But... who knows! Things might change for her soon! And I THINK? not sure that Starbucks lip gloss is a thing? And Kimmi... well she's SUPER helpful! 

Alfie! I'm glad that you like his character! Sometimes I feel like he's too samey to past characters in stories, but I've tried to put my own little twist on the guy... And his lines are <33

Trixie! I've said this before but I am floored by her support! It's great to see! I don't know if she and Emmett will go on to hate each other, or become friends! The pair both have similiar... goals. Sometimes. Asides from the whole boy situation... 

I am a SUPER fan of foreshadowing! I did it throughout Frozen, and I don't see myself just stopping because this is the second coming of the story... But yeah the fourth team was something I was worried wouldn't go over well with readers. 1) because it seems like such a random decision. 2) because they are so ??? in this chapter. and 3) because that means I have 4 teams which is.... iffy. So knowing that you're liking it is <33. 

Emmett.... Well as far as I am aware this season takes place right after the final chapter of Frozen. Ergo, Emmett hasn't spoken with Rosalie since it was revealed she was why he left the show in the first place. I think the Confessional is just going to keep changing... because I gt bored of the clam shell already awks. 

ZAINA! I don't think I could do this story without her! She's just such a fan-fav, and I am hoping that she will become the "Zac" character. That when you think of my stories you will think and remember her story... whatever that is. As for Sarah... I am sure we will figure out what her relation with Zac is at some point. I may or may not know what it is at this point... 

ANDRE's SCENE! It was more a throwback to when he was first out in Frozen. he cost his team the challenge by not being there at the picture-close finish. So this time I really wanted to show that he's grown already and is better - and was there for his team. 

Blake <3 I think I've really spoken to his elimination a number of times and I STILl think no matter how heart breaking it was to eliminate him, was the best choice! I am honoured that you think it was one of the best first boots out there! 

Thank you for reading Twinette <33 ZacAttack Rawr 02:53, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

(3) And I'm all caught up! 

So let’s start off talking about the returning contestants; I’m really glad you did this plan! It’s always unfortunate when early outs just sort of become forgotten, because they have a lot of potential. And a second chance is an always interesting storyline. And especially these characters! Everyone has a clear plot line and I’m dying to see if they can redeem themselves and get farther! 

The way the veterans roles were emphasized, being a part of the challenge and being captain of their teams is a really clever idea and puts that needed focus on them while building up their significance. So let’s discuss my feelings on the veterans in just a little bit more detail. 

Hannah: I think Emmett was higher in my rankings but I might have to change that because honestly, Hannah is hysterical xD She’s over dramatic and crazy and I love it! Unlike the other teams, it's clear Hannah doesn’t have the same respect or authority and it seems like that could be a problem…

  • Emmett: Emmett is a character I know you really wanted to do again, so I have high expectations for him. So far those expectations are being met. It's clear he’s pushing his team and himself to prove he’s strong and not just in Rosalie’s shadow. I think it is going to be interesting to see just what happens when he fails and his team faces elimination...
  • Andre: Andre has been the most out of focus, which is a shame because as the first out I feel he has a lot to prove. But he is certainly interesting and I’m excited he’s here! His friendship with Damien was interesting and I expect things to come out of that :p I like he had no idea how to be the leader; he hasn’t really had a lot of experience! 
  • Zania: I know spoilers so it has hard to talk about her character here. She seems to be doing the best at leading her team, no one seems to question her and its clear she has some support. She’s also so tragically upset about failing Lexi :( She still doesn’t even realize that Lexi doesn’t need her anymore. I’m interested to see if being in nature will bring out anything in her…

Now for some more linear thoughts as the chapter went on;

Rhonda practicing in her bedroom for years :] 

Leo says he doesn’t usually play the hero. So he’s usually the villain? Wonder what that might me for any future appearance of him…

Kimmi’s little toast was cute. The way Grayson says that about her slowly in the confessional is certainly implying he’s lying…

Oh Cherry xD I’m not exactly sure how getting Mana on her side is tied to getting rid of or at Kimmi, but I guess she wants allies. It felt a little like we jumped topics there without a transition.

OH MY GOSH! Why didn’t I even comment on Yasmin’s book! many theories are coming from there! The biggest question is what does Yasmin and Sarah actually know? I get the feeling Yasmin being too nosy might lead to her elimination…

I’m wondering if Zac did something to harm Sarah in the past; maybe betray her to get further in his career or something like that? 

Properly isn’t even that big a word Wing :p Was about to type something that might’ve been a spoiler but...nope. I love that Mana has a crush on Zania <3 

And oh my Elyar...moving over to the Sirens....

I know we’ve talked about this before but I’ll try to articulate it a bit more. I’m not sure I can exactly describe why I dislike (and ‘dislike’ might be too strong a word) Youri but I’m going to try and talk it out (and sorry if it feels a little ranty). 

I think a big reason is because he doesn’t have a lot of interactions in those two early chapters; I mean he does interact but in that first chapter they feel must like jokes and not very meaningful; he seems like a joke character.  

After that, and in this third chapter, a lot of his interactions are negative. That’s not bad, but he seems to also be a bit of whiner, and not in over the top pessimistic way like Viola. Just complaining but not contributing as much or as funny as other characters. (Though his low self confidence it seems he has about his body was endearing and sympathetic). 

I don’t know if I find him that funny (though cupcake biceps is hilarious), which is a bit of problem for a guy who feels like a joke character. 

And I think the reason is that the joke feels like “he’s very not masculine or he’s very feminine, that’s funny”. But what’s wrong with being feminine? Masculinity and femininity are complicated things, and can’t necessarily say how they affect a guy. But I do feel that femininity is seen as weak, and so we’re laughing he’s weak because he’s feminine. 

I personally like guys who aren’t afraid of being feminine. For example, when Emmett was in the tutu in the Frozen recap special dancing with Dania, you know what I thought? HOT. Confidence in masculinity or not being afraid to show your feminine side is attractive I think. I’m not just saying attractive wise either; I like it in general. 

I don’t think you’re trying to say femininity is weak or even think it is of course; guy being girly is a common joke (I’m sure I’ve done it at some point). 

Of course the interesting thing about Youri that makes me excited for the direction of his story, is that he is trying to be masculine. I feel that a guy’s strength is often supposed to be measured in his masculinity and that maybe Youri is trying to prove that. 

Which  is very similar to Emmett. Emmett feels like he has to prove he’s strong, he was especially emasculated in that last Frozen chapter. Which makes them so interesting foils; Emmett is extremely masculine while Youri is extremely feminine but both want to prove themselves and their strength, which they see by doing so in ‘proving their masculinity’. (I could also just being overanalyzing too xD).  Their nature as foils does make me want to like the character more. 

I’m sure you have a plan figured out for him and I’ll like him, but just at the moment he’s not fav and I still feel I’m not articulating why well but I tried and hope this makes sense :p Rereading this, I am warming up to him.

Anyway, tangent over, back on track. 

Geez Trixie, what did you think he was trying to say? :p 

Malia being a sweetheart <3 And Cody gave that to Angel aka she stole it and that’s what she thinks :p I sure hope it doesn’t get her into trouble with Zac! (Rhonda might have to intervene to save her…). I really like the friendship between these two; besides being adorable, they seem like opposites but bond a lot!

“Blake-Gate incident”. That’s a reference to Watergate! I got that reference because I’m American :p And poor thirsty Hannah xD

Emmett’s veteran alliance is a great idea, showing how seriously he’s taking this. Too bad no one else was on board :/ It was a cute moment though, showing bits of their story and character (go Andre and his lucky horse). And the three make a good point; they’re the ones who didn’t really get a happy ending. Of course Emmett didn’t either but they didn’t see that from his point of view. (Also these interviews between him and Rosalie; did he just diss Hannah or the others too?)

xD Rhonda singing along too. Was she singing in a video watching room (or just being a stalker and hiding in their room?). 

This is a pretty fun challenge; nothing says adventure like island exploring and volcanos! And I love a shout out to my favorite eldritch abomination! (sorry Yog Sothoth). Also eww Damien (but also xD). Also training Mana with a water bottle? Is Mana learning to become a host too? I do like Damien is the one to mention the pineapples too!

Hmm...Emmett calls Aflie and Trixie by name but not Angel, Malia and Youri by name. Youri might be onto something. Although Emmett’s treating Youri pretty nice, even calling him ‘the man’. 

Which just makes Malia and Angel’s conversation so sad. They think their team values them but the Sharks do think they’re the weakest link! Someone go protect those poor innocent children D:

Agent E causing such pain to Zania D: Me too Zania! 

Tam-Tu? Either that’s a nickname or his real name (thinking nickname). More potential spoilers to talk about D: And I think I just answered one of my own questions…

Andre does have a good plan, in that he’s the only one who is trying to slow down the other team; as Damien said you just have to outrun your slowest friend. 

Viola motioning a noose around her neck is the best thing xDDD She does bring a good point; this team is TOO thirsty xD (I’m kidding of course, there’s never enough thirst). But this may spell trouble for Fleur. Can Hannah and Sam put aside their differences to work together and defeat a greater rival? 

And Kimmi isn’t really giving Grayson a kiss? Hmm...does she not really like him? Are they just dating for appearances? 

Okay, so obviously Elyar is lying about how he knows Sarah, because he is way overprotective of her for her to be someone he just met the other day.

Emmett is carrying his team it seems, which could cause trouble in the future. I mean what if it's a challenge where everyone competes individually? Angel and Malia however do a great job of making a tribute, their talents should be recognized :p 

I don’t think Hannah knew about this cage. But I do love it gives her more bonding time with Collin! I do kind of hope she can get a good boyfriend this season...though it seems Collin and Fleur have even more shipping fuel!

Man eating villagers? I feel like we missed something here xD Also am I correct in assuming Zania was busy building that Lexi tribute we see at the end of the chapter? 

And oh my gosh I feel so dumb! I realize who sprung the cage on the Sirens, it was so obvious, even without the spoiler I know (but I won’t share for spoilers). And “she’ll ruin everything?” that doesn’t sound like someone who is dating Kimmi.

I also just love how Zac treats Mana and Rhonda like servants xD 

My thoughts on the elimination are that it was good! It seemed like Cherry was going to go home and that would be a really big shame! So I’m glad you subverted it and used that as a reason to eliminate Leo xD Again a nice idea for a reason to eliminate someone besides the regular way and develop more of that mysterious plot going on with Kimmi and Grayson…

I’m a bit sad for Leo to go, but he never had the spotlight so I don’t feel exactly robbed. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone else gone from the Sirens. I’m overall neutral to his character; I’d say I liked him and his few jokes about acting but at the same time I didn’t know him as well as the others, such as his backstory of being a bad guy mentioned in his bio. But I do definitely want to see him again in the future!

(Also just a quick question, Leo’s bio seems to imply he’s not white. Yet he has blonde hair and blue eyes. So what race his he? Is it cosmetic? Granted it's not impossible for someone to have that and not be white but it is rare. Same with Youri’s asian heritage and his appearance.) 

And poor Zania D: Tameron’s lines are rather ominous. 

Overall, another great chapter! The second chapter is my favorite but this one is also really great and did a good job of showing the team dynamics and they’ll likely play out in the future. Knowing some of the stuff I do know, its made rereading it very eye opening. 

And I’m finally all caught up! Yay <3 And just in time! I’m SOOOOOOO EXCITED to see what comes next! --What could possibly go wrong? 19:28, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

Second chances... YES. I'm a big fan of the concept of retribution, in this story especially, so bringing these four back was vital! I\m glad that you're loving them all so far, and can see their potential story lines! I know a lot of people were worried that they wouldn't have any story when I announced them.

Hannah: yeah, she's something else. She's gone through a lot since the end of Frozen - and her time on the show there. She is definately a tad bit on the crazy scale (but lowkey all of my female characters are some how xx) I think that out of the four, she is the most.... self-rightous and has the strongest opinion and definately has a lack of authority. 

Emmett: EMM! I feel so bad for him after everything that happened on Frozen, but I think that this will finally be his time to show who he REALLY is. And just how strong of a character he can be. 

Andre: I agree, he has definately been a little out of place. Not on purpose, but it's just his team has a lot of plot right now, so he kinds fades out. I definately think that he has A LOT more to rpove than the other Frozen members, so It will be interesting to see how it goes. 

Zaina: No comment. 

Leo </3 Yeah I like to think that he low-keys foreshadows his past with that line. Which is the point. Leo isn't normally a good guy, it's only a recent thing. I defiantely think he is somone that we will see return. His story was cut short, due to a lot of reasons. BUT the big reason he went home is because I HAVE ZIP ZERO NAUGHTA ideas for his character. I love the concept of him, but I can't wrap my head around him. Which is weird because I like to think I have a tendacy to write characters like him, who have complex stories. As for his appearance... So uhhh this is the secnd time I've made that mistake @ Blond/blue eyes with him. And mana already corrected it in the prior story. SO im going to leave it and assume it's purely cosmetic. xx 

Kimmi and Grayson! I really don't want to comment on this because their story is getting a more in depth look in the new chapter, and I'm REALLY afraid to spoil anything. Sorry! 

Cherry / Mana. I like to think that Mana is the most relatable of the hosting trio? So Cherry is looking at Mana in order to figure out why Kimmi is actually on the show. I might need to imply that more in the chapter ooops.

Yasmin's book... so not going to lie ~this type~ of foreshadowing is one of my favourites. Example, Tameron and his stories. and Saber\s stories of love and prinvesses foreshadowing his storyline with Britt/Hannah in Frozen. I like to think it's softly hinting at the story that's coming, without shoving it into people's faces. I think Yasmin is definately getting tangled up in something that she was never expecting... 

Zac and Sarah! Who knows what went down between these two? And how exactly Elyar fits in... I'm sure it'll get revealed at some point though. 

Youri! Yeah I'm aware of how his story can be perceived, and I am trying to avoid that. His story is going to take a turn away from what it currently is starting in the newest chapter. I think I was low-key still trying to decide where I wanted to go with Youri, so he sat in storyline limbo. But I think he has a clear path now, and he should be able to feel stronger now. 

Malia & Angel. I'm not going to lie their story line in the original Tides was my favourite. So despite almost no one voting them back, I forced them back to this version awks. I think Angel isn't sharing everything about Cody! But who knows what her story with him is! But I feel like Malia will find out at some point! I honestly feel bad for these two, being on a team where they want to contirbute but really are just dead weight. 

The verterans! I think this was A MUCH needed scene. The veterans are all coming from such a low point, but they can't see each other as equals. They all want to prove that they can do this by THEMSEVLES. Whether or not that is going to be helpful to them, is another question. Emmett made some comments against Hannah, but not the others. Hannah, is and was the most hated contestant according to canada after the season aired due to her actions towards Britt. 

Agent E :( This was another call back moment. Refereing to when Zaina would pretend to be a secret agent for Vishal. Agent Z. Which is when, Zaina atleast thinks she first started to lose Lexi... ;(

YES @ Zaina and her lexi tribute, Zaina being actually useless because she's too busy sooking over Lexi :( 

THANK YOU FOR READING! I didnt comment on EVERYTHING because spoilers/we're in PM atm. ZacAttack Rawr 21:35, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

(4) I am writing a more in depth comment right now, but I just wanted to say, "WHHHHHHHHHHHHAT?" Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda! 15:14, July 4, 2016 (UTC)

(4 for real). Well it took me forever but here is my real comment xD Before I start, I just wanted to think its wonderful you released this chapter to celebrate the Fourth of July Zac :p GO AMERICA!

Okay, so this chapter was well worth the wait! Because it was crazy amazing! 

Let’s start first talking about the format first. It was great! I really glad you did this experimentation thing because it lead to this fun chapter! Seeing snippets of what happened was fun for a lot of reasons; for one it switched up the usual fanfic formula of “pre-challenge interaction, challenge.” 

Second, it definitely felt like a mystery! The fun thing about a mystery is trying to piece together the answer from the clues given to you. I felt the pieces were there both to get to the answer Mana got and the actual answer (always Mana being the detective is very clever given his love for mysteries). The mystery also created a lot of suspense as to what was going on (the constant references to the sky helped too). 

I also liked that we didn’t know about the destroyed statue until about halfway through; it's like there was a mystery as to why they want a sacrifice and a whodunnit! 

It’s also fun to get to see everyone else’s view point! I particularly like Fleur’s flashbacks’ grammar troubles, which was a nice touch! 

(I do admit to reading the flashback wrong as the screen fading from the team color to black and then white, when actually because it was a flashback it was in black and white. xDD But that’s just me being me, and I did get it eventually! The black and white was a good idea.)

I feel Hannah’s struggles; the new Pokemon game looks great! And it's actually got an island theme, how fitting. 

I assume in real life Mana also always carries a magnifying glass and detective hat on him.

God Zania, you are crazy obsessed with Lexi D: Have you considered a therapist? 

So it’s obviously clear that Tameron knows Sarah well enough, so they have a connection. Or she’s connected to all of them. Is this man related to the figure she sees? Sarah must have some tragic backstory…

I do love Zania trying to comfort Sarah <3 But its “only the beginning”? This makes me think it has to do with that figure at the end…

One thing I do have a tiny nitpick of is how Zania joins Wing’s pirate crew. Now I love this plot development and look forward to the drama this is gonna cause! However, I do feel that we could have used a bit more time of Zania and Wing bonding to see why she made this decision; the two haven’t really had any alone moments we’ve seen. Why is Zania seemingly more close and feels she belongs with Wing than Tameron? As a girl who has never really had friends, her making someone is something I would like a little more focus on... Of course she may be more motivated in joining to win over Lexi.

And I do love Wing in these scenes, being really ridiculous with her bananas and her fun pirate talk! I do love my crazy type girls <3 And reading back, Wing’s accusations against the Sirens is good foreshadowing, along with Cherry trying to defend herself. 

I’m glad Yasmin got to talk, giving us more of a chance to hear and see from her. I enjoy Elyar and Sarah annoy her so xD And what’s this? The book about the Wing Family has a connection to Wing! What a strange turn of events :p

Still, it seems like my theory about Wing’s dad being the previous pirate was right! But what does this mean to Wing? And what happened to her father?

More cute host trio scenes <3 I think Rhonda’s right; Zac won’t abandon him (although he is an intern, they don’t have the best luck). But I think its more of Mana wanting to prove himself. Me and Mana pulling out glasses is so adorable <3

I do really like the way the challenge was described; it sounded like if the Incas hadn’t turned out to be real, it was another traditional challenge. Wing winking at I safe to ship them cause I can take that in a shipping direction (to be honest I’m not so sure I can though…).

Hmm...Yasmin is doing a lot of research. I figure her research connects her with her other teammates…

Mana called objection xDDD That’s so perfect for Mana to reference Phoenix Wright!

And finally! We get some Elyar backstory! And it didn’t disappoint! So Elyar is an agent protecting all of these islands (lol its not much of a secret know that Sarah’s told everyone else). That’s extremely interesting! ;3 I will avoid spoilers but that does answer some questions.

I wonder how many of these islands the Tides cast is going to visit… I mean to be fair, Santa Claus and elves are real, so an island of lost Incans isn’t out the the realm of possibility. 

Introducing the statue here but not revealing it was the cause of the mystery yet was very clever; it gave some nice foreshadowing (especially as Sarah is the one who tells us about it). And will the god’s statue name be important later? I tried googling it to see if it's a reference or foreshadowing but my search turned up nothing… (though I may have a theory…)

Omg, girl bonding moments <3 So down for this! Malia not knowing girl talk is adorable and pitiable :3 And if Alfie is paying any attention than he’s very aware of Trixie’s intents ;3

And what’s this! Malia has a crush <3 But who is here that her parents wouldn’t approve of (most of the guys to be honest...or maybe a girl?). 

I wasn’t really shipping Trixie and Alfie, it felt like it was going to end badly. But they were so adorable together I’m on this ship! (get it ;3). Emmett’s concern about strength is there again…

Wow, Youri being difficult, who’d seen that coming :/ But ooh dang did he rip Emmett a new one with that dig about Rosalie! The question is, is Youri right that Emmett is focused only on himself? I could see it honestly1

Eeeh! Jenny and Toby were referenced <3 I kind of love Zac thinks their losers. But you know they’re one of your favorite parts of Genesis :p In fact, this is what I imagine happening when this is going on; 

In a small room, Jenny lounges on a couch and shoves potato chips in her mouth, while Toby clicks through the channels on the TV in front of them. 

“Do you think Rhonda’s doing alright with those Canadians?” Jenny asks.

“Probably not,” Toby replies.

“Yeah,” Jenny states. “If she dies, do we get to keep her stuff?”

On the island, Rhonda sniffles. “They’re probably worried sick about me! The poor dears.”

And I love more Zac-Rhonda conflict! 

And wow, so Youri and Emmett got into so bad, Emmett punched his lights out or something? What happen to all that martial arts training you had Youri! 

Ooh Angel, you’re an adorable stalker <3  And again, is everyone else hearing these stories? Cause Malia knows her teammates are talking crap about her! The poor sweetheart. I don’t have a good feeling for her future…

And even more Trixie and Alfie moments!

Quit complaining Youri, this shows theme adventure and creepy temples of doom are an important part of that adventure! (And wait, when did the Sharks know they weren’t alone on the island?)

I’m disappointed Malia didn’t tough it out...hopefully she learns how to. Like Angel said, its fun. And oh gosh I forgot what Malia overheard! Cherry mentions having a plan so she has to be talking to someone! Hmm...

And so Youri was unconscious yet he was also running by Sarah? Was this during the falling of the temple?

And the Sharks win again! They’ve won every challenge so far, but it does make me wonder what will happen if they lose...

<3 Viola narrating is so great! Her confessional is very accurate to her, though I do question if she’s the only normal one. And oh gosh! I had called Colin and Fleur...but it seems like Fleur is rather unaware of his intentions. 

While Viola won’t admit it, she totally thinks Fleur is wonderful! Look how she goes to help her up! And I might be thinking Fleur is crushing on Viola...oh my, this isn’t a love triangle anymore, its a love pentagram!

Poor Fleur though, she’s clearly being targeted D: She can’t help you guys, she’s naturally precious and adorable! And oh my gosh, throwing fruit! You jealous (yet still lovable) hags! And even more shipping fuel! Viola literally defends Fleur, who jumps in her arms and gives her a kiss. I mean I could be overlooking that but that seems very friendly to me. 

So Cherry and Grayson’s talking was heard by the Hotties. The way Grayson (I presume) says “You’re kinda hot too.” makes me think he only flirted with Cherry to set her up for elimination. It was very clever to have their conversations throughout the chapter being overheard, making it seem like they were the mystery to love; a good red herring.  So Grayson and Kimmi share a bed and she put on one of his T-shirts… are you trying to imply something?

You know the worst part of this? That Kimmi-Grayson orange scene was cute! D: 

And aww, Andre still loving Dania like that :3 I wonder if she is watching him right now… And gosh if Grayson isn’t the perfect guy (btw you want to relook at the section, you had the phrase lipped her lips there). 

Look at that, Kimmi conveniently leaves to pee as it's found out Grayson is cheating! I have a bit of theory on this I’ll share in PM but I can say that at this point Kimmi isn’t oblivious...she’s trying not to admit the fact. 

I don’t know if I should be surprised at Cherry and Grayson cheating. It seemed inevitable given Grayson’s serious flirting and Cherry’s extreme interest, though I’m not sure how much she was genuinely interested. As Hannah could tell you, cheaters don’t get far on this show. 

Kimmi wanted Grayson and Cherry alone too..did she want this to happen? Or again, intentionally lying to herself about what’s happening. 

Hmm...Lindsay didn’t think Damien should be on last season? I wonder why. I like how Damien specifically doesn’t state who Heather is; does most of his team know? 

So this locket is obviously related to her lost friend. But in what way? It feels like she promised to do the show for her lost friend. Kimmi mysteriously disappears too...could she have been one of the voices talking before? And why does she chase after Youri? Where was he running from or to? So many mysteries that still need solving!

The weirdest thing about this Cherry and Grayson thing? Cherry gasps and decides to leave. Why? It seems maybe she didn’t want this? Or she noticed someone watching? Because we know it wasn’t the statute. Of course this story could’ve been a lie from Grayson…

The elimination D: No! Cherry you were so amazing!!! I am kind of shocked because I felt she had a bigger role going on in the story, but I think as is the case with Blake her elimination seems to have a very big impact on the story moving forward.

I think it was handled very well in that case, and as sad as I’m to see her go, it looks like it was the right decision for the story. I also liked the open voting happening). I feel there’s a lot of mystery with what’s been going with her and Grayson...there seems to have been a plan? Did the two plan this to vote off Damien? What is really going on with them?

And she was actually sacrificed to the Inca gods? D: that’s scary! I figured they’d escape and then do an elimination, but I like the subversion and having them do the votes out loud! Though it sounds like she isn’t actually going to be a human sacrifice. Her tripping up on her own lip balm was great xD Karmically defeated by her own white girl nature.

The only thing I do find a little iffy is the whole “Me likey.” line. I’m really glad Cherry isn’t going to die, but it does make me uncomfortable. It’s got a… well touch ‘rapey’ quality to it (the fact Sam seems to be kept as a ‘pet’ doesn’t help, he felt kinda like a sexual slave…). I don’t know if you were going for a feel like that but it carries some unfortunate implications. 

And surprisingly (or maybe not) Sarah is the guilty one :o Zac could’ve easily gotten rid of her at this point, but he chose to save her! Now that shows he still cares...unless the figure there was him. We’ve seen him be a shadowy figure with Sarah before...but she seemed actively scared of this person in way she wasn’t with Zac. What is that she could leak? Hmm...

Overall, a super amazing chapter Zac! The format worked great and I loved hearing everything go down! There was lots of great humor and mystery. I’m really curious to see what the outcome of all of this is going to be! Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda! 02:15, July 5, 2016 (UTC)\

I'm really glad that you're liked this chapter! The format was one of the biggest worries for me! And I was tempted to split it up differently (and I did, I have two versions of this chapter awks.), where rather then it being all of ones team scenes it would be the more ~typical~ pre challenge, challenge more challenge set up. But I strangley liked it this way more. With ALL of the mysteries going on in thie chapter it made things more clear, I think. I'm SUPER glad that it managed to work out though! I DO NOT think I will be doing this type of chapter so EARLY in a story again, I think it would be nice later on, post-merge when you can see from everyone. It was also my way to pay homage to Mana and his great detective skills <3 I like to think he would make an adorable detective and that Rhonda and Zac were letting him ~save the day~ although ultimately he was wrong... 

Fleur <3 Fleur's flashback being messy was something I thought would be a nice touch, but it also helps call into question the accuracy.... of other peoples flash backs. Maybe not everything that EVERYONE said is true. Perhaps a second readthrough is required, because one person is CLEARLY lying about the whereabouts of one of their teammates. 

Errrrrrrrrr. I will say this now - Sarah is only related to Elyar or has ~prior relations~ with him, from her team. I like to think she's just so nice that she's close with everyone, including Tameron...

Zaina and Lexi... One of the BIG themes in Blossoming was seeing just how far in the deep end Zaina has really gone. She FINALLY had a friend, and she lost her. Now she's.... lost. 

Sarah... The figure is Zac * I think I may need to edit this later to make it more clear. He's referred to as a figure to keep the secret from the other members of the cast, and he wears the hood so people don't recognize him... This is something that can not get out or his career could be ruined. I think Sarah is slightly afraid of him, but she wouldn't ever say that. The "it's only the beginning line" from Zaina was more a reference to herself, and her own horrors in relation to Lexi. 

Oooooh let me clear this one up a little bit. In original Tides, Wing randomly had people join her crew all of the time. It's not MEANT to be super serious, because really when is Wing ever serious. Zaina joining her is supposed to be her method of coping with everything. She isn't aware of the Tam-Wing interactions or their hatred for one another just yet. 

The statue's name could be significant... but it's not in English. 

Wings accusations <3 I think this was some more of the foreshadowing. Ever since last chapter, she's known that the Sirens are cursed... I wonder if things will change for them now though. Ahhh yes... the rando book about Wing WHO KNEW! I think we saw a lot more about Wing's father, or family in this chapter than you realize.... As for wing x Tameron IDK if you can ship that or not TBH. I have two ideas for how... things play out, 1 where shipping is acceptable, 1 where it is... not. 

Ooooh because you mention it later on. this WAS a real challenge. That being said, I don't know if we can just assume that Cherry will ACTUALLY be sacrificed. I think these Inca might not have ALL of the same rituals as the originals, and I doubt that Elyar would let that happen... Plus Cherry is good at getting her way. OMG I DIDNT REALIZE HOW RAPEY that sounded. It's low-key foreshadowing to how Cherry is meant to be seen in a positive light by the Inca xx 

yeah.... so that's a minor plot hole in this chapter. I only really realized that what the contestants were saying would be heard by everyone later on in the chapter... so I'm still not sure if EVERYONE hears everything or if the contestants were too busy minding their own business when the others were explaining. I'm sure if it's relevant you will see it mentioned in the next chapter. 

Elyar and his story <3 I'm glad I'm able to shed a little bit more light on his character! I definately think this might be the first of many... possible islands and kingdoms the cast will visit! Although I don't know if he will be able to get his team out of a jam so easily in the future. I'm glad you like this new direction for his character though! 

Oh Malia... I feel like she's slowly becoming a massive underdog whether intentional or not. Her team thinking her and Angel are useless might not bode well for the pair in the future... but as long as their team keeps winning... 

ALFIE and Trixie. IDK how i feel about this pairing. They can sometimes be so <333 but then Im like is Trixie just using him? And is Alfie actually stable enough to hold a relationship? I definately think that WHATEVER was going on with Youri this chapter will make waves in the coming one. 

Youri... your hatred for him is lovable. I think he might have a point about Emmett, but who knows. He might just be a bitter guy. Did emmett punch him out? DID he really? 

That scene gives me life @ Toby and Jenni <3 Poor Rhonda she will never know! 

Yes... Malia hears all. but WHO did she overhear, Cherry is definately a prime suspect based onw hat she says on her way out. But who on Earth could she be talking to? I think the only way to find out is to move forward. 

.... So two people said they saw Youri when he was supposed to be knocked out on Trixie's back? Interesting,.... 

The dynamics on the Hotties I think is my favourite of the four teams! It's just so random but <333 at the same time. Viola is the perfect constrasting character to the rest of the team <3. Yeah... Fleur doesn't seem to really understand what dating means which could be awkward and kinda put her into a really tough place... BUT ATLEAST SHE DIDNT GO HOME RIGHT? And maybe she's found a new friend with Viola... maybe,. 

I think a lot of the questions about Cherry and her elimination will get answered in the next chapter.  I think this chapter was a mystery in MANY different ways, and the elimination was meant to be another one. logically it makes sense for her to go home, BUT it still feels like there's a lot more to it than what's on the page. her scene with Grayson was... strange I agree, 

Grayson and Kimmi are just meant to be a cute couple <3 So I wouldn't assume anything just because they shared a bed, PEOPLE CUDDLE! And yeah ;( writing the orange scene was kinda heart breaking knowing what was coming up. 

Wow KIMMI YOU'RE BAD AT LIFE. Whether or not Kimmi is actually aware of grayson and his cheating? Who knows. But I do know that THREE other teams know now. And I can bet that some members might think that revealing this secret to Kimmi could worsen the conditions on the Sirens further.. so just how far are Andre and Damien willing to go to keep Grayson out of the dog house, and to keep Kimmi away from the truth? 

... No comment @ Lindsay. 

Ok let's talk Cherry and her elimiantion ( I am hoping to have her Let's Talk up tomorrow).  her elimination was low-key always meant to happen, but it was supposed to be later on in this arc. But I ended up pushing it forward because I thought I could get away with it. I don't think I did TBH, notice the amount of rewrites this chapter went through? But if you are satisfied with how it all played out that's all that matters. But her elimination is definately another mystery that this chapter opened up... Mana was able to solve one, but I think he just opened up like ten more. The plan... I definately think it will get a look at int he future. Whether it be the next chapter or not, I can't say. But Case:Cherry is not yet closed!

Sarah and Zac... Yeah Sarah was the true culprit! And I think I teased at it throughout the chapter, whenever it was ABOUT to be revealed, Zac would step in to avoid the topic... But why on earth would he do that for a contestant... #RIGGED. 

I WILL see you tomorrow night, or tonight, I suppose. Sorry but I had to work early this morning, and when i woke up you were already asleep ;( Talk to you soon <3 ZacAttack Rawr 05:37, July 5, 2016 (UTC)


(Note this line was written the day the chapter was posted :| Clearly I took too long): So wow that was fast xDD I was completely caught off guard! But I’m excited to have another chapter!

I can see why you say this is the end of the arc but also kinda feels like a new one with the stuff starting with the Pillaging Pirates.

I love Rhonda used a paper umbrella. I’m just imagining those little ones that come in drinks xD

Okay, wait new added scene! A monster sighting...PLEASE TELL ME THEY’RE IS SCOOBY DOO THEMED CHALLENGE COMING UP! (Because lowkey spoiler there might be one in a future Genesis chapter…). I have my theories, but I can’t remember if you actually told me or not so I’ll keep them to myself...

Rhonda and Zac are getting particularly snippy with each other this chapter; Rhonda is fighting back. And Zac is real stressed; though he should no Rhonda is a lost cause in the pretty department.


And that’s right, we need to discuss the Youri inconsistencies aka another reason I love last chapter; I have an obsession with unreliable narrators in works, and I’m so curious to see what was up with this.

And honestly, I feel like Emmett is being honest. I mean he wants to prove himself to show he’s more than Rosayln’s shadow, but I feel he does want this team to work, even if he doesn’t realize the strength of his whole team.

And shame on you Sharks! Malia and Angel are precious! And Angel was useful last chapter if I remember correctly. And Aflie is out of sugar :O more on this later…

As much as I hate Andre and Damien didn’t say anything before now, I get where they’re coming from.

Having reflected on this chapter, I do feel bad that Andre’s team is basically Team Victory...but he hasn’t done the greatest job as leader. True he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience, but he hasn’t really interacted with many of his other team members or taken command. He hasn’t taken enough initiative. But I’m still rooting for him! I want this to be a success story!

Damien mentions revenge again…

Rereading this, I love the red sky reference (and last chapter’s title referenced in the recap). This red sky Kimmi is looking at is great foreshadowing to that end scene.

And wait, what!?!?! So Sarah was abandoned by Zac in the night of a storm and thought dead? I wasn’t expecting that xD And no really Elyar, you think there’s connection? WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED...

We finally get some backstory on Yasmin and what her connection is with all of how are parents related to Floria?

And the unreliable narrator comes into play; Tameron and Wing’s stories each make the other a bad guy. It sounds like Tameron’s mother is also Wing’s mother? So maybe Wing’s father had an affair with Wing’s mother? Or something like that…

Is Elyar’s more grounded in reality or even more unrealistic? Cause the mom doesn’t sound so great either? Or is the queen and the princess not the same thing? Is the queen in Elyar’s story Tameron/Zania’s grandmother or the mother? And there’s a civil war still happening? What was Floria like before if there’s a civil war?

We get answers and only more questions xD

Sam and Hannah are the new power couple! I do love these two, so the humor between them is hilarious. And poor still injured Fleur D:

And le gasp! Hayden has arrived! I love that you brought him into Tides, because continuing the linked nature of our stories <3 And I think it adds something to Hayden to see him with his boyfriend.

To be honest, given the questionable actions of our hosts in the past I’m questioning if the map was actually stolen from them...or if they wanted to get their hands on the map? On the subject of the map...I have a feeling I know where its too…

I wasn’t expecting to see the pirates again, I thought they were more a one off adversary. But I’m pleasantly surprised to have them back! I also thought the momma thing was more a joke at the pirates but its an actual character xD Very clever. Poor Trixie though...

And there you go Andre, actually trying to lead your team.

Colin is so into Fleur, but I’m pretty sure she’s interested in someone a little less cheery...and male.

Oh gosh, the spoiler you revealed to me seems so obvious now.

And Zania D: She’s been through a lot, but still feels lost. She doesn’t realize that she’s actually pretty kick ass. And dang Hayden; on the one hand I love you’re helping Zania work through her issues. She does need to become her own independent person from Lexi to be successful. But at the same time, my ship D:

Mana put that Tim Hortons down! D:< I’m going to get livid. I also like how you failed to mention to the cast Hayden is an American…

I love Tameron fights with an umbrella and Wing uses bananas. And no Elyar, you think!? Does Elyar have some prior experience with Mama Pirate?

And woah, I can’t believe I’m saying this but Youri isn’t actually being a jerk here! Andre is being sneaky and lying to Kimmi. This feels weird…

You’re right Sam, love always wins! Like Emmett and Rosalyn! Or Jade and Britt! Or Hannah and Saber! Or Dania and Andre! Wait…

Also, I feel this plan may backfire on Hannah and Sam; I mean Blake was voted off for seeming to be a Heather and Alejandro pairing with Sam. Being a couple could make them a threat or target. And although Hannah isn’t as strong as Heather, she is a villain in the eyes of the public...

Just a thought, if Tameron and Wing think of the princess as their mother...are they related?

I’m not surprised Alife’s body is shutting down due to a lack of candy xD And another reason to love Emmett; he actually gives Angel and Malia a chance. I mean he should have done that sooner, but I’m glad he did. Although, he seems quick to leave Alfie. Emmett is not an easy guy to peg as wrong or right.

And le gasp! :O Youri was getting rid of Alfie’s candy just to sabotage the team and make Emmett fail! I’d say that might get you voted off, but I also saw ROTI so maybe it would work. Even if Trixie reveals the truth, will the team punish Youri or get rid of Alfie due to his illness. More thoughts on Youri later…

And Trixie is actually falling for Alfie, aww <3 He does seem to really care about her as a person, not in a wanting to hook up way.

Yeah Kimmi, love conquers all! Like Emmett and Rosalyn! Or Jade and Britt! Or Hannah and Saber! Or Grayson and Cherry! Wait…

xDD I forgot that the Screaming Sirens are super cursed due to not sacrificing to Chutlu. I’m usually not crazy about saying a curse is why someone lost, but I like it here. Because while you could say the Sirens are cursed, it's also completely believable due to the circumstances and their own fighting.

Dang, Captain Momma is scary! I have to say I love evil mother figures, so I naturally love her. She uses her role as mother to be manipulative, switching from affection to cruel and makes her terrifying. And she can just read everyone in the room and call them out. Yeesh…

Hmm, so Wing and Tameron grew up raised by Captain Momma, likely after Wing’s father passed. So they’re very sibling like...does this mean Tameron may never have even been back to Floria? And where has Wing been since she left Captain Momma?

Ooh she called Sam and Hannah out xD I get the feeling you don’t allow girls in your crew because they could threaten to take away your sons.

Fleur/Viola <3

Sarah and Hayden having a cute moment :3 I’m glad they didn’t end up being enemies. And Zac still cares for Sarah; he does have a heart! “Very persistent…” I’m just headcanoning Hayden was persistent about asking out Zac or something like that (Hayden is persistent).

And now let’s talk about Youri; I actually grew to like him in this chapter. I knew it's weird, especially considering I’d have a good reason to dislike him, sabotaging Alfie. But I think this chapter addressed the problems I had with Youri; initially I felt he was too much a joke character and the joke was at him being feminine.

This chapter made it feel like he has a reason and a plot, and more importantly we get a look at his psyche. He has a lot of personal, internal problems that he is reflecting on Emmett, and to a lesser extent the others who are rather happy, and he thinks sabotaging Emmett will help. I get the feeling it comes from his own feelings about not being good enough, man enough, which might come from his family…

Kimmi saying Andre made the right choice...ooh Kimmi, maybe not…

So wait, the mother helped Tameron escape? Escape Wing?

And…:O Fleur was faking her injury? She’s way more devious than I would have thought. I have my theories on why (hint: Viola feels) but I get the feeling it could hurt her in the future.

And so Malia undid her hijab! I’m not sure what that means in regards to her culture or faith (I know it's important to Muslim faith, but I’m not sure if she’s Muslim, think she’s from India…) But it feels like something she wasn’t suppose to do. Part of me feels proud of her for proving herself strong and willing to sacrifice, but sad she had to do this just to prove herself.

When Damien was announced at the elimination ceremony, Rhonda mentioned something about revenge, and on Zac? Zac what have you done now :O

And so Kimmi knew all along! So the conversation that Malia heard was between her and Cherry! She roped Cherry into her plan, though it seems like Cherry might’ve gotten too attached…

Dang, if my heart didn’t break at this D: Kimmi’s loss of her friend Jamie is just...awful! Part of me is with Rhonda in saying you go girl! Grayson being a cheating scumbag is nasty, and that’s horrible this happened to Jamie.

At the same time, I don’t know if this is going to make the pain of losing Jamie any easier. I mean I guess you don’t have to worry about it happening to others. But that won’t make it any better; I feel she was trying to cope by focusing on this but it didn’t help.

And while it is easy to vilify Grayson, it takes two to tango. Kimmi used Grayson for revenge, which opens the debate as whether that was a good thing or not. I mean she says it was to make sure that doesn’t happen to other girls, so maybe its okay. But it feels like it was for more than that, it was personal. And do the motives justify the means? Is it still wrong to use a person, even if it's for a good purpose?

And how much did Kimmi enjoy using Grayson, enjoy that revenge? Was there any point Grayson did care for her? True, he seemed ready to toss her aside for basic white girl (R.I.P Cherry, gone but not forgotten!), but at some point he may have felt for her. That orange slices scene is just twice as sad (And I should read it again…)

I am conflicted on if I want to hear Grayson’s thoughts on Jamie; I’m sure he didn’t want her to jump off a bridge. But did he even care? It seems he was going to break up with Kimmi before this, so that and the whole Cherry being with him proves he didn’t care about her.

And why does he take her locket? That is not yours to take! That is her and her picture of her best friend! It honestly just made me want to yell, “yeah no, you suck Grayson. Get out!”

Which does make me kind of wish it was Kimmi who stayed. It was certainly dramatic and shocking, but also believable. And I can see wanting to do more drama with Grayson. But at the same he seems like such a jerk that to be honest, I don’t if I want to see more of him. I mean part of me interested in seeing what he has left storywise while part me is wondering will I be invested in it if I don’t like him.

And I honestly want to see more of the ‘real Kimmi’. How much of her was faking her niceness and kindness? I mean she called Andre and Damien friends forever, so maybe she meant that about making friends? Yet in your Let’s Talk you say you could see her being an evil genius?

Still, you have plans for him, and I trust you, so I’m interested in that. And I think you said at one point he was a favorite or you at least liked him, and you need to stop eliminating your faves (though Kimmi was also a fave…).

Red skies again! Wonderful use of that chapter title xD

Part of me feels bad that Zac is upset and struggling. But at the same time, if you want Rhonda and Mana to like you...maybe not treat them so badly? I get the last laugh :p I’m a little afraid to find out what Zac will do since I had his boyfriend join the show.

And ooh! I had a feeling we’d see Captain Momma again, too plot important and good not too. Did Tameron mean to help her escape? Wherever that map goes, I think Captain Momma will not be too far behind...

A great chapter Zac! I feel a lot of it was answering questions from the last arc, along with closing Kimmi’s arc, but it also set up a lot to be explored going forward. It sounds like the next chapter will be up soon, so I can’t wait till then! Hopefully it won’t take so long for a reply :p Ooh, and expect ranking updates sometime! Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda! 03:39, September 1, 2016 (UTC) <3 It’s okai! A comment is always worth the wait! I feel really awkward that it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a new chapter… so it’s ironic that you said that it was so fast! Usually i can pump things out super fast but this is a really tough chapter… awks.

Yeah I like to plan the story in arcs, so as one ends, one should already be started!

TBH Rhonda is one of my fav characters to write for in Tides! Telling the tale of the American co-host is really… unique.

Monster sighting…. HMM maybe haha! We’ll have to see! It sucks that the monster is scaring all of the staff away though… and there is a Chainsaw killer chapter coming up soon ;) Does that count.

RHONDA IS VERY PRETTY! ZAC IS JUST A JERK! AND YES they are starting to get to their Genesis! Form, i think. They’re starting to butt heads which can’t be a good thing if it keeps up.. Maybe Mana will save the day!

I think? I described the Youri issues this chapter? If i didnt PLEASE tell me so I can add them in. Emmett & co lied about Youri being with the team because they were werent he might have been the culprit. It turns out Youri snuck back to the ship to get rid of Alfie’s candy supply :(

Emmett! I think he’s nothing but honest, albeit too much so, but still. He’s to the point. He wants to win, he wants to show his worth. Whether or not he can see the value in Angel or Malia or not is yet to be determined.

The Team Victory thing… Honestly at no point did I ever actually mean to do that to Andre’s team. It just sorta happened. It just sucks that it’s Andre… the biggest loser out of everyone, hopefully atleast this will be a wake up call for him… I think he will definitely get a second chance in the future to reclaim a team and push them forward!

Damien… revenge? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Red Sky at Morning, sailors take warning. I was foreshadowing it from the start ;D This is one of my fav quotes <3

… :( Zac and Sarah have an interesting back story! If only the author wasn’t lazy and wrote more chapters so it could be explained more before Zac looks like a giant arse! … yeah Elyar may not be the best agent in the force.

… Ahhh yes Yasmin… Who knows (honestly I don’t)

Merp. I will nip this in the butt now. Wing and Tameron are NOT related. “Mother” is just the name of the pirate queen. Whether the pair spent time together as children is another story.

Whose story of the three is true though? Or are any of them really accurate. And now that the three main players in the Floria civil war are MIA what’s happening to the kingdom…. Yeah Tides is filled with mystery it’s like a mystery novel in that sense…

Sam and Hannah I have no comment. I don’t even know what possessed me to write them together but then i did and was too lazy to click delete!!

HAYDEN! Our stories will forever be one big tale <3 Hayden is really adorable I’m not going to lie, having the chance to write a mushy scene with him and Zac made me happy.

.. Ok so MAYBE Mother didnt steal the map… but hush Rhonda! WE ARE PIRATES NOW WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT! Also I don’t think you do ;)

… Ah yes. The pirates are back! After the Penguins showing up multiple times in Frozen, did you really think I would just have some characters show up once! And yes, Mother is a real (evil) person!

No comment. Fleur may TOTALLY BE in love with Colin. Viola who?

What spoiler D: ?

Zaina.. Yeah she’s a wall flower in many ways. I think she’s on a long journey who knows where she will end up! But Hayden definitely was a help! I’m sure she will be closer to Frozen Zaina! Soon! Wouldnt you rather see Zaina happy than miserable and fawning over Lexi!!!

.. I value my boy friend. I wouldn’t let the cast kill him for being American! AND DRINK THE TIMMIES MANA DO IT! JOIN US JOIN US!

Mother is quite the terror, I wouldn’t put it past her to be on the Agent’s radar.

… Andre doesn’t want Kimmi to get hurt. If she found out about the kiss who knows what would happen!!

… Ok I ADMIT i may have broke a lot of hearts last season, but this is SUMMER TIME! Anything can happen!

… Shhhh there’s no such thing as things backfiring in cartoons! Everything ALWAYS goes according to plan! Gawsh Rhonda! Yeah.. Hannah is hated though.. Isn’t she.

Alfie MAY or may not have a slight addiction to candy…

Yeah, Emmett is still kind hearted, just rough around the edges. I think morality is a big question this season. More so regarding the four captains and their choices as leaders and whose sides they choose to take.

I think Youri’s plan gets more info next chapter… so no comment.

Trixie and Alfie.. Ugggu I dont know what to think about these two just yet. They are cute but really haven’t.. Done anything? IDK

… OK WELL LOOK AT ummm IVY AND MITCHEL! THEY TURNED OUT OKAI! (In this canon.. We won’t mention how Mitchel cheated on ivy with every girl he met on tour in Blossoming….)

Thanks ;3 I was actually nervous that the “curse” being the reason why the Sirens keep losing could be seen as a cough out. All of their eliminations really have been due to bad luck, but at the same time because they’re so incompetent.

Mother.. Let’s just say she has a lot of experience with people, and orphans.. It’s very possible that Wing and Tameron both grew up with her. Once the pair left Mother where did they go….. Hmmmm

I think you could be very right. Mother doesn’t want any females around.

<3 Zac isn’t heartless I like to think. I really wanted to have a Sarah/Hayden scene it just felt very natural. The new boo with the old boo <3

Youri is meant to have a lot of jabs at his femininity (Youri, if you weren’t aware was submitted for the ORIGINAL Tides by a fanfiction . net user, and that was on of the character points.) I think in this story, or atleast with my writing, because I don’t put a lot of focus on over-the-top comedy it felt a little out of place and mean-spirited. But I like to think he’s always had some plot, it just wasn’t really active yet. He had to get to this point.

Mother helped Tameron get away from Wing.

Fleur is a little devious I guess you could say.. Or maybe just lazy!

Yes… Malia is Muslim. She comes from a very traditional family, as I tried to make clear with some back-story with Angel/her bio. This was something very big for her. I think it will have some repercussions for her as a character, I just hope she’s strong enough to deal with them.


Ok Kimmi time. I know this was coming because well it was a major story event that I know people had a lot of theories about the whole dynamic between Kimmi/Grayson. Jamie was Kimmi’s best friend, who she lost. She puts the blame on Grayson for cheating. BUT PLEASE. Remember the way I tell stories, especially in Tides there are ALWAYS more than one side to every story. Let’s wait and see if Grayson will tell us his before we all turn against him and throw fruit at him.

I don’t know if this will make Kimmi feel any better. We can only wait and see. I don’t really want to answer much about the Grayson/Kimmi situation. Just know a lot of those questions WILL be addressed… at some point. Mana likes to say I write couples rather well :3

The locket :(

I’m glad you thought it was believable! I am trying to AVOID any eliminations that are… questionable. I completely understand your feelings towards Grayson, Mana basically mirrored them. I will just ask you keep holding on.

I like to think Kimmi is still a very nice person. Perhaps not as forgiving as some think. As for an evil genius.. Maybe. A lot about who Kimmi is will depends on how she feels now. Up until now she was getting her revenge and making a point. Just how much of that did she mean.

… Yeah Zac may not be the most kind of people.. And MUAHAHAHA WE SHALL SEE! YOU STEAL MY BOYFRIEND I STEAL YOUR….. :)

I think Mother is definitely not lost for too long. I like to think of Tameron leaving the rose in order to pay his debt. She once saved his life, it was his turn to repay the favor.

Thank you for reading as per the usual Twinette <3  ZacAttack Rawr 18:25, September 13, 2016 (UTC)


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Hannah, Hannah, Hannah, Hannah Lol, serious answer though, uh...Hannah, Sarah, Alfie, Sam --Now to find out who this monster really is...*gasp* Old man Rhonda! 01:33, August 7, 2017 (UTC)

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