Dancing Bugs


Gender Female
Hair color Black
Place 1st
Relationship None
Family Parents, Sister
Friends Julia, Kim, Donny, Vincent, Elle, Chelsey, Kavren
Enemies Abbey, Northworth
Fear Nothing
Talent Laughing, Sleeping
Tasia is labeled as The Woozy Girl in Total Drama Revolution. She was on the Dancing Bugs team.


Tasia grew up in a large town with a large school. She has two sisters who are basically the same age as her, and they always played together. As Tasia and her sisters got older, her sisters did not want to be seen around her for some reason that Tasia could not figure out. One day, she saw a guidance counselor, who told her it was because of her strange, floaty personality. Tasia didn't really care, and she began to play with her other friends instead. Tasia laughs about basically everything, and enunciates some words strangely. She also calls people "duuuude" and "maaaan" a lot, and faints randomly. Nobody knows why she acts like this. Some people say she does it to be funny, and other people think that that is just her permanent personality. Tasia is avoided by a lot of people at her school, and she cannot understand why, although it is blatantly obvious why she is avoided. Tasia also did professional modeling for a children's clothing magazine when she was in eighth grade, and she enjoyed that. Eventually, she was fired because she farted on the cameraman, sat on one of the pieces of equipment, and made a rude hand signal at one of the other girls who she disliked.

Tasia's best friend told her about her fun experience on Total Drama so she decided to join.


  • Tasia's real name is Anastasia.
  • Tasia is meant to be Greek-American.
  • Tasia is the winner of Total Drama Revolution. The winner was originally Cammy, then Donny, then Kavren, and finally Tasia.
    • I'm not exactly sure why Tasia ended up winning, since Kavren would've made much more sense, but I guess I wanted a really random, out of left field winner.
  • Tasia is named after my friend's friend. I liked the name, so I used it.
  • Tasia's name is pronounced Tay-zha, not Tah-see-a, contrary to popular belief.
  • Tasia was in the original version of the story. She was exactly the same in terms of looks and personality.


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