Terri, labeled as The Gloomy Girl, is a contestant in Total Drama: Los Angeles.

Red Carpets
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Arts and Rafts"
Place Sixteenth/Fifteenth
Relationship River (on his side)
Friends River (on his side), Sydney
Enemies River (on her side)
Fear Bats
Talent Writing Gothic Poetry


Since birth, Terri has been very, well, gloomy. She always was the girl that sat alone at lunch, or the girl that had all the unnatural colors in her hair. She even dyed her hair different shades of red and purple, this year. She loves to write, and read, gothic poetry by anyone, as long as it is dark, and depressing. She is a big problem for her two extremely happy parents. Her parents love her, but they want her to see the joy, and happiness, in everything. They believed that a brand new experience would do the trick. Terri joined because her parents forced her into it.


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