This story is rated R.
It is not suggested you read it if you are sensitive to violence, swearing, or explicit content.

The Dead Games

The Dead Games, is a  dramatic story about fifteen teenagers who are the only survivors after the end of the world. The earth is now a dangerous place where earthquakes and zombies lives together. Hopefully for them, their is still a hope! Zombies can't stand cold place, and at the end of the city their is montains where our survivors could live without any fears, so they decide to go there and here starts their adventure for surviving.


Chapter One: Rising Dead

Everything started on the 21st Of December 2012. As everything was going on pretty well, we started to heard huge noises comming from the ground.. Everyone thought that was a joke and that it will never really happen but it cames out

real, the earth was comming to an end, her end.

I don't really remember what happened after, it still looks really blury in my

mind, but what happened after i woke up, i totally remember it. this is my story

and i'm gonna tell you it!

3 days after...

A young redhead lady woke up from the ground and opened her eyes.

"oh.. where am i?" she said while waking up.

"We are in your garden Roxane" said a familiar voice.

"What are we doing there in my garden Saki?" said Roxane to Saki, her best friend.

"We are hiding from those freaks" said Johan, one of her friends.

"What, who is in my house! I'm gonna call the police!" she said angrily and started to walk to her house.

A boy grabbed her hand and yelled " Roxane don't!" it was Jules, Roxane's boyfriend.

"Why?!" replied Roxane.

Jules looked the others "should i tell her?"

Johan came in front of Roxane "Listen Roxane, it may sound awkward b-" he got interrupted by Saki


Roxane looked around the streets, she saw that it was all destroyed, car was in fire and the most disgusting of all,"people" where eating on other people corpse.

"How could this happen?" she cried.

They decided to stay hidden in the garden to make a plan. As they where talking Roxane's phone ringed. They all looked upset to her.

"What?!" said Roxane.

"Answer the call!" said Johan.

Roxane took her phone "Yes?" she said quietly.


"Who are you?! Where are you?!" replied Roxane surprised and worried.

"It's Zoé! We are in the park! COME HELP US!" yelled Zoé.

"Who's with you?!" replied Roxane.

"I'm with-" the call ended. "HELLO?! HELLO?!" yelled Roxane.

"Roxane shut it! They are gonna hear us!" said Johan.

"Who called you?" said Jules. "We aren't alone at all?!"

" Gosh she is comming crazy..." said Saki. Roxane grabbed her hands.

"NO! Saki Listen! It was Zoé, she is at the park and she needs help!"

"She is alone?" said Jules. "No she isn't" replied Roxane.

"Who?" asked Johan. "It won't be her Johan she is dead i saw her diying!" said Saki.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Johan. "Guys calm down! So who, Roxane?" asked Jules.

"She didn't had Time to tell me The call ended.. We need to go rescue them!" said Roxane in a courageous way.

"It is too dangerous!" said Jules.

"He is right!" said Johan and Saki. "But imagine if we where in trouble?! I'm sure they would have come to helped us! We need to go there!" said Roxane angrily.

"ok, where are they again?" asked Jules.

" Uhm..Uh...I think she said the park!" Roxane said.

" We'll need weapons, right?" Johan asked

"Wait..." Saki stopped Johan, " this whole house is surrounded by zombies, we cant go anywhere!"

" Maybe Not.."

The voice sounded like it came from a far distance, but it was just Oli, sitting on top of the roof.

" How long have you been there, Oli? " Saki questioned

" You need to get your ass out of here! " Jules yelled.

" Why haven't you been bitten yet? " Oli snapped at Jules.

Saki held Jules back. 

" Zombies are everywhere,earthquakes just randomly occur, and you two fighting is the last thing that needs to happen today! " Saki yelled silently. 

" Yes, stop acting like children. " Johan said

" As I was saying, before I was rudley interupted.." Oli said with a smirk

Jules growled.

" Theres a way we can get out of here a find other survivors. "

" How? " Jules and Roxane asked

Oli handed Jules and Johan two guns " The key is to shoot them in the head. Not the heart, not the torso, in the head."

" Why don't we get weapons? " Saki asked

" You're girls... That's why. " Oli replied.

Saki glared at Oli. " Where did you get these guns anyway? "

" My dad had some stored in the basement....I found them after he... nevermind. "

Saki felt guilty and looked at a flower " Oh wow.. A knife... how convenient "

Saki picked it up

" You ready guys? " Oli asked

" Yes! " Johan said.

Later at the park, Zoe and Oswald are running

" Hang in, Ossy! " Zoe said nervously

Ossy had just been bitten by a zombie-fied teacher

They were hiding in the animal cages at the park

Oswald cried " I'm dead... I'm so totally dead.. You shouldv'e just let me! I'm going to turn into a zombie and eat you!!! " 

Zoe slapped Oswald " Shut Up! I'm trying to think! I hope Roxane gets here soon! "

Back with the others, they are looking for the street the park is on

"Gosh, here they come!" yelled Jules

"Listen we will all run to the forest ok? Now kill those fucking zombies!" said Oli while shooting.

While they were running from the huge group of zombies, Saki and Roxane went in the wrong way, ending up lost in the middle of nowhere.

"I think we can stop running, I don't see any zombies out there," said Roxane while taking her breath.

"Yup, wait... where are the others?" said Saki upsetly.

"I tought they where here!" replied Roxane. "Me too.. well it's ok, we will just have to find our own way and i'm sure we'll find them." replied Saki.

"I just think we should RUN! AAAAAAAAAH!" yelled Roxane after she saw zombies comming at them.

The girls started to run, while running Saki lost her knife. The girls found a little cabin and decided to hide in there to make a plan.

"What do we do?! We are so dead! Oh my god!" said Roxane quietly but in a very scared way.

"Roxane! shhh just focus ok?!" she gives to roxane her gun, "you see that gun? when I open the door you'll have to focus on the running and at the same time shoot in the head of those fucking zombies, but stay calm or we will die! ok?" said Saki to Roxane.

"Ok, ok" replied Roxane.

Roxane takes the gun.

"Evrything will be ok, I sw-" Saki gets interrupted by Roxane.

"SAKI BEHIND YOU!" Roxane starts to panic and lets the gun fall on the ground. A zombie crushes the window of the cabin and bite Saki in the arm. 

Saki gets bitten in the arm.

"SHIT! TAKE THE FREAKING GUN ROXANE!" yells Saki in a scared way to Roxane.

Roxane takes the gun and kills the zombie. The girls goes out of the cabin and start to go away.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh you've been bitten what do we do?!" cries Roxane

"Just take the gun and start shooting out the window! I'll be fine!" Saki yelled.

Roxane quickly grabbed the gun and blew the zombie's brain out.

" Saki...We need to get you help.. " Roxane whimpered.

" No...I don't have much time left before I become one of them..." Saki said in an emotionless tone, " just tell the others..I couldn't have any other best friends...and Austin...I always..liked him..a little..."

" Saki... DON'T SAY THAT! YOU'LL BE FINE! YOU SAID IT YOURSELF...We..are best friends!"

" Face the facts... It's over for me... I will away be with you guys... Every step.... Just... Smile..Smile" Knowing she was about to turn, Saki jumped out the window, and was torn to bits by the zombies.

Roxane fell to her knees, sobbing. She didn't know how she was going to survive without Saki, the girl she looked up to, and the zombies soon made their way into the cabin. Roxane covered her eyes, trying to not face reality.

"This is all a dream Roxane, just wake up! wake up!" Roxane soon felt a hand touch her, and screamed.

"Relax, It's just me! " said a familar voice

Roxane opened her eyes, to see dead zombies around her, and her boyfriend Jules, infont of her.

" You just can't stay out of trouble, can you? " Jules said playfully.

"JULES!" Roxane screamed in delight to see the love of her life again, but quickly hesitated.

"What is it? " Jules asked.

"...Saki... she's...gone.. "

Oli bursted in, " Hey what's taking so lo-- "

Jules slapped Oli


Roxane yelled " STOP IT! " She was crying

" Where is Saki? " Oli asked

" She's Gone! JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH! " Jules yelled

" Stop fighting... Saki wouldv'e wanted you guys to get along! " Roxane said


They heard Johan from outside and went outside to check on him, and they watched in horror to see Saki's corpse.

Roxane closed her eyes 

" This can't be happenening.. "

Chapter One: Deleted Scene

This scene was before it cut to Oswald and Zoe.

The reason it was cut was because it was pointless .

The crew started to run to the park, until they were held up by a zombie.

" Who is this punk? " Oli said.

" It looks like a nerd... " Saki said.

" We can take him on. " Jules said.

Jules started to run to the zombie, until another zombie came and pushed Jules.

" JULES! " Roxane yelled.

" Punk.. " Oli said.

" Hey! I don't see you doing anything! " Jules yelled.

A bunch of zombies came from nowhere and started to surround Jules.

" Let's go beast on these mother fuckers. " Johan said.

Oli was about to sprint to the zombie, until Saki pulled him back.

" Wait.. We need epic music. " Saki said.

Saki took out her ePod and the song " Rockin' Playing Game "

" Really? " Oli said, he just rolled his eyes.

" What? " Saki said, smiling.

" You would play japanese music. " Oli said.

Saki rolled her eyes. " bitch. "

They all ran to some zombies and started killing them.

YO HO kaji o kire tori kaji ippai de ( Johan uses his gun to shoot a zombie in the balls.)'YO HO uosao ikina jinsei ( Oli is seen jumping on top of car,  smashing zombie brains with the bottom of his gun. )'hi ga ochiru koro ni wa shukko no utage ( Saki slices zombie's heads off to get to Jules, and she asks him if she can see his gun. )'sabishiku nanka nai iki terya mata dokka de aeru ( Roxane is sitting, no knowing what to do., and Johan and Saki wink at eachother. )'mukaikaze buchi nuki tabidate ( Saki and Johan stand back-to-back and starts shooting at zombies, carlessly. )'namida namida kareru made otokonara tsuyogatte ( Oli reminds everyone that they need to hurry up, before Zoe dies. )'tomo yo tomo yo itsu no hi ka waratte ( He then starts running, and shooting at zombies at the same time. )'katai katai kizuna o sa tashikame aeru yo ni ( Jules grabs Saki's knife and just starts cutting. )'ima kagayaki dasu mirai no chizu o sa tsukami tore ( zombies are dead, everywhere. Saki laughs and says "good times.. goodtimes. " " Are we done now? " Oli said.

" I think so. " said Saki, exchanging her weapons back with Jules.

" Alright, Let's just keep going. "

" Oh Shit! There's more! " yelled Jules.

" We Gotta Go! " said Oli.

They all started to run.

the end.

Chapter Two: Almost Dead

At the park

"she is already dead! She will never come here anymore!" said Oswald nervously.

"Don't say this Oswald! I'm sure she'll soon be there, you just need to hang on" replied Zoé.

Oswald started to turn a little bit paler.

"I don't feel so great..." he barfed.

"Do you think you are... Turning into..." said an afraid Zoé.

"I guess so..." he barfed again, his skin became more pale. "I-i think i don't have much Time left you should... you should kill me or i'll kill you.."

"I can't do this!" yelled Zoé.

"We never really where friends, we couldn't stand eachothers!" said Oswald.

"But it's different now Oswald! We are surviving and we are together against all of them!" Said Zoé.

"i guess so..." close his eyes and turns really white.

"Oh no!" yelled in fear Zoé.

Oswald opened his eyes, they where white he looked at Zoé like a lion looks at a deer, he was on of them now.

"No no not now! I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING I CAN'T NOOO!" yelled Zoé in panic.

Oswald came closer.

"RAWWRWRAWWR!" growled Oswald in his undead form.

"AAAAAAAAAH" yelled Zoé and putting her arms over her head.

We can hear a shot.

"ARGH" said Oswald and falled on the ground. "You ok now?" asked a Guy voice.

Zoé opened her eyes "Austin?!"

Austin was there with Inès and Theodore. "Yes?" Austin asked.

"You you killed him?" asked Zoé.

"Yup, i was obliged, you would have been dead by now!" he replied.

"Thank you from The bottom of my heart!" said Zoé while hugging Austin.

"humm less hugging more running! Now that he shooted him they will all come here! Said angrily Inès.

"She is right." said Theodore.

"Ok" said Zoé.

Back at the others.

"THEIR IS NOBODY!" yelled Oli!

"you are sure she said she where here?" asked Johan.

"YES! i'm sure!" replied Roxane.

"She isn't here at all?!" yelled Oli at Roxane.

"Don't yell at her!" yelled Jules at Oli "What Will you do?" replied Oli

"I'll take my gun and i'll shot in your balls! Ok?!" yelled Jules.

"Calm down! Look what i've found..." said Johan.

"NOOO OSWALD!" yelled Jules, Roxane and Oli.

" I can't... I just cant TAKE IT! " Roxane yelled

" I can't keep going... Oswald is dead.. Saki is dead.. and Zoe might be undead! " Roxane yelled more

Oli slapped Roxane 


Jules kicked Oli in the balls " DON'T YOU EVER LAY A FINGER ON MY GIRL, BITCH! "

" STOP GUYS! " Johan yelled

All the yelling they caused attracted more zombies, and with Johan still yelling, he didn't notice 

Johan still yelling, not knowing he is surrounded by zombies.

The zombies surrounded Johan and He screamed. One of the zombies began to grab his arm, but he broke free and gunshots were heard

" I'm not letting anymore of my friends die. " Roxane said in a serious voice.

Jules looked surprised, this wasn't the same Roxane he dated for 2 years.

" Thanks Roxane, I'll be more careful next time. " Johan said, assuringly 

" It's OK, Jojo! " Roxane said, smiling.

Jules then smiled, " Same Old Roxane. " he tought

The gunshot noises attracted Zoe

" Did you guys hear that? " Zoe asked

Austin, Ines, and Theodore paused 

" Yeah, I did. " Theodore answered

" Sounded like it came from the park. " Austin said

Zoe then sprinted back, " MAYBE IT WAS ROXANE! WE GOTTA GO BACK! "

Austin then followed her, and the others did too.

" Guys, the zombies won't stop, until we're all eaten. " Johan said

" Well, I think there are mountains outside of this town. " Oli answered

" Let me check, I'll go to Floogle Maps on my phone. " Roxane said.

" He's Right! I guess that's where we are headed there!" Roxane said gleefully

"ROXANE!" said Zoe.

Roxane turned around and saw Zoé, Inès, Austin and Theodore.

" ZOE! I THOUGHT YOU WERE.... Nevermind! I'm just so glad to see your OK! " said Roxane, hugging Zoe.

Jules welcomed the others

" We miss anything? "

" Saki and Oswald are dead... " Johan said, sadly.

Austin paused " How did Saki die? "

" She saved me.. " Roxane said.

" What about Oswald? " Jules asked.

" He was turned to a zombie.. We had to kill him.." Austin answered

" Do you think we are the only ones left, now? " Oli said

" Maybe... but... We might find some more people on the way.. to the mountains..."  Johan said.

" Mountains? " Ines questioned

" We'll fill you on on the details. " Roxane said.

The two groups joined together and were heading to the mountains in the outskirts of the zombie infested town, and they stopped at a little shack to rest, but little did they know they were about to encounter some new allies.

Chapter Three: Death of Many

" This place seems good enough. " Theodore said.

" It looks a little creepy.. are you sure It's safe? " Roxane asked.

" Lets find out. " Jules said.

They all walked in the dark, dusty place. Roxane heard noises, and Jules did too.

" Is anyone else in here? " Jules asked.

Johan then saw a shadow move. He got scared and turned around.

" FREEZE! " 

There was a gun pointing right at Johan's face.

" I'M SORRY! I WAS JUST LEAVING!!! " Johan pleaded.

" Jo? "

Johan opened his eyes to see Alice, Alexander, Cassie, Maryvette, and Jane.

" Roxane, Jules...Everyone.. You're alive? " Jane asked.

" I thought we were the only ones. " Maryvette said

" You thought wrong.. " Oli said.

" We were heading to the mountains... Do you wanna join us? "

" Anything to be free from those zombies..." Alice said.

" Let's go. " Jules said.

They all traveled by foot, finding useful tools for each of them on the way.

Roxane a half-loaded pistol

Jules a blunt baseball bat

Johan a knife, that Saki left behind.

Oli kept his original gun

File:You Found A.jpg

You've found... Two Crowbars! - Alice and Alexander

Zoe a few grenades

Alice and Alex, two crowbars

Austin, a chair leg with stubs in it

and the rest were still weaponless.

Not that halfway in the town, the ground started rumbling.

Roxane fell down, and so did Jules.

The ground soon started cracking apart, and an earthquake started to form.

" Oh No! Find Something To Hold On To!" Theodore said.

The concrete ground started to open, separating Alex and Alice from the rest, and an unusual gas came from the crack and headed towards the twins.

The twins inhaled it and immediatley felt queesy. They both fell down, and the earthquake stopped.

"Oh no!" said Cassie. "I'm gonna check them" said Johan. He jumped next to the twins.

"So?" asked Oli. "Please don't tell me they are dead!" cried Cassie.

Johan touched Alex and Alice's neck they were still breathing. "They are alive, i can feel them breathing".

"oh thanks!" said an satisfied Cassie.

"Super, everybody is ok now we should just go." said sarcasticly Oli.

"Don't talk to fast" replied Johan.

"What now?" asked Roxane. " I'm not sure but they are both really warm, like when you catched a cold. I think they are sick"

Jane jumped next to Johan. "Maybe it's an allergy"

"What do we do?" asked Roxane.

"We need to go found medicines" replied Johan.

"Remember we are in the middle of nowhere!" angrily said Oli.

"Hey! What did you just told them later on? You told them if they wanted to come with us to the mountains and they said yes!" replied Jules.

"so?" said Oli.

"So we need to continue with them!" yelled Roxane.

"Ok, ok. We will go in two groups." said Oli.

They all jumped next to the twins.

"Theodore, Austin, Inès, Jane and Zoé you stay here to watch for the twins. Jules, Johan, Roxane, Maryvette, Cassie and I, we go found those medicines, ok?" asked Oli.

Cassie went next to her cousins and grabbed them.

"No, i stay here with them!" she cried.

"ok... Jane you come with us instead!" replied Oli.

"We Will soon back don't cry Cassie" said Johan.

"Come fast as you can guys, i don't wanna loose other persons, like it happened with Saki.."

Oli, Jules, Roxane, Johan, Maryvette and Jane went to search for drugs.

They arrives to a "deserted" pharmacy, Maryvette, Jane, Roxane and Jules goes in. Johan and Oli stayed outside to keep a close eye on the zombies who could come.

In the pharmacy.

"we go to the left, you girls goes to the right" said Jules

"Ok, if we found something we'll call for you guys." said Jane

"Okey dokey" said Roxane.


"Can i ask you a question?" asked Johan.

"Yeah, go ahead" said Oli.

"Why you kept fighting with Jules? You don't like him?" asked Johan.

"It's not that i don't like him. It's complicated.." replied Oli.

"What's complicated?" asked Johan.

"I'm not sure if i can tell you this, Jo..." said Oli.

Johan came closer and whispered to Oli.

"I'm your friend you can tell me everything you know."

"Ok" Oli whispered "The reason why i dont' like Jules is that i feel something for Roxane and i'm kinda jealous of him". Oli blushed.

In the pharmacy.

Roxane reads a medicine name "Sustengo, maybe this is for huge cold?"

Jules came to check, he laughed "Humm, I don't think so hahaha"

"Why?" asked Roxane. "Sustengo is like viagra you know..." replied Jules.

They both looked at eachothers and laughed really hard. A scream can be heard. It was Maryvette.

"What's happening?!" yelled Jules.

Roxane and Jules went to look for Maryvette and Jane.

"help us!" yelled Maryvette.

Jules and Roxane found them, a zombie had killed Jane and Maryvette was being pulled by a zombie.

"Help me! He killed Jane he has my leg! Help me!" cried Maryvette.

"Hang on!" yelled Jules. He killed the zombie and went to check Maryvette's leg.

"You ok?" asked Roxane "Yes i'm, thanks for saving me, i have found the medicines." replied Maryvette.

"How is her leg Jules?" asked Roxane.

Maryvette hiden her leg under her hands "It's ok i have nothing now we should go join the others"

"she is right" said Jules.

Jules and Roxane went out and joined Oli and Johan. Maryvette looked her leg, she had a scratch on it..

The others came back to where they used to be.

"We've got the medecins!" yelled Roxane

Austin came next to them "Where is Jane?" He asked.

"She.. she's dead" said Jules.

"but at least we've found the medicines for Alice and Alex" said Oli.

They Heard Cassie criying.

"It's too late they are already dead.." said Austin.

"WHAT NO?!" yelled Roxane.

"Austin, they are gonna became zombies now! Why didn't you have shoted them already?!" yelled Oli.

Two shots can be heard.

"it's done.." said Theodore.

"Why-y-y-yyyy!" cried Cassie during a long time.

"We need to go soon there or we'll all finish this way.." said Oli.

Jules and Johan took Cassie who didn't wanted to let Alex and Alie bodies. She cried so long and so hard. The ten teenagers continued to walk.

"This is really starting to turn into a dead game" said Roxane.

Chapter Three: Alternative Plot

" This place seems good enough. " Theodore said.

" It looks a little creepy.. are you sure It's safe? " Roxane asked.

" Lets find out. " Jules said.

They all walked in the dark, dusty place. Roxane heard noises, and Jules did too.

" Is anyone else in here? " Jules asked.

Johan then saw a shadow move. He got scared and turned around.

" FREEZE! " 

There was a gun pointing right at Johan's face.

" I'M SORRY! I WAS JUST LEAVING!!! " Johan pleaded.

" Jo? "

Johan opened his eyes to see Alice, Alexander, Cassie, Maryvette, and Jane.

" Roxane, Jules...Everyone.. You're alive? " Jane asked.

" I thought we were the only ones. " Maryvette said

" You thought wrong.. " Oli said.

" We were heading to the mountains... Do you wanna join us? "

" Anything to be free from those zombies..." Alice said.

" Let's go. " Jules said.

They all traveled by foot, finding useful tools for each of them on the way.

Roxane a half-loaded pistol

Jules a blunt baseball bat

Johan a knife, that Saki left behind.

Oli kept his original gun

Zoe a few grenades

Alice and Alex, two crowbars

Austin, a chair leg with stubs in it

and the rest were still weaponless.

Not that halfway in the town, the ground started rumbling.

Roxane fell down, and so did Jules.

The ground soon started cracking apart, and an earthquake started to form.

" Oh No! Find Something To Hold On To!" Theodore said.

The concrete ground started to open, separating Alex and Alice from the rest, and an unusual gas came from the crack and headed towards the twins.

The twins inhaled it and immediatley felt queesy. They both fell down, and the earthquake stopped.

"Oh no!" said Cassie. "I'm gonna check them" said Johan. He jumped next to the twins.

"So?" asked Oli. "Please don't tell me they are dead!" cried Cassie.

Johan touched Alex and Alice's neck they were still breathing. "They are alive, i can feel them breathing".

"oh thanks!" said an satisfied Cassie.

"Super, everybody is ok now we should just go." said sarcasticly Oli.

"Don't talk to fast" replied Johan.

"What now?" asked Roxane. " I'm not sure but they are both really warm, like when you catched a cold. I think they are sick"

Jane jumped next to Johan. "Maybe it's an allergy"

"What do we do?" asked Roxane.

" We need to find medicine for them! " Jane said.

" Zoe, do you think you can stay lookout for them? " Roxane asked.

" Sure!" Zoe said, " I'm sure these grenades can hold them off. "

Theodore, Austin, and Ines stayed to help Zoe, while Oli, Roxane, Jules, Johan, Cassie, Maryvette and Jane traveled to the nearest hospital they could find.

" I don't feel very well.." Alexander said.

" You'll be fine guys! " Ines said.

The others found an abandoned hospital, and hoped to find the right medicine for the twins.

" We need to hurry!" said Roxane, running inside.

" We'll need to split up to cover more ground. " said Jules

" I'll take Roxane. " Oli said.

" No, I'll take her, because she's my girlfriend! "

" Uh No, she needs a REAL man to protect her. "

Jules and Oli started bickering until Cassie slapped them.

" It'll be only a matter of time until something bad happens! Just come with me, Jules. " said Johan.

" Fine. " said Jules.

" Now let's go! " said Johan

Johan and Jules went in an elevator.

Cassie and Maryvette, and Jane left and went into an infirmary room.

Jules and Johan are checking the upper floor, until it suddenly stopped.

" Woah... Did the elevator just stop? " Jules said.

" We need to get outta here! " Johan said.

Jules grabbed his baseball bat and started to beat on the doors.

" HELP!" Jules said, but their screams for help couldn't be heard.

There were footsteps heard ontop of the elevator.

Two zombies were knawing on the rope, holding the elevator up.

It soon tore, making the elevator plumit to a mysterious basement hidden under the hospital.

The doors opened to the elevator.

" Jules... I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.. "

" What? " asked Jules.

" Nothing. " said Johan.

" What is this place.. " Jules wondered.

They  explored it, and found a bunch of old newspapers.

" Harrison Killer... Who is that? "

Johan read the newspaper more.

" Harrison Killer was an inventor, and scientist who wanted to prove the existant of zombies. He created some chemical extraction, but everything went wrong when he accidently drunk it, turning him into the first zombie. He was so bad that the army had to use a special weapon to take him down, but he escaped and no one knows where his is. He was known for wiping out an entire population by just eating them, he was really tall, he had blood-red skin that shedded, really long hair that covered his face, almost resembling a rockstar, and he carried some sort of beartrap that could.. "

Before Johan could finished, Jules yelled for help.

Johan turned.. and there it was.. Every detail the article described... It was Harrison Killer.

with a knife jabbed right into his hand, Jules couldn't do anything, and Harrison got closer, and stepped on Jules' bat, crushing it to bits.

Johan got his gun and started shooting at Harrison, but it had no effect.

Harrison growled deeply, and raised his arm and started to swing his beartrap

It flew right at Johan's face, but Jules pushed him out of the way, and the beartrap's chains swung around Jules

" AH FUCK! " Jules said

Harrison pulled Jules closer to him, ready to devour another victim that enters his territory.

Johan shot Harrison in the mouth, making him choke, and Johan attempted to remove the chains from Jules.

Later with Oli and Roxane, Oli asked Roxane a serious question.

" Do you really like Jules? He's so weak. " said Oli.

" Of course.. He's sweet.. and charming.. I really think he's the one.. "

" Bullshit! " Oli said.

" Why are you so worried, anyway? " Roxane said.

" No reason.. " Oli said.

" Hey! Let's look in this room! said Roxane

They opened a door and saw an old man, lying dead on a hospital bed, and Roxane screamed and almost fell.

Oli caught her, " It's Ok." He said.

" Let's just find the medicine. What about up there? "

Roxane grabbed a chair and got ontop of the counter, and looked ontop of the cabinet.

" Hmm.... No.. All of these won't do... Hey wait.. what's this?" She found a medicine bottle, labeled DolanAX.

" I think this might work.. " She said, and when was getting down, she slipped on a bottle she dropped, and fell ontop of Oli.

They were both face to face, and Oli blushed. 

" Sorry! " Roxane got up, " I didn't mean t.." 

" It's OK...I'm fine. " Oli said, smiling.

Cassie ,Maryvette and Jane leave the infirmary

" No Luck... Ugh! Let's go to the elevator. " Jane said.

When they arrive, they see it is gone.

" What the hell?" Jane said.

" It's gone? What could've happened to it?" Cassie asked.

" I don't know.. Let's find out. " Jane said. "

" Uh.. It's OK.. You can go.. We'll stay here. " Maryvette said.

" Whatev.. " Before Jane could finished, the beartrap came swinging out of the elevator and gets lodged onto Jane's  leg, and she let out a painful shriek.

" HELP!" she said.

Before anyone of them could grab her, she was pulled down, falling on a cardboard box in the basement.

" Jane! " Johan yelled.

Jane was crying, " My leg! " She yelled.

Jane saw Harrison, right infront of her " ...Hel- "

Harrison used his big blocky hands to grab her, and he snapped her in half. "

Johan saw with his virgin eyes, horrified.

Harrison began to munch on her.

" This is our chance to escape! " Jules said.

" But..Jane! " Johan said.

" There is nothing we can do for her! " Jules said

but it was too late, Harrison was done, and he was ready to go after the rest.

Cassie and Maryvette tried to find something useful to get Jane back, but there was nothing around, but then a window got smashed open by a zombie, who looked alot like their math teacher. Ms. Simmons.

The zombie got inside, growling.

" Go try and find the others, Cass! I got this bitch right here! " Said Maryvette." 

" No, Mary! I won't leave you! "

" I said Go! " Maryvette said.

Cassie ran, trying to find her friends.

Maryvette slapped the zombie, but the zombie grabbed Maryvette by the torso, and bit her on her hand.

" FUCK! " Maryvette fell down. She looked to her left and found some weird bottles of green liquid.

She grabbed it and threw it on the zombie.

The zombie started to decompose quicker, and was soon just a skeleton.

" Woah.. This melts zombies? "

Maryvette picked up the other jar, but dropped it down the elevator.

" Oh No! " Maryvette said.

Jules caught the jar

" Oh Yes! Acid! " Jules opened it and quickly poured it on Harrison.

Harrison melted into a huge blood pile.

" WE'RE SAVED! " Jules said.

Maryvette heard Jules voiced

" JULES?! ARE YOU DOWN THERE??!" Maryvette yelled.

" YEAH! " He answered.


" I'LL FIND A WAY! " Maryvette said.

Maryvette then looked at her hand.

" I also need to find a way to hide this.. "

Maryvette got a rubber glove and put it on her hand, " I'm sure this will do. "

" I FOUND OLI AND ROXANE, MARY! " Cassie said.

" and I found Johan and Jules, they are down the elevator! "

" The sun is setting, we need to find a way to get them and get this medicine to Alex and Alice! " Roxane said.

" I guess we all jump down there. " Maryvette said.

" On the count of three.. 1...2...3.." Oli said.

They all jump down and land on the junk in the basement.

" Guys! " Jules said

" Thank God! " Johan said.

" Not really.. Now how are we going to get out.. "

" We need to find some way! "

Cassie turned around , " This is so stupid, and my dress is getting ruined! " She but her back against the wall and it collapsed.

" That was surprising. " Jules said.

" LETS GO! " Roxane said.

They soon made it back to the others, but it was too late.

" They... They are dead.. " Theodore said.

" No... You're lying! NO! " Cassie started to cry on Maryvette's shoulder.

" No.. " Maryvette said.

" This really is starting to turn into a dead game.. " Roxane said.

Chapter Four: Liars Are Gonna Pay!

Cassie was still crying.

" Just get over it, Cassie, they are gone. " Oli said

Roxane places a blanket over Alice and Alexander.

Cassie still has tears in her eyes, and Maryvette places a flower ontop of the blanket.

" We should get going. " Oli said.

" How could you say that? " Cassie said.

" My cousins just died! I need to stay with them! " Cassie said.

" Cassie... I know how you feel.. but we really do need to go.. "

" NO! PLEASE! " Cassie said.

" I'm fine with leaving this whiny bitch her. " Oli said.

Roxane pinched Oli, " Don't be rude. " 

Oli thought, " I love her so much.. "

" Guys.. Just leave her alone, please we can stay for a few minutes. " Maryvette said, coughing, and looking paler than usual.

" Maryvette.. Are you Ok? " Roxane asked.

" Uh..Ye-- " Maryvette started to barf on the blanket.

Cassie screamed

" Maryvette.. You look terrible! " Oli said.

" Thanks, You know how to make a girl feel happy. " said Maryvette, sarcastically.

" Meuuh! " said Oli, mimicking her.

" Meuuh! " said Maryvette.

" Hey.. Oswald used to do that when he got bit.." Zoe said.

" Wait... You don't think she.. Got bitten do you? " Roxane asked.

" Maryvette... What happened when you were with Jane.. " Jules asked.

" Uh... " Maryvette said.

Zoe walked up to Maryvette and pulled the long sock she had on her leg.

There was a very gory scratch on her leg, and Cassie looked in horror.

" NO.. NOT YOU TOO! " Cassie said.

" You lied to us!" Austin yelled.

" You know what must be done,now, before you turn us into your kind! " Oli said

" What? " Maryvette said in shock, " but I'm your friend! "

" You WERE our friend.. now your one of them. "

Maryvette yelled, " I WON'T LET YOU KILL ME!

Maryvette ran off, and the boys ran after her.

Cassie and Roxane tried to run after them, but they were too fast, so they ended up getting lost.

" Oh No.. NOT AGAIN! " Roxane yelled.

" Huh?" Cassie said.

" This is how we lost Saki... We got lost.. So we didn't know what to do.. Until those zombies came.. Like they are coming right now! " Roxane said.

Numerous amounts of zombies came after them, so they ran as far as they could, but in the wrong direction.

They were even farther in the woods, and they started screaming for help, but it was no use.

" What do we do now? " Roxane said.

" You can finished telling that story. " Cassie asked.

The boy's are still chasing Maryvetter, but they quickly loose her in a bakery.

" Damn, She's fast.. " Theodore said.

" Where could she have gone? " Ines said.

" I don't know... We need to-- INES! BEHIND YOU! " Austin yelled.

Maryvette jumped on Ines and knawed on her flesh.

Ines screamed " HELP ME! "

Ines and Maryvette soon turned were zombies and they both went after the boys and Zoe.

Zoe was their first victim.

" Ah! No! Leave me Alone! " Zoe threw a few grenades at them, but they fled.

" Oh No. " Zoe said

and the grenades blew her out of the bakery.

" Ow... That hurt! " Zoe said.

Johan and Theodore run to Zoe.

" We got these girls! We'll be right behind you, now RUN! " said Oli

Jules and Johan picked up Zoe, and they both started running.

Oli and Austin were shooting at Ines and Zoe, who had quick reflexes.

" This is bullshit! " Oli said.

Later with Roxane and Cassie.

" So, We found this cabin, that had loads of guns in it, and Saki was being really badass, until a zombie came and bit her arm. I didn't know what to do, so I had to shoot the zombie. " Roxane said, almost tearing up " and then... She told me she didnt have much time left.. and that she loves everyone.. and love loved Austin.. and she just..jumped out the window.. I knew she tried her best to not look worried.. but I knew she felt terror inside of her.. " Roxane said, now in full tears.

" Her last words were... Smile Smile. " said Roxane.

" And that's exactly what I'll do! "

Cassie hugged Roxane, " I know how you feel... I just lost all of my relatives... " Cassie said, now crying.

" Yeah.. Let's go..Maybe we can find the others if we search!. " Roxane said.

" Yeah, let's go. " Cassie said.

They both left.

The others are still running, but Johan trips and falls on his ankle, and Ines and Maryvette get closer to them.

" MARYVETTE! JUST STOP! " Oli yelled, and he shot her in the center of her head.

Maryvette dropped to her knees and fell, dead.

Ines jumped and pushed Oli and Austin out of the way

Ines ran to Johan and bit his hand

" AUUGGGH! " Johan screamed.

Austin grabbed his gun and shot Ines in the back of her hand.

" Johan! I'll save you. " Jules said.

He grabbed a butcher knife from the bakery, and chopped Johan's hand off.

" Did you hear that? " Cassie asked.

" Yeah it was a scream that almost sounded like.. " Roxane said.

" JOHAN! " They both said at the same time, and then laughed, but then stopped.

" Oh No! He could be introuble! " roxane said.

" we need to Hurry! " Cassie said and soon started to run with 

Johan was crying, " IT HURTS SO BAD! " Johan exclaimed.

Jules got some bandages he had kept from the pharmacy, " here, this will help. "

He wrapped it around Johan's hand.

" I guess I'll be of no use now... "

" That's not true.. I think your very helpful, Jo. " said Zoe

" Thanks. " replied Johan.

" You guys done being lovey-dubby now? "

" Hey! You don't have the nerve to talk, remember what you told me at the pharmacy?! " said Johan.

Oli glared at Johan, " Fine, Sorry bro. "

" It's OK. " Johan said.

" We should probably go and find our way to the mountains, right Roxane? " Jules said.

" ..Roxy? " Jules said again.

" Wow, took you this long to figure out she was gone, FAIL. " Oli said, laughing.

" That's it! " Jules slammed Oli on the ground

" Woah Woah Woah! " Austin said, holding back Jules.

" It's time someone take charge, so It'll be me!My first command is to find the girls! " Austin said.

Oli looked at Austin, jelously, " What? He's becoming leader? THATS MY JOB! "

They all start walking, and the sun begins to rise.

Back with Cassie and Roxane, they are still running

" Ugh! this is just useless... We'll be lost forever! "

" Don't say that! We'll get out.. We just need to find a way.."

" I can't do this.. It's cold, and we might get eaten, or fall in a crack from an earthquake! "

" Hey! Just.. Smile Smile. " said Roxane smiling.

" I remember this forrest from when I was a kid... We'd always used to hike here... now if I remember correctly, there should be a.. " said Roxane

From a far, a dark shadow was watching them from a distance

" Great! Let's Go! "

They started to run, and soon made their way back where Alice and Alexander were.

"WE MADE IT!.. But where are the others..? " Cassie said.

" I don't know.. Let's keep running. "

they kept running until a black shadow runns across their path

Cassie screams, " AHHH! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT! "

" I don't know, but I'm scared.. "

" LET'S GO! "

The dark figure got closer to them, and the girls held on to each other, and when the dark figure touched them, they let out a huge scream.

" Smile.. Smile.. "

Roxane opened her eyes wide, and was shocked to see what was in front of her.

Chapter Five: Search for Safety!

Roxane was shocked, she heard the sweetest voice she has ever heard in what seemed like a long time.

The voice belonged to the girl that helped Roxane through thick and thin, the girl that saved her from being eaten, it was Saki. She had her arm chopped off and covered in bandages, Roxane cried and begun to run to Saki, but Cassie pulled her back, and said she might be a zombie.

" I'm not, Im 100% human. " Saki said. " I'm so glad I found you guys! "

" But.. How did you survive? I saw you get eaten! "

" When I jumped out the window, I saw an old lady, everything was getting so fuzzy, then only thing I saw was a purple glowing light.. and then eveything went dark.. When I woke up, she offered me some tea,and my arm was cut off and then she gave me some new clothes to put on, since my old ones were all torn.. after that, she just vanished.. "

" Maybe she was you're guardian angel " said Cassie, smiling.

" Maybe... " Saki said.

" How did you even know where to find us? " Roxane said

" I didn't.. that was just luck. " Saki said, laughing.

" But.. Your body..we saw it! " Roxane said.

" There was another school girl they were already feasting on.. "

" Poor girl.. " said Cassie.

Roxane kept crying, and she was glad one of her best friends stayed alive.

" By the way, I love that top. " Roxane said, laughing.

" Where are the others? " Saki said.

" We lost them. " Cassie said.

"Reminds me of something.. Uh Roxane?" said Saki , jokingly.

"yeah. Haha" She laughed "but seriously this Time i don't wanna wait for the others to find us." she replied

"Why?" asked Cassie.

"'Cause Saki almost died and zombies doesn't wait for eating you..." said Roxane.

"Where do you think they are?" asked Saki.

"Maybe we should go back and if they are searching for us we will end up all together" said Roxane.

"Great idea!" said Cassie.

Back to the others.

"So guys -" gets interupted by Zoé " hum hum..." cough Zoé.

"Sorry Zoé" said Austin "So guys and Zoé, i think we should go back where we used to be"

"What?! No that is totally stupid" yelled Oli.

"Just calm down or you'll be eaten by an undead!" growled Johan.

"Would be satisfiying.." said Jules.

Oli looked Jules angrily. Jules smiled.

"It isn't a stupid idea" replied Austin.

"It is 'cause i'm pretty sure their is zombies who came to ate The twins corpse so if we go there it's just like suicide!" yelled Oli.

"If you think two minutes, Cassie lost her cousins and she and Roxane are lost where do you think she would like to go if it was her last time?!" said Austin.

"Yeah! I'm sure they are there!" said Zoé.

"Yeah that's sure at 100%! You are so good Austin!" flatered Johan.

They all followed Austin and started to run where Alice and Alexander breathed for the last Time. Oli stayed away and he thought.

"This Austin is clearly getting on my nerves.. Even more than stupid Jules. I'm The leader not him!"

Back to the girls.

While running Saki asked what happened since she was "dead".

"Just to know.. Who's alive?" asked Saki

"Don't worry Austin is alive!" said Roxane.

"Oh, really? Cool..." Saki blushed.

"You love him uh?" asked Cassie.

"No! like i said i only feels something for him.. That's not the same at all" replied Saki.

"You know, if i was you i'll just tell him my feelings.." said Cassie.

"Why?" asked Saki.

"You don't really have much Time left you know. You can die everyday, he can as well, so you should just take care OF The little Time you guys could have together" replied Cassie.

"I think you're right.." blushed Saki.


" I think you're right.. " - Saki

"Right she is just SO Right!" Roxane laughed and poked Saki.

The girls all laughed together.

Back at the boys, and Zoé...

"Can you hear that" said Theodore.

They all stoped and listened the laughs who where familiar to them.


"How can you be that sure?" asked Zoé "yeah it can be zombies or other people we don't know" replied Austin.

"I'm sure he just recognized them... Haha" told Johan.

"I think he's right for one time, i know how Roxy laughs, it's like this one." said Jules.

"Ok! That means they are saved!" said Austin happily.

They all continued to run and follow the laughs. Oli went next to Johan and whispered "Thanks, bro!"

"No problem Oli"

"you really saved me, thanks" he hugged Johan.

"You should try to be more discreet you know" replied Johan

"Yeah.." said Oli quietly.

"Oh do You remember that Time when i pushed you into the swimming pool?" said Roxane while Laughing

"of course i do! Bitch" laughed Saki

" My legs are killing me, can we take a break? " Cassie said.

" Yeah... My feet hurt too. " said Saki.

" I hope we find the others soon.. " said Roxane.


Roxane turned arround.

"Jules!" she yelled.

Roxane and Jules run to eachothers, hugged them and kissed. Oli felt like diying. Johan put his hands on Oli's back.

"Don't worry Oli"


"OMG BE CAREFULL!" yelled Theodore

"What?! ZOMBIES! WHERE?!" Cassie yelled as well.

Theodore took his gun and tried to shot in what he thought was a zombie. Roxane left Jules, making him fall on the ground and she went next to the zombie.

"NO! DON'T IT'S SAKI SHE IS ALIVE!" yelled Roxane.

All The teenagers where upset to hear that her friend Saki wasn't dead at all, making one person more happy.

Austin smiled "Good to have You back. "

" What's with the new get-up, Saki?" Johan said.

" My old ones were all ripped, and almost all my skin was showing, I'm so glad I'm wearing these now. " Saki replied.

Austin thought, " man, i wish i could've seen that. " His face turned pervish.

" Why are you looking like that? " Saki said.

" Uh...No Reason. " Austin said smiling.

Saki blushed. " you're funny." They both went far to eachothers, as they where really close a huge noise can be heard.

"EARTHQUAKE!" yelled Theodore, they all grabbed on something and what was supposed to happen between Saki and Austin didn't happened, for now...

" Not Again! " yelled Oli.

The earthquake that occured a short, and didn't cause much damage.. Or so they thought.

After that, they started back on their trip to the mountains.

Roxane was holding on to Jules, and Oli was trying not to barf.

" Hey, Don't worry Oli, I'm sure you can find a girl like her someday. " Johan said.

Austin overheard, and he knew exactly what Johan meant.

Saki then walked over to Austin, " Hey.. Aussy... I've been meaning to ask you something. "

" Not now, I'm trying to come up with a plan. " Austin said.

" ...Oh.. Okay.. " Saki said

Cassie  walked up to Saki, " It's OK, You'll have plenty of time to tell him how you feel. " 

" I hope.. " Saki said.

" HOLY SHIT! " Oli said.

Saki and Cassie gasped.

There was a huge hole separating them, from the rest of the city.

" We'll have to split up. " Austin said.

" For what? That's utter bullshit. " Oli said.

" We need to find someway to get over that hole. " Johan said.

Oli thought, " This is perfect.. I can finally get revenge on Austin.. for taking my spot. "

Jules, Roxane, and Theodore went in a group, 

Saki Johan, and Zoe went in a group.

and Cassie, Austin, and Oli were the last group.

" Damnit.. With Cassie in the way, I can't do anything.. Unless..."

Oli had a devilish smile on his face, and all the groups left.


Chapter Six: Always look behind You!

" Wait.. Before we leave.. " Austin said.

They all stopped, looking puzzled.

" I need to tell Saki something.. " he continued.

" Uh.. guys.. I think we should leave them alone.. " Cassie and Roxane said.

The boys and Zoe looked confused, and they just followed Cassie and Roxane.

" Uhm.. Saki.. "

" Yeah? "

" We've been friends.. since like.. forever.. and when I first met you, you were so cute with the little pig tails.. " he laughed.

Saki started to blush.

" And.. then when.. I died... my heart broke to pieces.. but I knew you would have wanted me to keep moving on..."

" But now.. You're alive.. and still beautiful.." 

" HURRY IT UP! " Oli said from a distance.

Saki giggled.

" What I was trying to say was... I love you. " he said.

Saki's face was as red as a tomatoe.. She quickly turn around, looking away from him.

His face turned into a frown, and She quickly glanced back at him.

" Well.. Since we are sharing feelings here... I..kind of love you too.."

He started to grin so much, it looked like he was about to pop.

" ALRIGHT, LET'S GO! " Oli said, dragging Austin, who has been lovestuck.

Saki then walked with her team.

Oli, Cassie and Austin were walking in the forest.

" Guys.. " Cassie said.

" What? " Oli said.

" Where do we go, when we have to pee... " she said.

Oli eye's widened.

" Just.. Go behind a tree! " he said.

" ..but.. That's un-lady like.. " she said.

" Just Go! " Oli yelled.

Cassie quickly ran off.

" I guess we just wait for her. " Austin said.

" No, we can just leave her, I'm fine with loosing one more member, she was weak anyway. "

" Hey, we all protect each other, this is not some game to see who is the strongest.. besides.. You just want to get closer to Roxane. " Austin said.

Oli was shocked, " How.. did you know that? " 

" Yeah, not so tough now.. Now that I know your secret. "

" You don't have a chance with her anyway... 

" OK, THAT'S IT! " Oli started to beat up  Austin, until Cassie came back, breaking them up.

" Guys, STOP! " Cassie yelled.

" No.. It's over.. I'm done with you two weaklings.. I WAS THE LEADER, NOT YOU! " Oli pulled his gun out.

" Woah, man, cut it out! We're in this together! "

" Not anymore. " He said.

He aimed the gun at Austin, and pulled the trigger, but Cassie jumped infront of Austin, making the bullet hit her.

Cassie, just stood there. " I won't let you kill my friend's boyfriend yet.. " she then fell down, dead. Austin looked at Cassie and yelled, " YOU BASTARD! " 

Austin got his gun out, and start shooting at Oli.

Oli and Austin broke out into a gunfight.

Later, Saki Johan, and Zoe found a little shack, that had numeroud  swords and guns.

" Look, we do need more weapons.. " Saki said.

" Yeah, I'm almost out of grenades. " Zoe said.

They almost walk in until they hear growling noises.

" Do you guys hear that? " Johan said.

" Must be zombies.. " Saki said.

" How are we going to get in there? " Johan questioned.

" .. I'll lure them out.. "

" No, Zoe! I can't let that happen to you!" Johan said, caringly.

" Sorry, Jo.. but I need to do it.. To save you guys.. and then you guys can go, and get to the mountain with ease! " she said, smiling.

Saki nodded.

" On the count of three... "




Zoe busted the door open, " Come After Me, retardos! " Zoe said.

Before Zoe came in, the zombies were just minding there own business, and just roaming around.

" Humans? " One of the zombies asked.

Zoe was surprised, " I didn't know Zombie could talk.. "

" No, No.. We're humans.. like you! This is just makeup to blend in! " another fake-zombie said.

" Clever.. " Saki said.

" Would you like to team up with us? " Johan said.

" Su-- " before one of them could finish, Zombies crashed through the windows, and eat them.

" Oh god. " Saki said.

" Guys! Let's hurry and get these weapons. "

Johan got a pistol that would be useful, because of his chopped off hand.

Saki got a sword

and Zoe got a bazooka.

" Why did you get that? " Saki asked.

" It seemed cool. " Zoe said.

They all took out the zombies quickly

Later with Oli and Austin, They were still shooting.

"  WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?! " Austin yelled.

" YOU ARE MY PROBLEM! " Oli yelled back.

The gunfires from Austin's stopped.

and then there was complete silence.

" Dude.. I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hurt your feelings... Can we be bro's again? "

Oli smiled, " Yeah. "

They both walked up to each other and shook hands

but Oli made the final gunshot.

Austin fell down, bleeding.

" ..Why.. " Austin said.

" Hahahaha. " Oli said.

Not before long, Saki's team found Oli and Austin.

Saki gasped, " Austin... AUSTIN! WHAT HAPPENED, WHO DID THIS?! " Saki yelled.

" ..Oli did.. "

Saki started crying.. " I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! WHY WOULD HE DO THIS!? "

" He.. He did it for a good cause.. I got bitten.. Cassie did too.. "

Johan saw Cassie, and started to tear up.

Oli's eyes widened, " even though I shot him, he still thinks of me as a friend.. what the fuck.. "

" No.. I DON'T SEE ANY MARKS! ...PLEASE..Austin.. "

Zoe and Johan looked and couldn't help but cry.

" This.. This CANT BE HAPPENING! "

" Saki.. Don't be sad... just know that I love.. love.. "

Austin looked forzen in fear. but he wasn't.. he was dead.

Saki eye's widened... " Austin.. Austin.. talk to me.. AUSTIN!!!! "

Oli looked away, feeling almost guilty.

" T-Thank you.. Oli. " Saki said, " You.. You saved him.. "

Oli replied, " No problem.. " he said.

Oli still didn't care, he was just glad he was the leader again.

But what he didn't knew was that while Roxane and Jules where talking together, Theodore went away to pee.

Sadly, he has heard everything of what just happened, and he wouldn't keep this for himself very long..


Chapter Seven: Funeral

After this bloody hour, Saki, who used to be a really strong girl wasn't that strong anymore. "I.. I think i just can't handle this anymore" she said quietly.

Roxane tried to help her best friend "You can't stop fighting like this, that's not what Austin would have wanted" she said while hugging Saki.


An worried Roxane tried to calm her friend "You need to survive for him, Saki! I'm sure he would have wanted this and it's may sad but at least you had time to tell him your feelings which where the same for him."


she cried and run next to Austin corpse.

Roxane was surprised of the way her best friend talked to her and she felt guilty 'cause in some ways Saki was right.

"I think i have an idea" clamed Roxane.

She went next to Saki, told her something, she ended her cries.

Roxane grabbed a shovel and started to dig.

"Wait what are you doing, Roxane?" asked an upset Oli

While digging "I'm digging a hole, so we could burry Austin and Cassie and we will make a little ceremony for them to help Saki to not have this image of her "boyfriend" corpse anymore in her mind"

"It's like a funeral so?" asked Zoé.

"Yeah.." replied Roxane in a serious tone.

Jules and Oli where surprised to see Roxane acting that serious and that courageous. Roxane was turning more mature.

"Let me help you" said Oli.

He grabbed a shovel and digged another hole.

"Thanks" said Saki to both of them.

"You would have done the same for me" replied Roxane.

Zoé and Johan took Saki away and went to go found some flowers, for the funeral.

Theodore went next to Jules "Man, i need to tell you something"

"Sure, what is it?" asked Jules.

"I think we should go away for this.." replied Theodore.

"Ok.." replied an upset Jules.

They started to walk a bit, Theodore looked behind him, nobody, he grabbed Jules and told him "Listen bro, You should look out for Oli, he is evil"

"I know, but he always have been acting this way." said Jules

"When I say evil, I really mean EVIL!" yelled Theodore.

"Why? i thought you guys where friends?" asked Jules

"It's over since what i just saw.." replied Theodore

"What do you mean? If it's because he is into Roxane, i already knew, Austin told me before he left us..." said Jules

"Ok, OLI KILLED AUSTIN AND CASSIE!" clamed Theodore.

"Yes, because they got bitten!" yelled Jules.

"No! They didn't Austin told him he knew he felt something for Roxane and that nothing will never happen between them, Oli got mad and started to shot at Austin with his gun!" yelled Theodore.

"Wait, what!" said a surprised Jules.

"Yes! But Cassie jumped over Austin and she got killed first, Then Austin yelled to him Oli pretented to be sorry and Austin said that he won't tell the others if he promises to be friend again with him, but Oli killed Austin.." said Theodore.

"Wow! I knew he was a bad guy but this! It's horrible, why Austin didn't told us instead of saving Oli's butt!"

"Austin was a nice guy, he just showed to Oli he was better than him.." told Theodore.

Jules thought he should tell Roxane but if Oli becames mad and kills Roxane? He just decided to wait for the perfect moment.

2 hours after..

Everybody was here, The ceremony started. Saki left a flower on Austin grave, then she left another one on Cassie's and went in Roxane's arm crying.

During 1 minutes all of ours teen's stayed silent, in tribute to their dear friends. But something bad happened..

Zoé felt down.

"Zoé!" yelled Johan.

"Is she ok?" asked Roxane.

"I think so, i can hear her heart beating" replied Johan.

Zoé woke up "Where, am i? My head it hurts.." she said quietly.

"It's me Johan, You just fall"

Saki went next to Zoé "What is this?!" she asked

"What?!" Johan looked on Zoé's back, she had a lot of little red points everywhere.

Saki asked "Zoé did you already had chicken pox when you where little?"

"No..." she coughed " why?"

Saki looked her friends uspet "If we don't find medecines she will Die!"

" No.. " Zoe said.

" What.. " Saki looked to Zoe.

" I have been enough help to you guys... I can't go any further.. "

" What.. No.. ZOE! "

" Johan.. I.. I love you.. " Zoe said.

" Oooh... " Oli said.

Jules glared at Oli.

" I wasn't that useful to you guys anyway.. "  Zoe said,

" That's not true! " Johan said.

" You helped us when we fought those zombies! " he said.

" And, you kept lookout for Alice and Alexander. "

" Guys... my insides are rotting.. goodbye. " Zoe closed her eyes.

" No.. NO, IT CAN'T END LIKE THIS! " Johan yelled.

" Worst.. Death.. EVER! " Oli said.

Johan slapped Oli.

" Shut.. the.. fuck.. up. " Johan said.

" Oli.. be careful.. Johan loved her.. "

" I DID NOT, ONLY AS A FRIEND!.. A close friend.. "  Johan yelled at Saki.

Johan then started to cry.

" Johan.. " Saki said.


He then started laughing.

" ..Jo? " Saki said.

Johan grabbed Saki's hand.

" JOHAN! STOP! " Roxane said.

Johan threw Saki on the ground.


" He's going crazy.. " Oli said.


Johan pulled out his gun.

He pointed it to his head.

two gun shots were heard.

That's it, this is where the story ends.

After this, everyone went missing.


Johan layed there.

" This is crazy.. " Theodore said.

" Yeah.. "

" Well.. Let's keep going. " Oli said.

" Oli.. you.. are so.. disgusting! " Jules said.

" Shaddafuckup. " He said.

Roxane cried and started to beat on Oli.

" YOU JERK! " she said.

Oli grabbed her hands. " Everything will be OK. "

" W..hat? " Roxane said.

" This whole thing.. just doesnt make sense anymore.. "


Chapter Eight: Take Back Every Word You Said

Roxane felt a rush of excitement when Oli grabbed her liked that.

" W--- What is this feeling.. "

" I don't understand.. What the actual fuck... just happened. " Saki said.

Oli replied, " We went crazy. I would too if I lost the love of my life. "

" You actually have a soft side? " Saki said.

" Yeah.. and there is.. One more thing I'd like to mention.. "

" What? " Roxane asked.

" Roxane... You are the most beautiful girl ever.. and.. I love you.. "

Roxane's eyes widened. She looked at Jules, who looked like he was about to pounce at any moment.

" ... Damn. " Saki said

" Well.. This is awkward.. especially with all this crazy crap going on. " Theodore said.

" Uh.. " Roxane stuttered.

Jules stepped up, " Sorry, dude. She is taken. "

Oli glared, " Noo, I never would have guessed. " Oli said, sarcastically. 

" This reminds me.. weren't we looking for a way to get across a hole in the ground? "

" Oh yeah! " Roxane said.

" And what I find strange.. Is that... the zombies have suddenly disappeared. " Saki said

" We should hurry and start walking to the mountains before they come back.. " Jules said.

" I agree, and we will meet them anyway so better be later than now. You don't think so? " said Theodore.

" You got a point. " replied Saki.

The teens continued their travel to the mountains. Meanwhile, Jules and Theodore took Roxane away.

" Honestly Roxane there is something about Oli i don't trust.." said Jules.

" He isn't that nice at all you know.. " warned Theodore.

" Seriously don't be that mean, he just loves me that isn't a crime! " replied Roxane.

" That's why i'm warning you! He is really weird and i don't want you to have problems " Jules said

" I happened to know he actually has a heart, he won't put me in troubles, Jules. " said Roxane

" But- " Jules got interrupted

" But what? I love you not him. That's what matters, no? " replied Roxane.

" Yeah.." said Jules.

" Just leave an eye on him Roxane.. " Theodore said.

" okay " 

Roxane went next to Saki and they started to talk about girls things. Oli went next to the guys

" What do you want? " asked Jules.

" Chill out dude. It's not because i said i loved Roxane that you have to act like a bitch, oh wait you already are a bitch. " replied Oli

" Shut the fuck up man! If you just touch her, you are a dead Oliver! " 

" I won't.. until you dies.. " laughed Oli and went away

" You'll first! " yelled Jules

" What is he talking about? " asked Roxane.

" Nothing Roxy, just guy things " smiled Oli

"oh.. ok.." blushed Roxane.

the gang stopped.

" Did you heard that? " said Saki

" They are here.. " said Oli, he takes his gun out.

" Ok, when i'm down to 3 we all run together! " said Jules

" Okay " said Roxane.

" 1 - 2 -3 Run! " yelled Jules and started shooting along with Oli and Saki.

a zombie comes next to Saki " Die mother fucker! " she shoot in his head 

" Oh yeah! " yells Oli.

" I see the mountains! " yelled Roxane " we are soon there! "

" This is the final time we have to run like that i guess! " said Theodore while running really fast.

They cut through a cemetary to get to the mountains faster, but a wall was in their way

While running Saki falls into an open grave

" Kya~!!! " Saki yells.

The rest didn't hear her, but some zombies did, they pulled her out and dragged her away.

Roxane and Theodore climbed on a wall.

" They can't got us there " said Theodore 

" grab my hand Oli " said Roxane

she pulled him on the wall " Thanks Roxy " 

" That's nothing.. " 

" Can i have a hand too?! " yelled Jules. 

" i'm comming here take my hand! "  Roxane said.

Oli  and Theodore started to shoot on the zombies head who where triying to climb the wall.

" Wait.. where is Saki?! " yelled Roxane

" We must have left her behind! " said Thedore.

"We need to go found her " yelled Roxane " No that is too dangerous we can't Roxy! " said Jules

" Stop calling me that way! " she took the gun of Theodore and jumped " I'll found her by myself. " she said while starting to run and killed some zombies.

" Roxane no! " yelled Oli and Jules

" Instead of yelling just kill the zombies who are now comming at her! " yelled Theodore.

the guys took care of Roxane back while she went to found Saki.

" Saki! " 

Saki was standing on a wall as well.

" Roxane! I don't have any balls left! " said Saki

" I have! " she claimed " Let my best friend alone! " she killed a zombie.

Saki jumped of the wall and grabbed Roxane hand " now we run next to the others! " 

right after they started to run a wall broke and went in the direction of the girls 

" Look out! " yelled Saki, she pushed Roxane away.

Roxane falled on the ground as the wall falled on Saki.

" Saki no! " she tried to take her out but she couldn't do anything it was too hard for her.

" Roxane this time isn't the last time we saw eachothers! Just run and let me here they won't found me i'll pretend i'm dead and once i manage to get out of here i'll come to join you guys! " said Saki

" But i can't leave you! "

" Do it or you'll die! "

Roxane hugged Saki and started to run from zombies who where comming at them.

"Yes run Roxane run faster!" yelled Saki.

Sadly a zombie heard Saki's yellings and he bite her but then went after Roxane. 

Saki yelled while she was diying.

Roxane finally arrived back at the boys.

" Help! they are everywhere now! I don't have any balls left"

" Where is Saki? " asked Theodore

" She will join us soon! "

" Roxane here take my hand! " yelled Oli

"Oh no my leg! no!" yelled Roxane as a zombie grabbed her leg.

" She's gonna be bitten no!!!!!" yelled Jules

" She won't! " claimed Oli " Don't touch her bag of shit! " he shotted the zombie before he could bite Roxane and pulled her.

" Oh thanks you saved my life Oli! " said Roxane while grabbing him in her arms really tightly

" That is nothing " said Oli and he looked Jules with a devil smile on his face.

Jules couldn't stand what was happening. Oli saved her girlfriend from death and Roxane was cuddling him and now will be thankfull to him for ever.

He couldn't let that happen..


Chapter Nine: What You Would Have Never Guessed (Final Chapter)

The race to the mountains is on.

Saki is limping, slowly to others, but she quickly collapses. She is dead, and the others do not know.

The rest are still running, trying as hard as they can to get away from the zombies.

" C'mon Guys! We don't have much time left, before they come and eat us all! " Roxane yelled.

" You're starting you become more like Saki, Roxy. " Jules said.

" Where is Saki, anyway? " Theodore said.

" She was supposed to be back by now.. " Roxane said.

" Maybe she got eaten. " Oli laughed.

Jules and Theodore glared at Oli

" This is no time for joking.. We have to find her!" Roxane yelled.


" I should go there and look what's happening" Oli said 

" No, We can't. It's too dangerous. " Jules said, grabbing her arm.

" Jules.. I am not a little girl. I am fine,  I can take care of myself. "


He quickly stopped in his tracks, and just realized he yelled at his girlfriend.

Roxane cried and ran off.

" No! Wait!" Jules yelled.

" Smooth Move, Jules. " Oli said.

" Shut the fuck up, Oli! " Jules yelled.

" Guys, we shouldn't be fighting! We have to go after her! " Theodore yelled.

Clouds soon began to form

" Guys, It looks like it is going to rain soon.. It's hopeless to find Roxane now.. The mountains are right there! We can do this! " Theodore said

" No! " Jules and Oli yelled back at Theodore.

" I'm not leaving Roxane! I'd rather die with her, than being without her! " Oli said

Jules glared at Oli, " He won't get to her.. Even if I have to killl I'm starting to become HIM now... " Jules thought.

Roxane was lost, she didn't know what to do, She put her hand on a tree, but it happened.

The tree fell down.

Roxane was shocked, and she started to see all the trees get knocked down.

" what? " Roxane questioned.

the ground shook with all of it's power, the earthquake was happening.

" No! Not now!" Jules yelled.

" Roxy! She.. She is all alone! Fuck this earthquake! " Oli yelled

Oli had trouble running with this earthquake going on, but he managed to do it.

Oli then fell, knocking himself out, and the boys ran to him.

Roxane was running too, instead of finding the guys, she found Saki, lying there dead.

" .. This.. This is another joke! Saki is still alive! Her guardian angel.. It got her! "

But she didn't, Saki was truly dead this time.

" No...Those Damn Zombies! " She yelled.

The others heard Roxane yelled, but so did the zombies, and they surrounded her.

" Uh.. Uhm.. Hi.. Mister Zombie, sir.. " Roxane stuttered

A zombie grabbed her arm, and another zombie grabbed the other arm.

" AHHH! " Roxane yelled

The zombies were shot

" Roxy! " Jules hugged Roxane, but Roxane just showed an unimpressed face.

" I wished Oli had saved me.. " She thought.

" What? " Jules said.

" Nothing.. I could have handled that myself.. " Roxane said.

" .. Really? " Jules said.

" Whatever, Let's just hurry and get to this mountain. "

" Yeah! Zombies headed straight for us! " Theodore said.

Oli soon came to his senses, " Whaa? "

He turned around and saw zombies coming

" AHHH! "

Everyone started to run, but the zombies were faster.

A crawiling-spider like zombie tripped Jules and bit his leg

" GAH! " Jules yelled in pain.

" Jules!" Roxane said.

The others just kept running, and Roxane ran back to Jules.

" Oh gosh! What do I do? "

" Here, You'll need to cut my leg off!" Jules said, giving her a knife.

but the zombies kept coming closer, and Roxane thought

" If I cut his leg off, I wouldn't have as much time to run.. and we'll both get eaten."

Roxane then got up and ran away from Jules


" Sorry, Jules.. But I'm breaking up with you. "

" Whaa.. " Jules eyes widened

Roxane pulled out a gun and shot Jules.

" We are getting closer! " Oli said

" I can feel it! " Theodore said.

" Guys! Wait Up! " Roxane said.

" Where is Jules? "

" He got bitten.. " Roxane said.

" Atleast I can have you all to myself now. " Oli laughed.

Roxane blushed, " Hey, I only like you a little bit! " she lied.

Theodore got suspicious, but he didn't care at the time, because he was finally going to get away from the zombies.

but then.. Something ripped through Theodore..

They ran passed the mountains.

" We made it! " Oli yelled, " WHOO-HOOO! YEAH! "

Roxane turned around , " Theodore? "

Theodore jus stood there.. but then.. Something came out of him.

  • toot*

" Oh sorry, I just had to fart. " Theodore chuckled..

" OH MY GOD! THEO! " Roxane said, covering her nose.

But the zombies entered the mountains too.

" Oh No, Guys, We need to climb the mountains! " Roxane said.

" let's go! " Oli yelled.

They all grabbed a rock from the mountain

" Cold, Cold! " Roxane cried.

" Cute.. " Oli whispered

Roxane started again, and they soon started to climb.

On the way, they soon saw zombies starting to collapse

" It's working! They really can't stand the cold! "

Oli and Roxane started to flirt, and Theodore rolled his eyes.

They soon made their way to the top, and Roxane was the last to get up.

Her foot then slipped and she almost fell, until Oli caught her.

She blushed, " Thanks.. Oli. "

Oli just winked.

" There it is.. The rest of the world. "

" And there are those zombies, dying. " Theodore laughed.

" .. What now? " Roxane said.

" Who knows.. Maybe we can travel to Antartica and be eskimos. " Theodore said.

Roxane just laughed.

" All we can do is wait. " Oli said.

" Woo Hoo! We made it! " Oli yelled.

And that is it.

Oh, It's not? Oh yeah! I almost forgot! There is a second part to this story, but that is for another time.

Until Then, Good Night, Don't Let the Zombies Bite. ;)


Death Chart 

Cast Chapter #1 Chapter #2 Chapter #3 Chapter #4 Chapter #5 Chapter #6 Chapter #7 Chapter #8 Chapter #9
Oliver alive alive alive alive alive alive alive alive survived
Roxane alive alive alive lost lost alive alive alive survived
Theodore unknown alive alive alive alive alive alive alive survived
Jules alive alive alive alive alive alive alive alive dead
Saki "dead" supposed to be dead alive alive alive dead
Johan alive alive alive injured alive alive suicide
Zoé alive alive alive alive alive alive dead
Austin unknown alive alive alive alive dead
Cassie unknown unknown alive lost lost dead
Maryvette unknown unknown hurt dead
Inès unknown alive alive dead
Alexander unknown unknown dead
Alice unknown unknown dead
Jane unknown unknown dead
Oswald hurt dead

Interactions and News

This article focus on the most important interactions between the cast of The Dead Games.

Alice and Alexander: brother and sister ; Alice, Alexander and Cassie: cousins ; Austin and Oli: best friends ; Cassie and Maryvette: cousins ; Inès and Johan: best friends; Inès and Alice: ennemies ; Johan and everyone: friends ; Jules and Oli: ennemies ; Jules and Roxane: in relashionship ; Oli and Roxane: crush ; Oswald and Theodore: friends ; Oswald and Zoé: ennemies; Roxane and Saki: best friends ; Theodore and Oli: friends ; Saki and Austin: crush.


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  • The Dead Games is a story based of The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead.
  • All of the characters of this story belongs to Johan.
    • ​except Saki who belongs to Nat.
  • Notable zombies can be seen during the story, most of them are original TD contestants.
  • All the pictures are mostly done by Johan and Nat.
  • Chapter 2 and 3 changed names.
    • Chapter 2 was supposed to be named Death Of Many and Chapter 3 Almost Dead.
  • The story is written by Johan and Nat.
    • Dray as been also helping for the grammar.
  • There were some scenes that didn't make the final cut, and they will be posted when the story ends.
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