This is a fanfic introducing you to the upcoming fan fictions featuring Michael by Radical M. It is a 4-part event where Michael and his friends travel to NYC to meet the original cast of Total Drama.


Mr. Dunn


Part 1

“If you’re looking for a story filled with joy and happiness.” Michael narrated. “Then get off this page. Read some other story. There are over 3000 pages on this wiki. If you are looking for a story with real life situations, then you can stay right here. It all started one faithful day before I was on Total Drama Woods.”

Michael was sitting at his TV, when a tall girl with black flowing hair. It was Maria.

“What are you watching?” she asked.

Michael quieted her. “You know that show, Total Drama Island?”

“I love that show.” Maria said.

“I entered a contest where if I win, I can take five friends to New York City to meet some of the cast.” Michael said.

“How do you win?” Maria asked.

“You have to send in the most postcards and crap like that.” Michael said. “Shh…”

The announcer on TV started talking. “And the winner of the Total Drama Contest is…Michael from Houston, Texas.”

“I won!” Michael exclaimed.

“Yes!” Maria said. “We’re going to New York!”

“Whoa!” Michael said. “Who said I was bringing you?”

“But I thought…” Maria started to say.

“Just kidding.” Michael said. “You’re my best friend, of course you’re coming!”

A gothic-looking girl and a large boy with lots of piercings walked in. It was Miranda and Moose.

“Hey guys!” Michael said. “Guess what? I won a contest to go to New York and see the cast of Total Drama!”

“I love that show!” Miranda said. “Gwen’s my favorite, she has awesome highlights!”

“Good!” Michael said. “Because you guys get to go with me!”

“No way, man!” Moose said. “That’s perfect for our one-year anniversary!”

“What about Mounzer?” Miranda asked.

“I haven’t told him yet.” Michael said. “I’ll call him.”

Michael took out his cell phone. “Hey Mounzer, do you want to meet the cast of Total Drama?”

Mounzer burst through the door.

“Where are they?” Mounzer asked frantically.

“Calm down, dude!” Michael said. “We are going to meet them in New York City!”

“I am Total Drama’s biggest fan!” Mounzer screamed.

“We know.” Maria said.

“The plane leaves tomorrow.” Michael said. “We’ll have $10,000 in spending money.”

Suddenly, there was banging at the door. Michael opened it and there was a large African man with no hair. He was holding a roll of toilet paper.

“Michael!” Mr. Dunn yelled. “Did you TP my house?”

“That’s just a stupid question.” Michael said. “Of course I did.”

“What are all of you doing here?” Mr. Dunn asked.

“We’re getting ready to go to New York City.” Michael said.

“By yourselves?” Mr. Dunn asked.

“No.” Michael said. “The cast of Total Drama will be there.”

“I’ve seen that show.” Mr. Dunn said. “You’d be less likely to get in trouble without them. I’m coming with ya’ll.”

“That’s very kind of you.” Michael said. “But we’ll be fine.”

“No, I don’t trust you.” Mr. Dunn said. “I’m going.”

“Fine!” Michael said. “But you have to pay your own way there.”

“Deal.” Mr. Dunn said. He threw the roll of toilet paper down on the ground.

“Don’t TP my house.” he said as he left.

Meanwhile, Courtney, Harold, and Gwen sat in the lobby of the hotel.

“Where’s Duncan?” Gwen asked.

“You’d love to know, you boyfriend stealer.” Courtney said.

“Get over it, Courtney.” Gwen said.

Suddenly, Duncan walked in. Courtney ran to him and hugged him.

“Duncan!” Courtney cried.

“Good to see you too, Courtney.” Duncan said. “I’m so glad to be out of juvie.”

“Just for three days.” Harold said. “And you have to spend it with the winner.”

“Whatever.” Duncan said. “I’ll make the best of it.”

The bellhop walked up. “Can I take your bags, sir?”

“Sure.” Duncan said.

“I suppose the boys and girls will have separate rooms.” the bellhop said.

Duncan and Harold looked at each other and Gwen and Courtney looked at each other.

“Unfortunately.” they all said at once.

The next day, Michael and his friends sat on the plane.

“I hope Heather is there.” Michael said. “She’s my idol.”

“I don’t care who’s there.” Mounzer said. “I love them all.”

“Hey, did anyone notice that all of our names start with M?”

Everyone sat silently for a minute until a blonde-haired boy popped out from under the seat.

“What’s up?” EJ asked.

“EJ!” Michael shouted. “What are you doing here?”

“I stowed away on the plane.” EJ said.

“Why?” Maria asked.

“I heard that you won the contest and I knew you wouldn’t take me.” EJ said.

“That’s because I hate you!” Michael shouted.

“Be nice.” Maria said. “All he wants to do is meet the Total Drama cast.”

“Actually, no.” EJ said. “I want to go to the Nintendo World Store. I heard it’s awesome.”

“Fair enough.” Michael said. “But don’t annoy us.”

“Deal.” EJ said.

“Attention passengers, we are arriving in New York City.”

Later, the four Total Drama stars were sitting in the lobby.

“Where are the winners?” Courtney asked impatiently.

“They should be here soon.” Gwen said.

Suddenly, Michael, Maria, Mounzer, Miranda, Moose, EJ, and Mr. Dunn walked through the door.

“That must be them.” Harold said.

“Oh my gosh!” Michael said. “Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, and Harold!”

“What’s up?” Duncan said.

“I’m so excited to meet you guys!” Michael said. “You were all awesome on Total Drama!”

“Thank you.” Courtney said.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” Gwen asked. “You have $10,000.”

“Well, I made reservations to take my sweetheart out to dinner.” Moose said.

“Really?” Miranda said. “That’s so sweet. Where are we going? The Four Seasons?”

“Not exactly.” Moose said.

“So, where?” Miranda said.

“Hard Rock Café.” Moose said.

“How romantic.” Miranda said sadly.

“I’m sorry.” Moose said. “I thought you’d like it.”

“It’s okay.” Miranda said. She walked away sadly.

“Dude, you struck out.” Harold said.

“You know about girls?” Moose asked.

“Do I?” Harold said.

“No.” Duncan said.

“I wasn’t actually asking.” Harold said. “Gosh!”

“Could you help me win over Miranda?” Moose asked.

“Sure.” Harold said.

“Well.” Duncan said. “I don’t know about you guys, but I heard about this place called Richmond Tech, with all this high-tech crap.”

“Sounds awesome.” Michael said. “I’ll go!”

“Me too.” Maria said.

The three left the lobby.

“I’m off to the Nintendo World Store.” EJ said. “Anyone want to come?”

Everyone was silent.

“Whatever.” Gwen said. “Let’s go play Mario.”

Gwen sadly followed EJ.

“So…” Mounzer said. “What do you want to do Courtney?”

“I’ve shown an interest in going to the Museum of Natural History.” Courtney said.

“Sounds cool.” Mounzer said. “Let’s go!”

The two walked out of the hotel.

Later, Michael, Duncan, and Maria walked into Richmond Tech.

“This place is awesome.” Michael said.

“Man.” Duncan said. “I wish they had this stuff in juvie.”

Duncan picked up a bag of smoke balls.

“Smoke balls.” Duncan said. “Sweet.”

“Look.” Michael said. “A digital picture frame.”

Michael picked up the digital picture frame.

“I’m going to own this all.” Michael said.

Michael ran over to another display.

“Air Drone.” Michael read. “Control a model airplane from your Richpod.”

Michael picked it up.

“I need that.” Michael said.

“You don’t have a Richpod.” Maria said.

“Then I guess I need that too.” Michael said.

Duncan grabbed a small chip and a big remote.

“Cause a giant explosion using this tiny chip.” Duncan read. Meanwhile, Harold talked to Moose at the Hard Rock Café.

“Okay.” Harold said. “When you first arrive, you want to be smooth and polite. Hold the door and pull out her seat.”

“Why?” Moose asked.

“Because it’s romantic!” Harold shouted. “Gosh!”

Harold paced around.

“Also, you should have a bouquet of roses ready and have someone play music.” Harold said.

“Girls like that crap?” Moose asked.

“Yes.” Harold said. “In the middle of the meal, you should give her a romantic gift.”

“Like an Aerosmith t-shirt?” Moose asked.

“No.” Harold said. “Like jewelry. Something from the heart. Once you give her the gift, you have to tell her that you love her.”

“Why?” Moose asked.

“Because you love her.” Harold said. “Don’t you?”

Meanwhile, EJ and Gwen walked into the Nintendo World Store.

“Look at all the Wiis!” EJ cried.

“Whoo.” Gwen said sarcastically. “Wiis.”

“Come on.” EJ said. “You can’t not love this.”

“Sure I can.” Gwen said.

“Hey.” EJ said. “Look at that.”

Gwen and EJ walk over to a booth. EJ hits a button and a video starts.

“This is the Nintendo 3DS.” The man on the video said. “The future of 3D technology. This is the first 3D device where glasses are not needed. It can take 3D pictures and play 3D movies. Many third party companies have asked to make games for the 3DS, including Assassin’s Creed, DJ Hero, and Super Street Fighter. It has a 3D depth slider. It is the future. It’s coming February 2011.”

“Whoa.” EJ said. “Isn’t that awesome?”

“Sure.” Gwen said. “Whatever.”

Meanwhile, Michael, Duncan, and Maria left Richmond Tech.

"Hanging out with you is awesome, Duncan!" Michael said. "Now I have loads of new crap to use." "Don't get used to it." Duncan said. "As soon as this is over, I have to go back to juvie."

Suddenly, a security guard shouted, "Hey!" The security guards ran after the three. "Don't they know you are out of juvie?" Michael asked. "They should." Duncan said. "Run!"

The three tried to run away from the security guards, but the streets were busy. "What do they want?" Maria asked. "You did pay for this stuff, didn't you?" Michael asked.


"Duncan!" Michael yelled. Duncan started climbing a ladder on the side of a building. Michael and Maria followed. Duncan jumped on to an apartment patio. Michael and Maria jumped. The security guards started to climb the ladder. Duncan took out his knife and stuck it in the lock to the apartment.

“Duncan.” Maria said. “This is a bad idea.”

Duncan took his knife out and pushed the door open. The three ran in the apartment while the security guards jumped onto the patio. Duncan, Michael, and Maria pushed open the door and ran through the hallway. The security guards opened the door and saw the three.

“There!” one of the security guards shouted. Michael hit the elevator button. The security guards got closer. The elevator opened and the three ran in. Duncan hit the close button over and over again. The elevator closed just as the security guards reached it.

“Take the stairs!” the guard yelled. The guards ran down the stairs.

“Leave the stuff here.” Michael said. “They won’t know we stole it.”

“No way.” Duncan said. “This stuff cost us all of our money.”

“You didn’t pay for it!” Michael yelled.

“It was an accident.” Duncan said.

“They won’t believe that.” Maria said.

“Maybe there is something that can help us.” Duncan said.

Duncan searched through the bag. He picked out a bag.

“The smoke balls.” Duncan said.

“Oh no.” Maria said. “That is a bad idea. Let’s just turn ourselves in.”

The elevator door opened. The three walked out. The guards came out from the stairs.

“Throw them!” Maria yelled.

Duncan grabbed a smoke ball and threw it at the guards. Smoke surrounded them. The three ran out of the apartment. The guards ran out of the smoke. The three ran through the streets. The guards ran after them.

“They’re gaining on us!” Maria shouted.

One of the guards grabbed one of Michael’s arms. Michael struggled to get free, but the guard tased him. A guard tased Duncan and another tased Maria. The last guard talked into his walkie talkie.

“We need back-up on Broadway.” he said.

Meanwhile, Moose talked to the host at the Hard Rock Café.

“I need you to get someone to play the violin when my date arrives.” Moose explained.

“This is the Hard Rock Café.” the host said. “We don’t have violin players.”

“Well.” Moose said. “Harold did only say music. Can you get someone to play the electric guitar?”

“Sure.” the host said.

Later, Duncan, Michael, and Maria were thrown into a jail cell.

“I can’t stay in here.” Duncan said. “I just got out of juvie.”

“Obviously, letting you out was a mistake.” the warden said. “You are too dangerous to be out of juvie. You will stay here for a week and then return to your cell in Canada. Your prison time will be increased by 2 years.”

“What?!” Duncan yelled. “That means I have 3 more years!”

“What about us?” Maria asked.

“You two will be in here for six months.” the warden said.

“That’s too long!” Michael yelled.

“Hey!” the warden yelled. “Next time think about that before you rob $5000 worth of technology.”

“It was an accident.” Michael yelled.

“Tell it to the judge.” the warden said.

“We did.” Michael said. “He didn’t believe us.”

The warden walked away.

“This stinks!” Michael yelled.

“Tell me about it.” Duncan said. “I thought I only had one more year of juvie. Now I’ll be in there until I’m 19!”

“We have to get out of here!” Maria shouted.

Part 2

“So…” Michael narrated. “You probably thought I was kidding at the beginning, right? Well now you see that I was not exaggerating. So now you’re thinking that it can’t get any worse.” Michael started laughing. “Yeah, see how that works out.”

Michael, Maria, and Duncan sat in the prison cell. The guard walked up to them.

“Normally, you’d each get one phone call, but since you committed a major crime you only get one overall.” the guard said.

“Let’s call Mr. Dunn.” Maria said. “He’ll bail us out.”

“No way.” Michael said. “Why would Mr. Dunn want me out of prison? We should call Courtney. She has lawyers.”

“We can’t.” Duncan said. “She’ll be worried if she knows I’m back in prison. We should call Gwen. She’ll know what to do.”

They all started yelling at the same time.

“Stop it!” the guard yelled. “Pick who you want to call now.”

“Come on!” Michael said. “Courtney knows how to argue.”

"Fine.” Duncan said.

Michael grabbed the phone and dialed a number. Meanwhile, Courtney and Mounzer stood at a tour in the museum. Courtney’s phone rang and she picked it up.

“Hello?” Courtney said.

“Courtney.” Michael exclaimed. “It’s Michael. Listen to me. Duncan, Maria, and I are locked up in prison.”

“Why’d you mention my name first?” Duncan yelled.

“We need you, Mounzer, and some lawyers to get down here and get them to let us out.”

“We’re on our way.” Courtney said. Courtney hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Moose walked down to a flower store.

“I need some flowers please.” Moose said.

“Why?” the flower guy asked.

“I have a date.” Moose said.

The flower guy looked at Moose. “No, seriously?”

“Just get me some flowers!” Moose yelled.

Meanwhile, EJ and Gwen were walking through the Nintendo World Store.

“I have to admit, EJ.” Gwen said. “This isn’t half bad.”

Gwen and EJ spotted a tall, old man with light brown hair and glasses.

“Is that Bill Gates?” Gwen asked.

EJ stopped and looked at the man.

“Yeah.” EJ said. “But what would the founder of Microsoft be doing at the Nintendo World Store?”

“Seems suspicious.” Gwen said.

“Come on.” EJ said. “He’s one of the richest people in the world. You can’t suspect that he’s doing something bad.”

“We have to follow him.” Gwen said.

“I’m not stalking Bill Gates.” EJ insisted.

Gwen followed Bill Gates.

“Okay then.” EJ said, feeling ignored.

EJ followed Gwen. Meanwhile, Michael leaned against the wall. He heard voices and started listening.

“We gotta bust out.” one guy said. “We have a job to do.”

“You’re right.” another guy said. “The job is not going to do itself.”

“How do we get out then?”

“We’ll find a way.”

Then, Courtney and Mounzer walked up with the prison guard.

“Courtney!” Duncan exclaimed.

“Duncan!” Courtney said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Duncan said.

“What happened?” Courtney asked.

“Duncan forgot to pay for our stuff.” Maria said. “They think that we were trying to steal it.”

“Why would they think that?” Courtney asked.

“Maybe because Duncan threw smoke bombs at them.” Michael said.

“You can’t blame this on me!” Duncan yelled.

“Sure I can.” Michael said. “Because it’s your fault!”

“Let them out!” Courtney yelled.

“They are rightly accused of the theft.” the guard said. “They’ll be out in six months.”

The guard walked away.

“My lawyers will rip you to shreds!” Courtney yelled at him.

“It’s okay, Courtney.” Maria said. “You tried."

Duncan felt around in his pocket. He pulled out something and smiled.

“The chip.” Duncan said.

“No!” Maria yelled. “We will be in so much trouble. We can’t bust out of prison! I won’t.”

“But I will.” Duncan said.

“Same here.” Michael said. “Mounzer, I need you to do something.”

“Cool.” Mounzer said. “What is it?”

“Go into the warden’s office.” Michael explained. “There will be a bag from Richmond Tech. I need you to grab it and bring it back here.”

“What if I get caught?” Mounzer asked.

“Then we’ll be cellmates.” Michael said. “Now go!”

Mounzer and Courtney ran to the warden’s office.

Courtney opened the door and Mounzer walked in slowly. Mounzer spotted the bag and tip-toed towards it. Suddenly, the warden walked in the back door and Mounzer ducked behind his desk.

“Yeah.” the warden called out. “The stolen material has to be returned tomorrow.”

The warden grabbed the bag and started to walk out. Mounzer grabbed a stun gun and tased the warden. He grabbed the bag and ran out. Courtney followed him.

Meanwhile, Moose arrived at the Hard Rock Café in a t-shirt and jean shorts. His shirt had barbeque sauce on it. Miranda stood at the door in a fancy black dress.

“Hello.” Moose said.

“What are you wearing?” Miranda asked, disgusted.

“My clothes.” Moose said.

“With a touch of your lunch.” Miranda said.

Harold spied on them from a table, hiding his face with a menu.

“Oh, Moose.” Harold said.

Moose held open the door for Miranda.

“Uh…” Miranda said. “Thank you.”

Miranda walked in and Moose followed. Harold picked up his menu and followed them in.

They walked up to their table and Moose pulled out Miranda’s chair.

“Thank you.” Miranda said.

Harold ran by and sat down at a booth near them. Moose got distracted. Miranda sat down, but missed the chair. Moose turned back around.

“Oh.” Moose said. “I’m sorry.”

Moose helped Miranda up. Harold slapped himself on the head.

Meanwhile, Mounzer and Courtney ran down the hall with the cells. They stopped at Michael, Duncan, and Maria’s cell.

“Get out the big remote with the big red button.” Duncan said.

Mounzer rummaged through the bag.

“Well that is certainly a cliché.” Courtney said.

Mounzer pulled out the remote. Duncan attached the chip to the cell’s bars.

“Back away from the door.” Duncan said. Everyone backed off. The guards spot Mounzer. They start running towards them.

“Hey!” one yelled.

“Now!” Michael yelled.

Mounzer hit the button and the cell exploded. The guards got blown back and hit the wall. Once the smoke cleared, Michael, Duncan, and Maria ran out of the cell. They all ran down the hall.

The five reach the wall and see guards. The guards turn around. Duncan pulled a smoke bomb out of the bag and threw it. The five ran through the smoke and climb over the wall. They ran down the streets of New York City.

“Now what?” Maria asked. “The police are going to be after us.”

“Not necessarily.” Michael said. “We have to do two things to get out of trouble. We have to prove that we aren’t guilty and we have to make up for it.”

“How do we do that?” Mounzer asked. “Community service?”

“Something like that.” Michael said.

Meanwhile, two people sat in a cell.

“You know the plan.” one of them said.

“Yeah, Duke.” the other one said. “Let’s do it, Rasul.”

“Dinner!” one of the guards yelled.

A guard walked by and slid the dinner into their cell. Duke grabbed the guard and slammed the guard against the door. Rasul grabbed his keys. Duke slammed him against the door some more times and threw him against the wall. Rasul unlocked the door and the two ran through the hall.

Part 3

“Well,” Michael narrated. “Isn’t this a peachy story? One day with the Total Drama cast in New York City and my friends and I were running from the law. If we were caught, we were dead. If we weren’t…well we’ll see when we get there.”

Meanwhile, Michael, Maria, Duncan, Mounzer, and Courtney turned into an alley. A bunch of guards ran by.

“So,” Maria said. “how do we prove ourselves innocent?”

Michael reached inside the bag and pulled out a tracker.

“What’s that?” Courtney asked.

“A tracking device.” Michael said. “I attached a chip to the people in the cell next to us before we broke out.”

“Why?” Duncan asked.

“Because,” Michael said. “I heard that they were going to bust out too. We catch them, all the charges are dropped.”

“Nice.” Duncan said.

“Where are they now?” Mounzer asked.

“They’re just leaving the prison.” Michael said.

“Sweet.” Duncan said. “Let’s catch them.”

“Wait.” Courtney said. “We can’t head back towards the prison. We have to intersect them somewhere else.”

“It looks like they’re heading towards this alley.” Michael pointed out. “So we just run up this street and spy on them.”

The five got up and started running down the street. Meanwhile, EJ and Gwen stood in the Nintendo World Store, following Bill Gates. He turned around and the two ducked. He turned back and the two started following again.

“I don’t feel comfortable with this.” EJ whispered.

“Come on.” Gwen whispered. “Bill Gates in the Nintendo World Store. He’s obviously up to something.”

Bill Gates walked into the bathroom. Gwen turned to EJ.

“That’s all you.” she said.

She pushed EJ into the bathroom. He stopped himself and closed himself in the stall.

Another man walked in and looked at Bill Gates.

“Hey.” the man said. “We got it.”

“Perfect.” Bill Gates said. “But no one can know I’m a part of this.”

“Easily done.” the man said.

“Cool.” Bill Gates said. “Make sure they get it here on time.”

“Yes, Mr. Gates.” the man said.

The man walked out. EJ came out of the stall. Bill Gates stared at him.

“Uhh…” EJ said. “Just need some soap.”

EJ squirted soap on his hands and rubbed them together.

“Nasty germs.” EJ said.

He walked out slowly. Bill Gates took out his cell phone.

“Someone heard us.” Bill Gates said. “Blonde hair, grey sweatshirt. Get rid of him.”

Bill Gates hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Moose and Miranda sat together. Miranda stood up.

“I’ll be right back.” Miranda said. “I have to use the little girls’ room.”

Miranda walked away. Moose called out to the host and he walked over.

“Are you ready?” Moose asked.

“Sure.” the host said. “But are you sure your girlfriend is into this?”

“Of course.” Moose said.

Harold looked over at them.

“Yes.” Harold said. “He’s going to play the violin.”

The host took out the electric guitar.

“Oh no!” Harold said.

Miranda walked back and the host started playing the guitar. Miranda looked creeped out. Harold walked over to the amp and unplugged it.

“Crap.” the host said.

Miranda gave a pity laugh.

“How romantic.” she said hesitantly.

Miranda sat down. Meanwhile, the five ran down the street. The spotted Duke and Rasul walk into an alleyway.

“Over there.” Michael said. “That must be them.”

The five crossed the street and peered into the alleyway.

“Where is it?” Duke asked.

“We need it now.” Rasul said.

“Fine.” another man said. “But don’t mess up.”

The man handed Rasul and Duke shotguns.

“Where’s the bomb?” Duke asked.

“Here.” the man said, handing Rasul a bomb. “Don’t lose it.”

“We’re not idiots.” Duke said.

Duke and Rasul started to walk out of the alley. The five ran away.

“We need help.” Courtney said.

“Let’s get Mr. Dunn.” Maria said. “We can call the cops.”

“No.” Duncan said. “We can’t call the cops while they’re looking for us.”

“What about Miranda and Moose?” Mounzer suggested.

“Good idea.” Michael said. “The Hard Rock Café is just around the corner.”

The five started running. Meanwhile, EJ met with Gwen.

“He met with some guy.” EJ explained. “He said ‘he got it’ and Gates said that ‘he didn’t want anyone to know he was involved’.”

“See?” Gwen said.

“Maybe they’re coming up with a new idea for Microsoft and Gates doesn’t want the credit.” EJ guessed.

“That’s a horrible guess.” Gwen said. “They’re up to something. Let’s follow him some more.”

“No.” EJ said. “If he’s doing something wrong the employees can take care of it.”

Gwen started following Bill Gates.

“And…I’m ignored.” EJ said. He followed Gwen. Bill Gates walked onto the elevator and the door closed.

“He’s going to the top floor.” Gwen said. “What’s he going to do up there?”

“Look at the merchandise.” EJ suggested.

“Yeah.” Gwen said sarcastically. “Very likely.”

Meanwhile, Michael, Maria, Duncan, Mounzer, and Courtney walked into the Hard Rock Café.

“Moose!” Michael called. The five ran to him.

“We’re kinda in the middle of a date.” Moose said.

“It’s an emergency.” Michael said.

Moose got up and walked to the lobby with Michael.

“What’s up?” Moose asked.

“Okay.” Michael said. “Maria, Duncan, and I got arrested because Duncan forgot to pay. We called Courtney because she has lawyers, but Mounzer ended breaking us out. Now we need to find two guys with a bomb to prove ourselves innocent and we need your help.”

“Wow.” Moose said. “You miss a few hours.”

“Can you help?” Michael asked.

“Well, I have to stay with Miranda.” Moose said. “But I was going to give this to Miranda.”

Moose handed Michael a present. Michael unwrapped it to reveal a bottle of champagne.

“How’d you get this?” Michael asked. “You’re only sixteen.”

“I have ways.” Moose said.

“I guess I’ll find a way to use this.” Michael said.

“Wait.” Moose said. “I need something to give to Miranda.”

Michael dug through the bag and grabbed the digital picture frame. He handed it to Moose.

“Here” Michael said. “I think Miranda will like this more than illegal alcohol.”

“I guess so.” Moose said.

Michael ran over and grabbed the other four and they ran off. Moose sat down.

“So.” Moose said. Moose grabbed some flowers. “I got these for you.”

“Aw…” Miranda said. “How sweet.”

Suddenly, a bunch of bees came out of the flowers and stung Miranda.

“Are you okay?” Moose asked.

Miranda ran out of the restaurant and landed in a fountain. Harold walked over to Moose.

“Dude,” Harold said. “You’re screwing up.”

“I tried.” Moose said. “It’s hard.”

“Is it really that hard to not act like a slob for one day for the woman you love?” Harold asked.

“Yeah.” Moose said.

Meanwhile, the five spotted Duke and Rasul walking down the street.

“You know the plan?” Michael asked. They all nodded.

Michael creeped behind Duke and raised the bottle of champagne over his head. He brought it down and it crashed against Duke’s skull. Duke fell to the ground. Rasul turned around and pointed his gun at Michael. Michael hit Rasul’s hand and he dropped the gun. Michael kicked him and he was knocked out.

Later, Duke and Rasul opened their eyes to see themselves tied up.

“Where are we?” Duke asked.

“We’ll ask the questions.” Michael said. “What are you guys going to do with that bomb?”

“Someone hired us to blow up a building.” Rasul said.

“Which building?” Duncan asked.

“The Nintendo World Store.” Duke said.

“That’s where EJ and Gwen are.” Maria said. “Who hired you?”

Duke hesitated.

“Mr. Gates.” Duke said.

“Gates.” Mounzer repeated. “Like, Bill Gates?”

“Yeah.” Rasul said.

“Bill Gates wants to blow up the Nintendo World Store?” Courtney asked.

“Yes.” Duke assured.

“Makes sense.” Duncan said. “They’re big competition.”

“Where’s the bomb now?” Courtney asked.

“We handed it off to another guy.” Duke said. “He’s going to hand it off to Gates.”

“We have to stop him.” Maria said.

“Why?” Mounzer asked. “I hated the Wii.”

“Because,” Michael said. “It will get us out of jail. Plus, I already pre-ordered Skyward Sword.”

“What do we do with these guys?” Courtney asked.

The five stared at Duke and Rasul. Michael grabbed Duke and Duncan grabbed Rasul. They threw the two in the closet. Michael pulled out his cell phone.

Meanwhile, EJ’s cell phone rang.

“Hello?” EJ asked.

“Hey.” Michael said. “It’s Michael.”

“Michael?” EJ asked. “How’d you get my number?”

“No time.” Michael said. “Have you seen Bill Gates?”

“It’s funny you mention that.” EJ said. “Gwen and I have been following him all day. He’s here at the Nintendo World Store.”

“I know.” Michael said. “That’s cause he wants to blow it up.”

“What?!” EJ said. “Here, let me put it on speakerphone.”

EJ held the phone out and hit a button.

“Okay.” EJ said.

“Gwen?” Michael said. “You can hear me?”

“Yeah.” Gwen said. “What’s up?”

“Bill Gates is going to receive a bomb.” Michael said. “He wants to blow up the Nintendo World Store.”

“I knew he was up to something.” Gwen said.

“You have to get some help.” Michael said.

“We’re on it.” Gwen said. She headed toward the main counter.

“Someone’s going to blow this place up.” EJ said. “You need to close your doors.”

“We can’t.” the guy at the counter said. “We have to run a business here. We can’t close our doors every time someone pretends that there’s going to be a bomb.”

“We’re not pretending!” EJ yelled.

“Forget this guy.” Gwen said. “I’m going to take Gates myself.”

Gwen ran toward the elevator and EJ followed. Meanwhile, the five ran down the street.

“We not going to make it there before the bomb!” Mounzer yelled.

Suddenly, the police ran by and grabbed the five.

“Hey!” Duncan yelled.

“We caught you now.” one of the cops said.

“You don’t understand.” Maria said. “A bomb is heading toward the Nintendo World Store right now.”

“Yeah right.” the cop said.

“Fine.” Duncan said. Duncan freed one arm and threw down a smoke bomb. The cops let go and started coughing. The five ran away.

“We’re almost at the Nintendo World Store.” Courtney said.

Meanwhile, EJ and Gwen walked out at the top floor to see Bill Gates.

“Hey Gates.” Gwen yelled. “We know what you’re up to.”

Suddenly, Gates pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at Gwen’s head.

“Don’t move.” Gates said.

Gates turned toward EJ.

“And if you try anything, I’ll blow her head off.” Gates said.

Meanwhile, two guys ran into the Nintendo World Store with a bomb. They pointed their guns at the people.

“Nobody move!” they shouted. They backed toward the elevator and walked inside it.

The elevator doors closed with the bomb inside.

Part 4

“I guess you’re sick of me complaining.” Michael narrated. “Too bad. We were running for our lives away from cops to the Nintendo World Store, which was probably going to blow soon. Gwen and EJ were the only people on the inside. As far as I knew, Moose was still blowing it with Miranda. Shocker. Now that we’ve caught up with ourselves, let’s get back to the story.”

Michael, Duncan, Maria, Mounzer and Courtney turned a corner. Michael banged on the door of the Nintendo World Store.

“Crap!” Michael yelled. “They locked it.”

“Now what?” Maria asked.

Michael looked up the side of the building and down at his bag. He started rummaging through the bag.

“What are you looking for?” Courtney asked.

Michael pulled out wall walkers.

“What are those?” Maria asked.

“Wall walkers.” Michael said. “You put them on to your hands and feet and you can climb any surface. They were part of the contest prize. Someone has to wear them and climb up the side of the building. There may be a shaft that he can open and then deactivate the bomb.”

“Who would want to do that?” Mounzer asked.

“It’s your lucky day.” Michael said as he shoved the wall walkers at Mounzer.

“Fine.” Mounzer said as he put the wall walkers on.

Mounzer took the bag from Michael. He attached himself to the building and started climbing. Meanwhile, Bill Gates was pointing a shotgun at Gwen’s head. EJ stood still. The bomb carrier pulled out a steel gate, separating the bomb from the door.

“Okay Mr. Gates, we are ready to go.” the bomb carrier said.

“How do you know we won’t tell someone you were involved?” EJ asked.

Gates pulled back the trigger.

“Shut up EJ!” Gwen said.

“Why do you want to blow up the Nintendo World Store?” EJ asked.

“The 3DS.” Gates explained.

“That crappy piece of junk.” Gwen said.

“It’s not crappy.” Gates said. “It’s putting Nintendo back on top. We were on top after the Wii bombed. I can’t let us fall behind.”

Suddenly, EJ tackled Gates. He fired, but it hit the ceiling.

“Go for the elevator!” Gates yelled.

The bomb carrier ran into the elevator. Gates pushed EJ off of him and ran for the elevator. EJ grabbed the shotgun and shot it just as the elevator doors closed.

“Nice try, EJ.” Gwen said. “Thanks.”

Meanwhile, the other four stood outside, looking up at Mounzer.

“He’s getting pretty high.” Duncan said.

Suddenly, Maria noticed Bill Gates and the bomb carrier running out.

“Gates!” Maria yelled.

Everyone turned towards him. Duncan swung at him, but Bill Gates dodged. The bomb carrier ran up and swung at him. Duncan grabbed his fist and flipped him. Duncan looked up to see Gates was gone.

“Where’s Gates?” Duncan asked.

“He fled.” Michael said. “Just get inside.”

Duncan stepped on the bomb carrier’s chest and it cracked. The bomb carrier screamed. The four ran inside. Meanwhile, Moose and Miranda sat together.

“Here” Moose said, taking out the digital picture frame. “I got this for you.”

“That’s sweet.” Miranda said.

Miranda looked at the picture frame closely.

“There are no pictures.” Miranda said.

“Yeah.” Moose said. “I need to add those.”

There was an awkward silence. Moose looked over to Harold. Harold mouthed ‘I love you.’ Moose looked disturbed and mouthed ‘What?’ Harold shook his head and mouthed ‘Tell her.’ Moose mouthed ‘Oh…’

“Umm…” Moose said. “Miranda…”

“Yeah.” Miranda said.

“I know this hasn’t been the romantic date.” Moose said. “But I really want to tell you something.”

Miranda started to look concerned. “What is it?”

Moose stuttered. “I love you.”

“Really?” Miranda said as she teared up. Miranda hugged Moose.

“Wait.” Moose said. “You don’t care that this date was incredibly crappy.”

Miranda let go. “No.” she said. “I just wanted you to tell me that you love me. And I kinda overreacted to having the date here. It was nice.”

Moose and Miranda kissed.

“I love you too.” Miranda said.

“Sweet!” Moose exclaimed. “Release the doves!”

“What?!” Harold yelled.

Suddenly, a bunch of doves swooped down and attacked Miranda. Harold ran up and shooed them away. Miranda grabbed onto Moose.

“Well, that ruined it.” Harold said.

Miranda and Moose started kissing again. Harold turned around and looked shocked.

“Well, I guess we should pay the bill and check on Michael.” Moose said.

“Oh yeah.” Miranda said. “What are those guys up to?”

“Michael dropped by and said something about a bomb.” Moose said.

“What?!” Miranda yelled. “Check!”

The host ran over and gave Moose the bill.

“That’s a lot of zeros!” Moose yelled.

Moose looked at Miranda and smiled.

“But it was worth it.” Moose said.

Moose looked down at the bill and stopped smiling.

“No it wasn’t” Moose finally said.

Meanwhile, the four exited the elevator. Duncan ran up to the gate and jiggled it.

“It’s locked.” Duncan said.

EJ and Gwen noticed the four.

“Guys.” Gwen said. “Thank God you’re here!”

Gwen hugged Duncan, but Courtney separated them.

“Gates said he wanted to blow up the Nintendo World Store because of the 3DS.” EJ said.

“How are we going to deactivate it?” Gwen asked.

“Mounzer’s climbing the side of the building right now.” Michael explained.

Maria looked at the bomb.

“10 minutes.” Maria said. “How’s Mounzer doing?”

Michael held up a walkie talkie.

“I’ll ask him.” Michael said.

Michael talked into the walkie talkie.

“Mounzer.” Michael said. “How are you doing?”

“I’m almost on the top floor.” Mounzer said. “It’s up to you, Mounzer.” Courtney said.

“I’m trying!” Mounzer yelled.

Meanwhile, Moose, Miranda, and Harold ran down the street.

“How could you forget something this important?” Harold asked.

“I was distracted.” Moose said.

“Aww…” Miranda said.

“Stop it!” Harold said. “Gosh!”

The three turned the corner and saw the Nintendo World Store.

“This is where they must be.” Moose said.

“Why do you think that?” Miranda asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Harold asked. “The area’s unusually cleared.”

“Actually, they were here earlier so I just figured.” Moose said.

The three ran inside. Meanwhile, the six stood inside.

Michael talked into his walkie talkie. "Come on, Mounzer! You're almost there."

Mounzer continued to climb up the side of the Nintendo World Store.

"What if he doesn't make it?" Maria asked.

"He will." Michael said.

The bomb hit five minutes. "Go Mounzer!" Michael said into the walkie talkie.

Suddenly, a group of doves soared toward Mounzer. "Oh no." Mounzer said. "What's up?" Michael said in the walkie talkie. Suddenly, a lot of screaming came from the walkie talkie until it was silent.

"Mounzer." Maria said. "He must have fallen." Courtney said.

"What do we do now?" Duncan asked. "I...don't know." Michael said.

Moose, Miranda, and Harold ran out of the elevator.

“What’s going on?” Miranda asked.

“Mounzer was climbing the side of the building when a bunch of doves attacked him.” Maria said.

“Oops.” Moose said.

“Why?” Miranda asked. “What’s going on?”

“That bomb’s going off in 3 minutes.” Courtney explained. “Bill Gates left it here.”

“What?” Miranda asked.

“Long story.” Courtney said.

“But it’s over.” Michael said. “So we’d better get out of here.”

They started walking out when suddenly the shaft shook and opened up. Mounzer poked his head in.

“Mounzer!” Maria said. “We thought the doves got you.”

“They tried.” Mounzer said. “But no dove can take on Mounzer!”

Bird poop landed on Mounzer’s head.

“I thought doves were peaceful!” Mounzer yelled.

“There’s only 2 minutes left!” Michael yelled.

Mounzer tried to drop down, but couldn’t fit.

“I can’t fit.” Mounzer said.

“Crap!” Michael yelled.

Everyone thought for a moment.

“The Air Drone!” Michael exclaimed.

“Yes!” Mounzer said.

Mounzer rummaged through the bag and pulled out the Air Drone and the Richpod.

“What do I cut the wire with?” Mounzer asked.

“Here” Duncan said, taking out his knife. He threw it to Mounzer and he caught it. Mounzer took duct tape and taped the knife to the Air Drone.

“Come on, Mounzer!” Maria shouted. “Only a minute left.”

The Air Drone started. Mounzer dropped it. It fell, but it hovered right above the ground. Mounzer leveled it toward the bomb slowly.

“Come on!” Michael yelled impatiently.

“I have to cut the red wire.” Mounzer said. “If I cut another wire, it could automatically go off.”

The bomb hit 30 seconds.

The Air Drone hovered slowly toward the red wire, but then fell quickly. Everyone held their breaths. The Air Drone slowly came back up and everyone let out a deep breath.

15 seconds.

The Air Drone rode slowly toward the red wire.


The knife skimmed the red wire. The Air Drone backed up and then tugged on the red wire.

5, 4, 3…

The Air Drone rode up and ripped the red wire apart.

The bomb hit 1 and then turned off.

Everyone cheered. Miranda and Moose hugged. Gwen and Courtney hugged Duncan, but then Gwen let go. Michael gave Maria a high-five.

“How do I get down now?” Mounzer asked.

Later, everyone stood on the outside of the Nintendo World Store. Police had put up police tape and they were talking to the kids. Two police handcuffed Gates.

“I don’t get it.” Gates said. “How’d you stop me?”

Michael held up the Air Drone. “With this.”

“Where’d you get that?” Gates asked.

“Richmond Tech.” Michael said.

“Wow.” Gates said. “When I get out of jail, I’m blowing that place up.”

The police took Gates away. Mr. Dunn ran up to Michael.

“Boy, what have you been doing?” Mr. Dunn asked Michael.

“This boy and his friends just stopped a major bomb threat.” a cop explained.

Mr. Dunn’s face changed into a smile. “Of course he did.” he said. “That’s my boy.”

“Well,” the cop said. “I have been informed that all of your charges have been dropped and Duncan’s jail time has been shortened to only six months.”

“Yes!” Courtney said. “That’s great!”

“Also Duncan can have two more days in NYC because his first two days were spent in juvie too.”

“Sweet.” Duncan said. “What should we do?”

“What else do you do in New York City?” Michael asked “Yankees Game!”

“So, we’ve learned three lessons!” Michael narrated. “If you’re stuck in juvie, listen through the wall to bust someone else to get out. Always buy from the cool techy places, except for Microsoft. And last, but not least, never ever hang out with the TDI cast! It’s nothing, but trouble! Radicalm is out! Peace!”

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